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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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be telling a long time. >> standoff of a national wildlife refugee is now over. occupying the land that includes david frye. and he has ties to blanchester, fbi agents and armored vehicles surrounded them. the group seized the refugee, the refuge. nearly six weeks ago. they are demanding they turn the
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it is now over. the standoff with the last four people surrendering. >> we are following a group in brown county. >> sheriff's deputies are in a standoff situation, with a wanted fugitive at this hour. 33-year-old, michael hall is considered armed and dangerous. they believe, he's wanted for nearly hitting a montgomery sheriff deputy, after hitting the deputy's cruisers. deputy's fired in the hall's mercury mountaineer. he managed to drive away. brad underwood is arriving at the scene and gathering information. we will check with him live as soon as he is available. >> should we say good afternoon. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> we're learning more about a news story, about a local man found shot to death in a car in dayton, ohio. >> she was reunited with her custodial father. larry davis was working with the
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he joins us in middletown with the latest. fill us in. >> hi, brad. police in middletown, they have murder-investigation. what they are doing is insisting murder pd with the pro. police say they need all the help they can get in finding the killer. >> brittany russel's body was found inside the car outside the dayton apartment complex wednesday morning. death. her death was ruled a homicide. in the back seat of her car was her 6-month old daughter, haven, who was unharmed. here she is after being reunited with the fact. russel convinced the baby sister to take haven on tuesday, assuring she will be returned. she was not. today, dayton police say they are trying to determine what led up to russel being found shot to
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>> going back over mrs. russel's footprints for the past 24 hours. who she's been with. what kind of relationships she's had with different people. i know people were asking recently if we had anybody, anybody was a person of interest. right now, everybody is a person of interest. >> dayton police say they have, they did not find a weapon inside the car. nor did they find any drugs inside that car. now coming up on local 12 news at 6:00, we'll talk to a former neighbor of brittany russel, who talks about how her life spiralled downhill once she started experimenting with drugs. larry davis, local 12 news. brad, back to you. >> you've been able to talk to the neighborhood, people talking about your relationship with her? >> i'm having a tough time hearing you.
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>> larry davis, live for us. paul? >> we now know when a rm toer police officer will face trial, for killing in a traffic stop. and tensing is charged with murder and involuntary manslaughter in the july shooting. tensing didn't have to be in court. dubose's fiancee, the mother of three of his children was there. she says she's not pleased with the trial date to be moved in the fall. tensing will be back in court april 6th for a pretrial hearing. kentucky 17 is back open after a horrible morning crash. one person is dead after a tractor trailer collides with a pick up truck. the two collided outside demasskill. both trucks caught fire. the driver of the pick up died. the driver of the tractor
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elizabeth's hospital in edgewood and is recovering. deputies are looking into what led into the crash. current condition of hamilton county is good so says the commission. commission gave the annual state of the county address to the rotary club downtown. sales tax revenues was up 5 percent between 2014-15. and new developments will be opening. and the county needs to find a long-term solution to pay for the 911 communication center. there's no commission support to add a fee to utility bills. they have to come up with a fund-raising answer. >> that's what we have to decide. currently, they will put up with a general fund. if we want to put the detail rates low, we will cut the general fund budget. that's sharpening the pencils or
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if they want to put a fee on the cell phone, that's one way to do it. we don't have the power to do that. >> one problem facing the county, issues facing the metropolitan district >> and chilly enough for you today? plenty chilly. how much is it going to stick around. let's check in with scott dimmich with the no way weather. >> and chilly temperatures, thanks to a light wind. we're far from warm. we're going to be mostly clear for a good chunk of the evening. go to the park. go run some errands. some clouds in the sky and certainly cold. the wind will be light tonight. the windchill will be in the upper teens for most, for the next several hours. clouds will increase overnight. notice the possibility for flurries. initially stray or spotty.
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to upper teens. snow showers, possibility for accumulating snow comes up during the second half of tomorrow morning. especially tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. notice, no snow in the tri-state. doppler precision doppler hd, if you're travelling in interstate 71, between dayton and columbus, family and friends, there's flurries. those are moving to the southeast and will not be coming to the tri-state this afternoon or this evening. temperature now, 25 at the cincinnati northern kentucky airport. logan is at 21. 26 degrees. hamilton at 24. the windchill 21 at the international airport. some down in the upper teens. coming up, we have scattered snow showers in the forecast tomorrow. meaning the possibility for accumulating snow. outside chance we see some bursts of visibility reducing snow, called snow squalls tomorrow afternoon, especially tomorrow night. we'll investigate that and talk
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snow sunday and monday. more on that in 10 minutes. brad, paula? >> what every young woman needs about breast cancer. >> street car makes its way to the tri-state. >> and trying to feel better during a (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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enough talk.
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>> financial conditions in the united states have recently become less supportive of growth.
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equity prices, higher borrowing rates for riskier borrowers and further association with the dollar. these developments, if approved persistent, could weigh on the outlook on the activity and labor market. >> that's janet yellen. when she was talking, the market was dropping. dow jones industrial fell. and it's coming back. we'll look at it. you're a cpa and you will try to market. i don't know if you could make me feel better. first of all, the causes. >> crude oil. as the crude oil was dropping, the market was dropping. we're dropping with crude. >> the market is concerned about the four c's. you mentioned crude oil is down below 30 right now. it's causing a lot of oil companies's heartburn. they are having to pull back.
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the second largest economy in the world. they are going through the growing pains. economy is -- and the third is the consumer. they saved from some of the guests decline, which is good news. wall street wants to see them spin the savings. the dollar is stronger in the united states. it's caused goods and services overseas to be expensive, getting people to be -- >> the strong dollar wouldn't be always good. the low gas prices aren't always good. it means a lot of people are losing their jobs. a lot of energy jobs were created in the recession. low gas prices are not a good thing. they are talking about crude oil going down to $12 a barrel. that makes me shudder. >> the interesting thing, you want to tell the consumer, this is great.
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your savings. on the other hand, wall street wants to spend the dollars, get the economy stimulated. you have this balancing act. >> if it weren't for housing, i anything. then? >> first of all, don't panic. don't freak out. make sure -- >> wait. >> and make sure you have a good plan. if you have a good plan, stick to the plan. remember, most investors are investing for the long-term. short term swings in the market, will happen. we saw it happen in 2008 and 2009. it came back plus some. don't let emotions control your investment decisions. make sure you have a good plan. you don't want to make a mistake. you want to seek out by council. >> you want to talk to an expert. if you're a millennial, i think it's a good time.
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you're in your 50s and 60s. i don't know if you could withstand another recession. you're worried about going into another recession. >> we could. >> at the time of the recession, the market was down 50 percent. now we're not down. most experts don't think, we're headed to a recession. you're right. i think we have to plan for the worst, hope for the best. just make sure you have a good plan. make this as an opportunity to create an investment policy. look where you are in your life. you have kids in the next few years. if you do, you want to put money set aside in a different -type of vehicle. and the key, making sure for your own personal situation, you know you're a risk tolerance. you have to be able to sleep at night. you have to make sure you're risk tolerant. take the time right now. use this as an opportunity.
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some outside help. >> you could put money in a 401(k) and you could put it in stocks. keep saving. >> thanks, crystal. i don't know if i feel better. brad, i hope you feel better. we will check the final numbers on wall street at 4:40. the street car arriving in cincinnati. city's street car arrived over the rind short time ago. coming to hear from el myra news. we're few weeks away from being able to ride the first street car in cincinnati. and registering early today, you still have time tonight. it will go from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. and this weekend, friends and family, going to say their final farewells to clubhouse manager, bernie stowe. stowe passed away tuesday at the age of 80. he spent nearly 70 years. the visitation was sunday, 3:00 to 7:00 at elder high school.
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>> all right, it was cold but it was sunny. >> i knew you were asking. >> wow. >> and nice change of pace. >> i like sunglasses. >> i hope you enjoyed it because
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snow showers are coming back. we have several waves of snow to keep track in the next few days. >> it is february; right?. >> we get did rain and snow, at least for one day, in the planning forecast next week. hour-by-hour forecast for tonight. if you don't like snow, how about a sky becoming mostly clear this evening. temperatures, initially starting around 20. we are down to 17 by midnight. clouds will increase overnight. clouds will thicken tomorrow and there will be initially stray flurries, isolated snow showers tomorrow. then we bring in scattered snow showers and possibly some bursts of heavier snow called snow squalls that will significantly reduce the visibility tomorrow afternoon, especially tomorrow evening. early tomorrow evening, going to school, and snow flurries, slow starter during the day, arrive home. snow showers, in a scattered
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be aware of reductions and visibilities, going back to school tomorrow morning, tomorrow evening. when snow showers drift, late tonight and through the day tomorrow, more waves of snow in the weekend. don't forget, everything is updated. in the last hour, weather authority app. clouds, radar data, continuously updating there. temperature 22. up in oxford, weather cam. windchill, 22, thanks to a light wind. wind should be light. the windchill will likely be a couple of degrees below temperature at any given point tonight. we're clear to mostly clear throughout the evening. clouds will increase overnight. snow showers return tomorrow and in the afternoon and evening. maybe some drops in the visibility tomorrow afternoon. especially tomorrow night. instead of snow showers, snow will develop on sunday. we sped up the timing of the
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it's looking like sunday, monday. now it's looking like snow moves in during the day on sunday and then picks up in intensity at night. temperatures now in the 20s, from goshen to vivie. we're 25 at the international airport. we'll take it down to the mid-teens overnight. we'll inch back to the teens and 20s tomorrow. relatively warm air to the south, is not going to come our way. much if at all in the next few days. notice the clouds bubbling this afternoon. we're relatively clear skies in the west. there are flurries to the northeast of the tri-state. those are moving to the southeast. notice in the forecast model, quiet this evening. clouds return overnight. possibilities for flurries, during the morning commute tomorrow. snow showers develop in the afternoon and evening.
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heavier snow. they can easily covered roads, especially untreated roads tomorrow night. that disturbance will begin to pull out. lingering snow showers on saturday. area of high pressure scrubs out areas of pressure. we have more snow to track on sunday. tonight, we're in between clear to partly cloudy. down to 14 by 6:00 in the morning. snow showers are favored in the afternoon tomorrow. the wind will pick up on friday, especially late in the day. check out overnight lows early saturday and sunday. 10 and 5, early saturday and sunday, respectively. look at the waves of snow, in the week ahead. but also monday. we'll take a closer look at the weekend forecast coming up in a bit. >> i'm here with you on sunday. >> smiling in your face,
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>> we'llll b be >> welcome back. let's head back to the local breaking news alert. they have ended a standoff with the local fugitive. >> brad underwood is live. michael hall has been taken into custody without incident. brad? >> that apprehension happened after 4:00, you mentioned without incident. brown sheriff office, deputies taking michael hall into custody. he was the only one inside the
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trooper that i spoke with. we also learned a loaded gun was found inside the home and that hall was found inside hiding inside a couch when police went in there and recovered him. state route 251, in brown county, just now reopened. there are odot crews working in the area. couple hours ago, police told him to block it off. they had it blocked at 50. in the northern end and side road, giving police and sheriff's deputies all the space they needed to conduct the standoff and taking michael hall into custody. hall was involved in an incident and hit one, and shots were fired by deputies.
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only to be located short hours after the incident. all clear. state route 251, getting a closer look on how the investigation will unfold. . >> reporting in brown county. local 12 news. . >> democrats square off in a prime-time debate. >> and another one. >> also ahead, first at 4:00. >> we didn't think will make it. >> you paid for that. >> crews passenger rejoiced after making ourt the land
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new research on geneeti >> my sisters and brother were pretty distraught. my mom was okay. they opened up the mini bars. that was okay for her. >> wow. >> there you go. >> and i bet cruise experience. this is not a good cruise experience. they are looking at the damage of the cruise ship that sailed right in the path of the dangerous storm. >> luxury cruise liner along with passengers, to new jersey last night, following the
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don champion shares the rejoicing. >> after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the sea cruise ship are back in solid ground, sharing tales of a wrong. >> wind was coming down. and thought it was going to break the glass. >> and the 200 thousand ton liner set sale for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel was battered by 30 foot waves and hurricane-forced winds. >> and decade, could see the water coming from the balcony. >> dennis was on the cruise with his family. they spent hours on lock-down while the ship's captain navigated out of the storm. >> sister and brother was pretty distraught. my mom was okay. >> and royal caribbean officials say they are reviewing the policy to make sure the incident like this never happens again.
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we've got to do better. we can't ask guests, coming to us for a dream vacation to experience those kinds of condition. >> some rattled customers say they are done. >> won't hold it against them. will never cruise again. >> coast guard will check the ship before it heads out this weekend >> the passengers will get a full refund and certificate for 50 percent off the future cruise. if they want to use it. >> never going to be picture cruising. >> following bernie sanders, hillary clinton in new hampshire. democratic presidential candidates, set for, what round? round 6 of their debate. tonight's face-off in milwaukee. reporter live with a preview. hi, mark. >> good evening, brad. we're here at the university wisconsin milwaukee campus. they have transformed the concert hall for today's big
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the national polls, hillary clinton's lead dwindle over bernie sanders leading today. in wisconsin, the latest poll, it's a dead heat between the two. tonight, expect both candidates to be more aggressive. >> while the candidates come to a frozen battle, the democrats, battle continues to heat up. after a historically narrow win and solid win for sanders. >> people are really enthusiastic. if people come out to vote, i think you will look at the biggest political upsets in the modern history of our country >> expanded 10 debates. clinton leads dwindling, month after month. >> will have work to do to reach out to young voters, maybe first time voters who have to make a tough decision as they evaluate who should be our president.
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others across the country. students are familiar with clinton but intrigued by sanders. >> looking for people who defy, traditional and triand true politics. and he's not in adjust for politics. is in it for a resolution. >> i don't know a whole lot about bernie sanders. so far, i like what hillary has to offer. i think a woman president will be good. >> the candidates understand a millennial vote is important. what better to make their case, than in front after national audience. >> it's too late. establishment politics and establishment economics. >> i believe what i'm putting for the in the campaign, has a far better chance of actually producing the results >> now the democratic debates has been going on since october. political analysts tell me today, in the past week, things have intensified and the race is
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it gets under way, at 8:00, sen tall -- central time. and we're live in milwaukee. we'll send it back to you. >> enjoy the evening. . >> local 12 will have you covered. we'll share highlights at 11:00. >> being 11:00 tonight, how cold will it be? it's cold now. it's getting worst, scott. >> i could actually give you the forecast for 11:00. 18 will be close to 20 degrees at 7:00 tonight. enjoy the break from the snow we've had in the afternoon and into the evening. clouds will return around midnight and especially overnight. tune in cincinnati overnight, no flurries, but those becomes a possibility around 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. initially, we start with flurries. we see scattered snow showers arrive during and after the lunch hour.
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heavier snow, what we call snow squalls. the burst of snows that drop the visibility significantly. not so concerned about those tomorrow but the possibility is there for bursts of heavier snow late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. in a scattered form, nothing widespread with the event coming tomorrow and tomorrow evening. notice, lack of cloud cover, cincinnati back to the west. you could see the far outer edge of the shield of mid-and upper cloud cover, well to the northwest of the tri-state. those are the clouds that will be streaming into the tri-state later tonight. notice now, on live precision doppler hd, some flurries, dayton points to the north. columbus points to the west, the south and into the southeast. these are not moving towards cincinnati or the tri-state. they are moving to the southeast with time. temperature 25, at the international airport. the windchill of 21. good company, with cold air, wind chills in the 20s and teens.
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scattered snow showers tomorrow. better chance of accumulating snow in the weekend. we'll discuss that in the planning forecast coming in 10 minutes. paula, brad. >> all right. >> i liked it. it could lead to more women getting the life-saving treatment they need. that's the latest of its first of its kind. the day's breast cancer testing. >> and liz bonis tells us on the living longer report. >> the latest testing for brachca 1 and 2. these are the genes linked to breast cancer risk. they looked at the cases that young ir. breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in the u.s. in the age group. the guidelines suggests, the testing in women diagnosed who
4:37 pm
>> researchers, published in the journal of medical association oncology, looked at nearly nine women, who are 40 or younger when diagnosed with breast cancer. they wanted to see if women were given genetic risk, what they chose to do if given treatment. sure enough, researchers found, 9 out of 10 chose to have it. one in three said the information influenced their choices. those who were carriers of the mutation, were likely to have both breasts removed, to reduce their own risk in the future. and many chose to have their overries removed as well, to reduce ovarian cancer risk. >> they say the testing does influence decisions. should be offered 40 or older. treatment.
4:38 pm
the testing, by a wide variety of things, from insurance levels to media attention. some we call angelina jolie event. once we have, it seemed like it's a more reasonable decision. >> when we were kids, if someone had breast cancer, you couldn't even talk about it. >> i remember the mystery. >> when we first started working, i would ask the physician. i never will tell the woman to do that. >> come a long way. >> back at 6:00, with a new weight loss surgery. >> thanks very much.
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leg room on airplanes.
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cincinnati refined, new shopping option. and check out locally owned rose and remington. sweaters to party dresses. along with the seemingly number of necklace, shoes, scarves, bags, working their way south to lebanon to field hurdle and high park. and rose and remington, immediate results will give you new ideas, too. . >> tennessee congressman, wants the faa to put an official limit on how far airlines could shrink the seats, citing health and safety issues. the average distance will be from 35 inches to 31 in the past few decades. don't i know it. >> hackers used stolen personal
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about 464 thousand social security numbers were used to create fake logins. the thieves are trying to generate pin numbers, which could be use for filing electronic tax returns. the irs says it's notifying affected taxpayers by mail and no personal data was compromised. >> u.s. stocks, they fell for a fourth day in a row, as concerns of global economic weakness, i can't even say it. it intensified. dow fell and you know, at one point, it's down 100. nasdaq lost 16. s&p 500 dropped 22 points. >> and that's not good. and recall involves tri becca's 2006 to 2015.
4:43 pm
similar problem last month. big time recall mode >> and see the smile, it makes
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fi. >> and we'll show you some stills from the city. this is a video that shows a 4-year-old detonating explosives in a car with three captives strapped inside. right before he pushes the button, he yells, allah akbar. this is the first time the child was used to detonate a car bomb. american commanders in afghanistan, more troops at the province. they seize new ground at the center of opium industry. the groups will include ground level combat advisers as well as u.s. army infantry soldiers. defense secretary, is convening the counterparts, for more than two dozen partners in brussels on thursday.
4:47 pm
>> and we're all reeling from the last story. we are changing gears dramatically. australian zoo celebrates the two tiny sumatra cubs. they are critically endangered. so far unnamed cubs carry significant value in the breeding program. the cubs are still too young for public display. and i bet they are kind of popular with the zoo. what do you say >> adorable now and give them a few months. won't get near them. >> and cammy durkin with a look what's coming up. >> a northern kentucky high school is asking for help from all of us. >> the football team is in desperate need of new uniforms. parents have gone on-line and create add go fund me account to raise the money.
4:48 pm
america's iconic symbols, a bald eagle is being nursed back to health in an animal rehab facility. and in a story you will only see on local 12, rich jaffe gives us an extraordinary up close and personal view. a special way to remember babies who die at birth. we've shown you the angel gowns before. old wedding gowns. and women all over the tri-state are donating the dresses to the people who are sewing the angel gowns. this morning, christ hospital became the first hospital to accept and start using the gowns. deb dixon has more on that at 6:00. >> and the procedure expected to be the next big trend for people who can't seem to lose weight by dieting.
4:49 pm
it's less invasive than the bar at trick surgery. and liz will introduce us to a man and woman who has had that procedure. i'll be back. >> and the traffic on 71, 75 lane in northern kentucky. your last glimpse of sun for a little while. >> okay. >> this is just the way it is. >> promise to break some snow. everything worked out. several rounds of snow showers and snow in the next few days. question for you. atrium weather cam in oxford, college hill or covington. >> putting a lot of pressure >> and pretty sunny. >> oxford. >> go to oxford. >> brad says, going to oxford. and first, let me give you thor to cast for tonight. taking a stroll through hyde park, blue ash, brookville,
4:50 pm
mostly clear sky. very quiet, very peaceful. enjoy it. clouds return overnight. flurries and snow showers return tomorrow. at least in the scattered storm. talking about the potential for bursts of snow. if we're going to oxford, we're going to oxford. check out the dew point at 6:00. this is dry air. any precipitation we see tonight, will come only when the numbers get closer together. wind out of the north, northwest at 5:00. makes the temperature feel like 20 degrees. windchills in the teens. temperatures in the teens tonight. windchill 21 at the international airport. temperature 25. filtered sun right now, mainly some scattered and mid-upper level clouds. 25 the temperature now, at the international airport. we'll take it down to 14 overnight. we'll inch back up to the teens, 20s tomorrow.
4:51 pm
there's a disturbance to the northwest. weak area of high pressure, scrubbed a lot of the high last night. took the snow showers away. this is the disturbance that will slide right into the ohio valley tomorrow. bank on scattered snow showers late tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. when we say scattered, not shower. at any given point tomorrow, especially in the afternoon and evening. snow showers in play, show that starts and stops. it does imply accumulation. for all the snow that falls and bursts tomorrow and plus saturday, an inch or less. most will walk away to a quarter to a half an inch of new snow. it may add to the totals, slightly on saturday. there's flurries, up interstate 71. up 75, if travelling todayton,
4:52 pm
away from cincinnati, there's some flurries up there. they will be around for the next couple of hours. forecast model, does a great job with clear to mostly clear sky evening. more mid to high level clouds will arrive around midnight. local 12 news, live at 11:00, mainly dry. snow flurries will arrive late tonight and early tomorrow. you're going to work, going to school tomorrow. only reason that they may delay or cancel events early tomorrow morning or schools, it will be cold. temperatures will be in the teens. of course, we have some spots of snow earlier this week, and partially snow covered. notice what happens as we get in the afternoon. see the bursts of deeper blue, those are show showers. i can't rule out some squalls tomorrow. especially tomorrow night. those are the bursts of snow that has an impact on visibility. outside chance for those. be aware of snow showers will be coming through tomorrow
4:53 pm
quarter to half an inch on top what's on the ground for most. 14 by 6:00 in the morning. clouds increase late tonight. snow showers. one wave of snow friday. especially late. continuing into saturday. next round of snow, has been moved up slightly. sunday, continuing into monday. potential there for widespread accumulation of snow. also notice plenty of cold air. we'll warm up some next week. eventually, will mix some raindrops as brad was saying. thursday, it looks great. sun and clouds, 42. weekend, cold and snow lovers rejoice. forecast updated, >> that's my little one. he'll love it. >> a lot of people are staying in for valentine's day. >> and it could be tough to say good-bye to a long time family home. >> it's a very tough decision.
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the house is falling i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> homeowner in california, paying a special tribute to the father and the home they'll grow up in. >> and courtney shows up, he will do that with photographs,
4:57 pm
>> home covered in photographs, latest exhibit to hit manhattan beach, at least to make way for a brand-new condo complex. >> actually took care of my father. >> gary sweeny grew up in theous on 35th street, which his father mike, former manhattan councilman and mayor, fought in 1945, for just $5400 and lived in until his death in 2000. with great sadness, gary sold the property. >> it was time. the house was falling apart. >> gary wanted to pay tribute to the home and his dad, who loved photography and took the pictures, featuring his mom. >> and loved manhattan beach. all the way to the day he died. he was involved with something in the community. >> and people like julian tran,
4:58 pm
appreciate the sweeny's memories. >> i love art. i love photography. i take him around. we look at murals all over l.a. this is like the perfect combination. >> gary is overwhelmed by the community support with the laborious project that include scanning the pictures. then sawing them to size to screw to the outside walls. >> with no project at kinko's. >> no, no. i actually have done a lot of large public art pieces. i put together a jigsaw puzzle. that was actually fun to do. >> it looks really nice in a way. the neighbors were happy for it for the time. the houses will be torn down some time in march. >> thanks for joining us. rob and cammy, local 12 news at 5:00. the date has been set. the family of sam dubose is not happy. why they are upset for the timing of the trial for the police officer charged with his murder. after six weeks, the
4:59 pm
what led to the standout on last holdout for the refugees j the best known natural foods supermarket. >> we begin with local breaking news from brown county where a standoff for the fugitive has ended. >> the 33-year-old was arrested in a home in state route 251, outside fayetteville just after 4:00 in the afternoon. he was found hiding in a couch. no one was hurt. hole is accused of hitting a montgomery sheriff deputy cruiser, narrowly missing the deputy. shots were fired at hall but he managed to get away. we look at the scene, coming at 5:30. and trial date for what promises to be one of the most emotional and high-profile cases


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