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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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evening, it's probably not a good idea to get out. >> and snow showers are going to add some issues, especially in the next couple of hours, 7:00 time frame, because tracking heavier showers. traffic is moving smoothly. winds are pretty breezy out of the west, northwest at 17 miles an hour. that's making it feel even colder. not only are we deal with having to win layers. we have to deal with the scattered snow showers around. problems. we have snow shower activity from fairfield to hamilton, just around the oxford area and northwest of middletown. this is moving pretty much south and east. we'll continue to move it
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lebanon, you're under the flurry activity right now. we have the snow shower activity up to the north and west of cincinnati and fayette county and north of con norville and indiana. that's going to definitely lower the visibility less than a mile. i'll be tracking it hour-by-hour coming in few minutes. >> good police work turns into bad luck. >> zachary is charged with four robberies after a busy week in northern kentucky. he's suspected in at least one more. >> and joe webb, live from covington, where they just ran out. >> police say zachary is a busy guy whose crime spree ended up yesterday afternoon. france, as it turns out, was actually photogenic. pictures led to his capture, not
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>> and zachary prince's mug shot is the only picture that matters to police tonight. >> started monday. >> and they september the surveillance photos. the guys in the circle k in errlanger, the same guy tried to rob him earlier on monday >> and compare the pictures, it was the same suspect. clothing description matched slight variation. next day was quiet. banks in edgewood, sent police photos of a guy, that asked questions and acted strangely. wednesday, the u.s. banks in fort mitchell was robbed. cameras caught the suspect on tape and zachary became one of 25 suspects. the next day, it was the photo jackpot when, the surveillance
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slapped this. and he pulled into rich ae's car wash to check the computer and all the photos came to life in front of them. >> and no sooner i began to pull in the highway, to go down main street, his car pulls in front of me. >> he's looking at the windchill and that's him. >> he stopped prince in the driveway of his home. he was wearing some of the same clothes as the covington suspect. prince cooperated. he was arrested and police search his home. >> >>. >> we have evidence that it will support the robbery charges and some of the money. >> it's safe to say, that the story had a picture perfect ending >> zachary france, charged with
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least one more. >> did he tell anybody why he was doing this. >> well, no. we don't know specifically why he was doing this >> police say he may have an addiction issue. they were really not certain >> prince is held in the jail in a $300 thousand cash bobbed. >> worried parents reunite. police found them dead. and the tenth grayeders each got gunshot wound. investigators don't know the connection between the girls. they are not looking for anybody else at this point, though . >> terry phillips made the first court appearance, when his mom
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they say he swung a samurai sword. phillips is charged with attempted murder and assault. >> with more than a week to go until the primaries, republican presidential hopefuls makes their pitches in south carolina to voters. >> ohio governor is hoping to capitalize with the second place finish in new hampshire. >> they would expect it to happen in new hampshire. >> people are a lot more interested. >> ted cruz is finding the same game plan with the large get out of the vote. and all six remaining candidates will appear in a cbs news debate
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watch, starting at 9:00. jeff hirsh shares the message at at the cultural arts center. before the former president got here, he was down here. and they say money is the mother's milk of confidence. then he came up, where it was absolutely free. and the president went to the crowd, he felt his wife won the debate. he felt that hillary clinton's economic plan, better for the country will prevent the next resuggestion. he certainly alluded, that hillary clinton will not
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in fact, she would bring us altogether. >> you have to be tough against the bad days. you have to do something against the other days. hillary is the best changer and her instincts, what could i do to make it better and what could i do for what it is. >> when i first started college, i cried like a baby >> i will admit, i'm not in the tug-of-war between hillary clinton. and i want to view both sides. and right now, hillary has gotten my vote. >> you could see right there, the dilemma. this is what you call go tv. channel. that's get out the vote. as people are leaving here, the
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your friends to vote. early voting is next week. the field director got up and introduced herself as sarah payton. it sounded like sarah palin. people are going, what? jeff hirsh, local 12 news. >> do you know why he chose the clifton arts center for the venue? >> no, i don't. >> this is a good liberal part of town. you don't have to go very far to find it. >> and it is a neat building. jeff, thank you. former president clinton heads to south carolina to campaign. >> from climbing mountains to the national parks to repelling
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get an inside look >> new scam targeting kentuckyians. crooks claiming tore sheriff's deputies. they are claiming to have a federal warrant issue for a price. if you get one of these, hang
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contact the sheriff office. kentucky law enforcement doesn't contact people over the phone about federal warrants and wouldn't ask for money. >> they put you in the middle of the natural splendor. to showcase what you're going to experience, one of the climbers featured, repelled 160 down the face of union terminal. this is a last before the theater closes for renovations. >> hey, guys, i'm inside union terminal hanging from the retundra repelling. this is part of the launch. national park adventure will be shown in the omni max theater, starting today. the adventures as they hike, bike and explore america's
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one of the stars, rachel poll. i'm going to get my mic >> shooting the movie is one of the amazing experiences i've had in the parks. this time, they have a chance to spend a lot of time, one location and see some of the incredible, incredible scenes i've ever seen. and got to climb, in arches national park. >> and you could see it right here starting today >> and that was fun. omni max closes in jul for up to two years. the building repairs are part of taxpayer renovation. there's a link to buy tickets for national parks adventure at
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>> . >> breaking news, the first case of zika virus is confirmed in the tri-state. ohio has returning cases. >> and we learned, one of them is in but the lower county.
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disorders. >> health experts gathered in washington, d.c. to answer concerns about the zika virus. they say the link and serious birth defect is more and more probable. >> we have to consider zika is guilty, unless proven innocent. >> there are 80 cases. nearly every case, involves travel to effective countries. . >> two months after it was effective. >> and do we know how precisely someone remains infected. part of the natural history,
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is to just answer the question. >> it could begin as early as next summer. . >> it's something to something we can't predict. >> and it's expected to eventually infect, up to 3 million people. mark albert for cbs news, washington. so far more than 100 cases have been confirmed in 33 countries. >> weekend is shaping -- shaping to be snow, more snow. >> and looking at scattered showers and flurries. and the road conditions will likely deteriorate as we move through sunday, late afternoon
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we're going to continue to see waves of energy. they are potent waves of energy, bringing us snow lightly and some rain mixing in even as we get to monday. right now, winter wonderland in oxford. big flakes from the adrian weather camera. oxford, snow shower still around you. that will tp to move east in the next 15 minutes. ies and light snow shower, and through most of warren county. and also northeast of connorsville and few around
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be careful, because these are -- and especially as you get to the heavier bursts of snow. florence to independence, moving eastward through see mon and north of peebles, east of highland county. we'll continue to watch the snow showers and flurries. arctic cold front to the north. that will reinforce the cold air that moves in overnight for tomorrow morning. you could see some clearing taking place, west of illinois. that's the high pressure that will build in for saturday, and evening. temperatures, right now, mid-20s.
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wind speeds, pretty breezy. and that's making the 20s, feel more like the teens right now. tonight, expect the wind chills in the single digits and we have a wind advisory, clinton and fayette county. and it's going to be very cold especially as you work your way north of cincinnati. tonight's forecast, continue to track scattered snow showers. we'll have some what of heavier burst of snow isolated across the area. 11:00, windchill is following below zero for the evening. there's 7:00 and we'll track the visibility of snow. by tomorrow morning, we're
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as we move toward later. activity, will see a lilt wlil. snowy afternoon and evening and snowy evening, couple inches pobl tomorrow's forecast, we start around 11:00 and get to 17, for the high. we're looking at the bigger system to move in. monday and tuesday, way out in the air, looks like primarily snow. you could see the numbers are well above freezing, monday through friday >> back in the 50s and that will be a welcome feeling for a lot of us. >> research shows valentine's day, as a multi-billion dollars
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>> and . >> millions of people are finalizing their plans. >> those who celebrate will spend about $147. >> and that adds up to nearly 20 billion across america. >> and look at the numbers that has some lovers seeing red. >> on valentine's day, more than
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they will buy flowers for their special someone. most of the year, roses would cost a little more than $40. this romantic day is different. >> the price of roses, especially red roses goes up from three-fold to five fold. >> financial website, a typical valentine's celebration, roses, chocolate, champagne, jewelry, could set you back $512. >> it's actually the fourth lucrative event behind christmas, mother's day. >> and this is a set-up holiday. >> men hate it, because they feel obligated to pop themselves. women hate it, because they hate the gifts they get and somehow doesn't live up to their
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valentine's dinner at maria, two mishlin style restaurant in new york city is $175 per person. other days, it's $99. >> 75 percent say they do not want something for valentine's. >> if your wife says she doesn't her. buy it anyway. >> and ahead on local news, live at 5:30, man with the machete. >> new information on the attack. what the witnesses and owner says about the frightening assault. >> george clooney takes a time out to be with world leaders about a global cries. >> going into a brutally cold weekend and the couple living in
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. >> good evening, the weekend is finally here. if you have plans, expect some snow showers tonight. you said it would not snow. it is. >> i don't know anything. it could be on friday night. eric, it does snow. >> no wake weather. >> and we're tracking snow showers and flurries across the area for tonight much the first part of saturday. tonight, the focus is on lower visibility in some areas and some slick spots in roadways, not for everyone but in someplaces, where we're seeing heavier bursts of snow. she's are moving southeast, lower visibilities and light coatings in the roadways.
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snow work their way from laurel. my newt snow showers and flurry activity around oxford, hamilton to fairfield. a lot of warren county, around 75, as well, as getting into the we were part. and most of hamilton county, light snow shower activity, same for areas in florence in independence and walton. we will continue to watch through dry ridge and brooksville and getting into brown county and adams county. these will continue to move towards southeast. and the 50s are back in the forecast. >> exciting for the fire escape. gloves on the wall. this place is a disaster. we're forced to live here. >> and dangerous cold
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couple in lower price hill has to resort to dangerous heat sources. and they say they have not -- haven't had heat in the apartment, since back in october. >> it's about to get colder inside and out. they called local 12, rich jaffe to try to turn up the heat for the landlord. a story you will only see on local 12. rich. >> the building, has been written many times by inspectors from the city of cincinnati. they were out here again as recently as february 7th. which point, they wrote a number of violations and gave the landlord 30 days to get fixed. it may be tough for peterson to get too concerned, to get cold here.
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>> a heater, heater from the acare yum. heater in here. we rotate that little heater on top, to the bathroom, so we can get a bath and everything. it's just totally unreal. >> the city code says when it is zero outside, you have to get 70 degrees, three feet up in the middle of the room. when i checked the walls in the living room here, it was 53 degrees. and he and her husband were without all winter. >> long jons, top and bottom, to keep warm. i have to keep my oven going 24 hours a day. i should not keep the oven going because it could kill us >> here's something else that's dangerous. besides the front door, the only other door for the apartment is this one into the kitchen.
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boarded up in 30 days to have this. you know what it totals? the outside lock, big master lock. he doesn't have the keys, so deal with it. >> it's sitting there over 500 degrees. >> what happens to you, if that stove catches fire. >> we're going to die. we're going today, if we can't make it to the front door in time. >> inspectors were here and wrote up the order for multiple violations. the hole in the closet ceiling, lack of heat, no fire escape for the second floor and a variety of other things. when i called the owner, in his home in hawaii, he promised to be right on it. >> about 2:00 in the afternoon, got a call for the heating and heating guy. he said lewis peterson, the owner, called him from hawaii
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turns out there was a bad transformer and shorting wires in the furnace. the real test for all of this, robert, michael? it's right here with me now. >> it's nice and warm. no blankets, no electric heaters and no owe vep. we're warm finally after december 21st. >> were you surprised to get back. >> we thank you very much. he told us it was our problem, to deal with it. we were happy it was a simple fix. let's see with the building code violations, when mr. peterson gets through the mail. >> hopefully. >> we'll stay warm. it's going to be a cold weekend. >> tell pammy i said hello.. >> i will. stay warm. >> we'll pass it to cammy as well.
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boxes and outlets, generally an issue for the fire departments. >> it may be soon easy for parents, they will pass a bill to make the companies pay for the formula. ailment prevents children from eating most foods but they can toll late the -- tolerate the formula. it costs his family $40 a day but the insurance company denied him coverage. a similar senate bill is working through the jen assembly. >> historic meeting is taking
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a pope held talks. >> george, and clooney hold a meeting. they were joined by the former foreign secretary of britain for the 40 minutes meeting. he emphasized the work being done by volunteers across germany and the group talked about how the situation is a global crisis: clooney was in berlin to showcase his new movie, hail caezar. >> dressing the green devils. how they are responding to the football's plea for new uniforms. >> they sparkle and shine. there's a difference between these diamonds and those on the ground. >> there were blood on the floor.
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carnage inside an ohio >> green devils in need of football uniforms.
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50th anniversary the last state championship in the fall. uniforms run $28 thousand. they created a go fund me link. 8th graders take action to help the people in flint, michigan. students at the harris son junior school are collecting bottled water. so far, the kids have collected 1200 cases in two days. their goal for a thousand cases by tuesday. they will a booth, to collect donations for shoppers. drop off donations tuesday at school. the they will take the water to flint thursday morning. if you are looking for jobs, they are looking for 4 thousand positions to fill. they will hold an open house to
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to learn about opportunities. entertainment games, rides and merchandise and other areas. >> fish fry friday. the special children's booths
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>> we will see . >> it is the first fry friday. churches are raising money by selling fish sandwiches and dinners for the money raised in a church in walton is going to a special cause. sydney benter says, the dinner at saint the academy is a special one. >> we're at st. joseph academy. they have a special connection to little brooklyn smith. she's battling ditg. here. they are auctioning some items that will help the family. first, we want to talk about brooklyn and the mom brooklyn. >> brooklyn was diagnosed with ipg week after her fifth birthday: it's been a difficult
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they are very positive and our smiles are from brooklyn. >> you have some big ticket items. for $1, you could tell us about the prices. >> one of the higher end items, is a trip to grand ridge drive in santa rosa florida. we have cincinnati red tickets with a basket over there. some camping equipment. you could get all three. why choose. these go going to be up for six weeks of fish fry. >> we'll auction it off, the last fish fry at 8:00. >> fish fry goes tonight. they will be serving, they will hang out much later than that. we will hang out and keep you updated. sydney benter, local 12 news. >> good way to start the fish fry season.
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sporting a diamond ring after valentine's. >> there's a new diamond on the market. it costs less than the diamonds that are mined. the diamonds are man-made, created in a lab. the process is carbon, created in high pressure chamber in 12 weeks. percent cheaper. >> these are diamonds. they are physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds. >> tell me more, tell me more. >> some gemologist say you can't tell the difference of the two types of diamonds under magnification. the only way to be certain is to put it under infrared light. >> we're going to continue to track areas of flurries and snow showers, which could be heavier than others. i want to show you the heaviest,
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fayette county, dozens of snow shower activity. and this will continue to move toward laurel and may put a little dusting and if not half an inch in roadways. northeast of cedar road, it will continue to skirt through butler counties. and it will continue to roll and stay west of hamilton and fairfield. we have some heavier snow falling just in the eastern edge of oxford. this is going to continue toward monroe and 75. we have heavy snow moving across 75 and franklin. if you live in the areas, or if you have family and friends coming home, we will see them take a little while longer. this is lowering visibilities. and this will continue to move southeast as well, areas of flurries, light shower activity toward lebanon, along the 275
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from white oak to norwood as well as downtown cincinnati and northern kentucky we go, we have areas of flurries and light snow falling as well. that takes you down to dry ridge, brooksville to georgetown and into west union, seeman and peebles area where we're tracking a few flakes. it's going to continue to move from indianapolis to areas around cincinnati. it will be a while before it shuts down completely. they will track the snow showers around 8:00 or 9:00. shower activity through midnight or so. off to the west, we have high pressure, later on sunday. as we see filtered sunshine. tomorrow morning, we're tracking the chances for a couple of snow showers, especially as we tap off the moisture off lake michigan. tonight, be concerned of low visibilities, slick spots on the roads but for some areas.
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you could barely see them as we take a live look to downtown cincinnati. we're tracking scattered snow showers and areas of flurries tonight. bitter cold temperatures will continue to see the windchill values sinking in the single digits. and we're looking at the complex weather system for monday and tuesday. road continues for tonight, tomorrow, areas of slick spots will be possible tonight and possibly early tomorrow. as we get to sunday afternoon and evening, that's when we will start to look at deteriorating conditions. it will be cold enough and attract widespread snow, moving in sunday afternoon and especially in the evening. tonight, we're looking at up to half an inch. heavier bursts of snow. we'll fall to the 20s and upper
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best chances from now to 8:00. and here's the next 24 hours. the darker shades of blue indicate the heavier bursts of snow. >> please be careful in the roads. sunday night, will probably be a mess. monday, we're looking at snow. that's to be continued because the system is way up in the air. >> thank you >> line drive, posing a danger to pitchers.
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keep them safe ahead at 6:00.
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amazing race airs at . >> >>. >> for 27 years, he's up his restaurant but not today. >> ever since the attack, last night during dinner at the nazareth restaurant in deli, police say a man with a machete packed away and hurt four people. >> i ran out. >> witnesses told police, the attack began just out the door. people inside fought back. some customers threw chairs at the attacker who eventually ran
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he was shot and killed when officers say he got out of the car, still armed. not long before the car slashed customers, he first talk to an employee. he worried his restaurant was targeted because he's from israel. . >> investigators have joined the case but haven't explained the motive for the mayhem. >> there's nothing to leave us to believe, this is something but a random attack. >> he remained focused on his employees and customers who he's open for, for decades. .
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god bless you and i love. >> police say the attacker, he was shot and killed by an officer after he lunched at police. >> mother murdered feet away from the baby daughter. how the father says she was battling back from the addiction that pulled her away from the children. >> just in time for valentine's day. what does it take to have more kiss able lips. i'm liz bonis will share a couple of things in the market,
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yours. .
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blast of cold air and snow showers, add up to a double whammy. >> kicks off on what is a frigid weekend. erica collura shows us what to expect tonight. we're looking at lower visibilities, especially heavier buffers of snow, scatter across the area. and about 10-15 minutes ago, cut-in-hill will look worst than this. traffic is slowing because of the snow falling in the area. and right now, we're at 27 degrees. winds are pretty breezy, making it feel colder. you could see the blue little areas indicate heavier snow. and cincinnati south, looking at flurries, light snow shower activity. in the middletown area, will continue to move towards monroe, across 75. that's the heavier snow north of hamilton. this is moving southeast as well, butler county, we have heavier snow right in the rural indiana area. otherwise, light snow shower


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