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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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a lot of this is northeast of downtown. a lot of areas seeing a lot of sunshine already today. we still have clouds and snow showers moving on through. in fact, i think the snow showers are out of here. it is not accumulating whatsoever, we did pick up around a half inch, that's the report from the national weather service in wilmington in clinton county. temperatures have been slowly rising to the freezing marker and slightly above, a lot of the roadways are wet now. you can see some blue sky. atrium medical center weather camera. it was below freezing this morning. the wind out of the north, northwest at 12. a bit breezy today. starting to fall back below freezing tonight. even a couple of snow showers early tomorrow morning. coming up in 15 minutes, we'll talk more about the flurries tomorrow and the big weekend
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about and rain and thunderstorms into next week. lots going on. we'll talk more about that coming up at 12:19. >> federal and local investigators are combing through the scene of a deadly workplace shooting in kansas. the gunman wounded three people, when he opened fire inside the plant. a law enforcement source tells cbs news the shooter was this man, 38-year-old sedric ford. survivors from the plant describe the harrowing months. >> the guy game in the back door and i heard a couple of pops and i thought it was a machine or something and i walked around and there he was standing right there, aiming right at me, shot a couple of times, but missed, i took off running, i went outside with one of my friends and we
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one of our friends that got shot in the leg, we picked him up and pulled him outside and waited for the police to arrive. >> police in kansas say ford was served with a protection from abuse order in the factory that he worked only 90 minutes before he opened fire. he randomly shot at motorists and hit two of them. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with a criminal record was able to get those records. most of the time surviving a workplace killer largely comes down to luck, we all have the ability to change that with training. that exact kind of training is available right here in the tri-state and local 12's rich jaffe is working on a newscast that will show you how to get out alive. >> reporter: they can now involve bombs, like the boston bombing, shooters can be wearing
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people can be involved as we have seen in san bernardino. we certainly can't stop them, because no one has a crystal ball, there definitely is training available that can minimize these situations and make them less lethal. >> we went through just that kind of training last friday. joining us were members of law enforcement, a retired executive and an official from the college, a stay at home mom and a social worker and three health department employees. we learned a lot about what kind of people have become the killers and simple things you can do that can save lives when door. >> all she has to do is stand here, you'll love this part, all she has do is stand here, throw this at me and trop on the ground. because if i want to shooter, the first thing is happening is
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me, my natural inclination may not be to shoot and get hit. hopefully i flinch. >> coming up at 4:00 and 6:00. we'll show you what to do at that moment. we'll show you a lot more. you may just learn what you need to do to get out alive. >> tell us about the instructors in this class. >> reporter: the guy you just saw right there is bob catire, army. he was the lead guy on this, and what he had to say what he had to say is not only riveting and ep lightening, but also frightening. >> john: we'll have much more on how to prepare where you work coming up this afternoon. the battle against heroin,
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force says the need for tips and information from the public is absolutely critical. more from the sheriff's department to tell us how law enforcements is stepping up its efforts to battle this. >> of course, several points were talked about in the meeting today. one, of course, main point is what people can do to take back their communities from the grips of heroin. today the regional heroin drug task force, hamilton county sheriff and several departments talked about how they are launching an initiative called not in my neighborhood. they are asking people to leave anonymous tips. there are two numbers to call one is to report heroin dealers to the hamilton county sheriff. the hamilton county sheriff are
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drugs or alcohol related or both. also, when first responders revive someone from heroin with narcan, they have revive cards with resources they can use to seek help. they estimate there are 3 to 4,000 untreated users in hamilton county right now. also talked about is how the different jurisdictions are sharing information about where dealers are, where users are and where the drug supply is coming from. >> heroin knows no boundaries. if you know no boundaries, then we know no boundaries. i've never seen the sharing of information or sharing of resources like we have seen here. >> of course, to defeat this
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educate the public about the ac epidemic, next tuesday they will hold a heroin forum. >> you can read more about meagan's story on our web seat at >> civility took a back seat as republican white house candidates battled it out on the debate stage last month. donald trump's rivals try to sell a final message that donald trump is not the way forward. a look at that fiery debate. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> donald trump took incoming fire for much of thursday night's debate. marco rubio had been avoiding strong arm attacks for months. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where he would be right now? >> 600 delegates go up for grabs
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trump's other main rival ted cruz also went on the offensive against the billionaire turning a five-man debate into a three-man argument. >> every time anyone points at donald's actual record what he said on national television. donald yells liar. falsely accusing someone of lying is in itself a lie. donald trump as to why he hasn't released his tax returns. romney suggested wednesday they could contain a bombshell. >> i'm being audited now for two or three years, so i can't do it until the aud why it is fip audit is finished. >> both he and rubio said they would release returns within the next few days.
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candidates, ben carson and john kasich struggled to gain the spotlight. >> senator lindsey graham took potshots at democrats and republicans. and he asked this. >> how did i lose to these guys. >> on democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making a last minute pitch to minority voters. a recent poll shows clinton leading nearly 2 to 1. >> apple is asking a judge to reverse a court order. asking the company to help the fbi unlock the iphone of one of the shooters. it is just a dangerous request and a violates the company's rights. which do you think is more important, privacy or security? you can take part in our poll on
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>> a murder suspect due for a
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kidnapping scare, a search forr >> the man who police believe shot a young mother in front of her six-month-old daughter is due in court today. brandon carr is accused in the
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she was found in her car parked at an apartment complex. her six-month-old baby was in the car but she was not hurt. still no word on why carr may have killed her. a man appeared in court today. antonio ball is charged with inducing panic. he allegedly threatened officers. s.w.a.t. got there and he was arrested a short time later. he's out on $10,000 bond. allegedly trying to kidnap a child. they say the man tried to pull their daughter out of are her bedroom. she ran into her parents room screaming, she told them he tried to drag her legs out the
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they are working to try to track down the suspect.
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company is doing to honor its >> losing a pet can be devastating for families, one local woman hopes to ease that pain.
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she decided to help out. nori started cards for canines. she paints pictures for dogs and cats and then uses the portraits to help shelter animals. >> i realized i could use art, would to help raise money for that. you're creating something that's very personal for someone. you marry the two and realize you can make money off of it. donate the proceeds and it is actually making a positive difference. >> this year she hopes to triple that. for more information on cards to canines and how to get your own personal portrait, go to a website, >> they will host a 30 rocks party to mark the 30th anniversary. a special performance by national recording artist over the rind. the party is from 7:00 to 10:00.
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information at >> a warm-up on the way for the weekend, there's also a
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pmoror >> really looking forward to warmer weather, we have some bumps in the road we got to get through first. >> today is the last really cold day. a few more flurries tonight. it
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it gets warmer than that by the end of the weekend. 60s are still in the forecast. >> the timing is perfect, because it is just on the weekend. we get the bad weather out of the way during the workweek. it was a little nasty out in some places. we still have flurries working in. most of those are still northeast of downtown. a through campbell county and kentucky. we're seeing some near wilmington, they picked up in wilmington around a half inch or so of snow. darker grays just some flurries are not accumulating. i think the roads will be good from here on out. we're still leftover with a whole lot of clouds. there are some peeks of sunshine. that warmed up temperatures at the enter international airport.
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we had the light coating of snow. 35 at the airport. and vevay and carrollton coming in at 37. that's where they had a decent amount of sunshine so far this morning. high temperatures into the upper 30s. we had some of those snow showers and light dusting on the ground. 37 by around 6:00. temperatures will drop below freezing around 10:00. some flurries will redevelop later on tonight moving west to east across the area. now. look how they have been fading on out as we're cutting off our moisture source, i think we'll the afternoon. i want you to notice one thing, all of this green, you can see moving up through the plains, that's a huge warm-up going all the way up to canada, that's
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this weekend. 50s for tomorrow and 60s by the time we end out the weekend. some of the clouds around. that's in gray. colors. our computer model showing a few flurries. there may be an isolated snow that created just an isolated slick spot or two on some of the roadways very early tomorrow. be aware of that if you're headed out clearly. we're seeing full sunshine as we go into saturday. much warmer, high temperature saturday there into the lower 50s. after we get through some of those morning flurries. 40 degrees saturday night into sunday morning and then on sunday 63 degrees. we'll have a decent breeze coming out of the south, southwest on sundayle as well. a chance for a couple of showers there.
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on tuesday, it could even bring two. here is the thing with that wednesday. it will track right over top of us. if this shifts to the south, several inches of snow. 50 miles to the north, 60s and thunderstorms. that's how sharp that cutoff is going to be right over us. that's something we'll have to
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scott dimmich is c comining >> be sure to join local 12 tonight the amazing race at 8:00. hawaii five-o at 9:00. >> reds fans can get their hands on single game tickets. opening day is april 4th against the phillies.
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