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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather)
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3 bob herzog looking at tri- state roadszero problemsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill mitchell ave construction 3 new this morning...two suspected thieves are waking up behind bars ...william lawrence and samuel sims face several charges including burlary, assault on a police officer, and assault on a police ash police were called to a burglary in progress on cook avenue last night.. and an officer spotted two men running away...they brought in police dog and started chasing the men.. they caught one of them in the chase.. and the dog tracked the other to a home on centennial avenue. 3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...neighborhood still shaken
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their safety concerns after a shootout on their street ... plus ...the new hampshire primary is in the books ... which presidential candidates came out on top, on
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break one3 3 now at four-30 ...the results are in ...local12's perry schaible shares which presidential candidates took victory in the new hampshire primary. 3 lucky to be alive ...a look at one man's close brush with death, and the moment officers
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3 it's a big day if you want to cheer on cincinnati's pro-soccer much it'll cost you to snag a spot among the crowd. 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this wednesday.i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 3 3 a solid performance for governor john kasich in the new hampshire primary last night. the ohio republican
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trump. local 12's perry schaible is live with more on the big win. 3 governor john kasich focused on his ground game in new hampshire...and that helped propel him to an impressive second place finish in the granite state. the presidential candidate met with supporters after the results. he told them change is in the air. he wants to continue working toward restoring the spirit of america.kasich says his campaign stayed positive because quote: we have more good to sell than spend our time being critical of somebody else. 3 "we're going to solve problems not by being extreme, not my being first democrat or republican but by reminding everyone we are dedicated to shinning up america and fixing our problems."the republican winner was donald trump. exit polls show voters favor his position as a political outsider. on the democratic side...bernie sanders beat
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support from young voters. he called the win the beginning of a political revolution. 3 the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign now shifts to south carolina. 3 in other news ...the ohio department of health is working on a plan to reduce the spread of the zika virus as we head toward mosquito biting season.this after ohio and indiana now have their first cases of the virus.the zika case reported in ohio was in a cleveland woman who traveled to haiti. a person in indiana has it, but we don't know their gender. mosquitoes are the main culprit behind the zika virus, but there are also cases of it being sexually transmitted.we have some tips on how to keep your family safe, ahead at five. 3 meanwhile, the obama administration says it won't use ebola funding in the fight against zika.instead, president obama is asking lawmakers for more than 1.8 billion dollars in emergency funding to stop the virus, and mosquitos that spread it.the money would be used for emergency response in the u-s
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toward c-d-c research of the virus. 3 blue ash residents want to know what's going to be done about a shootout in their normally quiet neighborhood.a gunfight sunday on oak avenue three people hurt.. and nearly wounded a ten-year old boy inside a house. neighbors packed a meeting in hazelwood last night to voice their concerns.they say there's been a lot of traffic at a house in the neighborhood.. and the father of that boy almost hit by bullets flying.. is worried. 3 "they're still fearful. i think it lightened up since the incident occurred on sunday but it's still going to take a little bit of time." blue ash police have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood ...and they say the three men hurt in the shootout are not cooperating with the investigation.investigators are waiting on crime lab results before deciding who will face charges. 3 the difference between life and death for one man ... came down to just three minutes. this is what's left of timothy mccullough's jeep. it was hit by a train *twice* monday night in boone county. here's what happened: mccullough says he hit black
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a moving train on maher road. deputies got to the scene at ten-42. mccullough was inside the jeep, which was still on the tracks. that's when another deputy radioed the deputies at the scene, that another train was barrelling towards them. 3 "at full speed, still coming our way. and we still had thie fellas in the car. i said tim, this is gonna hurt. a lot. we gotta get you out." this is video of deputies pulling mccullough out just moments before the second train rolled through. again, they had been on scene just three minutes. mccullough thinks he'll be out of the hospital today. 3 security will be beefed up at middletown high school tomorrow. it's because of a racially- fueled note written by a student. the post-it note was full of racial slurs, and included a threat for tomorrow. a parent who's also president of the local n-double-a-c-p says there's no reason to panic. 3 "i don't really have any
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was immature. maybe playing a joke. the youth don't realize how far a joke can take you." police agree.. they don't think there's a threat to the school. but, they did arrest a 15-year old student and charged him with inducing panic. 3 in more local news is the day you can get your hands on tickets for cincinnati's newest pro team. tickets for f-c cincinnati's debut season go on sale at eight this morning. single home game tickets are five bucks for college students, 12- dollars for kids and clubs, and 20-dollars for adults. you'll get to catch them in action at nippert in about two months. 3 time/temp ...another major auto recall ...hundreds of thousands of customers are being warned of a potentially deadly defect ... digging deeper into that deadly apartment the building's construction may have played a part ... next, on good morning
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break two3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 we're waiting to learn if the justice department will approve an agreement with ferguson, missouri after the city made some changes.the agreement would reform the city's courts and policing was drawn up in response to the deadly police
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michael brown.the city council agreed to most reforms, but wants the city's costs to be analysis shows reforms could cost ferguson nearly four million dollars in the first year.. and leaders say that would bankrupt the city. 3 right now.. the latest on the earthquake and deadly building collapse in taiwan...this morning three construction company executives are charged with professional negligence. investigators say they were charge of the shoddy construction of the 17-story building.there are accusations that only half the required fasteners were used in the supporting columns.and shots of the rubble show tin cans between the walls ...44 people are dead after the saturday collapse.about 100 people are still believed to be trapped in the debris. 3 new this morning ...there are more recalls for a potential air-bag defect in hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the u-s.daimler a-g is recalling 840-thousand vehicles because they could have defective driver's side air bags made by takata.the recall affects
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e-class, s-l-k and s-l-s sedans, and m-class, g-l-class and r-class s-u-v's made between 2005 and also includes 2007 to 2014 sprinter and freightliner vans. 3 a winter storm fell short of forecast snowfall totals along the east coast ... but more is on the way ...some parts of new england were expected to get 18 inches of snow.but by the time the storm ended yesterday morning, the hardest hit areas saw only 11 and ten inches.the national weather service says some parts could see another four inches fall today, but are more likely only going to get an inch or so. 3 time/temp ... 3 valentine's day is coming up ...we've got the best menu to help keep the romance alive ... plus ...reuniting a family with cherished memories ...why
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for her, next, on good morning
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break three hi dad uh huh, okay
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what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above 3 the airport is hosting a career fair today ...26 c-v-g employers need to fill around 350 open positions in areas like customer services, mechanics, and ticketing agents.the career fair runs from one to four at the airport's corporate headquarters on comair 3 christians around the world are observing the start of the's ash wednesday, and churches will welcome big
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are also some fish frys today. the moose lodge on colerain avenue .. and saint lawrence church in price hill are hosting dinners.for a list of all fish fry locations, just go to local12-dot-com.hover over news, then click get it now links. 3 this valentines this this valentines day, you might want to swap the dinner menu to keep the romance research shows some new foods might put you in the mood for love, longterm.local12's liz bonis reports.. you can find the ingredients in the produce aisle. 3 {** sot**< 1:19: 55 how many fruits and vegetables have you had today, none, really ? not yet.>{** sot **< 1:22: 02 i had juice this morning,, good job>{** sot **< 1: 24: 15 do you like fruits and vegetables? love em>{** vo ** for everything from fighting cancer,, to improviing heart health -- there's now a lot of evidence that eating fruits and vegetables is a good idea --{** sot **problem however is that many of us are not eating enough of these fruits and vegetables to get the nutrients we need in our body, when it comes to something
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kind of natural compounds found in many of these fruits and vegetables,, the colors, the flavors the textures, and they actually help cell pathways, this report found for guys,,they could also help something else.>{** vo **it could help preent the need to ever take what's commonly referred to as the little blue pill, a medication for guys to help erectile dysfunction --or e-d.{** sot **< dr. kevin campbell / urologist who specializes in mens sexual health/ 1: 11: 50 erectile of us,,and you know our western diet.>{** vo **doctor kevein campbell is a urologist who specializes in mens sexual health,, he says the western diet a lot of us eat which includes more meat, more fat and few plant foods --isn't good for overall health.when researchers in the american journal of clinical nutrition looked at more than 25 thousand men as part of a ten year studythey found those who made a habit of eating more foods with flavonoids had a
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developing e-d , compared to those who did not,{** sot **< 1: 13:00 there's been a lot of information on flavonoids with antioxidants and anti- inflammatories,, which we know today play a big role in what's called the endothelium which is the surface of the blood vessels.>{** vo **and the nutrients needed for the surface blood vessels doctor campbell says,, play a big role in maintaining sexual performance --{** sot **< 1:13:36 people that eat well tend to do better with all aspects health wise, and certainly erectile dysfunction,, is no exception.> {** vo **flavonoids are present in a lot of plant foods -- but some of the best sources includeapples,, onions, parsley, tomatoes , bananas, blueberries , bell peppers and edamame --or soybeans.liz bonis, local 12 news. 3 now it could be that those who eat these foods tend to lead a healthier lifestyle overall. but researchers did take that into consideration, and still found this improvement in e-d to be true. 3 now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert.
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(traffic check)bob herzog looking at tri-state roadszero problems i-75 is clear in the
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3 weddings are special moments... which is why we take a lot of pictures. a florida woman found a camera.. and discovered a lot of those precious memories on it. isreal balderas reports on her mission to find the owner. 3 (sot:06)trinain at 000340 "everyone's in your face with a camera, doing crazy stuff. 000344 but if ever something happened, those will always be describes her wedding in july of 2012 to her husband andrew as picture perfect.(sot:03) trinain at 000307"whenever i find these photos, it's always like reliving good memories again." 000310 (v/o)so when the father of the bride misplaced the family camera while vacating on the treasure coast last week, robert dagget thought he lost precious memories forever.(nats)nat of john tossing to pkg saying one woman is trying to get photos back to where they belong(v/o) after cbs 12 ran the story
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finding the camera, our web producer located robert thru acquaintances that were on the photos.((--sot--)) (sot:05) (isgro thursday interview 1)in at 002121"he took hundreds of pictures and if you take that many pictures that means you care about your family " 002126 (v/o)we discovered he and his daughter trina live in illinois, which is where she also got married to andrew.and then we found out why these photos meant the world to the family.(sot:05)robertin at 000155:"my daughter's husband was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident." 000200 (sot:02)trinain at 000304:"my husband passed in may it will be 2 years." 000306(v/o)that's why these photos are irreplaceable.and now thru the tireless efforts of one women wanting to do the right thing, another woman living almost one thousand miles away, can cherish a moment that won't fade.(sot:05)trinain at 000329: "you don't realize how big of a deal a photo is until it becomes all you have left. 3 robert will be back in fort pierce tomorrow. and that's when joan will hand over the family camera. robert will need it because another daughter is getting married next month.
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time/temp ...still ahead ... today marks the beginning of lent.we want to know what you're giving up if you observe.share on the local12 facebook ...from patient to performer ..why a young man is using the circus as inspiration for his health ...ahead at five on good
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break four3 3 izzy's "codfather" is frying up his famous fish for lent.right now caller 12 wins a $25 izzy's gift card.(513) 763-5656. 3 ash wednesday marks the beginning of on the
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to know ...what are you giving up, if you observe? 3 3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3
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3 good morning.we'll get to those top 3 stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your forecast. here's meterologist john gumm.
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