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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear
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3 a high speed chase suspect will be arraigned today.the chase started in lincoln
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narcotics agents tried to pull over a car..we tracked the pursuit on our local 12 traffic cameras.. as the driver led police through ohio.. kentucky.. and indiana. anthony knight will be arraigned today.he was arrested with jehwaun booker and chucky folley at the skyline in harrison. 3 the man -- accused of ambushing an ohio police officer-- will face the death penalty.the knox county prosecutor says the murder weapon was stolen during a home invasion.investigators say it was that 380 pistol that herschel jones used in the ambush at danville police headquarters. danville's police chief says new threats have been made on officers in the wake of the deadly attack. 3 (chip mcconville/knox county prosecutor) (:00) "when a law enforcement officer is shot in the line of duty 3 that is one crime that rises to the top for seeking the death penalty." (:11)herschel jones senior says that his son should not leave prison, and says he did not cry when he heard the prosecutor will go for the death penalty. 3 friends and fellow cyclists are planning a special ride
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who was hit by a car and killed.a *ghost ride* is planned for saturday to remember michael prater.he was killed by a hit- and- run driver on u-s 52 sunday. melinda woodall, who is accused of hitting prater faces a list of charges... and police say they suspect she was on drugs.prater leaves behind a wife and two children. saturday's ride will leave from the lunken airport 3 a thief casually walks into the same store, three days in a row and makes off with a gun each time. west chester police are releasing images of the man taken inside of the cabela's off tyler's place boulevard.police are hoping that the images are clear enough for someone to recognize him.officers are urging stores that sell guns to watch their merchandise closely. 3 03:34 "the biggest thing is to make sure that you have a policy put in place to make sure that the weapons are under the control of the employees or at least in view of them at all times. :41 so that somebody can't conceal them and walk out the store." 03:45officers say the man stole rifles and one shotgun. each time.. he left in a maroon pickup truck.police are
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was ablt to conceal the long guns. 3 a local three- year- old girl is living life to the fullest. angel martin has a rare genetic disorder called infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy... or's the same disease that led to her sister layla's death last summer.angel's mom christina says her youngest daughter doesn't have much time left... so they're making the most of it.the latest item to get crossed off her bucket list is a trip to prom thanks to the tim tebow foundation. 3 (christina martin)01:16:26 "it's a lot harder than you think to try on dresses on a child that pretty much has no mobility." 01:16:3301:16:38 "but it was exciting and kind of emotional to be able to pick out her dress." 01:16:44 angel's prom dress was donated.. as is the limo that will take her to the dance.the family has also been to disney world thanks to the make a wish foundation. 3 warren county will soon get its first look at the site plan for the zoo's new breeding facility for cheetahs.
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would be built in turtlecreek township on 120 acres of farmland and woods.the facility itself would take up about 7 acres and would replace the current one in clermont county.the zoning board of appeals meets in two weeks to hear testimony on the project. 3 if you're going to tell a story come with some attitude man...jazz riff.we're getting a better look at one of the movies shot here in cincinnati. the trailer for *miles ahead* is out now.don cheadle wrote and directed the film about jazz legend miles focuses on the late 70's and davis' relationship with a journalist played by ewan mcgregor.*miles ahead* debuts in theaters on april 1st.we have a link to the whole
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3 stay with us.local 12's adam clements joins us next to tell
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3 get the meat while the 3 gettin' is good! it's cincy meat week... and several tri state restaurants are offering special deals the highlight their carnivourous fare.local 12's adam clements joins us *live* from one of those restaurants.. he's at velvet
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cincy meat week runs through sunday.. for a complete list of restaurants participating.. we have a link on our website.. just go to local 12 dot com.. and click on the red get it button.. 3 reinventing a classic concept. we'll tell you what one airline company is doing for kid, new developments in the zika virus. local 12's megan moore joins us next.. with how the disease
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3 3 a day after the world health organization declares the zika virus outbreak a global health emergency..the c- d- c confirms the first u- s case transmitted through sexual contact. this virus is being linked to serious birth defects. local 12's megan
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developments. 3 the patient infected is in dallas county texas. as you said this is the first sexually transmitted case of zika virus health officials say they have seen. right now there are more than 30 confirmed cases of the virus in the united states. aside from this most recent case, all other patients were infected when they were overseas.zika virus has been linked to a serious birth defect that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads.the virus is spreading rapidly through countries like latin america and the this time there have been no reports of zika being transmitted by mosquitoes in the u-s. dallas county officials are planning to increase awareness now that they know the virus can be 3 (:10) "this particular person, resident of dallas county had not traveled out of the country or the county for that matter, was exposed to someone that had in the tropical
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circulating." (:20)people traveling to areas affected by the zika virus are urged to use mosquito repellent and also sexual protection. at this time there isn't a vaccine or any kind of treatment for the virus. bob back to you. 3 world health officials estimate as many as 4 million cases of zika in the americas over the next year. 3 the head of the enivornmental protection agency says it is committed to providing safe drinking water to the people of flint, michigan.gina mccarthy says the priority is to re-coat the water pipes - in order to prevent lead- poisoned for a specific timeline, mccarthy says only science can give an all clear.she adds that children under six are at most risk - and should only drink bottled water. 3 united airlines is going back to an old policy. families with small kids get to board the airplane first.starting february 15th, parents with
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will be allowed to pre-board united airlines flights -- right after passengers with disabilities.. and active duty military personnel who are in uniform.united dropped that policy in 2012.a company spokesman says going back to the old policy is "simply the right thing to do." 3 jen dalton looking at
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3 3 catching a flick during a layover.we'll tell you where the new concept is possible. plus, mardi gras is trending this morning!find out how one man is making the event safer
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3 people traveling through oregon's portland airport will soon be treated to a movie. a portland theater is teaming up with the airport to create a vintage- style movie house for passengers on the go.the airport cinema will mainly screen short films produced by local filmmakers.portland international's theater is expected to open this summer.
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are actually quite popular in asia. 3 a lot of mardi gras beads will wind up in a landfill after next week's big now.. there's a new type of bead being developed that aims to protect our environment. marcus ciko is the founder of "3- d beads."he's making a biodegradable bead that would not pollute the ozone. of the ingredients is grown in louisiana. "bagasse" is the residue that's left after sugarcane is crushed.the new beads will still be stylish- and will actually be less expensive!the bio beads will
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3 now at five thirty.two ohio children are in recovery.we're learning details about the dangerous situation which left a 9- month- old and a 21- month- old in the hospital. 3 plus, an act of kindness is going viral.we'll tell you about a local boy's day at the cincinnati police department. 3 some recent miami university graduates have launched a new line of performance gear. coming up, i'll tell you what material they're using to set their product apart. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first!take a look at this video of a suspected tornado in western alabama. there are several reports of downed trees and utility poles in the region.and some homes are let's get a first check of *your* forecast.
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3 3 two ohio children are on the road to recovery this morning. a nine- month- old boy and 21- month- old girl are in the hospital after being found
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warren.investigators aren't releasing many details.. but say the children had to be given "naloxone" at the's also known as "narcan" and is typically used for someone suffering from a heroin overdose.police say the babies are now in emergency foster care. 3 a local two- year- old is found wandering westwood around 2 a- he spent quality time with cincinnati police officers.officer will nastold spent time lounging with the toddler.he was barely clothed when they found him. .. and officers couldn't find his mom. so, they got him some new clothes. including spiderman footies. police eventually found the mom.. but not before this picture was taken. the officer in it doesn't see what's the big deal. 3 (:00) "i can't imagine anything as innocent as a cell phone picture would turn into this. frankly, i figured the most i would get was a little
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the mother is facing a child endangering charge.she'll be arraigned later today. the boy is in the care of children's services. university of cincinnati's law school is a step closer to moving to the banks. the board of trustees voted in favor of studying a new building on the riverfront. the school thinks it could boost the profile of both the law school and the university. the school must still raise 25- million dollars before the board will approve the move. 3 shaking hands could be a thing of the least at u- c's graduation ceremony.there's a big debate on twitter as to whether the school's president santa ono will shake students hands at gradution.he sent a tweet saying "apparently the students don't want to shake my hand this graduation because the ceremony is too long."ono also tweeted that he asked for a student survey and he's happy to comply with the outcome.many of the students are still in favor of the tradition. 3 a trio of miami university students are already making a difference just one year after graduation. they've launched a
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inspired by *nasa* technology. local 12's perry schaible is live with more on this cincinnati start-up. 3 liquid nitrogen is negative 321 degrees fahrenheit. that's two times colder than any temperature ever recorded on earth. so, what better way to demonstrate cold weather gear than with liquid nitrogen. 3 take a look at this video... one person shooting liquid nitrogen on a coat insulated with brand new technology. the temperature inside the coat...a balmy 89 degrees. the guys behind this new product. three recent miami university graduates - michael markesbery, rithvik venna, and max squire. they've created the first high performance gear insulated with material developed by nasa sold under the name *oros*. that material is called aerogel -- the lowest, thermal, conductive
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not scientific...stick with just means per unit of thickness, it's the best insulation in the world. aerogel is used in space suits, the space shuttle, and on the mars rover. 3 "people have tried to use aerogel before, there has just been a lot of problems with it. it's very hard to work with, it's very brittle, it sheds this dust and you have to encaspulate the aerogel to prevent the dust from getting out and the encapsulation takes away from the breathability. so, there were all these issues that we knew needed to be addressed."so far, these guys have been successful. they worked their way through start up accelorator - the brandery. and on monday launched their second kickstarter campaign. 3 money generated will be used to manufacture the aerogel and the garments. so far, they have a jacket, beenie, and gloves. you can buy those items through kickstarter. 3
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3 information on *oros* or to donate to the kickstarter campaign - go to our website, local 12 dot com. 3 a unique.. and kind of weird.. new design.we'll tell you what one mother is making these pearls out're watching good morning cincinnati. 3
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3 now it's time for our facebook question of the day.february is library lovers we want to know -- if you could
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3 3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 campaign 20- 16 continues. we'll tell you what john kasich is hoping for in new're watching good
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the power of possible. 3 3 search and rescue teams in hawaii are working to salvage what's left of two military helicopters after a fatal crash last month... and the u- s marines say they've recovered some of the 12 victims' remains.about 80 military personnel and a specialized salvage ship are on site to help.the choppers collided into each other overnight on january 14th. witnesses described seeing a fireball in the sky when the crash happened.
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a controversial official is stepping down in michigan - as detroit teachers call for his removal.darnell earley will leave his post as detroit's public schools emergency manager at the end of this month.a teacher's federation accuses him of allowing school buildings to deteriorate.they say he ignored repeated complaints about the health hazards in those buildings. inspections revealed rodent infestations and leaks among other problems. 3 all eyes are now on new hampshire as the race for the white house heats up.on monday, republican candidates were focused on iowa.all of them except governor john kasich.he's looking to the campaign... and he's hoping the republican field will get smaller.. as primary results come in across the country. 3 (2:48) "it'll continue to be a smaller field. and the smaller the field is, the more people will be able to hear people like me. look, nobody in the country knows who i am. i mean, they just don't. they know who i am in new hampshire." (2:59)kasich isn't the only candidate with a new hampshire game plan.right now, he's in a close- knit battle
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jeb bush.they will all spend the next week and a half convincing voters they should be the nominee. 3 a lot of women honor their children or life's milestones with jewelry or charms... and a texas woman is making her own pearls with some pretty *unusual* . 3 (bridgette boudreaux) (:08) breast milk is liquid gold. breastmilk is your diamond made from you. you know, i culture pearls out of your own breastmilk and it's something that you cannot buy off a shelf. (:18)brigette boudreaux's "milk charms" came to be.. after the birth of her son joey. she says she wants to commemorate the bond between mother and child.she turns breastmilk into a bead that looks like a takes about three months for her to fill an order.and the customized charms cost between 50 and 200 dollars.she says the gems will last a lifetime.
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3 we're getting a sneak peek! coming up at six.. we'll show you the funniest super bowl ads.. that are being leaked a couple days early!plus, celebrating the big game in style.we'll tell you why one woman is including goats at
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rain pounding on roofs overnight. now at 6:00 when we can start to dry out. a high-speed chase caught on camera and the driver heads to court today. a local school comes together, to help a senior graduate early. cincy meet week, 2016 is upon us, we are here at smoke barbecue in harrison. coming up i will tell you the
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