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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." blistering attacks dominate a vulgar gop debate. we ask donald trump about the backlash to his campaign. the wounded warrior project is losing support from big donors. new developments in a cbs news investigation. she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing but that hasn't slowed her down. we will meet the woman preparing to run this year's race. we begin this morning with a
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your world in 90 seconds. he referred to my hand of be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. >> another gop slug fest. >> donald trump is basically mocked everybody with personal attacks. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> about my rod. >> not what you said -- >> i know it's hard not to interrupt but just try. >> it's not what you said. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. >> don't worry about it, little >> gentlemen! gentlemen! >> you want to chill out? >> gentlemen, you have to do better than this. >> you say everywhere i go, people say you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> others are throwing their support behind apple. >> the league gave the new england patriots quarterback tom brady. >> we are back in deflategate! >> i wasn't thinking oh, my god
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>> if that expression means you're happy, then my wife was thrilled when i forgot her birthday! >> controversy over singer nina simone. >> coming under fire wearing a prosthetic nose and darkened skin. >> the speck that was hanging off ted cruz's lip for a while, people wondering what is that? >> he ran into something he didn't quite expect. suv that was pulling up, a thief ran into it. >> march madness is just getting started. >> that's going to do it. oh! >> and all that matters. >> donald trump is a phony. >> the man who carried the baton for the republicans is not passing it. he is hitting him over the head with it. >> he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees, he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging shraj. >> on "cbs this morning" he a huge business success? he doesn't know what he is talking about. no, he isn't and no, he doesn't. >> true, trump has put his name on some terrible investments.
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president! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! snowe . welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. soledad o'brien is with us. one of the most tumultuous days in republican party history ended with a bitter presidential debate. last night's tone was fiery, insulting, and at one point indecent. front-runner donald trump faced constant attacks from his main rivals and tough questions from the moderators. >> hanging over the debate was a scathing speech from mitt romney, the last gop nominee, who called trump a phony and a fraud. major garrett is outside the fox theater in detroit where he covered last night's debate. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the atmosphere was tense and the confrontation was battle lines have never been more sharply
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donald trump and his populace movement and a gop establishment personified by mitt romney. stakes high and nomination and future of the republican party and from the beginning the fight was on. >> he referred to my hands of basketball. something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> reporter: the 11th republican debate started with a lewd response from donald trump to a new low that foreshadowed the brawl to come. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> here we go! here we go! >> so much. >> it's a minor civil case. >> donald, learn not to interrupt. it's not complicated. count to ten, donald, count to ten. >> i have a policy question for you, sir. >> let's see if he answers it. >> i will. don't worry about it, marco. don't worry about it, little marco! >> gentlemen! gentlemen!
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dismissed lawsuits alleged he had conned students to attend his now defunct trump university easement he conned those people like he conned these people in his university. >> reporter: trump hammered full positions. >> let's put up full screen number two. >> rolling out statistic after statistic. >> the rating from the business bureau was a d minus. the last publicly revealed rating. >> my plan for taxes and tax gutting is the best by far of everybody. >> but, mr. trump, mr. trump, your numbers don't add up. >> trump was also pressed to answer a scathing speech earlier in the day by 2012 nominee mitt romney. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> he failed miserably and it was an embarrassment to everybody, including the republican party. >> reporter: rebels marco rubio
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relentlessly and asked the record for trump's off-the-record meeting with "the new york times." >> if tonight you tell new york city to release the audio they will do it and we can see what your true views are on immigration. >> trump refused. >> i may have discussed something like that with "the new york times" but i would never release off-the-record conversations. >> reporter: the context, trump argued, was his willingness to achieve compromise. >> but i've never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible. >> reporter: cruz and rubio declared that proof that trump's conservative rhetoric won't match his presidential reality. >> donald, please, i know it's hard not to interrupt, but try. >> not what you said. >> breathe. >> lyin' ted. >> when they are done with the yoga, can i talk? >> i hope we don't see yoga on this stage. >> he is very flexible so you never know. >> even after that comaust
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and noisy jousting, they all said they would support the nominee even if that is donald trump. senator john mccain spoke out romney finished his speech yesterday. he called trump's national security positions, quote, uninformed and dangerous. after last night's debate, major garrett asked trump about the gop establishment pylon. >> different to you today to suddenly have romney and mccain coming after you? >> no, i didn't know mccain came after me. he better -- i'm sure -- >> reporter: ed he agreed with what romney did? >> oh, he did? well, that is not nice and he >> reporter: why? >> i will -- he'll find out. candidate. he made a fool out of himself. he should have beaten barack obama and he feels badly about it. the fact is mitt romney choked as bad as i've ever seen anybody choke other than marco rubio when he was grilled by chris christie, he choked.
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should have been president. he disappeared. he choked. something went wrong with him and i wasn't happy about it and neither are a lot of other people. >> reporter: does a conversation about trump university help you or hurt you? >> well, it's a small deal and they try and make this such a big deal. they don't talk about the buildings i've built overthe world. >> reporter: they are trying to make it appear something representative of your larger image. >> my larger image is buildings all over the world. we are working on hundreds of deals and doing tremendous work all over the world. big deals, much bigger than that. here is the thing. >> reporter: when you're talking about trump university, you're not talking about other things? >> i agree. they will take one deal or two deals and out of hundreds and hundreds of deals that you do and they will try to make you look bad. trump university, i'll end up winning that in court. as sure as you're standing there, i'll win that in court. settler. >> john dickerson is in the nation." you have the unleashing of all trump.
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his popularity or simply embolden his supporters deepen their own commitment? >> it's possible that it does both. it's possible it's both a turnout mechanism for all of those people who think or so disappointed with the establishment and it now looks like the establishment is trying to steal their candidate away from them. but it also might focus the mind of some republicans who have been kind of wondering or tuning it out. mitt romney tried to set the stakes for republican voters. >> john, what about the attacks on trump university? he called it a minor civil case but there are 5,000 workers suing him and it was not just a main topic in the debate last night and main part of rubio's attacks but now the main topic of super pac ads. do you think that might have a dent in -- >> well, it goes at his professionalism and his brand is in the middle of that so it might work a little bit better rather than some of these more childish attacks. it goes at competency and it
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saying one thing and doing another. marco rubio's argument this is a template what he will do for the voters but it gets in the weeds pretty quickly so i'm not sure it has a big impact. >> john, there was arguments after argument against trump's candidacy and then at the end of the night all of the folks on the stage said they would support him if, in fact, he were a nominee and seemed to undercut an entire day they were trying to work against that exact point. >> i think that is right and i think it swallows the attack they are making. if they are saying he is going to ruin the country and ruin the republican party, then they sort of stepped back from that if they say, well, but i'll endorse him any way. so it doesn't seem to be that effective. but this is politics. >> how does it look for march 15th for him? >> well, we are a little bit a ways away. march 15th is the day everybody is focusing on because if the establishment is going to stop donald trump, they are going to have to do it in florida and ohio which vote on those days,
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the strategy is a bit of a long shot at the moment is to have rubio win in florida and to have kasich win in ohio. that would deny trump the delegates or start to deny him the delegates to get to cleveland in the convention and then hopefully they would be able to work it out there. but right now, it looks like trump is still in pretty good shape in those two states. >> is there one person behind the scenes running all of these attacks against donald trump? >> no. >> thank you, john. >> multipronged attack in this part of the game. everybody is trying to take him down. >> john speaks with ted cruz this sunday on "face the nation" on cbs. new jersey governor chris christie is defending his endorsement of donald trump. he has come under fire from establishment republicans for supporting the gop front-runner. he was mocked on social media for appearing distant during a trump victory speech on tuesday night. well, christie answered his critics yesterday. >> no, i wasn't being held hostage.
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thinking, oh, my god, what have i done? i was sitting -- standing up there supporting the person who i believe is the best person to beat hillary clinton of the remaining republican candidates and it's why i endorsed him. >> christie dropped out of the republican race last month after a poor showing in new hampshire. apple and its fight with the fbi, google, amazon, microsoft among dozens of companies on thursday that filed friend of the court briefs. they argue the court order to help unlock the san bernardino gunman's iphone threatens product security and consumer privacy. relatives of six attack victims and law enforcement groups filed their own brief opposing apple. new air strikes outside of damascus could threaten the partially cease-fire in sea. the week-old truce does not include isis. rebels backed by the united states are making gains against
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visited a town on the front lines in northeast syria. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no truce here in northeastern syria. where the syrian democratic forces who are backed by the u.s. have just launched a new campaign against isis. algae al jidadi was liberated from syria last week. buildings still standing are donned with isis slogans but now that group is under the control of the syrian democratic forces and arab kurdish alliance backed by the u.s. this was the isis police station, the islamic police station. this commander kabani told us that u.s. coalition air strikes helped her fighters defeat the extremists. but some paid a terrible price for the victory.
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when he was killed in al jadadi. if needed we will all fight against isis and take revenge on them for the lives of these young martyrs. the syrian democratic forces are a little more than a rag tag army but they have captured territory from isis and the group is now america's most effective partner on the ground in syria. colonel taylor solo told us his fighters have been given a hundred tons of ammunition by the u.s.-led coalition the last six months and he said they have also asked for anti-tank missiles and machine guns. has the u.s. given you any of the weapons that you asked for? no, he told us. promises. one of the reasons the u.s. may be reluctant to give weapons to the syrian democratic forces is that they are accused of
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longstanding truce with the syrian regime. but they fought courageously against isis and remain america's most important partner norah? >> great reporting from inside syria, holly williams. thank you so much. the u.s. navy this morning is reportedly failing a carrier strike group in disputed waters in southeast asia. the "uss john c. stennis" is in the south china sea. they had their smallest increase in military spending in six years. seth doane was a part of that meeting. good morning, seth. >> reporter: good morning. almost 3,000 delegates are gathering here in beijing for the annual meeting of china's nominal rubber stamp parliament. you might imagine, there is a fair share of pageantry so everything is carefully choreographed. in the opaque world of chinese
7:16 am
national peoples congress offer a peek at what china's leaders have in store. >> chinese lawmakers will begin their annual session. >> reporter: and it gets plenty of coverage. this is the long line of journalists waiting to get into the press conference. the chinese government leaves very little up to chance ahead of this press conference. we were asked to submit question topic areas, then received this e-mail from the government which said that we should attend the press conference and raise the question about the south china sea. they added, we hope you'll stick to the question and make it precise and short. recent satellite images show military installations on china's man-made islands in disputed waters of the south china sea. despite assurances from china's president it had no intention to military ize militarize. last summer we hired a small boat to try to see those small islands firsthand.
7:17 am
the middle of the sea. the u.s. has been patrolling the area as tensions have escalated. today, despite hundreds of journalists gathered, we had little doubt they would call on us. china had pledged not to militarize its islands in the south china sea, so why has china deployed surface-to-air missile batteries and why is it constructing military-grade airfields on those islands? [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: take a look at the planes and vessels coming in and out of the south china sea, they are mostly americans, this parliament spokeswoman says. the u.s. deployed our navy to the region. isn't that militarization? china is just pointing its finger right back at america. it could be so difficult to be able to ask questions at that level of government. we went to four separate meetings ahead of today's press conference just to be able to
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>> seth doane in beijing, thank you. president obama has given us a hint of his family's plan once office. his oldest daughter malia will head to college in the fall but young daughter sasha will be in high school and the president deciding what to do next year. >> we have to stay in d.c. a couple of years because sasha, transferring something in the middle of high school is tough. >> president obama is in rare company. the last president to stay in washington after finishing his term was woodrow wilson back in 1921. >> it would be very hard to move sasha in the midst of high school. hard for anybody. interesting to see how they navigate the waters of washington, having two presidents in the same city. >> oh, yeah. >> really interesting indeed. >> a father doing what is best for his daughter.
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an actor will portray a black singer in upcoming movie and why they call the mostly cloudy skies, and with any remaining snow showers south and east of cincinnati coming to an end. tomorrow 49, some snow showers in the morning, rainshowers in the afternoon, sunday the pick day of the week, 52, 60s next announcer: this portion of "cbs
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the coo of wounded warrior projects faces questions from a family that raised hundreds of charity. ahead, new developments. >> i don't understand how an organization that has many veterans who value, honor, and service and the chain of command can be led by a guy like that. ahead, new developments in a cbs news investigation. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by brookdale. bringing new life to senior
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canada's new prime minister defends taking in 25,000 syrian refuges. ahead a preview of "60 minutes" interview. >> you know this music, charlie. check out this tweet from d.j. and diplo who writes off to cuba for the weekend and bringing the
7:26 am
charlie will be flying to havana this morning and monday he will join us from cuba with the highlights from his music with diplo. >> i will be dancing all weekend! >> i want video on that and i want it on monday morning. >> all right, we will have it. >> your local news is next. >> announcer: breaking news alerts and the hour by hour forecast from the weather authority this is local 12 news. >> bob: good morning again everyone. we are waiting to learn the names of a mother and her young daughter killed in a head-on crash in northern kentucky. >> sheila: it happened on u.s. 27 in campbell county. another driver went left of center and slammed into their vehicle. that driver was rushed to uc medical center. we don't know of her condition. no names released. >> bob: the man accused of
7:27 am
bruce was arrested at 2:00 this morning. the first was yesterday afternoon at the key bank on fourth street downtown. he is charged with robbery. >> a local mom is expected to make her first court appearance today. mesh he will benton accused of lying to police of her car being stolen with her 18 day old in the back seat. what happened that unusual case live at 7:30 on star 64. traffic now. here is jen. >> jen: much quieter this morning this morning. state route 32 is closed in both directions between little dry run road and round button road where a car hit a pole. there were injuries involved. that person taken to the hospital. there are wires down and power out in the area. it may be a while before they are able to reopen that area.
7:28 am
little dry run and round bottom. it is closed in both directions. 275 near 32 where yesterday we had slick conditions reported. not seeing that this morning. i did see salt trucks around the tri-state interstates this morning just to be sure. you can tell we are locking typical. you are heavy on 71-75. 74 not looking bad. our typical slow spots. guys? >> john: it is moving out right now in our eastern counties a few flakes flying. that is a look at radar the next couple of hours that stuff will move out of the picture. you may see a flurry or drizzle behind the snow. 36 right now. temperatures are climb this morning. i expect them to take a dip later this morning and rebounds back into the low 0s. peaks of sun coming late days. we will brighten the skies later on. tonight clouds role back in. tomorrow we expect a gloomy,
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rain showers 49. sunday is your pick day of the week end. partly cloudy. 60s next woke heavy rain. we will have to watch wednesday and thursdsd if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders.
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because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. dance from the themed music from
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>> and it just gets better and better! >> i've never seen that until this morning. >> it's so good! so good. how long have you had that music? >> 25 years. the only music we have ever had. some say we should stop! i think that is what seth is trying to tell me! please, get some new music. >> maybe diplo can help you on that this weekend. >> i'll try that. that. morning." coming up in this half hour, there has been outrage over the casting in a new movie about iconic singer simone. ahead, the harsh backlash from the singer's estate. new developments in a cbs news investigation of the wounded warrior project and claims of lavish spending by board members on themselves.
7:32 am
angry after seeing our reporting. he launched a new mission for answers. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" reports on north korea's leader ordering his military to be ready to use nuclear weapons at any time. this follows the united nations security council passing tough new sanctions on the north. our margaret brennan reports the united states does not believe north korea has the ability to launch its nuclear weapons. week week's military exercises in south korea. an opinion piece for "the new york times," vice president joe biden says it's the senate's constitutional duty to consider a supreme court nomination by president obama. in the piece biden defended his speech in 1992 where he called for waiting until after election to fill a high court vacancy. biden said the goal was to
7:33 am
between the white house and senate. >> time" says taking small doses of aspinner regularly lowers overall risk of colon cancer. no benefit was found against breast, lung or prostate cancers. "the boston globe" reports that tom brady's lawyer is feeling new heat in the deflategate case. a federal appeals court in manhattan is reviewing the phone. many are wondering why he destroyed his phone. the court could reinstate the four-game suspension of brady. a new music about one of music's most iconic black controversy. nina simone was ceremony as the high priest of soul and also a
7:34 am
people are upset who is going to portray her in a upcoming movie. >> reporter: the film nina opens next month. zoe saldana and the production company have been under fire since she was cast. her physical appearance was altered and it's launching a debate over casting characters of color. and i'm feeling good >> reporter: with her voice, nooen that simone struck a chord. through her activism, she expressed what some called an a aauthentic black -- >> what i do all the time is completely be myself. that's is what i hope i am. >> nina simone was absolutely unapologetically black. >> reporter: now simone is
7:35 am
nina stars zoe saldana, an actress with box office mojo but not her acting ability being in question. it's her prosthetic. >> it's sacrilegious. it's painful to watch actually. >> reporter: joey wrote an article for "ebony" magazine. leaving us sick and breathless. >> zoe saldana had to put a black makeup and she had to be made up in darker tone than her natural skin color and wearing a prosthetic nose and i find it insulting. >> reporter: saldana has been battling casting critics since she landed the roll in 2012. >> i'm doing it for my sisters. i'm doing it for my brother. and i don't care who tells me i am not this and i am not that. i know who i am. >> it didn't feel like the most natural choice in terms of look. >> reporter: the film's distributor defended saldana's performance saying, creativity
7:36 am
never be judged on the basis of color or ethnicity or physical likeness. >> makeup was used to darken her skin. i want to look at the character playing nina simone and feel like i'm looking at at nina simone. >> reporter: this controversy hits a delicate moment in hollywood less than a week what was described as the so-white oscars and some feel ironic an actress of chor is playing another woman of color. a makeup artist said if the makeup had just been better, maybe we won't be hearing about all of this. >> the debate is there are so many talented dark-skinned black women who don't get a lot of roles so when one iconic role comes up, i understand the debate around this. >> definitely. >> i hope the bottom line, it brings more people to learn more about nina simone. >> who was amazing. >> that voice. >> yeah, that voice. thank you, michelle. canada' recently elected prime minister justin trudeau will meet with president obama
7:37 am
the trip marks the first state visit by a canadian prime minister in nearly 20 years. lara logan spoke with trudeau in xm "60 minutes." he has started his campaign. welcoming syrian refuges. at a time when the u.s. has taken in a little over 2,000 refuges from syria, and governments are more concerned than ever about security risks. >> we were able to actually go and pick and choose and screen and bring over the people we chose and that gives us a much greater level of control and attention over who is actually going to come in. >> reporter: but are you saying there is no risk or do you acknowledge that there is still a risk? >> every time a tourist or an
7:38 am
in another country, there's a security risk, and i am more than comfortable that doing what we have done, accepting in 25,000 syrian refuges, does right by both the safety of canadians and by the values that define us as a nation. >> reporter: would you be just as comfortable if there was a terrorist attack carried out by someone who came through as a refuge? >> ultimately, being open and respectful towards each other is much more powerful as a way to defuse hatred and anger, than, you know, layering on, you know, big walls and oppressive policies. >> sunday on "60 minutes," trudeau talks about growing up as a son of a beloved prime
7:39 am
night at 6:00. we will bring you a cbs news investigation that raises questions about how the ceo and board of directors spent some donor dollars in the wounded warrior project. that is next. if you're head outing the door, watch us through your digital device and your cbs app. don't miss the boston marathon bombing survivor who is training to run in this year's race.
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it has been more than a month since cbs news broke the story of lavish spending by the project wounded warrior project. chip reid has new developments. >> reporter: the charity's ceo steven nardizzi is yet to respond. we sat down with two major donors who are demanding accountability.
7:44 am
serving in iraq, raising money for wounded warrior project was more than a cause for fred and diane caine kane, it was a calling. since 2009 the two's charity tee off for a cause raised money for the wounded warrior project through golf tournaments in carolina. they honored fred kane with an award for being a vip donor. that is a big deal. >> yes. >> reporter: you were proud of that? >> i was very proud of it. >> reporter: but learning that only half of donations came to help wounded vets came as a blow. >> then hearing there was this waste of money in donor dollars that should have been going to the service men and women that were injured and it was spent on their having a good time. it's a real disappointment. >> reporter:out rage
7:45 am
cancelled this year's golf tournament and thought steven nardizzi should be firped ed. >> i said where is this guy? they told us he really needs to not be involved. you lead from the front, good or bad. i said, you don't hide. i don't understand how an organization that has many veterans who value, honor, and service and the chain of command can be led by a guy like that. >> reporter: cbs news be has learned kane is one of several major donors who are ending their support. should the board of directors have been keeping a closer watch? >> well, absolutely. i don't think there is any doubt. >> reporter: sources with direct knowledge of the charity's operations said the board signs off on all of the charities major spending, including expensive staff retreats. those sources also told us the board has spent donor dollars on its own meetings at five-star
7:46 am
wilshire hotel in los angeles. and when they question spending decisions and executive salaries their concerns were ignored. we tried to speak with each board member in person, but they declined. >> i believe that these will be a forensic audit, not just some whitewash call-in, somebody we are paying and have them kind of put a rubber stamp on it. >> reporter: are you done with wounded warrior project? >> yes, except for my new mission of trying to see change there. >> reporter: the board says it's ordered a review by independent auditors and that it would be inappropriate to answer questions until all of the facts are known. full disclosure? a cbs news corporate executive serves on that board. the board won't tell us if its review will be made public or whether the board's spending is under review as well. the board has also hired legal counsel. >> chip, thank you. i think it's incredibly important that that review be transparent and made public. >> doesn't sound like it
7:47 am
how do they not have a full-time cfo for an organization of that size? it seems very odd. >> i know the wounded warrior projects have done a lot of good things for our veterans. i've done stories over the years but this is a time when they should tighten the screws how they spend the money. out earth's mostly cloudy skies, and with any remaining snow showers south and east of cincinnati coming to an end. tomorrow 49, some snow showers in the morning, rainshowers in the afternoon, sunday the pick day of the week, 52, 60s next here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes aveeno daily moisturizing body wash and lotion with active naturals oat. used together, they provide
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7:52 am
he took a dive in his pool and shared a meal with friends and family. isn't that incredible? >> amazing! the comparison side-by-side too. many republican voters want donald trump but republican leaders do not. the conflict exploded at last night's debate. more of the fiery moments ahead
7:53 am
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back. >> announcer: breaking news alerts and the hour by hour forecast from the weather authority this is "good morning cincinnati" live on local 12. >> bob: good morning again s 7:56. let's check tom stories of the day. kentucky republicans will cast their votes in the presidential nominating process saturday in a caucus. >> sheila: republicans won't vote at their normal location. the hours are 10 to 4. if you need information on your caucus location go to the kentucky party website. we have a link on we have more on the caucus ahead
7:57 am
morning cincinnati". >> bob: the circus is in town they will be there here sunday. after the chance o to see the famous elephants. they decided to retire the last 11 working elephants . lifting 10,000 children out of poverty in 5 years. the mayor says he has a plan and it involves local teenagers. how that's going to work ahead in our next hour of "good morning cincinnati" on star 64. look at traffic. here is jen. >> jen: we have been dealing with an issue on 32. we have an accident that has closed 32 in both directions between little dry run and little dry run. we have power out all over that area this morning. so you will want to avoid 32. i'm hearing it may be closed for a while in both directions. a few other problems fifth at sycamore an accident.
7:58 am
one at kirby to watch for. looking at our interstates they don't lock bad at all. we were not seeing major heavy traffic around the tri-state except for our usual spots. i heard about an accident on 75 southbound. camera is not pecking it up. of 275. guys? >> sheila: the gloomies are sticking around. >> john: you may see the sun brighten. clouds. low whos. a little sun coming through the clouds late this afternoon. tonight we expect temperatures to fall down 32 grows. we expect the clouds to increase tonight and we will see the chance for some rain and snow showers tomorrow. your high around 49 degrees. snow showers morning. scattered rain showers afternoon. sunday is your pick day of the week end to get outdoors. 52 with a blend of sun and clouds. monday and tuesday good weather
7:59 am
mid low 60s. slim shower chance monday. wednesday and thursday could be a soaker. we'll have to with the watch for potential flooding. >> bob: another hour rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security
8:00 am
who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. it is friday, march 4th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including new attacks against donald trump. plus, how the front-runner flip-flopped on key issues right in the middle of last night's debate. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. stakes are high. the nominates of the presidency and the future of the republican party. and from the beginning, the fight was on. >> hold on, senator! >> i'm talking! >> hold on! >> i see hillary clinton in --
8:01 am
hold on! >> at the end of the night all of the folks on the stage said they would support him if he were the nominee. >> i think it swallows the attack they are making! >> there is no truce here in northeastern syrian. the syrian democratic forces have just launched a new campaign. >> almost 3,000 delegates are gathering here in beijing. so everything is carefully choreographed. >> the charity's ceo steven nardizzi has yet to comment publicly on the charges he has seen overexcessive spending at wounded warrior project. >> the film nina opens next month. zoe saldana and the production company are under fire since she was cast. >> monday, charlie will join us from cuba from his weekend with diplo. >> i will be dancing! >> it's so good! so good. how long have you had that music? >> 25 years!
8:02 am
i think seth is saying we should stop and get some new music. i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and soledad o'brien. gayle it off. donald trump spent last night's republican debate fighting off attacks and explaining his shifting opinions. trump was asked why he told one interviewer that the war in afghanistan was a mistake. then told another that he never said that. >> trump said he misspoke the first time and he gave in new reason why the u.s. needed to invade. iraq. i think you have to stay in afghanistan the fact you're next weapons and we have to protect that. nuclear weapons change the game. and i was always against going into iraq. in fact, i believe i was always against it. explain other conflicting statements too. >> within one day, you reversed -- on the syrian refuges. >> you're right. let me explain. the first time the question had
8:03 am
my campaign had just started. i was very much like, okay. by the time i went back and studied it and they were talking about bringing thousands and thousands, i changed my tune. so i'm a very, very big supporter of the second amendment. >> in 2000 you wrote in your book i generally oppose gun control but support the ban on assault weapons. >> i do not support the ban on assault. in terms of immigration and almost anything else, there always has to be some, you know, tug and pull and deal. you have to be able to have some flexibility, some negotiation. i may have discussed something like that with "the new york times" but i would never release off-the-record conversations. i don't think it's fair, frankly, to do that to anybody. >> how flexible are you on this issue? >> not very flexible. >> your campaign website, to this day, argues that more visas for highly skilled workers would, quote, decimate american workers. however, at the cnbc debate you
8:04 am
much these visas. which is it? >> i'm changing. i'm changing. we need highly skilled people in this country. >> you are abandoning the position on your website? >> i'm changing it and -- the position because we have to have talented people in this country. >> you're not releasing the discussion with "the new york times" behind closed doors? >> that is correct. >> which have some asking on your immigration policies you're really just playing to people's fantasy. >> no, i'm not. >> which a tactic you praised in your book "or the art of the deal." >> i'm not. >> after the debate trump said it was not the one he was asked about last night. before the debate, the last two gop nominees denounced this year's front-runner. mitt romney said trump is a phony and a fraud. and, in a statement, senator john mccain called trump's national security views dangerous. major garrett asked trump about those attacks. >> reporter: still different for you today to do romney and
8:05 am
>> i never knew mccain came after me. >> reporter: he said he agreed with what romney did? >> he did? that is not nice and he has to be very careful. >> reporter: why? >> i will -- he'll find out. >> with us is rick davis, political contributor for our digital network cbsn and campaign's political campaign manager in 2008. we asked john dickerson the same we. . last night a full assault on donald trump from mitt romney and john mccain and others. at the end of the debate last night, they all said they support the nominee. if trump is the nominee, he is our guy. >> talk about letting the air out of the tire. attacks. on the former nominee which almost never happens. these guys don't get involved in campaigns after they have been the nominee especially if they have lost. it was extraordinary. the debate, attack, attack, attack on trump. he was on defense all night.
8:06 am
said are you prepared to support donald trump if he is the nominee? everyone cavaliered and said, oh, yeah, sure. what is the problem? >> you know politics. has trump wrapped this up already? >> yeah, it's wrapped up. last night, someone needed to land a knockout punch and it didn't even look like they came to box. >> chris christie has said that the real risks, if you alienate the voters and tell them your choice is just wrong, isn't that why at the ends of the night they wrap it up and say we support what the voters do? >> i think you got to start with the real risk is nominating donald trump, right? because he is the least likely person to win this election but we have seen throughout the course of all of this election voters don't care about elect ability and want to throw a brick at a glass wall in washington. i think there is something to that. and i think that is what the establishment of the republican party has to start getting used to the idea that donald trump is going to be their nominee. >> you talked about a knockout punch. in the past, if a candidate said i'm changing my position, i'm
8:07 am
usually would have been enough. >> yeah, but donald trump, his entire candidacy is not based on idealology or issue position. everybody on the stage was basically the establishment and people coming after donald trump and they gave him nine months to solidify his base. he has the most intense supporters in this entire election. when you look at the numbers, his people aren't going anywhere. candidate? >> i think it's exactly what we created. when you spend years, you know, saying that the institutions that you have built, the republican party, the congress, the white house are all corrupt and even within your own party when you throw people under the bus constantly, what do you think the voters are going to get the message on? >> i want to show you this. one point that donald trump made repeatedly last night was about his elect ability and his clinton. he claimed multiple times the polls show he would beat hillary clinton. if you take a look at real clear politics average, in fact, he is
8:08 am
would not defeat hillary clinton >> yeah. he is the least likely candidate to do well and i think that is the panic that the establishment has is that we could actually drop an election that is in a very good year for republicans, a third term of barack obama is not an attractive concept. and she has taken that as part of her campaign. >> just to be clear. poll. this is the average of the polls worst. >> yeah, but i don't think it's an issue, right? when you look at the exit polls from these primaries, it's maybe 12, 15% of the voters think issue. >> what is interesting about this it seems from john mccain republicans, they just don't think he is qualified to be president. they seem to be saying we genuinely worry about the future of the country if donald trump is president. >> i think their concerns are well-founded and concerns are legitimate. they come at this with an open mind. they know politics didn't bean bagging and you don't get the candidate you want.
8:09 am
raises concerns about whether or not he could really administrator the nation. >> secondly, will he destroy the party? >> i think the party is in the process how to do that to themselves, right? i wonted i wouldn't blame donald trump. they let him grow. ted cruz stood next to donald trump for nine debates and never attacked him one single time. now he is complaining that, you know, he doesn't get enough time to beat him up. >> as norah said, you have nobody to blame but yourself. >> i didn't say that. no, i didn't say that. no, i didn't say that. >> not me! >> no, i said is this the candidate that the party deserved? i asked the question. yeah. okay. rick davis, thank you. >> my pleasure. the boston marathon bombing claims part of a ballroom dancer's leg but three years later, she is about to run the race. >> i do think running a marathon is nearly impossible. >> of course. >> yes. >> yeah.
8:10 am
>> ahead, the defiance and mostly cloudy skies, and with any remaining snow showers south and east of cincinnati coming to an end. tomorrow 49, some snow showers in the morning, rainshowers in the afternoon, sunday the pick
8:11 am
ahead a couple's walk on a famous hiking trail ends with a mysterious death! >> i'm peter van sant of "48 hours." a beautiful young mother hikes this trail in oregon. ron ka honda caston was with her boyfriend when she fell to her death. he says it was an accident. prosecutors say it was murder. that story is coming up next on "cbs this morning." announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red.
8:12 am
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i'm there for bessie. i'm there for ray. ted loved baseball. dr. phil likes to watch football. renne, who wants sloppy joe on the menu every day. rosie's my best friend. evelyn likes to dance. harriett wants her fried shrimp as well. alice anne likes vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles. they give me so much back. i can't even imagine how i could possibly give them what
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8:15 am
it's the world's oldest annual marathon, but what happened in boston on april 15th, 2013 changed the historic event forever. three people were killed and more than 260 hurt after a pair of bombs detonated near the finish line. among the most severely wounded that day was adrian haslett davis. a professional ballroom dancer who lost part of her left leg. her three-year recovery has been painful and difficult. but resilience and determination means she can stand and dance again. next month, adrian plans to overcome when she says is her biggest challenge yet,
8:16 am
never dreamed of running! >> reporter: the milestones you've made running, what has ma that meant? >> gosh the world to me. >> reporter: adrian haslett davis is making good on a promise. >> and i wasn't very fast for so long. >> reporter: to complete the boston marathon. >> i can run! i'm so fast! >> reporter: you're going to run the boston marathon? >> i am! >> reporter: are you a runner? >> i am now! running for me was like torture. i would run a block and be winded and feel like i was going to die, but -- >> reporter: now you're missing part of your leg and you're running a marathon? >> yeah. >> reporter: think about that. >> yeah. it's bizarre. >> reporter: so we are here on wilson street. >> we are. we are. >> reporter: where the finish line is. >> yeah. >> reporter: and birds are chirping. >> it's a beautiful day and very similar to that day. >> reporter: she stood on this very street nearly three years ago watching runners as they crossed the finish line. adrian would not be able to walk away. can i ask you about that day. >> yes. >> reporter: on april 15th?
8:17 am
>> so i had taken a right on to boylston street and the finish line was behind me, and i heard a loud blast behind me, and i buried my head and put my fingers in my ears and knew -- i still, to this day, don't know how i knew, but i knew that it was a terrorist attack and knew another one was going to hit. and the next thing i knew, i was on the ground. and i thought, well, i don't have any experience in this, but there is no way you can live through something like this. >> reporter: after her lower leg was amputated, adrian began a long and difficult recovery. >> i feel like i could stay as positive as possible, but it doesn't mean that the outside world isn't going to hurt me. >> reporter: painful as it was, though, you've documented the whole thing. >> uh-huh. scary looking? >> not at all. >> i was that have gone it was
8:18 am
those raw moments. ow! i wanted to be as emotionally honest as possible. >> there is your foot. >> oh! >> reporter: what was it like to stand on your own for the first time? >> gosh. that moment was amazing. >> so stand up for me. >> i remember standing up and just, as anyone would, you adjust your shirt at the bottom and i had both hands where you could see the emotion build up and i put my hands in front of my face and i lost it! >> reporter: adrian's difficult days, mixed with milestones. >> reporter: the professional dancer made her way back on stage, but with success came hardship. it affected your marriage? >> it did, yeah. it did. but that's -- yeah. >> reporter: adrian and her husband adam davis who was also injured during the bombings began their recovery together, but have since separated. she told us they agreed not to discuss their split publicly.
8:19 am
>> every way possible. i look at life so much differently now. i'm more patient with people. i didn't think i was impatient people. >> yeah. yeah, i am. i will always hold that. i learned that running really helps out with that. in a good way. but i believe in feeling every single bit of that and not burying it, so that you can really enjoy the good days. >> reporter: i like that you said, my life is not going to be defined by what has happened to me. >> yeah. yeah. and i want my life to be defined by how i live it. i'm not just an amputee. i'm not just a marathon survivor. you know? none of us are. and i think it's important to always remember how far you've come as well, because i have days where i think i haven't come that far at all, which sounds crazy to say, but you get in these mindsets and it's
8:20 am
to see how far you've come. >> reporter: she's come very far and remember hundred will mark a personal goal but she is doing it to support the efforts of limbs for life, an organization that provides life changing prosthetics for amputees in need and you can find more about that at have adrian have. in three years what she has been through and try to find something positive out of that experience and to run a marathon, for those of us that have both of our legs, it's very with a prosthetic. >> i love what she said, one, one. and, two, she is not going to let anything like that define who she is. story. adrian!
8:21 am
ready, set, snow. how the ceremonial start of the iditarod race was held after winter fell behind. that is next on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by windows 10. hi i' m kristie. and i' m jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. " hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you' re trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don' t have a touch screen on my mac, i' m jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. [ laugh ] what brand of makeup is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades for more skin tones. jane likes to mix things up.
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8:24 am
you're hot and you're cold >> tomorrow is the start of the
8:25 am
back on track thanks to a train. snow arrived via the train in alaska yesterday where they have been dealing with unseasonably warm weather. they have seen only average of their snowfall since november. ahead, an extraordinary tonight live at six... meet a group of young women who are outdoing their male counterparts and making local hoops history local 12 news... ------------------------- ------------------------- ------- 3 good morning i'm rob braun. >> bob: good morning again 8:25. i'm bob herzog. >> sheila: i'm sheila gray. >> jen: we look so much better at this hour than yesterday. 32 remains closed between little dry run and round bottom road. a car hit a poll and took out power.
8:26 am
accident on hill dry run road at pridle road. watch out for those spots. 71 southbound we have a lane blocked near taft. you can see the nashing lights blocking the right-hand lane before taft. those are our only problems. 275 near 32 where yesterday we had lots of sick conditions recorded and a dumb of problems. you can see this morning that is not the case. really typical traffic out there on our interstates. >> bob: let's check our top stories of the morning. a mother and young daughter killed in an accident in north earn kentucky. >> sheila: a person lost control and hit their car head on kill the mother and daughter inside. it happened on 27 south of the aa highway near cold spring. the driver of that car was taken to uc medical center.
8:27 am
a local woman in court after making up a story about her baby and triggering an amber alert. police say she reported her car stolen in the west end yesterday and said her 20 day old infant was in the car. officers did find the car and later realized the baby was with benton the whole time. more details on this story just ahead on star 64. >> sheila: the effort to rebuild the rabbit hash funeral store getting a boom today. students at the nearby kelly elementary school have opinion presenting money they will present the owners with a check this morning. the historical society will be there with the k 9 mayor who was here yesterday. >> bob: the circus in town.
8:28 am
sunday. talk about some weather. >> sheila: it's cold. i'm ready for some spring, john. >> john: today is the coldest of the next 7. we will see clouds this morning. clearing eventually. 35 now. up to 41 late today. from here, it is all up on your planning forecast. tomorrow 49. tomorrow there's going to be some snow and rain showers. some snow showers mixed with rain in the morning and some scattered reign showers rain showers. sunday your pick day to be outdoors. 52 the high. low 60s monday. mid to upper 60s tuesday. a slim shower chance monday. the next chance of rain tuesday evening into wednesday and thursday some heavy rape. temperatures will stay mild through thursday of next week. this is some and locations we
8:29 am
rainfall in some locations from the wednesday through friday time frame next woke. keep with us we have have more on that throughout the weekend. >> bob: we have more local news coming up if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message
8:30 am
a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, brandi chastain's ever-lasting goal. the soccer icon talks to ben tracy about her pledge to science and we look how she could help close the gender gap when it comes to custom research. >> ceo of uber travis kalanick opens up. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around
8:31 am
u.s. government agency is claiming a breakthrough in battery technology. the in this would apparently leapfrog research pushed by bill gates and e lon ilan elon musk. they will make remake america's power grid within a decade. >> seattle times. listening to sounds 7 miles below the pacific ocean in a trench near guam. scientists thought it would be quiet but this is what they heard. the sound is believed to be the call of a whale or dolphins. passing ships and earthquakes were also heard by researchers. the reorganized might be the first-ever captured at such deep levels. isn't that great? >> yeah. the hollywood reporter is showing the first trailer for
8:32 am
>> it's okay. she seems peaceful. >> my name is sarah gilbert, department of physics. oh! it went everywhere, by the way, in every crack. >> critics say its look like the movie will bring back the fun of the 1984 original. all of the new "ghostbusters" are women! sony is planning a release this summer. and we will be going to watch that movie. >> definitely. "fortune" reports on boeing's effort to make the bathroom the cleanest spot on the plane! the company created a self-cleaning laboratory. the light turns on when the bathroom door is closed and no word when it will be installed on planes. >> that's good those in the mile high club. >> what do you know about the mile high club? >> i don't know. i just heard about it.
8:33 am
new york "daily news" reports how a spokesive teamed up with an obgyn to create a playlist for women in labor. one of them. retired soccer great brandi surprising contribution to the world of sports medicine. after she dies, the three-time olympian pledges to donate her brain for concussion research. ben tracy talked with chase taken how, once again, she could be a role model for women and soccer. >> reporter: no one will ever forget brandi chastain's game winning penalty kick at the 1999 women's sports final and her sports bra celebration seen
8:34 am
not the only way she wants to be remembered. >> i am compelled to do more if i can. >> reporter: retire from soccer and a coach at santa clara university, chase obtain has decided to donate her brain to science. in her decades long professional career, chastain was known for heading the ball on key plays. she she believes she suffered at least two concussions but has no lasting symptoms. scientists say examining former athletes' brains such as chase taken's could represent researchers diagnose and treat chronic traumatic snelve encephalopathy or cte. chastain hopes the research leads to stricter guidelines for kids, including raising the age that kids can head the ball from 11 to 14. and greater insight into how concussions affect women. >> i think everybody is talking
8:35 am
were only talking it in the male-specific category. >> reporter: the sports concussion institute says soccer is the number one cause of sports. of the 307 brains that boston examined, only 7 were from women. >> we don't really understand the long-term effects of repetitive brain trauma on the female brain. >> reporter: after reng the pinnacle of the soccer world. >> goal! >> reporter: her goals on now focused on the medical field. >> he file like my contribution to skork so -- >> i feel like my contribution to be more and this is one way for me to do that. cbs news. >> really great. uber is one of the world's most disruptive companies. the ride sharing service, this month, celebrates its seventh anniversary.
8:36 am
since 2009, its growth has exploded and uber has more than 160,000 drivers in nearly 400 cities and the company is valid upwards of 60 billion dollars. cofound erm travis kalanick is now focused on the road ahead. we had a wide ranging conversation and explored what drives his ingenuity. you have developed this, at least profile of a young man -- >> well, look. you know, i -- >> with all of the roughed up elbows? >> i think if -- how should i put it? we look at all of the cities and the hundreds of millions or billions of people that live in cities around the world and we know that the transportation system there are just not serving everybody's needs. i mean, even here in new york with a great mass transit system, there is still 2.5 million cars going over those bridges every day. and so we just believe we can help the city do better.
8:37 am
entrepreneurs are not waiting -- >> what? to come --? >> they are not waiting for success and not waiting for progress. we are generally a little bit forward leaning when it comes to trying to make progress happen. >> reporter: well, you've become, i think, in love with the idea that you have been part of, you know? and you can't wait to push the edges of what that is. >> well, i think what it is is like, for me, it's about problem solving, and loving to solve problems. and so if you are passionate about solving problems, and sometimes i just like to describe this as, like, imagine a really great math professor with no problems to solve. >> yeah. >> right? a great math professor is somebody who wants the hardest problems and wants the problems and loves solving them. that is how i feel about my work. it's not a man in a hurry, but it's about interesting problems
8:38 am
into them and solve things that people maybe thought weren't even possible to solve and that is fun. >> boy. seven years and 65 billion dollar company and changing transportation and changing around the world. he's the second biggest company of its kind in china. >> wow. they say sometimes the most successful american tech company is in china. >> with all kinds of possibility. he is a hard driving guy. more with travis tonight, as well as brian chessby of air bnb tonight on pbs on my program. the death of a young mother. peter van sant mostly cloudy skies, and with any remaining snow showers south and east of cincinnati coming to an end. tomorrow 49, some snow showers in the morning, rainshowers in the afternoon, sunday the pick
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
oregon majestic river gorge is a mecca for hikers across the midwest. in 2009 the twisting narrow mountainous trails attracted an aspiring model and her boyfriend. tomorrow night on "48 hours" peter van sant looks at the mother's bizarre prediction of how her hike could end. here is a preview. >> reporter: from the first moment stephen nichols met rhonda casto he knew he met the girl of his dreams. >> when i met rhonda, it was
8:43 am
i was beyond smitten with her. when our daughter was born, it meant everything to her. became the focus and the center of her life. >> shea is just like her mamma. she loves jewelry. >> reporter: when their daughter was nine months old, rhonda decided to return to her other passion, modeling and she needed to lose some weight. >> she comes up with the idea, let's hike the 25 most famous trails in oregon. so that was our goal. >> reporter: as rhonda and stephen made their way up this eagle creek trail, they had some challenges. it was about 40 degrees and the weather was spotty. there were showers from time to time. and the trail was damp. >> had it been raining at the beginning, i wouldn't have gone up. >> reporter: by the time stephen nichols and ron honda casto headed back down this path, the weather had turned. suddenly, disaster struck qh
8:44 am
the trail. >> a man hiking with rhonda casto said she fell off a cliff last night. >> it was a tragic accident. >> reporter: but rhonda's best friend recalls an ominous conversation about that hike. >> i knew there was a hike planned. >> reporter: what did satisfy say to you? >> she said he is either going to propose to me or kill me. >> reporter: nichols was questioned but with little physical evidence collected by detectives at the scene and no eyewitnesses, no charges were filed. rhonda's mother julia simmons kept pressing investigators for answers, convinced that stephen off that trail. >> i kept calling him and asking why nothing was happening. >> reporter: nichols moved on with his life, moving all the way to china for work and to raise his daughter. there was even romance. >> i'm very much in love with my chinese fiancee. >> reporter: five long years
8:45 am
called to review all of the circumstantial evidence. their decision? an indictment. nichols had no idea when he stepped off a plane in february 2015 he would be arrested and charged with the murder of rhonda casto. >> peter van sant is with us this morning. good morning. what led to the arrest all of those years later? >> evidence wise, absolutely nothing. but in early 2014, a best-selling true crime author steven jackson sends an e-mail to the prosecutor saying i'm going to write a book about this case and justice doesn't seem to have been served. the next day the prosecutor writes him back and says it's time to put this before the people and a grand jury is called. >> is there any evidence that he pushed her? >> no. there is no physical evidence or no eyewitnesses that day and i've been at that very spot, it was rainy, slippery. according to stephen nichols, rhonda was skipping down the path when she slipped and fell.
8:46 am
four people a year to falls. >> gosh. wow. >> peter, let me just say congratulations. last week's show was the highest rated of the season for "48 hours"? >> yes, it was terrific. we are very happy. >> you can watch "trail of tears" part of a special "48 hours" tomorrow night at 9:00/8:00 central on cbs. next, the best time of the week. we are going to look at all that mattered this week. oh, the kiss revisited! >> oh, my god.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
that does it for us. our thanks to soledad o'brien for sitting in for gayle king. gayle will be back on monday. >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> i will be reporting from cuba. a live coverage of this
8:50 am
elections. watch our 24/7 digital network cbsn. let's look back at what happened the past week. >> look at those hands. he referred to my hands at basketball and small hands. i guarantee you, there is no problem there. >> winner take all. if winner takes all, this thing is over. >> what a super tuesday. >> cleaned up last night. >> she won tonight big. >> instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers. >> republican rivals remain the odds. >> donald trump is a con artist! >> if donald is nominated we lose the presidency. >> you seem to be saying hillary clinton will beat donald trump. >> i'm not seem to be saying that. i am saying that. >> this is where the thieves bashed their way into the gun store. >> firearms they need to commit their crimes.
8:51 am
>> it was all over the internet! and i don't know what it is! >> the soyuz spaceship brought scott kelly back to earth. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise money as the white people's choice awards. >> the oscar goes to "spotlight." >> thank you all for this amazing award tonight. >> i'm a danish girl! these are good, girl! >> super tuesday super team. >> super! >> charlie and john will be back in just a very few hours. >> we hope!
8:52 am
donald trump won were shock, denial, guilt, anger, bargaining, depression, and alabama! coming in the air tonight >> so we might see you play damn! i said it! yes. you might. i'm so fast! >> you're going to run the boston marathon? >> are you a runner? >> i am now. >> i'm so ready to get in shape! i will get in shape! >> it gets better and better! >> how did you find out about tuesday cupcakes? >> facebook. >> the cupcakes look amazing! >> i've never been a fan of cupcakes.
8:53 am
>> i know you like sweet things. >> moving on! whee! steam!
8:54 am
8:55 am
the way you move 3 tonight live at 6... they've become role models for a lot of little girls ---meet a group of young women who are making local hoops history... now local 12 news. ------------------------- ------------------------------ 3 good morning i'm ... , monday next. >> sheila: good morning 8:55. i'm sheila gray. >> bob: i'm bob herzog. a last look at traffic with jen. >> jen: we still do have a couple of issues. state route 32 remains closed. in case you are just hearing this we had an accident that a poll took down wires and took there. it could be a while before they
8:56 am
avoid 32. then we have a side accident off that little dry run. an accident reported. i think we cleared the problem on 71 southbound. so the enter states at this point are looking typical for this time of the morning. over. have a great weekend. bob back to you. >> bob: let's check some of your top stories. friends and family will say good-bye to sarah turner. >> sheila: a few days ago fishermen discovered her body. her visitation is tomorrow at people's funeral home and her afternoon. we have a link to a gofundme page to raise money for her memorial service at any left over will go to turner's 3 children. >> bob: republican voters will weigh in on the republican race tomorrow. for the first time ever help help will vote in a caucus. polling places open tomorrow 10 to 4.
8:57 am
you are not voting in the police you normally would. if you don't know where to go you can go to our website for a full list. >> sheila: university of cincinnati basset ball team being in a post game looking shimmer. they consider the bear cats to be a bubble team. uc will close out the regular season on sunday at home against smu. the >> john: mid 30s going no the mid 40s. cloudy skies through the morning. maybe flurries or drizzle early on. then you will see breaks in the cloud coming late day. temperatures up from here. close to 50 tomorrow. there will be some snow showers in the morning. about. highs in the 50s. it gets warm next week.
8:58 am
a slight shower chance or sprinkle chance by monday. next best chance of rain comes tuesday night. we could be looking at a real big soaking coming wednesday, thursday possibly even into friday with highs in the 60s. some rain, some thunder. heavy rain could be a big problem next week. we could be looking at some local he'sed flooding in the area in that wednesday-thursday time frame. a look to look at. as we go through the weekend we will keep you updated on that. >> bob: i know it is out we are doing that winter spring back and forth. >> john: we can't rule out -- we had cold air snow into april so that is always a possibility. >> sheila: the parade is tonight. you will have to bundle up. >> john: 30s. >> bob: the weekend looks good. >> sheila: glad you spent the week for us. >> bob: whether it is hanging out outside or staying in and curling up we hope you enjoy yourself.
8:59 am
is always on, on air, on line and on the go. we are proud to be the local station. >>real-time closed captioning millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
9:00 am
. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. here's wendy!


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