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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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valentine's day. >> love knows no snowy road. >> a couple venturing out for a valentine's day. >> i think he had a plan to make her cold so she would snuggle up. convince her. >> we are going to get to all the stories in just a moment. make sure you are checking closings if you are going to an activity to church or something. >> for the most part the roads are in pretty good shape, pretty good drizzle. point 5 at the airport, south breeze, 3 miles per hour, in some areas, you ma i see freezing drizzle, flurries, and
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quite thick through the region, winter advisory goes through noon. by noon we edge above freezing 34, so any flurries and drizzle changes over to plain drizzle. by late day 38 degrees, by this evening, rain to develop for parts of the tri-state and tonight that rain may turn to snow for parts of the tri-state with additional accumulations, we will tell you who has the best chance of that coming up, right now let's get a geek check on traffic, here is jen. >> reporter: we have had several reports of cars striking trees, at haddock and redding. we saw a report because a car hit a pole. on sydney road near bell phil lane, because not only a car hit a pole, but that car caught on fire. utility crews, and other crews are on scene. adam clements says that the incident, river road and dark.
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been traded. i'm still seeing salt trucks going through all across the tri-state. the secondary roads we have using caution on, and right now we have adam clements, and it looks like that has been plowed out adam. >> reporter: jen, i tell what, things look great, we're on u.s. 50, we're headed in the westbound direction along the ohio river, heading toward the west side of town and it's pretty much been the story of the morning what we have seen is everything has been free and clear. earlier this morning, when i was driving from the eastside of town the only things i rather than into was residential, and even those were not bad, they were a little dicey. a lot of schools are off for president's day, you shouldn't have to run into any problems. the winter weather advisory has
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should be good to go there, otherwise if you're heading out, things look pretty good. we will keep track of the rods -- roads for you, for now back to the studio. got to have the wiper fluid filled up. we think alike. the snow kept a lost people out -- a lot of people out. >> a lot of people ventured out and enjoyed cold at the square. roy and sam spent the night out enjoying a quiet meal at the square. >> i enjoy the big snow coming down. it made it better knowing that it wasn't crowded. it was awesome. we will keep you safe in the snow and freezing drizzle, keep watching and more on the traffic and snow developing as well. the story of a -- the family
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her family offering a $10,000 reward for her safe return for arrest and conviction of those who may be charged in connection with her disappearance. if you know anything about where turner might be, you are asked to call police. developing this morning, we're learning more about a wrong way crash, that killed five people in dayton early saturday morning. police suspect the driver was drunk, and listen to this, he had just been released from jail for a separate dui incident 33 hours earlier. all of those killed in the other car were in their 20s and three of the friends were in a hard rock band together. only a few hours left to register to vote in ohio's primary. you need to register by tomorrow to vote on may 15. if you are mailing the form you have to have it postmarked by tomorrow.
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9:00 tomorrow night. they are helping out with the flint water crisis. southwest students collected water over the weekend and they want to deliver it this week. the students have selected 3,000 cases and they hope to have 4,000 after another water drive in all the district schools tomorrow. jtm is donating a truck and a driver to take that water to flint on wednesday. we want to bring you an update on a special girl who we told you about before. >> the 3-year-old put on a gown, and went to the prom. she has a genetic disorder that is fatal. she was one of the 180 guests that got to go to the prom, they call it the night to shine for people with special needs. >> i'm excited especially about the fact that she is awake and alert, feeling really good today. we live everyday as it's going to be her last, because we're
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>> more than 100 churches around the world help out with the night to shine prom. that is really sweet. >> it puts a smile on her face. all the mean things, and when you see people do something like, and put together for those who don't what the rest of us have. it gives you hope. it's 6:06, making the debate personal. and donald trump took a jeb bush
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talking about snow amounts >> reporter: good morning,it's 6:08 take a look at the roads, most the roads have been treated out, some roads are causing issues, like sydney road at colerain, we have a broken down dorchester at 71, and we have another car had a hit a pole at haddock and redding. look at the interstates, they have all been treated. the good news is when you look at cameras like these, you can see the salt trucks going out
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>> that's good jen, because the winter weather advisory has been extended to go through noon. it's covering most of the area, you will see areas of drizzle and flurries as you step out the door. it's 25 right now. temperatures will be slow to rise, with drizzle lingering through noon, by late day, temperatures will rise above freezing in the mid-to upper 30s by late this afternoon. we are track another weather system which could bring rain and eventually some snow to the area. i will have more on that in just a bit. right now we will send it out to brandon orr, he was tracking the storm system all day long, and he joins us with the snow fall totals in the area, i measured three inches of snow at my house. i live fairly close to the airport. i have a white board that i measure it on. it was completely clean before the snow started. snow ended, i was sitting right there at three evans inches right there.
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to the measurement they have here. and john, you were talking about the freezing drizzle that we had around, and we now have a light glaze of ice on our tripod, and our car over there and everything else as well, as the freezing drizzle. we don't expect more than a glaze. as john was mentioning about the snow, we measured 2.9 inches of snow, that is the official here at the airport and that is where the official measurements are taken here at cincinnati. they don't measure it on the grass. just like john was doing it, at a snowboard. it's a piece of plywood painted white. it comes to 2 1/2 close to three inches. and just a foot or so over, i put it it down and it's more like 5 1/2, and almost a foot of snow. a lot of it -- the ground is very uneven. and a lot of ta that i was measuring with the grass, along
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even a patio would be okay that because it's so cold that the snow did not melt on the patio before it started accumulating and you will get a more accurate snow reading. most areas around cincinnati picked up 3-4 inches of snow, but we surely had an easy storm the forecast. we are fairly high in terms of confidence that the storm john is forecasting for tonight and tomorrow morning, we saw him talking about that, that one is much more uncertain. we will be back out here and tell you more on what the airport officials are measuring coming up in the next half our, back to you. and getting enough sleep, why it's so important for
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>> ." welcome back, everyone, pope mexico. >> he will be at the country north border after celebrating an outdoor mass yesterday. he spent time with the children's hospital. and concerned for the krks zika virus, the government is spraying, and going from home to
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things got heated between donald trump and governor jeb bush over the war in iraq. >> obviously, the war in iraq is a big fat mistake. george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes, but that one was a beauty. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. the republican democratic talks the death of san twawn scalia. and obama said that he will name a replacement, but they say that it ought to be to the next president. and they go to the polls on saturday. teenage boys who are deprived of deep sleep are at higher risk for diabetes. adolescent boys who didn't get the adequate sleep, were at
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resistence than were girls. adrian godfrey decided he wanted to make every girl happy. so he order aid flower for every girl. >> i don't think that a girl ought to be left out. >> a little bit of money. >> it cost hayden nearly $500 to pull this off. he worked at the local market as a bagger and saved his money to buy all of these flowers. you think this is a ploy, but he already had a girlfriend, and she is proud of him. he is a sensitive guy. >> yeah. >> you have a backup plan just in kyes. case. >> he was being sweet. >> $500, that's a lot of money, a lot of money. >> he probably makes $150 a week. >> that is so sweet. >> i wouldn't have done it, like
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>> let it go. >> let it go. >> probably best we stop now. >> we got stuff to talk about out there. we have accidents, main roads have been mostly criticized and i'm so continuing to see salt trucks out there, but we do have a few issues that are causing headaches for folks, sydney road, still have lanes blocked there. you may want to avoid that because of an earlier vehicle that hit a pole. utility vehicles are on the scene. it's not causing new anytime. and padding near redding another car had a hit a pole with possible lane restrictions there that come down on the wire. as i mentioned our interstates they look very good out there. volume of traffic is going to be lighter than normal because a lot of folks have school off today, and some folks have work off, we are not seeing any major slow downs, even down near kyle's lane looks good. but some of our secondary roads
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we looked at the city of cincinnati that they're trying to cover the secondary roads, and they each cover 52 miles, each truck, so that's a lot of work. they're working on it in the city but our interstates look good. i was happy to see that my road was plowed at 1:30 this morning. yes, ki get up the hill, good thing. there's drizzle falling in many communities, that may lead to an additional slick spot traveling, and this may be the view in downtown cincinnati. it's not much of a view. we are looking at radisson and covington and we cannot see downtown cincinnati with fog and drizzle around, and it's treeing drizzle -- freezing drizzle, and the temperature 25 degrees, and a breeze from the south at 3:00, and a windchill of 21, and you are going to see the windchill of the teens and low 20s, and temperature starting in the 20s areas of freezing drizzle will continue through the morning with some flurries mixed in for good measure in spots,
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the mid-30s, temperatures will go above freezing, ground temperatures will lag behind the air temperatures, even though we go above freezing, the ground will stay below freezing for a time, and then notice just clouds as we head into the middle of the afternoon, but by late day, we start to see some scattered showers redeveloping yeah, rainshowers coming late afternoon into the evening. there's the extensive cloud cover for us here, south of cincinnati, rain and snow through tennessee and the eastern kentucky, this a part of a developing area of low pressure down here in mississippi that is going to ride up through the carolinas and virginia overnight. why do we care about that? it's going to toss more moisture back our way later today. there's a look at our radar, light returns east of cincinnati with flurries and areas of freazing drizzle possible here through the morning. then you will notice clouds, the remainder of the day, with temperatures only edging into the upper 30s, late this
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mount olivet, that spreads this evening back toward the cincinnati area. that storm system moves toward the south. this is falling in the form of rain. there could potentially be a little bit of freezing rain mixed in with some areas with colder ground. now here is the uncertain part. tonight after midnight, some models are showing a changeover to snow, southeast of cincinnati and then eventually for the entire area. when this changeover occurs, we will determine how much if any accumulations that folks southeast of cincinnati will get tonight. this is highly uncertain. highly, highly uncertain, so i urge you to stay tune to forecast later tied today and into tonight. notice 7:00 tomorrow morning, here. temperatures near 30, tomorrow we see clouds, though late day, another system may graze our southern counties with a chance for rain and showers. we are close to 40 tomorrow. there's a chance of rain or snow
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evening passing south of cincinnati and by wednesday morning, we're in the upper 20s. wednesday afternoon, a few flurries, perhaps a snow shower around nothing significant with temperatures in the upper 30s by wednesday afternoon. now, to the southeast of cincinnati, if we do get a changeover early tonight, we could be picking up 1-3 inches of snow fall accumulation. hillsboro, augusta, peebles, if this changeover occurs even earlier, the amounts out here could be greater, perhaps significantly greater. if the change occurs later, the amount could be less. at this point we just don't know. if you live out here, hillsborough, peebles, maysville, augusta and mount olivet, you may want to stay tune for later forecasts because that could have a bigger impact on road conditions tomorrow morning. i want to show the planning forecast because we have a big warm up in store as the storms go by.
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and snow showers redeveloping late tomorrow and then snow showers on wednesday, 37, 40s thursday, and no, that is not a mistake. friday we're up to 60 degrees with showers possible late day, and then into the weekend, highs in the upper 50s, so a big warm up on the way here. if you hang on just a few more days, guys, i want to point out one more time, if you live southeast of cincinnati stay tuned to later forecast tonight. there could be some significant snow fall down there. it is indeed possible of, we will have more information throughout the day. back to you. yeah. >> 6:23 and picking up the pieces how a local community is planning to rebuild after the
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trending now, music's best musicians will be on stage, they will deliver a tribute to bb king. the homage to the late david bowie is expected to be among the greatest performance, but the biggest spot belongs to
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7-grammys you can watch it tonight starting at 8:00. >> we want to know on facebook, what is your favorite album of all times. >> i assume, when taylor goes up to accept the award, kanye will par chute in to interrupt. we are getting great responses and you are going to want to go, maybe get the old album out, if you have an album. michael jackson off-the-wall, my favorite, because there's a lot to choose from, but that remains the fave. among that is my favorite. lindsay, says, in 1989, upper taylor, it's my 20th-something anthem. the dark side of the moon, yeah, no doubt, that one is flooding many a time under a dark light. and brian is my new favorite dude, because i have two face value by phil collins, sports.
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>> i like that last one, brian, it's a good one. >> i've got some favorite bands but it's hard for me to say favorite album. >> no doubt, it's very difficult. >> i just can't.
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john, and it's surreal. i just, i didn't know. a lot of memories; a lot of memories. a community rebuilding. now at 6:30, how you can help after a devastating fire burned down the rabbit hash general store. a local hospital under investigation, why the department of veterans affairs is looking into cincinnati's medical center. and already making a
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team tries to get money for new uniforms. happy president's day, if you were out and about yesterday afternoon, i'm talking a window between say 3:00 and 6:00 that is coming down. >> i felt so lucky to be in my house with nothing to do. >> it must have really settled down early enough jest evening for roads -- yesterday evening, for roads and crews to settle. >> they did a good job. >> but this morning, freezing drizzle. >> we're seeing that around the tri-state this morning, guys, a very light freezing rain, and freezing drizzle continues to fall. it may exasperate freezing conditions, south wind at 3 miles per hour and on radar, we have been picking up some returns, especially northeast of cincinnati now, most of that likely falling in the form of some freezing drizzle as we start out the day here. we will see this linger throughout the morning, here is the view of the cloud, radar, a lot of this stuff doesn't get picked up very well on radar, but we do have some of this
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because of that the winter weather advisory has been extended until noon. it covers most of the area, the area at 27, freezing drizzle at noon, even though temperatures go above freezing, it looks like ground temperatures will linger below freezing, and late day upper 30s, clouds by late afternoon with temperatures rising above the freezing mark. tonight we expect some rain to move into parts of tri-state. and overnight that rain turns into snow with accumulation possible for some of us. i will be back with more on who stands best chance of picking up snow tonight, right nowlet get a check on the roads. here is jen. good morning, if you're getting ready to head out the road, most of our major roads have been treated and some of the secondary roads are a little bit ticey depending on where you live, some of them have been completely cleared, some have
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out, and we're still using caution watch for that. our interstates as i mentioned they look pretty good out there, and i'm still seeing trucks go through the cameras, near state route 4 and traffic moving along okay. and even i-71/i-75, volume of traffic lighter than normal out there this morning a lot of folks are off school and possibly off of work today, still use a little caution when you are heading out the door this morning, we do have local 12 adam clements he is out on harrison avenue this morning, how are things looking on the west side, adam. >> reporter: things look pretty good on harry soon avenue as you say, coming up on new haven if you are familiar with this area. we have very impressive road conditions so far, not only on the interstates which were absolutely problem-free with
6:34 am
bridges that have the potential, and the cold air temperature, and that elevated surface. even the side roads not that bad, the only problem on it is very, very early this this morning, and that was in clermont county in my own subdivision. once you hit 471, everything looked good, and we're seeing much of the same on the wet side, most of it is in tip top shape for the most part. we shouldn't have any concerns and involve traffic, if we have the morning commute with it being president's day. for now we will send it back to the studio. 6:34 and a local community is coming together after a fire destroyed the landmark. >> the general store blaze was accidental, probably started an old potbelly stove. nearly 200-year-old build being burned to the ground after withstanding flood after flood loongt along the river of over the years.
6:35 am
the store fore for decades. >> you see all of these people, some of them we know, and some we have never seen before in our lives, and this store meant something to them, and something to us. >> a go fund me page has been started to raise money to rebuilding the store and you can find a link at the of a statement was issued this weekend, it didn't reveal the reason for the investigation, the. va says it has temporarily shifted the side over the medical center to another region. the hospital delivers medical care to over 43,000 veterans from southwest ohio, kentucky and indiana, each year. and 6:35, and friends and family will say goodbye to a legend of the reds organization. a visitation was held for long time equipment manager. bernie stows. he retired after 66 years with
6:36 am
the age of 79. and the president's day celebration, and the team offering half price admission today. you can checkout the exhibit for $5 for dolts for adults, $4 for seniors, and all the visitors will get free stars of the city poster. county commissioners, and sin mayor cincinnati mayor is declaring angel angel aware -- they are hoping to bring awareness to the chromosome 15, the hue mon chromosome which the din sin drom syndrome affects. of since that story aired, the team has raised almost $4,500 to buy those uniforms, it's going to run them $25,000, though, and the boosters have created a go fund me account to
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you will find a link for that at that's a good start. i was floored by the cost, though. >> i was, too. >> we were all surprised by that, i think. >> food for them, though. they will -- good for them, though, they will get it. laser beam turned around a plane that was headed for new york city and the pilots describe what happened. here is a live look outside.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> reporter: good morning, 639, if you're getting ready to head out on the roads, there's a lot of issues on roads. there's reports of lairnz are lanes are blocked, and watch for lane restrictions there, and as we look at the interstates, volume of traffic, and areas at 655 near loveland, and a lot of folks are off school and off work today. watch for the secondary roads, john. untreated roadways will still be slick, obviously, we're adding freezing drizzle to that as well. a winter weather advisory, areas of freezing drizzle will stick around through the morning and
6:41 am
34 at noon, despite temperatures above freezing at noon, roadways will still remain below freezing and late day, we're in the upper 30s, cloudy skies, rain possible in parts of the area, late today into this evening, and that rain may mix in or change to more accumulating snow for some of us in the tri-state tonight. i will have more on who can expect the best chance of accumulation coming up in just a bit. john. all right, john, let the arguments begin. why republicans and democrats are arguing over the appointment
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plus giving up something for 6:44 and new this morning, a laser pointed at a plane force aid pilot to turn around, a flight of london to new york. after the. >> after the laser first hit them, the pilot felt sick, and they decided to turn the plane around. they are still trying to figure out where that laser came from. the body of the antoine scalia is being transported. he died of natural causes as he was on a hunting trip in texas. a debate is absolutely ranging among candidates on the campaign trail over who president obama should nominate as scalia's
6:45 am
>> president has the right, and the responsibility to nominate a new supreme court justice. >> we cannot afford to have scalia replaced by someone like the nominees he has put there in the past. four liberals, the nominee would tip the balance of the court. >> the president will nominate the successor in due time: meantime funeral arrangements for scalia have yet to be announced. and george w. bush will join his brother jeb on the campaign trail. george with bow for his readiness to be a commander-in-chief and he is hoping to gain momentum after a 4th place finish in new hampshire. a super hero gets a super debut at the box office despite a snowy weekend. dead pool earned $135 million, that's a record for a february
6:46 am
biggest r rated open ever. a lot of people across the tristate give up something for lent or at least they try. it turns out people give up different things in different states according to google search data. meat is a popular choice and the most searched item it to give up in eight states including ohio. in kentucky people are picking a similar choice, they are giving up fried foods, and food related items were the top choices with indiana picking chocolate to give up. too. jo joians want georgiaians are giving up social media. >> in kansas folks are giving up makeup. in idaho they're not turning on netflix. it's interesting, isn't it. >> i wonder what searching has to do with giving up things. do you search what you're going to give up for. >> to me it seems kind of weird. valentine's people were shopping for those things.
6:47 am
they're looking for substitutes, you know. >> i guess. >> nobody is giving up lying, though. [ laughter ] >> you think that might be a little higher lift. >> all right. let's get a look at the roads on president's day, a lot of kids off the schools, the volume is down. >> reporter: we do have accidents, a couple of cars into poles this morning that seems to be the common thing. we had three this morning, down to 2 still causing lane closures. sydney road at bell field lane, we do have an earlier report of a vehicle there that we confirmed was a stolen vehicle hit a pole in the area. utility poles are still on the scene there. paddock and redding, where a car hit a road in that area of possible lane restriction is still there. the oonl other thing is dorchester at 71, not causing
6:48 am
loveland mare daria is starting -- madeira, is starting to see folks, near kyle lease lane, it doesn't look to bad for this time of the morning. 471 not seeing much on the camera, let's go to i-74-75 the cut-in-the-hill. the interstates they are all treated, still seeing salt trucks, because of the freezing drizzle. the secondary roads, need to watch them very carefully if you're heading out the door on those. absolutely, and with the freezing drizzle coming down on untreated surfaces, you get a little glaze on them, areas that got plowed with the snow being pushed away, now a little freezing drizzle on top with the salt put down. that may make things a little bit slick. it's president's day, and we like to bust out the president's day forecast. here it is. >> is that president. >> that is president hartzog there. >> 7 years ago. >> that's a good look on him. >> it really is. >> it fits him well.
6:49 am
scattered rainshowers will develop late afternoon, especially southeast of cincinnati and into the evening heading up toward the greater cincinnati area will climb into the upper 30s today. a warmer president's day in store for the area. this is a look at precision doppler 12hd. i'm picking up freezing drizzle into clinton county, and stretching through warren county, heading into hamilton county, most of the stuff we can't pick up because the drops are so small. you may see an occasional flurry mixed in with freezing drizzle. atrium weather medical cam, can't see down from the radisson and covington with the low clouds and the drizzlele, 25 degrees, a south breeze at 3, a windchill of 21. upper 20s through the morning, areas of freezing drizzle stick around, by noon we're above freezing, but the ground temperature will lag behind the air temperature, still freezing drizzle early afternoon, and just clouds upper 30s by around 4:00.
6:50 am
evening, we begin to see scattered showers especially from cincinnati to point south and east, and the reason for that it's a developing area of low pressure moving out of louisiana into mississippi. this is going to move up through the carolinas into virginia overnight. as that happens it's going to take moisture and throw it back overtop of the greater cincinnati area. however, areas along and east of 71 have the highest chance of seeing some of this moisture. let's break things down for you, clouds, drizzle this morning, cloud cover this afternoon, notice southeast of cincinnati, a sharp cut off to where that rain falls. yes this, is rain in green through 5:30 this afternoon, but then it begins to back toward the cincinnati area overnight. and then after mid knighted, knighted it's possible some areas may change over to snow, and again, the timing on this is highly uncertain. if it happens earlier in the night, we're looking at some
6:51 am
later in the night not as much in accumulations, notice through 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, this model showing south and east of cincinnati and everything out of here tomorrow. another system grazes the area late tomorrow. that will bring a chance for a late snow showers, especially south of town of cincinnati late tomorrow afternoon, and into fairly quiet. there could be a scattered flurry and passing snow showers on wednesday. that's about it. now, if you live down here, in highland county, adams, brown, bracken, robertson or mason county, i urge you to stay tuned to later forecast later today into this evening, because again, depending on when you changeover, you could pick up accumulating snow fall. 1-3 inches possible, you could see more than this, you could see less than this. generally along and east of i-71, maybe minor accumulations, but the southeastern counties that i'm concerned with tonight
6:52 am
changeover occurs tonight, it's going to be a quick changeover, when it does happen, so stay tuned to later forecast. 38 today, morning freezing drizzle, late showers, may mix with or change into snow before ending early tomorrow, and late tomorrow, the chance for more rain and snow showers, flurries and snow showers on wednesday, 37, and then look at what happens. it gets warmer. thursday 43, friday 60 degrees, chance for a shower friday, that 60 is not a mistake. we're going to be in the upper 50s this weekend, partly cloudy beautiful saturday, and then the chance for showers will return late sunday with the high of around 56 degrees, so get through the next few days, and then nice payoff by the end of the week guys. back to you. very good, thank you, john. the grammys are always full of drama and kanye west is
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a local community is coming together after a fight fire devastates a landmark. >> it looks like it was an accident, and started in an old potbelly stove.
6:56 am
building burned to the ground on saturday night after withstanding floods for years along the ohio river. a go fund me page is on the way to raise money to rebuild the store. you can find a link to it at there's only a few hours left to register to vote in ohio's primary. you can find a link to the reg registration tomorrow. >> officers will accept forms until 9:00 tomorrow night. the president's day celebration, the hall of fame and museum is offering half price admission, 4 $4 for students and seniors, and all visitors will get a queen star poster. the grammy awards are on tv tonight. anthony mason will preview the biggest night. and we will have two hours of
6:57 am
chance to win tickets at the darrell at the river bend. >> i didn't know. friends we hope kim kardashian got a prenup, i'm not saying he is a gelled gold digger be but kanye west might soon need to be. he announced his album, and announced his $43 million in personal debt. only really clear if he is serious. now his album the life of pablo, and they are asking to subscribe if they want to hear it. he has asked, mike zuckerberg to invest in his ideas, because quote, he is the greatest living artist, and greatest artist of all time. >> i thought martin offered him >> $10 million. >> why wouldn't he take it. >> take it, he ones 1 billion.
6:58 am
$10 million off of that album. >> trust me, you can buy his album from amazon right now. it's a thing.
7:00 am
>> why does he have to say that captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the supreme court loses a conservative titan. justice antonin scalia's death has a battle over his replacement. >> trump donald trump has a commanding lead in north carolina but jeb


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