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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 morning. 3 we'll get to those top stories in
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3 3 heroin appears to be the cause of another frightening situation on a local interstate. this one involves a 7- month- old baby.
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and his car rolled several times yesteray on i-275 near 471 in campbell county. that baby and another passenger were thrown out of the car.. and right now they're in critical condition. police believe the driver was high on heroin.. and he was killed. local 12's rob braun spent the last month working with police.. covering the growing problem of people using heroin and getting behind the wheel. thursday at six... he will have a special report on the efforts to get these most dangerous of drivers off your streets. 3 police say a group of local rappers are responsible for some shootings and selling drugs. f- d- d entertainment is a group of rappers based in the west end. police say they're responsible for some shootings - including a triple shooting on linn street last may. friday night, police say they pulled over jerry black - the c- e- o of f- d- d and found marijuana. officers say they also found 152 pounds of marijuana and 142 thousand dollars in cash and some guns in his house. 3
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like that we're working hard to hold them accountable. who does a video with guns, drugs, names of their addresses and where they are and they don't think we're going to come and check them out? doesn't make a lot of sense." police are looking for desmond watson. he is wanted for drug possession. the investigation is ongoing so police are not ruling out that more arrests will be made. 3 cautious.. but not panicked. that's the general feeling this morning among cincinnati police officers. hackers released personal information for dozens of officers. the group anonymous anon verdict posted a video sunday.. accusing the department of racism.. after a suspect was shot in cheviot last week. 3 "i can't deny that there's a heightened sense or awareness but that's it. a heightened sense of awareness. keeping an extra eye on things." the police department says it's still trying to find out if there was a data breach.. or if the group accessed the information using public records. 3 the latest in a series of community forums on violence
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teenagers.the community joined the mayor, the police chief, and members of city council in college hill.neighbors are concerned about the latest fatal officer- involved shooting.. and homicides in the city.a group of teens voiced concern about the level of violence personally witnessed. 3 00:22 we know a lot of people who've been shot. we've known the people who've committed suicide. we've been there for all of them. it's a lot of concerns i have. i feel like we can't go anywhere anymore. we can't do anything anymore. 00:36the next community forum is at the over- the- rhine rec's next monday. 3 there is a plan in kentucky to reduce the number of honeybees that are rapidly dying.the "pollintor protection plan" outlines best management practices for beekeepers, landowners, government groups and pesticide companies. honeybee losses have gone from about 6 percent in 1971 to more than 30 percent last year. 3 a local high school needs new football uniforms and a
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them get closer to their goal. we first told you about the poor shape of the dayton high school greendevils uniforms a little more than a week ago. some have holes in them others have been stitched back together.more than 73- hundred dollars have been donated to the cause after a go fund me page was established.the original goal 25- thousand dollars but has since lowered to 15-'s not too late to help the cause.we have information on how you can donate at local 12 dot com under the get it links. 3 spring is in the air and that means baseball is right around the corner. reds position players report to goodyear arizona today. local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* outside great american ball park with the latest details. 3 pitchers and catchers arrived in goodyear late last week..
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are required to report. but many of the big name players are already in arizona anxious to get back on the ball diamond. no surprise here.. second baseman brandon phillips took to social media to announce his arrival. he posted this picture of his cleats and gloves on sunday. the reds tweeted shots of a video session with catcher tucker barnhart. the focus so far has been on outfielder jay bruce who has been battling trade rumors all off season. multitiple sources, including yahoo sports and espn, reported that the three-team trade that would have sent reds outfielder jay bruce to the toronto blue jays is on hold.those sources report that an issue during medical examines with one of the involved players halted the deal.the reds were expected to receive at least one prospect in return as part of the trade
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and the los angeles angeles. meanwhile with todd frazier gone who take the role of leader in the locker possibility devin mesoraco. 3 "i haven't been in the situation where i've been the guy with the m ost experience. to be that, hopefully the guys will be able to lean on me for advice, for making adjustments whenever they need to make them."coming up at 6 - i'll have more on the bruce trade....and we'll talk opening day. john...back to you. 3 3
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3 the first 3 spring training game is at 1-05 on march 1st. 3 shipping container homes are trending.we'll tell you which tri state community is adding them to the, barry will be back in town. we'll tell you when local fanilows will be able to see the singer perform.
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3 shipping container homes are coming to northern kentucky.the covington urban design review board unanimously approved building one in the historic neighborhood of orchard park. it will actually be made of two shipping containers.. side by side and offset to create front and back porches. 3 those of you bummed after barry manilow canceled his concert earlier this month.. we bring you good news this morning. he's rescheduled it for april 29th at b- b- and- t arena. and your tickets will be honored. manilow had to call off the concert earlier this month due to complications from surgery. 3 imagine finding *yourself* in an antique shop.we'll tell you how a reporter became part of a funny, efforts to
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3 3 one of the victims of a chopper crash last week in hawaii has died.the 16- year- old was part of a group of canadian tourists exploring pearl harbor. cell phone video captured the helicopter as it dropped out of the sky and into the pacific ocean. four other people were on board.a 50- year- old man and a 45- year- old woman are in stable condition at a hospital. the 16- year- old's family says they will donate his organs so that quote -- "his memory lives on." 3
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rolling out new fingerprinting machines for taxi drivers... and they say it's about time uber does the same. headlines from michigan make it a priority.. with reports that shooting suspect jason dalton picked up uber fares between shootings. while he did pass background checks, the news reawakens the discussion around ride share safety. legislators have held hearings on how to regulate uber and lyft. 3 ( senator dorcena forry, d- dorchester)(:47) "in particular in southie, where women have been attacked, where around the country, there have been issues brewing around ride-sharing companies. there has to be some processes that are in place to protect people." (1:00)an uber spokesperson said the company does check all drivers' federal, state, and local criminal histories, and driving records.they say going beyond that, and forcing fingerprints is unneccessary. taxi drivers say they don't mind the hassle. 3 "free shipping" just got a little more expensive for amazon's non-prime shoppers.if you spend enough money on the site, you get free shipping. but amazon just raised the
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you'll have to spend 49 dollars before an order ships for free.that's a 40- percent increase from the previous minimum of 35 memberships are not affected. 3 we get tips for you all the time about stories... and we always appreciate them...this one involves a reporter.. who turned out to be the story himself. 3 (1:10) "see that's a real signature, this one is counterfeit." (1:14)reporter rick wells from the c- b- s station in tulsa.. found two signed headshots of himself at an antique about feeling old...apparently, reporters used to sign headshots at the oklahoma state fair every year year... and a retired teacher is selling them.. along with autographed baseballs.. mickey mantle pictures... and pieces of oklahoma history.the reporter bought back his pictures .. even though one has a fake signature.he paid
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3 a new american girl doll will be released this summer.we'll show you a sneak peek of "melody."plus, outer space is trending this morning.we'll tell you why some people are discussing alien life!you're watching good morning
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new doll to celebrate its 30th anniversary.melody ellison will be the company's third black doll.she will be based on a 9- year- old living in detroit in the 1960s.the company says her courageous story will be set during the civil rights movement. in 2014, the company was criticized for discontinuing two of their minority characters. civil rights activist julian bond was consulted for melody's story. the doll will be available this summer. 3 there is a new mystery in there is a new 3 there is a new mystery in outer space.apollo ten astronauts reported hearing strange music in space..all these years later, new audio has been "woooooooooooooooooo""the music sounds outer spacey doesn't it?""you hear that?
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the crew heard the sounds while on the dark side of the moon and while out of radio contact with nasa ground control.a nasa technician believes the noise came from interference between radios in separate parts of the spacecraft -- and *not* the work of aliens. 3 plus, a rare diagnosis.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's adam clements will introduce us to a local firefighter who
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward,
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and together, that makes us undeniably
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3 3 now at five voters get ready to cast ballots.we'll tell you who is leading the polls before today's nevada caucuses. 3 plus, making sure your water is safe.we'll tell you how to identify lead pipes.. and why city officials say it could be a problem. 3 fighting a much different battle.a local firefighter is diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer. find out how you can help. coming up. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first 3
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3 3 nevada holds its republican today... and the three top candidates in the polls are making headlines for attacking each other.ted cruz fired his communications director after a post mis- quoted rival marco rubio.cruz and rubio are locked in an intense battle for second in the polls. trump holds a double digit lead over both of them. we'll
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as they come in.12 states pick their candidate next week on super tuesday. 3 cincinnati water works wants you to replace any lead water pipes that lead into your home or business.water officials say it's nothing like what's happening in flint, michigan .. however some older homes here still do have lead water lines.the main water lines are not made of lead - but if your house or business was built before 1927 .. the personal line to your structure might's how you can tell. 3 jeff swetfeger, of cincinnati water works: (:25) "if it's lead, you take an object like a coin or a key, and if you scratch it, it becomes very shiny and scratches very easily. so that's how you can tell if you have a lead line coming into your house." (:37) if you've got a lead line, then it's your responsibility to replace it.cincinnati water works is about to launch a website and hotline so you can figure out what to do. 3 firefighters are used to taking on challenges many of us will never experience.. but those typically involve fires.. explosions.. and rescue the union township fire department in clermont county.. one
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different battle.. but his friends and family are making sure he's not in it alone. adam clements joins us live in the studio with his story.. 3 carl murray comes from a firefighter family.. his father was a cincinnati firefighter.. his son.. is studying to become one as well..he knows a good challenge when he sees one.. but this.. neighter carl nor his doctors can predict the battle that lies ahead.. 3 "i noticed on my finger a lump.. i showed it to some doctors.. ah, it's nothing.." union township firefighter carl murray didn't think much of it.. until what he and doctors had written off as a cyst.. began to grow..a biopsy.. "it was surreal.. it was like a bad dream.."proved the worst.."it's called.. digital papilary carcinoma.. that's a cancer.. it's very rare..""he just called and said.. i have cancer.. and i just lost it.."a nightmare for carl and his wife kristy.. especially considering just how rare this type of cancer
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the doctor.. he researched and researched and he could only find about 88 cases.." 88 cases?" "yes.. 88..""you hear it all the time.. but you never expect it being young.. i guess young.. to hear that at all.. especially with three little boys.. it was hard.." carl's finger was amputated.. the tumor removed.. but the husband and father of three isn't out of the woods.."so this cancer is still in me.. it's in my bloodstream.. it's not in my bones.. they did tests to do that.. and it's not in the three lymph nodes that they took out.. but it is still in me.."while so many questions still surround carl's diagnosis.. his brothers and sisters at the fire department.. have left no doubt where they stand.. frequent visits.. meals delivered.. love shown.."these guys come in and they're like brothers.. they're like family to him.. and to me.. but..
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bark nats**nats outside shooting hoops*"with a wife that i love.. and 3 boys that i love so much.. and tons of friends and family.. i'm going to beat this.." 3 the benefit 3 for carl murray is this saturday at the firefighter museum downtown.. that's on west court street.. they'll be taking 25 dollar donations at the door.. it goes from 6 to eleven.. sheila.. 3 we've also got a link to carl's go fund me page on our website. local 12 dot com.. click on the get it tab. 3 hoverboards were one of the most popular gifts during the holiday season. but more than 50 reported fires from the toy has the
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commission taking action. the organization has just issued new safety standards for manufacturers, retailers and importers of hoverboards. the problems appear to stem from heat generated by the boards' lithium batteries. 3 the owners of the rabbit hash general store have vowed to rebuild after a fire destroyed the popular gathering spot. and today duke energy helps make that a reality. they'll present a check for 25- thousand dollars to the owners of the store this morning. duke energy operates a power plant near rabbit hash. and the company says they recognize how important the store is to the community. for now, store operations are happening at the barn across the street. 3 staying safe in the workplace. we'll tell you why one company
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3 a texas school district is trying to make technology available to all students. in rock river, 12 hundred free laptops have been given to needy families. it's possible through a voter approved bond. that money has gone to upgrading older models and giving them to those in the free and reduced lunch programs. students whose families may have not have been able to afford a computer now have access to more resources. 3 when it comes to developing projects, videos to showcase
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important so the laptops have been tremendously important to our families." when the laptops are given, parents also get training on how to use them. the district continues to try and grow the program after seeing so much success from the families that get them. 3 seeing double.we'll introduce you to a family with a medical marvel.. and *five* sets of
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3 3 the victims and families in the san bernadino mass shooting want to know what is on the county- issued iphone used by the gunman.they openly support the government's position that apple be required to hack into the locked phone.the victims want to know what might pertain to the investigation and why they were attorney plans to file a brief in the legal battle on behalf of several families of victims and other employees injured in the december shooting. 3 president obama has a plan to shut down guantanamo bay.white house officials will submit the outline to congress today. president obama has long- vowed to close the prison facility.he says it is used as a recruiting tool by terrorists and is too costly to maintain.congress had opposed previous plans to shut it down.the current proposal
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detainees to other countries. those deemed too dangerous for travel will be sent to prisons in the u- s. 3 a georgia business owner is now requiring that all his employees get a concealed carry handgun permit -- and be armed.the company provides risk management services to aircraft insurers.once employees get their licenses -- they will be given a pistol that has a rifled barrel and is sometimes called a "hand cannon."lance toland says all his aviation insurance agencies carry the guns openly in the office.some employees like the idea. 3 :47-:54(andrea van buren/toland employee) "you're willing to commit to training, commit to becoming an expert on the firearm, and -- also you have to commit to be ready to use it if you have to." toland thinks several high profile business owners with private planes may soon follow his lead and require their employees to carry guns, as well. 3 employers want healthier employees.. and as a result, workplace wellness programs are trending.according to a study -- more than 80 percent of big companies are now offering some form of
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their workers to participate. researchers say the thought of losing money is prompting people to pay attention to their health. 3 doctors say you're more likely to get struck by lightning than have two twins give birth to twins.. twice! two salt lake city sisters now have eight twin babies altogether. it's a statistical anomaly.. but this family.. just calls it a miracle. 3 36- year- olds kerri bunker and kelli wall are twins.and best friends.they are teachers at the same school.. and their husbands are best friends.they both happened to give birth to twins... then they did it again!it's a medical miracle.. because doctors told them both that they couldn't get pregnant and the two struggled with fertility.all nine children will grow up together and *close.*the families are building houses near each other so the whole clan can
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3 3
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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high while driving, a deadly crash on the highway that threw a baby out of the car and put the child in the hospital. i can't deny that there's a heightened sense of awareness, that's it, just a little heightened sense of awareness, just keeping an eye on things. cincinnati police officer threats an investigation after an activist video is hacked and personal information is leaked.
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not be staying, i will tell you who next. good morning, everyone, we're going to get to all of your stories in just a moment. >> we are going to have another nice day, disment and then the wheels fall off. >> the day looks good, no problem whatsoever, as we move through today and tomorrow, we will see rain move into the picture,er clay, right now and we're in the low 30s, and upper 30s, and the airport at 33, lufkin 31 and hamilton is at 29, and wilmington and batavia in the low 30s, a little bit of wind is making it feel colder, the radar is quiet. 34 at 8:00, 45 at noon, and the cloud cover increases we will become mostly cloudy, 34 degrees, we can see clear skies, but we're tracking storm system through texas and oklahoma, that is going to spread rain in here as early as tonight.


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