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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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getting things closed like that. it's a different story depending on where you are, right. it's a different story, depending if you go north and east, that is where we have seen more reports of snow. part of warren county, the snow is going to continue this morning, it's light snow, and the heaviest snowiest of town it's falling apart, but snow-covered roads can be expected in this location, this snow is going to be tapered off by noon, we are looking at several inches of snow, there's the winter storm warning, covers all of southwest ohio except for adams county, a winter weather advisory for the rest of us, it's until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and this will take over for the warning once the warning expires today at noon. with scattered snow showers today and early tomorrow, we're looking at an additional 1-3 inches of snow. this is looking light snow around the 275 loop, and up
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warren and, it's getting heavier, these are the locations from wilmington, to clarksville, morrow area, and the manchester, and to the south it's a lot lighter. we are lacking 2-4 for most of the rest of us, far to the south we squeeze out an inch or two bit time you stick the ruledder in the old deck, light snow continues, 20 degrees with the windchill of 10, certainly a lot colder because of that untreated roads will be covered because the pavement temperatures have fallen, 27 late day, we will see more scattered snow showers develop this afternoon, and to the northeast of cincinnati, again, some of those snow showers could be downright snow squalls with reduced visibility, and make for dangerous driving conditions on the interstates later. i will have more on that coming up,let check our conditions right now, here is jen dalton
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>> reporter: the interstate appear to be moving along okay, maybe a little slower than normal but so far only one report of an incident on the interstate and that was near 71 near taft and all the right lanes were blocked. i don't see it and i don't see any slow downs in the area. i will keep an eye on there. state we have an accident with injury, and west mont with an accident. one at chef yet, and west gal bert, you will see varying conditions around the tri-state. as john mentioned some spots will not see a lot of snow, and travis seems to be moving along fine. you go up north, 75-near dayton road. it's difficult to see the cam remarks it's so dark right now. you can tell traffic is slowing down, and that's an area where we are seeing more snow reported up north, and i know adam right now speaking up north is in hamilton.
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road in hamilton right now. >> reporter: jen, we were on high street in downtown hamilton. we are dealing way lot of slush right now. you can see portions of the road, a few part are hanging around with a lot of slush and we have been hanging around in this area around the butler county area, and we see much of the same, certain spots are slushy, and we have dealt with slick spots, and we're saying time and time again, but the overpasses, and the entrances that is where we're running the biggest problems we're seeing here this morning. we are going to make our way deeper into hamilton before tri-state. i know things out east have been particularly rough. i saw it coming in morning from clearmont county, state route 32, we're going over a bridge right now, and you can see i don't know how well you can tell by looking at the picture here, but things are a lot more slick
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we are going to keep an eye on thins, as we head our way to clearmont county, coming up and i know brandon orr is at the shopping plaza. how are things looking over there, brandon. >> reporter: things are looking okay, not compared to the driving conditions north and east of downtown is where they have the heaviest, we have been here since 4:30 and 4:45, when we first came out here, it was completely wet, now we can see starting to get snow cover. we haven't seen any plows here. this is glen way avenue and other shots here at shopping plaza. we haven't seen a plow salt this road, and like i mentioned, an hour to an hour and a half, cars are having no trouble driving on it, and it's more slick where you are seeing totals, here we
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we saw a couple of inches and that melted overnight with temperatures above freezing. now that temperatures are below freezing, we are going to continue to see the snow fall stick, and as john may have seen this, and we have seen this on the planning forecast, it's a week before we see these temperatures freeze. conditions in the area, northern kentucky is around the same. we have a smaller radar that is near the airport in northern kentucky. there's a band seth up of florence. if -- south of florence. if that continues, we will shoot down the interstates, and bring you conditions down there. we will keep you busy down this morning. 300 changes i'm told to the school closings. >> new caps were added to saint lawrence city schools. don't forget if you are heading out the door, you can take the cincinnati morning app, it's available on apple and
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it's cold and the snow is blowing across the roads. >> a local place is struggling for to keep the local roads open. it's giving people a warm place to stay. now the path, they have -- in the past they have been funded by the dropping center, but the center moved to a new location, so now they're relying on donations to stay open. >> it especially breaks my heart to think that if we get another cold snap at the end of the month. we're going to have this. >> we want to ensure that nobody has any cause to be outside, because it's cold. >> now the church needs $5,000 to stay open through the end of the month, if you would like to help, we do have a link at local right now a local eyesore is coming down. the northern ken health northern kentucky health department closed it.
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march first. 6:06, 20 degrees. bengals receiver chris lost his life in a crash. >> his story was the start of a life giving story. he -- he had not chosen on his driver's license so his mother chose for him. and now she is going to go to see the people they helped. >> it was something from my heart that i decided to do. like i say, this is just god. what does each moment do for you, because you can walk into the room and you can feel chris. >> yes, i felt my son. >> now if you're not a donor but you would like to consider it, we do have links to help at i would like to tell you, if you get the opportunity, go to the
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find the johansson's story on chris' son. it's beautiful. >> 6:07. 20 degrees. we just ended one football season, and the bengals are the talk of the ball. the bengals are listed 16-1 favorites to win super bowl 51. is predicted it will be the bengals and arizona cardinals throwing down, and they say the bengals will win. >> we can only hope. >> how about comfort food. a newburgher hot spot is open, and we will tell you about the traifty treats you can
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get th 11:00, elevating the burger game. a new, burger joint, is open by vic silver book. and he noticed that no burger places were popping up in the renaissance, he has a true original, with handmade buns, and bloody mary catsup, and
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choice beef. not to mention, beers, and you can checkouty bee gee bee with all that is happening new and town. that. that is good on a snowy day. >> we have winter storm warnings for all of southwest ohio with the exception of the adams taint until advices until noon. threat a look at aid rather, light snow continues for the area. 20 degrees right now, upper 20s later today, this steady light snow is going to come to an end, late morning, but scattered snow showers, even some snow squalls, which are basically heavy snow showers are possible as we get into the afternoon. they're going to be scattered, though, i'm going to have more on that, but by noon, blearing and more accumulations are possible later today, tonight into tomorrow morning, and i'll have more in minutes jen. >> reporter: we are starting to see accidents pop up, and
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reported on the interstate. i have two reported on the southbound near state route he 63, although the camera in the area is not picking up the accident scene. it looks like salt trucks going through right now. i will continue to watch that and let you know if it becomes an issue. i had an accident reported on 275, near state route 4. camera is not picking it up there. it doesn't mean it's not there. it could be over to the shoulder. we're going to continue to watch for it. the inner streets are not too bad. we will have more on the side streets, back to the desk. hamilton county had declared a level one snow emergency in clinton county as well. so just be cautious as you head out the door.
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governor is fearing as new welcome back, everyone, new this morning, nine new hampshire resident, nine were the first to vote in first-in-the-nation primary. >> ohio senator john kasich, and bernie sanders got the boost. sanders shut out hillary clinton 4-0, and kasich got donald trump 3-2.
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starting a photography business. >> nearly 5 years ago she was accused of murdering her 2-year-old kaley. the address for the business is listed at the home of the lead investigator in 2008. a a case for it has been taken down and anthony hasn't filed any local paperwork in west palm beach florida. they caught a couple speeding is tried to hand over a speeding ticket, but it wasn't quite what he expected. it turns out the mom in the car was in labor and they were trying to get to the hospital. the trooper had to help dad help deliver that baby boy named brett better ret. and he wrote the couple a speeding ticket. >> i heard the story. it wasn't a normal speeding ticket. it was, hey, they had a baby. they aren't cited, they didn't have to pay anything. he wrote them up a cute little ticket.
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ticket, it was not fair. >> i didn't see it, alabama -- >> seeing the other stuff. >> baby, the trooper helped so -- >> i'm going to -- >> i'm sorry. >> bye, john, you're a busy man this morning. we have more school closings. >> he is busy. we has something to do. we are going to take a live lack at the roads, and what you can see there, is a live look at the roads near hamilton this morning. i'm going to show you a couple of different things that are going on the interstates. we had report of an accident i-75. earlier he said near hopple and now i'm hearing that the left-hand lane is closed south of 74. if you look closely at this camera over to the right there you can see flashing lights starting to show up on the camera. there's something going on, 75 southbound south of 74 this morning, i also had an accident reported 275 near state route 4 in the eastbound direction, that has not shown up on the cameras
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traffic is moving along okay. other incidents state, and accidents an accident reported there, and we got one at say seymour, and the one up near state route 4, but not really showing up. as we look at the cameras this morning, interstates are looking okay, but we don't have a lot of incidents on the interstates at this point in time. side streets are the ones we're going to need to watch. as we are seeing around the the tri-state, john, some people didn't get anything and some people got four inches. >> reporter: amounts range from less than an inch of snow fall in some areas overnight to nearly five inches of snow fall, but that is the nature of the base here. the snow showers intense in some areas, road conditions, live right now, tell you where is this located guys? can you tell me? do you know?
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that the road conditions there, it's snow-covered. it's passable, you can get through. distance, obviously. we want to make sure you got the reservoir filled with windshield washer fluid. you get the salt spray, you got and over again. that is a look at how things are shaping up, especially to the north of cincinnati where we have seen heavier snow. there's a look at precision doppler 12hd. it's light snow that is falling, loop to the north, light snow for butler county and into warren county, and clinton county. this is the location that got hit hardest overnight. roughly here from wilmington through clinton county to point south, lebanon, moro and mainville, and as far as south as goshen extending to the mason and mainville areas. some more snow there than elsewhere in the tri-state. amounts here going over four inches in many cases, this is a
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goshen coming in more than four inches, 3 and a half 11, and hillsborough, since you got away from that narrow zone with the heavier zone, amount really tapered off, under two inches, winter storm warning. all of southwest ohio with the exception of adams county, goes until noon today. we will have four inch plus amounts by noon, a winter weather advisory takes over in the warning areas and continues for the rest of us through tomorrow morning. now with the scattered snow showers we expect later today, tonight and for the first part of the day tomorrow, we may add an additional 1-3 inches of snow for some communities. here is what we have downtown, light snow continues, 20 at the airport, a windchill at 10. considerably colder this morning, untreated roadways are going to be problematic, because the pavement temperatures have fallen below freezing. actual air temperatures in the low 20s this morning, light snow continues through the morning, but then it tapers off, and then we get into the situation this afternoon where
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snow showers, even some of those intense snow squalls are squalls are a possibility again today even to the north and east. upper 20s today, we stay below freazing, this is part of a upper upper level low system, you can see the snow wrapping up around this. by noon, 4 inches, cincinnati 2-4 inches of snow fall for the vast majority of us by noon with slightly lesser amounts to the south of sin. cincinnati. here is light know starting to fall apart late morning into the early afternoon. then we start to see the scattered snow showers, and notice they're not everywhere. a lot of hints that the most concentrated activity is going to be northeast of cincinnati. warren, clinton, highland county, maybe and if you get into one of these snow showers, you're trying along the interstate, and all of a sudden,
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snow, visibility is reduced of. the interstate is getting snow-covered, exit the interstate, because this could be quite dangerous the snow showers. they're not everywhere by tomorrow morning. temperatures in the teens, it's going to be really cold, then tomorrow afternoon, don't get very high. here is the good news, the snow shower activity starts to calm down tomorrow, so there's less of it around, temperatures are going to be in the low 20s tomorrow afternoon, and even clearing possible tomorrow night, that will set us up for a bitter cold, single digits thursday morning, thursday afternoon, maybe a flurry or two, we will see peeks of sun in there, temperatures in the mid-20s. all right, 27 today, more snow showers on the way later. it's going to be scattered later this afternoon, light steady snow comes to an end, even snow squalls which are basically snow showers later today. the best chance northeast of sin more snow showers tonight,
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and then thursday we're up to 25, thursday there's a chance for more accumulating snow on friday. we will be watching that. 28 your high on friday, and snow showers around saturday, 20 your high, we see a chance for more accumulating snow late sunday into monday. could be wayne terry wintery mix in there as well. there's the outlook, 20 saturday with showers and flurries, and up to 26 on sunday. we are watching that sunday night into monday timeframe for the possibility of more weather that is going to make me lose sleep. guys, back to you. you will be all right. >> you can sleep a couple of extra hours. >> two hours. >> that is new to our list this morning. it's 6:24 right now. a winter wonderland. we will checkout the snow pictures. >> put them on facebook, here is a live look at 121 all the way
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oh, the snow is still coming down. >> yes, it is, and we love seeing your pictures on facebook. >> we're getting a lot of great photos out there. look at fairmont, the snow is definitely snow-covered, a lot of snow in that area, and here is blanchester, ohio, east center street, it looks like they got a lost snow this morning.
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>> look at redwood, look at how much snow is around those cars there. around town, some people see nothing, and some people in lebanon, look at that snow. lebanon saw a lot this morning, aurora, indiana, she says, holly, perhaps we can slide down our hill and into work. >> what we can see there is obviously a lot of snow in that area. need some cautious in some of our secondary roads.
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>> heading to star i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. happy snowy tuesday morning, everybody, thanks nor joining us today. john is enjoying the snowy morning. >> it would be a nice day to sleep in.
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chance to sleep in, because we have a ton of school delays and ticker. and not downtown. >> a lot of city streets are in good shape. you get out north of 275, a whole different story. >> it's a different story wherever you go in terms of the snow totals, too. here is john. >> bob's trip into work today, completely different than my trip to work. bob had issues on the roads and i had no issues. threat the way it's going to be depending on where you live and how the roads are treated. starting to taper off west of cincinnati and back through southeast indiana, through butler and warren snow coming down, heavier as you head off to the clinton county. warren clinton, and perhaps even northern warren county. light snow falling swinging down here through parts of northern
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light know is going to come to an end as the morning wears o it's a winter storm warning. it's going to be issued through noon, except for adams county. we're looking at some of these communities but not all, in some of these communities the hard hit area, a narrow band, and in parts of clermont county. for the rest of us it's a winter weather advisory and once the warning expires at noon, the winter weather advisory, why is that? we expect more scattered snow showers, in through the early part of the day tomorrow. 1-3 inches of snow. by noon this is what we're looking. 4-5 inches, 2-4, some areas south they only see an inch or two of snow fall. that's set up. here is the look down town. a windchill of 10, it's cold, 20 at 8:00, we will be around 24 at noon. the light snow, and tapering off but scattered snow showers later
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could be some of those snow squalls, too, which reduce visibility and make things dangerous, especially on interstate travel. i will have more on what has the chances of with jen dalton. the interstates seem to be moving along okay, maybe a little below normal because of the precipitations, we do have issues i-75-southbound past 74, you can see flashing lights blocking the left-hand lane before you get to hopple. it doesn't look like traffic is slowing too much, volume of traffic may be lighter than normal because of so many school cancellations, but this is our one incident blocking the lane, 75 southbound south of 74, watch for that. we do have a new incident on our map, 70 at wesselman, accident reported there. seeing more and an accident at injuries. lights. 71 you're heavy from 275 up to the ohio river.
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from kyle up to the ohio river. as we look elsewhere, 275 near loveland ma madeira, we do have heavy traffic, even though volume of traffic is lighter, you may still see slow traffic because of precipitation. we have laif look adam a live look, adam clement is driving around i-275, and it looks okay on the interstates, adam. >> reporter: you know what, jen, we are dealing with some slush here. the interstates are looking okay especially as we head closer and closer on to 275, a bit north at hamilton, the middle area, and middletown. we saw a few dicey areas in that region, but things are looking okay. everyone on the road, as you said, light volume of traffic at this point, but everyone is keeping a safe distance. things are moving along fairly smoothly. we ran into some issues,
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how things are going, i told you at 6:00, we were going to be heading in that direction. taking us longer than expect to make our way there, which is why we're not there yet. we are hoping by the 7:00 hour as we make the switch over to star 64 we're in the collarmont area -- claremont area, as we make the switch. at the north spence bridge, i believe he is still on the ohio side of the river but making his way there. brandon, how are things looking where you are. >> reporter: here, adam, it's not looking too bad, where it's salted. we turned off of the glen way, that part of glen way completely snow-covered. we're in warsaw cutting over to saint lawrence avenue, and you can see, here they haven't salted as much. road conditions are still pretty decent. here looking out the window, they have 1-2 inches of snow, back there, it looked more like three. that's the thing we're seeing
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it's going to vary over short distances, especially on the northeastern side of town is where we had the heaviest of the snow fall with reports already exceeding 4 inches. we're going to continue to go down to northern ken kentucky around crittenton, we want to make sure we got you to the road conditions. we will have updates throughout the morning as we switch over to star 64. >> yeah, thank you, brandon. as you mentioned there, at 7:00, the star 64, we will have all of the school closings and the weather, and traffic, as you head out the door, the cincinnati app as well is available on apple and the app store and google play. as we move to other news, the voting is done in the tiny community of decisionville knot. and republican john kasich, and bernie sanders are the winners there. front-runner donald trump is
6:31 am
and on the democratic hillary clinton is ready to site against bernie sanders. they are expected to turn out in heavy numbers even though they have snow. a train hits an suv and it happened on the tracks across marrow road and dixie highway at 10:30. that driver is at uc medical center with pelvic and back injuries, but we're told he should be okay. happening tonight, it's fat tuesday, which means the 25th annual mardi gras celebration. >> the money raised in covington will feed homeless children at three shelters all yearlong. it will feed the children, there will be music, and i will be leading it mike mcconnell, and the bengals, bernard is the grand marshal. >> remember too tune in tomorrow to see what kind of shape sheila is in. there's thankful kids at lockland, they have a brand new back board on their basketball hoop. and jeromy, and travis saw the
6:32 am
they went out, and they pulled it together, and set it up so the kids would be surprised. that's a great surprise. >> we don't have a blackboard, you're always chasing the board. you will be nothing but -- every time. >> that's right. >> it's 6:38, and a lot of us are seeing snow this morning, but how long will it last?
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roads in wawar 6:40, at 6:41, light snow, around much of the cincinnati area, nothing heavy out there right now, but we're going to add some additional slight a coum layings. 20 degrees, we will see the light, steady snow come through this afternoon, and scattered snow showers as we make our way into the upper 20s. by noon, look at 2-4 inches, although to the north and east of cincinnati some spots there which may exceed four inches. we already had reports of 4 1/2 and five inches over parts of warren and north clearmont county. we will have more snow on the way, and more on that coming up in minutes. we will checkout travel conditions right now. the interstates are doing okay. we have a couple of problems, we will get to those in just a second. sometime secondary roads, this
6:34 am
you canny traffic is moving a noting although okay. it looks like it's been treated but some side streets has not been treated and na is why we're seeing school cancellations and problems at fairbanks an accident reported there. and also, i-75 southbound near 74 you can still see we got flashing lights, it looks like they moved over to the shoulder, no longer blocking a lane. as we take a look at the interstate, we are seeing heavy traffic at most of the our typical spots, because of precipitation out there. we will continue to follow the roads in a little bit. back to sheila. bethel, george town exempted and loveland city schools are both closes. >> some changes there in mason, they have known they were closed for quite some time. that is where perry shibley is already there.
6:35 am
gotten up and gone back to bed, because there's no school, middletown, mason school closed and this one cincinnati public schools are closed. that one is for my kids. here? mason, snow is coming down but definitely lighter. take a look at light up there, that's the best way to show you what is going on. you can see the snow coming in sideways, but again, it's lighter than it was an hour ago. we have moved locations so you can get a different perspective of what is going on here in mason. this is south mason montgomery road, and can you see as traffic volume has picked up, the roads have really kind of cleared off, they just look wet at this point, but keep in mind, looks can be deceiving, there could be icy spots there, also, there's snow on the sides of the roads, so if you need to get in that right lane, you want to make sure that you are taking your time, because there's some slush and some buildup there, up the street there. they got a snow flow bhoag.
6:36 am
we have seen a lot of snow plows dropping salt this morning, butlet get this down to the nitty gritty, the important thing, the national sprint alert system, well, it's at red right now. it looks like it might be time to run to the for milk, bread and eggs, you might want to do this today, because we're not done with this yet, guys. perry, thank you so much. 20 degrees over and breaking over nate two trains collide,
6:37 am
several dead, what we're a head on crash between two trains in germany. officials say it's too early to talk about a possible reason for that crash. the center for disease control are moving to a level one activation to try to stop the zika virus. >> is only for the more serious health emergencies, hundreds more employees are freed up to work on the virus. >> and president obama is requesting $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight zika. a storm developing massive wave and i hurricane-force winds can find royal caribbean
6:38 am
cabins over the weekend as the ship got caught in the storm. can't even imagine. that would be awful. gas prices are still going down, and they're some the cheapest we have seen in years. for the cheapest gas in the nation, you have to go to oklahoma city where 7-eleven is selling it for $1.11 a gallon. company. right now in the tri-state, the average price is $1.52 and that average. we have a lot of scoot closings and delays on the school watch ticker at >> we are having a conversation before. >> s as we got into the city, we are working into the queen city, it could be better now. >> down on south road, it was a mess, and you are hearing similar things, and you are hearing brandon, where you didn't have much.
6:39 am
inches. >> welcome to the crazy world of scattered showers and snow squalls. a heavy band set up in clinton and warren county, we have areas coming down with over five inches, and that has a bunch of board. >> reporter: i do, and we will start with a live look at the maps, but adam clement with the photographer trying around, can you see on the right-hand side they're on 275 and heading out toward claremont county, you can see the roads are to be passable at this point, especially on the interstates, but sometime side streets, you start to see some of the side issues. i want to let you know, we still have a problem i-75 near 74, it's south of 74, so it's before you get to hopple street. it looks like maybe partially the left-hand lane is still blocked, but traffic appears to okay. where you are seeing some
6:40 am
pair banks an accident reported there. we talked about i-75 harrison near wesselman,let go back out to the eastside. 275 near loveland ma dare madeira, and you are headed up to 275, and most of the interstates look typical as far as de lays, maybe slower than normal because of the precipitation out there this morning. >> yes. >> it's going to be different all over the place. some areas got really hit and some areas just not seeing a lot. >> light snow continues this morning, jen, it's going to be light through the remainder of the morning, it will start to taper off, that's a look at radar as we look at light snow in and around the 275 loop. light snow through butler county, some of the harder hit areas seeing lighter snow, these are the spots that really got t stretching from goshen toward mor toward wilmington, hard hit areas there, in excess of four
6:41 am
cincinnati we have light snow through adams and brown and even across parts of northern kentucky, light snow will continue through the course of the morning here. i want to show you the areas that are hardest hit, south of wilmington, south of lebanon, even through the goshen area and extending through southeast butler county, some of those spots in excess of four inches, these are estimate, we have had estimate of 4-5 inches. snow fall totals getting from the weather, 4 and a half taken by a service weather employee in goshen. 4 inches in wilmington. and ron came in at four inches on the west side. two inches hillsborough and middletown with a couple of inches at snow. winter storm warning for everyone at southwest ohio with the compensation of adams county that goes until noon. not all location inside this county will see the four inch plus amount. it's kind of centered right through here, where are you going to see the 4-inch plus
6:42 am
outside we're looking at 2-4 inches of snow fall, winter weather advisory for the rest of us, this will go until 6:00 a.m., is once that warning expires at noon, and the winter weather advisory, we are looking at 1-3 inches of snow with the scattered snow showers later today and tonight, and coming to an end tomorrow, but the amounts are going to be scattered, so once again, we will see the things, thanks for your pictures, i'm getting a lot of deck pictures, boy, lots of snow in ross township, hard to gage that, but at least 4-5 inches, mason, beautiful picture here from sydney sweeted that earlier. look at the snow-covered trees covered in snow. it looks like christmas morning in mason. out in fairfield, kenneth took that picture, you can see the snow covering the driveway, and in goshen where we saw 4 1/2 and 5 inches of snow, elizabeth took that from deck, and it looks like a metal table which is a
6:43 am
quite a bit of snow in goshen this morning. thanks for the pictures, light snow continues over cincinnati, 20 degrees as we see the atrium weather medical cam, light 20s, and steady light snow ends, and scattered snow showers will we will top out in the upper 20s ia part of a massive upper snow system that is bringing code air, and scattered snow showers to the area. and 2-4 for most of the rest of us, but some areas to the far south may see as little as not inch of snow by noon. there's a look at the snow showers coming to an end this morning, and then redeveloping this afternoon, now we're going to have to watch later today for some these snow squalls especially northeast of cincinnati. these are the ones that you're driving along, there's no snow at all, and then you hit a wall of blinding snow, the roads get covered, visibility is bad, and that is when we can have problems. if you do encounter that later today, and best chance is northeast of cincinnati.
6:44 am
exit off the interstate safely. scattered snow showers tonight, we will be in the teens by tomorrow morning, and the then the trend tomorrow morning will be for the snow showers to come to an end, as we top out in the low 20s tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be really cold during the day tomorrow. we do expect a chance for more snow on friday, flurries, 25, more snow possible friday, could be some accumulations there, 28 your high friday, and then flurries and snow showers saturday, it doesn't look like much depending on accumulation, sate lund into monday, the -- sunday into monday, and the next time we watch, there could be a big storm system moving into the area, producing snow and more precipitation sunday night into monday. we will keep you informed on that, and don't forget about the weather authority app. it will give you the weekend forecast which is calling for
6:45 am
a chance for some sn trouble to detect canner before symptoms appear. star 64. tracking the latest road and weather conditions and some ideas for a valentine's weekend out. don't you worry. we're not leaving you on a
6:46 am
closed. >> miami township at whitney drive because of a rollover. more on the road conditions and we will see you at star 64 i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue r and it was a real easy
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