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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon, every one. thanks for joining us. it's ended, hasn't it. >> and we're looking at a whole bunch of rain heading our way. >> and don't let the sunshine fool you. let's get right to chief meteorologist, scott dimmich. >> a flood watch has been posted for much of the tri-state and it
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will be in effect. 1:00 in the morning on thursday, tomorrow night. fayette and union county are not in the watch. in the watch area, we're expecting inch and a half to two and a half inches of rain. and we'll begin to see showers develop late this evening and then the intensity and coverage of rain will pick up overnight. there may be heavy rain as you or someone you know heads back to school late tonight and early tomorrow morning. temperatures won't be changing that much between 7:00 p.m. and midnight. the showers are becoming a possibility during local 4 news live at 10:00 and 11:00. heavier rain will come during good morning. , cincinnati. temperatures will be rising in the mid to upper 40s overnight. notice everyone is dry according to the precision doppler hd. there won't be any rain this
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showers will begin to develop as we warm the hour. considering the after rang high for the state will be in the low to mid 40s. wilmington is up to 53. in addition to an inch and a half to two and a half inches of rain late tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow evening, we also have the potential of accumulating snow. inch and a half of rain. it's not all bad news. if you have more rain and sun, i'll share the weekend forecast coming in 10 minutes. >> brad. >> there's another piece. . >> rate on local cancer centers. >> larry davis is live at the claremont county cancer center to tell us more about this. this is a pretty big deal, larry.
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there's not much in the way of activity in the claremont city center. all of the action has been going inside today. this is an investigation by the fbi. the u.s. attorney's office as well, as the medicaid fraud unit of attorney jen ohio's office. fbi spokesperson will say that this investigation stems from a federal matter, that comes out of cincinnati federal court. since the investigative team stands to reason, some type of medical fraud is involved. nobody comes out to say what this is really about or what they are actually looking for. they tell us that at this point, no arrests has been made. investigation. there's similar investigations in the adams county cancer center as well as the cancer
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center in pollsome. there's similar investigation like we have going on inside today. coming at local 12 news at 5:00, we'll hear from a woman who picked up lab work as she was stunned to hear about the investigation going on. live in batavia, larry davis, local 12 news. paula, back to you. we're learning more today about a deadly heroin crash that happened in campbell county. >> first at 4:00, a driver lost control and a driver rolled over several times. and we now know michael gill yum is the person that was killed. police initially thought he was driving when the car rolled over in 275 just before the bridge. amanda thomas and a 7-month old boy who was riding in the back seat were both thrown from the car. at last check, they were both in critical condition.
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determine who was driving. it is cleared that they were involved in heroin at the time. duke energy has donated $25 thousand to help them rebuild after that as with the. investigators say the pot belly stove could be the cause. and the money being donated will go long ways. for now storm operations are happening at the barn on the street. they first opened for business back in 1831. police are trying to track down a vehicle that hit the pedestrian and drove away. it an i -- it appears the man was driving. and the investigator says the man was rushed to the hospital with head injuries. police say they are looking for
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the obama administration offered a plan to shut down guantanamo bay seven years. and andrew spencer shares the plan and reaction from the hill. >> for many years, it's been clear that the detention center at guantanamo bay doesn't advance our sense of security. >> president obama is caug for the closure of the guantanamo bay stwrfr >> keeping it open is contrary to the values. it's views of vieweds uphold og the higher the rest, had to be
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into a detention facility in the united states. they have military prison in leb lebanworth, releasing a statement, saying, i'm encouraged to see the president is sending a congress a plan to shut down guantanamo bay prison. as i said for years, the prison in guantanamo must be closed as soon as possible. the reactions from other presidents. >> don't shut down gitmo, let's expand it. >> before any terrorists to take place, legal obstacles have to be overcome. officials say they are planning conversations with lawmakers. the outcome remains hazy. andrew spencer reporting. >> just ahead, sounding off on plans for a kroger marketplace. >> a school bus driver is cited
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. >> car slams into a school bus. and police say both vehicles were headed west on harrison. the bus apparently turned right to roberts directly into the car's path. officers say the bus driver has
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to make the turn from the left lane and likely didn't see the car. they cited the driver made an illegal lane change violation. no one was hurt. >> they will decide once and for all if it will be built. the trustees could decide tonight on a consent decree that will rezone the site from residential to commercial and clear the ways for the crossings of beckens to be built. trustees will meet tonight at 6:00. township hall on cincinnati dayton road. the public is allowed to weigh in at 7:00. . woman claims she was denied a booth at the flee market because she was breast feeding >> lauren koren spoke, flee markets will not be the same for
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>> jollen greg lee said that's what happened on friday. gregory says she was renting a booth with her six moerl daughter in toe. >> and we're getting complaints about the breast feeding. >> gregory says she returned on saturday to get the same booth, but was denied. >> and my rights as a mother. she spoke to other officers with the flee market, who agree. >> complain because you're breast feeding. >> and not only does she believe the flee market violated her civil rights but family past time. >> and last weekend, we go to
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last friday. >> going to the flee market. >> you're okay. >> we have some special guests to the studio, from the sbca. this is some of your favorite time. >> first at 4:00, republicans say the seat at the supreme court will remain --
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through tonight and tomorrow . >> republicans say there will be no hearing for republican supreme court nominee. after a closed-door meeting, there would be no hearing, no vote. >> county sbca. i want that. and. >> i have a pair and i can't remember what their name >> these are litter.
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>> >>. >> and i like these guys. these are fantastic. >> mini is a great dog. little boxer, little german shepherd. going to be in a $50 pound range. exercise. have plenty of energy. she's ready to go >> i got two. >> kitty and zone. they are 6 months old. scooter is the gray one. zane is the black one. make excellent companion animals. >> there's a load. >> people could call 541.
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>> if you're going out tomorrow, you need a touch of energy. . >> stolen your weather time. >> got a lot to cover. that's a tough act to follow. flood watch has been posted for all, except fayette and union county. watch goes into effect, tomorrow night, the watch gets discontinued. this is for the potential of an inch to naf 1/2, to two naches of rain. and once we get past the back end of the watch, the attention turns to the window of opportunity of accumulating snow, early. potential for next cumlation and burst.
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go tout and get some food. and don't have to worry about any rain at least early this evening. clouds will be increasing and showers will be a possibility as we dive to the second part of the evening. it looks to be particularly heavy between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 in the morning including good morning. cincinnati. i suspect we'll have you covered. and we're monitoring the rain is. you could see where the rain is falling through the back end of the evening and overnight, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, local 12 weather authority app. we still have sun showing off in the weather cam, looking into cincinnati from covington, 5 #
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windchill is in the mid to upper 40s. rain develops tonight, maybe answer trm down to 50 early this evening and we'll likely stay between 45-50 in the middle of the night. big area of low pressure grinding. clouds are moving at this hur. widespread rain, reports of tornadoes, down close to new orleans. the newsroom is working on stories and collecting video from some of the damage done there. look for that, local 12 news, 5:30, nobt.
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and. i spread soaking rain. this reebb. >> we're expecting an inch to an inch and a half of rain. then the change over to snow. 1-2 inches of snow. wednesday night to thursday. the screaming message here, inch and a half to two inches, tbt and tomorrow night. late tonight to early tomorrow. thursday, no rain. one to two inches of snow in total. the temperature will be 30-35. and there's some slick spots and
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there's going to be clusters of snow coming through and some isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon, especially south, southeast of cincinnati. that's just the next 4 hours. nice warm up coming in the weekend. >> mystery surrounding the death of 13 bald eagles.
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>> agonizing. you can't deal with something, but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. >> cluster of bald eagles found dead in a farm. maryland statewide life officers are offering a 10 thousand reward for information leading to an arrest. officers believe it was poison. and u.s. fish and wildlife in oregon is trying to find out exactly how they died. >> tense moments for a california family. they were out snow shooting. >> as incredibly, rescuers, happened to be at the right place at the right time.
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little arms struggling to hold on. that's 10-year-old samantha white stuck in a hole. >> when my dad tried to help me, i fell more. >> she stopped and jumped to help when she realized samantha was sinking deeper and deeper. >> i don't know how deep the hole was. i have no i'd and her dad, retired firefighter who seen it a dozen of times before. >> agonizing. daughter screaming, don't let me go daddy. wife yelling >> the choice was, to let her go and live with that. if something bad happeneder hold on more than likely all three of
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>> samantha fell ten feet. her dad called 911. by the time help arrived, she would be in great condition. >> in this group of probably 12-15 snowshoers fell down the hill. i was a little preoccupied talking to the phone to the dispatcher. one of them said, yes, my daughter is my daughter is in the hole 12 hp 15 feet down. >> rescuers used the rope to pull samantha in a matter of minutes. >> did you hurt yourself? i said no. >> are you warm enough? i mostly said, stuff above 6:00. >> and samantha was able to walk mile and a half from the car. and now she's ready to get back
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>> astill want to go to the snow but not off the trails. >> 12 angels having to walk by. >> good news. twin sisters. the severe case of double vision. >> first at 4:00, take you to las vegas for a preview of the republican caucus. >> it isn't often, we have a brave lady to show us what you have happen earlier in your lifetime. she was burned over 40 percent of her body. because of that, she had a remarkable journey.
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>> we're okay for now. the early morning commute could be a challenge for drivers. >> not for me, because i planned my whole day. you laughed at me. >> we're concerned about you. it's not going to be a problem for you. we're good. >> i pay close attention to people like, meteorologist, scott dimmich, flood watch issued for the tri-state. >> trusting in the weather authority is the right thing to do. flood watch is in effect for all
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and this is not for snow or mix of rain or snow. this is just for rain beginning late this evening, continuing overnight, early tomorrow, through tomorrow afternoon and even into tomorrow evening. we're expecting an inch and a half to two and a half inches of rain through 1:00 in the morning on thursday for the watch area. also perhaps for fayette and union county. we get the other side of the coin. another season, winter, 1-2 inches of rain, through late wednesday night through thursday. right now, clouds are rapidly increasing. this is the view from tower cam hd, studios in mount auburn looking to the west. we'll stay cloudy through the next several hours. temperatures are barely falling through 7:00 through midnight. showers become a possibility for the second half of the evening. the coverage of the intensity of rain, not just showers, rain that starts and stops, but rain. perhaps heavy at times, will
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come overnight. when you wake up tomorrow morning, tune to local 12 or over on star 64 beginning at 7:00. clouds are increasing. new orleans, surrounding communities, reports of tornadoes most of the day. , we have an inch plus of rain to track. one to two inches of snow coming on thursday. a return of warmer air. that's part of the planning forecast, coming in 10 minutes. >> and you vote for trump, we win here. we'll run the table. >> and is donald trump unstoppable.
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that's the question. as the businessman barrels into nevada after two big primary wins. >> it's hard to stop momentum. generally, there's a significant event or significant change in the number of candidates for people to shift >> shift may be what the g.o.p. establishment is hoping for. marco rubio, before the nevada contest. >> 100 percent sure the best task is for marco rubio to be the nominee >> crews campaign, over nomination over rubio. the ns chas to be seen. >> when can you win. >> the other two remaining g.o.p. candidates, carson and kasich are trying to hang on
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>> for all intense and purposes, it's a three man race. i imagine, you will see essentially donald trump, marco rubio and senator cruz splitting up 857 percent of the vote between them >> right now, they have 60 percent. a big lead there. 30 more up for grabs here tonight in nevada. las vegas, scott schumann, back to you. >> stay with local 12,, we will have complete results on good morning. cincinnati >> according to court papers, he told his girlfriend last month, the daughter fell down the stairs to explain injuries to her face.
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get checked out at the hospital. he ran off, when confronted by police about stealing. according to court papers, he spent seven months in jail. >> bond is set, for a man accused of shooting a man in the back. assault. police say white shot darius benton. benton is paralyzed from the waist down. iowa state patrol has released dash cam video, of the local attorney and radio personality. local 12 news, obtained the video and the arrest of lisa wells during the stop, the trooper tells wells, they received several calls of her driving erratically. the trooper says she's showing signs of impairment.
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he asked about pills he found in her vehicle. >> oh. >> yes, ma'am he asked wells if she would submit to a field sobriety test. wells hosts a weekend show on wlw. is a lawyer and is pleading not guilty. so far, wlw has declined to comment. local father and daughter, giving back to help other kids in our community. >> medical reporter, joins us with more on the story. >> 95th annual circus thomas to
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this weekend. for one local dad and his daughter, what the shriners do, is not just a circus, but is very personal. >> lauren lynne is 60-year-old when she was transported to the hospital. >> lived changed. our daughter was barely burned with hot water on the way to the football game. >> 12 years later. >> and laura has a lot of gratitude for those who gave her the best medical care possible. the burns covered nearly half the her body. >> she has pleasant memories on playing on playing equipment at shriner's hospital.
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get to a better place. : there are 22 shriner's hospitals. one in canada and one in mexico. >> would provide care, regardless of the -- >> and her dad, joe lynne became a shriner. shriners raised money for those who need hospital care. and they do that through the events. >> group of mep and women. >> and joe knows what it is to have this kind of support. his daughter, needed a lot of it during her surgeries. each one of them. >> what they did, they would take the skin from the good part of the body and put it on the burn side. for years.
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>> and i could tell you, it's probably the greatest things that happened for us as a family. >> made me stronger. i want to is a change. >> did you think as a 6-year-old, with burns, you would be in the same. >> no. >> lauren is a member of group called soar. and she speaks with other burn patients to encourage them along the way. they can kick off the circus as well. you know what they have to do, when you move the skin. you have to heal the burn side and heal the new side. so she has been probably half of her life in that kind of pain. >> few things that are as painful. >> and to say, if you have to, do it all again. >> we'll be back a little before
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latest fat reports. . >> sheila gray, scottish home away from home. taking you inside mickelson downtown much and executive chef is whipping up classics like this. pan seared salmon, with mashed potatoes. now chef doesn't wear a kilt. and it's like taking a trip across the pond. . and we told you about the last night, worth repeating.
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to get shipping. and will still get the two day shipping on all orders. amazon shipping costs have outpaced the company's revenue. >> panel approves a temporary band of cargo shipments on passenger planes. the faa says they can catch fire aircraft. the batteries are used in cell phones and laptops. most countries follow the organization. >> stocks ended lower as the drop of commodity, pull down energy and material stocks. dow jones industrial dropped. and nasdaq lost 67. s&p 500 fell 24 points >> only 52 percent of americans have emergency savings than credit card debt. that number held steady own
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study found, one in five americans have no credit card debt but they also don't have any savings. >> that's a crisis. >> fact that americans don't have savings to therefore retire some day. >> people don't have it in their mind-set. i may lose my job. >> i don't think they have it in their mind-set.
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>> and cammy du >> a lot of kids dream of being astronauts. apparently the final frontiere gets boring from time to time or it seems judging, shown by astronaut mark kelly. we see someone in a suit boasting out of a bag and terrorizing a crew member. no explanation is given. just a quizical tweet, i thought you said you have things under control out there. that's great. he sat there for six months? a whole year. >> in my wildest dreams. if i were an astronaut, that's
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>>nd a we reported yesterday 18 thousand people have applied. 18 thousand. >> and if i were smart enough, would like to be in outer space. >> at last, i'm not. history was made and that's in the cincinnati police department. 13 men and women were promoted. what happened today, was a whole lot more than changing ranks. how the face of the department changed? >> and also at 5:30, tax season in full swing. millions of americans are filling up the paperwork, hoping for a refund and not a balance due. some people will get a refund that says, you are about to get audited. >> most research, kids thrive when they are parented equally by mom and dad. only 17 percent of american children whose parents are separated or divorced have shared parenting. that's according to the u.s.
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census bureau. sheila gray spoke with parents, the laws have not kept up with the trend. she will have the family 411 report at 6:00. i'll be back at 5:00, guys. >> being loo -- looking forward to it. >> look at the traffic, 75 and lynne. southbound, it's nice. some are going southbound at 75. we turn to $4.50 in the afternoon. it will be clear. >> it will be cloudy. rain will hold off until back in the evening. heavier rain comes overnight. it's not just rain later tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. it's also snow on thursday. you know this quiet stretch was not going to last. if you want warmth and sun, i have some good news for the weekend. first, out and about forecast, late in the afternoon, this evening, temperatures fall in the 50s and to the 40s by 8:00. clouds will be thickening. there won't be rain this
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showers will increase, 10:00, 11:00, especially after midnight. rain looks to be particularly heavy at least in some parts of the tri-state, between 2:00 in the morning and 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. if you're getting a late start on the early morning commute tomorrow, you will probably be better off if you get started. and intensity will trend down some during the morning commute. flood watch is out for nearly the entire viewing area, including northern kentucky, south of western ohio, with the exception of fayette and union county. flood watch is out from 1:00 tonight and 1:00 in the morning tomorrow night. this is for an inch and a half to two 1/2 inches of rain. and we get 1-2 inches of snow from late wednesday night to thursday. we have some sun in the weather cam. temperatures oxford, 54 degrees. we're 55 in cincinnati.
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mostly cloudy skies. clouds will be thickening. wind speeds will pick up. the coverage of the intensity of rain will be picking up late this evening and overnight. we're 55 at cincinnati. we'll drop 5 degrees between now and 7:00. we'll hover between 40-50 degrees for the back end of the evening and overnight. notice, rain is approaching the kentucky-tennessee border. all sorts of problems down in the deep south. you may see video later today on local 12 news, damage near new orleans, stemming back to alabama and mississippi. rough day right there. that's when the threat for the severe weather. and i suspect they will be focused to the southeast of cincinnati during the afternoon. no rain to track on precision doppler hd. notice the unfriendly colors arrive nearing midnight. initially rain will be south of cincinnati late this evening.
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may take an hour or two for returns on precision doppler hd to be rain that's reaching the ground. no doubt about it. some pockets of heavy rain will come in late tonight. cannot rule out gusty winds and isolated thunderstorm that's able to develop. notice some heavier rain was around for the first part of the morning commute. the intensity of rainment as. and there's clusters of rain, isolated thunderstorms around for much of the day tomorrow. and also into tomorrow evening into see indications of snow, mixing with rain by 10:00 tomorrow night. roads will be wet late tonight, early tomorrow. plan an inch, maybe an inch and a half of rain. some will see over two inches of rain. from late wednesday night through thursday, 1-2 inches of wet snow. some could be impacted. some will be melting in contact. we're up to 54 for a high
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tomorrow. heaviest rain tomorrow, looks to be near or just before sunrise. thursday. slow is likely. as i mentioned a moment ago, weekend. temperatures soaring in the 40s to 50s. live at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00.
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alert beginning a at >> winning the twin lottery twice. it's an unbelievable feat for a family told they would never be able to have a natural pregnancy. >> it happened to one mom and her identical sister. >> anomaly but this family calls it a miracle. 36-year-old carrie bunker and carrie walls are best friends. >> they are also identical twins. >> we traded classes in junior high, two years in a row, we got away for the most part. >> and they got away. >> she had her first set of
4:58 pm
>> with the help of invisit -- invitro fertilization. >> and growing up, the more we can do together, the more exciting it's been. >> last year, kelly found out she was pregnant with her second set of twins with idf. six weeks later, kelly told carrie, they were twins. >> carrie found their old pregnancy test when she had her third child cadee. >> and why not? why not try it. i found out i was pregnant the day she found out she was having twins. >> doctors thought hers was so low. >> not only was she pregnant, but with twins.
4:59 pm
together. times. >> and just like their mom. handle it. >> wow. they are going to be busy. they are building houses next door to each other and really close so everyone could grow up knowing each other and staying in contact. >> you have to really like your sister. >> we're back at 5:30. and at local 12 news, live at 5:00. thanks very much. three cancer treatment clinics in southern ohio are rated today. why the fbi and state attorney general general's office. >> and new information on the victims and the latest on the investigation. >> horrific story that puts the rights of fetuses at the spotlight comes to a close.
5:00 pm
who cuts the unborn baby. >> and good evening. everyone. what starts as a whole lot of rain tonight, will eventually turn into snow. >> erica is tracking the system and brings us with a first look at the forecast. >> sounds terrible. we're going to see a soggy day on tap. an area of low pressure situated around the louisiana area, is going to continue to bring a lot of rain our way. we have severe weather in louisiana. some tornado watches and tornado warnings. that severe weather is going to stay down there. i don't want you to worry about that. we're going to see a lot of rain for wednesday and some flooding concerns, will been an issue. we're dry right now. we have dry to mid level clouds. a flood watch is effect from 1:00 to thursday morning at 1:00 a.m.


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