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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 3 we're tracking a local breaking news alert.... out of mason this morning.that's where a house caught on fire. it happened around two this morning on olympia avenue. that's where local 12's adam
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3 stay with local 12 and local 12 dot com for updates.we'll bring you the latest details again at 5- 30. 3 a review of u- c's police department is underway.. seven months after an officer shot an unarmed man during a traffic stop. a public meeting was held in bond hill last night. the team from exiger, the company hired to conduct the review, listened to questions and comments from the community. u- c officials have said ray tensing shooting sam dubose was a mistake. residents voiced concerns about the police department. 3 pamela champion: "i think that the recommendations or the qualifications to be an officer needst to change because we have too many police officers because we have too many police officers who are unqualified." another
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march second. exiger's review should be finished in june. 3 an ohio deli reopens after a machete attack.hundreds of people offered their support to the columbus restaurant. "nazarath" had been closed since thursday's attack.police say mohamed barry walked in and started swinging a machete.. injuring four people. police say an officer shot and killed barry after he lunged at them with the many people went to the reopening.. the restaurant had to set up tents in their parking lot to accomodate everyone. 3 the head of the ohio e- p- a says our drinking water needs to be tested more thoroughly.. more often.. and the results of those need to be made public more quickly. craig butler's comments come in the wake of lead being discovered in the water in flint, michigan and sebring, ohio. butler asked yesterday for help from ohio's representatives in washington to speed up testing and notification to communities. 3 a nationwide review gives ohio, kentucky and indiana mixed grades for handling
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and how those reports are shared with other states.ohio gets the top letter grade -- an *a*.kentucky earns a *c* for having little information oline and sharing records on disclipine.indiana gets an *f* because teachers can get a license before their history is reviewed. 3 there's some good news for the bengals as they get set for an offseason of free agency. the nfl's salary cap is going up by close to 12 million dollars. last year it was just over 143 million.. and next season it is reportedly going up to 155 million.. the bengals have several key free agents they'd like to resign.. and the increase in the cap may help them do just that. 3 a young boy with a big heart is inspiring his classmates and raising thousands of dollars to help others. justin wilburn was born with a congential heart defect and has fought an uphill battle since birth, but he is not letting anything stop him from living his dreams.this year, he raised 15 hundred dollars for the american heart association. last year, justin's school raised more
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donations in his honor. justin's mother says he's her inspiration. 3 43:38 he is my rock. :39 he's everything. i wake up everyday just because i know, if he can do it, i can do it. :46 and i strive to be like him :49 as strong as he is :51 justin also raises awareness and money for children's hospital by sharing his story. dillsboro elementary will have another "jump for justin" event to raise money for the american heart association next monday. 3 we're tracking snow in the tri state.local 12's brandon orr joins us with a *live* update on the roads, up, something extra at your local grocery store.we'll tell you how whole foods is appealing to're watching good morning cincinnati.
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way.
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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3
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3 etch - a- sketch is drawing a new future . the ohio art company company that produced the classic toy has sold it to spin master corp in toronto for an undisclosed price. the company, based in bryan, ohio, has been making the toy for more than five decades.the
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bittersweet - but was done to help ohio art's long term future. 3 shopping at your local whole foods? how about picking up some milk, bread and getting a tattoo? the grocery store chain has been playing with the idea of adding tattoo parlors to its new 365 chain. they are hoping to target millennial shoppers and the budget conscious by offering smaller stores with lower prices. whole foods says they are also thinking of setting up record shops in the grocery stores. 3 taking control of the zika virus.we'll tell you what officials are doing to combat the disease in south america. plus, an interesting collection.we'll introduce you to a man who celebrates president's day all year long. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk
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3 the large storm system that hit the eastern u-s with snow, sleet, rain and strong winds is being blamed for violent weather in mississippi and florida's panhandle.
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dozen homes were destroyed when a tornado ripped through the town last night. crews had to use a chain saw to free a 94 year-old woman who was trapped in her home. 3 brazil is launching "operation zika zero."hundreds of thousands of health workers will send out information on how to fight mosquito bites. zika is mostly harmless for adults, but it's been linked to a serious birth defect among newborns.president dilma rousseff said the zika virus outbreak will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio de janeiro. 3 presidential candidates are battling for primary voters.. president george w bush lent some of his conservative credibility to his brother jeb's campaign.the brothers bush spoke to a packed south carolina crowd -- hoping to gain traction before the first in the south primary.meanwhile bernie sanders is attempting to convince nevada voters he is not what rival hillary clinton calls a single issue candidate. 3 (president george w. bush): (:11) "one because i care deeply about jeb. and two because i care deeply about
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clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): (:58) "i'm not a single-issue candidate. (1:00) (bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "(1:12) we are the only nation, major nation on earth, that doesn't guarantee healthcare for all people. (1:17) south carolina voters go to the polls this saturday for the republican party primary.the democratic primary will take place a week later. 3 president's day only comes once a year.. but you're about to meet a man who celebrates presidents year- round! 3 (1:10) "i've got a vision for these guys. really something that will attract kids and get them to learn some history and what they country's really all about." (1:19)howard hankins has a collection of 43 president head sculptures sitting in his backyard in virginia. they weigh about 800- thousand pounds. hankins said he was hired to crush the sculptures after a theme park closed.but he says he couldn't do it and decided to take them to his concrete recycling business. the statues were free. but, moving them cost about fifty, he hopes to find
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where they'll be appreciated. 3
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3 we're continuing to track a fire in mason.we'll bring you another update at five thirty. but first, the grammys are trending!up next, we'll show you the clips that everyone is
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3 the grammys are trending this morning!the event was packed with celebrities.. and one of the most talked about performances was the lionel richie medley.(:45) come on and sing my song. come on everybody. all night long.. (nats) (:55)john legend.. 3 demi lavoto.. luke bryan.. meghan trainor.. and tyrese sang songs from the icon's career.demi performed, "hello," and adele was nowhere to be found!ll cool j started the show with a nod to the fact that lionel richie and adele were finally in the same room and that their songs,
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3 another big moment was when stevie wonder and pentatonix paid tribute to earth, wind and fire's maurice white. (1:35) nats singing "that's the way of the world." (1:45) 3 the artists launched into the moving number and audience members clapped along to the of the late musician rotated on the venue's giant video screens. this was the only a cappella performance of the night. 3
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3 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start
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3 we're tracking a local breaking news alert.... out of mason this morning.that's where a house caught on fire. it happened around two this morning on olympia avenue. that's where local 12's adam clements joins us *live* with
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3 3 stay with local 12 and local 12 dot com for updates.we'll bring you the latest details again at six. 3 if you want a say in who will be our next president, you have to be registered to vote. the deadline to do so is today!
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postmarked no later than today to be considered valid... and all boards of elections in ohio will be open until 9 can get one at your local library or go to local 12 dot com, hover over the news tab, then click on get it now. 3 our sister station in columbus will host a national town hall today called *millennials & politics*. we'll look into the biggest and most important challenges facing today's generation of young americans. we'll also examine which presidential candidate can best solve their concerns. that's streaming tonight from seven to eight on local 12 dot com. 3 a documentary about teddy kremer, the famous reds batboy, will hit the screen in front a packed house tonight. e-s-p-n did a special on him called teddy ballgame, which tells his story, and the impact he's made on the reds. there's a special screening from seven to nine tonight at mount notre dame high school. now, tickets sold out online, but you might still be able to get them at the door ... they're five bucks.and teddy
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discussion after the film. 3 ohio drivers got quite the surprise at the pump.two toledo gas stations got into a bit of a price war, and that meant drivers payed just pennies a gallon for a fill- up.gas prices at a "pilot" station stood at just 49 cents. .. and then.. they dropped to just 19 cents.the "pilot" clerk says the dropping prices were the cause of a computer malfunction.the glitch promped the "circle k" across the street to get in on the action. they dropped their prices to just 17 cents! 3 (taylor kline/driver)(:58) "i just filled my whole gas tank up from dead empty for 26 cents. i told her to put ten on it and she only gave me five bucks and now i need to go get my change. that's too funny." (1:10)the price drop lasted for at least three hours, and if you were to
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they're back up to a buck- 51. 3 trusting your kids with strangers.would you do it? coming up, we'll tell you about an app that's being
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3 3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3 3 3 3 cut-in-the-hilli-75 is clear
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3 coming up today.. we'll bring you a superhero update. he's the boy who was dubbed "super luke" by the late lauren hill. the 5- year- old suffers from nuero- fibro- mitosis that has produced tumors in his brain. luke just went in for another m- r- i to check the status of a pair of brain tumors. brad johansen checked in with the family before the latest test that gives his mom what she calls
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3 (00;13;56 "i said after a few good mris maybe to take his port out, take out his g tube, but i'm just too nervous as soon as a i do that something's gonna happen we'd have to put it back in again and wouldn't want to put him thru that 14;12 ) tonight at 6, brad shares what the m- r- i reveals.. and super luke's constant battle living with n- f. 3 is the kindle killing the bookstore?we'll tell you if places like barnes and noble could soon be a thing of the're watching good
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3 america's top intelligence official is saying an attack by isis in the united states is inevitable. the warning from c-i-a director john brennan comes after months of growing anxiety amid attacks in paris and san bernadino. he says, because of geography, it's likely the terror group will try to inspire those already living in the u-s. 3 "i'm expecting them to try to put in place the operatives, the material or whatever else that they need to do or to incite people to carry out these attacks, clearly. so i believe that their attempts are inevitable. i don't think their successes necessarily are." u-s officials says there is no specific credible threat of an isis plot in the u-s right now. but they are on heightened alert. 3
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they're lucky they were home when they had a new hoverboard charging.not long after plugging it in, it exploded. the family was able to get it out of the house and throw it in the snow before it caused any major damage. but it did leave burn marks and caught some shades on fire. w-g-n says the family ordered the smart balance wheel on amazon and that it needed an adapter to charge. efforts to reach the company were not successful. 3 the popularity of e- books such as the nook and the kindle made a lot of people think bookstores would become a thing of the past.not from the u- s census bureau shows bookstores are again on the rise. bookstore sales rose by two- and- a- half- percent last's now an 11- point- two- billion dollar industry. that's the first increase for the industry since 2007. 3 say the kids miss the school bus or there are days you just can't do pickup. now there's an app for that. 3 (:52) "this message will get delivered at the right time to
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to the kid. on the map you can see all sorts of drivers around you. you can look at their profiles." (1:05) zemcar is available for android phones and is gearing up to get into the apple store.a former verizon wireless executive and father of 2 created the app.he compares it to uber -- but for kids. parents set up rides on demand or schedule trips in advance. drivers go through stringent background can pick drivers and can keep favorites by setting up a trusted circle. so far.. drivers are made up of nanny's.. moms.. and teachers.and there's video
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3 3 3
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3 the grammys are trending. coming up at six.. we'll show you even more highlights from last night's big, "i know when that snowline bling." "that can only mean one thing." we'll introduce you to a kentucky superintendent who is
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good morning, everyone,. we have a lot of school closings. pick your precipitation, we probably have had it. we are had rain, freezing drills, and rain, and the only thing we haven't had a rain from
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and to the west of i-71 and 7 , and the county of butler, hamilton, and back most of the southeast, indiana, watch for thick fog and out east where we have seen the wet snow overnight, the winter weather advisory, the snow high gone for highland, adams, brack bracken counties, we have areas of drizzle and fog, a windchill of 26 degrees for. for the kids going to the bus, we do expect the temperatures to fall a few degrees as the morning wears on in the low 30s, areas of drizzle, freezing drizzle and thick fog, low 30s bit lunch hour, patchy fog hangs in this afternoon in ride home. i see a big warm coming toward the end of the week, and the weekend, you will like what i
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