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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather)
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3 bob herzog looking at tri- state roadszero problems cut-in-the-hillmitchell ave construction 3 new this morning...two people face drug charges after an arrest in anderson township ... a deputy pulled over a car with a light out on asbury road around 11-30 last night. police say a passenger poured something out of a window.. and tossed out a bottle. deputies realized there was a meth-cooking-operation in the vehicle.. and they called a haz-mat team...ryan dawson and charles ross are waking up in jail this morning for felony drug manufacturing. 3 also new this morning ...for the third time in franchise
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are this year's super bowl champions took to the streets to celebrate their team's 24-10 victory over the carolina panthers.denver linebacker von miller is the super bowl 50 m-v-p.he forced two fumbles and got two and a half sacks ...and peyton manning is now the first starting quarterback ever to win with two different teams. 3 it's been an emotional week, emotional night and the nights just beginning. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family and i think i'll take some time after thatlike i said, i'm gonna try and enjoy tonight and take it one step at a time the final nail in the panther's coffin came off a cam newton turnover in the fourth quarter, leading to a broncos touchdown.meanwhile, the super bowl moves to houston next year.this morning, the san francisco bay area host committee will pass the ball over in hand-off ceremony. 3
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3 ahead at four-30 ...we'll have more hightlights from the game, and hear reaction from fans about a close call boy is lucky to be alive after a shootout in a local neighborhood ... you're watching good morning
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break one3 3 now at four-30 ...some wild fans are still probably partying on the streets of denver ...and we've got a look
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the field for super-bowl 50. 3 a shootout in the streets of blue ash ...we'll hear from one boy who could have lost his life ... 3 the first-in-the-nation primary ...a big day at the polls is coming to voters in new hampshire ... 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist john gumm.
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3 the denver broncos are world champions. they were the underdogs in last night's big game.. but they came to play. jamie yuccas reports from
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came down to defense. 3 (announcer nats: the denver broncos win super bowl 50.) peyton manning and the denver broncos defeated the carolina panthers to win their third super bowl.linebacker von miller was named mvp.(miller sot)it was coach phillips, it was peyton, d-ware and all of my teammates of course.peyton manning is the first starting quarterback to win with two different teams. but he wouldn't say if this really was his last rodeo.( manning sot )i wanna go hug my family and im going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight.the broncos offense exploded early (announcer nats )while fumbles plagued the panthers. (announcer nats: and he fumbles)bridge: the ticket was a golden one - going for thousands of dollars! but fans say it was worth it.(sot mos broncos fan)the crowd enjoyed some of the biggest names in pop music.(nats of gaga)lady gaga sang the national anthem. (nats of cold play & beyonce)
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half-time with an assist from beyonce and bruno was a golden night for over 70 thousand fans celebrating super bowl 50.jamie yuccas, cbs news, santa clara. 3 houston will be the home of super bowl 51..and stay here.. we'll take a look at some of the most talked about commercials in a little bit. 3 turning to local news now ...a tri-state community is rattled after a young boy has a very close call in a weekend shootout.police are processing three scenes right now.the first is a home on oak avenue in blue ash where shots were went into the home, one of which missed ten-year-old aidan issacs by just feet. 3 "we looked into the house and there was gunshot like five feet aways from me . 00 if it would have hit me right in the chest. "no one was hurt in the home, but police say two men were later found with gunshot of them got in a
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four-car wreck a quarter mile away at deerfield and cornell. the second victim is one of two men who dumped a car at a nearby gas station.that man later showed up at the hospital.and police say a third victim took off on foot. as of now, no charges have been filed. 3 it's been more than a week and there's still no sign of a missing woman from pendleton county.31-year old tara turner was on sunday the 31st. a search party came together this weekend at the california marketplace in campbell county. her brother says that's where she was supposed to be dropped off the day she disappeared. family members are concerned.. because there has been no activity on her cell phone. 3 daniel turner, tara's brother: "i just hope and pray that she's all right. she's a small, petite girl. she's able to handle her own, but just been missing her. scared. hoping for the best, but kind of expecting the worst now that it's been 6 days, you know, so... "right now, investigators say there are no
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anything about where turner might be.. call pendleton county dispatch at 859- 654- 3300. 3 a man is due in court this week after police say he was high on drugs and lost control of his jeep. while he was carrying a child.officers say they found ryan harding slumped over the wheel ... a syringe in the middle of the console, and a small child in the backseat.police say he admitted using heroin before driving over an embankment and into a fence.this happened friday on hassler lane in elmwood place.harding was brought back to life with narcan.he's expected in court tomorrow on several charges. the child is okay and is now with the mother. 3 speaking of heroin, police in the tri-state's battle against the epidemic are changing tactics, and even re-defining their roles in some communities.officers in special teams are trying to intervene with users soon after overdose recovery.the goal is to steer addicts into treatment while near-death experiences are fresh, before they relapse.ohio attorney general mike dewine recently
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approaches, saying police can't arrest their way out of the problem. 3 thank you ... can't say thank you enough .... it made a world 3 of goodthe bengals lost a talented young wide receiver in a tragic crash six years ago.when chris henry died, his mom carolyn made the decision to donate his organs to save four other lives.tonight.. local 12's brad johansen shares carolyn's powerful journey back to the place where her son's death has created life.. on local12 news live at six. 3 time/temp ...deadly crash ... two teenagers lose their lives after breaking into an olympic park ...bracing for snow ...the east coast is preparing for another winter wallop, on good
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break two3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 voters in new hampshire hit the polls tomorrow for the presidential primary ... and there's a lot at stake for the candidates.donald trump and bernie sanders are frontrunners going into the first in the nation primary. and hillary clinton is
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in the latest poll.trump says he doesn't need to win the granite state, but would like to.clinton and sanders are avoiding predictions.. saying they're looking to the next two states with votes.. south carolina and nevada. 3 two survivors are alive after being pulled from a toppled apartment building in taiwan. they spent two days buried under rubble.. after a powerful earthquake caused the 17-story building's collapse least 37 people are dead.rescuers also found signs of life from a woman and an eight-year old girl who are both conscious, but trapped in the fifth floor section.more than 100 people are still believed to be buried. 3 new this morning ...a family is mourning right now after two brothers are killed in a sledding accident.police say early this morning, 17- year-olds jordan and evan caldwell and six others broke into an olympic park in calgary.they reportedly used a personal sled to go down the bobsled track.but they didn't
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into a luge track, and their sled hit a gate used to separate the two.police are waiting to question the six survivors, one of whom is in critical condition. 3 crews in new york hope to re-open a street today in time for this morning's commute after a deadly crane collapse. the 565-foot long boom came crashing down on north street in tribeca on was cut into 35-pieces and hauled away on a flatbed truck.the last piece was moved yesterday morning.crews are still on the scene working to repair a water main and a gas line. 3 the east coast is preparing for a big snowstorm. forecasters say up to 18- inches of snow could fall today in parts of new england. white-out conditions and 40-mile per hour winds are also expected.the national weather service issued a blizzard warning for parts of massachusetts.public schools in boston and providence rhode island are closed today.and new york city could get a couple of inches overnight. 3
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breathing new life ...a look at the transformations coming to a former kentucky school. plus ...some of you tuned in for the game, others were just in it for the commercials ... we'll show you some of the super-bowl commercials that have people talking,
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break three3 you can go online and get your kids signed up for c-r-c's summer day-camps starting today.the camps are for children ages six through 12, and runs from may 31st to
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arts, athletics and field hours are monday through friday from nine to four, and costs one- thousand-45-dollars for the summer.we have a link with more information at local12- dot-com.just hover over news, then click get it now links. 3 the long vacant lincoln- grant school in covington is coming back to life with a purpose. covington's first school for african american students is getting back in the education business ... but in an innovative new way. local 12's joe webb has the story. 3 developer kimberly stephenson is convinced she's unlocking a lot more than an 85-year-old art deco building at 8th and greenup.we really have a love for repurposing abandoned historical structures and trying to bring their historic beauty back to life in a way that will be useful to the community. covington's traditional african-american school closed in 1976 and has been vacant since 2004. the marian group hopes to turn
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paint into what is called a scholar house. 45 apartments for low-income single parents who are enrolled in college. we'll have support service, academic services, childcare availability, after school care availability and supportive services for the whole familiy. summer mcclanahan just earned her g-e-d and is enrolling in business management at gateway. she hopes to move in when they're finished. i'm hoping that i can get a long- term career out of getting my education and provide for me and my son. 3 the $11-million renovation will turn the originally 1931 school building into apartments, offices and restore the auditorium for community use.a second building will be built on the back next to renovated basketball courts and ballfield. it's more than just single-parent student also provides a
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housing community so that parents are supporting each other and supporting the kids. and the kids are learning the importance of education along with the process.this is the marian group's 6th scholar house project. they've seen the concept help break the cycle of poverty. we've had 24 children of single parent families go on to pursue higher education. and it brings back to life an abandoned landmark so it can continue to be an anchor in covington's eastside. i believe this is a feasible plan that really helps honor the history of the building. 3 joe webb reporting. the scholar house will have 39 two- bedroom apartments and six three- bedroom units. the hope is to have the first families moving in late this year. 3 now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert. 3 (traffic check)bob herzog looking at tri-state roadszero
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3 there's no official vote for the best super bowl commerical.. but there are always a few that create a lot of buzz.. local12's paula toti got the tough assignment of watching those ads for these highlights. 3 they had cute super bowl babies .... depicting the baby boom that seems to happen in
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a super bowl .. they had the expected animals ... like a beaver that was friendly but didn't want a kiss in the marnot ad ... the part animal part human in the "puppy monkey baby" add for mountian dews kickstartpupppy monkey baby ,puppy monkey baby etc. the point was three great things in one ... to which one local viewer posted ... mountain dew ... mountain don't. movin on up for apartments dot com was attention getting ... beans don't burn on the grill ... change your apartment you change the world. 3 jeff johnson of cincinnati was partial to the new money ad for paypal because 11 seconds in .. is the 3d printer his son helped to design. way to go jeff. for the most part on facebook and twitter a lot of people seemed underwhelmed ... but the clear winner ... doritos. viewers like linda moeller
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sound baby ... moving to dad moving his doritos really you're eating doritos .... give me that. 3 3 paula toti reporting ... speaking of super bowl commercials, we want to know your favorites ...just share with us on the local12 facebook page ... dealing with the day after the big game ...local12's adam clements shares some hangover cures ... ahead at five on
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break four3 even if you didn't stay up to watch the game, you've more than likely come across some of the super bowl commercials on social media today on facebook, we want to know your
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at five.there's a new reigning super bowl champion. we'll show you highlights from the big game. 3 feeling rough this morning? if you ate too much during the big game.. and you need to be able to properly function today.. don't worry.. we've got you covered.. 3 plus, the campaign countdown continues.we'll tell you what the candidates are up to.. just one day away from the new hampshire primaries. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's
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