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tv   Local 12 11 Saturday  CBS  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cbsn. cbs news. always on. tonight, there results from the blue grass straight and other primaries from across the the country. the clouds are still here but tomorrow warmer air returns. hour by hour forecast coming up. and gone too soon. a community holds a vigil for a mother and her daughter killed in a car crash. and good evening to you. it took a while, both for the voters to get to the polls and
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donald trump is the winner of today's kentucky caucuses. kentucky republicans had never voted in caucuses before today. the turn outwas historicall high. it was not easy to vote today. >> i think they could done a better job with this. i think it should have been split up like the regular voting. they could have done other places. that way everybody wouldn't have been in line.
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was not a good idea. >> reporter: once inside volunteers handled the crowds but getting there was a problem. an hour and a half after the polls opened this is what it looked like trying to get to the boone county caucus. boone county deputies tried to keep things moving but one way in and one way out added up to delays. >> traffic was something. about an hour from hebron. >> it is a little overwhelming. the turnout is more than we expected but it is a good problem to have.
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only expected a few thousand voters and had more than 8 or 9,000. >> having another location may have confused the public even more. caucus results have been coming in starting at about 7:00 and has been updated live on even though donald trump took kentucky, ted cruz was the favored across the board. and then finally campbell county ted cruz about 30% to donald
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in and interesting race, i do want to show you cruz won just by one vote. outside of kentucky though, ted cruz has won the caucuses in kansas and maine and donald trump has won louisiana. trump commanding lead in delegates has shrunk to 80. today's victories aside. the sanders campaign has its work cut out for it. >> reporter: ted cruz kicked off with big wins in kansas and maine. but the night is expected to go
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kentucky where there is a large turnout there. senator marco rubio is looking ahead to florida. democrats voted in three states louisiana, kansas and nebraska. clinton won louisiana. >> i'm grateful to everyone who turned out to support us. >> clinton and sanders will michigan.
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maine tomorrow. we now know the name of the shooting victim of the homicide in the west end. the victim was charles weathers. weather never made it to a hospital and died at the scene. investigators stayed there all day. if you know anything that can help police you are asked to call crime stoppers 352-3040. a mom and daughter were killed in a head on crash. the community is still hurting up. >> reporter: the investigation is ongoing as police try to figure out what happened. what led to the woman crossing the center line.
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people gathered to love, to support and to pray for this family. >> reporter: in a circle, the group leans hard on its faith. some in the crowd knew the mother and daughter. >> just sad. >> it makes me happy and so sad at the same time that such at tragedy could bring so many people today. she took me in, i always
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it is pretty hard. when i first heard about it, i pretty hard. >> reporter: the driver of the car that hit and killed them is cooperating with police, no charges have been filed at this time as they await toxicology reports. >> and visitation is planned for tuesday. the funeral service is planned for the following day at main street baptist church. after rain and snow today, warmer air and sunshine are returning for the back half of the weekend. hi scott. >> scott: we will get some clearing overnight and some areas of fog. we will get more sun tomorrow.
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at least we will be warmer and brighter. temperatures falling down into mid-30s. still have us reaching close to 50 degrees tomorrow lunch time on sunday, up to 44 degrees again filter sun the rule overnight. we have been tracking with scattered showers down near maysville. those returns are dissipating and i suspect we will be dry overnight. temperature now 38 at the international airport. common number on the board. wind chills for some, close to freezing. if you have outdoor plans later on in the week, widespread rain and storms anticipates.
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i will have the latest forecast in ten minutes. a man who is already indicted in the fatal hit and crash. police say back in november he crashed a car into another one driven by an 84-year-old. they were on hamilton avenue. away. he was going 96 miles and an hour at the final he has been in jail in for a hit an run in aub urn. and monday is set at $250,000 for hurting a baby boy and holding the mother against her will with a gun.
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month old's head on a wall. the woman say he wouldn't let her leave. she was finally able to call police the next morning. there sure sign of spring still ahead tonight, we will
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cincinnati's beer brewing millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. tonight yale university's men basketball team faces column ya university in asold outgame. for the first time if 50 years, but the bull dogs will be
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his departure has embroiled the campus in controversy. >> yale bull dog guard withdrew from the school on february 10th pt the school sent out the press release saying he will not be returning. a yale spokes person would not say why he left. in an article this week, expelled. his teammates are also standing hand their captain. that move sparked outrage on campus and demanding the basketball team stop supporting the splis police say they have no cases involving him.
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publicly since he left the university. in and interview last may, he said he embraced being a team leader. >> we had the good season this past year. nothing two out of hand. >> reporter: while yale's administration is being tight lipped yale's women center is not. they wrote sexual violence is aproblem in ever campus community. >> a yale dean sent out an e-mail on saturday. on your mark runner hit the pavement for the annual bockfest 5k. this is this weekend in over the rhine.
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bockfest sausage queen was crowned. it is a gender neutral package enter. dancing for those who cannot. a dance marathon is underway more than thousand dancers are expected to take part. all money raised will go to cincinnati's childrens hospital. forget the days of going door-to-door to sell cookies one troop created a drive through. drivers didn't have to even get out of their cars.
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tomorrow from 12:00-2:00. the cookies are good in the freezer. >> and we are going to need them in the next knew days. >> we have a nice warmup coming. tomorrow we will have filtered sun, highs around 50 degrees that's relatively close to average but well above average for the rest of the planning forecast. i've looked over the latest data. i have upped our overnight low in the mid-30s. ultimately down to 34. it is a slow fall overnight. overnight. and then we will have filtered sun tomorrow. right now i'm thinking more clouds than sun.
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morning cincinnati sunday. i think clouds win out by a nose tomorrow. we had rain snow showers and even sleet today. precipitation is going to be limited for the next 30 minutes. you can still track it on local 12's the weather authority app. we have plenty of information on in oxford they have shut off the holiday lights. no lights there tonight. some clearing forecast, overthe next few hours brighter and warmer tomorrow. highs around 50 degrees enjoy it
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that i see us getting an inch or two of rain in the back end of the workweek. temperatures are into the 30s now for most. wind will stay relatively right overnight. that's the warm air that's coming our way tomorrow. first wave comes in tomorrow second wave comes in monday and tuesday. earlier today, precipitation came through, we had rain, snow, sleet, but nearly all of that it gone. just some rogue sprinkles down here by maysville. at best drizle. this model is very aggressive on clearing us out tomorrow. we will at least be brighter for
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highs again near just above average near 50 degrees tomorrow. lines of pressure get tightly pack. breezy but that is southwesterly wind, so even with high clouds tomorrow, monday and tuesday, we still soar well above average. 35 is where we will be by 6:00 in the morning. some clearing overnight, additional clearing tomorrow high clouds will return tomorrow evening. this is the most likely time for storms. for this entire period 1-2 inches of rain but it is still warm. no threat for severe weather at this point just some occasion thunder. finally starting to feel like spring. but winter overnight.
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weather is the rain. >> again, some uncertainty in clearing tomorrow.
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gets any easier when senior day rolls around. today the cintas center xavier's regular season finally. handling creighton. x down one for turn around jumper their first lead. creighton within seven. next trip down. makes it a 12 point game. creighton gets within three. xavier makes a few free throws. next week ner in new york at the big east tournament.
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xavier basketball teams that have been on the cintas floor, not one of them has ever played the schedule that this team has played. 26-4. the best regular season in the history of our program i'm proud of our team. >> we knee that we were capable of doing something like this, but it was great to see it done. it is -- everything was meant for them. for them tonight. >> aly: makes you feel so good. >> the wildcats playing for the sec contributory negligence title. lsu ben simmons has been taken out of the the running for a the award.
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simmons made some comments about ulice after the game. kentucky wins it 96-77. >> top ranked thomas moore. moss for the three, she had 26. finish withed 27 assists tonight. saints also diverted 30 of their points. moss is just so unfair.
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62 state wins for the ohio high school hoops today. past record nineteens nothing. defending d one state champs. division one district finals. this runs back before the ball leaves his hands. the tip in also good. lakota east hands the first loss since february 20th. 60-57 the final. >> mason and wilmington. getting some shots off mason
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the three and the foul. wilmington and the inbounds. couple berland had the game high. mason out the bouns now. matt king creating for him civil. they get the win 62-38 and advance. la salle and centerville. la salle down but you can't stop playing. knocked that one down and helped defense. for centerville slacking a little on this one. centerville wins it big 58-38. >> wilmington will play in the regional semis. .
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it 39-30. in columbus state wrestles finals, middletown, looking for back to back state titles it was not meant to be. getting pinned in the second period. falls just short of back to back wins. other kids finishing runners up
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for it is finally going to feel like spring. >> close to 50 degrees late tomorrow afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy. 34 for an overnight low, 39 tomorrow is actually cold compared to rest of the week but rain and storms 1-2 inches of rain wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. those totals will be up dated on
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>> quite a nice stretch of warm weather. thank you for joining us, hope you have a wonderful weekend.
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the night they roasted donald trump. >> it's pronounced huge, not huge. >> could he really take a joke? and lady gaga and the former bachelor contestant coming forward today to say she was sexually abused. >> if they can be strong, then i can be strong. legendary pin up cheryl tiegs. her attack on the sports illustrated plus size cover girl.


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