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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and try febreze small spaces... continuously eliminate up to two times the odors... ...for 30 days febreze small spaces and air effects, two more ways... [inhale + exhale mnemonic] to breathe happy. >> good afternoon. we begin with a breaking news alert in anderson township. >> emergency crews responded to fox hollow drive, about 25 minutes ago. we're told a school bus and car collided there. unclear if any students were on the bus at the time the intersection is closed. local 12 will bring you more information as we learn more. to a breaking news alert, in the presidential campaign as expected.
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is coming quickly. carly fiorena is suspending her campaign. new jersey governor chris christie will meet with campaign members to decide his next step. we'll let you know if we get any information on the christie camp. a baby is reunited with her father. >> the girl's mother is dead. a search ended when the police found the baby and mother's baby in dayton, ohio. larry davis has been sorting out the story all day. he's in middletown. larry? >> it's been 24 hours for middletown police. they have been searching all night long for the father's 6-month old daughter.
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shortly the father and 6-month old child were reunited. middletown police say, the mother of the child, convinced the baby-sitter to take the child. child. couple of phone calls later, middletown police were looking for the woman, brittany russel, and the mother was later found inside a car. she was found shocked to death and little haven was found unharmed. coming up on local 12 news at 5:00, tonight, we'll hear from the father that talks about the reunion with the father this afternoon, from 24 hours, after she left their home from the mother much larry davis, local 12 news. >> larry, thanks very much. a good weekend for a special group of people across the country.
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noticed electronic billboards all around the area, right around the highways. local 12 rich jaffe is here with a personal note. >> this is national congenital defect heart week. all of which, people who have medical issues, people with notice. it's a special time for a special friend of mine as well. you could see her bright smiling face all along i-25. she's a beacon, 25-year-old heart transplant recipient. i met asia after she was born. she got it and we have celebrated for 15 years since watching her grow and blossom. at 16, she's a billboard heart hero and sitting down with me for a few moments, a look at the world, only she can see it. she will inspire you.
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be totally normal, despite the stuff. there's some stuff that's not fun, hospitals and stuff. it's worth it, because i'm normal. most people don't know about anything, that has to do about my heart. until, whoa what? >> straight a student and got her driver's license and a car. she headed to the cleveland games. there's no stopping her. we will have much more on the special lady coming at 6:00 >> you could see the words. when you put the face on it like that -- >> 15 years. we have -- i tell everybody she's my girlfriend. my wife knows. it's okay. her mom knows and her dad knows. >> it's all good. thank you, rich. some local churches have changed plans for the evening.
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school watch site on >> meteorologist, scott dimmich let's us know if we're done with the showers for now. >> and as promised, there will be lingering flurries late in the afternoon, early in the evening. we'll have partial clearing tonight. it will be cold. it's been cold all morning, all afternoon. now we stay cold into the evening. temperatures will be falling down through the mid-and low teens this evening. the feel like temperature, not just this evening, but also overnight, will hover around zero. at times, it will be below zero. the windchill may go above zero in spots. and notice, clouds continuing to be around, at least in the scattered form overnight, with overnight lows centering between 5 and 10. it will be cold at the bus stop. we have no snow in the forecast late tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. we have flurries and some snow
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doppler hd. mainly flurries, extending back to parts of butler, warren, claremont, brown, adams, bracken, mason and clinton county, individual clusters of flurries and widely scattered snow showers are moving to the hour. regardless of whether you're seeing snow or not. batavia is at 18. middletown, relatively warm at 19. factor the wind, it feels like 2 in wilmington. windchill is 9 at harrison. we have more snow showers to track late in the workweek, through the weekend. and perhaps some widespread snow early next week. we'll explore the snow chances, coming in 10 minutes. brad.
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and kathy went before a judge. she went -- will spend 6 years in prison. police arrested huffen in october. they found her unconscious in a bathtub overdosed with heroin. they found the 14-month old also. and the charges were upgraded when the grandson died 13 days later. and police need help in finding the driver of an su that hit a teenage girl this morning. the officers were called at redding road and glendale. a blue honda cr-v hit the 15-year-old as she crossed the street and kept on going. and we're told she's expected to survive. take a look at this. cincinnati police put out a picture and license plate number. the suspect's car looks similar with ohio plate number grw 8229.
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crimestoppers number, 352-3040. and police search for a man who held up a u.s. bank branch in fort mitchell. and local 12 adam clemmens is the first to show pictures. >> who is responsible for a bank robbery at the u.s. bank in the dixie highway. they say it happened around 11:30 this morning. a man walked in, demanded money. they did give a description. who walked in. as you could see, he's a white male, 6 feet tall. he's wearing a light gray skull cap, mirrored sun glasses. white blue jeans and dark shoes. he's said to be seen driving a light grayish blue chevy malibu with ohio plates. if you have any information, on who the person may be,
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matches the description of a bank robbery description in erlander. if you have any information on who the man may be, you're asked to call police. local 12 news. new ambulance will stand out
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>> today, it's ash wednesday. start of the lent season for christians. many took time to get ashes in downtown. during lent, they will give up something, that jesus is fasting in the wilderness. another custom for christians, taking acts of charity. observance of lent dates back to the 40th century. cincinnati fire department is sporting a new look. check out cincinnati's medic 23, with the 2014 horton. east walnut hills, home of the cincinnati ambulance with full rear reflective chevrons. and staff in newport aquarium releasing an update. >> and brandon orr. what's important to the survival of the species. >> january, and aka, 8 pups,
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for the first time, newport aquarium biologists are letting the cameras in to see the pups. the most important thing, this is very rare. something going on that they don't know what to expect in cincinnati. >> there's nothing written about the shark rays in the world. we are building the book for it right here. and managing shark rays, under professional animal care, we are able to share these offspring with others, aquariums around the country. we learn so much about them. >> biologist, we don't know, when they can go back to the original exhibit. setting new goals every weekend. at the off site facility, brandon orr, local 12 news. >> biologist are monitoring the puffs, studying the habits and behavior. this is the second time they are born in an animal facility.
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>> had he a fun job today. >> and cleaning up from a party in new orleans. >> parole hearing from a senator assassin for the 15th.
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cincinnati in precision doppler >> robert kennedy's assassin, sir han, sirhan. he said he doesn't remember shooting senator kennedy. and the native is serving a life sentence that's commuted back in 1972. . if you head to the french quarters today, it will look like mardi gras never happened, in keeping with the annual tradition. and then -- . >> i don't know if it was extra big, they are honest. >> i seen it, so massive in --
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bowl. street >> not for any big events. >> we have snow, as plom missed. everything is starting to be wound down. let's some flurries and snow showers. flurries will be out of here at midnight. when you crunch the numbers, because the event total at 1:00, is 4.8 inches in cincinnati. when you add up the numbers, for december, january, february, thus far, we're in a total of 13.389. compared to the average, what we call meteorological winter,
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18.8 inches of snow. we have several more waves of snow in the coming weeks. don't expect some snow, in the afternoon. and spotty and isolated snow showers in the east and northeast. most will see flurries. have some snow showers to the north of anderton township. flurries, especially in the western part of anderson county. individual clusters of flurries and widely scattered snow showers are moving to the east, hour. quick conversation. we get partial clearing, nice change of pace. and snow coming to an end. this is the view at college hill.
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nice and quiet in the afternoon. outside of some flurries and snow showers, that likely won't stick to the road. it's cold and cloudy for most. flurries and any snow showers, will come to an end. and we're partly to mostly cloudy for the remainder of the night. snow showers return as we get close to the weekend. windchill 3 in cincinnati. and temperatures 17. cloudy skies in the international airport. we're down to 8 degrees, early tomorrow morning. and we're near or below zero at the bus stop. superintendent is making a calls for the delay or cancellation. and if anything, the snow we have earlier today and yesterday. creating some trouble spots on rural secondary road. feels like temperature early tomorrow morning.
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i expect clouds to gradually thin out and dissipate over the next several hours. notice by midnight, flurries and snow showers are gone. from the view of this month. clouds breaking up as we get to the overnight. tomorrow, sunshine will be filtered. we'll take it after the couple of days, burst of snow. tonight, cold, 14 at 8:00. down to 8 degrees at 6:00 in the morning. it will feel like close to zero. a touch warmer than today. even warmer friday, with clouds thickening up and scattered snow showers moving in. originally, showers are suggesting, showers will wait. and we'll put friday afternoon in the mix, too. prime time for snow, it looks to be sunday night and monday.
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accumulating snow that's widespread. we'll take a look at the
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minutes. >> updating you now on a local breaking news alert at the top
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bus crash in anderson township. it happened in cluft and 5 hollow drive. a bus and car collided. at least win person was transported with injuries but we don't know if the victim was in the bus or in the car. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon and the intersection remains closed. we have a crew arriving at the scene and we will keep you updated. diamond is a girl's best friend. and the second largest diamond ever found. canadian and company held a public competition to find a perfect name. and it means our light in the national language. and that's where the 111ct stone was set. the stone is too big for the conventional scanners.
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1905. >> it's nice if you like that sort of thing. people think, smoking ribs and brisket is a guy thing. >> a couple of sisters in oklahoma are smoking meat with the best of them. what are you looking at. >> that's a half a big mouth sister sisterwich. four years ago, amy and her sister bought a barbecue business in wagner. turned it into smoking sisters barbecue and caterer. >> and in the second and third week, someone called us and wanted us to cater for 500 people. they wanted enough food for 800. we were like, oh, yes, we would love to do it. >> they didn't know what they were doing well, it went well and they never went back.
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they got back, they said. jamie warned me about the smoke >> these are our ribs. we smoke them and wrap them. >> and links, chicken. this thing is going all the time. meat they smoke during the day and others overnight. >> we still smoke it for two hours. then we wrap it and put it on low -- and it cooks all night long. that's our pork butt, shoulder shoulder. slaw. here we go.
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it's so, so good. baloney? >> i don't know i want baloney mixed with my ribs. >> for those who can't have meat today -- >> sorry. >> passengers aboard a battered cruise ship. moving forward to new hampshire. >> with new hampshire in the books, the presidential candidates zero in the next round of primary. i'm darren nottingham.
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a $300 reward card.
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. >> presidential primary is history and candidates focusing on south carolina. donald trump, bernie sanders. looking to repeat victories. they are facing attacks from opponents in different electorates. . donald trump, his victory in the new hampshire primary will not be his last. on cbs this horng, trump told charlie rose, his campaign is shaking up, policies as usual. >> i could change the game. i have a chance of new york. will win virginia.
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i will win michigan as an example. >> will win south carolina. >> ohio governor, john kasich, second place finish is also shaking up the race. >> i think john will be a factor. >> bernie sanders are working on keeping up the momentum from his win of hillary clinton. repeat his success in south carolina, bernie sanders will have to win over african-americans, who cast the majority of the democratic votes there sanders with the political analyst al sharpton. >> he needs to put the wall, to start to get african-american votes going in the state. >> clinton and sanders will face-off once again during the democratic debate tomorrow night in wisconsin. daniel nottingham, cbs news,
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>> they have changed the feel of republican candidates. it looks like carly fiorina, she announced she's suspended her campaign. chris christie is meeting with his campaign people. evening. >> i spoke with congressman. he said it's time for the governor to get out of the g.o.p. nomination. we will let you know when that happens. he says, if he has to choose where to stay in, it will be with governor kasich. he is not endorsing candidates with senator ron paul. he's not seeing anyone else embracing the libertarian views they share. >> they want an outsider because they see washington is broken. i see it a warning to congress,
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>> he thinks it's possible that they are thot set with hillary clinton or bernie sanders. and he believes anything before november. at 5:30, he shares his views on fixing the economy and helping people save for retirement. >> travellers are expected to return home to new jersey. they were headed to florida over the weekend, when it got caught in a powerful storm. it faced massive waves. nearly 200 thousand tons, the ship, that was launched last year, was one of the largest vessel of its kind. rural caribbean they say the wind speeds they endured was higher than what was forecasted. >> should have checked with meteorologist, scott dimmich, would have told them what to expect. >> there was a strong coastal system. we're under the experience of a
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area of low pressure is moving back out. that means we get filtered sun tomorrow and partial clearing tonight. still have flurries and scattered snow showers. and temperatures glide down to 10 degrees by midnight. worth noting, feels like temperature and windchill will likely be near, if not below zero in spots all the way to the evening. especially overnight. winds will relax some. temperatures dropping between 5-10 for most, it's going to be far from warm at the bus stop early tomorrow morning. live precision, doppler hd, we have some snow flurries. the lighter shades of gray and white, norwood, up 71, up 75. loveland, evan dale, very light snow.
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just outside the 275 loop. north of amellia. northwest of owensville. individual clusters of snow showers, moving to the east. this is widely scattered snow showers, south of hillsborough. in brown and adams county, they are moving to the east. i expect these to end by the second half of the evening. we're back to partly to mostly cloudy, later tonight. the key, partial clearing. 17, the temperature at the international airport. the windchill is below zero. wilmington, temperature of 2 below. we get some clearing tonight. some clearing tomorrow. we get back at it with some clearing showers in the week. and some snow showers, but snow. we'll discuss that in the planning forecast coming up. scott, cold weather, causing a lot of illness to spread in the community. more and more stuck inside, the germs spread easier.
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illnesses, including the commonled could. medical reporter, shares some natural remedies to help you find relief. the average person, will have two to three colds per year. there's not anything you could do, except with proper hand washing. researchers in the report, in addition, the sooner you start a natural remedy, when you notice difference that you could make. here's a few that we suggest. experts, say vitamin c is up first. it's always best to get the vitamin in food, such as citrus, berries and broccoli.
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lozenges could help a cold. and elder berry is an herb that also makes the cold-fighting list. it comes in a berry, syrup. and echinacea may help. it's said to boost. wrup thing about echinacea, if you want to do it right, some say to use it four times a day. you may notice some of the things in the treatment could also aggravate the allergies. liz bonis, local 12 news. >> there's reports of the flu and pneumonia going around in the tri-state. if you are getting worst, instead of better, you may want to get medical attention.
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>> bedtime goes we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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>> big day, google's computer got their licenses. now the computer is controlling the tech giant cars, do qualify as drivers. thursday, google filed a patent to create a driverless computer truck, that could open from pin code or computer card. target launching, for the decor line. and the retailer removed the boys and girls sign from the toy and bedding line last year. the central bank will be cautious in raising interest
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yellen offered no surprises. she reiterated, the u.s. economy is on track for the economical growth. >> and supported by highly monetary policies abroad. >> early rally, left indexes mostly up most of the day. dow jones industrial lost 99 points. s&p 500 slipped a fraction. >> millennial men, they want to spoil their sweethearts. they surveyed thousands of americans. on average, people who are celebrating, plan to spend $180. millennial men want to spend more than that.
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>> they are young and are >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c., i'm jonathan elias.
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in afghanistan. this is the largest deployment outside of major bases in afghanistan since 2014. the nation's top intelligence officials say isis has succeeded in making and deploying chemical in iraq and syria. intelligence calls it the first attack in more than two decades. >> in france, there's a proposal to amend their constitution. it will strip people convicted of terrorist offenses of the french nationality. from the terrorist alert desk in washington, d.c., i'm jonathan elias. >> many of them, cincinnati legend has died. long time legend, has died last night. still a fixture. and bernie made sure every red uniform and piece of equipment
4:39 pm
he started his career in 1927 as a clubhouse boy. part of three world championship teams, six national pennants before he retired in 2015. stowe was 80-year-old. pictures from his son, long before before, there was bernie and joe. >> back in the 80s and 90s. soft spoken. he would sit down and make all kinds of men >> they will have a memorial coming at the elder high school so all the people could get around. >> and we do. >> washington post reporting, chris christie is suspending his post >> and coming at 5:00, after witnessing a murder, a family
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they were worried the killer would come after them. two months to the day, after michael pruit killed his ex-girlfriend. he gave u.s. marshals in orlando three addresses. coming up at 5:00, only on local 12 news, will you talk to a relieved westside mom who could finally feel safe. traditional banks may be missing out when it comes to millennials and their money. more than 23 percent of americans make up the millennial generation. coming up at 5:30, daniel nottingham shares a new approach for millennials that could approach -- >> and with valentine's, you may be shopping the right gift to
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what you need to know, to search for a perfect diamond, to avoid getting ripped off? >> at 6:00, i'll be back with ralph. >> it's a huge investment, but another investment. you don't buy it to make money. you buy it, thinking you are going to make money? >> there you go. we'll see you at 5:00. take a look at the traffic on 75 and sharon road. the skies, we have more snow falling in the night sky. >> widely scattered snow showers. east of the location, 75 and sharon in the next couple of hours. if you are out and about this evening, don't have to worry about snow. may see flakes coming around. the event is winding down. grand total through 1:00 in the afternoon, cincinnati, international airport. 4.8 inches of snow. that's for the entire event that
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back to the evening, overnight, tomorrow, tomorrow night. we have more snow showers in the forecast later this week. the best bet for snow, including into monday. at least tonight, flurries around early. mostly cloudy skies. 7:00, 8:00. later in the evening, partly to mostly cloudy. the forecast has been updated on the weather authority app. just put the weather i -- and can't get to, got a free app. you could track echl it tures, and get the hour-by-hour forecast and we have a news app, weather app, and you get the news and weather together when you're checking in with local 12.
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oxford. northwest. snow on the ground, we'll be dropping between 5-10 overnight. that aids in the cooling process, especially with some partial clearing later tonight and early tomorrow. flurries are on the way out. tomorrow, clouds and sun. clouds went out over sun. we'll have filtered sun tomorrow. no rain and snow. and mason, is at 18. florence is at 18. foolings like temperature will be near in spots. definitely in the single digits. we'll take it down to 8 overnight. and touch warmer than today.
4:44 pm
contrast from the ohio valley, back to oklahoma and texas. in the panhandle of oklahoma, some spots at 80 degrees. when you have a temperature contrast this big. and that suggests there's a lot of lift in the atmosphere. wouldn't you know it, ban of clouds. widespread show. the clouds from the disturbance will still be mixing with the star light tonight. we have some snow to track on live precision doppler hd, mainly flurries in hamilton counties, snow showers, providing some light
4:45 pm
north of amellia. hillsborough, new vienna. and event is quickly winding down. partial clearing coming tonight. throughout the day, we'll have the sun. and enjoy it, the influence of low pressure will be back on friday. instead of favoring snow showers late friday, we will extend the chance all day long, and even into early saturday. they will be scattered. not everyone will see them friday and early saturday. tomorrow, up to 22 filtered sun. scattered snow showers friday, early saturday. and especially late on sunday.
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on monday. >> people who love the weather. >> and it's got -- >> and off yesterday. >> at least two tri-state churches. >> and the earth has differing opinions. here's what you're saying. raven says, i think it's awesome. we should be sitting through the service. with those with super busy schedules, kids who can't sit through the service, it's wonderful. >> and it only takes 5 >> my first thought, how lazy. but then, i realize, this is not any of my business. >> you could add your two cents.
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us a like >> a bus and car collided this afternoon. it happened in the intersection of fox hollow drive. we don't know if any kids were on the bus. we do know there's one person transported with the injuries. that area is all clear now. >> pet owners have different views, when it comes to sleeping with their pets.
4:48 pm
first at 4: . >> recent mayo study is challenging the conventional system, that animals in the bedroom could mess with your sleep. the pros and cons from springfield, new jersey. had k-9 company and bed as soon as she brought home the first puppy. >> started to cry and whimper. i put him on my bed and was in ball. >> sleep experts long thought, it is disruptive to person's sleep. 41 percent of sleep patients who share their bed with their animals, finds it beneficial.
4:49 pm
them a sense security, and helps them fall asleep, it is something that deserves attention. >> he says there's many things pet owners will have to consider. >> have to know how well they sleep as a person and how well, the pet sleeps. they have to consider the size of the pet. >> the pets must be clean and free of fleas. >> the dogs don't just relax her. >> my dogs remind me, go to the bedroom, and come on, let's go. >> sometimes, when they bark, wakes her up, she says she will not have it any other way. >> we have a divided newsroom. >> of course, i say yes yes, they have to be clean, of
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>> and no way.
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