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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  February 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> breaking news alerts and the weather authority, forecast. this is good morning, cincinnati sunday. live, on local 12. >> adam: an officer fires a shot and we will have the latest on the per suit in mountain look out. >> reporter: and here, after a historic general, and fire, and we will have the details coming up. >> liz: and snow is headed to the tri state. what you need to know to stay, safe this valentines day as you are spending time with your sweetheart. or not.
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thank you for waking up with us here with us, i'm liz bonis. >> adam: and we have a lot to cover and that video and it is unbelievable and it is landmark place in the tri state and we are looking forward to see what megan has and we want to get right to our weather and here is meteorologist, brandon orr with the no wait weather. >> brandon: yeah, snow is on the way, but it has not moved in quite yet, we have the time if you want to go out and run thor rands before the snow nofz in. and you can see how it starts to push to the east and starts to break up a little bit and as it does so, it is moving closer to the radar and what this means is that there is a lot of dry air, at the ground and as the snow is falling, we call that vergo and what we are going to see throughout most of the morning before we can see the snow reach the ground and it will and it will produce the accumulations across the area.
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on the roadways and that is a good thing and so there is a lot of pretreatment, done from salting from the last storm and that is going to help out tremendously initially once the snow begins to fall, on the medical center camera, we have the peaks of sunshine from time-to-time and it is not going to warm us up a lot though, and we do have the winds that will warm us up later and right now, a lot of us are sitting at 13, 14, grows degrees and here is the timing of the snow we could see the light chances of the snow in indiana around eleven and noon, and by 4:00 we have the snow across the area and the heaviest snow in the area, between five and 7 and 8 and it could come down moderate to heavy and during those hours and the snow will be slick and this is how much that we are expecting two to four inches across northern connecticut and v, v, indiana ads well and this goes over to southern clarmont and cincinnati
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downtown and we have the high confidence in the storm as well. and that is for sure, and three inches north of downtown, and including brookville and hamilton and butler and over to hills boro and we will go over more of the totals and although the snow may break up, that does not mean that we are out of the woods and we will have the president's day forecast. >> adam: thank you, new this morning, the police receive a crash over night in mount look out and then an officer, fired a shot at a suspect, the police say that there is no indication that the suspect was hit by any shots but he was taken to the uc medical center, the police tried to stop the guy, but he what not stop, and then he crashed near, beverly, hills drooive and that suspect tried to run and that is when the shots were fired by police, shut down while the police gathered evidence. >> any time that we discharge a firearm, it is a complete, thorough investigation.
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individual is struck or not. >> adam: no officers were hurt and the name of the suspect has not been released. this is the heart breaker, northern kentucky landmark is destroyed by a far, the big story of the morning we are all talking about it. the rabbit, general store, burned to the ground last night, that is where we found, megan moore and she is live this morning with the latest. good morning, and what can you tell us? >> good morning, liz, and that is right, this rolling up here, this morning, does not say, to see and this is a building that has been around, since 1831, and a working general store, this fire broke out around 9:00 last night, and five departments responded here to fight this fire, and you can see that it is just a devastating loss and actually here, with don claire and he is the president of the granite hash, historical society and you said that you were out here early this morning and this is a building of the historical saturday actually owns. >> right. >> just a devastating loss.
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the time and i never really knew the impact of the stadium to it. and it is, it was such a tragedy, and it is such a tragedy for our history and our heritage. and but first of all, not that many, historic sites, still are around. and we are trying to take care of this like, you know, a fine thing. and we did. and we determined some kind of
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and the fire chief. has been, the first floods. but, it is getting personal. and it is a tragic. but you said, it. it has been a very, a lot of local, you know, people.
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and around the country, and around the world. it is internationally. >> very hard to look at this morning. thank you for talking with us. >> sure. >> sorry for your loss. >> and the people are already up here and it is hard to believe, something that is so old, nearly 200 years old and it has been a marker in this community. >> once i got to say that like, the community initially built. >> liz: thank you very much, if you are just joining us about this fire this morning, it started about 9:00 last night chl the fire crews were called out there and we have been on that scene over night and we will continue to bring you the latest as it happens. >> adam: still no word this
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of supreme court justice scalia. reports indicate that he died of natural causes and was reported to the supreme court in 1986, by reagan, and became a conservative and the most pro-active member of the supreme court. president obama plans to fulfill his responsibility and nominate a successor but may not be able to get that person, confirmed before the next presidential election. >> scalia was 79 years old. >> adam: no surprise, things got heated during the republican debate in south carolina last night. >> liz: donald trump has a strong lead in the polls but he got into several, verbal scuffles. craig boswell reports. >> the presidential debate, began with questions surrounding the death of supreme court justice, scalia. president obama will nominate a replacement for the justice but
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the next president should make that choice. >> i would like the president to first. >> the debate then quickly turned into a series of fights. mostly involving front runner donald trump. >> he is a nasty guy. >> the billionaire businessman called ted cruz a lire e liar. planned parenthood. >> you are the biggest liar and you are probably worse than jeb bush. and went after jeb bush's brother, george bush where the former president is popular. >> obviously the war in iraq is a big fat mistake. >> and donald trump was building a reality tv show. my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> reporter: senators clashed on the subject of immigration. >> marco has a long record when it comes to amnesty. he lied about ben ka are son in
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>> after the debate, ben car son spoke out about the infighting. >> all that we are doing when we do that is making it easier for the general election for the other side to win. >> the republican primary in south carolina takes place on february, 20th. south carolina. >> adam: turning now to local news, a man is arrested after leading deputies on a chase, the authorities say that a columia, town ship, tried to pull over 29-year-old dorsey on madison road and driving with a fake license plate, the chase ended on kiin. ny avenue, after he reportedly hit some parked cars and concrete steps and then tried to run, but the deputies caught up to him and he will face a long list of charges in court tomorrow. cincinnati police making an arrest in connection to a homicide, this man, dante williams was taken into justice 6:30 last night, the 23-year-old is now charged with murder, officers were called to tulsa
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where they found, 23-year-old, derek johnson, he was found dead inside of a car >> liz: the area's largest animal adoption begins today. it is called my furry valentine and it is always, held valentine weekend and many rescue operations and shelters are set up there and hundreds of animals are available and they are all ready for new shoemz and you can stop by from 11 to 5 and it is located on chesser road. >> and saint patrick's day not that far off, but today, the organizers of the annual parade downtown starts the prep work and it is the tradition to steal the statue from the holy cross church in mount adams in february. and it will be in hiding until the parade, which is on march 12th this year. this year is the 50th anniversary and the parade will start a new route that runs down near the snail river run park and the banks and the river front park and the banks will be a nice time there.
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cover, even more fun, the after event, have a pint. >> liz: valentines day there is a comedy at a library and we will show you where you can see a popular juggler. >> helping the people of flint, where a local, school district
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the water cr >> liz: good morning, cincinnati we are covering news where you live, a local school district has been collecting bolted water for people in michigan and they have the water crisis there and this week the water will be delivered to flint. >> adam: the students had a bottled water drive at the kroger in harrison. they have now collected 3,000 cases of water and they hope to have 4,000 after another drive at all of the schools in the district, on tuesday. and jtm is generously donated a truck and a driver to take that water to flint on wednesday. >> liz: and sap is starting to seep from the local maple trees and today you will learn more about how the syrup is made and a naturalist will lead people on a hike that begins at 2 this afternoon and the people will have the chance to learn how the native americans, helped to turn the maples into this sweet,
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trail and that is free with a park district permit. >> adam: the local library, offering free comedy, the branch on the road will host a family friendly performance with mike, and his show, includes, juggling, and it starts at 2:00 in the afternoon. big, college, basketball weekend, and we are going to tell you how xavier and uc and uk all did on the hard wood on saturday, just ahead. >> anchor: plus every girl gets a flower on valentines day in one town, we will tell you about the teenager that made it all happen. that is coming up on good morning, cincinnati sunday. >> brandon: and we are seeing the peeks through the sunrise and not going to last and the snow is moving in and we will
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by hour >> adam: good morning and welcome back, a little cold. >> liz: understatement here and the snow is on the way.
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forecast for today, we have the high confidence in this forecast, before we may say, high, and let me give it here. and it is hard to forecast for this storm. a lot of uncertainties. >> brandon: it could end up in west virginia and may not hit us at all. exactly, we are looking at precision, doppler 12, hd and it is matching up to the commuter models which is bringing us this higher senator higher certainty for the day and you can see how it is moving on but it fizzles out and we have a lot of dry air and a lot of the know that is falling and so it looks, gloomy from time-to-time and although, i have seen the peaks of the sunrise from the cameras from time-to-time and a lot of it showing up and not going to be the case before we get passed the noon hour, and 14 degrees at the international airport and coming in from the south and the east, the wind and at around, 9 miles per hour and the wind chill was not as bad as it was yesterday, and a lot of them in
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actual, temperatures in the teens and you can see the snow that is pushing in from the south and the west and it will take the time to move on in here and it will come and we have some more, off towards the mississippi river, from st. louis and all the way down and that is more snow and that is when we will move in later on today and so here is the timing with the 12 hour, forecast and looking it he snow moving in, between, noon and to 2:00, and you can see how it is just spotty and it is chances but increase as we get towards, three and we will continue to become, heavy as we get towards, five and six, and the late afternoon into the early evening and this is how much, snow that we are expecting through monday, and again, starting early in the afternoon and lasting through monday morning. and we could see, the snow fall amounts of two to four inches south of cincinnati and all of northern kentucky and southern, claire mount and adams county and also, south east, indiana over to vv indiana and two to four inches and i know that i got you right on the line here and expect about two to three inches of snow over the downtown, cincinnati by tomorrow morning, and one to three and so
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the father north you go, that includes, brookville and union county and southeastern indiana and butler and hamilton and all the way east ward to all of those areas, see one to three inches of snow, the father south, the better chance of snow and here is how the timing place out with the snow, moving in at 2:00 and it moves into downtown, cincinnati. and it continues across the area, by 4:00 or 5:00, and it could be heavy at times and we can see the deeper blues and notice how this is a steady snow and so the roads will be snow covered and they will be slick, later on today. and if you what nt to get out and go to the store and do thor rands and now is the time to do it verses later on today and they will become, pretty snow covered and slick and if could come down heavy at times, on top of the salt that is already on the roads and so a lot of the roads are pretreated and that will help out initially. and it will start to break up a little bit and becomes, lighter
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over night tonight, we are getting more spotty and tomorrow morning, it is slowly comes to an end in terms of the steady snow fall and we are looking at just a few flurries and the light remaining snow showers by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and i know that a lot of the schools may be closed because of president's day but for the most part, we are mostly dry as we get through the day midday on monday and look at this push of moisture and green and this is not snow, and this is rain and it warms up enough that the snow changes over to just some rain and especially south east, of downtown, cincinnati and maysville and west union and george town could be getting in on the rain on monday and some of the computer models have this turning into snow late on monday and that is where the uncertainty of the forecast comes into play and i am certain that it is mainly going to be the light additional accumulations if anything, as we get to late, monday on tuesday, and this is how the planning forecast plays on out, and so most of the snow, coming in later on today and we will taper off the rain and snow showers as we get towards the late week and
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compared to what we have been used to, we had to bump up the for eshth for friday and it could be getting close to 60 degrees. >> and we need to keep our eyes on the roads tomorrow. >> certainly, we will have the snow cover, tonight two to three inches of snow and that will not go anywhere, if you are getting up early and we will have the slick roadways in the morning commute. >> liz: and we will be updating all morning. adoptions at the sbca today, kelley is going to show us the great animals that you can take home and that is just ahead.
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mexico and we will >> liz: it is going to be a snowy valentines day and we will tell you when and where winter weather system is expected to be moving through our area. >> reporter: described as the pulse of the community, the rabbit, hash, general store, destroyed by flames last night. we will have the details coming up >> adam: and the pope has begun his historic trip to mexico and we will tell you what he will be doing today, for the message of helping the poor. and good morning, cincinnati thank you so much for joining us i'm adam clements >> liz: and i'm liz bonis and we want to get to the weather today and a lot is going on today and here is meteorologist brandon orr with the no-wait weather >> brandon: the snow is moving in but not yet, the roads are dry and they have a lot of salt on them and that is a good thing as the snow moves in and the pretreatment will help out tremendously. and the snow will move in, shortly after the noon hour and
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doppler it looks like it is moving in and it is not really making any progress to the east and a lot of dry air right now, and that will change later and in fact you can see the peaks of the sunrise there on the horizon and over some of the parts of the area and it is a cold morning, too and we are talking about the temperatures right now into the teens and 14 degrees at the airport and a lot of us in the lower teens, and 8 degrees and over to hillsboro and warmer to the south and the west, near indiana and 17 degrees and that is where some slightly warmer air will warm us in through the 20s and that is what we will have on the 12 hour forecast and we have the snow very well and so ten to eleven and we could see the light flurries and we will see the chance of the snow showers between noon and two and by three, we will have the widespread snow, across thea irand after, 3:00, it continues and through the sunset and after 7:00 and 8:00 and it will start to break up into more of a snow pattern and so the heaviest of
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5:00 and 8:00 and it seems like will be the best chance of the monthed rate snow pushing through the area and the snow covered roads and the interstates will be slick at times and 2 to 4, inches south west of cincinnati and including all of kentucky and over towards adam's county as well and southeastern indiana and over to lawrence berg and that is a chance for two to four, and two to three downtown, and one to three, north of downtown, in liberty, and oxford and can expect, one to three inches and you can get the pattern that the more south you go, the higher the snow totals will be, coming up, we will go more of the hour by hour, and what is ahead for president's day and we will get the snow and mixed with the rain fall and go over the forecast in about 15 minutes, >> liz: thank you very much, bran don. new this morning, a cincinnati police officer fired a lot at a suspect over night following a pursuit, right now there is no
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hit by the gun fire, the sergeant tried to pull the man over on suspicion of ovi and the pursuit ensued and the crash happened in mouvent look out chl the suspect tried to run away and there was some kind of a confrontation and no officers we are told were hurt. we had the big story of the morning is northern kentucky favorite landmarks and over night it has been destroyed by fire. >> adam: the rabbit hash, general store went up in flames, and that is where we find megan moore and devastating for the people down there. >> reporter: good morning, adam and that is right, very hard to see, and even harder to see in the daylight and difficult to look at, knowing the history of this building, and this was a working general store, since 1831, and now it is destroyed, by flames. and this building has served as a big community, gathering spot and it is also, where the town's dog mayor, lucy would hang out and the fire started around 9:00
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45 firefighters were on the scene and trying to control the flames, until 2:00 this morning, the firefighters came from bellevue, to fight this fire. and we are told that no injuries were reported. and now, the fire officials say that it was difficult to get the water on the building because there is no public water and no river access. known as a major tourist attacks according to the website and there are live antiques and hand made, items in the building, and popular to make the stop at, and we talked to the president of the historical society, and he says that it is really hard to see this happen. yes. the stores like, and it is part of my family and it is part of everybody's family. in this area. and you know, it is center of the universe, and everything. and it was really the pulse, of the community. and that is just, that is the historic background and it has
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the meeting place. >> reporter: just very difficult to see, a lot of people have been coming by here and there is only a population of one person in the actual town. but, as you can imagine, this place, has been visited by thousands, not just, in this city or around the state but around the world. and definitely difficult, to learn this, this morning. and right now, we are told that the fire is still, under investigation. and as soon as we find out what may have caused this fire, we will bring you those details. live in rabbit hash this morning, megan moore, local 12 news >> adam: thank you, that is one of the places that are not a lot of them around. >> we will work to find more information on what exactly happened and how the fire started and pass along new information as it comes our way. >> anchor: >> anchor: investigators are looking into a two alarm fire in the village today. rescue crews were called to the long, met dow lane after 6:00 last night, the fire started on the first floor, and the home enners were not home when that
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no one was hurt and in oakly, the cause of a fire, also under investigation, crews were called to a two family home, and off of madison road and that happened at 5:00 yesterday, and the firefighters kept the flames from spreading to the second flee or from the second floor and no one was on that front, but the neighbors arrested the residents to the fire and called 911, and they were not hurt, five people will have another, and have to find another place to live, and the damage right now, estimated at about $60,000. >> adam: pope francis will celebrate another mass, in mexico, thousands attended the mass at a holy site. more from mexico city. >> reporter: before celebrating mass, pope francis blessed the entrance. 5,000 people attended the service, thousands more watched outside including this boy. he ran up to the pope, and received a kiss. >> did you see that? >> reporter: the holy father
8:37 am
visit, poverty, drugs and immigration. afterwards he spent nearly 20 minutes alone, to pray before the mexico patron, saint representing the virgin mary. >> the pope said that he came to mexico as a missionary and a pilgrim. >> what does that show to mexicans? >> well, that he is with them. >> the pope says that he began with an official welcome ceremony at the national palace where he delivered a tough love message to mexican politicians. he urged them to resist the privilege and serve those in need. thousands waited to catch a glimpse of his pope mobile. >> and it was very exciting percent, here with my mother. what a blessing. >> reporter: later today, pope francis will celebrate, sunday mass outside of mexico city, at a field that holds a half a million people.
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has clocked 23 miemz, and he has 93 to go, before the trip ends next week. coming up, heads to the edge of the canada arctic to find out how the polar bears are fairing in the time of environmental change. >> they were listed as threatened necessarily because of the current status but because what we anticipate the future to be. >> anchor: he gets an up close, look at these animals and that starts right here on local 12 at nine. but, first, xavier takes on butler and indianapolis and how the basketball team held up after a loss to crayton just ahead. and plus the bear cats on the tournament bubble and what a chance that they did for east carolina, and ally will have that coming up in sports. >> liz: who says that a kiss is just a kiss? not any more, we are going to share the latest on the hot new, treatment for kissable lips, that is just in time for
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coming up on good momo >> liz: welcome back and good morning, cincinnati it is 8:41, 14 degrees, on february, 14th. happy valentines day to you, and you are just joining us and it is a good day to cuddle up with somebody and it is really cold outside, and brandon orr is here to tell us, and the tower cam and the sno he is headed this way, and the details are coming up before that though, we got to talk to ally she has sports.
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everyone and xavier is not out to prove anything to anyone but themselves. and you just have to win and the muskis coming off of a loss and just the third loss of the season, yesterday at butt ter, ler chlt /- /- butler, and they did not the shot selection and they shot, 65 percent in the first half, and the best in the first half, and smiles davis, pulls up for the three and that is good, the second half and reynolds to drop that, and stops to make it look easy, and jp, and doing, what he does, and he wants a foul. and kind of looks like one but he does not get it, and its had the bucket and he had 14, and the lead there and sumner and gets the role and he finished and the series wins at 74-57. >> i was more interested in our response, after what i thought was a poor performance. and crayton and give them a lot of credit. but we didn't play very well. we obviously played much better today.
8:43 am
four or five minutes, i thought that the difference in the game was our ability to defend. >> reporter: another team that was brought up in the bubble conversation, they won, five of the last six, going into yesterday's game with east carolina, and the pirates are not a good team and they should not have stood in their way, having a game this season and a lot of pressure for uc to pull off of the win yesterday, because you can't get engaged on a loss and congratulations to the newly engaged couple and earlier with the lead, and the base line and core had 15 and 12, and the second half, and pain, and to jacob, evans and finished with ten, and copane on the break down and kevin, johnson throws it down and he had a 13 off of the bench, and uc wins it and after the game and remember, that uc won. >> you are always as good as your next game and the guys understand what time of year it is. and in my message to them is, i can't score for you.
8:44 am
you know, i just told garry clark at half time, you know, why did you come here? he said, well i wanted to, you know, because i want to play for recruited me. >> and i said, do you want to play basketball? okay? quit trying to blend in and start playing basketball. >> reporter: at least he cracked a smile. kentucky has not been one of the most consistent teams but when mralg at a high level, they are trying to see if they can a big run and the wild cats, playing for the first place in fcc and going in and the post kyle did not make it three minutes before being tossed a second time in three years at south carolina and on to south carolina offensive foul call by the way. but, it might have worked. and to bump a team up and the uk looks good yesterday, and the us off of the glass, and marcus, and up, 49-29 and wide open and he has 27 points and 12 assists yesterday. they were very, very, fun to
8:45 am
jamal murray, the one handed jam, and uk wins it, 89-62. >> for more sports, head over to local 12,.com that will do it for this morning, have a great sunday, everyone we will see you later tonight for the sports authority. >> liz: thanks and the local fire department is raising money for charity this weekend with a bowling tournament >> adam: yeah, this event, always very well attended by the local 12 personalities. and some of our behind the scenes people. and it is put out by the indiana hills firefighters and some of the former staff members and hey look at that guy, this is not going to be good. watch this. boom, boom, not quite. if you will, that is pr and one of our photographers. and due to the bowl. >> and we talked to the editors. >> and i said that he was cutting the video back in the edit and i said that you have to put one of your strike in there and the bridge and the nice, executive producer is adam robins and he broke out the snake.
8:46 am
for us as well. look at this. >> adam: good time and a lot of money raised to help that fire department, at the madison, bowl and the big thanks to everybody that came out. >> liz: wow, the big event today to also help the local families and support those living with autism and other disabilities. and it is called autism rocks. and it runs, all day at the fair field convention center on donald drive and it is put on by former bengal quarterback, and the goal of this event is to build an assisted living community and in this today, 20 for adults and ten dollars for kids and the live music starts at noon and auctions starts just before 1:00. >> adam: valentines day and we are learning about ways to get more kissable lips >> liz: showing us how strong of the delivery. >> reporter: there is nothing more romantic than the perfect, kiss from the perfect person, what if you have the perfect family and the perfect husband
8:47 am
the perfect lips for that kiss. >> i thought that they were a little thin and i wear the lip stick a lot and i never thought that i got the look that i was looking for. well ask this team and we got this, heather and logan got the picture, perfect lips she loved, in just days. we were there when they came back to see dr. mendelson just two days after he helped her, and she went from this, to this. and i am feeling good. i like them and so it is not too much, it is perfect. and i am really excited. >> the acid is a natural substance in the body and delivered in the lips through an injectable filler, however now you can do this in a whole new way. >> we do something called a canula it is a blunt and a flexible apparatus. >> they allowed us in to show you how this apparatus worked. her goal? >> my goal is to just get the eyes to have a little puffy lip down here and inside and it is
8:48 am
be a little powdy and full and have the big full lips. >> after the initial, insert, the product has an numbing agent and so she does not feel her lips fill up. she could have some irritation or soreness. >> but the beautiful thing about the acid is that we can reverse them and they are malleable and soft and easy, and if someone doesn't like it, we can dissolve it. >> what does the success of this procedure have to do with whatever you want to see in the mirror for your own lips. but he says that the results will last, 8 to 12 months and when you leave. >> after a bottom and a top fill, almost immediately carissa went from this to this. the biggest boost she says, to her confidence. >> of course, yes. yes, i think that big lips are beautiful. >> beautiful and perhaps, whoever said that a kiss is just a kiss, never all of this. >> adam: isn't she darling. >> liz: depending on how much
8:49 am
you from $500 to $700 and the swelling goes down over night. and don't worry about stuff like that, if you are a girl, and it is an easy and out, just a fun thing that a lot of people doing for valentines day. a lot of people are going to be out and about. >> brandon: today is the day that you want to stay inside, if you want to go outside, now is the time to do it, the snow will move in midday. >> liz: everybody has valentines >> adam: everybody. >> liz: everybody that is lucky enough to share. >> brandon: that is the worst time to do things, at 5:00 or 6:00, and that is where the heavy snow will move through and you can see the snow trying to move in from the west but the air is so dry, it is having a hard time to move in and we will enough moisture in here and the snow will make it to the ground before drying up and so right now, we do have a lot of clouds across the area and we have the peeks of sunshine but not the case any more.
8:50 am
the area and we are going to stay overcast throughout the day today and 14 degrees and this is going to be a cold start to the day and we are going to get some warmer air in here and if you see some of that in indiana, 17 and that is slightly warmer air p ushing in the cooler air and we will be talking about the cooler temperatures, and right around, 8 and all of that is pushing off to north and east. and you will see a gradual warm 20s. so precipitation type in the form of all snow throughout the day today. so here is what we are looking at on precision, doppler hd and you can see how it is trying to move on in and it is taking the time and most of the snow is out towards, st. louis along the mississippi river and so we have the time later on this afternoon, once it moves in for it to get steady and heavy at times and just a few flurries by noon and afternoon we will see the scattered snow showers push in from the west to the east and then it becomes, steady at times, after 3:00, and i think that at 3:00, we are seeing the
8:51 am
and the heaviest of the snow moves in at 5:00 or 6:00 or 7, and by 9:00 it tapers off by the scattered snow showers and so we are looking at a 6 hour period of moderate snow and that is where meft of the snow accumulation will be coming from late this afternoon and into the early evening and this is what we are looking at in terms of snow fall amounts and this is how it breaks down county by county. and less amounts to the north of downtown and so we are looking at one to three inches in this light blue color and in the union county and franklin county in southeastern indiana and butler, county, including oxford and hamilton and including down to hillsboro, one to three and on probably clo ser to the tloo he and now we have two to four, south of downtown, and so if you are in downtown, cincinnati expect, two to three inches of snow by early tomorrow morning and from indiana and two to four, and across all of northern kentucky. and including right here along
8:52 am
were clairmont and brown, and seeing two to four inches of snow and we have high, confidence in this forecast and we don't see any reason that it should not pan out at least up to point and we are looking good for the forecast throughout the day today and snow fall amounts and here is the know that pushes in around 2:00 and you can see how this is a steady type of snow and this is not going to be just the snow showers and this is going to be a steady know and we will see the snow covered roads and even the interstates will become, very slick at times, later on today and even though we are seeing the fairly light snow fall amounts and only the winter weather advisory criteria and most of the thing, one to three and closer to four inches in northern kentucky and starts to break up. and over night tonight and into early monday morning we are seeing the snow break up to just the overcast conditions but we will have the slick road conditions for the monday morning commute and a lot of schools, i know may be off for president's day but if you have to go into work or to school, likely seeing some slick roadways for the monday morning commute and late in the day on
8:53 am
push in and mix in with the snow at times and not looking at the big snow fall totals at least in that point, and other than that, most of it is coming throughout the day today and we will start a big warm up that we are all looking forward to and, 57 degrees by next friday and finally see the sunshine, then too. >> that is remarkable to go from 20 to 60. >> yeah. >> so, the snow cover we will get today will not last for too much longer with the temperatures headed our way.
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stories coming up >> welcome back, here is a look at this morning's top stories, cincinnati police are investigating an over night, incident of a shot that was fired at a suspect by police. >> adam: the chase ended at 1:30 this morning, after the suspect ran off, the shot was fired during a confrontation with an officer, that shot was fired by the officer and the authorities say that it does not appear that the suspect was hit and no officers were hurt. >> liz: and the rabbit hash general store has been destroyed by fire, it started at 9:00 last night in that historic northern kentucky landmark and it is not clear how this fire started >> brandon: it is going to be a snowy valentines day and dropping the snow and brandon is going to tell us what we need to know as we head out for the morning >> brandon: a good start looking like that video, here and by
8:57 am
if you are in downtown, we are expecting two to three inches, by tomorrow morning and north of downtown, butler or connorsville, and one to three inches and northern kentucky will see the most snow out of this storm system and that includes, lawrence berg and south east, indiana and all of kentucky, and adams county and right there along the ohio river could see two to four inches for this by tomorrow, and we will be back here at 11:30, and the sno he is expected to pick up around noon and so we will have a lot of updates right here. >> adam: be careful if you are heading out today. >> liz: keep it here we will have more news at local 12, and
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