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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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broke into his house . neighbors tell me the man who lives here is neil brown. he told police, one of the men who broke into his house, held him at knifepoint. that's when he shot him. it was after that, three others fled the scene on foot. neighbors say everyone in the community knows each other. based on what the people say, these intruders were outsiders. >> good type of guy, everybody knows him. if you need a cigarette or change, you know, he what a good guy. he does a lot of things for a lot of people. it surprised me that it happened to him. i am a little surprised. >> and laughlin police say they
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right as an antiviolence collaboration meeting was wrapping up. right now it's investigated as a homicide. live from laughlin, sydney benter, local 12 news. >> sydney, thank you. we will bring you any new information on the story as soon as we get it. >> two 12-year-old girls are locked up, the prime sments of a bomb threat that shut down a northern kentucky school system. >> dayton will be back tomorrow without two. and local 12 joins us live from dayton on how they got caught. . >> i could tell you, no one was hurt. there br no explosives. police are telling us, it was to
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here in dayton, no one was laughing. >> nine-year-olds, are laughing, bomb threat was sent to facebook. of after few hours, they tried to find her. >> and the obstacle this morning, not having the suspect in custody led us to believe, we'll take every precaution to close the school. >> and police chief spotted the girl and questioned her. she admitted making the threat and implicated another 12-year-old classmate. >> she was also brought in. that ended up in terrorist
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>> and hamilton says, social media threats are easily threat. and they use this as a messageable moment. . >> kids you have to be careful. what you transmit, will be tracked back and could be tracked back. and things will occur, when you're caught. >> tomorrow, school is back in session. students say they are ready to see their friends again. >> i'm ready to go back to school, but with this happening, i'm frightened to go back. >> and chief hat fand. simply wanted another day from
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it looks like they will get a few mour. and senior night, i'm told has also been cancelled and they have all other -- all other activities just for tonight cancelled. . >> for the second day in a row, they investigate a house fire in which someone lost their life. firefighters found 72-year-old roma hunt dead in the back bedroom. another bedroom, coming up. and larry davis, roma hunt, who say they wish they could have done more to save her. >> the short wave leb bhon much and they say i would beed the,
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the suspect drove off with an if. officers spotted it later minutes later. the judge says a local township acted properly, belonging to the owners of the swingers club. township director says the community director made a mistake but had a right to rescind it. the judge agreed with the club's owners, however, that nothing in the background check disqualified them from being granted the license. since the permit fight began, westchester put a nine-month old moratorium on sexually oriented businesses. >> cold and cloudy today. the warm-up is on the way. >> erica with a first look at the evening. >> we will see the clouds sticks around.
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may have seen some breaks. good news, the snow and rain has moved out, around cincinnati, this morning. and that was. we're dealing with cloudy conditions. we picked up anywhere from 1-2 inches, south of mazeville, where we picked up half an inch of snow. i'm happy to report, we are not tracking any more snow for tonight. 37 in hamilton. slightly below the average of 31 degrees. 31 in wilmington and 37 in batavia. we'll continue to have mainly cloudy skies. temperatures slowly solve in the 30s. and we're looking at lows around 36 degrees with cloudy conditions and patchy areas of fog.
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the big warm up and when we can see 60 degrees. back to you >> move by cincinnati leaders, to add to staff the emergency 911 to the center. the city plans to promote, seven police officers to fill jobs. it's part of the plan, to put the hands into officers instead of the court. . police record shows a driver involved in a wrong way car crash that killed five people, threatened to kill himself before. james palablin, he sent him text, saying he wanted to take his own life after the death of his brother. his car hit an suv head on, killing him and four other people in the suv. police arrested him for drunk driving four years prior.
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renovation last year. the university president says, another expansion could be on the way. he says he's optimistic on the school's chances to joining the big 12 conference. the big 12 hasn't decided. conference leaders meet about in may, to expand, to 50 and 55 thousand >> justice's scalia's passing
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>> how >> a local city is hoping you'll help them replace hundreds of lost trees. they are looking for people willing to donate money. and city leaders say, parks lost more than 200 ash trees to the emerald ash board. and it's responsible for the large number of u.s. trees since entering the country. middletown's goal it to fit with the new trees. >> any presidential appointment,
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>> the appointment. >> justice map scalia passed away on a trip on saturday. and the vacancy is at the center of a political war. >> justice scalia and supreme court bench is covered in black. and scalia will lie and repose inside the court on ouned >> an obama nomination has -- we reminded onna on saturday. >> and senate majority leaders, brought by mitch mcconnell. they say the next president will be the one to decide. hillary clinton slammed to
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have news for republicans who put politics into the constitution. refusing to do your duty is not righteous, >> and professor at american university. he he. republicans are in their right, but. >> this is not the first time it's happening. >> and these colleagues are falling into the gemologist ace eds. >> they will not be an autopsy
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the details of the service >> the band eagles of death metal returns to a concert, honoring those who were killed and those who survived the november 9th performance. the coordinated attacks tar get geted the hall where they were
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it left 130 people dead. in emotional interviews, the group felt an obligation to finish what they started >> this is not a regular show. at the same time, it's going to be a show. >> and band front man, jesse hughes, cret size the gun control laws, access to universal severe store to guns. >> heavy wind gusts, twirl to buildings leaving to everyone. one tractor trailer overturned on i-95, snarling traffic for miles. in fort lauderdale, people fished out furniture for information. no word on injuries. >> better news, because the snow is behind us. it will warm up >> starting friday, we can see
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i think that will be a welcome feeling at the end of the workweek, with the mess of weather we're dealing with, with the rain and snow especially last night. we have a couple of systems that shouldn't touch the local viewing area. temperatures falling in the 30s and into the 20s. right now, we're looking, trying to find a little bit of blue sky. a lot of us are pretty cloudy. we've gotten rid of the fog so we can see a blue sky, across the river to downtown cincinnati. it will be a chilly night. those clouds will stick around, helping temperatures not to fall too far as if we were to have clear skies. we'll be much colder tomorrow morning. temperatures close to 60 and we're looking at chances for rain showers, and not snow showers. saturday, it's looking spectacular. 61 for a high. it will be breezy. will feel more like spring than
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we'll be clouding up and another system will be bringing us the chance for scattered showers here and there, especially later in the day, with highs still above average near 54 degrees. down to the south, in the system that stays south of us, bringing areas of portions of snow and rain through a lot of kentucky, that will continue to skin just to the south of the local 12 viewing area. we have another disturbance up near chicago. that should stay to the north of us as well. it should bring folks, flurries, well overnight. temperatures, are going to sink through the 30s in the evening. make sure you're going to bundle up. mid 30s for brookville indiana. critton, almost 30s. and we'll see temperatures low to mid 30s by 8:00.
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direction between 1:00 to 5:00. cloudy winds. we'll have to watch the patchy areas of fog tonight. we'll have the moisture socked in at the surface level. we can see areas of fog tonight and early tomorrow morning and once again, tomorrow night. watch for lower visibilities as we head out tonight and early tomorrow. tomorrow morning, we're being looing at temperatures to start off in the low to mid-20s. we'll top out around 38 degrees for the afternoon. temperatures in the lower 30s for thursday afternoon, after starting in the 20s. we'll see a mostly cloudy day. friday, we see a slight chance of a few showers. we get breezy. we'll get the warm sector, area between the warm and cold front. we get a little breezy, pretty balmy. temperatures around 58 degrees, saturday afternoon. temperatures around 54, sunday afternoon, with a chance of
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back in the 40s, that is where we should be. just enjoy saturday and sunday. this weekend, it will feel much better than this weekend. >> how the decision made thousands of miles away could have an impact to what you pay
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>> a little boy w with a a . >> breaking news to tell you about. president obama, concerning the plan to fill the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. the president says there's no precedence to suggest he should not nominate a replacement. he believes some people of congress will be urged by special interest groups to block a nominee >> that's not how a system supposed to work. that's not how our democracy plans to work. i plan to nominate in due time a well qualified candidate, if we are following well precedent, that nominee will be between the committees and ultimately they will be confirmed. >> justice scalia died during a
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saudi arabia, agreed to freeze opec production, if other oil producing countries do also. a global supply, sent oil prices plunging. on the bright side, we're enjoying the gasoline prices at the pump in years. today's local average for regular gasoline is unchanged. here's the prices reported to the local news pump patrol. richard posted $1.45, in shell in granden. and robin posted $1.49 in the in-n-out market in independent. and gary says it's $1.49 in the fuel mart in aurora. if you see the cheaper prices, post them on the facebook page
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and a company from alabama plans to build small tractors that will be sold to cuban farmers. the factory will start to attract foreign investment. >> tesla and radio flyer. has, woulding headlights and music and three colors, red, silver and blue. that is sleek. do you like that? the big difference between this and the adult model besides the size is the speed. the kids version goes a maximum of 6 miles an hour. it starts at $500. you could ride like oo 7, if you could afford to pay for it. the austin martin super car was created solely for the latest bond film specter. it's expected to sell for as much as $2.9 million.
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reach a top speed of 200 miles an hour. it doesn't have the specifications because it was only built for the movie. larry summers says the bill should be scrapped to make life difficult for tax chiefs. and he cites a newly published study. it argues, eliminating, larger denomination bills will have little down side for legitimate commerce. and the report calls for an end to the 50 pound note, 1 thousand swiss frank and 500 euro note. and live at 5:30, medical miracle. weighed less than a pound when she was born. the tiny baby girl defied all the odds. >> college professors and doctors, we're raising a generation of helpless kids. how some parents are trying to
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>> and a neighborhood stunned after a woman dies in a fire inside her home. >> good evening, for the second day in a row, fire is to blame for taking a life. this time it's a woman in mason. >> firefighters were called to her home. larry davis is live in mason, where neighbors wish they could have done more to save her. larry? >> hi, brad, roma hunt couldn't escape the fire on olympia drive, as you could see behind me. the whole left side of the house was boarded up. neighbors say olympia drivers, pretty quiet for the most part. today, you could sense the shock
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>> you're finally getting bigger. oh, my god >> and one of the 911 callers is describing the fire that ripped through the home on olympia drive killing 70-year-old roma hunt. before firefighters arrived at the scene, neighbors ran to the burning home, hoping to save her. the flames and smoke were too much. rick datsun describes what he saw when he went outside. >> the house was engulfed. the flames was shooting off, 15-20 feet. that's when i told my wife, the house is engulfed. it looks pretty bad. >> hunt's body was found inside the home. soon, word spread on the street, that the neighbor who was always friendly but kept to herself had died. >> we waved every now and then every time i saw her.
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her. jamie mcferson says, in times like this, wish they were closer. >> i wish i could have gotten her out of there. >> and later in the afternoon, home. a neighborhood mourned a tragic loss. >> it's so ashame. so lose a neighbor, especially to a fire. >> jamie mcpherson was pretty emotional as she talked about the fire and what was happening here in the quiet street on mason. she says, she will probably be emotional every time as she looks across the street and looks at the house and remembers
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brad and paula, back to you. >> more than a dozen fatal fires this year, isn't it?. right now, they are investigating the particular fire. they are still, not much in the way of information. we're not sure, whether there are any smoke detectors inside the home. >> it seems winter is a bad time because people have space heaters. and the causes of the fire is not known but when we find out, we will let you know. >> gunshot, leads to two men, wanted for burglarizing homes. when officers searched the vehicle, they found two guns stolen from a home in delhi.
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>> a driver that made the mistake of running through a sheriff cruiser. the sheriff says, a deputy arrested the driver on outstanding warrants. as he was putting the man to a cruiser, a passing car smashed into the driver's side door, which was open. no one was hurt. >> people who traveled to places, it is a plan, to protect the blood. and turn away anyone who had countries. and moment of silence was observed for former secretary general, stally. they confirmed his death but
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he held top positions and was the architect of the camp david affords that forged a peace treaty. hes was 93-year-old. pope francis ventures into the heart of mexico's drug trafficking country to deliver a message of inspiration. they urged preaches and nun not to -- and he encouraged them to fight injustice. he as greeted when he arrived in moralia. he returns to the vatican tomorrow. imagine finding a diamond the size of a credit card and perfectly flawless. >> it is 440ct. look at it. it is d colored much it's one of the largest diamonds to be found ever. the diamonds could fetch about
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the company that mines the diamond, and d diamond are rare and for it, it is more incredible. and it's not too late to register to vote. what you need to do next. >> thousands want the title but only could be best in show.
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the westminster dog . >> early voting starts tomorrow in ohio. if you requested a ballot to vote absentee. if you're not registered to vote by today, you will not be able to cast your ballot. elections in ohio are staying open until 9:00 to accommodate those who want to register. >> if you need a form, go to your local library. or hover over and hover over there. >> the curbside boxes is set up. mr. ing in princeton road. 24 hours surveillance.
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their ballot, return it without if. . and the doctors had to be creative in how to take care of this. forced the mother to have. she was ten hounses, half the size of the smallest preemie at the charlotte hospital where she was born. she spent months in an insulator. and there were close calls, but she pulled through every time >> tiny, size of a small kitten or smaller. >> i had everything. there was no doubt in my mind, they can do what they need to do. >> baby left the hospital, six
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date weighing 5 pounds, 5 ounces. she showed no signs of developmental delays. someone that stunned the team. >> and absolutely amazing. the medical community continues to do.
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whwhatt parar . >> deputies in claremont county found a meth lab. and stech snaufer was wanted for not paying child support and drug possession. while looking for another suspect, deputies found a one pot meth lab that contained explosive material. it was neutralized and dismantled. >> the dropout rate among college freshmen is rising. some education experts have a theory. they say too many young people have no way to organize their time. how could parent raise the next generation of kids. sheila gray has the answers in the college 911.
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counselling services. a survey say students feel overwhelmed and anxious. >> i think there's such a huge link of competition. there's pressure to be the best. >> dr. peter gray recently made headlines, when he pointed, declining student resilence is a serious problem. describing people, less able to manage the game of life. they have been working with children for more than 25 years. she says it's not just a problem at colleges. >> and children today, are far more anxious and they have fewer coping skills. this is a new phenomenon. >> i think there's a lack of real enjoyment of accomplishing something. the beauty and like family and like from the failure, learning from it. >> lee weeks had a rough
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college is teaching him what his parents didn't. >> sometimes they will fail >> xavier university says that's one of the important thing kids could run. >> how to overcome and regroup. i think helping the individuals, having our children understand, failure is not a statement about the person. it's not how many times you get knocked down. it's how many times you could stand back up. >> kids are not now taught the skills they really need to really learn. >> and doctor says families needs to have less time on screens, teach kids communication skills. don't discount the importance of chores and scheduling homework. >> how are you. >> sydney moore uses homework and housework to teach megan and lindsey life work. >> homework first, chores and then have fun.
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>> i think it's better if you work, don't have to do things all the time. >> and what mom and dad praise it's important to. it's not the trophy or the a. >> what's important they show up for practice. they actually have the equipment and things that they need. and that they are trying. kids can't win at anything. >> my mom would always say, stay ready, you don't have to get ready to be ready. >> gala is hoping to be a teacher. >> bounce back from struggle. >> those who don't quit, those will stay in the side of success. >> experts say parents need to be careful of helping kids too much. all the experts that sheila mentioned, have tips for raising resillient kids. we have the links, under the get
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you. we will continue to see pretty cloudy skies throughout the evening and still expect a winter night tap, temperatures fall in the 30s and into the 20s. taking a live look at the mostly cloudy view. we have a few peaks. and overall, we will be cloudy this evening. right now, 38 at the international airport. winds, very light, around 6 miles an hour. out of the west that's not hampering the temperatures. we're in the upper 30s for sharonville. and 31 for wilmington. and 37 for that willmus. and we have another system down to the south, lexington and south, and that will scoot to the south of the local 12 viewing area. we have another disturbance near chicago. that's going to bringings flurries close to the area. i expect to stay dry for the most part overnight and through
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i wouldn't be surprised if we saw a flurry tomorrow morning. a lot of us remain pretty cloudy for wednesday. and around 5:30 or so. it's a nice forecast will remain snow-free. we will have clouds around. clouds will act as a blanket, than with we have clear skies and allow the cooling to take place. and watch for isolated slick spots out east, if you picked up, one to three inches of snow. and we picked up an inch and a half of snow. other than that, we will be cloudy and roads should be just
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you could see the satellite on radar. it's pretty much away from us. we will see a flurry or two, get near to the area, overnight into tomorrow morning. again, expect the cloudy conditions through your wednesday. it's going to be a cold start, with temperatures starting off in the mid-20s. cold front will begin to weaken. it will help to clear out some of the clouds, later in the day. and by the time we get to friday, we'll kick to a nice southerly flow and will get temperatures well to the 50s. tomorrow's forecast, other than some patchy fog early, start in the 20s, patchy conditions, pretty much all day long. temperatures 34 at noon. winds out of the west, northwest at 1-10 miles an hour.
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upper 30s, once again, 38 degrees. lower 30s on wednesday. we'll see the upper 50s for friday, becoming breezy and that breeze will help us get up into the 50s. by saturday, we're seeing temperatures top out around 60, after starting off in the 40s. and then we cool down for monday and tuesday. kind of back to normal this time of year. and good news, we're tracking rain showers instead of snow showers for friday and sunday >> very excited about that. >> and looks good >> we'll update it tonight. see you tonight at 10:00 on star 64. are you dreaming of spring. it's almost time for spring training. reds getting much needed good news two days before pitchers catch a report.
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>> ncis, airs at >> nearly 3 thousand dogs from all 50 states and four countries will be the best in show in the westminster kennel club's big
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>> and it's all about primping and pruning. >> kind and crazy at the same time. >> they move on to the final round of the annual show, includes lucy, a boards away. and annabel, the bulldog from the nonsporting group. the hurting group winner, this one named rumor. many think she's the favorite. and top sporting, take the ring today, ahead of the big show tonight. >> bringing the total number of breeds, to $199. variety, is what brought it from guatemala to westminster the last five years. . >> the wire fox terrier holds the record for most best in show
5:56 pm
today, monna crystal won the title. . >> if he makes it to the next round, he and others will go on to compete for the top prize. >> and the top sporting working and terrier group will bound to the green carpet. at 8:00 tonight. >> expect you to know. >> and tonight at 6:00, lauryn hill needed a hero to find brain cancer. and new hope for a young boy battling brain cancer. >> breaking and entering, called, turns into a homicide investigation. what witnesses told police about a suspected robber. that turned violent >> dozens and dozens of elderly and disabled residents in the metropolitan hamilton building
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward,
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and together, that makes us undeniably
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>> good evening, everyone. we're following a local breaking news alert. man said he shot someone who tried to break into his home. >> the man who fired the shot, the person who broke in tried to cut his throat at the home in maple street in locust in lockland this afternoon. sydney benter joins us live with what police and neighbors are telling her. sydney? >> investigators have come and gone. the caution tape are now down. the neighbors in the community are shaken up on what happened. police say a man is dead after he and three others broke into a man's house this afternoon. the landlord tells me, that man
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he told one of the intruders, he told inve ators, one of the intruders put a knife on his throat and that's when he shot him. others who were with him ran away. his landlord says, this is far from the first time someone broke into the home. >> lot of people think, neil brown is a target. a lot of guys take advantage because of his smallness and probably because of his age. >> witnesses tell police, they did recognize the alleged intruders who went into the house. it sounds like a close-knit community neighbors, knew each other. >> police are looking at surveillance testimony.


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