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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[applause] >> road crews are keeping an eye along the columbus highway, to
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>> homeowner comes crashing. and sheila says she and her sons were sleeping when they heard a huge noise. then they heard rain falling in the bathroom. that will wake you up. we have seen the share of rain today. we can see some snow in the future. >> let's get right to local meteorologist, scott dimmich with a look what to expect. >> we have two severe thunderstorms in the tri-state. there are no severe thunderstorm warnings in effect right now. earlier in the afternoon, had a severe warning out for hamilton-butler county. we had 3:15, 3:45. severe thunderstorm warning for clinton county. both of the warnings have expired. the overall threat foreseeing strong to severe storms is limited tonight. we have a measured wind gust at the wilmington air park, under 60 miles an hour. that prompted the severe thunderstorm warning for clinton county. notice showers and storms have
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was once under a severe thunderstorm warning. this is the heaviest rain, and individual clusters of rain are moving to the east, northeast at 25-30 miles an hour. we have rain to the southwest of cincinnati. this is light rain, switzerland ohio, ripley, dearborn county. that will be moving to the 275 loop and also into boon, canton county. as brad was mentioning, we're in store for some more snow and later tomorrow. that's the aproximate rain-snow line. and it's snowing in indianapolis. and in the next several hours, will trade rain in the scattered
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late this evening and all snow by early tomorrow morning as cooler air comes in above the ground especially. we'll have rain above temperature near 40-7:00, 8:00. and we'll have likely a mix of rain and snow to the back end of the evening. perhaps for the very early part of the overnight. it's all snow by the start of good morning. cincinnati. another check of radar, hour-by-hour, transition from rain to snow. rain and wind, much more in the weekend, planning forecast in 10 minutes. brad. >> we're following a local breaking news alert involving charges in the death of a local mother. >> police made an arrest in the murder of brittany russel. officers found russel shot to death, earlier this month. this 6-month old baby edwards was also in the car and not hurt. russel didn't have custody of the child who is now back with her father.
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person arrested. this is breaking. when we learn it, we'll bring it as soon as we can. >> there's huge games and then there's a huge game. >> fifth ranked xavier hosting the number one team of the country. fans all over the tri-state are fired up. so is local 12, allen cohen live at the center, all is quiet before the storm. ali. >> you know it brad. and maybe even the biggest game since chris mack took over back in 2009. the student body, it's quiet here now. that's not the case, just about an hour and a half. it's kind of a tradition in college sports. not so much a tradition as much of the fact, they are just coveted. blankets to be first in the
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students, have the students section seats are not assigned. first come first serve. eight. they make the center, one of the toughest to play in the team. the students, are ready for up with of the biggest names they may get to witness here. >> it will be fantastic. when cincinnati came to town. honestly, one in five. the greatest moments, in history. me and my older brother is going back here. he wants to come back the game. it's a certain thing. the reason they come to xavier. at the end of the day, seen some great basketball play. >> and obviously a great tournament run. i've been so impressed with the team so far, they can't let me down at this point. the more wins, obviously the better for everybody. >> you could see people are lining up. i'm really excited.
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i heard the game was sold out. it was the biggest game for quite a bit. i think it's going to be bigger than the uc games. >> they have never beat nova in big east play. they are 0-6. so much on the line. they will have certainly the support of the fellow classmates. for now, reporting live, cintas center. >> and we had 162 votes on the twitter. don't leave now. you could hear me? you could still hear me, can't you. >> i didn't want to -- >> i'm going to run some laps. i'm going to get some shots. >> 162 people have voted. 72 percent say x tonight.
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>> you know what, vegas is on board. and vegas, they know it all. so i'm going with x, murphy's law. they have to get here eventually. they have to, villanova just cannot come out and shoot hot like against them every single time. >> you could walk away from me, as if you're tremendously bored. thanks so much. back to you. >> got to keep her in line. thank you, brad. >> we're learning more about a body found in a butler county park. fairfield police chief, the body found is a man in his 50s. the butler county coroner has yet to do an autopsy. there's no information on how the man died. the chief says, there's no obvious signs of trauma. the chief says they are trying to get in touch with the man's family before they release his name. >> two people release charges on animal cruelty charges.
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a companion animal. a neighbor found the dog dead still in its cage. the animal was starved and neglected. the dog had wounds from being confined in its cage. shoemark had been found. shymark and good win are out on bond. they are not allowed to own an animal or live with one. if convicted, they can get six months in jail or be fined. . man facing charges after grabbing a woman's rear end. it happened last week in xavier university's campus. he admitted to police, he touched the victim's rear end and knew it was wrong. he remains locked up at the center.
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>> stick to sports. >> first at 4:00. new developments and talks
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>> the importance of >> township of trustees fired coumbs last night. trustees indicated a majority of the board members want add change at the top. coumbs tells local 12 news, the decision was political. he told members he didn't want to resign >> new information on the future of the the acre property along beach mont avenue.
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>> maybe we have to get the equipment of sleep apnea. >> new study shows, more than a third of us don't get enough shut eye in today's health minute. mary molina, why you should start to get more sleep right now. start snoozing. people between the ages of 16 and 18 need to sleep seven hours a night. and a national survey by the cdc shows more than a third of us, sleepless than seven hours. that's a problem. here's why? research shows, the less sleep you get, the morris being you have for obesity, diabetes and mental illness. to make sure you get enough shut eye, try to get enough. and keep your room dark. turn the thermostart low, get rid of the electronics. put the phone away.
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during the day, try to exercise. if you do all of that and don't get enough rest, go to the doctor. there may be another problem that's preventing sleep. consider this, your wake-up call to start sleeping more. >> if you were not on your phone, the phone rings during the commercials, during the packages. that's probably why you're so
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. >> presidential candidate donald trump dominated the caucuses on friday. they both finished far behind. today, u.s. senator daniel coets on how the primary season is shaping up for his party. i asked if there will be a clear nominee emerging for super tuesday. >> if we keep five or six people in the race, going into super
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continue to divide the vote. i talked about turning our fok cus best unite, and affect the democrats to support us. i think that person is marco rubio. ted cruz is falling rapidly, based on his tactics, that are now been exposed. predicting what's going to happen in the election has been hard for anybody to do >> also talked about the drug problem, said in his home state, the indiana lawmakers passed legislation, that passes stiffer penalties. and he's a cosponsor of the bill that requires patients to make it harder to abuse certain medications.
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on the topic of the supreme court nominee. you know how he stems on that. up to 18 inches of snow forecasted for indiana's winter storm. winter storm is considered to bring blizzard conditions. for northwest indiana. winter storm is issued for crocker'sville, kokomo and logan's port. >> i think it should be warm. >> yeah . nasty. how nasty will it get? >> we have the transition from rain to snow. it's the interless of wet and floppy snow. bridges and overpasses and transition will continue to the overnight and tomorrow. flood watch has been cancelled. we're talking about that in the
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despite the pandemonium. i'm here to tell you, since the national weather service in 1995, we've never had a february with two severe thunderstorm warnings in the tri-state. this is a first. >> >>. >> there may be a few we progressed through much and right now, much of northern kentucky, much of south eastern indiana is dry. that's not the case in the coming hours. notice rain in the western part of hamilton county. far north of boone county. the western third of butler county. individual clusters of rain in and around the 275 loop. extending to boone to canton county.
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the heaviest rain in the tri-state is on top of oxnard, extending to liberty. fayette county to franklin, ripley, dearborn county. also to switzerland and ohio county. some pockets of light rain. the intensity of rain, coverage is higher to the west. that's progressing to the east rain will begin to transition and it's all snow by early tomorrow morning. 45 the temperature in oxford. cloudy sky. so far, about an inch and quarter in the bucket there. : light rain is being reported. we're about to take 25 in since in they.
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the evening. we're expecting an inch or less of wet snow, especially bridge, overpasses, late this evening, continuing overnight and much of tomorrow. much of tomorrow, we'll have flurries and snow showers. steddier snow, elevated coverage or intensity of snow will come overnight. notice some snow starting to mix in. northwest of cincinnati by 8:00. 10:00, 11:00, midnight. that's when we get a wind of -- rain and snow. flurries of snow showers, drifting through much of the
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an inch or less of total accumulation from tonight to tomorrow. snow comes to an end tomorrow night. there's lingering flurries of clouds. quickly, we will go through impacts. it's a rain to mix this evening. rain of snow overnight. mostly wet roads tonight. there will be some snowy roads. reduction of visibility, where we have precipitation. and 33, the forecast temperature
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win. >> do you think they will win >> they think they will win.
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family's's >> police officer is being called a hero after he save add burning man from an suv on highway in corp pus christy yst porp -- corpus christi, texas. officer rushed to the vehicle and broke the window with his baton. he pulled the driver to safety before the flames engulfed with the suv. the rescuers took the man to the hospital with minor injuries. >> good day. >> no kidding. >> would you live in the winter in a cold place or warm place. >> warm all the time. i'm okay with no change of seasons. give me 75-85, sunny and i'm good. >> cat was thinking the same way. this cat makes quite the journey. michelle richards found the blue
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pick the cat up so they can check the microchip. >> pretty amazing how far she's come. >> the owners are trying to find a way, for someone to bring up to them in shaboykin. >> i think that pet is saying something. >> you think cats could talk too >> i think you could tell them what you like.
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storms rock the southeasast. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch
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twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 30 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now. >> the risk of powerful winds, hail and tornadoes, it continues from florida to the mid-atlantaic. latest round of severe weather killed four people. the storm caused widespread damage. from pensacola, florida to garland, texas. parts of the united states ary
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>> and i'll tell you who? for 30 seconds, it was like a nightmare. >> it was so sudden. >> the national weather service says it received 37 reports of tornadoes across the area. people inside the louisiana gym, watched as the storms peeled off the roof. >> the roof of your gym in the wall just closes off. >> the field of debris is all that remains in the 160 motor homes and trailers. >> i was crying and i was so scared. the house would not stop shaking. >> the louisiana's governor traveled to the damaged site. and florida's panhandle, tornado dammed apartments. >> we didn't have time or anything.
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>> forecasters believe the carolinas and virginia will get the most of it. >> it was nasty today. nothing like that, though nasty if you're talking about, you don't want a lot of rain in your backyard. we have a big old puddle in the backyard. my guess, there's a big old puddle everywhere. >> we have rain moving into northern kentucky and southwestern ohio already have parts of rain in southeast. all the precipitation will have will be rain. we'll likely have mix of snow. it's all snow beginning at 4:25. winds will be wet, given temperatures are near or above freezing late this morning or overnight. can't rule out slick spots,
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bridges, overpasses and grassy surfaces. and there may be some visibility reducing snow during the commute to work or school tomorrow morning. right now in precision doppler hd, the eastern half of hamilton county is dry. the western half is dealing with at least intermit tent light rain, especially the far western edge of the loop, bright, cleaves and lawrenceburg. individual clusters of rain here, from oxford and libber. down to switzerland or ohio count he, moving, east, light east of heavier rain. taeps close to oxford. rain will be moving in the next
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notice, on doppler hd, the trans transics and colder while we have rain for the noeks. the rain-snow transition will continue late in the evening and it's all snow by early tomorrow morning. quite a temperature change now. 60's in west union. coming up, another check of precision doppler hd. more on the transition from rain to snow tonight. strong winds tomorrow with snow. we have highs near 60 for the weekend. we'll take you to the entire planning forecast, and show you the forecast in 10 minutes. we continue to follow the local breaking news alert, involving the arrest of a local mom we told you at the top of the broadcast. local 12 news, confirmed, dayton police charged brandon carr with the murder of russel.
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death earlier this month, along with the 6-month old baby who was left unharmed. we don't know where police. . cincinnati police work to track down a gunman, on north lindbergh on college hill. the victim has a permit to carry a gun. officers say he shot back and may have injured one of the drivers. the ambulance took the man to uc hospital. he's expected to be okay. >> kennedy heights, shots were fired with a car, with four people inside. police say another car pulled up and someone fired 8-10 rounds into the other car. one victim was shot in the leg, he's recovering at the hospital. if you could help police with either of the shootings, you're
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a family from hillsborough. they got to say thank you to a special medical team. >> part of the transplant program at the medical center and medical reporter, liz bonis. here to tell us about it. >> imagine spending months watching your husband and father, getting sicker and sicker and knowing that the only thing that will save his life is a new heart and new team to transplant it. today, we got to meet the wakes family, who got to experience both of these, they say in the nick of time. >> hard to come down and see. going to die. but doing great now. headed in the right direction. it's hard to believe when you see david waste at the news conference at the medical center, he was barely alive a few weeks ago. >> me and my daughter talked often. dad will not be here much more.
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heart from a donor was available so this team could transplant it in time to save his life >> he got that call finally february 2nd. since then, it's been quite a journey to recovery to get back here. the family says they can not be that grateful. >> thank someone for giving you life back. >> the pictures are david in recovery. days after the procedure, he was up and walking again. today, he walked in to thank the team that literally restarted the heart transplant program that shut down years ago and did save his life with it. >> he's the first one that was just outstanding, too, really. >> the first, but not the last. >> i think that's for the last several years, probably will do 12-20 a year. >> when he got to ask david, how he's doing now, what he says,
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nervous but good. >> imagine going through that and getting nervous in a news conference. david is expected to go home in a few more weeks. his family, saying thank you for the donor family that makes it possible. we now know, we overlook that in a day like today. they were very gracious and very thankful. let your family know your wishes and do something in the back of your license, if you can. people do one or the other. >> it's really important. >> cudos to them and big congratulations today.
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. >> missouri jury orders johnson & johnson to pay. this alleged fox died from ovarian cancer caused by the company's products. workers say johnson & johnson knew about and neglected to show the dangers. johnson & johnson stands for the safety of the talcum >> mars is recalling cashedy bars. it includes, milky way and celebration made in the company's manufacturing factory. and it managed modest gains after the price of crude oil turned higher. nasdaq climbed 39. the s&p 500 rose 8 points.
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industry, they have figured out what caused the air bag. the design issues, moisture, high humidity, heat and the use of a controversial propel lent on the nitrate are all factors. the air bags are blamed for ten deaths and 139 injuries. >> what's in a mars bar? i was reading that and i can't remember what's in the mars bar >> maes in a mars bar. >> someone tweet. this is why i dent get any sleep. >> move over like button. you are getting competition on facebook. >> first thing i noticed, you hit the like button and all the new emoejies. they are expanding the user's abilities to expand something in a news feed. this is what you see now. if you go to hit the like
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comes up. you hover in the like space. you could choose, ha, ha, sad or angry. if you mark it last year and receive good reviews. >> don't you like likes. >> something sad happens. i like it. that's sending the right message. i think they are sending the right button, saying acknowledge. it's not saying you like it >> put on the acknowledge button. >> they didn't listen to me. we asked you, viewers and users of facebook, what they think. >> some say they have not been able to use them yet, paula. carolyn says, no new buttons for me. i updated my phone and turned it off and on and still nothing. i've heard other people say the same thing. that stinks.
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wondered about people posting ab illness or being the victim of crimes and getting likes. mary anne, these are fun. still no dislike button. >> no acknowledge button. james replies, plenty of emoejies and other options. don't need to be spoon fed. be creative. use a little imagination yourself. yeah, go to local 12 facebook page. leave your comments there. ha, ha, and sad won't work. >> producer, thanks, bob. >> we acknowledge. >> i tried it on the phone, too. it's not working on the phone. at least not here. try it on your computer. >> saying, it works. >> cammy durkin joins us next with a look at the developing story. >> adults gets out of hand in a
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>> feel sad for the . >> police have investigating a brawl in a chuck e. cheese. families were celebrating their
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>> two children, 1-year-old that was pushed down and a 4-year-old that sustained some scratching and bruising -type injuries. there's an elderly person that suffered a panic attack. >> by the time the police arrived, adults and kids arrived. they plan to have a security guard on site during peak times in the weekend. >> that's sad. take the brawl somewhere else. >> not a good example. >> a look at today's developing stories. >> police in the tri-state, far as cleveland are looking for a serial rowrogain seat. what they are focusing on is rogain. hair growth product for men and women. what the police are saying on this rather strange case.
4:50 pm
malicious oregon standoff is trying desperately to get off the federal hosting facility. steve santaly, has claimed to be, be behind bars since zanry 26th. rich jaffe has the latest on the length lengths santaely is doing to go out of his way. >> he sent sexual messages from the police phone. allegations went for years. the claremont prosecutor wants to use the evidence in john swing's upcoming trial. he's fired after the young woman, swing groped and assaulted her in a ride along. what deb dixon, other women are saying? >> doing a twitter poll on xavier.
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>> 72 percent say xavier wins >> will be a good one. >> take a look at traffic, as they head into weather. it's clear right now. how long will it last? as we look at 71 on red bank. >> another batch is in southeast ohio. lot of fun. two severe thunderstorm warnings. no reports of damage, outside of the tree this morning in blue ash. i hope every time we have an area of pressure, we get away with minimum damage. we have rain to track. eventually, the rain turns over to snow tonight. beginning late in the evening and especially overnight. show you where the rain is on precision doppler hd. in the next few hours, see the shades of blue turn to shades of white. that's where we have rain. black to the splochs of blue. and the change over is occurring. maybe a mix of rain and snow at
4:52 pm
this is all rain in the northwestern part of hamilton county. we have widely scattered showers over the mall. some sprinkles in downtown cincinnati and also in aa. heavier in the tri-state, which is light to moderate rain, down to oxford, close to reilly, drewersburg. rain has let up some in connorsville. and over parts of switzerland, ohio, ripley and dearborn county. as you could see, precision doppler hd, rain will come in the next couple of hours, because the clusters of rain will move to the east at times. it's a transition with joe. for many during the late afternoon and early commute, it's gray and gloomy now. temperature 42.
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it's rain-snow transition tonight. snow will likely accumulate. it will struggle to accumulate. late tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. it's an inch or less of wet, sloppy snow. not a powdery snow. the wind will be out late tonight and tomorrow. 25, the temperature in cincinnati. we will be soon dropping in the 30s. i was down 30-35 overnight. we'll drop to the 30s between now and 10:00. big area of low pressure, grinding through the ohio valley. it's a powerful look at low pressure. in the other side of the storm, we have nasty thunderstorms coming through the mid-atlantic. and several of the storms, had tornado and severe thunderstorms on them. we should be so lucky to have a couple of warnings, strong wind gusts. and the nasty side of spring
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northwest and our east. i will show you this, because get your bearings. rain turns into snow, gradually this heek. there will be snow on and off. visibility will be down with snow tomorrow. an inch or less of snow for the entire event that will come to an end tomorrow night. the transition occurs tonight and mostly snow tomorrow. mainly wet roads. we become windy tonight and down to 33 by 6:00 in the morning. rain to start. snow to finish tonight. it's all snow tomorrow. the wind will be up. planning forecast shows, we're cold the next couple of days. take a look at the high of 60 degrees on sunday. update look at the forecast. check on precision doppler hd,
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>> care -- . gloves.
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she may be just nine-year-old, silva has more heart and ambition than boxers twice her age. >> like the sport. when my dad says, do you want to go to the gym? i always say yes. >> her dad took on the sport to lose weight. she begged to put on a pair of gloves gloves gloves. >> how does it feel when people tell you you're phenomenal and special? >> it makes me feel happy. i'm not doing this for nothing. i'm doing it for everybody, and myself so i could do something bigger when i get older. >> she works out two hours every day four days a week.
4:59 pm
usually spars with boys. >> and feel good, when i put up my hand. it's like my first match and i won. i am undefeated. i can't wait for my next fight. >> she's training for the golden glove in march. her coach, nearly 30 years experience, haven't seen a talent with jasmine's discipline. >> i don't have to do in ig twice. sometimes, coach, what do i do next. at nine-year-old, to be different, she has the work ethic. >> you're a role model to a lot of little girls. >> i know, i have a lot of little girls following me on instagram. >> and it's a big deal. >> she's got some good form. >> we're back at 5:30. local 12 news, at 5:00. it's about more than just a game.
5:00 pm
program is doing for xavier's value in our city and across the country. >> putting the brakes on the breaks. >> the surveillance video, you have to see to believe. what caused an unexpected explosion in a gas station? this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. good evening, everyone. erica is tracking the rain that's been heavy at times today. >> tonight, it will turn to snow, if you could believe it. here's erica with no wake weather. >> my husband said on the phone, are you sure we're going to get snow tonight. we saw temperatures top out around 60 degrees this afternoon in someplaces. now we're falling quickly. we're going to soon see the rain that you see here indicated by blue changed to snow. that's moving through indianapolis.


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