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tv   Local 12 News Sunday 630PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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breaking news alert and the hour-by-hour forecast from the weather authority, this is local 12 news . good evening. this local chapter of the black lives matter group host a rally and march at the same time it comes in the wake of the shooting death of paul gaston by cincinnati police officers earlier this month. local 12's brad understood wood joins us live. >> the group has led regular marchs like the one today for
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it ended a couple of hours ago, but it started a couple blocks down the road here on ferguson across the street from western hills high school. the gathering, the group is protesting what they call police deaths of two african-american men. gaston was shot and killed by police two weeks ago after he reach forward a gun. that gun later turned out to be an air some of the pistol. today murray's mother spoke to the crowd, she told us that she wants changes in the police department. >> i would like to see that the police officers be more kind, be more respectful, the ones that are, they need to do more investigations and more supervision. don't go by what they say, go
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back and return what they do. >> by all accounts this demonstration was held together and constructive and did not provoke any sort of violence. and while that group of close to 50 was here outside district three, they did hold a moment of silence for three minutes. reporting live, brad underwood, local 12 news . the pastor of a dayton ohio church a dead. he was killed at sunday services the 70-year-old was shot several times and died at the scene. his brother as i said nine yearly daniel schuler is in police custody. he was taken from the church in handcuffs. witnesses say the choir was sing when the man walked into the minister's office and opened fire. >> this man walked in, and sat down. we were singing and pastor just
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got through with the morning prayer and walked back in his office. then this man got up and walked in the back, and we heard boom, booms, and the usher said everybody run out. >> and army staff -- i'm sorry. as we move on, an army staff sergeant is facings murder charges tonight police say he killed hi wife and opened fire on three police officers in a washington, d.c. suburb. as brian webb reports it was the first time day on the job for an officer killed. >> the officer shot and killed saturday on her first day on patrol patrol in virginia. she clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself. >> she and two other officer
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were responded to a domestic dispute saturday night about 30 miles outside washington, d.c. police arrested 32-year-old ronald hamilton. they say he shot and killed his wife, then opened fire on the officers. >> it was very scary. i heard the shots, like four to five shots. >> yellow tape roped off the crime scene sunday. residents paid their respects at the hospital, where the officer are recovering. >> this happened over something so souped. it's so sad. >> a six year marine corps reservist was sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the department's page welcoming her and another officer, it said, be safe. hamilton is scheduled to be in court monday. >> the officer is the fourth officer killed in the department's hisser. and a
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young man is in critical condition after he was shot by police in salt lake city. police say tot officer were called to break up a fight and found a man hitting someone with a brook stick. the officer say taillight man then tried to attack one of them and that's when he was shot. last night's shooting touched off several hours of unrest in the rio grande district of downtown. officer put on riot gear and blocked streets as bystanders threw rocks and bottles. the two officer involved in the shooting are on administrative leave. >> in early morning fire claims claims the lives of a couple in adams county. the flames broke out 2:30 this morning. >> a very tragic morning far family here in adams county. the sheriff says it was a deputy who first responded to the scene who tried to help the son save
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officials say the deputy was initially called out for 911 hangup at the home. but they soon learned -- >> there's a female inside the residence. >> first responders knew they were trapped inside. the officials stay couple's son were able the get out of the home. >> the female had woke up, said she smelled smoke. she woke up her husband, said something's wrong. opened their bedroom door and saw flames. they crawled out their bedroom window. >> the son and his wife called for them both but only cynthia responded. the sheriff says when the department got on the scene, he and the son tried to save her. >> got to the window and they couldn't get her out. >> officials say neither carl nor cynthia made it out alive. >> very stressful on everybody and the very early morning hours
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are even worse. >> in adams county, megan moore . the family told them there were no smoke detectors working in the they felt cause of the fire is still under investigation . a very windy day across the tri-state. this is a look at the ohio river. huge whitecaps on the river today. and it look like we're in for a windy evening with rain showers set to arrive later tonight. >> we still have a sunny sky but that will be changing and eventually showers will show up. paula mentioned that there was a wind advisory in the effect today, and it's still in effect for about another half hour or so. even after the advisory goes off the table, we'll still be breezy to windy for the next few hours, including the early overnight.
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fall to the 50s and eventually t through the 40 which is later on. notice a clear to mostly clear sky in the short-term, increasing clouds, possiblity for showers at 11, but especially after midnight. looks like the coverage and intensity of showers will peak early in the overnight and then it will settle down to around 40 degrees by 6 o'clock in the morning with partial clearing and showers. have no rain to track now on precision dap her had had. temperatures are still in the subjects. even coolest so spots a around 60. we have rain and some storms to track tuesday and the return of colder air later in the week . if you are driving south for spring break, get ready to spend a lot more time on the road. a rock slide has shut down i-75 in both directions in northern tennessee. it's about 30 miles from the kentucky state line. the tennessee department of
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interstate will be closed for weeks, that's so workers can clean up the slide and stabilize the area to make sure it's safe. drivers will have to an an alternate route . hillary clinton is church hopping across memphis, tennessee, that the day after her big victory in south carolina. she was trying to rally black voters. she won the support of nearly nine in ten black voters in yesterday's primary . super tuesday contest will take place in about a dozen states with so much at stake. cbs news will bring you live coverage as the results come n. join scott ee for specialnn11 coverage starting at 10:00 p.m. tuesday night. >> the academy awards are handed out in the hollywood tonight. still ahead, why the best picture category might be really hard the predict this year. we
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the 88th academy award get understood way shortly. stars making their way to the theaters and mr. testers are expressing their disgust over the all white nominees. >> hundreds of families waited for hours along the red carpet
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>> i'm hoping to see ryan reynolds. >> at this year's academy awards, the revenant, the big short and spotlight have each already won abig award. but the revenant has the best odds in las vegas. i starred leonardo dicaprio. but for the second straight year all of the pact nominees are white. and the hash tag cars so white has dominated. several tom african-american directors are staying away, choosing to hold a live benefit for plea transcript michigan. comedian chris rock is hosting. he tweeted a television blackout screen with the hash tag black out and oscars.
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the reverend al sharpton put advertisers on notice. >> if they want to have a white only awards, you don't need no black dollars in your pocket. >> sharpton will lead an antioscars rally before the show and his organization is putting together other protests around the country. chris martinez, cbs news . the academy has recently taken steps to diverse have you its member . is historic tri-state are restaurant is making a come back following a devastating fire. still heart attacks how the public is coming together to
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you're watch . some of the country's best archers lined up this weekend in butler county. the county fairgrounds hosted the u.s. national indoor archery championships.
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more than 150 archers took part. this is the sixth year butler county has hosted this. >> one year after tucker closed it will reopen. to get ready the openershorsed a fundraiser. the big crowd came it. they also got to see details planned of the reopening. the owners have partnered with other businesses in their bid to reo. tuckers has been in business since 1946, a lot of people very happy to see it back up and running . a good day today, but kind of the tale of two days. >> everybody noticed it. some people were caught off guard. but it was a screaming message last night. the wind will be lighter tomorrow. the winds should gradually die down, but we still have showers
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to track. we'll still be windy this evening and breezy for at least the first half of the overnight. tomorrow, not breezy, some showers early this morning. they'll be widely scattered at best. we'll start tomorrow around 40 duggings degrees. we'll pick up more sun. 52 for the ride home tomorrow. we're cloudy to mostly cloudy, overnight and early tomorrow, but at least we have sun snow we'll likely finish tomorrow with at least a mix of sun and clouds. right now on the weather cam we have a temperature of 58, but the dewpoint is only around 30. those numbers need to be close together before we get any rain to reach to the ground. so it will take time to not just bring cloudses into the tri-state but also get returns on precision doppler 12 had had to represent rain that is actually reaching the ground because we have so much dry air in place, so the temperature and the dewpoint will slowly come
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together as the evening and the early part of the overnight comes. so the the rain develops late this evening and early in the overnight. most likely times will will be morning. tomorrow morning, showers are quickly moving out. they'll be isolate for the start of the forecast. and will moving away probably out of the tri-state by then. our attendance turns after this wave of showers tonight in early tomorrow to rain, isolated thunderstorms, and eventually the return of cold air later this week along with snow showers. dewpoint, 34. now in cincinnati. temperature 63. wind out of the south, southwest, sustained between ten and 20 miles per hour. now, we're at 63 now in cincinnati. we'll drop down 40 late tonight. likely drop to the 50s and 60s this evening. we start tomorrow at 40 degrees.
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and while we enjoyed a lot of sun today, includes will rapidly move in. and also notice showers have developed to the west of the ohio valley and the tri-state. they'll be swinging through very late this evening, early in the overnight and then there will be widely scattered at best in the morning commute. here's the hour-by-hour timing. still clear at 8 o'clock. showers initially affect areas northwest and west of cincinnati late this evening. by midnight, broken line of showers marching into southeastern indiana. parts of southwestern ohio and seam northern kentucky will see showers, but notice by 6:00 o'clock in the morning, showers are moving out and then we'll have gradual clearing torment keyword there, gradual. ping we have at partly to mostly cloudy sky at lunchtime tomorrow but we will break out into a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon. we're still warmer
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just won't be up to 66 like we were today. forecast high 52 tomorrow. we're down to 40 degrees by 6 o'clock in the morning. 52 is the forecast high tomorrow. showers likely before 9:00 a.m. notice rain isolated thunderstorms returning tuesday, we're still above average, but then returns later this week. and we have highs back up in the 40s and 50s for the upcoming weekend. it's okay, we're not quite out of this one. until we meet again, check out the forecast on local 12's weather authority app we have a pattern of looking ahead for about the last three weekends. thanks, scott.
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foot forward today. . now the sports report . xavier on the road today, coming off what some are calling the biggest regular season win in program hisser other oneville know virginia there's always that worry of a let down win after those types of wins. what was a let down was the play which was not reflective of their capability. they need this win, 9-zero start. xavier with 12 turnovers today. that could have been cut in half, evading passes like this. the finish, pirates up 15. chris mack, not too happy for obvious reasons. second half, whitehead to rodriquez, 52-36 and you know it's your team day when you're
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xavier shoots 39 percent and they fall 90-81 . after the game i had a chance the pick the brain of mike. >> well, i think today took them out of the position where a number one seed is likely. i think if they had gone on and won this one, which would have been a nice win and then won the big east tournament, which is in saturday's finish, so that helps in trying the secure a number one seed. then i think that they would have been a one seed. without that, without today, even if they do get the big east tournament. it's going to be a challenge. it's not impossible because other teams are going to play and other teams are going to lose. >> lots of baseball yet to be played. ohio state hosting iowa in their final home game of the season.
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title and sitting behind indiana in regular season, home finale, second half, two minutes to go. the reds say it's a two, so they go to review it. i don't know, looks like there's -- looks like it's a three. but you can't see his right foot. but they leave no doubt with that one. 11 off the the bench. iowa down two. a huge dunk block. and ohio state and iowa, their third straight loss, .
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. the wind will be up this evening, but it will gradually subside. showers on the way, few if any remain by gunshot cincinnati tomorrow. high of 52 tomorrow. warmer, more rain coming for
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on 60 minutes presents, preserving the past. >> the $540 million national museum of african-american history and culture is rising on the national mall. its complexion rendered in shades of bronze, a building of color against history's white marble. >> this is not the museum of tragedy. it is not the museum of difficult moments. it is the museum that says here


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