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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3 local 12's brandon orr joins us *live* with a look at the roads this morning.
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3 at least three people are dead and many more injured after tornadoes swept through louisiana, mississippi and florida. more than 30 others hurt after a tornado tore through an r-v park in convent, louisiana.the storm flipped and mangled dozens of
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trees. rescuers spent the night searching for people who are trapped or family hid in their bathroom for safety. 3 (ryan kordish / witness) (:42) "i got into the bathtub with my dog. they were praying. i was crying. i was so scared. i mean the house would not stop shaking. (:50)more than a dozen school systems in georgia cancelled classes today as they expect more bad weather. and there are reports of at least one storm related death in lamar county, mississippi. 3 senate majority leader mitch mcconnell makes his most definitive statement yet that the senate will not act on any potential supreme court justice candidate that president obama nominates.the republican from kentucky bluntly warned the white house in a statement on the senate floor yesterday."he has every right to nominate someone, even if doing so will inevitably plunge our nation in to another bitter and avoidable struggle that certainly is his right - even if he never expects that nominee to be actually
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an election pendulum."the u- s senate judiciary committee also said it will not hold hearings on any supreme court nominee until the next president is sworn in. 3 a string of bb gun shootings is causing a stir among neighbors in colerain township. police believe someone has been driving around randomly shooting with bb guns or an air soft gun.they've been targeting parked's been happening over the past three weekends.some of the vandalism has happened in the northbrook neighborhood along niagra. 3 50:40 a couple of our neighbors came out and said that a car across the street, two cars across the street had their windows shot out. we called the police obviously. we needed to file a report and they came and told us that there's nine other people that reported someone shooting out their windows. 50:56 police say the incidents are widespread throughout the township.witnesses saw a white sedan leaving from the shootings.police think the car is a pontiac grand am. 3 the man killed in a suspected heroin- related crash on monday.. had a history of drug abuse. michael gilliam was
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flipped on 275.. near 471. today we learned he served time in prison for involuntary manslaughter.. after a man overdosed and died from drugs gilliam gave him. he was caught with heroin again shortly after he got out of prison. in a letter to a judge.. gilliam asked to be put in a treatment program.. but instead, he went back to prison..amanda thomas and her seven-month-old son were ejected during monday's crash. they're both in the hospital.. fighting for their lives this morning. 3 that crash is top of mind in another community. norwood has seen a large number overdose deaths.. and an increase in crime.members of the cameron avenue church of god asked "hope over heroin" to come to the's a two- day, faith- based event to help heroin addicts.. which offers baptisms and resources to addicts. 3 tomorrow night at 6.. a highway crackdown on people who are high behind the wheel.. threatening your life as you drive. local 12's rob braun has been working on the report for some time. you'll hear from a woman who's
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mitchell, and cold spring.and checking in at number six is
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3 a local restaurant is closing its doors.. and jumping on a truck.we'll tell you the new plans for a westwood bistro. plus.. results for the nevada caucuses are coming in.we'll tell you who is taking second place to the g- o- p favorite. you're watching good morning
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3 a westwood restaurant known for its award winning french toast and fine dining is closing its doors.but the kitchen won't be idle.vitor's bistro will close this sunday. but chef vitor abreu says the kitchen will become the commissary for his food truck "urban vistro."meanwhile, he's looking at other potential locations where he can open a new restaurant.vitor's bistro
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three course meal today and sunday evening. 3 an ohio proposal would let shoppers get a three- day break from the state's sales tax again -- but just during this summer.the bill initially sought to make the sales tax holiday something that happens annually.a state senate committee changed the measure yesterday to make it a one- year pilot program before approving the bill.ohio had its first- ever sales tax holiday last august, to help back- to- school shoppers reduce the cost of clothing and school supplies. 3 we're tracking campaign 2016. hear what republican candidates are saying about the nevada caucuses, up next. plus, celebrating a birthday. we'll show you how a little one hilariously tried to blow
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3 3 another victory for the republican presidential frontrunner.donald trump is
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caucuses. that's his *third* victory this primary season. entrance polls show that trump did well among those who prefer a political outsider.he also picked up support from republicans who selected immigration and the economy as the top issues.his closest rivals are battling for second place and much- needed momentum heading into "super tuesday" next week. 3 ((ted cruz))(:51) "the only campaign that has beat the donald trump campaign and the only one that can beat the donald trump campaign is this
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and, he was apparently laughing and joking.. and even gave the manager a hug. dalton did not buy a weapon there. the uber driver is charged with randomly killing 6 people. 3 here's a crazy piece of video for you this shows a plane crash landing on a california road. surveillance cameras caught the small single engine-plane slam into several cars in pacoima -- a los angeles suburb. the amazing part is what the witnesses say the
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3 tried every method he could think of to blow out his birthday candles... even barking. 3 3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3
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3 a "wine workout" is trending this morning. we'll show you how to copy the, singing loud for all to hear. we'll tell you why a "tuneless" choir is all the
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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3 a popular online video could motivate you if you hate working out.take a look at this "wine workout!"a california mom posted the video on her fitness facebook page.24-year old april storey has a toddler.. so her time is limited.she says her life is made up of every- day home exercises.. and one day she had some wine nearby.. so she started sipping between moves. her video's been seen by roughly 25- million people
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3 a woman who was told to stop singing because she wasn't good enough.. decided to make her own choir!(:00) nats "nobody knows the trouble that i've seen" (:08)nadine cooper avoided singing in public for years after her school music teacher told her she was spoiling it for everyone else. so she set up the tuneless choir in nottingham for those who lack in confidence and need more practice. singers say they leave there with a "big smile on their face," and that it, "is just like singing in the car." 3 a local group heads to our nation's capitol.we'll tell you why the northern kentucky streetcar will be the topic of discussion in d- c. 3 taking on villanova.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's adam clements is looking ahead to tonight's xavier showdown.
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3 good morning.we'll get to this morning's top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of
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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hilllocal 12's 3 brandon orr joins us *live* with a look at the roads this
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3 3 severe storms are moving across the country right now. tornadoes left several people injured in florida.utility
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flipped.severe weather moved across the gulf coast states last night.two people were killed in louisiana and another is dead in mississippi. forecasters say at least *20- million* people across the southeast face the risk of severe storms and tornadoes. 3 new this morning.. police are trying to find two suspects after an overnight shooting in college happened around midnight on north lynnebrook drive.police say two suspects tried to rob a man at gunpoint.. and shot him in the leg when they didn't get anything.the victim was taken to u- c hospital and is expected to be okay. 3 also new this morning..two families are looking for a place to stay after a fire in winton hills.firefighters say the fire started in the attic of the two- family home on winneste avenue just before midnight.they say it was caused by an electrical short. now.. four adults and twelve children are out of their homes.the fire caused about 15-thousand dollars worth of damage. 3 the effort to bring cincinnati's streetcar to northern kentucky heads to our nation's capitol today.the members of the group trying to expand the streetcar route will be in washington d- c to explore the possibility of
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feasibility study.the new plan is to extend it across the taylor/southgate bridge.the group is also looking at ways to get the streetcar from newport to covington.. possibly over the fourth or 12th street bridges. 3 facebook wants to bring your happy birthday messages to life... with the launch of birthday video cam. it lets you record 15 second videos for your friends that will appear on their page. you can also add a birthday themed frame.the social media site is encouraging people to record more intimate greetings..
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one.. against number five.. and with conference tournaments.. 3 and then of course.. the big dance right around the corner.. a xavier win tonight could mean a whole lot for their chances at a number one seed..this squad is playing some top notch basketball right now.. and you better beleive the cintas center is going to be rocking tonight.. for xavier.. it's a chance at redemption.. the muskies had a
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the muskies don't have a repeat performance of their showing against villanova back on new year's eve.. 3 "that was part of the reasoning why we lost so bad the first time. we had a lot of turnovers.. so if we limit those.. get second and third possessions for us.. i think it'll be a very fair game.. it'll be a very close game.." coming up at 6:30.. we'll 3 hear from coach chris mack on what xavier needs to do to
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3 tipoff for tonight's game at the cintas center is at seven o'clock.. 3 trump scores a big win.stay with us.. we'll go over all the results of last night's
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3 king's island has scheduled a job fair this weekend.the amusement park is trying to fill some 35 hundred seasonal positions.kings island will open its 45th season on april 16. the park says they need ride operators.. food servers.. lifeguards.. and security have to be at least 15 years old to work at the park.king's island says they are interested in students.. teachers.. and retirees who are looking to make some extra cash. 3 the cincinnati music festival announces their 20- 16 lineup. fantasia, babyface, new edition and charlie wilson are among those performing. the two- day rhythm and blues festival will be at paul brown stadium on july 22 and 23. the event is more than a century old. the festival has previously featured aretha franklin, duke ellington, miles davis and whitney houston.
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a heart- warming welcome home. up next, we'll show you the moment a mother returns home after spending a year in
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3 nevada has long been considered the wild- west of politics...betters put their money on donald trump ahead of the state's gop presidential caucuses.. and it paid off.the g- o- p frontrunner rode to victory.the caucuses got off to a rocky start...after a higher than expected turnout led to problems at caucus sites across the volunteers -- including a member of the rubio team -- checking in caucus- goers without checking i- d's. 3 (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) $$ "this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. this guy is sick, there's something wrong with this guy." :10 - :18 (ted cruz)$$ "i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today or tomorrow or the next day. they change every day. :52 - :59 marco rubio took second place with 24 percent of the vote. cruz took third with 23 percent.trump won with a little more than 42 percent of
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3 a small plane carrying 21 people has crashed in a mountainous region in nepal. the craft flies for tara air and took off from the city of pokhara early this was headed for one of the most popular trekking routes in the himalayas.the flight was only supposed to last for about 19 minutes total.. but contact was lost about eight minutes after takeoff.the plane was found after an intense four- hour search. everyone on board died. 3 the centers for disease
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san bernardino shooter syed rizwan farook.a california judge issued the order earlier this says it would be required to create new software that could put all customer security at risk. protesters want to show solidarity for apple's fight. 3 take a look at this heart- warming reunion in new jersey. army specialist amanda rodriguez is back home after her nearly a year deployment to afghanistan.the single mom wanted to surprise her three- year-old-son - she showed up at his day care. rodriguez says she was nervous about his reaction at first. but as soon as zayden saw his mother, he ran straight into her arms.
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good morning, everyone. >> there's ponding on the roads. everything we expected. there's general he lalight, steady rain which is coming down in the greater cincinnati area. there's pockets of more rain headed to toward the norwood area. light rain across southeast
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system, a flood watch goes into 1:00 a.m. on thursday morning, so far no reports of flooding, although there's standing water on some roadways 45 degrees now, light rain at the airport, expect temperatures in the 40s through the morning, rain continues, by the afternoon that rain is going to scatter by noon somewhat, late day, a rumble of thunder possible for some of us as we work our way into the an, tonight that rain goes over to snow. i'm going to detail a time line


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