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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> thanks for joining us, we begin with several local breaking news alert. first pair of crashes making an impact. >> and overturn tractor trailer has shut down, northbound i-75 between 74 and the norwood lateral. you're looking at a picture. you could see the truck, big semi turned on its side. the crash happened shortly after 1:00.
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the shut down. look at that. can. >> three lanes closed on northbound 71 this afternoon. three car crash happened a half an hour ago near deerfield road. ohio state patrol is telling us, of the cars involved in the initial crash, it got rear-ended by the semi that didn't stop. the driver continued until troopers caught up with the truck in warren county. we will continue to monitor both of the crashes for you. of course, keep you posted throughout the hour. >> welfare check leads to the discover eve. it happened in an apartment in west road. officers found larry and jenna dead from gunshot wound. detectives do tell us they are not looking for any suspects.
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the situation. we'll let you know as soon as we know anything more. >> all of sudden, i heard someone yell, get out. we start running. >> we're learning more about a deadly shooting rampage in kansas. >> the officers are working to piece together his motive. get the latest from his attack from steve nam math. >> was randomly shooting people. >> new details on tuesday's deadly shooting in kansas. three people people were dilled and at least 14 others wounded. >> we have -- one going into surgery as we speak >> sheriff, key walton detailed the time line of the shooting, which began when he shot a man
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he later shot a second person before driving to excel industries, a long care company in heston, where he worked at that point, shoots 14 more people. >> ford was served a protection from abuse order at his workplace an hour and a half before the shooting began. he believes that order triggered the attack. >> yelled hey. >> matt gerald, witnessed the attack, said he would never have imagined his friend and coworker could have done something like this. >> witnessed him shoot the shots. i mean that vivid. >> police say the first law enforcement officer took down the shooter single handedly. the investigation is on-going.
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the latest in a long list, and really shows no scenes of stopping. >> threats for muslim extremist, that will per pet rate more attacks like this in the future. local 12, rich jeffy is here with some of the answers. >> the answer to that, really for the most part, rests with training. . >> we as individuals, have to push it and we have plants on how to deal. very few places have trained for a killer. businesses are the number one place for active shooters. photographer and i went through the training, one week ago today. lead instructor, bobcat tire, we learned that business and education facilities, are
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attacks. almost all of them are placed in equal attacks. they are usually over before law enforcement even arrives. that is why it's so important for employees to know what to do. when trying to defend ourselves, you use what's in front of you. >> think about this, all i'm going to do is throw it at somebody. as i throw it, i go prone. it's movement. what it does, it's going to cause me to focus as the door opens on her. minute you start on the ground. while i'm doing that. i need two people over here. one to tackle me at the knees. and one to go for the gun. >> it goes far beyond that. the reports coming from kansas? >> they had shot a couple of
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other locations when he walked into his company carrying an assault -style rifle. how he waltz in the building that way. that's exactly when and where active killer training should have kicked in for the co-workers but they probably never had it >> i love that you equated that to the fire drill. we remember that from when we were kids in schools and every place you work, you know where you are supposed to go. we're not doing that. >> i'm going to quote it here. employers have a federally mandated responsibility to provide a place of employment, that's free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious harm to the employees. that's a federal regulation.
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as one of the kinds of hazards. clearly employees have a responsibility to keep people safe from that threat. >> from your experience, they are not a whole lot of businesses doing any type of level in this point not nearly enough. >> thanks, really. >> and operators of north gate mall cracked on teens with new rules. they are accompanied, friday and saturdays after 5:00 p.m. north gate security dealt with crowds of unruly teens and even made several arrests earlier this month. the new rules goes in effect next weekend. the policy will not affect mall employees who work during those hours. >> not spitting snow. >> pretty snow. >> and no snow. >> do we have any chance of that
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>> it's in the planning forecast >> we have nice weather. and certainly not now. once they were talking about, earlier, created a mess in parts of the roadways. we're seeing sunshine from time to time. and there's some of the sunshine trying to go there in the horizon. it's mostly cloudy. and still warms up to 37 degrees. and into the the 40s, big oak as well as carrollton and we have picked up an inch. 33 there and 32 in hillsboro. there's the sunshine we will see. and we saw that on the camera. and bringing some clouds and eventually a few flurries from time to time, that will see
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i don't think it will be a big deal. we will drop below freezing as soon as 10:00, 11:00 tonight. certainly by midnight and 29 will be the low temperature. we'll sit there through much of early tomorrow morning and lots of clouds. we will see a whole lot of sunshine and a really big warm up. that's what we're talking about, along with even some snow in the planning forecast. >> i'm with you >> and circus, kicking on
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>> and getting ready for . >> 95th circus gets under way >> ta,ta,ta. >> and they are all set up. it is the main fund-raiser. it helps children in the area. the first performance is tonight at bnt arena. three more follow saturday and sunday. on. the weekend warm up may have you
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the home and garden show kicks up. find landscaping and interior design displays. they have a lot of home improvement companies that have booths there. the show starts tomorrow. and the doors open at 10:30. tickets are $13 for adults. the show runs until march 6th. we have home improvement ideas, you have a honey do list. >> that will last for years. local artist is using her talent. abby is the owner for cards for k-9. >> draws watercolors for animals. perry perry schaible shares her talent. >> when someone asks for a portrait of her pet, she asks for an unusual request. >> i ask for stories and photo. >> at the end of the day, a photo is just a photo.
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>> what makes abbe's work so unique, it's so personal and realistic. just look at the expression in the eyes. >> col to see what artwork will create, memory for people. that's the best part. unfortunately, dogs have short lives. people lose pets constantly. >> it's the emotional attachment. career. >> my mom lost a dog. i did a painting for her, as a rememberance, how much that helped her. >> and it's a business. >> a business that gives back. last year, abbe gave 1 thousand of her profits to animal shelters and organization.
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if you look at her work, you have to think, it's certainly possible. take a look. i know something about those eyes. >> >>. >> you have portraits of your kids; right?. >> i have mine. >> perry did ask abby about the unusual portrait. someone wanted her cat wearing a sombrero because they were moving to new mexico. >> you could commission an original of your pet. for more information on carts -- >> i didn't say it. >> there's the sombrero. >> feliz navidad. >> carts for k-9's. go to >> republican presidential race is getting uglier by the hour. >> road to the white house is turning into more wild ride.
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50s, the . >> 4:18, we have good news. northbound 371 is become open. an ambulance responded to the scene at sycamore township.
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>> 75, it's so close. look at that. it's 75 north, just where -- goes to 74 and norwood lateral. >> between 74 and the norwood lateral. semi overturned. crash happened shortly after 1:00 p.m. that's how long police have had the highway shut down so they can upright the truck. 75 still close and 71 back open. that's what we don't need at 4:18. >> at least the roads are dry. it was a much different story couple of accidents in the roadways, eastern end, and snow shower, that went through the area. it was not a mild wide. from dry pavement, all a sudden
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morning. it's nice and dry. they salted it very quickly and freezing. overnight. we had the cloud cover around. few peaks of sunshine. you could see the sunshine every once in a while in the horizon. temperatures, right now, freezing. and winds coming out of the west at 9 miles an hour. it's not too windy. a light breeze in the west. and we did see some of the snow, north and west of downtown. clinton county, they picked up a half an inch. 35 in batavia. we have the 40s, southwest of downtown cincinnati. and bd indianna at 42 degrees, where the warmer air is starting
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and there's the sunshine. and this is a weak disturbance, pushing on through. see the area of gray, pushing through central illinois. a few flurries that will push through the areas. and don't expect it to be a big deal. could we see an isolated snow shower. most of us, are staying, mainly dry, with a few flurries. 29 degrees will be the low temperature. and you could check the hour-by-hour forecast. download that, and show the updated forecast of the hour. look towards the west, 59 in dallas. see the green that's stretching all over the plains.
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than it is in cincinnati. the warm-up is am coulding. i promise. it's coming in the weekend. you see some of the clouds, overnight tonight, into tomorrow. they clear out by late morning. and full sunshine into the afternoon. winds split around to the south. you could see some warmer weather pushing in to low 50s tomorrow. we're looking at low 50s by the end of the weekend. even if you have dinner plans, it's going to be fine. sunday night, in the morning. 63 degrees. that's not near the record, been warmer than what we're used to the past couple of days. temperatures in the 50s, and bringing some rain. like the last storm system,
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very light accumulation in the
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>> thanks very mu . >> donald trump picked up a major endorsement >> big news, it comes after last
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trump faced attacks. and as steve nannis tells us, those attacks, ramped up even more today >> there's no better fighter than donald trump. >> he received a major boost in the form of answer endorsement of cyst christy on what could be a pivotal endorsement. >> and in christy, trump gets a regular attack dog. . >> turn to a professional strong leader. >> and christie's on marco rubio. >> and i thought it will die. good going, chris. >> and anyone who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal
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>> now competing himself. >> and cruz tried once again to tie trump to democrats. >> donald trump, like hillary clinton is a rich new york liberal. >> asked for a full link mirror. wanted a full full inch mirror. maybe he wanted to make sure his pants weren't wet. >> i watched part of his act. he's a desperate guy. i've been watching him in the last number -- he's not presidential material >> >>. >> steve nash reporting. >> and how much money those presidential candidates are spending? that's the focus of full measure. and the program decided to follow the money. >> how much the candidates raced so far. how much the outside money has raced for them. in other words, super packed,
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in support of their candidates, are some of the biggest money of the campaigns, we're looking at the top donors to the super packs. >> you could catch full measure right here on local 12, for more presidential controversy. >> the latest volley to combat
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>> neighborhood on hedge, as a . >> law enforcement agencies in hamilton county are hamping their efforts in the fight against heroin. >> leaders met today at the hamilton sheriff's department. megan moore tells us what was discussed and what you could do to help. >> of course, there was a lot talked about in today's meeting with hamilton county law enforcement leaders, one of the main points, what people could do in their community to help take back their communities from the grips of heroin. today, the regional task force and police, from different departments launched an initiative called not in my neighborhood. to fight this epidemic, they are asking people to leave anonymous tips.
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call. one is to report overdose death to the ham mill town county hero ib task force. the other number is to report heroin dealers. >> they are starting to keep track whether ovi are drug and related or both. they have these things called revive cards. that they can leave with them, with resources on it, they can use to seek health. they estimate they are about 3-4 thousand, untreated users in, in hamilton county right now. also talked about, the different jurisdiction in hamilton county are sharing information, to map out where dealers are, where users are and where the -- they are getting a handle from.
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heroin epidemic, it will take education and prevention at the front end. it will also take aggressive enforcement, being looing for the predators, selling the product to the addicts. and it will also take treatment and recovery for the addicts. >> early next week, hamilton county leaders are holding a heroin form. it will be open to the public. it will be at university since 8:00. this is to educate the public about the epidemic. what the law enforcement is doing about the issue and what people could do in their communities who also fight this battle. in hamilton county, megan moore. >> you could also find the phone numbers. >> two experienced republicans, are on the ballot. ohio's primary election. both, and charlie windburn are
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and bindburn is the cincinnati city council members, retired judge, forced because of age into retirement this year. it's a topic. >> limit of judges is very important also because of voters and in 2012, voted to make sure these judges would not stay in office, because after certain time, they lacked sound judgment. they lacked fitness. >> i will prove that in a moment >> you could watch local 12 news, makers with dan hurly at 6:00, sunday morning, right here on local 12 >> search is on for a man who tried to kidnap a child. her parents say they tried to pull her daughter just before 4:00 yesterday morning and she
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told him a man pulled her out. he told her to be quiet and no one would get hurt. >> she kicked herself free >> important to get caught >> terrified, because he's still out here, whoever he is. >> suspect described as a white man in his 30s with brown eyes. he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. the fbi is working with local police to track down the suspect >> i called it spitting snow. not bad at all. it's going to be better for the weekend. hi, brandon. >> it's going to be a world of a difference. temperatures in the 30s. we're back in the 50s and eventually the 60s by the end of the weekend. earlier in the morning, most didn't see accumulation, other
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and they are nice and dry. and few peaks of sunshine and we'll continue to see a few peaks of breaks in the clouds. temperatures, 37 at the airport. and 42 and cooler to the north and east. and we picked up half an inch of snow. and that's where it's sitting all day long. we're seeing a few breaks in the clouds. and some of that could produce a few flurries from time to time. and that's why we see the snow icon. and temperatures drop below freezing. and it's not going to be too bad. as we go to the changes, big weekend warm up, leaves some rain and thunderstorms. as soon as we get the thunderstorms, we switch back to snow.
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see the return to winter coming in less than 15 minutes. >> paula. >> nice and clear broadcasting, launches a unique partnership with youth sports. the goal is to help families build a strong foundation for a lifetime of fitness and good health. >> bringing research and everything. here's cynthia gould with your winning ways. . >> building, team work, character and competence and maybe a few college scholarship along the way. >> and see injuries, sometimes burnout, we may have heard of that. unsustain able unsustainable. >> and international committee,
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youth sports, and renown orthopedic surgeon, finding the organization. they are tackling the tough issues with a core of recognized leaders. add voe katsdz are working to change the dialogue. . >> our responsibility, is not to just educate, but to educate the coaches >> and they will provide information and plant form. guidelines to make sports healthier and more sustainable, balanced approach. another goal to make it exclusive.
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the emphasis on playing one sport let's think about what could happen. >> they will change the culture of youth sports, making it less media and adult centered. >> we have to really impact and address every steak holder that's a huge task. >> for your winning ways, cynthia aghoul. >> and you could find more information on all the topics, in your winning ways in our website. we have posted a length to the ysa website. we've been following for you. i-75 is back open after an overturned tractor trailer shuts down in the norwood lateral.
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and 71. . >> managers said, profits fell 33 percent in the last quarter. and the new ceo, gap will refocus on denim, banana republic will focus on classics and better fit. turns ut the robots can't keep up with the custom options. for example, in the s class sedans, there are four types of power caps. the variety is just too much for the machines. it's good to hear, isn't it, stocks ended up strong in a flat week. and utility stocks, encouraging
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nasdaq fell and s&p 500 lost three points. recalling of 6 thousand child seats. as it happens, it increases injury and crash. and transitions 3-1 combination. boosters seats, from december of this year. so far no injuries were reported.
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nexxt. . >> from the terrorism alert in washington. and it goes into effect at midnight. meantime, president obama's special adviser. >> we're prosecuting the economic war as vigorously as we're processing. to plan terrorist plots in europe or here >> ten terror attacks victims, rule from the federal appeals court. the victims would won claims against the country, include
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bombing in jerusalem, that the judge says was supported from iran. from the terrorism desk in washington, michelle marsh. >> in the small oregon town of sisters, america's first beer spau has opened the stores. what in the world is a beer spa. >> owner says a bath and bru is good for you. he said he just knew the industry was hopping >> >>. >> it's not where you go and have treatments and drink beer. >> you sit in it. probably drink it, too >> why would you want to? >> obviously, people would, or they wouldn't be open in business >> first plan was more appealing. >> i'm with you in that. >> and take a look what's ahead. >> plans are under way to reopen
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tucker on vine street, it was not fancy. that's the point. >> coming up . >> family-owned restaurant skwi there's news on a well-known spot in otr. ensemble theater is celebrating with a big birthday party tonight. coming at 5:30, joe webb tells us how they are raising the curtain on a show stopping act. >> and mother confronted by a burglar, tried to talk to the young man. he seemed to listen until he pointed a gun at her, which he just stolen. he took it from a police officer's home. deb dixon has the story at 6:00. you may be surprised, on who police arrested in this one. that's at 6:00. i'll be back with bob ron. >> thanks very much. >> taking a look at the traffic. we've had problems on 71 and 75. the good news, this is 75. everything is moving well in
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overturn semi. earlier, 71 was clear. hopefully your commute on the way home is going to be smooth one. >> you see a little bit on the horizon >> a little bit. >> seeing a whole lot more in the weekend. >> we have some snow this morning. check out the photo that was sent on facebook. north of downtown and really northeast, if you go to clinton county. that's with we saw most of the snow. we're talking about half an inch of snow at the most. some downtown, saw a little bit of dusting. and that's sent home by jenny. in butler county, looking at the atrium weather center. in oxford, not looking too bad. haven't it flurries since around 1:00.
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snow earlier. we've had full cloud cover since then. and certainly south and west of downtown. 37 in hamilton. 36 in lynne kohn. at the international airport, it's 37 degrees. the warmer air from versailles, warmest i've seen so far today. 40 in wilmington or owington in northern kentucky. we can see the gray, and that's mainly clouds. we'll start to see some flurries from time to time. and that will push overnight tonight. that's why we have a chance of a couple of flurries. down to 31 by 11:00. this will be the low temperatures, around 289 degrees, by the time you wake up early in the morning. it's not warmer towards illinois.
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where the warm-up is. 50s and a couple of 60s reach all the way to south central canada. that's the warm-up that's coming to cincinnati. and that's where the warmer weather starts to move in. as soon as we get the sun rise. we'll see a very fast rise in the temperatures. you'll notice that, once the clouds clear out tomorrow. . we'll have to watch something as we get to sunday much sunday, it's going to be in the low 60s. look at the clouds that's increasing to the west. cold front, around 2:00, 3:00, i think we'll dry on sunday. blap sunday night. and that's a pretty thin ban of green. and that's system number one. system number two, starts to
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that will have heavy rain. and this is going to track over cincinnati at least the way it looks, will bring some rain initially. then we will start to see snow in the back side. depending where it tracks. if it tracks to the north. and 50 miles to the south. we can see several inches of snow. that's how ub certain it is. that's how much of a fine line we're riding with the storm system. right now we'll see rain on tuesday and transition to -- and the rain, with a little bit of thunder. and that's when we have colder weather start to move in. what we want to concentrate on. lots of sun shiep. keeping them warmer on sunday,
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>> former sports illustrated, is criticizing the magazine's choice to have a fuller figure model. >> she says she's worried it's going to glam rise up healthy body types. >> when models survived on champagne, and cocaine. it seems like this is more about fat shaming than anything. >> it's nom glam rising anything. no young girl is looking at her and aspire to be a large girl. healthy is not in your waist side. i think the mental damage, by unrealistic airbrush gold is far more dangerous than a larger than 35 waist. only reason, supermodel is upset, because it threatens their job security. now they have a whole world of job competition and it scares them.
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give us a like while you're there. >> voices have spoken. >> >>.
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>> oscar gold, as red carpets roll out for the 88th academy award >>the usual preparations on hoopla, protests are planned for hollywood's biggest nights champagne is chilling and wolfgang puck is prepared. >> 40 whole big crops. each one, 450. >> and experts expect plenty of surprise winners, including best picture. >> been a variety for 30 years. i don't remember an oscar race that's more confusing than this year because, it -- the big prize is really up for grabs. >> after five nomination, this could be leonardo year to take gold. and there's no clear cut favorite in the sporting actor and actress category.
4:58 pm
oscars without mentioning the diversity and nominees. snoop dog is the latest, and gray says the industry needs to change. >> and film industry, is behind. and they have to catch up. >> and controversy could be a dark cloud hanging over hollywood's darkest night. >> comedian chris rock is putting the finishing touches on his jokes. some say he should have stepped down. others are saying, he's the perfect place to talk about the diversity issue. >> we'll find out. here's rob and cammy with local 12 news, live at 1k5.
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>> and comes as an independent review. angenette levy on speaking with the director. >> jason is the police chief. and today, he and major tim fulton resign. it comes after an external review, by the company's exiture. it's result of fatal shooting, i by former uc officer, ray kensing. it came after resignation with good rich and thornton. >> as they've been doing their work. they've put together some information, regarding jen oversight management of the police department. the information was shared with the chief and major. and after reviewing that and looking forward to the future of the agency, they decided to resign. >> i asked what type of issues
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oversight of the police department. and jim whalen, who oversea s the department of public safety, the final report is not complete. so he couldn't say. we do know there were very serious questions on why uc police officers were conducting traffic stops off campus. uc will be looking for the police chief in the interim. >> call to police, leads to the discovery of two dead bodies. and it's where they found, larry and janet fur, dead from gunshot wounds. he was 56. she was 5 # a. police will not confirm if it's a murder suicide. detectives say they are not looking for suspects at this point. >> it may be a focus on the criminal investigation. craig works as emt for aurora


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