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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> two students shot and four others injured after a local stud open fire in a cafeteria. frantsic parents rushed to the scene. we're learning more about a shooting in madison senior high school. >> and first responders rushed to the school around 11:20 this morning. cameron smith and 14-year-old cooper caffery were shot. they are in stable condition at miami valley hospital.
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doesette were both hurt by slap nell. this is live picture, and we'll bring it to you as soon as we begin. >> and larry davis, talking with parents, students and investigators. what could you tell us. >> about half a mile, quarter of a mile from the senior junior high school in madison township. earlier today, there was a long line of cars, going up the road. a long line of parents who are walking to pick up. it happened around 11:20 during the 8th grade lunch period. as mentioned, there were a number of parents showing up at the school. hundreds of them, after they
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madison senior high school. number of them drove a good distance to get here. not knowing exactly what happened. and some not knowing whether their children were okay. richard jones said the gunman walked into the cafeteria and opened fire. we talked to one student who described the gunfire. >> i was going through the library to get the paper. library is next to the cafeteria. i started walking out of the library. we ran out and ran to the library. >> heard three loud sounds, banging or something. me anything. i thought it was gunfire. >> and sheer terror for some of
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as you may expect. there were number of hugs and tears expressed here at the school. let's go to the hamilton and. first call went out at 11:15 a.m. there was a shooting in the school. there was an active shooter at that point. two victims that were shot, had camera on smith, age 15. cooper cafferty, age 14. those two people were shot. next two people, the way we understand it, they were injured either by shrapnel from the
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away from the active shooter. grant murray, katherine duset, age 14. the victim, these are the four victims. it appears at this point, that the victims are all in stable condition as we speak. the suspect, james austin,
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shot in the thigh and back side. the other student shot in the left arm. both are expected to recover fully. two others received shrapnel from either the handgun or getting away from the handgun. we now know the name of the suspect. 14-year-old, james austin cook, who we know, is going to be charged with two counts of attempted murder. he ran out and dropped his gun and was taken to custody shortly after the shooting. we'll get you back to the live shot as soon as we possibly can. >> apparently it happened in the junior high lunch period. i think they shared the same cafeteria in the senior high school students. it was the junior high. >> it was 1600 in all, from pre-k all the way to the high
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>> he was apprehended on top of the hill. he was arrested at that point. he was in juvenile at that point. it was up to the court system, where the weapon came from. it does appear he had his weapon in the first part of the morning in the school with him. where the weapon was, we do not know at this point, or we cannot release at this point. the crime scene is a large crime scene. and it takes time to get the crime scene worked, photographed. the detective, the sheriff's office, the response was great. naturally, when this kind of thing happened, it affects all the schools for the rest of the district and outside the district. i've had calls of schools not even in the county, that are either in locked down or nervous
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and police officers were called to the schools. in other jurisdictions also. when these happened, the shootings, there's more than one shooter. there's a gun in the locker. and when we first get to the scene, with trying to review the information, it's coming in very rapidly. and then we have the parents, that naturally want to get their kids out of school and to see if they are safe. so there was one shooter.
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i can't list them all. there was so many. i will take questions at this time. we also met with the school today, before i left the school. myself and chief dwyer and major craft, we met with the school teachers, school administrators and we had a debriefing of what took place. for them to prepare, that will be up to the schools, how they handle as far as debriefing, working with the parents, working with the kids in the schools. again, it's a pretty traumatic experience. imagine being in a cafeteria when you were growing up and you were in school and you are eating lunch. then all of a sudden, there's an active shooter. everything you seen in school, seen in the news and you prepare for it, you train your kids for
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window, when the first shot is fired. you just think it can't happen. then you'll be a parent at home and you get the call. you get the notice. you get there very quickly. we understand. it was organized to the best of the situation, in a situation like this. i will take questions. some things i can't answer. i will tell you if i can. we will have the information handed out to you, so you don't
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efforts, first perimeter fed up and was found in the area, stood up. >> something to repeat >> this is chief dwyer. >> when the call went out, obviously, multiple units responded. he was tending to the victims, waiting for the squads to come. they set a perimeter in the school to contain.
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we had to do a second search, to make sure it wasn't another shooter or anyone injured. we had the media and parent. the social media, quick response, parents come straight to the school. you don't want to have a parent deal with the active shooter. once we had that under control, was when we were able to move the stud back to their parents. >> it went pretty good, as far as getting the parents hooked up with their kids. i imagine, when you hear this and see this, we had a couple of employees, who also had kids in the school. one of the captains, multiple kids, more than one. imagine when you get there. all the parents, we all understand that. this investigation is all fluid right now. juvenile shooter and as far as the motive goes, we hear lots of rumors. we are trying to work on the motive.
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materializes. couple more questions. >> yes, ma'am. >> it appears, it was a 380. when i say it appears. it appears that way by look. further examination and will make a determination. the question, how many bullets. we don't have an exact number yet. the shooter told us, he shot so many times. we found more caseings than that. it appears, it's a semi automatic weapon. when you pull the trigger, you're 14-year-old, maybe you don't know how many times you're shooting the weapon. one more question over here. >> we have an idea. we're working on that as we speak.
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response. we've been training for the response, to the school shootings sadly to say for years. the school has been training how to respond to the shootings for years. you respond and it's a muscle memory. the school is closed down. they have certain alarm systems that go off, that teachers know what to do. how they train, what the students actually know what to do. and it's like fire drill. now us and law enforcement, we know we have to respond better first. if the shooter is it still shooting and still in the school, we have a response to go immediately. the shooter left the school. we had an opportunity to attend to those that was shot. in an active shooter that was still in the schools.
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to work on stopping the act of shooter. it's muscle memory am we've been training for years. it's still, when you get hit like that, it's all -- goes out the window. and the muscle memory kicks in. it's a pretty good respond. it's a great respond. very satisfied with all of our response people and the law enforcement. the medical people that were there. everybody, this is a community where everybody knows everybody. everybody has family and friends that go to the school. then we have to get to a certain area. get them, parents who are there and others in the bus, and those that don't get picked up. we have to figure out how to get home. we have to sl a skriem scene and work on this activity. i'll take a couple more questions. >> gunman was just thrown as he was.
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>> standoff, not at this time. >> were the kids tartar getted. >> we can't release the information at this point. were they targeted. were they random. at this point, we know the victims that were shot. we don't know or can't release the reason why at this point how to respond, from a personal standpoint. when you get it all. . >> and what's going through my mind, as a sheriff, . >> throat swells up and you start -- and you start thinking,
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it's a terrible feeling. imagine the deputies that are getting the call. what are they going to be seeing what they are trained for. it's something that kicks in. that's why they are professionals. we decompress days after. imagine not knowing, if they have to shoot someone in the school, another student with a gun. is it your family, your friends, your community. what you see on tv. ? it's pretty tough. to this day, it seems as though there's more school shootings. more school shootings. there's police officers being shot. it's the times we live and you have to prepare and train for that. one more question and we'll have another one.
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14-year-old. i have to assume he may not have had a plan. >> i'm assuming that. >> we know why he fled the mr. ing, but we will not release that. >> we have like eight questions. go ahead. >> you have other -- >> no, that was the only weapon found. there's always rumors, more weapons, more shooters. escalated all over the country. at the same time, they are shot, and are there more? teachers, witnesses and where is the student. >> you need to talk to the family. we have to -- for the family to go to.
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and that's the press conference at this time. i appreciate ya'll showing up and helping to get the word out. any information, spelling and things like that, there will be someone. >> and sheriff jones with his life press conference, after the shooting, four students injured at 11:20 a.m., madison junior high school. a school that houses about 1600 students. students: the great news, there's no one dead. we believe those two students who were shot are going to make a full recovery. other students dents are injured with shrapnel. >> 14-year-old 8th grader is at the center. his name is james austin hancock.
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it was a lunch for the junior high students. say handgun. not a long gun, handgun. charged with two counts of attempted murder much two counts of felonious assault, inducing panic and making terroristic threat. apparently he was saying something before the shots were fid. >> sheriff says they believe they have a handle on what the . >> good news, he did fwlee. he left the gun on the ground. immediately. all the parents have the kids back home, safe and sound. we will continue to bring you more coverage. stay with local 12 and
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. and how local business leaders train for cases like this. >> that training, to prepare students and educators. violence, i think it's important to say at this point as well, that everybody involved in that school and with the police department and as he said, both with local and federal and state, acted exactly the way they were supposed to. that's the good news. we come out without the loss of life life. >> they were notified quite frankly too. the weather was lovely. it's really been so -- >> and away from it. at least, there was sun out. to brighten some spirits spirits.
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and we have rain on the way tomorrow. forecast calls for temperatures falling in the 40s. we'll have a mostly clear sky. : we're fair game for at least spotty showers and thunderstorms, at any point tomorrow morning. the coverage and intensity of the rain and storms will pick up
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tomorrow a different story. outside chance for some strong storms. >> at local 12 news at noon, i mentioned a marginal risk of storms much especially in the south eastern part of the tri-state. temperature 55 in cincinnati. wind out of the southwest at 15. we're down close to 40 tomorrow morning. satellite and radar data shows ample sun. rain from earlier today is gone. there's a front position to our north now. that will go to the east. what's developing in the flames will bring us rain and storms tomorrow. late, mid-morning, will be isolated and scattered. lot more rain, compared to storms. any storm that develops tomorrow
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frequent lightning, gusty, damaging winds. there's a possibility of larger hail. notice in the forecast model, leading edge, stays to the north tonight the temperature will fall. high temperatures tomorrow will be above average. the wind will be south, southwest. widespread, rain and storms, anticipated tomorrow afternoon. rain and storms begin to diminish. high preshing you are moves in on wednesday. it will take some time for high pressure to scrib the area of. and it's going to be an inch or less of accumulation. this is as the system pulls out of the tri-state.
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wednesday. we'll spend a little more time on the threat for severe weather, coming up in the next half hour. for the sake of time. tomorrow, we're up to 54. rain and storms favored during the arch, during the evening tomorrow. outside chance for stronger storms. gusty wendz and away from showers and storms. colder air returns. some snow showers, flurries, early quens. a nice warm up coming for the weekend. unfortunately, rain and snow
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>> we're in a little bit (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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. >> it is the first time the wyoming high school graduate has publicly spoken about the arrest. the 21-year-old is currently being detained in north korea. they say he perpetrated hostile acts around the country. earlier, he acknowledged and apologize for the alleged crime. he admitted to taking a political banner to the section of the hotel, where he was
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country. >> >>. >> >>. >> frightening how the north koreans, how they are encouraged on a secret society and cia. they have been detained since early january. he told the media, he understands the severity of his crime but has no idea what sort of penalties he will face. a nightmare, may impact your travels in a big way.
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for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 30 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now. . >> we're hearing from emotional stories. making sure, there's no doubt of what people are doing all day long.
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the school around 11:20 this morning. 15-year-old cameron smith and cooper cafferty were shot, in stable condition. brant murray and katherine, both 14. >> you've been talking about this for weeks. sadly, everybody needs training. friday, we brought you a look, schools and job sites, to minimize the damage done by active killers. one thing is especially tough, the fact that alleged shooter is just 14-year-old. >> as soon as the shooting started, the schools went into lock-down mode as they have been trained to do.
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done in situations like this. if people have the right training. friday, we showed you how we were trained in a class conducted by the workplace unit. the training teaches people whatever they can to combat an active shooter. we're told to use tables and desks. throw anything you can. if you can't run, attack. mantra, rub, hide, fight. i went back on the madison shooting and found the training and precautions do not change. even if the shooter is 14-year-old. >> unfortunately, for the innocent, teachers, administrators, custodian, and other students. for responder officers, it's someone who is trained to take lives.
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and transported as quickly as possible >> now ironically one of the first grade teachers of madison is the wife of cannotel, the innocent part of the active shooter program. and the founder of cincinnati safety at madison state. he was trying to reach his wife when the shooter came about >> and we told you earlier, we're extremely fortunate, no one died from the shooting. from what you could tell, on this early, everybody performed pretty well with the training at this point? >> it sounds like the locked down drills they have done there, paid off. the issue of how well they really perform, depends on how much they actually have been trained and how much training people could or should go over. and that's all going to show up
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they will evaluate what happened, how they responded. they will look at it as law enforcement and see what did we do; right? how much better could we be in the future, if god forbid, this happened. >> they are in the same koment plex. a third grader, looked at the photographers and reporters, we had training. 3rd grade. they are getting that >> how much better could that? >> real look forward to that. we will provide that for you as rich continues his report. >> and local 12 has six reporters to give you the latest information. adam is at the school all day long and he gives us this report as well. >> it's difficult to put into words how things felt this morning. it was very tense.
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parents, waiting, wondering. and the streets were lined with cars full of parents. we want to wait for quite a while. around 11:20, a 14-year-old male student walked inside the cafeteria and opened fired. two students were shot. two others were hit by shrapnel. we're told their injuries were nonlife-threatening. the 14-year-old shooter was in police custody. he tried to run. all the students inside the school accounted for, and again, nonlife-threatening injuries. we had a chance to catch up with the parents. the sense of relief was immense. >> i was crying, balling, talked to the teacher. he was very helpful. told me everything was fine.
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people in the situations. they say it's one. you never know, there could be more. the facts that you don't know, is what is scary. >> madison township for something like this to happen, would have never guessed it. >> we spoke with the representative from the school district. they made sure everything went as smoothly as possible. and adam clements, local 12 news. >> adam, thanks, stay with local 12., for continuing coverage of the shooting. we will bring you live updates every half hour. 5:00 p.m., take you live in dayton for the latest on the two teenage victims.
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earlier, the weather was -- and in sharp contrast to the events of the day. >> probably helpful for those who were dealing with and all the parents that were waiting outside. what are we waiting for. >> quite an evening. that's the way we stayed through 2-3 in the morning. and as we kick off. drop to 50, all the way down to 40, upper 30s for some. clouds are beginning to increase at 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. still no rain, as we go away to work and school. have outdoor plans. rain will increase and coverage, intensity, beginning mid to late morning. especially in the afternoon. 24 hours from now. plenty of rain, plenty of sunshine, tractor hd.
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international airport. georgetown, 55. williamstown at carrollton, 57. as promised, the risk for severe weather tomorrow. earlier today, it was a marginal to slight risk. slight risk is pushed down to the tennessee valley. part of the tri-state is in a marginal risk tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. prime time for the strong storms. and i'll be here to track that. we have a risk of stronger storms. return of warmer air this
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wewe'l'l >> a used sports coach could impact the child for a lifetime. >> a lifetime of healthy activity. bad one, may crush the
4:42 pm
their success and desire to play. >> how do we encourage better coaches? they provide practical guidelines. >> here's cynthia gould with their winning ways. >> too often, we see the ugly side of coaching. >> in reality, most are in it for the kids. barbara huntly is in it for the college athletes and play college ball. >> i want someone that's fair. i want a coach with integrity. i want a coach to care about my child. yes, we want to win. i'm the first one to say, hey, how many w's do we want in the column. what about the child that can't always win. >> one of the hottest issues, playing time and whether the coach is playing favorite. >> this little league, everybody participates.
4:43 pm
as we go on to high school, then it kind of changes. >> she says the focus can't just be on the few star players. some of the qualities in a good coach, one that inspires. never embarrasses and humiliates the player much teaching life skills. and the most the coach could ask of any athlete, did you do your best. >> come off the track, i gave it everything.
4:44 pm
was it fun? did they learn something? the coach is central to the answers. for your winning ways, cynthia gould. >> you could find more details
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. >> a rockslide shut down in both directions state troopers say there are eight spots that need to be blocked off. highway patrol are redirecting traffic to other local roads. >> detours have to be so long. >> you could imagine? luckily, we're probably pre-spring break for most people, which may be good news. anyone heading south. and as we look at what's coming up. >> we will have much more on the school shooting that happened in madison township. and four injuries total. two students were hit by gun shrapnel. the shooter left the scene but
4:48 pm
grounds. the school dismissed early. worried parents, terrified students, who were hearing it all day. we will have updates throughout the evening for you. turns out the bacteria that lives in the gut could be the key to treating all kinds of ailments. heather daniels explains the micro biom. >> and huge danger to american students that may surprise parents. kids are increasingly. and it's plaguing every corner of the nation. sheila gray will have warning signs that every family will have to look for. and again, it's at 6:00. rob and braun will be back at 5:00. >> and as we speak.
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she joins us live. angela, fill us in. : he says he's extremely pleased, reaction of law enforcement, to find the alleged shooter and to tend to the victims. james austin hancock, has been going on all day. somehow, the suspect got a firearm into the building. they say they have a pretty good idea, who the fire, and who is belongs to. and at this point, they are not ready to release the information. brent murray, were either skwurd from shrapnel or running away,
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shooter. . >> my throat swelled up and you start thinking, how bad it is. it's a terrible feeling. >> >>. >> and he says, you never think it will happen in your backyard and simply training for an event. all the training came into play. he also mentioned, one of the deputies mentioned to us, that when this initially happened, medics ran into the building before the scene was secure, which was an act of selflessness. .
4:51 pm
more that came out of the press conference. we will bring you the latest on local 12 news. angela ingram, local 12 news. >> he's continuing to say, we probably know the motive. is he giving anytime frame. >> he really hasn't. he hasn't said what the motive is. we did ask, were the students targeted or were they random. what was going through their head. there's no one -- he also said, that this person, ran away, ran up the school and into a wooded area, at which point, the law enforcement brought a dog ha
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at some point, he surrendered custody. >> and as you saw in the live shot, pretty sunny >> >>. >> tri-state late tomorrow morning, especially tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. the overall threat for severe weather, has come down, compared to what was happening earlier today.
4:53 pm
and very close to where we began today. lots of warm air to the west. and some of that warmer air tries to roll our way, late tonight and early tomorrow morning, before rain and thunderstorms. and front to the north. bigger area of low pressure taking shape over the plains. that's the area of low pressure that will bring rain and scattered thunderstorms to the tri-state. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. especially west of interstate 75, tomorrow morning. early morning newscast, we'll have lots to track. we're dry. and all the way through, 11:00, midnight, 1:00 in the morning. despite the increase of cloud cover, we're still dry. and showers and thunderstorms, starts to develop. they'll come more numerous as they come in the afternoon.
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strong and damaging winds, perhaps some large hail, if strong storms are able to materialize. marginal risk, south of interstate 71, down grade from what i had to show you on local 12, live at noon, but the risk is still at play. tomorrow, rapid increase of cloud cover. rain and storms favored in the afternoon. and colder air, wraps in the back side of the system, snow tuesday night. more rain and snow showers thursday. back to partly cloudy on sunday. updates throughout the evening,
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on local12.comm. >> >> edward buyers, jr. goes to the greatest length to stay hidden as a member of the elite team 6.
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>> president obama, awarded the chief medal of honor. in 2012, he was part of the rage that saved a hostage in afghanistan. and joseph said he realized the rescue was under way when he heard someone calling his name. >> as soon as i heard my name and answered back and they heard where my voice was coming from. one seal came and laid on top of me. >> that man was buyers.
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>> teammate and friend. >> buyers said he was just doing his job. wejy jiang, cbs 12. >> and he has five bronze stars
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county sheriff says, one of the classmate, 8th grader, started shooti inside the school. >> school is at madison township. about 760 student, attend classes in that particular building. madison elementary is in the same campus. >> bullets hit two of them. cameron smith and cooper caffery. it was shrapnel from the gunfire that hurt the other two. bryant murray and katherine durbette. larry davis begins our team coverage live from the scene of the shooting. >> as you may imagine, the madison township community, outside of the middletown, is in a state of shock. shock at what happened here in madison senior high school. this is the staging area today. the school is located about half a mile away from here. earlier, there were long lines


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