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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear
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3 3 donald trump and bernie sanders are the winners in new hampshire... both of them coming off of losses in iowa last week. bernie sanders lost iowa to hillary clinton by the narrowest of margins. he led in most new hampshire polls leading up to tuesday.he said his win, by a fairly large margin, sent a the g-o-p race -- donald trump is turning big poll numbers into his first victory. 3 presidential candidate) :18-:34 "it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics, the people want real change." (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) 1:30- 1:49 "we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. i
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hampshire. we are going now to south carolina. we're gonna win 3 in south carolina."ohio governor john kasich beat out the many contenders in that big battle for second place, after running an upbeat, positive campaign.local 12's perry schaible will bring us all those details in a *live* report at 5- 30. 3 a cincinnati reds legend has passed away..longtime clubhouse manager bernie stowe died last night..local 12's adam clements joins us now with his legacy and what stowe meant to the organization. 3 bob.. for close to seven decades.. bernie stowe was a fixture in the clubhouse of baseball's oldest professional franchise.. from crosley field.. to riverfront stadium.. then on to great american ballpark.. if it had to do with a reds uniform.. or a peice of equipment.. it was bernie.. making sure it was in pristine condition.. and ready
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wasn't just a member of the organization.. he was a part of something greater.. he was a part of the cincinnati reds family..stowe started his career in 19-47 as a clubhouse boy.. he was a part of three world championship teams.. and six national league pennants.. before retiring in 20-14..on twitter.. former players paid their respects last night.. sean casey.. the mayor.. said.. "thank you bern.. for all the love and kindness you showed my family and i.. you will be missed so much.. hashtag.. r-i-p.."and hall of fame catcher johnny bench tweeted this picture.. saying.. he's "deeply saddened to hear about mr. stowe's passing.. at least he's now in better hands than mine.. i'll miss you bernie.."bernie stowe.. was 80 years old.. bob.. 3 stowe's legacy lives on with the reds organization.. his son, mark, has been with the team since 1975 and runs the visitors clubhouse. bernie's other son, rick, is in charge of the reds clubhouse. 3 the zika virus is now reported
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three patients in our region. each patient traveled to countries where the zika virus is one case, a cleveland woman traveled to haiti. mosquito bites mainly spread the virus. if you're pregnant or may become pregnant, you should avoid traveling to south and central america. the symptoms are headache, fever, rash, and red eyes. there is no vaccine, and no medication for the virus. so, the best advice is for pregnant women to avoid affected countries. 3 "22:41"if you are pregnant, don't go. if you're trying to get pregnant, either use precations and not try to get pregnant while you're away if you're going to go then protect yourself with spray, clothes, covering up." :54 there have been a few cases of sexual transmission of the virus. so far about 50 cases total have been reported in the u- s. 3 a local kid wanted to join the circus... and for good got him up out of his wheelchair.when joey holt
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affected his bones and joints. he learned to walk again with the help of friends he met in the waiting room at children's hospital.'circus mojo' is there a few days a week to lift spirits. 3 (joey holt)31:22 "i want it to be my job and it's something that i love to do and something that i would love to be able to do for the rest of my life." 31:31joey will travel to germany this summer with circus mojo to perform and learn new tricks.he can't wait until he turns 18 and can go back to children's circus performer and not a patient. 3 the cleanup is underway this morning... after wall- to- wall people from all walks of life spent the night partying in new owners on bourbon street say the mardi gras business is hard to beat.hotel rooms were sold out for the entire season. .. and while cash is usually king.. beads are the key form of currency on fat tuesday. 3 we had a big mardi gras celebration here last night
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for homeless children was held last night in covington.the event benefits bethany house services.. brighton center's homeward bound.. and the welcome house.robin lacey and de zydeco played... and giovani bernard.. mike mcconnell and i threw out beads to the crowd in the parade. 3 saving money at the airport. we'll tell you why airfare is getting lower at c- v- g, mentoring a local child.we'll tell you why big brothers/big sisters is getting a lot of new interest. you're watching good morning
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3 3 new federal numbers on airfares are out.. and it's good no longer have to drive out of your way to save a few bucks.flying out of dayton or louisville is no longer cheaper than catching flights at the cincinnati- northern kentucky international airport.all three have nearly the same average ticket price -- around 427 dollars.for a long time,
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highest in the nation.. but they've fallen in the past year. 3 you saw the commercial over on local 12 .. during the big game.. now big brothers/big sisters of greater cincinnati is getting some great feedback. we told you last week how t- q- l sponsored an ad for the featured then and now stories of big and littles matched years ago.well, since the ad aired more than 60 people have shown interest in volunteering to mentor a local child.there are more than 400 kids currently on a wait list for a mentor. 3 a celebrity visits the commonwealth.we'll tell you why an actress is speaking up about, a new type of therapy animal.we'll tell you why some veterans are hanging out with a baby kangaroo. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk
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3 the house democratic steering and policy committee wants michigan governor rick snyder to testify today about the flint water crisis.but he's choosing not to.he says he has to present his annual budget to michigan lawmakers.. and says the committee does not have subpoena power. it's the second time snyder has declined an invitation to testify about the water crisis. instead the governor announced a 55- million dollar proposalto remove lead piping from the city's water system. 3 meanwhile there's still too much lead in some homes in sebring, ohio. 180 homes voluntarily submitted tap water samples to the e-p-a.. in 11 of them.. the lead levels were higher than they should be. though not as wide-spread as flint.. the situation is still just as frightening because the lead was found during tests back in august.. and no one said anything until 5 months later. 3 a hollywood celebrity is promoting "save the children".. and she took her campaign to kentucky's capitol. actress jennifer garner spoke
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reminding them the program is important in the bluegrass state...and garner told lawmakers about a visit to a home in central kentucky to 3 (:39)"there wasn't a book in sight, there wasn't a picture crayon anywhere to be seen. as a matter of fact there was not a peep made in this little trailer." (:48)she says that scenario is too common in homes across the countrysome lawmakers say they believe the legislature *will* approve children." 3 it's not uncommon for dogs to be used as therapy animals, but at a veterans home in salt lake city, they do things a little differently. 3 meet charlie the red kangaroo. charlie is a therapy animal at a utah veterans home.he hops through the hallways.. greets residents and visitors.. and puts the *spring* back in their steps.charlie likes to be held like a baby.. and bottle fed.charlie could eventually be more than five- feet tall and weigh around 125
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kangaroo farm in the next couple of's okay though.. the veterans home will raise a new baby kangaroo soon.
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3 a rare animal makes a surprise debut.we'll show you why the beaches of australia are trending this, a new way to instagram.we'll show you why this slow motion
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3 a rare albino sea turtle is trending this morning.the freshly hatched reptile was spotted on queensland beach in australia.the little guy has 122 siblings.but.. he's the only one standing out with a white shell and pink flippers. a coast crew.. that makes sure he makes his trip to the ocean.. is calling him "little alby."they say he got off to a good start because he's swimming and growing in the ocean this morning. 3 if you're looking for ways to improve your smartphone pictures.. take a cue from this guy.check out nicolas vuignier's signature slo- motion swirl shot.the swiss skier did this with an i-
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practice.yes - it is as difficult as it looks.vuignier said it took him years to perfect this move. 3 taking the number two spot for the g- o- p.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's perry schaible has all the details on governor john kasich's big finish at the new hampshire primaries. 3 plus.. staying respectful on the road.we'll give you an update on a kentucky bill aimed at keeping cyclists safe.
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3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's
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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear
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3 new this morning..a man is under arrest after police say he assaulted an officer and a police dog!samuel sims was arrested last night in blue ash.officers say they were called to cook avenue for a burglary.. and ending up running after two suspects.a k- 9 officer was used to help track them down centennial avenue.william lawrence was also arrested. both are charged with burglary. 3 as expected republican front runner donald trump is the winner of the new hampshire primary...but you may be surprised by who took second place. ohio governor john kasich had a solid finish behind trump. local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* in the newsroom with the details. 3 governor john kasich launched an impressive and effective ground campaign in new hampshire...keeping the focus on the positives in politics. that strategy helped launch the republican candidate to a strong second place finish. exit polls suggest republican voters were more negative about their politicians than democrats in new hampshire....
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the republican primary made up their mind in the past week. kasich met with supporters after the release of the results....telling them he hopes voters in the granite state are quote: "fed up with the negative..."and went on to say he is turning the page on the dark part of american 3 "there's magic in the air with this campaign because we don't see it as just another campaign. we see this as an opportunity for all of us and i mean all of us to be involved in something that's bigger than our own lives. to change america. to re shine america. to restore the spirit of america and to leave no one behind."republicans ted cruz, marco rubio and jeb bush are in a tight race behind kasich. on the democratic side... bernie sanders rode a wave of support from independent and young voters to beat hillary clinton. sheila...back to you. 3 coming up on good morning cincinnati on star 64 in our 7
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chairman of the hamilton county republican party, joins us live in the studioto talk about what's next for john kasich and his presidential run. 3 govorner john kasich will get the opportunity to sign a bill stripping government money from planned parenthood today. the ohio house is poised to clear the bill today, sending it to the republican presidential contender for his expected signature. such a move might help kasich with conservatives who dominate the coming gop primary in south carolina.that primary is scheduled for february 27th. 3 a new bill aimed toward bicycle safety passes the kentucky senate.the bill says that drivers passing bicyclists on kentucky roads would have to leave at least three feet between their vehicle and the bicycle.the bill also gives drivers permission to cross over onto the left side of the road to avoid a bicyclist, even if it is a no passing zone. only four senators voted against the bill.the bill now moves to the house transportation 3 a local restaurant chain is opening a new northern
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head burritos will open today on carothers road in newport. this will be the 18th "hot head" in the area.the restaurant serves made- to- order burritos.. bowls.. tacos.. and mexican fare."hot head" also has 10 secret- recipe signature sauces.the company is based out of west chester. 3 you'll be able to get your hands on tickets for cincinnati's newest pro team today. tickets for f-c cincinnati's debut season go on sale at 8 a- m. single home game tickets are 5 bucks for college students.. 12 dollars for kids and clubs.. and 20 dollars for adults. you'll get to catch them in action at nippert in just two months. 3 join the conversation.we want to know -- what are you giving up for lent this ash wedneday? plus, helping traveling
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moms are getting special treatment at the airport. you're watching good morning
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3 now it's time for our facebook question of the is ash we want to know-- if you celebrate -- what are you giving up for lent?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 spitting hot fire.we'll introduce you to an ill- tastic professor who is connecting with students over
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3 3 new information about the school bus accident which killed a principal near indianapolis...the driver failed to use a parking brake. that's according to a new report from the indianapolis police department.principal susan jordan died and two students were hurt when the bus hit them on a sidewalk in
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report says the bus driver got out her seat after loading her students and failed to re- engage the parking brake.. causing the bus to move forward onto the charges have been filed. 3 the redesigned honda civic is pretty sleek.. but it also has a bit of a problem. a faulty clip on the pistons could cause the engine to give out while you're on the road. it could also cause a fire. because of that.. the automaker is recalling 45- thousand civics in the u- s and canada. the recall affects 2016 civics with 2- liter, four- cylinder engines. 3 breast- feeding mothers have a new, private spot at atlanta's airport.the airport installed new nursing pods.inside, there are benches, space for changes and electrical outlets to plug in a pump.the airport has four pods for now.. all located in the terminals, past the security checkpoint. 3 (:45-:51)(reese mc- cranie/airport spokesman)"we worked very diligently with our partners at the airport to find the best location for these lactation stations, and we've gotten terrific feedback so far."hartsfield airport is looking for ways to create
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moms closer to airline check- in too. 3 one texas professor is making his own personal mark on students.not only does he remember each student's name.. he's got mad rhymes. 3 (:57) nats of rapping (:59) (1:36) "i actually feel inspired, when they start talking to you on the street and they say may i want to tell you i was feeling down and i saw you i got excited your just so inspirational." (1:44)dr. ruben may is known on the texas a- and- m campus as the "hashtag rapping professor."he's usually on a bench busting a rhyme or life and inspiration. he says he likes connecting with students outside of the classroom through social media. you can find the rapping professor on twitter.. youtube.. and even snapchat. dr. may used to teach at harvard and has written three books.he credits his students for getting him into the rap
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quite a task for any mother. but what if you had four babies?we'll show you the video that's going viral..
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good morning, everyone, we whether get to the top stories,. it's cold, john. this is a look at radar, flurries and snow showers around for most part. this isn't accumulating. however there's a stronger snow shower from pendleton county south of falmouth, and sliding into blaghting county, and elsewhere not accumulating that much with light snow showers working through.
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