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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  February 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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3 body found in the little miami river. we'll tell you what we know so far about the discovery. 3 an overnight chase through neighborhoods and onto the freeway.. we'll tell you what went down in colerain 3 hundreds are climbing stairs today all for the fight for air climb which benefits the american lung association. 3 good morning everybody.. i'm liz bonis ,,thanks for waking up with good morning
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3 more on the top stories of the day coming right up..but first --lets get a check of the forecast. here's meterologist brandon orr
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3 new this morning officials are investigating a body found in the little miami river. the discovery was made about three thirty yesterday afternoon at betty
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we do know the body was removed from the area. but the identity has not been released. a dispatcher told local 12 news that investigators from warren county were there to see if it's connected to a disappearance from that county, we'll keep working to learn more information and pass along any new information as we get it. 3 two people are in custody after an overnight chase. a colerain township officer tried stopping a stolen u-haul van about three this morning. authorities say the driver didn't stop and at one point hit a colerain township cruiser. the chase ended right off the route 128 exit off i-275 in miami township. a female driver and another person in that van were arrested when they tried running off. no officers were hurt. 3 a tragic story out of kalamazoo, michigan this morning. that's where six people were killed in what appears to be a series of random shootings. this all happened last night in the parking lots of a cracker barrel restaurant, a ford
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complex. police eventually arrested a suspect and say that the threat to the public is over. several others were injured. investigators are still trying to sort everything out as they deal with multiple crime scenes. 3 donald trump has picked up his second consecutive primary win with a victory in south carolina. he had more than 32 percent of the vote - marco rubio is in second place.and another prominent candidate suspends his campaign. craig boswell is in columbia with the latest. 3 natscbs news projects donald trump has won the south carolina republican primary. trump came out ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio, but only a few points separate the top three.(sot)"i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state."jeb bush finished in the bottom three. he told supporters this was his last primary as a 2016 presidential candidate. (sot - pipe 4, 20:42:56)"the people of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i
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so tonight, i am suspending my campaign." (gets emotional) south carolina voters said the most important quality in a candidate is that he shares their values. and they said the most important issue is terrorism.(standup bridge:)for cruz and rubio, a strong finish in south carolina means momentum heading into super tuesday on march first, when almost 600 delegates are at stake.(sot - rubio)"the 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bartender and a maid from cuba who tonight is one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states."ben carson says he's in the race to stay, for now.(sot - ben carson)"we are the people and we will take america back."donald trump will try to make it three in a row tuesday at the nevada caucuses. craig boswell, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. 3 in nevada... hillary clinton wins the democratic caucuses. but entrance polls show first-time caucus-goers favored rival bernie sanders.
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from las vegas. 3 (nats hillary)hillary clinton savored her victory over bernie sanders in the nevada democratic caucuses.(hillary clinton sot i am so thrilled, so grateful to all of my supporters out there. (gfx)women voted for clinton 57 to 41 percent.but entrance polls exposed some weaknesses. clinton lost support among voters who value honesty. sanders was also favored among younger women voters.bernie sanders sot i believe that on super tuesday we have got an excellent chance to win many of those states.this was the first test for the democratic presidential candidates at courting minority voters. bridge: democrats gathered at hundreds of caucus sites including a handful here on the las vegas strip so casino workers and voters with weekend schedules could participate.)(fernando lara)i kind of want to put my stamp on bernie getting the close
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it comes down to electability in november.(arlene rike sot) she has been about family and children her whole life and i connect to that i believe in her. clinton now has momentum heading into the south carolina primary next week danielle nottingham, cbs news, las vegas 3 this is the first primary of the year in the west.there were 35 delegates up for grabs in nevada. the magic number to secure the nomination is two- thousand-383. 3 a benefit raises nearly nine-thousand dollars for a police officer beaten during an arrest. ripley officer john a-mole was hurt last month while trying to arrest kyle moore.police say moore beat amole and stole his gun. the fund raiser was held yesterday at the ripley legion hall on elk river road. that money will help pay a-mole's medical expenses.. 3 we're finally getting a look at the new ark under
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kentucky. the operators of the ark encounter in grant county let news crews in yesterday to see how the construction is coming along. this project is run by the same people who own the creation museum,, whichi is right is designed to provide a biblical an interpretation of what noah's ark would have looked like. much of the outside construction is complete, except for the bow. a ribbon cutting is slated for july. 3 it's a signature fundraising event for the american lung association...many here in the tri-state are getting their steps in for the fight for air climb at the carew tower. that's where we find local 12's megan moore this morning...where some are already making the climb.
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3 last year a total of 8 million dollars was raised from 63 climb events across the country. the goal this year is to raise 9 million.
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a local bar celebrates a milestone. we'll take you to the one year anniversary party for lachey's, just ahead. but first, wellness option at the brewery. we'll tell you where you can do some free yoga and then get a pint, next, on good morning
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turning to more local news now a local brewery is offering a new weekend activity so people can improve their health. starting this morning, the christian moerlein brewery on moore street in over-the-rhine will offer free yoga on sundays. it will take place in the tap room starting at eleven-thirty. afterwards you can grab a beer and some brunch. tours will also be offered. 3 a popular bar in over-the- rhine celebrates a one-year anniversary.nick and drew lachey hosted a party last night at their bar "lachey's" to commemorate one year in business.guests were able to walk a red carpet and pose for photos with the celebrity brothers. the bar also offered many giveaways and prizes last night. 3 college 3 basketball wrap-up. aly cohen is taking us to the hardwood.. xavier, u-c and u-k - all in action
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highlights.. just ahead. but first, a program to learn more about breast cancer. a closer look at how it could help you learn more about environmental causes of breast cancer. that's next, on good morning cincinnati sunday.
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3 your invited to attend a special event,, to learn more about fighting breast cancer. it's called looking upstream,,and it's put on by the u-c cancer insittute, and those concerned about enviromental caues of breast cancer.many are part of the greater cincinnati breast cancer registry. 3 after surviving her own journey with early stage breast cancer -- michele wiener (why-nur) admits --< michele wiener (why-nur) / survivor 4:34: 18 i wanted to know,, why, how did i get this?>so michele joined forces,,and became president of one of the few breast cancer registries now in the country..this one is at the university of cincinnati.< dr. susan phinney/ environmental health specialist 4:26: 30 the purpose of the registry is to create a research resource for
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of breast cancer and also outcomes for breast cancer survivors..>the registry information comes from questionnaires filled out by more than 6-thousand breast cancer survivors.the information.. which is kept confidential... is put into a computer --so they have a data bank --the participants are also given the option of providing other information such as blood and tissue cells,, for lab analysis by comparing these in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer--< victorie straughn/ university of cincinnati coordinator for reseearch program 4:32: 35 we look for causes, i think a lot is centered around treatment,, we look for causes.>< tease is 4:43: 11/ 4:44: 30 is standup this information allows them then to study certain things related possibly to breast cancer,, we perhaps have never known before, but some of them i am guessing are in your environment,, in your air, in your water,and perhaps even in your cosmetics every day.>for example.. doctor susan phinney,, the director of the registry says many of us protect against the sun -- with sunscreen every day --<
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especially at the effect of sunscreen on obesity.,, because some of the chemicals in sunscreen could be what we call obesigens.>and since there may be an associated risk between obesity and breast cancer this information,, allows women to learn more about what may ,,or may not contribute to breast cancer. michele wiener (why- nur) told me ,,gathering this information -- for her, is about giving back --< 4:35: 32 i was lucky enough also to have someone who was a survivor take me through the process , making it fun, trying on wigs, and laughing and going to arts, and just kind of getting my mind off of it, and i wanted to be there to help others.> 3 the looking upstream education program is on saturday march fifth at u-c's reading campus. it's just 25 dollars and we have more details at local12-dot-com in the news section under health.there's also information if you would like to sign up for the registry.
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3 ((ad lib from weather)) 3 the s-p-c-a is going to show us some animals ready for adoptions, next. you're watching good morning
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((break three))3 is adopting animals starting at noon today. kelly burroughs is here to show us a dog and cat you can take home. hi kelly.
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3 special olympics basketball. we take you to a tournament in northern kentucky which is almost as good as march madness, just ahead. plus, climbing the stairs at the carew tower. local 12's megan moore is live to tell us about this unique fundraiser, next, on good morning cincinnati sunday.
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3 saying goodbye to a supreme court justice..the touching tribute to judge antonin scalia.. in our nation's capital.. 3 and a big weekend for some great athletes with the special olympics. what we all can learn from some great
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good morning cincinnatithanks for joining us.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist
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3 kentucky's special olympians
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madness. their regional basketball tournament has been going on this weekend in florence.local 12's brad underwood shows us how fierce these competitors are . . and how much fun they're having. 3 "whistle, referee gives ball to player. inbound pass, dribble." for the first time in regional play, all teams in the region are playing in the same gym, at the same time. "it's been a long day but real rewarding. the kids are so excited about winning and playing and seeing their friends win."playing in a new gym for luke rutterer is exciting but also a bit challenging. "just getting used to the rims are the hardest part but other than that it's a neat place to play in. ""granny shot kid high five." as parents and friends cheer on the athletes you can't help but get caught up in the game - watching the joy after each basket is made.
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they are. it's really a lot of fun to see them enjoy and have a good time.""close to 40 teams participated in the day long tournament. after the final buzzer 15 of them will championship tournament including four from northern kentucky." "we won all three. so now what happens? that qualifies us for the state tournament which is march 12th in louisville." they want to win. they all want to be on a team. but perhaps more rewarding they're all family. "they found a home here. we have different skill levels here. they can compete, they can do whatever they see on tv, playing games, what their brothers, sisters may do." "medals."what they've done is compete and win. in florence brad underwood local 12 news. 3 the state tournament will be played the weekend of march 11th and 12th at the
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turning to our coverage of the world now three people are now reported dead, due to some ferocious cyclones that tore through fiji. authorities are still continuing to assess the extent of the damage. cyclone winston hit fiji yesterday with speeds over 170 miles per hour destoying hundreds of homes and shredding crops. 3 the u-s air force says that one of its drones has crashed at a base in southern afghanistan. but there were no casualties and no hostile fire is suspected. the drone, known as the m-q-nine reaper,, went down at kandahar airfield late last night. right now, that airfield is being renovated by the u-s nato mission for mixed military and civilan use. 3 supreme court justice antonin scalia was remembered as a man of faith, family and the law during his funeral in washington d.c. a who's who of the nation's political and legal elite were among
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mourners at a service yesterday. vice president joe biden and ten of the eleven living justices with whom scalia served were there along with scalia's wife of 55 years and their nine children. scalia's son, a catholic priest, led the funeral mass and delivered the homily. 3 to have each other for support, that's the greatest wealth parents can bestow. and right now, we are particularly grateful for it scalia died unexpectedly last week at a resort ranch in texas. he wsa 79 years old. 3 hundreds of people are climbing the 45 floors of the carew tower today for the fight for air.. it's an event to raise money for the american lung association. some of the fire departments wear full gear to compete and support their departments -- and joining us now to tell us more about that, is local 12's
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3 3 3 we have more 3 information on the fight information on the fight for air climb and how you can support the american lung association at local 12 dot com. 3 a march madness tune up for xavier.. the muskies hit the hardwood.. proving once again.. they're among the best teams in the nation.. highlights from yesterday's game against georgetown, just ahead. 3 plus, a local handy man's great idea. how his own efforts to make his job easier have led to a new product in hardware stores. that's next on good morning
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((break five))3 good morning! ((ad lib)) now to aly 3 cohen for sports
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3 the tech olympics wrap up today at the millenium hotel, downtown. more than 500 students from area high schools have been showing off their technical prowess all weekend. the three-day event includes competitions
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heaven. it also gives the students a chance to meet with local i-t professionals to build their resumes. 3 the annual cincinnati auto expo wraps up today at the duke energy center. hours are eleven until five. 35 manufacturers are there this year showing off close to four hundred of the latest vehicles. some special features this year include a ride and drive area. the dream machine boulevard includes luxury vehicles from alfa romeo, b-m-w and several other manufacturers. 3 a popular winter art fair continues today near findlay market. "art on vine" runs from one to seven in the event space at the rhinegheist brewery on elm street. more than 60 local artists will be there selling photography, paintings, jewelery and more. if you can't make it today, there's another on march 20th. 3 the taft museum of art has opened a groundbreaking new exhibit. it showcases
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charles francois (fran-swah) daubigny (doe-bee-nay). he influenced many impressionist painters. the exhibit also includes works by monet and van gogh. you can see it through may before it travels to edinburgh and amsterdam. 3 work can be hard sometimes. and one local man came up with an idea that makes his work.. a little easier.. and it can help you as well. now.. this longtime blue collar.. regular guy.. can officialy add *inventor* to his resume.. 3 "when you're cutting in the corners.. you're hitting your fingers on the walls.. and it wears the sides of your fingernails.. and it wears them to quick.. and you don't have no finger prints no more.."after more than four decades hanging and sanding *nats of sanding with old sander*working his fingers to the bone.. james hurt decided.. he'd had enough.."i
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that would do the job better.." james didn't find that tool.. he invented it.."you can bend it.. a hundred times.. and it just don't mess up.."meet.. the flex pro.. a simple sanding tool.. for the handy man.. made by a handy man.. "how'd you come up with this?" "i was sitting on the bucket.." "sitting on a bucket?" "sitting on a bucket..""you flip it back over.. and go all the way down.. down to the floor.. and then come back up..""as soon as i touched it to the wall.. i thought.. boy.. this is it.." james took his prototype to a group of investers.. who quickly put a patent on it.. and got production rolling.. "pretty soon.. each true value store will be carrying the product.. we just got word from home depot that we'll be in four test markets.. so we'll be in approximately a little less than a hundred stores starting out.."they've even taken the invention a step further.."we've got a paint pad.. so now you can throw a paint pad on it and start painting with it.. you've got a tile cleaner.. it's a very rough surface.. but it will not scratch your tile.. we've got a waxing pad
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that a couple of times.. and you usually have your corners all cut in.. and you're done.. love it.." 3 if you'd like more info on the flex pro. we put a link on our website.. just head to local 12 dot com.. and click on the get it tab. 3 3
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3 3 3 the get it tab.and click on 12 dot com.. and click on the get it tab. 3 3
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later this morning on local 12 on full measure with sharyl
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investigation into the cost of medical services, where the difference can be thousands for the exact same procedure. 3 we found just widely divergent answers . . . . sometimes within the same city of 3 region full measure with sharyl attkisson starts at eleven. 3 now for a look at the morning's top stories... a body is found in the little miami river. the discovery was made yesterday in the area of betty ray park in the loveland area. we've learned that investigators from warren county were at the scene seeing if it was connected to a missing person's case from there. 3 two people are arrested after an overnight chase. a colerain officer tried stopping a u-haul van on
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the driver of the van reportedly took off and hit a cruiser at one point. eventually the chase ended right off i-275 in the miamitown area. 3 six people are killed in a series of random shootings in kalamazoo, michigan. the shootings took place in the parking lots of a cracker barrel restaurant, a ford dealership and an apartment complex. a suspect is in custody and police say there is no longer a threat to the public. 3 (final weather 3
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(final weather check and close
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