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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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several hours now who told us they did locate a body but had a lot of trouble getting to that body. they had other trouble fighting this fire as well. >> we're told that there were oxygen tanks inside the structure as well, which fueled the fire. >> i awoke about 3:00 in the morning to my dog barking, i heard someone yelling help, help. i looked out and i saw the top part of the house totally engulfed in flames. i immediately picked up the phone and called 911. >> reporter: now, take a look at this video that was given to us by a neighbor who also woke up to the flames. they said the fire was so intense that you could feel the heat inside their house. now three people were apparently inside when the fire started about 3:45 this morning. a man and a woman got out, one on their own and the other with help. both were taken to the hospital.
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again, there was a missing elderly woman, we can confirm they just pulled what appeared to be a body from the debris and crews have been sifting through debris through 10:00 this morning. they started after obtaining a search warrant to go inside. it was a very difficult recovery, because the second floor collapsed during the fire. now, crews also towed away a black bmw, police on the scene here, including the prosecutor, really looked through that bmw, we're not sure if there's any connection, i will say that, that car was sitting in front of the house though and was removed about 11:00 this morning. a lot of details, i'm sure to unfold here throughout the day. local 12 will continue to bring you the latest information on our website and on or news program. john, back to you. >> meantime, local 12 news news crew will stay there in the scene of the fire so we can bring you all of the updates as necessary. you can find out the very latest
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visitation is today for a local mother and daughter killed in a crash last week. desiree hinsly and her 8-year-old were hit by a car. the car crossed over into incoming traffic. the driver of the other car survived the crash, she doesn't face charges but investigators are waiting for a toxicology report. the funerals are tomorrow. so far more than $25,000 has been raised to cover funeral expenses. any additional money left over will go to help support her 18-month-old daughter. >> in a note sent out today, a posted social media revealed the threat. it appears that a concerned mother made the post after a
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the district says the school was never in any danger. part of the note reads this is a reminder that we should teach our children if they see something unusual, they should tell an adult. remember if you see something, say something. >> cincinnati police are investigating after a woman is found shot over the rind. someone shot her in the rear. she was taken to an area hospital and expected to be fine. police did shutdown the road for a while to investigate but no word on any possible suspects. >> the accident happened about 4:00 this morning near the intersection with russell street. two people reportedly ran away from the scene. a woman was taken to the hospital. we're still working to learn exactly what caused the accident. the impact caused part of the surrounding neighborhood to lose power. duke energy workers were called out to fix that and the road has since reopened.
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investigating after a robbery at a convenience store this. custody. >> a sea of neighbor blue and silvers about to flood the big apple today. xavier fans boarding up for the big tournament. the muskies are ranked fifth in the nation in the ap poll and the usa today's coaches poll. x fans say the extreme fans bus crowd gets bigger every year. >> the first year we took 44 students. the second year 92. last year 92 again. and we had a wait list of over 70 students. it is great to have that much xavier spirit around campus. >> never been to new york, so i definitely hope to get some good pizza and hang out with friends. >> the fans wouldn't tell us if
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get a number one seed in the tournament because that would jinx them. >> well, today just might be the pick day of the week, the mercury is expected to reach a place that around here we like to call lomax land. what that means in your no wait weather. >> if you love snow, this is not a well come week for you. if you like warmth and sun, you want a change, you get your break, finally, this afternoon. temperatures up around 70 to 75 degrees today. it will be warm. average high today is around 50 degrees. i have us up to 73 by 4:00 this afternoon. a sun cloud mix for the second half of the afternoon. temperatures fall back down
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down in the # auto 50s. up to 68 at the top of the hour at the cincinnati northern kentucky international airport. hamilton up to 70. winds sustained between 20 and 30 miles an hour. showers make a return to the tri-state tomorrow. at least for some. better chances for rain late in the week. slightly schooler air. i'll look over the data and bring you an updated weekend forecast. >> breaking news from chicago we want to tell you about. this is smoke from a fire that's going on right now in chicago. this is a large flee market neighborhood. it is in the humble park neighborhood in chicago. it is about two blocks long. initially there were reports of
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room and at least one person was later rescued from inside the building. you can see in the live pictures, smoke continues to pour out of the vehicle. there were several cars that were parked on the roof of this building. they were falling through into the building itself. we're going to monitor what's happening here in this humble park neighborhood of chicago. as we get new information on this breaking news on this fire, we'll pass it along to you. >> other news now, getting creative with canned goods for a good cause. construction got underway today. local construction and design firms build each creation out of canned goods. the creations go on display around downtown, all of the food that's used to make these creations goes to the food bank. memories of a tragedy.
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malaysia flight 370 >> it is being called super tuesday 2. michigan the big prize today.
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democrats and 40 to the gop. republicans vote in idaho and hawaii as well. donald trump and hillary clinton are leading the polls in michigan ahead of today's vote. >> investigators are on the scene after a train derailed in northern california. in niles canyon where the train went off the tracks. >> train crews are working to clear the tracks the morning after the altamonte corridor express also known as the age train derailed in california. 214 people were on board as the train twisted through niles canyon during a heavy rainstorm. officials say a mudslide may have caused a tree to fall on to the tracks. >> it was jolting. >> we felt a couple sharp jerks and we suddenly slowed down. >> one of the cars slid through the mud.
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came to rest on its side. >> hannah mckenzie was in the adjoining car, it derailed but remained upright. >> firefighters launched an urgent rescue operation. >> people screaming, people panicking, they don't know if the rest of this train is going to tip over. >> considering there's 205 people on this train and we've had nine people that went to the hospital. i call it a minor miracle. >> they paid the union pacific for the use of these tracks. investigators are on scene checking the tracks now. cbs news, niles canyon, california. >> the ntsb has been notified of the accident. typically they don't send teams to nonfatal derailments. remembrances were held today in china and in may laysia.
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mover on. a roughly three foot long piece of metal was found. it is being analyzed to see if indeed it came from the plane that went down. the focus is on a 46,000 square mile area in the indian ocean. jet blue looking for a few good
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>> a digital book settlement.
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communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> apple has to pay $450 million to settle a case over e-book price fixing. most of that money will go back to customers. found guilty of conspiring with customers to inflate prices of the yesterday they declined to hear apple's appeal. candidates have to have a high school diploma or equivalent. wannabe pilots have to pay a $200 application fee. candidates will undergo a series of tests as a pilot. a total of two dozen candidates will be chosen and guaranteed a first officer job upon successful completion. >> the latest numbers from wall
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the dow jones is down 52 points while the s&p 500 is down 12 points. you can catch the closing numbers on local 12 news first
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sunny and this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. above.
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>> we're significantly above it. >> as i call it, it is sneeze fest 2016. air quality numbers for you for the first time this year. you can go to i don't blame you, it is sunny, breezy, warm. if you love snow, i have nothing but bad news for you in the planning forecast. if you love warmth and sun, you'll enjoy what you see at if you haven't been there recently, we have a fresh rebuild rebuild. realtime whether continues. interactive radar. a forecast discussion where we break down the next few days. we'll have a sun cloud mix this
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you see that here in college hill filtering out the sun today temperatures 69 degrees. no precipitation expected today. warm and breezy with mid and high level clouds mixing in with sun. not everyone will see a shower tomorrow. more will see showers later this week and especially this weekend. the air quality index, the pollen count is high. we'll update the air quality index today on local 12 news first at 4:00. >> 68 the temperature now in cincinnati. we have high level clouds but also have dry air in place. the dew point is coming up. but the temperature is far away from the dew point, as we pick up clouds this afternoon and this evening. there will be no rain falling
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the bubble of warmth back over the planes over the weekend is now here. there's no chance for snow in the next seven days. way too warm for snow. there will be opportunities for rain showers during the weekend saturday. but no severe weather is expected at this time. >> plenty of rain and storms back over the plains, here at home, mid and high level clouds are marching in from the west with clouds between 20 and 40,000 feet above the ground will be no rain on precision doppler 12 hd. dry air winds out this afternoon and dry air winds out tonight. clouds filter out this afternoon tonight. if you have plans to walk the dog, take a jog late this afternoon and this evening. the weather is not going to get in your way. splashes of green indicate where widely scattered showers will
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more will see showers getting into the weekend, rain chances are relatively low for the rest of the workweek, temperatures will fall some from where we are this afternoon. 72 is where we'll be by 3:00 this afternoon. 72 at 5:00. back down to 70 degrees at 6:00. 8:00 tonight, 64. at 10:00, 61 degrees. >> a nice taste of spring. an extended taste of spring. with warmth and the return of low level moisture comes the chances for rain. showers develop thursday. scattered showers on friday. the highest rain chances that we have in the planning forecast are tucked away for the weekend. still warm. highs in the 60s. daylight saving time goes into effect materially sunday morning. set your clock forward before
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we'll be updated momentarily on i'll see you between 4:00 and 5:00 on local 12. >> ncis new orleans is at 8:00. stay tuned for top stories and the hour-by-hour forecast on local 12 news live at 11:00. >> a car slams into a tree. the tree lodges deep into the car's grill, that's not the strangest part of this story, what really caughghtt ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan.
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>> an illinois police department wants to deter people from drinking and driving. it is cruiser cam video of an officer trying to pull over a car with a 15-foot tree lodged in its front grill. police did eventually stop the driver. they arrested the driver and charged that person with driving under the influence. police initially put up pictures
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police and we need voters
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leaders who stand in their way to remember come election time. i share president obama's outrage. it's time we had leaders with the courage to stand up to the nra. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight for commonsense gun safety, criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. i approve this message because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra.
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>> summer: i can' t believe that they want to vote you out. i mean, we are family. we need to act like it. you would never abandon one of us, so we shouldn' t abandon you. >> victor: they have already made up their minds, my darling. you' re the only one who showed up for me, and i' ll never forget that, okay? >> summer: maybe i can convince them to -- to change their minds. i mean, you are this company, grandpa. we need you. >> victor: word has it that jabot is projecting enormous revenues.


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