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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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good evening everyone a one of those puts nearly killed a little boy he lives in team that made strides. but fears start to creep back in. this weekend the investigators believe a drug dealer targeted one home in new richmond. a home where many innocent people live. local 12 rich jav has the story you will see only here on local 12 news. >> early sunday morning the windows and keith's home exploded in gunfire. his and his girlfriend and two children were inside. nexting i know i hear pow pow pow pow plaster and glass goes flying i had lights all out i was just sitting there watching tv a window and walls shatter narrowly missing people inside. he believes target was his heroin addicted son who wasn't even home and has left the area and is in hiding. sunday night different house intim tagues target was his daughter. they had to watch me go in alone because as soon as i locked dead
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they just kept banging. and my phone was dead i was hiding in corner in a panic. when it finally charged i called 911. the year ago keith ex wife got it's scary. it really is. another family member received another threat on december 23rdrd. and still nothing. nothing. in august of 2014, i walked with police chief heroin was out of control. the community rallied forming support groups and since then 34 addicts have voluntarily gone into drug treatment and drug dealing has dropped off dramatically. but there are still a few specific well known problems. >> in this particular situation now. where, you know we're having people threaten at gunpoint. and you know, bullets flying through people's homes. it's disturbing. which leaves law enforcement and citizens worried and frustrated. they are just under the impression that just because they see a lot of foot traffic
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particular place, i, they think we can kick the doors and make an it's just not that simple. but they are trying. in new richmond, local 12 news. >> and if you have any information about the shooting at keith heron's house sunday morning, or any of the other issues just mentioned please call crime stoppers. number on your screen. you can remain anonymous. we have new information on a wild high speed police chase through tri-state today. it lasted about 40 minutes. we now know names of three men arrested. driver anthony knight ja wan booker and a chuck foley are all from montgomery county where police say they have gang ties a fourth person inside car with them was released. drug investigators first tried to pull them over in lincoln heights just before 11:30. driver took off on southbound 75, weaving in and out of traffic. all way into kentuckyon to 275. the chase went across the river again into indiana. and then on to i 74.
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the driver got off the interstate in harrison. officers caught the suspects at skyline chilly there. >> a short time ago sheriff's deputies told us ja wan booker actually posted this video on facebook from inside the car while police were still chasing them. we're still reviewing the video you will see more ahead on local 12 news live at 6. a man appears in court today on charges he groped women while they were at their most vulnerable m hospital beds. police say mark rivers admitted touching too women on january 4th a good sam hospital and university heights. not clear where man was there. one victim told investigators she woke up to find rirs in her bed. one of the women alerted the nursing staff with her emergency button, and he took off. he's held on $20,000 bond. one of two men accused of a robbing local world war ii veteran in his home last year pleads guilty. the judge sentenced jeremiah to ten years in prison.
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he stole thousands of dollars from the home of 90-year-old bud in miami township. hamilton county. he had previously worked some odd jobs for the victim. the deputy says@had an accomplice named brandon wilson who tied up him and threatened him with knife before stealing his wallet. his television and his car. wilson is due back in court next thursday. >> rain has moved into the area to close out our mostly sunny day. yeah it has been scott's in now with look at our chance for thunderstorms. coverage intensity of showers and thunderstorms will come up this evening then go down overnight. many have already seen a cluster of rain or thunderstorms so far this afternoon. more clusters of showers and thunderstorms especially between 8 o'clock and 2 o'clock in the morning will roll through the true u states some clusters may strong or severe. i have a 61 by midnight and cincinnati will likely be near
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then temperatures will fall through the 50s overnight with showers and thunderstorms gradually coming to an end. and severe weather threat will be over by time we start good morning cincinnati. larger view shows well defined showers and thunderstorms. western kentucky. that likely our first round from piers potential for seeing not just heavy rain, some intense lightning but also some strong to damaging winds. closer look a live precision doppler 12 hd shows rain that rolled that you cincinnati is fizzled out quickly moving towards dayton. wilmington over into butler county also just south of cincinnati that cluster of showers is moving towards downtown. also watching for this bigger line of storms. this line looks to be in arson:30, 8 o'clock in our southwestern counties. 68, international airport the 57. coming up we'll look severe weather threat later on tonight, early tomorrow. and the end of this even late
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rod, cammy. thanks very much. ted cruz wins opening round. he came in first of iowa caulks followed by donald trump surging marco rubio. for democrats hillary clinton nabbed a thin victory. the difference between her and senator bernie sanders came down to only a few tenths of a percentage point. some analyst says results show clinton's campaign has some problems. >> bernie sanders a devout socialist never sought officers a democrat gave her a real run. this was not victory for hillary clinton. last night results led both democrats martin o'malley and republican mike huckabee to drop out of the race. candidates hit ground running today trying to use success in iowa to appeal to voters in next contest state new hampshire. that's where danielle caught up with ted cruz and his supporters. ted cruise greeted an enthusiastic crowd where he's looking for around second win.
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iets going to be decide by men and here in this room. cruz's camp wants to rally as much ground support in new hampshire as they pulled off in iowa. were you surprised you won in iowa? no. i wasn't spried. i was just, ecstatic. ted cruz is guy we have been praying for since ronald real estating. marco rubio is using his a third place finish to position himself as the mainstream republican candidate. and the one best able to clench the general election. we need to unify conservative movement i can do that better than anyone that's running. while cruz is riding high off his win, the democrats will have to duke it out in new hampshire. hillary clinton narrowly defeated bernie sanders and closest iowa democratic caulk news history. we are in a fight to the finish about whether or not we're going to build on the progress we have made or watch it get ripped away. burn this together. bernie sanders called iowa a
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and says he plans to astound the world again in the granite state. danielle, cbs news, wind ham, new hampshire. and you will hear how this year's presidential campaign is changing the primary process here in the tri-state. that's coming up later in this broadcast. >> combat jobs are now open to women. could draft be required for them too? top generals weigh in coming up live at 5. plus aerial combat where one of
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bill cosby and his attorney. sexual assault case what they say was binding commitment by previous district attorney not to prosecute him a decade ago. current district attorney says he has no record of such an agreement. the despite dozens of accusations stretching back years, cosby is only charged in this case. the comedian is accused of a drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple university employee at his home in 2004. >> obama administration proposes a significant boost in federal spending to battle nations heroin addiction epidemic. the administration will seek $1 billion increase in spending. to expand access to treatment during the next fiscal year. it will also seek about $90 million for programs that help states and local governments.
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general say they believe all women should have to register for the draft. now that combat jobs are open to them. military leaders say they will not lower standards to bring women into more gruelling jobs. they told senate arms services committee today we'll take up to three years before combat posts are fully integrated. coming up it's news that may come a surprise to many local voters. this vining they will cast their first presidential ballot in
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you n needd now primary season under way many people are thinking about presidential election and how they will vote. and inn kentucky republicans also need to figure out where and when they will vote. in a move to allow senator rand paul to run for president and u.s. senator, kentucky's republican party took the presidential primary off the may ballot. instead they are holding a separate caulk news march. joe webb joins us from newsroom with a spla explanation. an attempted explanation. kentucky register republicans are being asked to do extra work this election season thanks to rand paul. there's a republican presidential caucus and the regular primary in may for all offices. saturday march 5th, '10 to 4 will be kentucky republican presidential caucus state-wide. there will be a one place for republicans to vote in each county.
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you're not alone. planning on voting may republican primary. >> i just vote in same place, city building. no? >> pam is not alone, ken ton county republican may be shocked to find they are caucusing saturday may 5th at summit view elementary. campbell county republican are caucus whiler city building in boon county republicans in florence baptist church to decide how delegates will vote at republican national convention. i'm glad you brought that up. i think there's probably going to lot of confusion on this. no one's used to voting on a saturday for example in kentucky. so it's going to be, it is a challenge to get the word out. nothing changes for democrats,
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may on the full primary ballot. for republicans, all it really changes is time and place. the process even though it's called a caucus is pretty much the same. you're going to have to bring your photo id, once you sign in, you will be ushered immediately into the voting room. and the ballot is going to look just like a regular ballot. you're going to color in the blank. a scanner that will scan the vote. and then it will be tabulated at the end of the day. at the caucus run entirely by republican party of kentucky who will certify the vote. county clerks will run every other election are not involved. they are focused on may primary and they are closed saturdays. >> our office will not be available for any questions. so there won't anybody here to answer the voens because we're not technically part of the actual caucus itself.
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march 5th, not may 5th. that's the caucus. big heading for candidate who is likely to be a footnote in campaign long before the kentucky primary. now caucus since run by party will much different experience than usually the one you have going to polls. campaigns will be allowed inside the building to court voters. be more of a rally atmosphere. the they expect half the turn out of a conventional primary. once again, republicans who want to stay in presidential nomination process will have to vote in caucus march 5th. they can vote for all other offices on the primary ballot in may. no change for kentucky democrats i bet people will be mad about this, you know what do you think? change for no real reason it turns out. it's hard to say. i think people are just going to be disappointed. i think there will be a lot of people march 6th and seventh who are disappointed when they realize that their opportunity to vote has passed.
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may for the other offices on the ticket, that there won't be the presidential office on there. so i think they are trying really hard to get the word out. they just don't have at much money to do that. yeah, i think there are definitely going to be people that are upset people are always upset rob. you're right, joe very well said, thank you very much. we have link to more information about at caucus including how to get an absentee ballot at click on the news tampa bay at the top left of the home page. we'll help you sort it out. ry we still talking about severe weather under poern for severe storms especially between 8 o'clock and 2 o'clock in the morning. the window has been expanded just a bit to allow for individual cluster of showers and thunderstorms out ahead of main line. this was time line we outlined earlier today. we've already seen clusters of rain and storms coming that you we're not concerned with strong and severe storms that will
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latter part of overnight give you tour. this is what came through cincinnati. between 3 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon. almost completely out of clinton, and warren county clusters of showers and thunderstorms over butler county about an hour ago. those have moved to the north, northeast. inside the 275 loop. some clusters of showers near terrace park, east madeira, milford,those are moving to northeast. here comes another batch of rain and isolated thunderstorms potent cell here. not strong or severe. but some occasional cloud to ground lightning. some moderate to heavy rain with that cell. everything we have in northern kentucky and southeastern indiana is moving to north, northeast at roughly 40 to 45 miles an hour. also notice, a larger line of showers and thunderstorms there are some warnings in line tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings well to the west of the tri-state. if you time all this out especially these cells, owens
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them up to the northeast, i'm expecting that line to start entering the tri-state 7:30 eight o'clock. then rolling through cincinnati for the mid and latter part of the evening. now we still have the front to the track, and showers and thunderstorms along it. that will come through. that's the bigger line of showers and storms. midnight or just after. so we may have a couple different opportunities for rain, thunderstorms and some stronger storms tonight. leaves in breaks in clouds in oxford there are showers and thunderstorms looking through northeast temperature 55 weather cam most are in 50s and 60s. check out warmer air down to the south tornado watch is out for areas south of louisville. no watches, no warnings, no advisories for tri-state. no screaming alert from to remember prediction center that they are going to issue a watch for us. possibility is there later on this evening. and it's likely going to come from either this band of showers and thunderstorms or the one developing behind it. we'll watch both through the evening.
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coverage and the intensity of showers and thunderstorms will increase this evening. and then decrease overnight. so any time between 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. strong and severe storms are a possibility. you will see rain, you may see thunderstorms. any storm that comes through the tri-state tonight, may pack a punch. even if there's not thunder and lightning, possibilities there for winds 40, 50 perhaps over 60 miles an hour. notice, 7 o'clock in the morning rain is quickly moving out. threat for severe weather will end. partial clearing tomorrow. much of that centered around lunch. so take away here, lowest threat for severe weather well to east northeast of cincinnati. 275 loop, west, south, southwest and tri-state, slight risk for severe weather. that's where the highest threat for severe weather will be with this event. so no, showers and thunderstorms are likely tonight. especially between 8 o'clock, 2 o'clock in the morning damaging straight line winds.
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but it's a limited threat or relatively low threat. temperatures nearly steady this evening. we'll drop to the 50s overnight and then continue dropping tomorrow. some clearing around midday. planning forecast up a if you need longer look. but take away there. rain and storms late tonight, very early tomorrow. and then sunshine returns just in time for the weekend. we'll give another check radar in just bit on local 12. scott thanks very much. they are consider among most romantic in the country. a pair of local restaurants that many people be taking their valentine's too. price coffee bean is dropping
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you your daiaily c take note two cincinnati restaurants make list 100 most romantic online reservation service include down to or kids palm court. and prema vista in east price hill in annual rankings bayed analysis of more than 5 million reviews of more than 20 thousand restaurants across country. they both look great to me price for coffee beans two year low that doesn't mean you're going oh pay less. officials in brazil expect coffee farmer to have big harvest this he son creating over supply. for company like starbuck's, beans only make up about 20 percent of it's overall costs. other factors influence thing price you pay how much employees make, also take home pay for
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with more places across country increase minimum wage. and starbuck's is also paying tuition. for 4 thousand employees. >> well here's a novel way to deal with pesky drones. police in the netherlands want to use eagles to take them out. the dutch national police are testing out eagles that target the unmanned devices. the bald eagles have been trained to swoop in and very neatly look at that, dispose of any unwanted electronic interlopers. company that came up with idea calls them a low tech solution for a high tech problem. that's was pretty cool to watch, fascinating, yes. ahead on local 12 news live 5:30 wandering child. neighbors had found a two-year-old child through walking the streets alone. this is a great story. hear what police did for a toddler, found outside in the middle of the night. plus, how that christmas gift that you returned could become a
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she has an amazing story of survival just to be able to do small things like this again. i'm liz. we're going to share her story
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breaking news alert. this is a local 12 news. not required but i'm not surprised to two great officers. this is just a reflection of cpd and most police officers in the country. but good people just trying to do the right thing. >> it's a picture which is going viral cincinnati cops helping a scared little boy found wandering outside in middle of the night. good evening. you hear it all the time people become police officers because they want with to help. now more proof. one cincinnati cap purchase clothing for two-year-old boy that was found nearly naked outdoors a 2:00 a.m. another officer got down on the floor, full uniform a to keep
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local 12's say it was all in a night's work. i can't imagine anybody would think this innocent as cell phone picture would turn into this. this photo shows officer will trying to keep a tired and scared two-year-old boy happy at the district 3 police station in the wee hours of the morning. >> at that point i did what i enjoyed most when i see little children i got in there and an i started playing and grabbing toys and make sure that he he didn't you know wander get himself into this trouble. an outside practically naked neighbors saw the toddler and called 911. officer jamie responded and picked up slivering youngster. when a child whats in pjs not have any shoes or socks on he got out apartment guilty cops banged on doors but could not locate mom. child was not talking so officer
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near the police station. >> a shirt sweatshirt sweat pants and some little spiderman footies which he seemed to like mother identified 28-year-old tunisia is charged with child endangering she was intoxicated. several hours later. and also stated this is not first time the child had gotten out of the apartment. this could have ended up a lot worse. little child could have wandered just a block away over to montana avenue. or 2:30 in morning. plus think about how warm it is now and how warm it was last night. normally on february night, 15, 17 degrees. death. still it was pretty chilly. i felt so bad for him because i was cold outside and i had my jacket and all of this gear on i was still cold. cold or not, i think just part of a cincinnati police officer. it is, it is just something i think any of us would have done.
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can be part of the job. for him to get on the floor full uniform just to play with this kid i love that picture. jeff, local 12 news. >> the mother is now locked up. her son was turned over to child services. two officers are graduates of last year recruit class. as for that picture, shows power of social media head of fraternal order of police post it had on facebook. and reactions have come in from as far was an england. a woman facing charges in a death of her two-year-old daughter got out of jail for a few hours to deliver her second child. rebecca had ad baby boy jed. she is back in butler county jail where she's awaiting trial and death of two-year-old kinsly. her boyfriend bradley young accused of a hitting and shaking the toddler and kenner is charged with failing to get the child help. the father of the two-year-old who died claims to be the father of this new baby and plans to petition court for custody.
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custody of butler county children's services. >> won't long before ohio voters get to choose the candidate they want at presidential nominee. but you can't vote on march 15th if you're not registered. deadline is 16th. if you moved or changed your name since last time you voted you must update your information. and you can do that online. we have post ad link to registration forms and information updates, you just hover over news tab and then get the click it now links. >> warren county will soon get its first look site plan for zoo's new breeding facility for cheetahs. million dollar development would be built in turtle creek township on 120 acres farm land and woods facility itself would take up 7 acre and replace current one in claremont county. zoning board of appeals meets in two weeks to hear testimony on the project. >> two people believed to be a part of at burglary ring in brown county are now indicted for theft.
5:29 pm
gun in butler county jail. charles glover safe cracking theft charges. detectives say glover is confessed to three burglaries in brown county three in claremont county. two clinton county. being held claremont county jail. sheriff says that two were a part of ring that included two other men. >> a graduation ceremony is filled with traditions switching tassels caps and hand of president as you get your diploma. last part may change for uc students big debate on twitter whether uc president will actually shake students hands at this graduation. he sent this tweet yesterday saying, apparently the students don't want to shake my hand this graduation. because the ceremony is too long. he also tweeted he asked for students survey he's happy to comply with the outcome. many of the students who responded would like to shake on those hands. keep you updated on that one. up next at 5:30 they've gone it again a special ceremony a local
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can brag about a woman survives a life threaten medical emergency her story and gratitude is still ahead. i want snow.
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groundhog didn't seeee h 81-year-old woman is rescue from fire has her home last night has died after long fight trying to recover.
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her daughter from burning on lewis wis avenue they were both passed out second floor bedroom medic took a payne to a hospital in columbus to treated hyperbaric chamber no try state hospital had at the time applause confetti plenty congratulations all 39 senior are accepted to college. school afr radar offer programs to students whose families could not otherwise afford private college prep programs. students spent four days in class, one day a week in a work environment. graduated first class last may. all of those students. were also accepted to college. >> a bill that would extend sieve rights freksz protections to gay lesbian and bisexual people in indiana is now dead in the state senate. lawmaker made some changes to the bill. including some which would sebl repealed last year roefrl religious freedom restoration act. the law died after senate
5:33 pm
a fwunlt a budget battle is looming in kentucky. >> state economist say kentucky will have an extra $900 million to spend over the next two years. bubba loaning pension debt and a rising costs of state medicaid system led him to slash budget by 4 and a half percent this year, and another 9 percent over the next two years. >> here's where your ears perk up still ahead return policies. see what happens to some of the christmas gifts you didn't like. they could be a bargain for someone else. your bargain.
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what to we have an amazing story of recovery tonight for young woman a mercy hospital in fair field. she returned there today to thank the team that made it all happen. medical reporter liz is here now to share the story of survival. liz. >> good evening. she had what may have been an electrolyte imbans balance that made her heart go abnormal rhythm by time he shoe made to team she couldn't caulk or talk or even breathe on her own. that is not how this story ends for patients this team now calls the miracle patient. >> it was a supposed to be a celebration dinner for u.s. army sergeant first class dir within edwards when suddenly he was told his dinner friend had passed out in the restroom.
5:35 pm
have pulse she was not breathing i, they administered cpr until emt arrived by time she got here may have made an amazing difference in her recovery, but just to get back to has been quite a journey. one that involves an incredible team of people and what they say is the power of prayer. >> each and everyone here make a special blessing she veronica's daughter. she said she immediately began to pray just like she did us here. when she first heard what happened to her daughter while in trinidad where she lives. >> i was on the road driving and at call i got is that sha cha is unconscious and they are trying to resuscitate her. when she came in he was in cardiac arrest her heart was not effectively beating not provide at quad blood flow to brain or rest of her body physical medicine rehabilitation specialist he said she was all but unresponsive when she came in. this family and this team
5:36 pm
>> i say my god, the same power that raise lazarus from dead. same power could make my child back to norm pick up i held on for that. sure enough within weeks, as she hung on to the a story that god makes people and souls well in the bible, she woke up. >> the first spoken word it is well it is well. those were her first spoken words to myself and the woman in room at the time. as word spread through hospital rehab team saw her walk and talk again. i have to praise god. its because of him. team began to call her the christmas miracle. one that happens with one team, one praying mom, and one step at a time. then i knew it would you get a doubt everything is going to be
5:37 pm
got to love mom like that. she's long way to go. but team mercy said they do expect her to continue the recover. not sure exactly where her elects electrolytes were off they think she may have genetic disorder that sgkts her kidneys she did agree to let us follow her progress. she was in country for a week and her mom says she's grateful she was here and got that kind of care. i love mom's passion. i know me too. nothing like a mom praying. thank you, liz. >> well many of you are going to be happy to know groundhog did not see his shadow today. but, just a thought of that brings 5-year-old eli virginia to tears. what's the matter? i want snow. why do you think you're not going to have snow? >> because he saw his shadow. >> he did. a huge fan of movie frozen she kind of loves winter and snow. what does that mean when johned hog doesn't see his shadow?
5:38 pm
you don't want spring to come? no. why? because i want spring i want winter. okay. her mother tells local 12 she pretends that she can shoot ice from her hands. like elsa in movie you can check out her post at local 12's facebook page. from local 12, the weather authority, this is scott dimmich's hour by hour forecast a busy afternoon in precision dop letter weather center i suspect we will stay busy in evening and through overnight. we have potential for strong and severe storms later tonight. and also into the first half the overnight. right now no strong or severe storms anywhere in the tri-state. but we have clusters of rain coming through boon, ken ton campbell southeastern hamill ill ton western and southern claremont counter these clusters of showers near cincinnati over into anderson township back into west side and also back into claremont county moving to north, northeast a 40 to 45 miles an hour.
5:39 pm
just pockets of moderate to the at times heavy rain there. lighter more scattered rain extends back along ohio river. close to ripley a gust, maysville those showers too are moving to the north, northeast. larger view of precision doppler radar shows a line of showers and thunderstorms along and to the west of interstate 65. between indianapolis, shelbiville and down into western kentucky. individual clusters of rain in storms there are also moving to the north, northeast. this system is slowly translating to the east. but also tapping into some of the instability that is trying to come back. lexington louisville points in between. so between 8 o'clock, and 2 o'clock in the morning, we are fair game for not just rain and thunderstorms, but also strong and severe storms. you can track rain, storms along with me entire weather authority crew know the temperatures will be nearly steady or slowly rise back up above 60 degrees with a
5:40 pm
and thunderstorms picking up. most likely time for strong and severe storms between 8 o'clock tonight, 2 o'clock in morning on wednesday. so, weather authority app will be of great use tonight. let's head up to oxford on atria medical center weather cam some clearing there. butler county temperature 55. about a tenth of an inch of rain. in bucket there today. dew .52. showers and thunderstorms reported at the international airport at the top of the hour with temperature of 59. we're slowly starting to warm back up. louisville 67. lexington is 68. we find the warm soupy air. a tornado watch is out. not for any part of tri-state, but for areas south of the ohio river, southwest lexington, south of louisville where better threat for severe weather will be, but worth noting we get the leftovers from whatever strong to severe their moving to northeast up interstate 71. i'm cautiously optimistic that these initial clusters of rain and storms will zap some of instability, that trying to develop.
5:41 pm
two different lines of showers and storms are developing off to west. those will come through in waves late this evening and for first half the overnight. let me take you 32 model data scream message here follow trend action 8 o'clock showers and storms focused to west and southwest of cincinnati. coverage and intensity of showers and thunderstorms comes up during and especially after local 12 news live at 11. then gradually overnight showers and storms diminish and coverage and intensity, by early tomorrow more than i don't think we have line of showers and thunderstorms in the eastern part of our viewing area. trend is clear. showers and storms will be moving out. and partial clearing around midday before clouds go back in during afternoon highs threat for severe weather louisville points to south and southwest. cincinnati is in slight risk. that's lower risk. marginal risk for severe weather far northeast. and eastern part of tri-states with time showers and storms will come through weakening mode you should aware of that's our
5:42 pm
storms likely we get get close to midnight rain movers east overnight. tomorrow partial clearing around midday winds will be up during afternoon 50s and 60s to start tomorrow. we're down into the 40s late in the day. planning forecast shows sun is back for the weekend. saturday and sunday. we're quiet. highs both days in upper 40s to around 50. another check of radar coming up in about 15 minutes. see you then. all right, thanks. a serious message. she may see cheers but helen mirren has a serious message in new super bowl ad tonight on local 12 you can see super bowl greatest commercial 8 o'clock nci follows at ten then stay
5:43 pm
by let's face it holiday gifts you get aren't always the gifts you want. in past few weeks millions of americans have returning some of those items. >> adrianna will tell you thank you amight be surprised where many of them end up. >> holiday are long gone. but it's the most wonderful time of the year for michael. organize chaos back here owner shore wood lick darts. that's because this is where
5:44 pm
return to sellers like amazon, hope depot and sears. is this ms will like santa workshop >> for sure. >> most of it is just customer returns or buyers remorse his warehouse over flowing with everything else from go pros to x boxes and an entire wall of thrills. once they are tested, he will auction them off about half the price. >> consumers assume when they returned it aput back on shelf at the store. his business has jumped 1 thousand percent in past four years online shopping is a big reason why. americans return $260 billion worth of items in 2015. to bin moore ceo he help stores process those returns. he says restocking items can expensive for retailers. oh often retailers end up liquidating pennies on dollar or
5:45 pm
land fills because its more cost effective. items that survive end up discount retailers and are also sold online. this is what i'm looking for. dave came to shore wood show rooms. and found a toy truck for his grandson at a deep discount. what's wrong item for one is right item for someone else returned item rebought at the right price. a dree anna diaz, cbs news, shore wood illinois. we need to visit that. we're on that. tonight at 6, local family searching for answers and now they could be one step closer. the new evidence that could help police catch their father's killer. three suspects led police on a chase that went across three states this morning. and they led all of their friends on social media know. see the video in inside the car. a local village back in business of finding speeders a they move
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handheld speed breaking news alert on hour by hour forecast from the weather authority. this is local 12 news. first of all it's shock. but then you have so much anger. towards that one person. you know, that's what hard for me to, i guess i need to focus on that it's one person that took him from us. so that's where my focus has to be. finding that one person. >> her focus on finding person who a killed her father inside his automotive business. good evening everyone. tonight newly released security video shows a killer running from a leach automotive. for 35 years the man known affectionately papa joe worked on cars at his shop in north college hill debra bics son shows a new video reward money will lead to murder suspect.
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automotive business now.
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