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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and to the west of i-71 and 7 , and the county of butler, hamilton, and back most of the southeast, indiana, watch for thick fog and out east where we have seen the wet snow overnight, the winter weather advisory, the snow high gone for highland, adams, brack bracken counties, we have areas of drizzle and fog, a windchill of 26 degrees for. for the kids going to the bus, we do expect the temperatures to fall a few degrees as the morning wears on in the low 30s, areas of drizzle, freezing drizzle and thick fog, low 30s bit lunch hour, patchy fog hangs in this afternoon in ride home. i see a big warm coming toward the end of the week, and the weekend, you will like what i
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let checkout road conditions with jen, jen, i thick fog earlier this morning. >> reporter: we are seeing that as an issue around the tri-state, the fog, that is. we got a report in of a deputy cruiser being truck at a traffic stop at the 4400 block of beach mont avenue. dispatch says the deputy is okay, but that could mean there's slick spots along beach mont avenue near 32. there's a live look at i-75 near 32, you can tell the interstate has been treated but out east is where we are seeing level 2 snow emergencies adams, and they got hit with snow overnight, we don't have cameras, but brandon is out there, and we want too bit. right now we will send it on the news desk.
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and local 12 12 adam clements has spent the night at the scene, and he is live with what we know right now. adam. >> reporter: right now we know that one person has died in the house fire. i want to show you the house right now. firefighters are still inside focusing on the left side of this house, that is where most of the damage was done. it doesn't like doesn't look like a whole lot of damage was done at olympia house around mason. 151 to be exact, that is when the calm came in that there was a fire at this home, other than one person was inside dead, they are not telling much more than that. the fire is under investigation, they're focusing on the left portion of this house, pretty heavy damage, very significant as you can see there, we are going to continue to stay on this, and it's been a rough
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fire yesterday at springfield township. a man was killed yesterday, we don't know the name or the age of person who was killed but we will work to find thought out for you. adam clements, right now back to you in the studio. all right, stay with us, and adam will be at severn with 7:00 with another update. it's been months since a police officer shot and killed another man during a traffic stop. they reviewing the video of the stop. as they view the criticisms of forum. >> an officer should not only have the personality but deal with the demographics that he is serving. even though the credentials that you are and you are impeccable.
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on march second, and a review that should be finished by june. developing now the head of the ohio epa says our drinking water needs to be tested more thoroughly and more often. it's discovered in flint michigan, butler is asking for help for ohio representatives in washington to speed up testing and its community. >> a 12-year-old may only have half a heart but it's enough to inentire inspire everyone he sees. this year alone he has raised $1,500 for the american heart association. as his classmates learn about his challenges, they are encouraged by his courage. >> he is more happy and excited to share his story, because he knows that the more he talks it, the more people will know this is a real defect.
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it. i strive to be as strong as he is. this year, they took a make a trip -- make-a-wish foundation with his family. if he can do that with one arm, he can do things with half a heart. that is incredible, isn't it. >> here is a young person who, for him. he is raising money for other people, which is just incredible. really cool! you are going to like this a lot. a young couple are celebrating their good fortune. they were raising to the hospital trying to get there before the baby was born and make t the family was well prepared for the emergency. get they are a firefighter, paramedic and a nurse, katie had an instinct, they weren't going to make it to the hospital, but
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with katie on all 4s, the baby was born on u.s. 50, between lawrence burg. >> i work for harrison and my wife delivered our baby in the front seat. >> i would have done the same thing with a passanger, if we were in the ambulances before we were going to clamp and cut it. she tried to suction his nose and mouth with her mouth because we didn't have anything. >> did you hear him on that call. >> look at that baby. >> that is -- >> he looks like he is 3 months old. >> he is doing just fine. it gets better, katie's dad is also a cincinnati firefighter, and katie was also a surprise delivery at home while dad was on on-duty officer.this is something the family has experience with apparently. isn't that crazy?
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an issue for, and dense fog advisory, we have had visibility then than a quarter of a mile. freezing drizzle lingering, winter weather advisories, out the door you go, 32 right now, cloudy skies, we see temperatures hovering around the freezing area, dense fog, and freezing drizzle, by 4:00, 34 degrees, we have a big warm up by end of the week, more in minutes, jen. in the metro area, we have no big issues to report. we have a report of an accident near bill getter and lincoln. we were telling you about a deputy cruiser being struck 4400 block of beachmont avenue. he is okay dispatch says, but i may still see flashing light during a flashing stop. out we have level two snow emergencies in adams and brown counties and we will have more
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parts of the south are cleaning up after at least 16 tornadoes were reported. crazeey, several homes and buildings in florida and in is misare damaged. the weather wrecked havoc with travel across the country.
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1500 flights canceled. the travel problems could continue today. people with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia may benefit from a cue puncture. patients with nine consecutive weeks reported significantly less pain even a year later. and also new this morning ford announced it will oven launch four new suvs in next four years. ford vice president made the show. he announced that there's no plans to eliminate any models. they also have the nation's best-selling suv and the explorer. the 58 grammy showcased more than just music, it walked away with most grammys, but taylor swift nabbed three, including
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paid tribute to music legends. and who better to do that than lady gaga. this year's grammies stirred up emotions and this one by lady gagato the late david bowie. give me a memory that i can use >> adele was back on the stage singing all i ask, but a few moment in the performance and many asking if she was off her act, and she said that the mics on the piano fell on to the string making it sound out of tune. >> there's going to be people along the way, who will try to under cut your successor take credit for your accomplishments,
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>> apparently taylor swift and kanye west have come round circle with the war of words. swift made that speech. at a love swift is the first woman to win a grammy for album of the year twice. >> kanye says those lyrics did not do that. he has no combustion of getting in somebody's else's face before. >> and he didn't parachute in. >> didn't the lyrics specifically mention her by name in a really rude way. >> i don't blame her for addressing him. >> you know it's better to ignore him, though, because all he want to attention people like that. >> but they won't. >> here we are right now. [ laughter ] >> lady gaga, that performance she did for david bowie is incredible. >> there were times when she
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>> i want to get back to adele's song "all i ask," i heard an interview with her that said that is one of the hardest songs she has to sing. you can imagine the microphone falls off. >> you could tell something was off. >> i'm sure it sounded better at the staple center than it sounded on tv. >> we played worst part of it. the whole thing didn't sound like that. some of it still sounded very good. >> bruno mars wrote that song for her. >> who. >> really. >> threat a great song. >> i did put the lady gaga, david bowie thing on my facebook page. if you get a chance the lionel richie tribute. and if you are out. we will see exactly why it's not a good time on the roads, because we're going to get live on brandon.
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the metro area. within the 275, you may be talking what snow are we talking about. the roads have been treated. salt crews out there this morning even, gilbert near lincoln, we have reports of an accident, and we have a deputy struck, his vehicle was struck at 4400 block of beach mont avenue, that hasn't made it to our map yet. it's at a track spot, he is fine, dispatch, you may see flashing light and 4400 block of beach mont avenue. look down at i-71/i-75, a little fog to contend with, threat a biggest issue within the two 75 loop. let's go out to brandon, orr who is at winchester at adams county, a different story out there, lots of snow-covered roads, and adams county is under laifl two level 2 snow emergency. >> reporter: you can see why, jen. we're in downtown winchester, there's a couple of inches of
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we took 275, and got off toward the batavia exit, and when we hit batavia toward 32, that is when we had a light coating including on the car tops, that is when we saw the roads were covered, the secondaries, 32 they're doing a great job treating that, and suffers temperatures at 32 degrees, so the salt is very, very effective at this temperature and it's working very nicely. in fact, you can see the main road here, that goes through winchester is mainly just wet, because they plowed it first, and then laid down that layer of salt which took care of the rest. the reason they got so much more snow out here versus downtown is last night when he was raining out here, it was raining harder than over downtown. that dragged down some colder air from above, and made it just the right temperature for snow here. now i snow john gumm is standing by, 1 or 2 degrees different, colder we are looking at a different completely.
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forecast played out exactly how it would, we thought it would, from anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow, some of that even melting. generally speaking as brandon showed you if they salted the roadways, then you should be in gad way, because the temperatures have been hovering around freezing, we are getting snow fall totals trickling into the office, a couple of degrees around union, and just under an inch of snow, winter weather advisory goes out there until 10:00, high hand, highland, brown, adams, and you will see lingering effects out there, again like brandon showed you, if the main roads are salted and side streets that haven't been treated they are going to be slushy. we will focus on dense fog and even drizzle which is hanging on to parts of the tri-state. half a mile visibility, and even zero at falmouth.
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continues for many counties in the area until 8:00 in the morning, and pavement we are watching south of the river are hovering just above freezing at hebron and at union, but crittenton, and unions town and liberty, watch for drizzle or fog to make for slick spots on untreated surfaces. here is the view downtown, foggy over downtown cincinnati, it's 32 with freezing fog are reported northwest winds at 9, and a windchill of 24. we will fall a few more degrees of 38, 30, areas of drizzle by noon, we are back to the freezing mark, we only climb a few degrees, 32 of lake, and clouds falling through the day, even fog possible through the afternoon. there's the rain, the snow, even the report of ice pellets or sleet overnight to the west we're tracking another weather system coming through iowa or missouri, latest indications are
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area later today, and not really have much of an impact on it. one system pulling away to the east, another one passing south of them late afternoon. another one traveling south around louisville, and lexington, you may find a shower for us today, tomorrow a few scattered snow flurries, otherwise a cold day with temperatures in the 30s, and then as we take you into the weekend checkout what happens. temperatures skyrocket saturday looks awesome, partly cloudy going up to 60 degrees, even mid on sunday, 54, but with a chance for a few showers back in the mix for the second half the weekend. today 34 the high, morning drizzle, freezing drizzle and fog, and then clouds the rest of today, tonight we're down to 31, 28 at midnight, clouds linger across the area overnight with a low of 25, 37 a flurry possible tomorrow, 42 on thursday, and
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to 60 on friday, saturday with a nice delayed shower, possible, late frayed, sunday it's partly cloudy, sunday there's a chance for showers 54, and we will turn cooler, monday a lingering shower early in the day with a high around 47 degrees. we just up updated the weather authority app, and you can add that at the app store and google play. pushing back the start of school, it's a controversial idea in kentucky. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know howow to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks."
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[butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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all right, we're talking grammys on face book today. we want to know the favorite moments,. we're checking in with first with tammy hamilton. they chowed showed one of the roadways on hamilton, a lot of fun, tammy and adele sort of overcoming some of those technical issues. john, says carey underwood, and grant hunt, carrie under wood. she can flat out sing. the kathy says the eagles tribute to glen fry.
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they sang one of the numbers, i guess he had helped cowrite. and it made the first time they were together since he passed. it was emotional to see them altogether. robert said if you had to pick just one, it would be lady gaga, amazing and it brought back lots of memories but really enjoyed the tribute to lionel richie. >> and i loved those as well. >> it's not so much the song as it is an attachment to a memory tor a feeling -- or a feeling. for me if it makes me roll down
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degrees outside, and it's a car it's a rainy day, a drizzly day,. drizzle. >> there's school closings and delays, make sure you watch a school like ticker and the website. and john is tracking it all. >> the fog is the may issue, a dense fog advisory, this fog has been thick in many communities this morning. radar not showing a whole lot out there, the last of the snow, it has pulled out, still areas of drizzle will be found out and about the greatest sin area. the winter weather advisory, covers brown, adams, bracken and mason county, the snow has ended but slushy accumulations overnight. main road should be doing pretty good if they have been salted, side streets will be slushy. there's the view downtown, fog hanging over cincinnati, it's 32 degrees, clouds at the airport. northwest winds at nine, and areas of drizzle around for the
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temperatures will fall a few more degrees in the morning. fog and 30 as we head out the door. clouds, drizzle, low to mid-30s late day as the clouds hang on through the tri-state. we got a couple of cold days before things really begin to warm up. we will detail that warm up in the weather authority forecast coming up. right nowlet checkout road conditions, here is jen. >> reporter: we have one incident and we have been telling you about the report of a deputy cruiser being struck during a traffic stop. that is a beach mont at 32, you may see of flashing lights in that area, i-71-75 southbound near zion the camera you can see that there's a lot of fog in the area as we mentioned, but i don't see it causing a lot of delays, within the metro area, reported. it looks like some of the fog is lifting around the area. some of the fog, near red bank earlier.
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cause visibility issues out there, and of course on the eastside where we are under a level two emergency, and adams and brown county are going to need to use caution on side roads. within the 275 loop, we're looking good, sheila. thank you, jen, we're going to get right to breaking news, a perp is dead after a mason house fire. local 12, adam clements is there right now, he has been there all morning reporting on this. adam, tell us what you found out so far? >> reporter: right now it looks like they're starting to clear the scene the at this home at olympia drive and mason. this is where they have been focusing much of the investigation, and this is under investigation, crews have been called and this morning they arrived, there was a fire, one person has been confirmed dead, we do not know if that is a man or a woman, we do not know the victim. right now they are staying fairly tight lipped in terms of what they found in the investigation, just look aththe house,
6:34 am
only the left portion of the house has been affected. it's been affected pretty there. no other homes have been damaged in this fire. we will stay on the scene, hopefully learn more information, we will stay in contact with investigators as they continue their investigation here. like i said, it looks like they're starting to clear the scene just a couple of units, one of the fire apparatuses just took off. we will bring you the latest, make sure we bring you the scene. and local adams 12 news back to you in the studio. adams, make sure to stay with "good morning cincinnati" as we move to star 64 starting at 7:00. you can also get updates at coming up today, the presidential primary is on march 15 but your registration form has been post marked today. >> all ohio offices are open, and if you want to drop off your
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at just click the go get it tab. there's a new debate after pushing back the start of school and many are conforming to the study that the early reinternment to school cost the state millions of dollars. it would form a bill that would prevent, and the kentucky education association will be able to take away the flexibility for school districts. happening now the indiana state police is starting a new program to teach student how to stay safe on the internet. a task force is the first in the country to have full-time youth educators be prepared to teach kids how to avoid online sexual solicitation, child pornography, and cyber bullying, the presentations will be open to parent, too, and it's totally funded by grant. there's no cost to schools or churches. local entrepreneurs are planning to launch a new music venture in the historic dayton mesonic lonl.
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artist collected will simply open in the spring, has a recording studio at the top floor with a 19 81neo tech analog and they recorded demos and rehearsed there, too. >> you can steal the energy from all of it and whether it's tainters or woodworkers or what have you, and it's a really great -- >> the lodge does not do. it is a one stop shop as john although mcdid lomax did earlier. and they shot music videos at the lodge. he did a full story and check it out at we turn to the nef never ending bag search. you remember when he used twitter a few days ago when the luggage went missing and fell
6:37 am
now it's deja vu. the bag search is back on, but this time it's american airline's fault. they are having trouble finding his luggage, and american airlines is looking into the matter. >> he has a shirt in that luggage, that someone doesn't want him to wear depend. >> apparently not. >> he is going to have to wear everything from now on, just layer on. >> take the carry on, that is a bummerrer. choosing the next justice, a few choices on the table this morning.
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32 degrees, cloudy skies, we do expect dense fog in the parts of the tri-state. areas of drizzle, freezing drizzle as well. going to be up to 34 late day, the clouds lingering. we have a winter weather advisory until 10:00, at cincinnati. a dense fog advisory from many other areas cold today, but you will like the end of the week forecast. it's going to warm up quite a bit. details on that in just a few minutes. within the metro area, we only had a few minor incidents this morning. as we take a look at the cameras, john has been mentioning areas of 275, near mineola pike and the oirpt.
6:41 am
look like a typical workday morning. other folks were at work. and i-71/i-75, is heavy, from butter milk to the ohio river, heavy from 275 to the ohio river out on the eastside, you will see more of the cloud cover in just a bit. back to to the news desk. there are a few school closings, and some delays. >> i bet dollars and doughnuts. >> no one got a superintendent lawful. >> you know we're calling on your cell phone to let you know no school to date. >> i mean the soul just oozes out of this man. dr. andrew melon from clark county schools, inserts his faith from drake online video. he sang the message there for student. he rapid, he broke it down. >> he is not the world's baddest singer, but he is just thumbs up forester.
6:42 am
>> that was fun, that was food stuff. >> stirring up the heat. donald trump is not mincing
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carolina we're only days away from the south carolina primaries. and words between donnell trump, and ted cruz have swesm up. the biggest attack is for ted cruz, even threatening to sue cruz over his eligibility to run for president. and trump called cruz dishonest and unstable. and president balm can pick the new justice next week. he needs 32 republican senators to move that forward. he can use a candidate has has won senate approval, at 48, and also sits on that court, he would be the first indian american justice. a new technology is helping people get rid of unwanted tattoos. it's more powerful and effective than anything that has been on the market.
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it has four different wavelengths and speeds which target different colors of ink, that means fewer treatments and a smaller chance of skin damage afterwards. the winners of the westminister dog show be announced tonight. nearly 300 dogs, are competing today. today it's top sporting and terriers that were shining. there's a couple of favorites, charlie the sky terrier, and german the shepherd. a baby still in the womb in kansas may have found his career. expectant parents were at the doctor getting an ultrasound when they saw something odd on the screen. he started reaching for doritos! no. their son can be seen punching himself in the face. >> oh. >> he punches himself so hard that he gets knocked backwards at times. the ultrasound specialist, that is the first time in her 20
6:47 am
something like this. the doctor says that the baby is perfectly fine, very healthy. now mom and dad are speculating that their dad might want to be a boxer. >> watch. >> you learn early whattiness to whatnot to do. >> you never know. >> maybe there's a hidden -- in there. >> yeah! >> maybe not. >> you never know. >> my brother. >> and in my son's ultrasound, we think he is going to be a boxer, because he had his hands in the perfect boxing position. he never hit himself, he hit me a lot. >> my son had jack hands. >> totally does, yeah. >> yeah, he did. >> they were doing the
6:48 am
>> it's not comfortable to my wife. we are looking at the roads. within the metro area, 275 loop, we are looking pretty good right now. we did have that report earlier of a hamilton county deputy whose vehicle was struck on beachmont avenue, 4400 block of beachmont right at 32. the vehicle itself is what was struck. he was at a traffic stop and almost took off the door of the vehicle. the hamilton county officer is fine, but you may still see flashing light in the area. we lack at the interstates, you may still see fog in some spots, cincinnati road. we have seen some fog out there, and some north of 275 as well and then on the eastside, is where we are seeing some major snow that they got, obviously in adams county, and brown county a level two snow emergency. we do have brandon or out in that area, and he has been showing us some of the -- >> yeah, by the way.
6:49 am
looking out there right now? >> reporter: well, we're looking pretty good out here. we finally made it out of the car. we are here in winchester in adams county. as you can see, we have had a couple of inches of snow, can you see the big snow pile at the parking over the park at downtown. you can see over there on some of the side roads. they plowed them and salted them and they are looking pretty good. we went off through batavia. that is where we started to see the cloud cover, and most of it east of downtown. the reason for that most of it the snow being down here, when it rained, it dragged down the cooler air that was above, and changed to rain over to some heavy snow. on the power lines, we are hearing it melts, the temperature are around 33 degrees or so, the parking lot they plowed it and there's
6:50 am
temperatures, the problems at 32, the air temperature is starting to melt, we are driving around and we will give you another idea of road conditions east of downtown where we had snow, i want to send it to john gumm. it turned out just how we thought it was. one, maybe two inches of snow, out east, a couple of inches of west union. hillsborough, around an inch, and the winter weather advisory goes until 10 out east, and we will see some lingering effects from the snow especially on side votes, nothing to show you right now. the dense fog advice vie with advisory which is up for the metro, it continues in adams, carol owens and grant county. visibility have improved over the airport. a mile visibility at falmouth. we are starting to see improvement on the visibility as the fog begins to lift somewhat. there's the atrium weather
6:51 am
there's 32 degrees, and the reason that fog is starting to lift. we have a wind kicking from the east at 14. we are starting to see the lifting of the atmosphere, we see temperatures in the low 30s, we start to move out by this afternoon, cloudy when the temperatures in the mid-30s overnight. the rain, the sleet, the snow out east, starting to wind down. tracking another weather system which is diving out of iowa into missouri. it looks like the vast majority of the moisture with this will stay south of cincinnati this afternoon into this evening. let put things in motion, taking you there the next couple of days, fog left over early and there's the system diving south of cincinnati later today as opposite in our far southern counties, you may catch a sprinkle or a shower. most of that will stay south of you. tomorrow a cloud or sprinkle, we
6:52 am
clouds in the morning, a little clearing late day by thursday, we get warmer. we are going to get into the low 40s on thursday, but then into friday and saturday, check this out, we are going to get close to 60 degrees, saturday looks outstanding here around here high near 60, a chance for a few showers will return for the second half the weekend. today morning fog and drizzle, otherwise a cold day, 33 batavia, 31 in wilmington, georgetown up to 34 degrees, not much movement on the temperatures. mid-30s in owenton, 34 augusta, florence up to 35 degrees, and then southeast, indiana, we will hit a high of 32 in brookville, 33 in lawrenceburg, with temperatures falling into the 20s by point. clouds will hold on tight overnight, a low of 35, 37 tomorrow, a stray flurry we're in the low 40s on thursday with mostly cloudy skies. friday there's a slight chance for a shower, otherwise a nice day heading for a high close to 60 degrees, and we're in the
6:53 am
saturday, the pick day of the next seven days. sunday a chance for a shower returns, with the high still pretty warm in the mid-60s and then we cool it off on monday a high in the upper 40s with a slight chance for a shower primarily early in the day. track the weather changes with the free weather app. winning over hearts, and getting a new family.
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and got out of a shelter in just here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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reminder about delays. we have a super hero update, and a local boy that is called super loop. the late lauren hill, she suffers from mitosis, that has produced tumors in his brain. went for an mri to he can cht status of tumors. and they checked in with the family for the latest test and gives his mom what she calls scan sigh yeti. i thought after a few mris i would be able to take out his g2, but i'm just too nervous that as soon as i do that, something is going to happen and we have to do that all over
6:57 am
put him through that. tonight at 6:00, they will share what that mri reveals, and the constant fight of living with ms. the little girl had less than an ounce of blood in her body. on good morning star 64. mason, living in a rub rubik's cube of competition. >> friend a 1-year-old puppy has found a new home all because of a viral video, the puppy was found on the streets of florida last week taken to a shelter, but he is named ginger rogers for a reason. and the shelter realized they could use that reason to help her find a forever home. check it out. engine he ginger was offering dance moves, whenever anybody stopped by her k.
6:58 am
the shelter put the video up on facebook, and ginger got 112,000 views and a new family, all in
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good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom. kendrick lamar makes powerful statement and taylor


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