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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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who cuts the unborn baby. >> and good evening. everyone. what starts as a whole lot of rain tonight, will eventually turn into snow. >> erica is tracking the system and brings us with a first look at the forecast. >> sounds terrible. we're going to see a soggy day on tap. an area of low pressure situated around the louisiana area, is going to continue to bring a lot of rain our way. we have severe weather in louisiana. some tornado watches and tornado warnings. that severe weather is going to stay down there. i don't want you to worry about that. we're going to see a lot of rain for wednesday and some flooding concerns, will been an issue. we're dry right now. we have dry to mid level clouds. a flood watch is effect from 1:00 to thursday morning at 1:00
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that's because we're going to see anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain. right now, we're rain-free. it looks like we have a little bit of an issue right here. i believe this is 71-78 at kyle's lane. we'll get more information on that in a second. current issue, 275, at 72. we're at 55 right now. lower 50s for wilmington. batavia, 54 degrees. throughout the next 12 hours, expect mild conditions will be around 50 at 7:00. we'll see rain move in later this evening, becoming steady overnight and heavy at times. we'll talk about this more in depth. how much rain, how much snow on thursday to expect it in 10 minutes. back to you. >> thanks very much. fbi agents raid three southern ohio cancer centers as part of the medicaid fraud investigation. >> same company, that runs the
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and saota counties. larry with what we learned about the situation. what you could tell us. >> when i walk into the lobby of the cancer center this morning, that lobby was empty. i was met with a patient, who was part of the investigative team who told me to contact the fbi. they told me this is a field federal matter. as of yet, no one is saying exactly what they are looking for. there was next to no activity outside the claremont county cancer center today. at one point, a man who appeared to be part of the investigative team walked from the car to the building. su san was just doing her job, picking up lab, would from the hospital. she was surprised to hear about the investigation. >> i was certainly surprised. u.s. attorney and the ohio attorney's general's office.
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investigations carried at the adams and sayot, providing treatment to cancer patients in southern ohio. fbi says it stems from the field federal matter out of cincinnati federal court. susan says she would be shocked to hear of think possible criminal activity. >> i live in contact with them. i open the center last year. was very kind for me when i come and pick up the mrood work. i occasionally come and talk to them. >> cammy, at this hour, the agents are still inside the claremont county cancer center. we have seen no one emerge from here, except for the one agent, about three or four hours ago. they have been locked out inside the cancer center. we understand they've been at the scene since 8:00 in the morning. no word on whether they will continue to go to the night or beyond that. live in batavia, larry davis,
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>> i know you'll stay on it and let you know if anything develops. the fbi says no arrests have been made. . >> we're learning more on a deadly crash. live at 5:00, driver high on drugs lost control and rolled over the car several times. michael gillium as the man killed. at first they think he was driving. now they are looking to see if that was the case. amanda thomas and a 7-month old boy was both thrown from the car. and they believe billy jones of bethel was thrown from the vehicle. he was the only one not seriously hurt. a man was crossing seymour avenue and rose lawn around 10:30 when the car hit him. an ambulance took the man to the
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officers say they are looking for a black suv. a judge drops the solicitation charge against an ohio state football player from the tri-state. defenseman lineman took a plea deal and completed the program. and columbus police cited the graduate in december. washington agreed to pay under cover officer for sex. he was suspended with the victory over notre dame. and in east price hill. oil spill has caused the driver to lose control and crashed. the person crashed into a pole in mount river road. and crews have closed the intersection while they cleaned up the mess. police say the tanker lost 25 gallons of gasoline. the spill caused the driver to lose control. the woman was taken to the
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no word on what condition and when crews will reopen the road. horseshoe cincinnati is no more. the casino is not closing but you have to be used to a new name. jack's cincinnati casino. it comes a year after rock gaming, bought out former cesar entertainment represents fun in a devil's hair attitude. it will cost $40 million. and changes the name of casino in detroit and in northeastern ohio. and ten days after the fire destroyed a hisser toic landmark. the general store has been part of the community, since andrew jackson was president.
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store that looks like the original an tens and thousands of dollars of donations poured to help him. and the donations, were from duke energy that offers a power plant near there. for now, the store is operating near a barn off the street. it's nice to see the community pull together and help rebuild. >> that's big money, too
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this is a different k here, open minds lead to broken boundaries.
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nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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>> benefit will help a local firefighter battling cancer. >> this is a different kind of fight. as local 12 adam clements shows us, murray says he's blessed despite a bleak prognosis. >> noticed a lump. and showed it to the doctors. >> and union firefighters didn't think much of it, until he and doctors written as a c yst.
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>> and nightmare for karl and his wife christy, considering how rare. >> and he researched, and re research researched. >> 88 cases. >> you hear it all the time. to hear that at all. and little boys. it was hard. >> and karl's finger was amputated. tumor removed. the husband and father of three is not out of the woods. >> this cancer is in me >> fire department left no doubt where they stand. frequent visits.
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>> and these guys come in and they are like families. and it's really neat to see. >> wife and love and three boys that i love so much. and and tons of support from family and friends, you know. i'm going to beat this. >> adam clements, local 12 news. >> the benefit of karl murray is this saturday at the fire museum of greater cincinnati. that's downtown in west coast. because karl's cancer is so rare, many options going forward is considered experimental. nd find the get it now links. and to make it easier for firefighters to receive cancer
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>> we wish karl andnd the . >> jurors convict a colorado woman, cutting the stranger's baby from her womb. diane lane, guilty, assault and unlawful termation of a pregnancy. lane went to great lengths to
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expecting a baby. she lured to the home, craig's list ads. and she then hit and choked wilson to using kitchen knife to cut out the unborn girl. >> will never get an explanation from her. will never get an explanation from her. and -- i've come to discover, i don't really want anything from her. what i do want to express my frustration and anger at the callisness of her actions. >> the case reignited over the debate over the legal rights of fetuses. >> president obama unveils the proposal to close the detention center of guantanamo cuba. >> it will fulfill a promise in 2008. the president is getting stiff opposition from someone in congress.
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tuesday his latest proposal to close the detention facility in guantanamo bay, cuba. >> counter productive to the fight for terrorists. mother offer, keeping this facility open, is contrary to our values. 56 will be moved to the continental u.s., including accused 9/11 mastermind, callic sheik muhammed. the united states says it will take $75 million to move them but it will save $85 million a year in operating costs. >> we can insure our facility, uphold our highest values around the world and save american taxpayers a lot of money in the process. >> administration has identified 13 location in the u.s., including south carolina, kansas and colorado.
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opposed the move along with republican leaders. >> what he's now proposing to do, in direct contradiction with the will of the american people. >> it will be illegal under current law to transfer, in guantanamo. >> the white house is urging congress to act before obama leaves office. mark albert for cbs news, the white house. >> few hours, weather promises to turn wet. >> at least, it is. it will still turn a little mild. we will have to deal with the winter weather on thursday. right now, we're enjoying 50 degree weather right now and high clouds. as we take a live look, weather camera to downtown cincinnati. we have a few peaks of blue clouds here and there and high to lid level clouds downtown. we will continue to see the clouds thicken up.
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really nice, topping out around 10-15 degrees above normal this time of year. made it to the upper 50s in georgetown. 55 at the airport. hamilton, 55. 54 for lebanon and 55 in thalmus. it's a pretty nice evening. all the rain is heading our way. we will see a the lo of it late tonight and tomorrow. right now, we're dealing with the high to mid level clouds. if you have late evening plans, you may want to bring the umbrella with you. we will start to track rain late tonight. here's 7:00. in the next 48 hours, here's what it is looking like. by 11:00. we will see the rain closer to downtown cincinnati. i expect the southern tier to get into some more steddier rain for 11:00, 12:00 tonight. we will see heavier rain overnight.
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will get really hit hard early tomorrow morning. it looks like heavy rain. i won't rule out a rumble of thunder early. and little lull for some of us. by noon, some may be some showers an activity. others will be dry. it won't be widespread all day long. we're looking at the rain returning, some will be heavy and as well as some rumbles of thunder. we're not looking at the severe weather. it will be breezy, stay mild. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. it will be very wet. 1 1/2 to two inches possible. by 11:00, transition take place, to rain in blue and snow in white. we're starting to get some colder air wrapping around the
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expect the transition, late wednesday night and through the day on thursday. expect snow shower activity, that's what the white coloring will be. weather concerns, will be lower visibility, due to heavy rain. ponding in the roadways and some minor floodings. localized flooding in low level areas. we switch gears. main weather concern will be lower visibility. and slick areas will develop throughout the day. and we'll be very windy and gusts up to 40-45 miles an hour, possible on thursdays. that's going to make it feel colder. feels troublesome, especially if you drive a high-profile. and that starts later tonight. that's why the national weather service, issued a flood watch. we can see some localized flooding.
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the flood-prone areas. early on, we stay dry. we stay steady and start to rise. rain likely throughout the day. and we're transitioning to snow, late wednesday. one to two inches, 58 on sunday and then we'll cloud on. >> and we'll have to focus on that. >> we'll have the latest at 11:00 and we'll have the latest information on the rain, and its effect on the traffic. starting at 4:25. >> speaking of traffic, update on the accident we told you about earlier. this is 275 at 42.
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according to 42. there was an accident.
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>> cincinnati sunday group, it's really a threat. >> group released information on 52 police officers who protest a shooting. >> included addresses and names of officer's family members. >> getting the information doesn't get the group doesn't get hacked into city computers. >> sunday afternoon, cincinnati police first saw the anonymous and nonverdict video protesting the shooting of paul gaston. they immediately began negotiating at websites, to drop the data dumps of officers. 48 hours later, they do not believe the city or police were actually act. >> based on the studies of the ip people, none of the system is breached. this appears to be clearly, the ability to control the internet for information that's out there. >> black says, they are not sure if the group is local, national or international.
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experts say we're all guilty of not protecting our information on social media and commercial websites. sadly, even if you try to protect it, if someone targets you, they are likely to get ahold of it. >> dr. james walden is seeing the data and easily gathers the same data. >> and eventually builds the personnel. doesn't require a lot of hacking and search engines and social networks and couple of basic techniques. >> gathering personal information and releasing it, groups of anonymous are very good. he offers one bit of advice. remember, whatever you post on social media is available and available forever. >> joe webb, local 12 news. >> to protect his own information, doctor walden doesn't have a facebook account
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>> interesting, isn't it? >> local 12 news, live at 5:30. >> what some republicans are telling john kasich and what it may mean for another presidential contender. >> have you been audited? who
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irs >> good evening. just when you were beginning to maybe thaw and enjoy the sun, there's a reminder, there's the winner. >> next few days, will be active weatherwise to make your plans. here's erica collura. >> good evening, to you. we're going to get into a one-two punch. it's going to be a mess. tomorrow, you will need the rain gear and you will need to pack
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out the door. right now we have high and mid level clouds. we will continue to see the clouds thicken up throughout the evening. no rain just yet. take a look at the moisture down to the south. some severe weather stretching through portions of louisiana, near new orleans to southern mississippi with tornado warnings in effect. this severe weather event stays to the south. the moisture will be transported to the north and east. that's why the national weather service has issued a flood watch in effect from 1:00 a.m. to thursday at 1:00 a.m. late tonight, through thursday, and that's where we can pick up 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain. that's not the snow that's heading our way for thursday. take a look at the numbers. it's been a beautiful day. 55 in hamilton. 10 degrees above average from the international airport. we're 57 at middletown. tonight, we'll drop to 50. and we'll stay steady.
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better chances especially overnight which will be heavy. temperatures will start off by 48 degrees by 6:00 tomorrow morning. we'll pinpoint, when, where, how much rain and snow, coming in 10 minutes. >> we'll check back with you. we'll break video of breaking news alert of east price hill. soybean oil spill will cause the driver to lose control, crash into a pole as you see it. happened in mount river road. the tanker lost about 25 gallons of soybean oil. and a woman has now been taken to the hospital. crews have opened one lane of eastbound river road. we will continue to keep you posted on that. tax season is in full swing as millions of americans are filling up the paperwork, hoping for a return and not a balance due. some people will get a notice that they are about to get
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christine bredow looks at who the irs audits. >> tis the season of tax season and for some an audit. >> depends on how much money you make. >> those odds are one percent for middle income filers. they go up for income levels. unless a person reports not having an income. >> what you see in the movies, irs agent knocking at your door. a lot of the times, you get a letter. >> just because the irs sends you an audit letter, doesn't mean you will owe money. >> whether or not you get audited, comes down to your actions, not just your income. taking excessive deductions. failing to report all taxable
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from a retirement account. all red flag. the best way the taxpayer prepares in case of an audit, good record keeping. >> think about your tax return, not in march but in the 12 months proceeding march. >> and in washington, christine brezow reporting. >> fewer than 1 percent were audited. people who earn more than $10 million or those who report a second income gets a second look by the irs. >> authorities won't confirm what kind of incident it is, only that they were called to the prison. we are, woulding to get more information on the story and hope to have it to you tonight at 11:00. date is set for a hearing to determine whether a local man charged in a plot to attack a
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crystal was outside a gunshot last january. he's pleading not guilty. the judge ordered a mental evaluation for the 21-year-old. his attorneys say there's reasonable cause to question his competency. the hearing is set for april 18th. there could be a decision that decides once and for all, if the kroger marketplace will be built in westchester. developers want to build it on tyler and princeton road. trustees could decide, whether they will rezone from commercial. people who live in the area, has voiced their opposition to the plans. trustees will meet tonight at 7:00. some republicans are urging ohio governor to get out of the presidential race to clear a path. and he and not rubio has the
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chief >> spent the least amount of money, and i could win my home state, and they ought to be consolidating around me. >> we're not collecting class president. we're electing the president of the united states. >> coming tonight at 6:00, the latest survey, how the republican candidates stack up in ohio. when one of your biggest dreams is realized, sometimes you have to pinch yourself to make sure it really happened. >> mcfloren, is 106-year-old. she's just so cute. lives the dream of visiting the white house >> everybody just keeps asking her about the experience. mclarren lives through many moments in history. seeing a black man, who she wanted to see for herself. the visit came during the
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after an on-line petition gathered thousands of signatures signatures. >> i couldn't get over it. it seemed like everybody wanted to get a picture with me. they were so nice to me there. i really had a good time with the president got there. they were really, really nice to me. >> you got to smile watching that. mclarren says meeting the president and mrs. obama is the happiest experience she has had in her 106 years. >> 106 years. >> she looks great. >> god bless her. still ahead, the local restaurant that's about to serve its last meal.
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what changes and ranks mean >> history was made in the cincinnati police department, after 13 men and women were finally promoted. >> what happened, much more than the changes of the ranks, debra dixon tells us, the face of the department changed. >> today, the leadership of the police department looks more
5:41 pm
starting with the promotions of three black lieutenants to captain. that includes the first black woman promoted to captain ever. >> i'm just thankful to be part of change. when i look around to see the command staff right now, it just -- i am overwhelmed at the women of color. >> the command staff promoted, executive assistant lieutenant greg bailey. assistant chief. and female assistant chief in department history. >> and lieutenant carrie, from a big police family. her father was a cincinnati police captain. three sibleings are in the department. the children, grandchildren were all here to see history.
5:42 pm
mayor cranley. i will not let you down. >> and we have women and we have african-americans who are promoted to the command staff. they are also qualified people for the position. they didn't get it just based on their gender or race. >> still, just the second female assistant chief ever, hamilton county coroner, sees something else. she's hamilton county's first female coroner. >> people are finding out, yes, they can do the job. sometimes better. >> i think it's a sign of the evolution of the city. >> chief elliot isaac is the first black chief picked from the department. >> this is the new face of the department. this is the first day of the new command staff. today, we will see not only history, we will see a reflection on what happens when the city decides it will be the community, make sure the leadership in our city reflects the community.
5:43 pm
everyone promoted today, had people to thank for, for helping them, encouraging them, telling them this day could happen. debra dixon, local 12 news. >> there's about thousand foreign police officers in the department. another recruit class graduates this year. stiffer penalties for drug dealers. >> the mood, firefighters who gets sick after years on the job. get ready for some rain. a lot of it. erica is tracking that and some snow, and the weather authority forecast is next. >> heroin crash, killing one
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we're looking at >> westwood restaurant known for the award-winning french course. it will be closed on sunday but the chef says the kitchen will be the commissary for his food truck, urban bistro. meanwhile, he is looking for locations where he could open a new restaurant.
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heroin and meth dealers will face stiffer penalties. it allows a judge to increase the sentence if he or she has a previous felony conviction for dealing meth or heroin. the measure reinforces a minimum ten year sentence for felony cases, instead of allowing the judge to refer to a treatment program. firefighters and their supporters are waging a battle. it's aimed to protecting them against cancer. ohio is among the few states. they are pleading with lawmakers to . and it will recognize between firefighting and provide some type of cancer. there's one more hearing scheduled before lawmakers vote on the bill. similar bill is working its way through the house right now. >> and hey, there, we're going
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rain, through the entire day tomorrow. then it switches to winter like weather. we're looking at some snow. right now we're rain-free, snow-free. and about 6:23, sunset at cincinnati. we will continue to see, pretty mild temperatures. airport, 55. and wilmington, lower 50s, hillsborough, one of them at 52. 55 in nazville. we're all dry. we're going to see a nice evening. closer to 10:00, 11:00, expect rain to move closer to downtown cincinnati. that's where we expect to see rain showers. right now, we're just tracking some high to mid level clouds, filtering the sunlight, we have, a little left of it, that is. a lot of rain to the south. that's the area of low pressure,
5:49 pm
portions of louisiana. this severe weather stays away from us. this event will stay around the louisiana, mississippi area. and we're going to get a lot of rain through the day tomorrow. take a look at the rain totals this month. and this is plain old rain. we have had four inches at the international airport recorded. averages 2.2. we're almost two inches bomb normal for rain and we have not seen that much snow snow. last year, we have about 19 inches of snow. we're about 2 1/2 inches of total. thursday. it doesn't compare to last year, snow. it sounds terrible.
5:50 pm
1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain. we're going to see heavy rain, especially through the morning commute. the area of low pressure will ride north, northeast by 11:00. we're looking at rain, pretty much entering northern kentucky. we may see rain showers at 11:00. best chances toward midnight and later where the rain will be widespread, steady and also very heavy at times. by 8:00 in the morning, i expect a lot of the heavy rain to be pushing in the northern tier area. as the area of low pressure will move through cincinnati, pretty much in the tri-state. by 5:00, we're warm enough to see rain. as we get to 11:00, 10:00 on wednesday, the air will start to wrap around. that's going to be cold air from the north, northeast. that's going to transition the rain to snow. and we're looking at snow showers, maybe as early mixing in with rain by 10:00, wednesday evening. especially through the day.
5:51 pm
shower activity. some of it will lead to lower visibility and lead to 1-2 inches of wet, slushy snow for the day. tonight's forecast, fairly tranquil to say the least. we'll be at 49 in the east. staying steady, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. slight chances of rain. best chances for 11:00. and hydroplaning and lower visibility because of the heavy rain. few isolated thunderstorms are possible. temperatures are topping out around 54. we will see falling temperatures on thursday. we will be cold enough to see snow showers. i expect to see slick spots, if we see any to develop throughout the day. i will start off above 32 degrees. i suspect the roads will be okay but maybe deteriorating throughout the day. winds will be gusting 40-45 miles an hour.
5:52 pm
the upper 40s and mid to upper 50s for sunday. it looks like a pretty good weekend. >> erica, thanks. reds fans, all eyes are on jay bruce, now that his trade is on hold.
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>> the weather is calm and heavy rain is heading our direction. >> the rain will eventually turn over to snow. tim is here to show us the system that's on the way. >> we have mid to high clouds stretching in the area right now. no real rain anticipated until probably 10:30 or 11:00 tonight. you could see the cloud cover
6:00 pm
a big storm is heading our way. >> and heavy rains will occur tonight and during the daytime hours tomorrow. and eventually by late tomorrow night and into the day on thursday. we're going to have one to two inches of snow. take a look at satellite and radar data. the curtain of rain begins in the northern sections of tennessee. you could see the counterclockwise swirl on this thing. it's heading in our direction. again, it will be warm enough that we see rain in the area. take a look at 11:00 tonight. rain getting into the i-275 loop. it will continue to be moderate and heavy tonight and overnight. that's 3:30 in the morning. we have patches of heavy rain


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