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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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falmouth. >> good evening, everybody. we all have the potential to irritate someone, and hear a complaint about night but the owner of a local market is dealing with complaints that he say are born out of resentment with his faith. we are in errlangner and see if there is cause for anyone to have a beef with the store. >> reporter: well, the dixie international market opened four months ago and he found out this week that people were complaining about him and he feels that a lot of it being to do with his customers being
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dixie international market butchers its own meats and kate caters to a lot of musts. >> halal is a way to kill the animal, different than the christian or jewish do. >> reporter: yesterday, the city told him that a few residents complained about noise and odors coming from his store. he is suspicious that the complaints have more to do with his muslim clientele and saw someone taking a picture of this sign. >> she said you are killing animals here. >> they have a permit of custom processing for meat from tudela and they're not violating any rules. eddie reeves lives across if
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>> i haven't heard anything at all or smelt any odors. >> reporter: the owners of the grocery store are looking at the bright side. >> for me, it's free advertisement. i don't have anything wrong going on here. >> reporter: they say they want to be good neighbors. >> i would them to come in and tell me what is bothering you and i'll fix it. >> reporter: now, i did reach out to the residents who complained to the city. i did not hear back from them. when we were here today, we dropped by unannounced so no one knew we were coming. we did not smell anything unusual in the store and an animal was absolutely slaughtered in the back room while we were here and we did not hear any noises. reporting live for "local 12 news." >> and when this man visited the store he did not smell anything odd and they will
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anything that may be a nuisance and discuss with it the owners. >> the search for a falmouth woman is intensifying who disappeared on sunday. her family has been searching for her since. the deputies believe she was heading to campbell county possibly california or wilder. the sheriff deputies have interviewed the people who saw her last and apparently have no lead. her father tells me she hasn't used her cell phone since sunday. turner says something is wrong because she called her parents every day, and they haven't heard a word. if you have any information that may help investigators find tara turner, please call 513-352-3040 is the number. you don't have to give your name. >> more people in ohio die from heroin overdoses than car crashes, which is a startling figure and we know how bad it's gotten and many are trying to figure out a way to stop it. a warren county sheriff
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found a way to stop it, a billboard in lebanon that encourages people to call a hotline for tips. a local businessman will pay the reward money. >> we can't thank him enough for stepping forward and doing this for us. this is something we can't do on ourselves. we need the community to get involved. we need information and this is affecting families everywhere, and the reality of that is hitting home now. >> anchor: there were 60 heroin overdose deaths in warren county last year. 513-427-call, is the number to call. drug task force members will answer the hotline all day, 7 days a week. >> anchor: there is a special ride tomorrow for a man tragically killed while riding his bike. he was on u.s.-52 when a driver hit him and left the scene. melinda woodall was the driver and was on drugs when it happened. tomorrow, family and friends
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for prader leaving at 2:00 and a memorial service afterwards. >> don't get too comfortable with the mild weather because it. >> anchor: she's here to tell us about the weather. >> hey, we get a whole weekend of these temperatures and today's highs topping at 43 degrees in cincinatti, the milder air to the south and west of us this afternoon, that moves in for tomorrow and in the mid-40s for tomorrow afternoon. we're in freezing in cincinatti, same for lunken airport, and batavia at 34 degrees and stay dry overnight with a lot of dry air at the surface, so we continue to see my and mid-level clouds in the off and on period and in a couple minutes, we'll talk about the warmer weekend, the snow that returns next week and the colder air that returns with that snow, that is coming
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back to you. >> thank you. a massive erika rocks a city in taiwan sending more than hundreds of people in the hospital which is in the southern part of the island. emergency workers have rescued more than 200 people from the rubble and more are trapped in high-rise apartment buildings. two people were killed? >> the company that owns the ukraine that collapsed in new york city today has been cited several times in the past for safety violations. the ukraine fell this morning in lower manhattan killing a people. it had been in place since last saturday and being moved this morning because of some high winds and that's when the 560 foot ukraine plummeted crashing into an entire block of cars. >> almost split in half from straight down.
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complaining about the korean crane services but the investigators visited the site and claire -- declared the crane safe. >> with abc is not budging saying carli fiorina has not met its criteria, a top three finish in iowa or top six average in the national polls. she's not happy about that since she got more votes than kasich and chris christie and she's not the only one not pleased. >> she has worked hard, ran a diligent campaign and inspired a lot of people and deserves to be up on that stage, so i encourage the organizers of the debate to include carli there
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debate. >> fiorina is behind rand paul who is already out of the race and jim gilmore is the only one still in. >> this has been an unnecessary skill that students need and considered dead. >> it's unfortunate that people can't address an envelope.
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. >> anchor: adolescence effort to bring commuter rail to the eastside is likely dead. the ohio department of transportation plans to stop working on what is known as the oasis railway and that will be up to the city and hamilton county to come up with $ 400 million to do the project and o-dot spent almost 5 million on the project, taxpayer last month, "business insider" was named the best restaurant in ohio and cracked the list of the most romantic restaurants in america.
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>> we learned this, many of us in school, a little difficult to school, but that is as good as i will do tonight. writing like this is becoming a dying art, not taught in most schools, but there is a movement to bring it back as local 12 news brad underwood will show us in just a moment.. >> anchor: today, you know, you just push buttons. you are not saying who you really are. >> reporter: the flow of one letter to the next, a seemingly forgotten form of communication. you just don't see things like this anymore, hand made and handwritten cards, newsletters and images like found in this yearbook, an app for postcollege penmanship. >> this is what she has taught
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for 25 years and mastered them at a young age. >> the student have to dedicate themselves so they have an interest and earnest nest to learn it and what they really need is the satisfaction once in developing a skill. >> reporter: a skill that is not widely taught anymore and becoming harder and harder to find in the american school systems, the art of cursive writing. >> they can practice making letter shape, not worry about being perfect so say this is letter "a". >> kathy brewer also works with penmanship and works with children but giving me some pointers. >> that's good. you're concentrating on filling that space, but it wasn't coming naturally. i would actually scoot in and yeah, you want to get yourself supported and there you. are i can already see from your first tempt to here how consistent your spacing is. i know we have to work on some
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>> despite the elimination of cursive writing, brewer believes in trends and sees this art returning to the classroom. >> it helps us to reinforce the information so the data that comes through the eye to the brain to the hands is being reinforced when we have a physical motion to tie it all together. >> if it doesn't return to schools, at least these women are making the written word remains. brad underwood, "local 12 news." >> for more information on how the brush up on your penmanship, we have links on the web site, when i am practising i do a hybrid of cursive and printing. >> anchor: but you did a nice job. the practice paid off. >> anchor: you're very nice. >> erica is here with the temperatures and the weekend is here. >> the temperatures in the 40s both days, but seeing a wetter trend moving into sunday night, so rain moves in and we'll start to see that mix with snow
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next workweek, so we'll deal with the weekend, which is pretty nice with high mid-level clouds around with a live look to downtown cincinatti from covington from the atrium weather medical center camera and those will be with us through overnight period, sunrise tomorrow, 7:40 a.m., sunset, four after 6:00 p.m., and we're adding about two minutes of additional daylight each day this month, so we'll continue to see some more daylight during the evening hours, which is always nice. we're 36 in lebanon, 31 in harrison and freezing mark from the airport and upper 20s for brookeville and indiana and the low to mid-thursday and for west union, 30, 31 degrees. we're dry now on live precision doppler radar, dry overnight so no need to worry about the rain gear for tomorrow morning, even
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snow, we'll stay dry, so we're kind of the under the influence of high pressure scooting to the east and we'll continue to see partly cloudy skies overnight. i expect to start off with pretty good sunshine tomorrow and then we'll see more clouds throughout saturday afternoon and the evening, but it's really going to be a great day. this snow tracking earlier to the north and west, that has been diminishing and that won't bother us and the same with the snow in cleveland, so we are snow free tonight, and as you can see, we have not too many clouds around either. tomorrow morning, we start off with just partly cloudy skies, if not mostly sunny, and we'll probably see a few more clouds venture in later in the afternoon and the evening. this model does not show a whole lot of cloud cover and we do stay dry topping out at 36 degrees. sunday morning, the clouds rolling in from the west ahead of the next system bringing us a chance of rain sunday night. so around 9:00, 10:00, that should be entering the cincinatti area, and we will be warming up just to see plain
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showers sunday evening and through the overnight period once the colder air wraps around this system, we'll see the rain mix with a a little bit of snow on monday. tonight, 25 degrees under partly cloudy skies, where we start off tomorrow morning. noon, around 40 and clouds in the latter part of the day with highs around 46 and winds 8-12 miles an hour from the southwest pulling in the milder air. we stay more mild for sunday, 48 after starting off near freezing and, again, the late chance for a couple showers sunday and freezing monday, and i expect both roads to be wet during the day, but monday night with the temperatures fall in the 20s, we may see some slick spots with snow showers continuing on tuesday and the temperatures only top out shy of freezing and will only be in the 20s for wednesday, so watch the roads monday night, tuesday and
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wednesday. this is not a huge storm but maybe less than an inch to an inch a day is possible from here and we dry out on thursday, maybe a new chance of snow later on friday. >> anchor: good enough. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool.
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have a good night. . >> this is a friday night final sponsored by carey >> i'm your host, brad steike and coming up, we'll head to the zoo to get predictions from the animals, oh, yeah. the reds saying welcome back to sweet lou piniella and college hoops and kick things off the rumble fest in santa clara with a contract extension and wolf never forgot his upbringing and
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