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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[applause] >> our plan is to return to school tomorrow. we believe getting kids back to school as quickly as possible with support is the best for them. >> good afternoon. finding ways to move forward
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changed the lives of students, teachers, an entire community. >> we have more including the alleged gunman's first court appearance. 15-year-old cameron smith and cooper cafferty remain hospitalized after being shot inside a cafeteria on monday. brant larry davis sat down with the butler sheriff's deputies who are praising the jobs of the officers. what a great job they did? >> he gives everyone an a for the effort. an a for the effort of law enforcement and also the people in the school. things are quiet in the madison junior high school. the student and staff were on hand to talk about what happened and where to go from here. and the sheriff shared new light on what took place here on monday. this was the scene shortly
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school. a number of parents showing up to pick up their children and take them home. the day butler county sheriff richard jones, 14-year-old, austin hancock had begun all morning long at the school. he sat at the cafeteria for about 30 minutes, he said and waited for the school resource officers to walk out and then he opened fire at the table across from where he was sitting. two students were shot. two others were wounded by shrapnel. sheriff said hancock had extra ammunitions and says the shooting could have been much worst. >> the day we feel was saved, it could have been much worst if the student stayed and might not have been in a hurry. he's smart to know he's not coming back. as the he comes back, the kids are running out the door. >> hancock, who had the gun, was
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now he told police he shot three times but police certainly aren't sure at the present time just how many times he did shoot. did he say he had some extra ammunition with him the sheriff also said hancock has possession of the gun on saturday. : he wouldn't talk about the motive or where and why. the students, wouldn't say why they were targeted. the sheriff says, he once hand tried as an adult. if he could commit a crime, he belongs in a prison system. local 12 news, back to you. >> teenager face add judge.
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adam clemons continues our team. >> it's what they want when the student head back to school tomorrow. little less chaotic. i want to take you to early this morning, around 8:30. that's when james austin, appeared in court. emotion emotionless. and a dozen or so of his family members showed up to show their support. emotions running really high. it's set for april 5th at 2:00 in the afternoon. back at the school, no classes today. administrators working to move forward. they want to get back to some sort of normalcy.
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to resume classes tomorrow morning. is we plan to have staff members, in addition to the buses tomorrow morning. , as they increase security in the buses. >> emotions running high for the students, the classes. fra 6:30 tomorrow, the doors will be open. >> adam clements, local 12 news. >> local 12, debra dixon, how young students dent, are showing their support.
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i hope you will stay tune for all of that. i wanted to go for coffee. >> you would not go out for coffee because it's raining. >> we have coffee inside the station. >> people's plans change when there's moisture in the sky. >> not much gets in the way for paula and her coffee. temperatures will be falling dramatically between now and midnight. i have us down in the 30s. notice temperatures tumbled in the 40s between fou and 9:00 tonight. we're done for the risk of strong weather. there will be showers around and polt for stray flurries comes
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midnight, perhaps in the first part of the morning commute. good morning. cincinnati down. and clusters of rain but not as heavy and without lightning, compared to earlier. this is a big improvement in the 275 loop. light rain extending from the northern part of boone county. and also, have some clusters of showers, close to a million, bat taffia, steddier rain, at least an enhancement to the coverage of rain. from hillsborough, west union. this is going to be the last hur raw. light rain, and along interstate 74. and that's going to swing through. and we're not completely done with rain.
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inbound now. big temperature drop coming in the next few minutes. rain and snow showers return on thursday. warmer air returns for the weekend. could we hit 70 in the next few days. we'll investigate this coming in a few minutes. >> they took her to atrium hospital. firefighters say they know what started the fire. >> and we're learning more on the information from new york stay, who heard her son being treated at the children's hospital. today, jessicca pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of child endangering. she admitted she injected benadryl in her child's feeding tube. originally, prosecutors charged
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they dropped the charges. sentencing is scheduled for march 26th.
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community of lower price hill kicks off a program today. the program is successful in other neighborhood, light crime and more. the city works with community volunteers to make large scale improvements. >> hamilton county sheriff office is hosting a forum on the heroin epidemic. the month's hall on plain road. there are many representatives from law enforcement to talk about the problem from their perspective. prevens experts will also speak. the event is free much it's open to the public, if you want to attend tonight. >> reds have their official spring opener. you will get coffee in arizona. taking it on the indian. good guys are up 4-1 in the 4th. it means nothing. >> it means nothing.
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would like to see it. tooth decay is among the most chronic diseases among local kids. >> how parent's could keep their kids' teeth very healthy. >> going to the dentist is not always a pleasant experience. while regular check-ups are invitele, proper daily care is just as important. parents should create a foundation for their kids. cut down on sugary feet. and high calorie drinks should be limited to one or two times a day. more balanced meals. kids should have three square meals that includes fruits, vegetables and grains. and mix treats. parents should limit their kids
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and experts say, focus on where the teeth and gums meet. and don't forget, to floss. for today's health minute, mary maloney. >> raining cats and dogs in the studio today. >> excited about that kind of rain. first at 4:00, sports caster, aaron andrews, tells jurors about her life changing experience experience. >> the round we have for lunch
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. >> she's suing the marriott and a man who admitted to seeing secret nude videos from a neighboring room while she stayed at the hotel. andrew tellings jurors, since the ips dent she always tried to change rooms as soon as she checked in a hotel. >> i would go to a room. i wouldn't allow them to put them in my room at all. i instantly covered the peephole. si do a check on the room. i look for lights. i look for red lights.
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check the bed, check the phone. >> michael barrett pled guilty to stalking and was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. >> let's go to brad. >> and oh, my goodness. having a good time. >> and pretty nrng ethic, running around. trying to jump on these two kinds. and it's about 45 pounds in adulthood, mixed layup. and contain ja you two needs exercise on your lap. >> and. >> gretchen, is about 5-year-old.
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and i was -- a little longer hair. >> and scout, i think it's 5 months or partner is five months and scout is two months. how are you doing this. how do you do for february. >> do very well for february. every animal, we bring local 12. we have lines of people, with the door. we use our lottery system. it works out quite well. look around, we have plenty of available animals. >> we have a 100 percent graduated rates. >> love it. >> 3949, corain avenue, in the good old north side. 541-6100 for information.
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and taking it, sky. >> and bob is always yelling at me. cooks up with me, when we have this to track on precision doppler hd. another batch of rain is inbound, to areas of interstate 75. we have clusters of rain that developed in the last 10-15 minutes. this is a light rain, from fairfield, forest park route, up close to tri-county. this is rain. and it's more showery than it was earlier today. this is what's left over. and around and after lunch. and much what we have here, east of hillsborough, extending to bracken and mason county. heavier rainfall rates is
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and this is rain, oxford, brookville. and it's moving to the east. and this is the final hur raw here. temperatures are starting to fall, in central indiana. and with moisture coming off to lake michigan, there are at least some flurries, working in the tri-state, near and after midnight. they'll drift in and after midnight. we have rain and snow showers to track on thursday. still relatively warm right now. and notice, cold air is coming in quick behind the secondary
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and these are down to 39. and i foresee a big temperature drop in the next ten hours, dropping in the 40s between now and 8:00. we'll likely level in the mid to morning. valley. lakes. no worries for any significant snow as this system pulls away. also, because we have colder air aloft. any clearing that we have tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, will be temporary. another combrar of low pressure brings us rain or snow showers on thursday. given the temperatures will be
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thursday. i suspect little to no accumulation will be the rule area wide. and we'll be windy for the next few hours. the wind dies down by 6:00 in the morning. straight flurries at best overnight and tomorrow, mostly cloudy from start to finish. overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 20s. we'll see lows in the upper 30s going next week. i don't have us to 70 yet. we're awfully close. >> it's not so bad, when monday
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could be a record litter of sheep dogs. the little guys are bred for farming. >> we're waiting to go to the rest of the interview process, to put all 17 in them in different farms. >> the owner says it may not only be a record for the breeds, but record for all breeds. they are not tiny little guys, either. >> i don't know how that is possible. >> she's so happy it's over. >> and this is one thing leading to another. the demand for psychological services is up. >> student government is now considering alcohol sales as a way to boost funding. student president proposes, let's sell alcohol at the school's sporting events to pay for mental health services. number of students looking for
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because of that, center needs to hire more people. >> we are find at the tradition approach. >> the money is going for a good cause. it's actually pretty risky. game. the added alcohol will probably make them roudier. >> yes, it will. alcohol sales will raise half million dollar a year for the services they need. your thoughts. >> like outside the wine box. that's all i was -- never mind. >> and there's alcohol being sold at massive amounts of sporting events. do you do it. >> i think you do it if you think it's appropriate. to fund one thing, it's odd. >> it's odd. voters cast their ballots in some states. it's super tuesday. >> hundreds line up to say good-bye to a fallen police officer.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> and welcome back. we begin with a little bit more controversy surrounding what some refer to as the little pink pill. >> new study raises questions on
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should be approved for women to use at all. she's been following the story and joins us with more. liz. >> good afternoon. if you know anything about the medication, it's called addie. the actual drug is called probansin. it took four years for the food & drug administration to approve it at all. meanwhile, guys got their little blue pill in viagra. the sale of the -- has been slow. the study released in the journal of the medical association, raises some questions on how effective the medication really is and whether the benefits outweigh the potentially serious side effects. we spent time to talking to dr. lisa larson, a team at the uc medical center. the benefits may be outweighing
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this is for hyper active sexual desire disorder. the side effects include, low blood pressure, headaches and nausea. dr. larken says, this study, those side effects, magnified, because the author reviewed studies, with doses that are not currently approved for the fda. her opinion, it may be a bias, that the condition is a real diagnosis. >> i will tell you the side effect profile and when we look at the data is not substantially different than many of the medications we have that are not getting all of this dramatic scrutiny scrutiny. >> by politics, this is a girl thing. >> right. >> this goes back to, you know, really, i think the validdation of female sexual health as a priority. >> now there was a lot of concern in the league, this
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that some say, the men's sexual dysfunction was, has not happened. sales have been slow. it's proof it doesn't work. dr. larson says, that's not true. more than half of the patients, continued with the medication with good results. at 5:30, we'll share more about the results. i feel like, this is a -- i'm a dietician. nutritional ways to manage premenstrual syndrome. hi health care providers, get up and walk out and tell me it didn't exist. there were guys, or the after effect in your home, sometimes we say. now, it's kind of established, there are biological changes in the body. as we learn more, we will see that. >> it is confusing as a woman >> and the doctors is sort to prescribe it. and it's a good thing. we're learning more as we go. back at 5:30. >> see you then. too rainy for paula today
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trying to convince, go out and not worry about rain hitting me. >> it's all good. it won't be that horrible, will it? go out and have fun. late this afternoon and early this i think. we will go to the party, enjoy, have fun. fortunately, it's not going to be the brightest. it's not going to be a night where we break out into a star-filled sky. we have a cloudy forecast and even some flurries near and after midnight. notice the showers lingering around. especially east of interstate 75 for the first part of the evening. right now we're close to 50 degrees. i had us all the way down to 32 by being 11:00. early tomorrow morning, temperatures drop to the mid to upper 20s. notice some flurries, perhaps lingering in the first part of the morning commute. right now in precision doppler hd, we have rain in the 275 loop. these are mainly rain showers near and to the northeast of
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now making a run to the eastern edge of the 275 loop. heaviest rain, extends from west union to mazeville. theea of rain is moving to the east, at nearly 40 miles an hour. and this rain, to the north and to the northwest of cincinnati, connorsville, verssailles, is also moving to the east with time. temperatures now range from the upper 40s to the mid 50s. visibilities are not all that high at last check. we're chilly and gray tonight. chilly and gray tomorrow. we have rain and snow showers thursday. and warmer and brighter week. we'll discuss that in 10 minutes. >> brad? >> super tuesday has the potential to be a defining moment. voters in about a dozen states head to the polls. winners could gain commanding liedz. >> so could donald trump at the top of the g.o.p. presidential heat.
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from senator bernie sanders. and in washington, with a look at the final super tuesday push from the presidential candidates. what they are looking for tonight. momentum is on the side of hillary clinton and donald trump. both their parties winners in three of the first four contest. both will pick up the delegates. whatever happens tonight, the campaign will be going tomorrow. >> we are proud of what we are doing. we're proud on what we will continue to do. this is a campaign that's going to the philadelphia convention in july. >> also in his home state, republican, ted cruz. he puts the southern states to the heart of his strategy. >> and i speak to unity for republican. let's come together and stand together, behind the conservative principals, free-market principals, we believe.
4:38 pm
the only republican with a win over donald trump. he's looking to back, back marco rubio, who launched the let up. >> the front-runner, according to the national polls and republican primary is someone who is preying on your anger. someone who is preying on fear. >> and campaigning in ohio. clinton, meanwhile, makesesing stops in minneapolis, is planning to face him in the fall. >> maybe someone else could intervene and rise above that. ley wait. >> and tonight's results could move the race closer to that november match-up. in washington, karen kafa. local top news has you covered. and we will air live election schedule at 9:00 p.m. we will
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and cbs news will give you live coverage. and join scott pelley, on local 12. followed by local 12 news live at 11:00. friends and family say good-bye to a virginia police officer shot and killed on her first day on the job. funeral services for the county officer, ashton gwendone taking place. and the other two officers are expected to survive. the suspect, ronald hamilton, jailed facing a capitol murder charge and other counts. police say hamilton shot and killed his wife, crystal before police arrived. nasa vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza . for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. to my goal. r so i asked my doctor about victoza . r
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the flight is to attempt to fly you safer, greener and quieter. >> dow jones industrial climbed 348 points. nasdaq up 131. s&p 500 gained 48 points. >> spring is in the air. and here's some tips for getting started. just like spring cleaning your home, now could be a good time to tidy a household budget. with tax day around the corner, money is on the minds of many. especially those who receive a refund. don't let an influx of cash throw a saving off course. instead review your needs. recommends evaluating income, calculating expenses.
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could cut back and making sure there's enough to stash in an emergency fund. american saves, recommends doing a digital tool, to keep track of the spending over the course of the few months, to see where your money is going. then lock into a plan. also look for areas that could be trimmed so you could free up more cash to pay down high interest debt. while cleaning a budget for day today, don't forget to make long-term plans like retirement and college fund. >> two days off next week, that's what i am supposed to be doing. the weather is going to be nice. >> go get your coffee and -- and sit out in the patio. >> a look at the developing story.
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they >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle walsh. they are targeting catcher or kill top isis leadership in iraq. the group says the group has spent several weeks preparing including setting up safe houses
4:48 pm
units. the pentagon says it's conducting cyberwarfare operations against isis. the defense secretary says the use of isis in control centers in syria and iraq is a new warfare capabilities. >> using cybertools to disrupt, communicate over the virtual battle fields. >> previously the u.s. has used digital weaponry in vague terms. from the u.s. terror alert desk in washington, i'm michelle walsh. >> i know how they feel. it's important to celebrate on time when you won the game. the broncos celebrated a little too early against the chargers in providence. team celebrates piling on top of each other. the ball came down.
4:49 pm
the chargers called a time-out. you want to see an amazing play. inbound, layup, ball game. >> oh. >> oh, i'm embarrassed. they won the game 60-59. >> that breaks my heart. . you go to bed at night, thinking about that thing. >> social media will never think about that thing now. >> look what we have coming up. >> there's more fallout yesterday's school shootings. teachers and students in one tri-state are thinking, if it could happen in that school, it could happen anywhere. including the school in the next district. coming at 5:00, deb dixon shows how seven mile is now supporting the neighbor in need.
4:50 pm
major problems in the tiny village of richmond. now the alleged dealer is now behind bars. rich jaffe will talk to people in the community at 5:30, who are no doubt feeling a sense of relief. a story of young father after some devastating decisions. justin bursell killed his best friend. after paying his dues in prison, he's now trying to keep young people from making the same tragic mistakes. it's a powerful story you will only see on local 12 news. that's coming up at 6:00. >> taking a look at the traffic, on 275. >> oh, it's 757. >> 75. >> washington hills viaduct >> i want to stay in and see if
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>> you may have to wait until tomorrow to get your coffee. >> or at least 8:00. >> she may have to sleep. >> watch local 12 news tonight. once you have the cup of coffee, you could have it with brad. >> most if not all is coming at 7:00. let me show you why. back at you, rain is approaching in the far we were part of the tri-state, individual clusters of rain are moving to the east, 40-45 miles an hour. have a lot more time with rain and showers in the tri-state. we have some rain in the eastern edge of the 275 loop. widely scattered showers. campbell county. also into the southern part of butler county. rain is a bit more widespread, along and to the south of interstate 71, in warren county. more clusters of showers are
4:52 pm
heavier rain, manchester to peebles. that should be out of the tri-state by 5:30. this is the last round of rain that we have. it's still here, like it was earlier, local 12 news at 4:00. the back edge of the precipitation is quickly getting chipped away. the take away here on precision doppler hd. we're done with the soaking rain along 71-75. there will be clusters of rain around the last couple of hours. by 7:00, 8:00, at best, widely scattered showers. temperatures will fall. and initially for areas west of cincinnati. this is a pretty dramatic fall. most are around 50 degrees right now. i understand, 30 degrees by midnight. the cold front is coming through this evening. you'll notice a big drop in the temperature. the wind will also turn around
4:53 pm
breezy overnight. updated forecast, weather authority app, breezy atop the rad son, in the weather cam. we have a wind reported at 20 miles an hour. 51 now. up in covington, i suspect 30 degrees by midnight. still some clusters of light rain, waiting for a cooler, dryer air to move in from the west. temperatures are down in the prairie state of illinois. gradually in the next few hours. plenty of rain today much and the area of low pressure and the influence will move to the east tonight. there will be at least some flurries, floating off lake michigan overall tonight. the forecast, not much. some left over flurries, will
4:54 pm
morning. cincinnati. and this model wants to bring the sun tomorrow afternoon. i'm not buying into that. we'll stay mostly cloudy for the entire business day. much colder overnight, compared to last night. and cold he tomorrow. and highly filtered sun. and we're back with clouds. back to mostly cloudy friday. >> spotty rain and snow showers. >> little warmer on sunday. >> i like it
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
to capitol . >> the fbi and apple faced off for the first time. the judge forced the tech company to unlock a phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> paula reid is in washington. >> fbi director testified first on inkripgs. the fbi's request is specific,
4:58 pm
rood's eye-phone. >> it's not anything than trying to do an investigation. >>. >> apple's top lawyer, will provide the fbi, can and will lead to a broaden coachment. >> will hurt, well reusers to protect their personal information. >> attorney jen questioned apple's position. >> and again, surprised that the choice would be, we're not even going to think about this anymore am we're done thinking. do we let one company decide the issue for all of us. >> it came after a day in new york, ruled the fbi cannot force apple unlock an i-phone use in a drug case. that ruling could have implications in a dispute. washington. >> fbi director, admitted, law
4:59 pm
making it harder to access data in the suspect's phone. and even without the error. investigators will need help from recovering. >> and local 12 news, live at 5:00. >> teen charged, injured four students. >> and doing what they can for the neighbors. students and faculty, come together to show support for people in the medical township. >> how a local man let his neighbor get out alive. this is local 12 news live ate 5:00. . >> we believe getting the kids back to school, with support is best for them. >> there's a plan in place to get life back to normal for the
5:00 pm
shooting in their schools. good evening. everybody. the local 14-year-old who deputies say open fire on classmates in his school cafeteria, answers to a list of charges in juvenile court >> austin hancock, who you see here, remains locked up after his initial appearance. search for answers continues. >> 24 hours after the shooting sh in madison senior high school. shocked that it happened here. now there was no class today. teachers did report to school. as you could see behind me, the parking lot is virtually empty. and the suspect, austin hancock, made his first court appearance >> less than 24 hours after detectives say he opened fire in


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