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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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part of the day and then fall again. temperatures floating up through the mid and upp 30s through now and 6:00 p.m. the temperature falls from the 30s tonight. allowing snow to mix in. especially after 10:00. it looks like precipitation will be focused to the south and sot east. with temperatures near freezing, they will be relatively minor, yesterday. more on that in a moment. first we have no precipitation to track, can't rule out patchy drizzle drizzle. the winter weather advisory that was in effect for noon is about to be cancelled within the next minute. lunken airport 31. visibilities 1 to 5 miles. be prepared for lower visibilities, all the way through midday, even though we have no significant precipitation in the tri-state.
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focused to the east, southeast and south of cincinnati, beginning late this afternoon, and continuing through this evening. another shot for rain and snow showers comes tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. and if you're sick of the cold and the snow and , we have temperatures well above average as we get into the weekend. another check of the radar, more on rain and snow tonight and of course the planning forecast in ten minutes. john. >> john: we're following breaking news today. a man is dead and his body was found inside a burning home. good afternoon, adam. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. yeah, the coroner is on the scene here at this home on timber mill lane. one man is dead, he was found in the kitchen of this home this morning. this is still an active scene, you can see the house pretty
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when firefighters arrived, they got here around 9:00. that was the first time that the fire presented itself on the exterior. but, firefighters say this started well into the night. probably in the middle of the night and had been burning for several hours. they got here. heavy smoke and flames. they got inside, but they encountered some obstacles, they said there was a whole lot of stuff inside the house. a lot of clutter that they needed to work their way through to get to that man. there was a report that there may have been another person inside. that proves to be correct. just one man and we're told he lives here by himself. he was pronounced dead at the scene. here is the chief talking about what his men encountered when he got there. there was a lot of fire. it just showed itself this morning. we got called at 9:00 a.m. the first units arrived and said they had fired visible flames
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there's a lot of content inside the house, which makes it on. >> and take a look at this shot. you can see clear through the house. it burned all the way in the back. the roof, a large hole in it. right now, firefighters still inside working to put it out completely. it had still been burning. i had a chance to speak with a man in the neighborhood. he said he knew the man who lived here on a very friendly basis. he would see the man walking his dog, and a very friendly man. this isn't an easy thing for these guys to have to go through coming in and losing a victim at a fire scene. there was one injury. he sprained an ankle. but he's expected to be okay. adam clements, local 12 news. john, back to you. >> adam. thank you. >> remember you can find the
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we'll also have more on this beginning first at 4:00. >> a man who was shot at at an as soon as police officer. he faces charges of aggravated vehicular assault and destruction of a business. they say he did not stop when an officer tried to pull him over yesterday. the officer believed he might have been intoxicated. police say he took off, but eventually crashed and tried to runaway. shortly after the officer fired a shot but no one was hurt. police are still looking into what caused the officer to fire his side arm. a 23-year-old man accused of killing his cousin is awarded on over a million dollar dollars bond. williams attorney said that johnson's death was an accident
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a report that someone had been shot and found johnson dead inside a vehicle. neighbors and community members can get answers today from the group selected to review the university of cincinnati police department. members will be at the hamilton county community action agency. the firm was hired in the wake of the shooting death of samuel dubose by former uc police officer ray tinsing last summer. people can share their thoughts from 6:30 to 8:30. tinsing is set to go on trial in october. >> family and friends, gathered for long time equipment manager. he died last week at the age of 80. ohio voters who want to vote in
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tomorrow to register. all county boards of elections will be open until 9:00 tomorrow night to accept registration forms. if you want to register online, we have a link at
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p >> preparations are underway for the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia who suddenly died on a hunting trip in texas. reports from the supreme court in washington, d.c. >> reporter: flags are flying at half-staff outside of the supreme court today in honor of justice antonin scalia. scalia died while on a hunting trip at this ranch in texas. they determined by phone that the 79-year-old passed away of natural causes. >> one of the things that i did ask the sheriff, and the marshal that was there, if there were any signs of foul play and they
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>> scalia was a conservative titan, ruthlessly defending the constitution. still he maintained deep friendships with chief justices like ruth ginnsberg. president obama says there's enough time left in his term to appoint scalia's replacement. >> but many republicans, including senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell say the appointment should wait until a new president is elected. >> it is called delay, delay, delay. >> the second time in more than 60 years that a justice has died while still serving on the bench. cbs news, the supreme court. >> scalia served on the supreme court for three decades.
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scalia's doctor says he suffered conditions. his family denied a private autopsy. >> former governor ted strickland strickland. mcconnell said he will block the vote. >> strickland says it is wrong. >> i'm troubled that the republican leadership and all of the candidates for the presidency on the republican side are saying that this president should not nominate and that they will not consider forth. i think that is just the result of raw politics, and i think that's an example of putting partisan politics above the needs of the country. >> strickland spoke with reporters this morning. >> we have a request for comment
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>> strickland is being challenged in the democratic senatorial primary.
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hit >> airstrikes in northern syria destroyed a doctors without
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at least seven people died and seven more injured. the russian war planes targeted the clinic. in the neighboring province it struck a children's hospital including several people, including children and a pregnant women. they agreed to temporary cease power set to begin later this week. >> thousands gathered where pope francis will celebrate mass. the holy father is in the middle of a mass right now. this being held in three native languages. the pope is now halfway through his five day trip to mexico. >> police carried out a massive drug bus. approximately 700 million usd. the liquid drug was found hidden
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police also found the drug hidden inside art supplies. authorities have arrested and charged four people over that
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>> we're above freezing at the airport, but not by much. we still have a cloudy sky.
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moisture favoring areas south, southeast and east of cincinnati. there may be some snow mixing in. but this is going to be a relatively minor event because temperatures will be near or above freezing for much of the evening. there will be areas of fog through at least midday. visibilities may come up for the second half of the afternoon before rain starts to develop to the south and to the southeast of cincinnati. we still have spots that are not in the best of shape thanks to snow yesterday. this is all going to be rain. 5:00, 6:00. once we get into the evening, colder air starts to wrap in. there will be a transition over to snow at least in some spots. more on that in a moment. you can get the updated hour-by-hour forecast on local 12's weather authority app.
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i've lowered it a degree to 37. the view from oxford, temperature 32, windchill 25. no precipitation, at least today. obviously a lot of fog in oxford and many tri-state communities. we'll be cloudy with patchy drizzle and fog. scattered rain showers will develop very late this afternoon and then rain becomes a bit more widespread once we get into tonight. there will be a transition over to rain and snow by late evening and possibly close to freezing rain by midnight. temperature knew now 28 in connorsville.
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light means the fog that we have now will persist for a couple more hours. 33 now at the cincinnati northern kentucky international airport airport. take a look at satellite and radar data. this tells the story of what's going to happen over the last couple of hours. the far northern edge is starting to pivot towards the southern and southeastern part of the tri-state. if you live in owenton, hillsboro, peeples, georgetown, a better chance of seeing rain for areas along and northwest of 71. beginning this afternoon and continuing into the evening. i expect at least some snow to accumulate in the far southern and southeastern part of the tri-state. notice on the forecast model, rain approaching but also snow
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deeper into the evening. notice, more snow mixing in as we go near and past the midnight hours. temperatures tonight will be near or above freezing. so the possibility is there, but at least that will help to keep totals down. we have another shot for rain and snow tomorrow, especially southwest of cincinnati. otherwise, cloudy sky tomorrow. minor accumulations with that disturbance tomorrow. we're focused on what's happening tonight. >> at this point, i'm thinking an inch or less of new snow. down through hamilton and clermont county. especially east of brookes sville. this is new snow. at least a very preliminary estimate for tonight and early tomorrow.
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early tomorrow. our threat level is at be aware. rain to snow tonight. freezing rain lingers into early tomorrow. we'll have a mix of rain and snow tonight. planning forecast shows we're cold with waves of rain and snow
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still a >> a new laser technology is helping people to get rid of unwanted tattoos. it is called pico 4. four different wavelengths and of ink. they cost several hundred dollars a session. most patients don't experience any major side effects: . the excitement over the 58th ann grammy awards is growing. the show is going to be packed with unique collaborations and some stiff competitions. this year's grammy's promise to stir up a lot of emotion. they will rock the grammy stage. the performers are part of the grammy tradition. al bum of the year contender
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all-star tribute. lady gaga is expected to be among the night's biggest performances. >> eighth annual grammy award show airs live tonight. stay tuned for top stories and the hour by hour forecast on local 12 news live after the grammy. >> gray and gloomy now, rain will start to move in areas southeast of cincinnati. an inch or less for most. we'll update the forecast later today on
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news >> neil: wow. >> lily: yeah, i' ve sampled them both, so let' s go with the 2008 vintage over the 2012. okay. thank you. >> neil: hey. >> lily: hi. >> neil: wow. you really pulled this place together fast. talk about a-a nice transformation. >> lily: yeah, thanks. you don' t think it' s too reserved? >> neil: oh, no, no. i think it' s absolutely perfect. so, why' d you, uh -- why' d you


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