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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  February 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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stop clicking around! book direct at for the lowest price anywhere online. delta is proud to be the official airline partner of the grammy awards. delta, keep climbing. 3 3 u-c's police department is put under a microscope after a police shooting that prosecutors say should have never happened. 3 some places see accumulating snow while others see none. which areas pick up the most. 3
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but, it was far from easy. what we can all learn from his escape from childhood poverty. 3 3 while some >> good evening, we still have a few hours this precipitation left. radar showing most of this falling as snow. now, i still expect some raindrops to be mixing in especially as you move west of clermont county but around the 275 loop we have a lot of fog. lower visibility's less than half a mail to most places and
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adams county, that's where we're seeing the first real snowflakes. and we've been seeing snow through highland county, adams county, as well, and now moving eventual brown county. i suggest with some of these areas over to dry ridge and falmouth that we're seeing some rain mix in with that and areas northwest of cincinnati not really seeing any precipitation fall but we do have a lot of fog in the area. we still have that winter weather advisory set until tomorrow morn at 10:00 for the areas shaded in purple. coming up, we'll track the rain and snow hour by hour, and that's in 10 minutes. back to you. >> a uc police officer shot and killed a man during a traffic stop. tonight the firm doing an independent rue of the department got an earful from residents. >> yeah, the meeting ran longer than expected tonight.
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and a lot of things to say about uc's police department. >> we're not going to talk about the settlement. >> reporter: judge john west set ground rules early, saying the discussion would center on ways to improve uc's police department. >> the calls for change come after the fatal shooting of sam debeau by former uc police officer ray tensing. a team has been hired made up of a former police commissioner didn't assistant district attorney from new york and other exlaw enforcement officials. >> the investigation of what took place, that matter is before the courts now. but it is a review of everything they do in the department and try to work toward helping make improvements. >> the team listened to tough questions and criticisms. >> i think that an officer
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personality, but also should have the experiences to deal with the demographic in which he or she is serving. >> even though the credentials that you have shown are outstanding and impeccable, you don't know cincinnati. >> reporter: the third review was done of every aspect of the department. >> there's gonna be change. it'll be slow in some areas, fastener others. but that's the nature of change. >> there were a lot of questions tonight. people asked why this event was hill. we were told that uc wanted a neutral site convenient to members of the community. the next forum will be held closer to campus on march 2nd. the investigation should be complete by june. anjeanette levy, back to you. >> and the uc officer who shot
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trial in october. a space heater used to keep his dogs warm sparked a fire this morning in springfield township. investigators say clutter in the home helped to fuel the fire. >> the old pot belly stove and the rabbit has general store is likely the cause of saturday night's fire that destroyed the landmark. money is already being raised to cover the rebuild. no one was injured. shock waves, that's pretty much the best way to describe what's happening in washington after saturday's sudden death of superior court justice antonin scalia. scalia led the court's conservative justices for three decades. tonight we learned justice scalia died of natural causes and his family will decide whether his body will lay in pose. flags are at half-staff around the country. it's only been about 48 hours and already it's
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it's incredible to witness, isn't it? how many times do voters have to tell our elected officials that we are sick of the bickering, sick of the inaction, and sick of the inability of either party to compromise. it's not one party's responsible. republicans. why can't president obama nominate somebody with a chance of being confirmed by the senate and why can't senator hearing? instead both sides gist attack each other and we the people get the same old washington gridlock. but, listen to what justice scalia had to say about gridlock. >> americans can appreciate that and learn to love the separation of powers, which means learning to love the gridlock, which the framers believed would be the main protection of minorities. the main protection. if a bill is about to pass, it
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minority, it doesn't take much to throw a monkey wrench into this complex system. >> his words made me think so it's important for us to remember what change we really want in washington, when we head to the voting booth in november. tell me what you think on my facebook page. >> coming up tomorrow, a superhero update. the boy who was dubbed super luke by the late lauren hill, the 5-year-old suffers from neuro fibro mytosis that has produced tumors in his brain. luke just went in for another mri to check for the status of a pair of brain tumors and checked in with the family before the latest test that gives his mom what she calls skangiety. >> i said after a few good mris, i'd be willing to take out his g tube but too nerve us that as soon as i do that something's gonna happen and then we'd have to do that all over again and i wouldn't want to put him through that.
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6:00, brad will share what the mri reveals and super luke's constant battle living with ms. he says he's the happiest cancer patient he ever met. always has a smile, that little boy. some unsettling words about our drinking water is next. >> and we'll introduce you to
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he may not have a so you. tonight we continue our long-term investigation into childhood poverty, cincinnati's crisis. >> we've already introduced you to key people who played significant roles in a 1964 local 12 documentary on poverty. tonight the story offedy dean wilson. >> then wilson was a 16-year-old high school dropout, living in a world of poverty. we see wilson's life after the filming ended. >> reporter: wilson is very much a self-made man. he proudly stands on a deck of his dell high home knowing that he owns it free and clear, and
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>> i worked ever since i was 13. running a wagon, doing the garbage route, you know. and when they to down all the buildings in the area for the school, i would -- you know, this they could stop their job and i would go in there and pick up the stuff that they didn't want, that burn off the wood for hinges and anything like that. >> reporter: 52 years ago in this documentary on poverty, it was a very different eddie wilson on tv. >> this is eddie dean wilson, another young man with no place to go. like clifford, poverty pulled him away from school, and that same poverty denies him a job. a job that might, just might, lift him out of poverty. >> reporter: at 16, eddie dropped out of school. >> i didn't have the proper
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it was stuff from welfare and, you know, it was just -- it was a struggle all the time, all the time. >> sounds like it was kind of intimidating to go to school. >> yeah, it was. i couldn't have what the other kids had. >> reporter: his comments now five decades later are echoes of a painful past. >> even less work for a 16-year-old that had to quit school last year when he could no longer mend his jeans or deal with the insulting name river trash. >> this is 14 in mansfield, one of the lovely rehab old neighborhoods of old cincinnati. but before all the renovation, this is where eddie wilson spent a lot of his younger years, and growing up poor on these streets was one of the things that helped him make a very tough decision to drop out of high school. >> reporter: after living downtown, ad's family moved to dell high on the same street where he bought his home.
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that way. and they filmed me there, right there and he talked a while and didn't have nothing to do, you know, which i didn't at that time. >> reporter: after multiple jobs, eddie spent 42 years working for steel craft. he found a couple of passions too, harley-davidson motorcycles and the national hot rod association. in 2001, eddie won the nhra's version of an academy award known as a wally. he took the honors with a 1969 camaro at 115 miles per hour. brought up on welfare, and he marked some other milestones along the way, as well. >> i told my parents, i said, one day i'll get you out of this, and i did. >> how did you do that? just by working and the things
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have before they had it all. >> i asked my dad how far he went to school and said i went in the front door and out the backdoor. >> reporter: while eddie never went back to school he firmly believes the road out poverty is paveed with goals and education. >> it was my goal, you know, to do better and i done so. with the help of my wife we worked as a team, still do. >> and says the government has made in too easy for people not to work and still get benefits. >> it's just very important for children to go to school. so hang in there and do it. because on down the road, it gets worse. they'll find that out. >> but it can also get better with hard work. in dell high, rich jaffey, local 12 news. and eddie tells us even
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fixed income, his wife still works at steel craft. they both continue to help other families and family members deal with poverty. the head of the ohio epa says our drinking water needs to be tested more thoroughly, more tests need to be made public more quickly. craig butler's comments come in the wake of lead being discovered in flint, michigan and in ohio. butler asked today for help from ohio's representative in washington to speed up testing and notification to communities. well, tonight lawmakers are still trying to put blinders on handheld speed cameras in the tristate. four bills in the state senate would keep the municipality from getting more than 30% of its revenue from tickets linked to the cameras. another bill limits the number of tickets per camera. a third bill says a town with population under 200 just can't use them. the final bill says if there is no fire or ems service, there cannot be speed cameras in that
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you've gotta have heart. that's what the song says. >> and if justin willburn is any indication, you don't have to have a whole heart to have plenty it. angela ingrim has this local boy's inspirational story. >> reporter: the wilburn home is filled with a lot of love and laughs. you look at 12-year-old justin and you wouldn't know. he's had some challenges. >> he's had a multitude of surgeries, three open heart, a little over five heart kaths. >> reporter: but none of them has stopped him from living his dream. this year justin got to serve with his inspiration bethany hamilton who lost her arm during a shark attack. >> it actually said if you can serve with one arm than i can surf with half a heart. >> reporter: it was the make a wish trip to hawaii of a
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>> we did goat see a luau and we had a meet and greet. she signed some of our things. >> reporter: justin got to take his mother and sister. but he's always focused in on helping others. this year he raised $1500 for the american heart association. last year justin's school raised more than $3,000 in his honor for the american heart association, and this year the schools at already more than $5,000 with more donation still pouring in. more than 200 children at billsboro elementary filled the gym and jumped rope to raise money last year, and as they learn about justin's challenges, they've been inspired by his courage. >> seymore happy and excited to share his story because he knows the more he talks about it, the more other people know that this is a real defect. >> reporter: in this family, the words "i can't" don't exist. justin is proof that we can overcome our challenges and do it with a smile.
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because i know if he can do it, i can do it, and we just -- i strive to be like him, as strong as he is. >> reporter: in hillsborough, angela ingrim, local 12 news. >> justin also raises awareness and money for children's hospital by sharing his story. diligenceboro elementary will have another jump for justin event next monday. what a special young man. all right, we've got precipitation in some areas of the tristate and a lot of fog, it looks like. >> yeah, the fog will be here for quite some time. the dense fog advisory goes until 1:00 this morning. i should say tuesday morning. but we're still gonna be dealing with on and off soggy areas throughout the next couple of days. and this is what you're looking at. this some along ohio 32 near winchester in adams county and one of our photographers, matt, was out there, and he said that 32 was kind of slick because the fluffiness was building up on the roads and the parking lots there, as you can see.
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be along with the accumulation of snow in those parts of the tristate and that's where we're looking at picking up anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow. >> we're looking at accumulation, especially off to our eastern and southeastern corner of the viewing area. right now we are tracking a mixture of drizzle and some very ound cincinnati. and that's what we're seeing outside of the station here. we still have a mix of rain and light snowflakes through northern kentucky. off to our east is where our heaviest precipitation is from areas from southeastern clinton county, highland county, brown and adams county all the way down to brackin, mason and robertson county. we're all seeing for the most part snow with a little bit of rain mixing in. these areas that you see that dark blue color just like we see around people in west union, back in clermont county we're
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work in a little bit more from that rain/snow mix to some snow. we're gonna continue to see this mix transition to over all snow after midnight. you can see this shield of moisture, most from cincinnati eastward, with a little bit of flurry activity has been developing north and west. i think areas north and west in the local 12 viewing area, consersville, liberty and brookville, other than a few slick spots tomorrow morning, i don't think there will be major issues. where we will have issues and at the places under the woke up advisory. includes highland, brown, adams, brackin, mason counties. morning. areas shaded in gray is the dense fog advisory. this is probably the best camera you can actually see something
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down to quarter of a mile visibility. we're at 34 from the airport. 32 for hillsborough. 34 in georgetown. these numbers are playing a huge role in who's seeing what right now. my concern, as well, is once we fall a little further, those road conditions will get colder and i'm afraid anything that's wet may be slick, especially bridges and overpasses tomorrow morning. here's 2:00 for tuesday morning and this shield of precipitation going to continue to back off to the east. so by 4:00 we're almost done with the precip. by 5:00, we may see a couple of lingering snowshowers from hillsborough down to west union and then we're done. we see cloudy conditions pretty much all of tuesday. a clipper-like system just to the south of and us that may climb a western county tomorrow afternoon which may prompt a spotty chance for shower or snowshower but i don't think it's gonna cause any additional problems because temperatures are going to be topping out in the mid-30s tomorrow.
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the white shade, 1 inch or less in areas north and west. i really don't think we're going to see any accumulation at all. and again the snow that has been talking in places like highland county, a lot of it has been the melting on contact with the ground but we will see light accumulations tomorrow morning. 37 on wednesday after starting off in the 20s. 40s by thursday, which is actually normal for this time of year and then we'll be pretty breezy on friday with a chance of a few rainshowers but we won't care because temperatures will be close to 60 friday, saturday and even into the 50s for sunday and we should see a little bit of sun for this weekend, so much better than the past weekend.
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story it is a good thing bengals quarterback andy dalton takes care of the football much better than his own luggage. you might remember he turned to twitter earlier this month when luggage he had in the back of his truck went missing at dallas airport. the luggage was finally found and returned to dalton and now he's at it again. this time the airline's fault. dalton tweeted out, hashtag bag search 2016 is back on at american air. it's your turn to find the luggage. hashtag, unbelievable. apparently american airlines had some trouble locating andy's gear. american airlines responded right away, tweeting to andy they were sorry for the delay in his bags and looking into the
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the salary cap is going up at close to $12 million. last year it was over $143-mil and next season it is reportedly going up to $155. the bengals have several key free agents they'd love to re-sign. still ahead on local 12 sports, are the bearcats bound
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the bearcats of uc have been hard at work over the past year to let the big 12 know when the time is right for expansion they'd be first in line. the cats say they are open for another renovation if the league comes calling. latest app fox 25 poll is out. once again the wildcats on the top spot. the jayhawks for second. musketeers xavier checking in at 8 falling three spots from last week and tyler euless, the scc freshman of the week the flyers rank 15th and the hoosiers they are at number 22206 shots this season and every one of them has been a 3-pointer. that's right. not a lay-up in sight.
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percentage of over 45 what a season it has been for sydney moss. the senior guard the president's athletic conference play of the week. 26 points a game as saints remain unbeaten with a pair of wins on the road. the weather out in arizona these days, 88 degrees with a 100% chance of sunshine. this thursday the reds will be soaking it all in as they open up spring training. pitchers and catchers making their way to good year for the start of a very important camp. so much to be decided as the reds rebuild and they look to the future and that roster not getting a whole lot of respect right now. usa today release their preseason predictions and not giving the reds a whole lot of love. a projected record of 61 wins and 101 losses, tied for the lowest with the ability of those two teams opening up the regular season at great american ballpark opening day
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and number 21 up for grabs, who will wear todd frasier's old dits, michael tweeted out this today, changing from his old number 55 to 21. frasier of course will train the white sox back in the summer. ever.
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>> it's gonna be a long y yearr . a final check of weather. >> we're looking at snow especially east of cincinnati and that's where we'll probably have the most issues. we're under the windchill weather advisory.


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