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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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reported bank robbery. this is on dixie highway near orphanage. we're beginning to see an end to the snow showers, at least for now. but we're still under a weather advisory. >> the winter weather advisory continues through 1:00 for areas east of cincinnati. it has been cancelled for areas along 71 and 75. there will be flurries and snow showers around for the next couple of hours. conditions continue to improve as we go forward. filtered sun this afternoon with temperatures eventually rising to 20 degrees. the feels like temperature of the wind chill will likely be spots. we're up to 20 degrees by late this afternoon. flurries and snow showers gradually come to an end this afternoon. they will be focused east of cincinnati and northeast of cincinnati. we're in between partly and
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temperatures slowly falling back to the teens. flurries and snow showers continue, especially in the eastern part of hamilton county. even where we don't have returns in our network of radars, dearborn, ohio, still snow showers, still some flurries, they are focused to the northeast of cincinnati. individual clusters, flurries and snow showers are moving to the southeast at 20 to 25 miles an hour. cloudy. numbers are still coming in. as of noon, we have wind chills in the single digits and even below zero in spots. coming up, snow showers come to an end this afternoon. plenty of cold to finish out the week, we have more waves of snow to track in the planning minutes. >> we want to take you back to the story of that bank robbery
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this is near orphanage. local 12's adam clements is there and he joins us with the very latest. john. it is the u.s. bank here on the dixie highway. i just got done speaking with investigators inside. they handed me this. this is surveillance video of the man who walked in and robbed this bank. he's six feet tall, a light tan skull cap. mirrored sunglasses and a dark navy blue jacket and light blue jeans. he went into the bank, robbed the bank and took off. if you have any information, if you know who this guy is, you're asked to call police. they also say he was driving a light grayish, blue chevy malibu with ohio plates. again, if you see that, if you
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call police immediately right now. no information on what was taken and what kind of weapon he presented. the u.s. bank on dixie highway. this is a very fresh scene. this happened just about a half an hour ago. we're working to gather details just as the investigators are. as soon as we have the details we'll make sure to bring them to you. reporting live in fort mitchell, adam clements, local 12 news. john, back to you in the studio. >> if you could show us the picture one more time. time. if we could zoom in right there. light blue jeans, dark blue jacket, light gray skull cap, dark shoes, white male, not sure of the age range, he's about six feet tall and light gray skull cap with sunglasses. if you have any information, call police as soon as you can. >> be sure to stay with local 12 news and for the
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>> a white water township woman will spend the next few years in prison. 42-year-old grandmother cathy huff went before a judge agreed to plead guilty to charges of manslaughter. police say they found her in unconscious in a bath tub overdosed on heroin, her four-month-old grandson was in the tub with her and also unconscious. huff was revived with narcan. she was originally charged with child endangerment, but they died later. the girl was rushed to the hospital and we're told she's expected to survive. take a look at this.
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pukt and ---picture and license plate number. if you see or know anything that can help investigator, call crime stoppers at 352-3040. remember, you never have to give your name. ohio governor john kasich took second place in the primary. events. he's now on to south carolina where some say his campaign does not have the money or manpower to match the ground power. >> we're going to keep doing the town halls and i'm going to keep the message as positive as they possibly can. up there in new hampshire, the light actually overcame the
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positive shocked everybody. >> the south carolina primary scheduled for february 27th. >> governor kasich could sign a bill today that would strip government money from planned parenthood. the ohio house is poised to clear that deal today. such a move could help kasich with conservatives at the primary in south carolina. >> they face a number of charges that include an assault on a police officer, blue ash police progress. they brought in a police dog to help chase those men and they caught one of them in the chase and the dog tracked another to a home on centennial avenue. bond. in january, the shark ray gave birth to eight pups.
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outside. this is only the second time these threatened animals have facility. >> we're really excited, we were able to share with our cincinnati community the great care that our staff does to take care of these animals and how important it is to share what we're doing right here in newport, kentucky, that you, you know, as a community, we have a jewel here, the newport aquarium and being able to be -- setting the standards for aquariums around the world for what we're doing in professional animal care. local 12's brandon orr will talk more about how random it is for these pups to be born in the tri-state. >> chris christie is to discuss
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>> according to cnn, new jersey governor chris christie is expected to meet with aides today to discuss his run for the white house. christie earned 7% of the vote
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nine days after earning just 2% of the vote at last week iowa's caucus. an infected man recently travelled to venezuela. overnight health officials confirmed 66 cases in americans who have travelled to zika stricken countries. 66 cases in 17 states. including cases in ohio and indiana. it is commonly spread through mosquito bites. president obama recently asked congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to respond to the zika virus. travels are expected to return home to new jersey tonight. it was headed to florida over the weekend when it got caught in a powerful storm. nearly 200,000 tons, the ship, which launched last year, is one
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royal caribbean maintains the wind speeds was higher than
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>> the number of job openings is near a record high. there were 5.6 million unfilled
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that's just shy of the all-time record set in july last year. many u.s. workers don't have the skills to fill those jobs. many require vocational training. experts also say some employers simply ask for too much. such as demanding a college degree for entry-level positions. >> 350 open positions to fill. >> well, google's computers just got their driver's licenses. u.s. safety regulators have determined that the computers controlling the tech giant's self-driving cars can qualify as drivers. in another move to get their cars on the road. yesterday google filed a patent to create a driverless delivery truck with lockers that can only be opened by customers with a credit card or a pin card. >> here are the latest numbers
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you can of catch the market's closing numbers today on local
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>> cold today, will it be f >> well, as you know, today is ashe wednesday. they have drive-through ashes available. you can get the traditional
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4:00 to 6:00 in hyde park and it starts around 5:00 in mount healthy. >> still have flurries and snow showers in the area, too. they will be relatively scattered as promised over the last 24 hours into the afternoon. we have a total, officially at the international airport, for cincinnati. 4.6 is the total accumulation that's through 7:00 a.m. we'll get an update at 1:00. you add all of that up, since snow first started falling late last year. we're up to 13.1 for all of december, january, and february combined. for those three months, december, january, february, on average, we get 18.1 inches of snow in cincinnati. if we get another five inches of snow between now and the end of the month, we will meet our
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we promised that el nio would likely keep totals down. we had snowy rounds in the last couple of weeks. that 18.1 is within reach. notice a winter weather advisory continues for the far eastern, southeastern part of the tri-state through 1:00. it has been discontinued for areas along and to the west of the interstate 75. from clinton county down to brown. adams, robertson, mason. snow showers and flurries move out. we're actually seeing rapidly improving conditions, along and to the west of interstate 75. still breezy and cloudy. 18 the temperature now at the atrium center weather cam. it is cold now and it will stay cold this afternoon. also breezy, the feels like temperature will likely be below
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the single digits and teens for the rest. snow showers will be coming to an end for the afternoon. lingering flurries through the back end of the afternoon and early this evening. more snow showers to track before we get to the tail end of the weekend. wind chill 1 officially at the international airport. up close to 20 by late this afternoon. notice, at least some clearing out to the west. partly to mostly cloudy for much of the evening. we'll see clouds win out for the first part of the afternoon. flurries and snow showers moving out. notice on live precision doppler 12 hd, more flurries and snow showers, especially in the eastern part of hamilton county. still some flurries and snow
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hamilton. flurries and snow showers are more widespread. those diminish between now and the back end of the afternoon. we'll just have flurries lingering around through roughly 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. partial clearing comes later today. our flow off of lake michigan is getting interrupted. look for partial clearing tonight and a partly to mostly cloudy sky tomorrow as a weak area of high pressure moves in. another disturbance coming late friday and that will give us the potential for bursts of snow. feels like temperature near zero at times. we'll fall back down through the teens and for some into the single digits tonight. no snow forecast thursday. scattered snow showers late friday, early saturday and then a bigger system comes late sunday and monday. still some uncertainty on amounts and timing. we'll work on those in the coming days. the weekend starts with snow showers. finishes with some snow showers.
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sunday, you're good to go, but it will be chilly this weekend. >> be sure to join local 12 tonight, two broke girls at 8:00, mike and molly at 8:30.
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stay tuned >> if diamonds are a girls best friend. meet your second best bud. the second most largest diamond ever found. our light in the national language in botswana. that's where the 1100 carat stone was discovered in november. the largest diamond ever found the 3100 carat diamond was discovered in south africa in 1905. just in time for valentine's day a special love story. a world war ii veteran finally reunited in australia yesterday. 93-year-old norwood thomas and joyce morris embraced each other
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he returned to the u.s. she returned to australia. >> it was the internet that helped bring them together. >> if you find somebody who loves you and you love them, it would rather be special, wouldn't it? >> i think it would be rather special. by the way joyce is now divorced and norwood is a widower. they will be in australia for two weeks. no word if they have plans beyond that. >> those will be diminishing and ending this afternoon. highs today around 20 degrees. my weather cast was just put up
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