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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  February 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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the oscars are tonight in los angeles. teri okita has a preview of the preparation being made for this year's academy awards. 3 hollywood certainly knows how to throw a party. at the
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champagne is chilling the latest celebrity to speak out. saying, the oscars weren't made for us. gray says the industry needs to change for self-preservation. >> the film industry is at least, 20 years behind what television is. and they are going to have to catch up, or people are going to stop going to movies. >> it could be a dark cloud,
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>> liz: come median chris rock getting his jokes lined up. some say that he should have stepped down and others say that he is the perfect person to get talking about diversity. >> adam: i have not seen a single movie. >> liz: i think that it is because there is no clear front runner for a lot of things and so everybody had a pick something they like. >> brandon: really nice today, we are talking about the temperatures in the 60s and yesterday, in the low to mid 50s and that is 15 degrees, warmer than yesterday. >> liz: it was good, later in the day. >> we have a lot of sunshine now though, and we have the clouds in later and the rain. and you can see that there is the sunshine that we had, this is on the star, 64 tower, and a lot of sunshine and that is what is really going to warm us up today, as well as the gusty winds from the south. and we are already, 46 degrees at the airport and there are a couple of areas, and you can see
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middleton, at 49 and in the upper 30s and it is not going to be case very long and it is warping up very quickly outside. and it is reporting less than 25 miles an hour and it does not gust. that is why there is only, one wind gust at the international airport and it is going to take the heating of the day. once we get the temperatures closer to the 60s that is when the wind is going to kick in. especially north of downtown, this is the pinpointing the area for the highest wind gusts for 40 and 50 miles per hour and that could lead, to the scour power outages, and in southeastern indiana as well as butler and warren and ohio and that runs from eleven a.m. this morning and once we get the temperatures up, around, 7:00 this evening once again the temperatures begin to fall again, right around sunset, elsewhere we are seeing the wind gusts between 40 and 45 miles per hour, and here is the computer model showing the winds, and the gusts and the deeper red colors like we are right around 3:00 and that is
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when the winds will begin to pique, at 40 to 50 miles an hour and the red, where you know that most of those are north of downtown and just about anywhere has the chance to see some very, very, g g uft gusty wind, and a lot of this is going to come in from the south and the winds switch around to the north and that is because the cold front is on the way and you can see what that produces in terms of rain fall in a moment, but right now we don't have anything and the precision, doppler hd and it is dry across the area, until you get out to illinois. that is where we had the clouds and we are starting to push into the area out ahead of the cold front and then the rain is not too far behind, and only about an hour or so behind the clouds and so 46 here and you can see the cold air is retreating. and look at this, warm, and 56 in dallas and 54 in kansas city and you cannot miss that green, all the way up into the northern midwest, and that is the line that we are getting during the day today, and there are the clouds that move in at 8:00 tonight and the rain that is
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shortly to fall, about an hour or so afterwards and between, 9:00 and ten, we are going to see the rains pushing into downtown and there is not a lot of it and it moved through quickly and we are talking about a quarter inch of rain or less, most of us will see less than that and then it is out of here by 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and so the monday morning commute may be wet at times and we will have a couple of showers ending but i think that it is going to be okay and we are not going to see a lot of ponding or water on the roadway as most of that is out of here there and we have the sunshine for the rest of the day on monday and so it is looking nice and there is the 7-day forecast and you can see the rain fall that we had early on monday and the next storm system that moves in tuesday and then that is going to bring in the rain and a couple of thunderstorms and it is looking okay on wednesday, now. and we had a few snowflakes in the foeshlth, behind that storm system, with the highs around, 40 but we are watching the second storm system that moves in on thursday and it is going to bring in a mixture of snow and rain, showers and we will be watching it as we go throughout the workweek.
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down to snow in a couple of days. >> bust out the grill today. >> liz: right. >> brandon: that is what we get when we head into march. >> adam: thanks, cat promotion, kelley is here and tell us about it and show us animals ready for adoption, just ahead >> liz: plus a big, win in south carolina, how many delicates hillary clinton picked up and a
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is all coming >> adam: good morning, cincinnati 23 minutes after 8:00, already up to 46 degrees and if you can imagine this, it is going to get, 20 degrees warmer when all is said and done today, it is going to be a great day and there is a live look at the ohio river. the children with special needs have the chance to be escorted down the runway. >> liz: the small voices big hearts was yesterday, the kids got a chance to model, the local 12, angela helped them with that show. and the monthn money raised go he to the psychiatric department, and the youth scholarship fund. >> adam: i love it. >> liz: she is good. it is 8:24, and now the spca opening at noon for pet adoptions.
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>> adam: kelley is here to tell us about a special promotion for cat lovers. >> i have two adorable adoptable pets with me today, this is stewart and he is very interested in the kitty at the moment, but if you can see, he is so cute, and he is a besan poodle mix, two years old. and very, very, just a lap dog. >> a little nervous right now and interested in the cat and maybe the cat free home would be bet for him and of course, our kitty. and so this is our male kitten and he is ready to go as well. and both of them are vaccinated and neutered chip, stewart is $40 and the kitten is $5, all cats and kittens today are that $5 adoption fee and you can adopt either of these great pets at our sharonville, location at 11900 con way road, at noon. >> liz: thank you very much,
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kelley, a bald eagle, nursed back to help, and we have the nursing back to health from the animal sanctuary >> adam: the information about
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what we are lea
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one man dead, what the police are saying about the fatal accident that happened yesterday morning. >> liz: a big, win for hillary clinton, we will tell you just who gave her big support in south carolina. >> reporter: it is a celebration of the arts going on here at music haul, the 30th year for the sampler, we will have the details coming up sgla good morning, cincinnati thank you for joining us i'm adam clements >> liz: and i'm liz bonis and you can see the sunshine, and here is meteorologist brandon orr with your no-wait, weather. >> brandon: a lot of sunshine so far, you can see behind me, and notice that it is bouncing around a little bit. wind above the ground are much faster, and it kind of mixes up the air and mixes the strong wind gusts up down to the ground and so it takes the time to get the gusts going and by ten we will see the wind gusts really
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of downtown, and indiana, it is fayette and union, as well as butler and clinton and those are the counties that have the wind ad viery from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. today and anywhere in the area we could see the scattered power outages for the wind gusts as much as 40 or 50, miles per hour, and the temperature around the tount and that is the one of the warmest areas and around. hamilton county, and in the 30s earlier and the upper 30s and those have since come up in the 40s and the dry, precision, doppler and it is going to stay that way, especially until eleven, and the winds are coming out ahead of the cold front which you can see, and just pushing into chicago and all the what i back into kansas city and that is the next rain maker and it is moving in after eight tonight and so in the meantime, we are going to be warm in ohio and closer to the ohio river and the temperatures there are around, 67 and 64 in wilmington
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was cooler to the north, and 64 there, and 65 in brookville and coming in at 68 and the warmest areas on the map, north thern kentucky and it could be close to 70 degrees, from owen county and 68 and campbell county coming in at 67 degrees and m koing up here in 15 minutes we are talking more about the rain coming in over night and how much to expect and a very active workweek and we are talking about the multiple storm systems including one that could bring in the accumulating snow. that is coming up shortly guys. >> liz: thank you, we are learning new information today about a fatal accident this weekend. >> adam: a car went off the road in the fair mont area, a 29-year-old man was trapped in the car and was pronounced dead at the scene. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused that driver to lose control. the cincinnati police are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger in a shooting.
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i man was shot behind a shopping center yesterday afternoon and turned up in a convenience store looking for help. the victim was shot in the shoulder and grazed in the head and expected to survive. >> liz: we turn now to the coverage of campaign 2016, during the primaries in south carolina, hillary clinton hillary clinton gets a big boost in her effort for secure the develop democratic nomination, she beat bernie sanders, and clinton won big among african american and female voters. sanders is avoiding talking about the results in south carolina instead he spent the time drumming up support in minnesota. chl chris christie, becoming one of donald trump most effective supporters, the new jersey governor, joins trump at a rally in northwest, arkansas today that is a day after offering his surprise endorsement. he had criticized trump target,
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up trump's like story, praising trump for turning his father's real estate holdings into a fortune. >> this tuesday it there will be contests in eleven states with so much at stake, cbs news, brings you the live coverage as the results come in, join, scott for the special coverage at 10 p.m., tuesday right here on local 12. >> adam: this weekend is a big celebration of the arts and it is the 30th year for the macey's art sampler. and seeing what fun that you can get in to there today, good morning, megan. >> good morning, adam and that is right. a beautiful day out. i will say in the past half hour, it has warmed up quite a bit and so it is going to be a nice day to get out and in the music hall and there is a ton going today for the macey's art sampler. and a big, event and really just a great way for the parents to bring the kids down and burn off the energy.
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today. you can come down and enjoy the international dance in our main lobby and then you can pop up on your face and get your face painted and try a sample of the pizza and the make and take, crafts and dance with the ballet and we have the young performers, and the youth, chor us, and the orchestra plays at one and the big pops concert at 3:00. >> you had me at pizza. and of course, the kids are going to be excited about that. let's talk about there are a lot of dance opportunities. very interactive for the kids. >> that is right, an indian, dance troop will be here and they are going to do a demonstration and a live class. >> the tones, ink will have an interactive, just push, play, and then the africa, drum and dance will be here. >> and to wrap it all up we are going to talk about the concert. and this is the be the hero concert and we will invite you to bring your children dressed. it is a concert, with the
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cincinnati pop's orchestra and it includes, a star wars ballet of the sing alongs and it is going to be a tremendous, fun, concert and very short, perfect for kids. >> perfect for kids, and you get to dress up. >> that is right, absolutely. and we get the great pictures, and it is so much fun. >> also if you are interested in touring the hall we will have three tours of the music hall which is a great thing for the adult to do too. >> really you want to get down here because the renovations are kicking off. >> the may festival will be the last thing in the hall this year and it will close in june and it will not be opened until, renovations are complete. >> it all kicks off at 11 >> come on down. >> wonderful, and we are going to be down here at 11:30 and so tune in for that and we are going to see the things that are going on here today, and a gorgeous day to get out and enjoy the arts and come down here to make the call. >> a lot of sample down there. >> and if you like to see the full list of events going on, in
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the music hall, you can find the link on local >> count down to march madness is on, uk is the hard wood and m koing up at 4:00. >> two local families share what they want all of us know about the children, living with the
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zika virus, why these kids are a a
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>> adam: good morning, insin welcome back, 8:38, and a shot of do you want, cincinnati and the sun is up and it is hitting the facade of the building and it is going to be a great day and it is going to get to the mid upper 60s. 4 people in ohio are now confirmed to have the zika virus and as the concerns, continue to spread, two local families are speaking up >> liz: they want the people to know about the main concert about the pregnant woman from the virus, it is a birth defect and they are talking about it because their children have it. >> they are both three years old, they are two of slightly more than 100 children, known to be born with a genetic condition, known as microcephali. >> it means, small head. for calvin. >> because it is progressive. >> his head will stop growing and the rest will keep growing.
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>> it is true for mow had mohamed. >> they played their games and it is wonderful. >> his family knew of his diagnosis from birth. >> he is my baby, i mean, i just, thank god to give me a wonderful children. especially him. >> reporter: britney's family adopted him as a foster child. >> we are going to help the families get their lives back together and take care of their babies. >> he was placed with them at 17 months old. >> it only takes a few moments to know that these children are remarkable and so are the parents and families and they are choosing right now to share this story for some very important reasons. we have this teachable moment, there are a few things that they want all of aus to know. the zika virus is transmitted through mosquitoes and trying to discover it is connected to a higher number of brazil, born with it. >> the bottom line is there are
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not a lot of answers and a lot of serious questions about what is this correlation? does it really have anything to do with the zika? is it just bad coincidence? >> as the news of this possible connection began to spread, these families struggled with the way the babies and children were described, in certain media reports. >> i have heard the people say, you know, devastating birth defect. and these poor, poor, children. and some of them, are pretty severe. but their parents don't see it as these poor, poor, children. these are their children. these are our blessings. >> the genetic condition that cal van and mohamid have is rare. but for the parents, they want the parents to know just like any child. >> their potential is limitless. >> you don't feel that you are alone. you may not know about it yet. but there are other people who have the similar situation. it makes all of the difference. >> we love them.
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just how they are, we don't wish that they had this. but they do. and we love them just the way that they are. >> our dreams for him are the same as for our daughter. they are just a little different. >> reporter: and no matter what problems magnified their parents say that a strong family foundation and their faith will help them overcome. >> i am ready for that. and i will do it. >> with hope, everything is possible and then with him, he is in control of everything. and everything, is possible with him. >> reporter: just some amazing families and they have invited us to share in their journey as these children continue to grow. they say that each child is different. and both have already, exceeded their expectations. they also wanted to get the word out so that others could find their facebook support group and we have a link to that at local the parents, are part of the solution and not part of the problem, we applaud them
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>> adam: turning now to local news, we have an up date on an up lifting story out of south east, indiana we saw it here, a bald eagle, caught in a trap is now back in the wild after a stay at the red roof, sanctionary and when the eagle was found he was not eating on his own, the volunteers force fed him and nursed him back to health and he flew off back to his home, yesterday. girl scout cookies are arriving in the tri state and a lot of people are happy about that, picked up the truckloads, yesterday and started to deliver them to the troops. the girl scout troops that is, expect to see your deliveries soon and this weekend you will see it popping up at grocery stores and other locations like that. >> liz: we have already been seeing them >> adam: the big weekend for the college, basketball team here in town, march madness around the corner >> liz: ally has the latest on the area teams. >> reporter: good morning, and i hope that your sunday is off to a gra it start. we will begin with college,
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basketball and the uc carolina after a week off and so yeah it was three and 12 in the conference coming into the game but those road games are always a test not only with this one on the rooed and it was an out starter and thomas, and who were dealing with a groin and a knee injury, and playing with five less than max, and uc predicted, the talks and there are ten in the first, and up to jacob evans and troy, and you are not going to come out and then, pull out three of the career highs, 27 and the 16-point, lead and now you got to come out and open up underneath, and opening and one, and a 7 point, game now though, uc up four, with 3:15, and the huge three with the hand in the face and a career high, is 18. and another team on that tournament bubble, vanderbelt and some say that it was a much win game. and one game lead in the top of the fcc over south carolina and
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so it was a good opportunity to gain another game, for uk and derrick will is, and the sidelines and mary doing his part and the 21 first half points and the tough for the three off, balance and uk up eight and now up three and tyler makes it a one point, game and he makes it 12 and averages 17, and seven minutes to go and he gave himself the cushion and pro-bert son and uk won, 6 from 23, and it is a huge win, 74-62, the final, the woman's hoops, defending champs and playing for the tenth straight, play and hosting w, and j and the conference yesterday, the strong take, and one, and shoot a game high of 37, and abby and the team mate, the top of the key, three and she added 18 points and 5 assists. you got carter and wide open, and team mate, madison, nearly honor and pac freshman of the
8:46 am
title, 93-74, and so winner go he home time in high school hoops and that means, plenty of packed houses first up, in the sectional championship game and now the west and, this one is sold out, and without the starter, and the injury and elder up and jeremy, and elder and did not trail in the first half and the second half, a different story, and the offensive player of the year and in the lane, and then, larkin. and yeah, a little pay back, and that cross up. and 3, to them, and out, with a big second half and they will win it, 49-44. and 35th, is your championship cub and the holy cross, and the ba being in december, and the mayor gets to the cold, and the one and that is 29, and tyler using the screen and he pulls up, and the holy cross, trailing though. 8 in ruth set, and open for the
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both teams, with suns playing for theirs, and the for the loss earlier this season, with the district title, 62-41 the final and that is a look at your everyone. and we will see you later tonight for the sports authority. >> liz: no pressure there, playing for that. >> adam: how could we not have a great sunday with the sunshine out there. >> not each a cloud out there. >> it feels like the people are in better moods and we have not been outside for very long yet. >> and the timing is perfectly. and we have the warmth for the weekend and the rain on the way is coming over night while we are sleeping and it is going to clear out by the morning. >> and that is your heart enough. >> and it is good news and a lot of sunshine out there right now and this is the weather, camera and that is the up north in butler county and there is hardly a cloud in the sky and the temperatures you just saw them up date, 45 in harrison and a lot of us in the 40 and they are sky rocketing now that we
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have the sun going strong and as soon as we start to get these temperatures going through the 50s that is when we will start to get the wind gusts going, warmer air mixes up the air and the gustier winds just above the ground and that is why we will start to see these increase and tune in we will be back here at 11:30 to noon and these numbers are going to be higher, now we are seeing the wind gust of 17, and 20 at the international airport, if you don't see the number on here for the other locations that is because the wind gusts are less than 17 miles an hour and that does not show up on the map so we will get the numbers up here in the next few hours and that is why the wind advisory does not stap until eleven avm a.m. and it goes out to counties north, and we are talking about franklin and south east, indiana and butler, and warren and clinton and ohio for that wind advisory, up to 50 miles per hour and the lows and the location, and that is where we could see the power outages and the rest of us will
8:49 am
see the wind gusts 40 to 45 and so the deep, red colors and that is where we will have the gusts up to 50 miles an hour and all of those north in downtown, and we could see the wind gusts of 48 and 45 and that could create the power outages, as we get passed 9:00 you will see the reds move away and the winds come on down, behind the cold front, and you notice how the arrows change, and that is going to bring the rain showers, after 8:00 tonight and thu much of today is going to be nice and dry and that is what we have on the precision, doppler hd and we can zoom off and that is where the cold front is in chicago and illinois and so it is a decent way and that is why we don't expect it until after sunset. you can see the hour by hour, forecast showing how there is not going to be a cloud in the sky by 3:00, and that is when we will hit the high temperature today, 67 and our record high was 71, and set back in 1996 and we are not going to come here that. and some areas may come close to the 70s but i think at the
8:50 am
hit that 71, we will be in the 60s falling down to 60, when we have the clouds move in ride around 7:00 and i think that the rain moves in between 8:00 and 9:00, over downtown and we will continue on and off over night, it is going to be a light rain and not a heavy one like we are expecting towards the middle of next week. you can't miss it all of the green to iowa and southern wisconsin and those are the temperatures into the 50s and so far this morning, they are going to be well into the 70s off to the west and not so much here and we are going to make it close, in the upper 60s and these temperatures are as much as 24 degrees, higher than what they were yesterday morning and so the warming trend continues to today and then the cold front comes through and changes things a little bit. the clouds will increase, 7:00 to 8:00 and here comes the rain, 9 and 10, and look at how fast it moves on through and there is not a lot and you can see how it is spotty at times, we are looking okay and not looking too bad and we will start to clear
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out and we are looking at a nice monday and so the rain fall amounts are less than a quarter of an inch and it is not going to be a severe, weather event and we are not speccing any bad, over night. and we have a heavier rain on the way on tuesday and it could bring a few, rumbles of thunder and maybe snow accumulation on thursday and the models have it all over the place and it looks like a decent chance of a few snowflakes falling >> liz: we don't like to see the snow with you we love that, spring, up and down, means that it is 21 days away. >> brandon: we will see the warm ups and the cool downs with a little bit of snow. and it will take a month until we get these temperatures into the 70s on a regular basis. >> liz: yesterday it warmed up quickly. even a half hour, and meg said the same thing, in the last half hour. >> adam: sunshine does a lot for you >> brandon: it does. >> adam: we will have a final
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>> liz: good morning, cincinnati it is 8:54 and we have a live shot and you can see that the city scape is coming up and that means that the temperatures are coming up and you will see the full forecast in just a moment. coming up later, on full measure, an indepth look at a
8:55 am
premature babies and raises questions for using humans for experiments and the parents involved said that they had no idea about the dangers. >> this was a federal study, with 24 research, institutions around the country like duke and yale and enrolled a lot of premature infants and the parents did nod read the consent forms because they are approached in the throws of having a critically baby being born or going in for a c-section but they were told that this is something that will help your baby and other babies. >> that is coming up at 11 right here on local 12. >> we turn now to a look at this morning's top stories. we are learning about a 3-year-old, shot and killed in indiana. >> adam: christopher, grifth accidentally shot himself on friday, and there is still no word, if anyone will be facing any charges. >> liz: there is a fund-raiser today for historic restaurant, tuckers on vine street in over
8:56 am
the rind, suffered heavy damage from a fire last july there from eleven to four there is a brunch. on liberty street just a couple of blocks away. >> adam: hillary clinton the big winner, in south carolina democratic primary and picked up 39 delicates, and bernie sanders got 14, and now, both democrats and republicans gearing up for this super tuesday, when a dozen states will head to the polls. >> the academy awards are tonight in los angeles and so we are asking a question on our facebook page to say, what do you think is going to be the big winner this year at the oscars we have all kinds of movies nominated and we will check out your responses when we come back at 11:30 this morning, if and you are having an oscar, tailgate party. you can do that outside, today. >> yeah. >> perfect. >> brandon: there are headlines for today, one will be the wind and it has not picked up but it is going to be and you can see the wind advice sory north and i think that anyone in the viewing area and you will see the 50
8:57 am
mile per hour wind gusts that could lead to the scattered power outage and how warm it is going to be and much warmer than yesterday and 67 degrees will be the high temperature, by around 3:00 this afternoon. and the rain moves after 8:00, today, and so most of today will be nice and dry and those clouds do not start moving in until around sunset and so we have plenty of dry time today. and so coming up on good morning, cincinnati we will be back here at 11:30 and have a lot more on the wind advisory and timing out tonight. >> adam: get outside and enjoy. >> liz: we will see back here at 11:30. keep it here on local 12 and local real-time closed captioning
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