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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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traffic is backed up for miles we just found out the car rolled several times throwing a woman and the 7-month old baby who was riding back seat out the window. they found another passenger walking around the scene when we got there. we will let you know when we learn more. i spent the last several weeks to learn more about the particular problem of drivers on heroin, specifically in northern kentucky. and i'll have a special report for you thursday at 6:00. there's also police activity in elmwood place to tell you. an s.w.a.t. team is involved in a standoff in heckler lane. officers say a man in the building, that may be armed. story. to the other story we talked about earlier. cincinnati water works is suggesting sh you get the lead out. replace any pipes that lead to your home or business. >> they stress, it's nothing like what is happening in flint,
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older houses still do have lead water lines leading inside. >> cincinnati water works is about to launch a website and hot line to figure out what to do. >> jeff hirsh has a preview on what they are going to say. cincinnati has some of the safest water in the nation. that water leaves the filtration plant, specially treated to prevent any lead were going along with it. depending on the house or business, you may be able to do something else. >> there are three types of water lines. first, the main. it takes the water from the filtration plant into your neighborhood. then there's the service line that goes from the main, to the property. and then there's your line that your house. >> the big names in the service lanes are not built of lead. but if your house is built before 1927, the first part of the house may be
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that could be easy to spot. >> there could be galvanized steel, copper or lead pipes. copper pipes, there will be a copper color. if it's painted, could take the coin and scrape the paint off. if it's galvanized steel pipe, you try to scratch it, you may not be able to make a mark. if it's a lead pipe, taken an object like a coin and you scratch it, comes up very shiny. that's how you could tell you have a lead line coming to your house. >> then what. >> if you have a lead line, we highly recommend you get a replacement. >> which is your financial responsibility. water work crews will replace service lines. the lines directly into your house is up to you. city leaders stress the water itself is safe leaving the plant. the water situation in flint, michigan, doesn't exist in
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>> key here, do not panic. check things out. the website and hot line will be up in the next week or so. we have the address and number, once they are operating. remember, there's the big water main. those are not lead. the service mains, some of those are lead. most are not. the little ones that goes into your house, which may or may not be lead. the water works plans to speed up replacement, and the middle lines if they are lead. about 18 thousand lines are lead in the area. the lines directly into your house, the lines up to your house, that's up to you to check. and it won't affect most people. on the other hand, if your house is old, you should do the scratch test. jeff, do you call the plumber, water works will help people. do you know yet. >> they will do their part. the water works, if the service line is lead. they will take it to the part. from the portion in, where the service line breaks, you listen to the service line, and this goes to your house.
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money. you will have to fix it. >> if you're wondering why, 1927 is the magic area for lead versus no lead. that's the year cincinnati stopped using lead in water mains. many homes didn't have the lines replaced. that's the homeowner's responsibility, as jeff pointed out. a driver loses her house after slamming into a school bus. she died on 321 in highland county. and rescuers took five white oak high school students riding the bus to the hospital with minor back and neck injuries. state troopers say the bus, from bright local schools, had just slowed down to pick up a student when dean rear ended. robber uses a gun to rob a bank in a local neighborhood. and this is from this morning in
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the crook appears to have covered his face in paper bag. no one was hurt. who is in charge of the cincinnati sewer district. it says the county has final say on the sewer operations. responding this afternoon, mayor cranially says the problem could resolve out of court. and -- and who is in charge could affect what you pay. cincinnati police intelligence unit is being looing into the release of personal information -- looking into the release of personal information by a group of activist hackers. in a video released yesterday, it publicized the personnel files including home addresses of 52 officers. they say it's in response to the deadly shooting last week in chevlon. witnesses say, they fired in
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the police department hasn't confirmed it was hacked because much of the information released is already public. you will hear what the officers are saying about the incident, coming up live at 6:00. you could feel spring in the air in the weekend. it's not here yet. >> it was so beautiful, saturday especially. right now, erica has snow in the forecast. erica. >> wish i didn't. we have a couple of days before it gets here. we will see a dry evening. the commute will be rain-free. we're looking at cut-in-hill. you could see traffic on the increase. temperatures close to 50 right now. we're running a little bit above average this time of year. 49 in cincinnati. mid 40s for wilmington and batavia. and so we have plenty of bright skies around. high clouds. i know this looks cloudy on satellite. it is the high thin wispy clouds. and that's what we will have
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and we'll be dry on live precision doppler hd radar. we stay dry for the morning commute, same story. in the next few hours, expect the temperatures to be in the 40s. mostly clear skies. we'll see high clouds overnight dropping in the 30s. it gets chillier later on tonight. we'll fall down to freezing by 6:00 in the morning. move in. we'll track more clouds throughout the day and rain and snow on the way. we'll detail that hour-by-hour in a few minutes. >> thank you. next at 5:00, with only hours left between the g.o.p.
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>> donald trump had a big victory to nevada. they are betting on a suspect. they try to close the gap on the front-runner. >> didn't win one of the first three states. only two people have done that. >> every single day. . >> nevada caucuses is tomorrow.
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trip heading to nevada, where hillary clinton won over the weekend to south carolina, where she's hoping she can continue to hold off bernie sanders. >> one, john boehner. >> reporting 8th district. there are 17 candidates trying to replace him. as larry davis reports, today, they have a chance to tell everyone what they stand for >> all but three showed up for the forum. they rotated in groups of 7. fielded questions on issues like national security >> building our military back to world super power status. >> >>. >> what we have to do as business people. and we're a nation that's
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>> going to fill, by folks who are drawing the public assistance, that we simply need to help them get off the assistance, and in the good paying jobs. >> 13 were republicans. 25-year-old, cory was the lone democrat. >> we have to address the issues. we need to get off the social issue. all the time we spend on gay marriage and abortion. we have the real issues. >> and there's some criticism of the man they want to replace. former speaker, john boehner. >> i know speaker boehner, well-liked by a will the of people. i believe he rolled over for the president. we have not had the reputation. >> and 8th district, admits, boehner had cloud and knows one of the candidates has some big shoes to fill. >> i think if we get the right person, someone who could understand, how we can work through the imagination of
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i think, the 8th district will be well represented. >> from here, there are more forums and debates in time for the candidates to do some door to door campaigning. the time is running short. the ohio primary is less than a month away.
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>> indiana boy >> local price of regular gasoline slightly higher. and the average price of gallon is $1.72. 15 cents higher than a week ago. here's the prices reported to the local 12 news pump patrol. proof that shopping around pays. michael in the facebook page posted 1.45. kroger in mainville. amy saw 151. doug posted $1.49 at the shell in walden and if you see prices that are cheaper, post them on the facebook page. we'll put them on tv. and position players don't officially have to report until tomorrow. the stage is set in the arizona desert for the new season of reds baseball. local 12 sports, in good year, covering the story lines we're
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how one player grew up a reds fan is a big part of the plan for the season. it was a gorgeous day, as the reds bring training rolls. they grew up as a die hard reds fan. take a look what it was like when he was drafted in 2009. he knows, bouncing back from the hip surgery. his role is going to be as important than ever >> people going to come to me to ask questions. i like that, enjoy that. also will be doing the same to devin. having it back stage will be great. at the plate, in the locker room >> and one of the great keys in the reds, is having barnhart catch one of the pitchers. they work together coming in the minor league organization. they hope the connection will
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with the reds in good year, arizona, local 12 sports. >> brad looks well, doesn't he? live at 6:00, when brad tells us about the players stepping up to be leaders this season >> weather is not quite here. it sure looked good, didn't it. >> this weekend, it was gorgeous. >> so nice. >>nd a we have rain in the morning. we have a lot of rain in the morning. and we dried out, cleared out. it was a pretty nice weekend. we're going to see another dry day on tap for tomorrow. >> telling us the good news, because you have bad news. >> keeping up, before we have it back down. looking at rain, for wednesday and then snow on thursday. >> so we'll do it all hour-by-hour, taking it for you, step by step, over the next few days, so we don't bombard you. take a look at this. atrium weather center. here's what we're tracking in the next few days.
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wednesday, you're going to need the rain gear. that's what i like to, to call the rain boot day. we're looking at a lot, lingering to wednesday night. changes into snow. and the winds are going to kick up on wednesday and thursday. temperatures are running about 4-of. 48 in lebanon. brookville as well. 38 in thalmus. we're dry. can't ask for anything more. temperatures falling in the 40s, and 30s. and satellite and radar right now, high and mid level clouds moving from the south, from a lot of rain that's in the deep
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wind speeds are fairly light. below 10 miles an hour, out of the northeast direction around 8 miles an hour. and we're going to stay pretty kaup and quiet throughout the night. take a look at the wind trend. for tuesday, have winds around 5-10 miles an hour. wednesday, we're looking at breezy conditions. as the system moves through, wednesday, we're looking at rain. breezy conditions throughout the day. it will turn windy wednesday night into thursday. thursday, we can probably see gusts up to 45 miles an hour. that will be the windiest day. friday and saturday, we're looking at breezy conditions in the afternoon. we will have the high clouds around, masking the moonlight. and we'll be sinking into the 30s by 9:00. chillier at 11:00. winds out of the northeast around 3-8 miles an hour. here's what's going on in the next 48 hours. and here's 7:00 in the evening.
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i expect mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. by tomorrow morning, we're waking up to dry conditions. we won't have o worry about any rain for the commute. we start off with more sun than we'll end up with. we go from partly cluedy skies, to mostly cloudy skies. no rain just yet. another system to moving in to texas, will bring a lot of moisture for wednesday. it could arrive as early as about 11:00, 12:00, late tuesday night. this is 12:00 a.m. as we get to wednesday. we're looking at rain that could be heavy at times. the yellow and darker green shades represent heavier rain. it looks like we're going to get a break on midday and more rain arrives wednesday evening, changing to snow for thursday. tomorrow's forecast, rain-free.
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out in the lower 50s. we're looking at a couple of inches. we stay tht 30s for friday. a few lingerings. and 48 on saturday. 52 sunday much and then a mix of rain and snow on monday. >> great sales pitch. >> that was the best. >> timing is good. thanks. >> one of the most popular holiday gifts from last year, rifts a massive recall. how the boards have to change,
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>> eli . >> days before the oscars, study shines a harsh light on the sounds of diversity by actors. they studied 17 films and series. they studied almost # 1 thousand speaking roles. and 72 percent were white. 12 percent were black and 2 percent were gay, lesbians or sexual characters. they found women and minorities were under represented, as show creators in the industry. >> self-balancing scooters called hover boards. the safe commission says they
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fires since december. vladimir reports on the push for manufacturers to raise the safety standards immediately. >> the hot toy is linked to dozens of fires in 24 states, resulting in millions of dollars of property damage. the home in nashville was destroyed by fire last month. the family's christmas celebration was ruined. >> just blew up and sparks and fire came from the toy. >> and they issued. says boards that don't comply pose an unreasonable risk to fire to consumers. risked fire, injury or death if burns. >> if you are bringing the product and not meeting the standards, we will consider them defective.
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board's lithium battery. >> the fire is started inside the device >> one of them investigating is the big eflt. swagway, which is hit with a class-action complaint. >> and we call it invisit believe. >> and they told cbs news, the product always met international safety standards, using industry approved materials. in a statement, they say, it's in support of complying with new guidelines. >> and cbs news, new york. >> and ahead on local 12 news, live at 12:30, money, drugs and rap music. >> what links all three. the bust has a significant impact on crime in are a local neighborhood. she's the hall-of-famer's better half.
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brenhan's wife.e. . >> pile of money and a heap of drugs, that's what police agents took off the street on what they are calling the major drug bust. >> it, it centers on a company, that they say is responsible for much of the violence in the west end. angenette levy on the impact >> and right now police say seven men are facing charges from felonious assault to murder. police say they are all connected through a rap music company that is based in the west end. and this man, jerry black, is
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that stabbed nds for focus, discipline education. the street value of the marijuana is about 142000. they also found guns and fdd t-shirtings. police say the investigation started in may of 2015, when mitchell was shot to death in south couplinsville. in the killing. police say they are still looking for information related to the entire case. >> i want to highlight that. we can't do everything alone. have to have collaboration and health from the community. >> and police say there were also some shootings in the west end that were related to the investigation. they are also looking for a man, one of the seven men, his name is 21-year-old desmond washington. he's still on the loose tonight they are not ruling out more
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federal charges. reporting live from district one police headquarters, angenette levy, local 12 news. >> thank you, angenette. as angenette said, they want more information. you could call crimestoppers, if you have something to add. that number is 352-3040. continuing to follow local breaking news alert. there's a swat standoff in elmore place. there's a man held up in a building, off haslet lane. police believe he's armed. we are keeping an eye on the situation. a fire that spread from a garage to a home, causes more than 140 thousand in damage. floors. the man renting the home escaped. he was treated for smoke inhalation. two vehicles were also destroyed in the fire. scalia.
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tribute. and man for all seasons. and the justice died unexpectedly and sleeve, while on hunting trip earlier. he was 79-year-old. the victims and families in the san bernardino mass shooting, want to know what is in the county issued i-phone used by the gunman. they are supporting the government's position, apple will be required to hack into the phone. the victims may want to know what pertains and why they were targeted. attorney plans to file a brief on behalf of the several families of the victims and other employees injured in the december shooting. >> teenage girls are diagnosed with the human pam loma virus. they found the rate of infection, dropped from 11 1/2 percent to just over 4 percent. for women 23-24, rate fell from 18 percent to 12 percent.
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looks at four types. two of which are responsible for 66 percent of cervical cancers in the u.s. rm toer republican presidential candidates are coming together to bring down donald trump. he told the new york reporter that kasich and rubio could bring out voters in the swing states of ohio and florida. graham is suggesting, president trump will change the republican party for the worst. white house gets a lot of visitors. very few gets to meet the president and first lady. a petition from a woman in washington, d.c., squirt her both. >> knowing the president is a very busy man, 160 offered to come to his house, to make
5:35 pm
yesterday, she got her wish. . >> i think she was happy. she has lived through historic times much the ha happy and vibrant woman raced through the floor. she says, she thought she would never get to see the white house and that's not all. >> we're happy to have you. >> look at them. right there. >> >>. >> i'm here to celebrate >> oh, the first lady told mclauren, that's who she wants to be like when she grows up. the missing tool box.
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how he's making end's meet . >> two box mystery. the county sheriff office is trying to solve it for those who counts without it for a living.
5:39 pm
missing from the tool box that slipped out of the truck. police found it and then it disappeared. local 12's debra dixon has the clues for the mystery. >> the good news came christmas. the gift to the nelson family a baby boy due in april. father mack was working harder missing. 3 thousand worth. >> collecting since i was 18. >> tools didn't exactly someone had to take them from the side of the road here at momma's earlier this month. as matt nelson turned the corner, his tailgate came down. the tool box rolled out. matt just knew they were missing. a deputy on the way home called in. >> have a tool box. >> come back and pick it up.
5:40 pm
>> one of the sheriff officials picked a tool box. >> guy came, told me you seen a cop. okay. >> it was laying in the middle of the road and he picked it up >> you guys are life savers. >> when matt went back to the intersection, the tool box, the livelihood was gone. >> it's more than a box of tools; right?. >> how i make my living. instead of living, need the tools. if i ain't got the tools, can't do much. >> this guy uses those to make money, to take care of the family, feed his family. >> and sheriff jensen believes someone stopped and loaded the tool box, but passersby didn't think much it. >> and someone saw something. it didn't really register. hopefully it helps them register what they've seen.
5:41 pm
for the most expensive tools, including a bosch circular saw and a drill set. on the job, other workers lent him tools. he can't borrow tools at home, where he's doing some remodeling, getting ready for baby boy due in april. debra dixon, local 12 news. >> so if you could help get matt's tools back, call tip for the crimestoppers. callers are identified by code numbers there. still ahead at 5:30, enjoying spring training. meet the reason road trips are more fun for marty brenneman than it used to be. the rest of the week is not going to be as pleasant. erica has the forecast next. by some accounts, there's
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>> several people inside including a #-month old baby -- 7-month old baby. the driver in the crash was killed. police believe the driver was high on heroin. >> the little girl flown to the little shriner's hospital in buffalo after a fire in her home is in critical but stable. the 9-year-old was burned on 90 percent of the body. her father died saving her from the blaze. her mother is with her. two sibleings were also injured but have remained in buffalo. pitchers and catchers are already there. rest of the club. >> and marty can't have spring training without his partner. not his partner in the booth. you could buoy and adam clements tells us, there's someone else who happens to be very special in his life. >> you know the voice. >> that center field. there it is. >> likely know the man. >> yeah, yeah
5:46 pm
>> and you know the woman behind the voice. >> that man. >> she's been everything i imagine a woman to be and more. >> man to brenneman. >> knew a fan since i knew what baseball was. >> truly can't ask for a better life. >> this week, they will celebrate their sixth spring training together in arizona. >> who will make the team? who will be the rotation? all the training. it's a fun time. >> not only does amanda travel side. >> will be in the cities and francisco. never gone to mulholland drive in l.a. lots of things marty didn't do, will either play
5:47 pm
>> will come to divorce court. four years ago, said we were going to go to the grand canyon. i'm not going. >> i have no interest in going. >> why not. >> i don't care. after i went, it was one of the most amazing experiencing of my life. >> while amanda opened marty's eyes to the world around him, also put one of the fears. >> is there anything you fear? >> i fear going to a hotel room. with her, i have a sense of contentment and sense of comfort. that's the biggest thing that's changed in my life since i married her. >> how you could not be happier when you find, finally found someone you know you will spend the rest of your life with. >> i hit the jackpot. i would highly recommend being married to her than anybody. >> thank you >> excellent.
5:48 pm
>> not all couples would want to travel and hang out together all day. >> and the warm weather. >> reds will see their first action on the field in good year when they take on the indians on tuesday. >> good evening, to you. we'll see sunset. looking at the sunset now. sun rise around 7:20. we're adding a little over two minutes each day of additional daylight. there's your added bonus for the next couple of days. we're tracking some rain in the forecast as well as some snow. we have spring and winter mix in the seven-day forecast. the temperatures are slightly above average. 49 at the airport right now. sharonville and also hamilton at 50. 4-6 for hillsborough. 49 in georgetown.
5:49 pm
we'll continue to see a pretty nice evening. we stay dry. live precision doppler 12 hd remains quiet. an area of high pressure keeps us dry tonight and through the day tomorrow. we have the high clouds around. those are kind of spewing from the rain to the south. there's another system that will dip through texas. an area of low pressure, that will suck up moisture from the gulf of mexico, right along the mississippi valley. that will continue to give us the chances of rain as we get to wednesday. let's take you to tuesday. here's 5:00 tuesday evening. evening commute will be fine. we go through partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. it will be a lot more clouds for the afternoon and evening. by 10:00, we may be seeing little south of cincinnati. best chances will be able to arrive around 1:00 a.m. or so. wednesday morning's commute, will be definitely a soaker.
5:50 pm
the yellow and orange, indicate heavier rain. we will watch lower visibility, slow traffic and hydroplaning throughout the entire day. we're being loo -- we're looking at couple of inches each day through the evening. the area of low pressure lifting through right across home really. and behind the system, we pull in some colder air. that's what transitions the rain to snow getting into wednesday night and early thursday morning. evening forecast tonight is dry. we will see the high clouds around. partly cloudy skies. 41 at 8:00. 39 at 9:00. we are going to see a pretty nice night. it will get chillier later. you will definitely need the jacket. by tomorrow morning, at 7:00, looking at 30 degrees. we'll go from partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies for the afternoon. we really start to see the clouds thicken throughout the day.
5:51 pm
it will be a pleasant afternoon, despite the cloud cover we will have around for tuesday evening. wednesday, we'll see a couple of inches of rain. watch for the ponding on the roads. we can have a few rumbles of thunder. we're not looking at severe weather. and i think we will may see a little low midday before more showers and rain returns for wednesday, late afternoon and early evening. temperatures will be up to 55 degrees. you will definitely need the rain gear. and wind picks up as well. colder air moves in the tri-state. that means the transition from rain to snow. we can see some snow accumulation. good news, temperatures will be around 35. i expect roads to be okay. and we get rid of the snow showers.
5:52 pm
topping out in the upper 40s for saturday. we'll be in the lower 50s on sunday. we're looking at a good deal of sunshine for the beginning of the weekend. a slight chance for a couple of showers, sunday evening. we'll have fallen temperatures on monday. >> thanks, erica. >> stepping up to the plate, couple of reds veterans, they
5:53 pm
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limited time offer. see your ford dealer today. >> most of the bird flu restrictions on indiana poultry are now lifted. state animal of health lifted testing within a 12 mile radius, where a strain of flu is actually first found. the restrictions were lifted after no cases were found on january 16th. more than 13,400 birds were contained. . and local high school needs new football uniforms and the fund-raising effort is helping them get closer to their goal. we told you about the poor shape of the green dale uniform little over a week ago. some have holes.
5:56 pm
together. more than 7300 has now been donated to the cause after a go fund me page was established. the original goal, 25 thousand has been lowered to 15 thousand. it's not too late to help the cause. we have information how you could donate on under get it links. cincinnati pet food pantry is closed until further noticed. the organization helped more than hundred families care for their pets. it operated in a warehouse and space that was donated. as local 12 rich jaffe reports, they now need that area for a paid tenant >> fatal police shooting has members of the group anonymous, setting their sides to police officers.
5:57 pm
being shared on-line. >> listen to what astronauts heard while on the dark side of
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5:59 pm
>> they are cha >> good evening, everyone. we're following a local breaking news alert. investigators say heroin gets the blame for a crash in 275. >> the car rolled over several times in campbell county. it happened at 2:30 this afternoon. a woman and a 7-month old baby were thrown out of the back seat. both were flown to the hospital. another was critical condition. another one was found walking
6:00 pm
driver was killed. officers be eve he was high on heroin. the scene has just been cleared. traffic on i-275 was backed down. and i spent the last month working with police to try to understand the growing number of people using heroin and then getting behind the cheel. thursday at 6:00, i'll bring you a special report built around those working to take the dangerous drivers off your streets. >> i can't deny there's heightened sense of awareness. that's it. a little heightened sense of awareness. just keeping a little extra eye. >> a deadly police shooting has hackers making claims of racism and releasing information about dozens of officers. activist group, and after last week's shooting at paul gaston. >> the group posted personal


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