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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it resonated, we had huge rallies, we had 1500 kids at our rally. there wasn't enough votes. we did pretty well, we beat four governors, we beat a senate. it wasn't enough votes to have a win in new hampshire. i've always been a big believer in spreading the message but also doing it in a race we can actually win. we'll carry on these same principles but now carry them in the senate. >> his message failed to catch on and his appeal among the broad libertarians. he expects to bring in money for the party, as well as make kentucky more relevant in the primary process. you can find the full statement on our website
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trump is accusing contest winner ted cruz of fraud in attacks posted on his official twitter account. he says either another election should take place or nullified. >> hoping to solidify his position as the party's establishment candidate. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton is hoping to close the gap between her and bernie sanders who is still leading in the polls. the two will be in a town hall debate tonight. county commissioners are considering a fall fee to help pay for the 911 emergency communication system. a public hearing is underway right now at the administration building. currently more than 100 police
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the communication system. the communication system. everyone is charged a flat amount. a fee on consumer utility bills would help to coverage the cost. it would average 20 bucks a year for the average customer. another vote for in ex -- next week with a commission vote after that. >> a nationally renowned integrity insurance firm with experience in independent justice monitoring. this review following the officer-involved shooting of dubose. >> investigators say knight was behind the wheel through ohio and kentucky and indiana. police eventually caught three suspects at the harrison skyline. deputies recovered a gun and a small amount of marijuana and
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to comply with an order or signal of the police officer. according to the prosecutor, knight is also a suspect in dayton. also in kentucky, a judge ordered a $750,000 bond for him. >> they have launched a new line of performance gear inspired by nasa. nitrogen. the temperature inside the coat quite balmy 89 degrees. they have created the first high performance gear insulated and developed by nasa sold by the name oros. it is called aragel and
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>> people have tried to use aerogel, but a lot of problems with it, it is very brittle and it sheds and you have to encapsulate it and the encap sue breathability. successful. they worked their way through kickstarter will kick-off this week. so far, they have a jacket, beanie and gloves. you can buy those items through their kickstarter campaign. >> the tri-state did some damage through last night's rain and storms. our crews were out with an effort to show you what you missed while you slept. we shot this near the intersection of martin luther king in highland. a mudslide forced the officers
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it has since reopened. another on the ohio river in newport. this shutdown just south of overland drive. crews did clean it up. at last check the road is open again. >> let's take a look now at what store. weather. >> we typically get some of those mudslides and that's exactly what we saw last night. precision doppler 12 hd. this is some of the rain that was around earlier. around 1:00 a.m. and certainly by 3:00, 4:00 a.m. we're seeing this clearing start to push in. some extra clouds. enjoy the sunshine now, because we'll see some more clouds later on. a lot of us in the mid and upper 50s. it is pretty gusty, the winds coming in out of the southwest between 30 and up to 40 miles per hour.
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gusty winds from time to time, even this afternoon with falling temperatures here within the next few hours. by 5:00, we're right around 50 degrees. 9:00 dropping into the 40s. an increase in clouds moving in overnight. don't even be surprised to see a couple of flurries later. cooler tomorrow, another warm-up for the weekend and then winter really settles in. a big pattern change for next week, we'll tell you all about it in 15 minutes. >> delicious, delectable meat candy. we're talking barbecue. the second annual cincinnati meat week. a chance for local restaurants to make a name for themselves. local 12's adam clements paid a visit to one of this year's >> reporter: cincinnati meat week upon us. you know you're talking the real stuff when you're talking to the grand champion.
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barbecue in harrison. that's not the only award. these guys know what they are doing. this is the guy doing it all. matt schneider, talk to us about this great week, local businesses, particularly meat. >> it is a fantastic way to showcase small businesses and what they are doing, especially related to barbecue. it is amazing how many barbecue places have been opening around town. we're up to 30 in the metro area. you've got the main stays, but then eli, a great success story, velvet smoke, all of these guys that are slowly building a reputation around town. >> you're all offering very special menu items this week in honor of that, tell us what you have here. >> we're actually offering a wonderful valley and we're doing it to introduce people what we're doing it. plate. it is meant for two people, you
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come hungry and we'll be serving it throughout the day. we're meeting here around 7:00 tonight. justin, who is the captain of meat week, he'll be handing out badges and a surprise dessert at the end. >> i can tell you firsthand, the food here absolutely to die for. >> cincinnati meat week runs through sunday. for a complete list of participants, we have a link on our website, hover
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call now. you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over hotspots with select plans. call now. investigators are looking into whether a bomb called a mid air explosion. plane. the jet was forced to land only minutes from taking off on its way to the east african country. somali authorities say they found no evidence so far. but they say the hole torn in the fuselage shows all of the signs of a bomb. >> a judge is deciding whether
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against the comedian. a former district attorney said he gave an unwritten promise of immunity for cosby and the case has been revived by a new prosecutor. >> small businesses that could work with the nfl. >> yvonne hines' southern smith bakery. contracts worth more than $3 million went to hundreds of san francisco businesses. don't forget, you can catch super bowl 50 between the denver broncos and the carolina
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>> american airlines is bringing back something it hasn't had since 2003. complimentary snacks. you'll see them on domestic flights by april later this month on trans continental flights. american airlines is also offering free entertainment. access up to 40 movies, 60 tv shows and 300 albums to listen to. they have record profits due to lower oil prices and increased
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>> jeff bezo claimed the fourth highest ranking on the billionaire bloomberg index. sitting on a fortune worth tuesday. >> the latest numbers from wall street. you can catch the closing numbers today on local 12 news first at 4:00.
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>> another round of severe weather moving across alabama and mississippi, now this a day after storms spawn tornadoes that flattened homes and left thousands in the dark. that same system is creating blizzards and whiteouts in the plains. we wanted to acknowledge some studio here. these are 7th graders. they are here doing a social studies project. they got their ipads out and that kind of stuff. these are the leaders of the future. >> asking good questions, too.
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take them out to lunch, but i'm not going to do it. >> anyway, thank you all for coming in today. they got some sun today. >> if they had come late yesterday, they would have gotten wet. we have more clouds on the way. we had a decent amount of rain last night. >> did you hear it on the rooftop? >> yes. look how much fell across the area, just about all rainfall amounts, one to two inches. about an inch and a half across the area. most of that moved out around 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. right now, we're not tracking anything. completely dry across the board. there's some of the rain earlier, we have clearing skies, but look what's off towards the west. see this area of dark gray, yeah, that's more clouds that's going to move in late today. around 5:00, 6:00, right as we're getting towards sunset.
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of sunshine. as long as we have all of the sunshine, we're not really going to cool off all that much. 56 degrees. look at the wind. that's coming in at around 23 miles per hour. that's sustained winds, between 30 and 40, that's not going to come down anytime free. you can see where the clouds clean up. that's also when our temperatures start to decrease. 48 degrees by around 6:00. don't be surprised if you see a snowflake, a flurry or even a stray snowflake or two. the warm weather out ahead of this cold front. they are into the 30s out towards illinois, we're expecting the temperature drop a little bit later on today. in. by around 5:00, i think it does
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notice a couple of these areas, a spotty green, a couple of light sprinkles and eventually a few flurries from time to time. it is not even worth putting an icon on the 7-day forecast, don't be surprised if you see a couple of snowflakes or so. we clear out thursday night and we're looking pretty good for the rest of the workweek. lots of sunshine, not looking at much in the way of clouds. overall not too bad. partly cloudy skies on saturday and sunday. 48 degrees on saturday, 50 as we get towards sunday. there's a warm-up on the way for this weekend. it is going to look pretty nice. zero percent chance of rain. this is when we start to see a big pattern change, when we go into next week. right around monday, 38 degrees, it is the type of pattern, where
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squall is as and showers, it lays down some light accumulation, an inch or two here or there. nothing significant, but it is something to watch, we seen earlier what one inch of snow can do. those can be more dangerous than a six inch snowstorm. something to watch. >> thank you. >> be sure to join local 12 tonight.
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>> you're invited to come out and support the family of a young boy suffering from a brain can cancer. this runs until 11:00 tonight. tyler and his family are expected to come by the restaurant right around 6:00. some vermonters could be feeling the burn literally. the artist chose a specific design. he's willing to draw bernie sanders or hillary clinton, but trump would be a task.
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anyone who wants it. ranging from trump's face to his slogan slogan, make america great again. >> one more check of weather. >> nice day. hardly a cloud in the sky. it will change though around 4:00 to 5:00. clouds move in. temperatures dropping back into the 40s. we're going to see the temperature drop, it is not going to happen until we get rid of the sunshine, which we will when the clouds move in later. a really nice weekend ahead. week. >> our next newscast first at
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