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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. . >> local 12 has been on the scene all day where the fire broke out all morning. megan? >> i just got off the phone with
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they have not identified the woman in the home behind me. you could see the crime scene tape up. there's a police officer sitting over there, to make sure no one goes inside the home. we want to show you what a neighbor took. check out how intense the flames were. the neighbor says she can feel the heat of the fire inside her home. there were explosions going on. and firefighters had to spray the thing from the outside in fact, five different departments were called in. the deer borne county coroner was on scene. we will have to positively id her through the dna. >> this is one the worst fire scenes as far as the victim, how he bound her >> now the victim's son and his wife did make it out. the woman suffered some burns
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hospital. while we were out here in the afternoon, the dearborn county investigators were out here. new at 4:00, you will hear from the prosecutor and you will also hear from the neighbors. the woman that lived in the home, that passed away was very well-loved. megan margelo, local 12 news. >> we will stay on top of the tragedy and post any information on we're following a local breaking news alert. crews are on scene in meredith drive, broke out an hour ago. and local 12 has a news crew on the scene. they are gathering information soon. we're following a breaking news alert on the west side. cincinnati police officers are on the scene in the area of work road.
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the smell of marijuana. after a brief pursuit, the suspects apparently hit another car and a bus before crashing into another poll. officers quickly arrested them. and we're following a neighborhood crime alert in east price hill. the police are on the scene of a shooting on price avenue at fairbanks. officers responded to the area around 1:30. police tell us the victim is 19-year-old and is not cooperating with officers. if you could help police, call crimestoppers. 352-3040. a man arrested for allegedly jay walking in a downtown street, remains behind bars in the case against him as it gets stranger and stranger. charles harold faces charges on charges of obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and misdemeanor drug possession. harold was allegedly jay walking
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phone camera was rolling. friday in court, one associated with him, with the officers, which is against courthouse rules. harold's defense attorney asked the judge to recuse himself and she agreed. charles harold will remain behind bars until the next hearing, thursday morning. amellia student is in custody. police took the 6th grader into custody last night. in a note sent out to parents, the west claremont school district says, a social media revealed the threat. the district says the school was never in any danger. part of the note from the district to the parents reads, this is a reminder, we should teach our children, if they see something unusual, they should tell an adult. if you see something, say something.
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a local mother and daughter killed in a crash last week. desiree hensley and her daughter were hit head on by a car in carol county. a car travelling south, in cold springs crossed over into oncoming traffic. the driver of the other car survived the crash. she doesn't face any charges as of yet. investigators are waiting for a toxicology report. tonight's visitation is set from 4:00 to 8:00 in the main street baptist church in alexandria. the funeral is set for tomorrow. so far 25 thousand will be raised. any additional money will go to desiree surviving 18-year-old daughter. >> and i don't know where you were going with that . >> and amazing weather. >> i didn't get a chance to spend anytime. >> you were feeling guilty. >> it's the first time i put a
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>> this is the first day? it should have been several days, that you should have gotten a coat. >> scott dimmich is in the no wake weather center. >> we will stay warmer the rest of the week. it came and it went. clouds are returning late tonight and early tomorrow. there are some showers. and notice this evening, mostly clear skies. temperatures following into the 60s. notice possibilities of widely scattered showers will arrive by 6:00 in the morning. we've enjoyed sun in the afternoon. and no rain. and it's warm outside. it's the warmest day of the year thus far.
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ago. 72 at the international airport. middletown is up to 76. part of the reason we're so warm, not just the sun, but also the southwesterly wind, sustained between 10-20 miles an hour. the wind will relax. spotty showers, especially early on late. then we have rain to track on thursday. do we stay in the sunsetled pattern over the weekend. we'll revisit that. fortunately, we have showers and storms that will affect outdoor plans. more on that and the planning forecast coming up in few minutes. contents of a local restaurant will go up in auction today. >> xavier fans prepare to hear on the millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought
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overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> a local breaking news alert in butler county. that person was hit by a train, martin luther king boulevard and pershing in hamilton. the person was airlifted to the hospital. we will bring you updates on the breaking story as we learn more. how about xavier fans gearing up for this week, boarding buses to leave for new york.
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they start post-season thursday. they will take on a winner between marquette and st. john's. muskies, 14-4 record, 7th place, behind villanova. getting creative with canned goods, for a good cause. workers were local construction and design firms, build and design each creation and they go to play, around downtown. all of the food goes to the free food bank to feed the hungry. it's the 19th year for the event. >> shopping down the college in norwood. you may have notice recently closed there. today, you have a chance to buy the furnishings. on-line auction at dirt did i get it; right? i never heard about it either. it goes to 8:00. we have a link to the website, with so many food items
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it's hard to know what's good for you and what's not. >> melanie maloney shows what to look out for. >> we sometimes fall short, when it comes to making the right selection. for starters, skip the frozen dinners. they are easy and convenient but are filled with sodium and preservatives. you may be tempted to order a salad. dressing. don't be quick to grab the veggie chips. can't go wrong with fruit; right? when it comes to fruit cocktails, apparently you can. a lot of people would consider tea a healthy beverage.
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contain artificial flavorings. many popular brands has as much as 15 grams of sugar in a single serving. best advice, check the see one >> that's kind of a downer. >> a lot of trickery. >> and raining cats and dogs in the studio. we have some cute ones today. >> so cute. >> first at 4:00, firefighters have their hands full battling a
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>> number of states are holding primaries today. michigan is the big prize at 130 delegates in the democratic race and republican race. both parties also vote in mississippi, where the state offers 41 delegates to the democrats and 40 to the g.o.p. donald trump and hillary clinton
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michigan ahead of today's vote. brad, you have cuteness overload. >> hamilton county sbca, we have lovers in the studio. this is seriously. look at that. >> this is bindy. >> bindy is about 3-month old. mixed beagle. will make an excellent companion animal. has the microchip, ready to go to a family that needs an exercise to his dog. >> she's a lover. she's ready for the close-up. ready for a couple? >> have goldie in my left hand. goldie is a mixed chihuahua. full of energy. she'll alert you if someone strange is coming in the room. was doing her job in studio b.
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calling him, like a german pincher. i think they are a breed that falls between german shepherd and doberman. we're looking at 55-65 in adulthood. >> we have spookers over there. spookers is about 11-month old, has a microchip. will make an excellent companion animal. >> we're getting into the summer months. spring to start with. you start rolling or does it take awhile. >> talking respect. >> people jumping in, say it's now time for me to get a dog. >> we're hoping we get a lot of customers. we have plenty of dogs s s available. people could get some exercise, go to a dog park, interact. >> and weather has broken. tomorrow at noon.
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these animals could be available. 541-6100, for more information. >> ready to go, bindy? scotty, send it back to you. raining cats and dogs. walk. don't have to worry about rain. 71 is where we'll be by 5. 69 at 6:00 and the sun will have at 6:00. we have not had a lot of looks like this in the atrium weather cam in the last couple of weeks, we do today. coupled with a temperature of 74, dew point of 41 degrees. large separation between the temperature and dew points, so while clouds are streaming in, they will be producing any rain. and enjoying the sun we have late this afternoon, because clouds will gradually increase
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tomorrow, we have spotty showers forecast, especially early. then late during the day tomorrow. rain comes thursday. we have additional waves of rain and storms coming for the weekend, especially in the afternoon. 72 in lexington. 72 in cincinnati. it's warm outside. we're going to stay warm this evening, as temperatures gradually fall from 72 now, down to the 60s tonight. and we'll drop into the 50s overnight. we'll have high clouds around in the short term, low and mid level clouds start to stream in tomorrow. nasty day of plains. that's where the threat of severe threat of rain will stay. here at home, mid to high level
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we'll filter the sun and star light this evening. and anytime between 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning, we're fair game. we're spotty or isolated showers here. it looks like the best opportunity, early tomorrow to the west of cincinnati. you will see rain on thursday. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. the next 24 hours, more clouds will lock in until mid flight. some of the rain will struggle to reach the ground. what gets tracked on precision doppler hd may be virga. rain that doesn't make it back to where we live, but maybe floating to the mid-upper levels of the atmosphere. tomorrow, we're mostly cloudy. notice some showers earlier in the day. a brightening of skies around
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the coverage of rain dropping down and more showers march in during the afternoon. the best chance foreseeing spotty showers tomorrow will be during the afternoon. about 24 hours from now. then we will get some partial clearing tomorrow night. enjoy it while it lasts. still warm but with more clouds and showers. just high clouds around for much of tonight. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, with temperatures around 60. i have showers diminishing around midday, and showers fill back in as we get to the afternoon. rain developing and we have scattered showers early friday. the weekend forecast, unfortunately, looks unsettled. we will discuss that more in detail in 15 minutes. just know, we have waves of rain to track.
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>> talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for a fmerica what he's doneor us. create jobs.undred t ho us four hand jobsere in ohio. h brought 'em bahick from mexico and cna. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is
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. kinder gar ten teacher has been fired at the job for drinking. and they had to fire a kindergarten teacher for drinking. >> and when it comes to this,
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that's a huge liability. you would expect any other profession to explain, hey, we had this incident happen. >> the teacher allegedly walked into a hall and had alcohol in a beverage container in a classroom. the teacher had a prior alcohol offense, while teaching in another school. and woman driving a van that looks like the scooby doo mystery machine, leaves. >> images of the man was circulating. sharon turman decided to make a run for it. short time later, police cruisers were chasing her on the ground. helicopter hovering above. the police eventually called off the case, and determined, caused
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and officers are still looking for her. >> it's a mystery. >> the heroin epidemic becoming a public crisis. >> and the officer acts quickly to pull four children from a burning car.
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like >> heroin and deaths are spreading across the united states with new national data, the epidemic is getting worst. >> and it's playing out more and more in communities and homes ever before. it's a problem you can't solve with handcuffs and arrests because it's quickly becoming a health crisis. >> found a body over there. found a body in the train track. that's all they are doing, finding bodies. >> the dangerous tale of heroin hitting community after community. >> i think god has given too many chances. next time it's going to be, i'm going to lose it. >> it's a nationwide epidemic. the deadly drug knows no boundary. >> i'm very proud of my
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i'm proud to put up the fight she puts up. >> kevin is a retired lieutenant. >> for 25 years as a police officer, working narcotics and such, i feel like i was wrong. i locked up people that were in the same place as my daughter. they needed help. >> like his daughter and countless others, the country's deadly turn to heroin is rooted in prescription opiate. feeding the addiction boils down to basic math. >> capsule of heroin, sells for $10-20. >> the study suggests, in 2013, more americans died from drug
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much the states with the highest rates of overdose deaths were west virginia, new mexico, kentucky and ohio. and recent shifts with lives lost. >> driving the numbers they've never seen before is heroin. >> what we're seeing is an increased of arrest. >> getting rid of the pot, means attacking the demand. >> your recovery is your responsibility. >> he's a 30 year heroin addict. he kicked the habit in 1985. and has counciled more than 20 thousand addicts. >> medicate. you have to change the lifestyle. >> you have two choices. choose life or choose death.
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>>nd a local 12 and st. clair are committed to combat the heroin epidemic. you could find it under the news tab. hard to believe with the mild weather, it's flu season. that's exactly what the public experts is saying is going on. >> why the concern this week, is medical reporter, liz bonis. >> the big concern this week, is more patients are being admitted to the hospital in both hamilton county for complications. we have not had the kind of outbreak and numbers. the case is going around maybe more severe right now. this nice weather may trick you to thinking that if you get sick, it's not the flu. that could lead to the delay of getting treatment. what kind of treatment, according to the hamilton county health department. the flu is now widespread in ohio, according to the release. northern kentucky is seeing the
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the grafts means we are trending up in a number of cases as well. it's complication to the flu puts people to the hospital. >> one of the more sensitive indicators. it shows that we're starting to see severe cases come through. >> the flu hits suddenly. if you could get an anti-viral such as tamiflu, you could reduce the odds, that you will reduce the case. ted davisson, we likely haven't peaked yet. >> as we see it pick up, we will see in the next few weeks. >> hand washing is the good way to protect the flu. there's other things that lowers the odds of getting it. >> one of the things, may be getting outside. as the weather gets nicer, it may get you away from people. flu virus may easily be spread when getting to close quarters. >> they are not as active and
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>> reminder, don't let this nice weather fool you. >> right now, the model weather, we're through the worst of it. just know there's opportunity to get infected and with that said, we want people to go out and get their vaccinations if you have not gotten the flu shot. >> there's plenty of flu vaccine available. within days you get the vaccine, you start to build immunity. getting a shot is still a good idea. it appears we have lowered match. allergies. that's something, you might, you may think it's allergy ies allergies. >> there's a difference. >> we'll be back at 5:30 with the heart association. >> it's beautiful outside. >> you didn't get it out there. >> i missed it. scott, you say there's more on the way; right?.
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coming tomorrow and later in the week. temperatures around 70-75. roads are dry including 71. north and southbound, to the south of stewart. northbound traffic, vol picking up. well. people are coming back from work. hopefully weather won't be in the way. we stay warm not just this evening, but overnight. temperatures drop down to the 60s between now and midnight. i was down to 60 by midnight. we will start tonight with a clear to partly cloudy sky. we'll be partly cloudy early in the overnight. notice, widely scattered showers, starts to develop after 5:00 in the morning. temperatures down in the 50s. widely scattered, meaning widely scattered, not everyone will see a shower early tomorrow. high clouds coming to the tri-state now.
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arctic, down in the southern plains. we will pick up that low of a moisture tomorrow. i think we have spotty showers, especially to the west and to the northwest of cincinnati, early tomorrow and then tomorrow afternoon. in the short term, it's warm outside. 70-75 for everyone in the map. widespread rain late thursday. how much rain could we expect late in the week? and will it continue to the weekend? more on that, coming in 10 minutes. sydney. >> thanks, scott. we're following a neighborhood crime alert. police found a person shot near lang. she was taken into an area hospital and is expected to be fine. police shut down the road to investigate. there's no word on any possible suspect. and quick thinking by a california highway patrol officer. the officer happened to be driving around a vehicle in monterey. the officer jumped into action.
4:38 pm
screaming child, for the car yelling, here. take your kid. he went back and put a -- and yelling at the driver to get out. and climbing to the passenger side. all four family members were treated for smoke inhalation. they are doing fine, thanks to
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nike service ties with a >> it's like a dating website for home buying. alex bowman and his wife couldn't find a house they wanted in high demand neighborhood.
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what you like to do, where you would like to be? boom, you get matches. read more about cosmattic as they get to launch in ten more cities. on cincinnati and we have new information on local breaking news alert we brought you earlier, involving a fire in springtownship. crews established the fire, that broke out around 3:00. the apartment that sits near two vacant units. he will be displaced getting help from the red cross. they caused about $50 thousand in damage. luckily, no one was hurt. and apple has to pay $450 million to settle a case over ebook price fixing. the money will go back to the customers. apple was found guilty of conspireing with five million customers.
4:42 pm
declined to hear apple's appeal. nike is launching ab investigation for sharapova. the company says it was saddened and surprised at the news. sharapova is the world's highest paid female athlete and has dealt with companies like porsche and evian. >> the price of crude oil took a tumble. dow jones industrial fell 109 points, s&p 500 lost 22 points. and you may want to leave some extra time if you are going to be flying over spring break. tsa is expecting passengers. and number of passengers is up more than 7 percent compared to this time last year. they are advising flyers to get to the airport early. >> speaking of the long lines, long lines at the mcdonald's and a former soviet republic at
4:43 pm
they plan to watch the first mcdonald's restaurant to open its doors. it seats over 200 people? it's about 9 thousand square feet. it includes a drive through and selfquarter kiosk. and the costs to build it is about $3.57 million. >> i thought america liked our mcdonald's.
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degrees outsidede.. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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this is what i came home for -- to work in the community, tuturning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've helped create 5,000 new jobs, took on big banks to clean up foreclosed properties. now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership
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. >> the u.s. government is planning to relows those killed on u.s. strikes outside of war zones. it should be released the next couple of weeks. they are killed in the number of drones, pakistan and yemen. >> and missiles launched appears to be a short range and not use the same threat as mid range missiles much it doesn't violate iran's deal against the u.s. marrot is it worried about
4:47 pm
and from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c., i'm jonathan elias. these oranges had a lot of people. this picture, first posted on twitter, went viral. it shows packages of prepeeled oranges. after thousands of retweets and rants, whole foods tweeted it product. whole foods promises to leave the oranges in their natural packaging. >> they are familiar. last year is now facing educators all over. and not only do they have to teach, students undergo active
4:48 pm
larry davis, shows what's involved. a cincinnati man has been in jail on friday what started as a simple jay walking case. he will remain behind bars as the case gets stranger and stranger. he was asked to step down because of comments he made on facebook. rich jaffe will have more at 6:00. kylie bradley says he believes in miracles. he's the local 5th grader diagnosed in october with the same brain cancer lauryn hill have. why doctors may be believing in miracles, too >> we'll look forward to that. >> what's the latest on kylie. we'll have it today. >> see you at 5:00. >> taking a look at the traffic,
4:49 pm
things are moving smoothly and why not. >> lots of sun right now, huh. >> >>. >> rain on our parade. >> and get back to the unsettled pattern. and late thursday, plenty of rain on the way. it could be soaking rain during in the afternoon and evening. this is probably not a good forecast for those planning on being sunny. at least shatters at a thupd. it will be warm, relative to average. bad side, waves of rain, coming through this weekend, including sunday morning into sunday afternoon. let's look at the atrium weather cams. all of them, unless you like
4:50 pm
dew point 44. temperatures 72. no rain in the bucket today. same goes for college hill. lots of sun. just to the north of cincinnati, dew point there, 40 degrees. temperatures 73. mid to high level clouds mixing with sun. we're looking to the rad son to the northeast. we have a temperature of 73 degrees. if you're feeling more congested than usual, today, it's, and the mold count. 72, the temperature in cincinnati. it's been a busy ooven. we'll take 7 2 now.
4:51 pm
and especially between 6 and 10:00 in the morning. clouds may break up for another batch of isolated and spotty showers coming during the afternoon. we have a lot of sun in the ohio valley now. we will keep the sun through the back end of the afternoon. larger view, satellite and radar data, we are quiet. there's widespread soaking rain and nasty thunderstorms coming through the arcotext. parts of mississippi, louisiana, not with just this round of rain, but with several rounds of the week. rain. we will see less, probably around an inch of rain in your gauge tomorrow through the end of the weekend. notice here, no rain to track on precision doppler hd. high pressure will keep us dry today.
4:52 pm
some splochs of green and blue. especially west and northwest during the morning commute. and another disturbance glides around the front in the afternoon. that will bring spotty showers. break in the rain for much of tomorrow night and early thursday. notice the lines are tightly packed. rain will be increasing on thursday. that is the likely chance for rain in the week ahead. there will still be scattered showers and storms over the weekend. down to 54 by 6:00 a.m. that's when the next chance of rain will come. spotty showers, favored early tomorrow, and also late in the afternoon. decrease in the intensity or coverage of showers around midday. we're also breezy on thursday, as rain develops. that will be a gradual process. we'll start the day dry. and still at the 70 on saturday.
4:53 pm
with the front in the area, you almost have to include a chance for thunderstorms. don't forget, daylight saving time. we will go into effect early sunday morning. make sure you spring forward and really, i think it's a good thing. it's just one less hour of rain on sunday. by that point, i'm pretty sure, we'll be sick of it. >> it sounds dismal. >> sorry. >> some other things that are interested in adam jones, pacman. >> and will reduce the fine against him for the wild card game against the steelers. tim says, he believe, he never should have been fined in the first place. if the refs were doing their jobs, it wouldn't have gotten that far. >> he cannot be an asset to any defense. he cannot reach the potential. if jamie wants the bengals to keep him.
4:54 pm
you have to keep the guy. don't screw up like the reds and start having a fire sale. add your two cents by going to the local facebook page. >> fire sale. >> i didn't say it. he said it. >> community comes together. helps the young girl scout.
4:55 pm
p all across america families are coming back k to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 30 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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. >> young girl scout has lost her purse with all the girl scout cookies money. >> and the purse is back with its owner. >> oh, my god. i'm so happy. this is the best day ever. >> while selling girl scout cookies door to door, she dropped it. inside was over $150. >> her parents posted flyers around the neighborhood and reported it to glendale police. and they raised enough money to cover juliana's losses. >> it's amazing the response. people who hesitate. >> and the park was found on the
4:58 pm
idea it belonged to someone selling cookies. >> start to recognize the change and money. >> find the purse's owner, maddie's mother posted it. they connected the dots on wednesday. >> and thank you. that's really nice. >> and as thank you to glendale police, juliana and made handed girl scout cookies. >> i want her to see her gold award and silver and bronze and i want her to stick with it. >> awesome. you're going to baby-sit us, too >> you know, that might end up happening, too >> rebecca, "k-cal 9 news." >> has her purse back and baby-sitter. >> if the cookies didn't come back to her. >> and two people made it out alive and one did not.
4:59 pm
a raging fire. >> how the afternoon went from bad to worst from a pair of suspects trying to get by police. and a popular app geared for young people. what parents could do to protect their children. this is local news live at 5:00. after hours of searching, crews recovered the body of a woman from the home destroyed by fire. >> and investigators have been there all day. local 12, megan has more on what neighbors are saying about the tragedy. megan? >> when you look at the home behind me, you could get a sense on how bad the fire was. the entire first floor a charred mess. up the steps, that's where they pulled the woman's body from. neighbors tell me she was on
5:00 pm
chance of making it out by herself. explosion, smoke and intense p heat. the cell phone video shows what neighbors on market street woke up to at 3:45 this morning. many stood outside the home for hours, with heavy hearts. >> was a very sweet old lady. when we moved here, she would take her -- at 85-year-old. her daughter lilly would go talk to her. she would never try to leave. >> how she died is a mystery. first they have to try to positively id her. >> and this is probably the worst fire we've been on as far as recovery and danger. >> the victim's son escaped the fire. he made it out okay. she had to be taken to uc medical center treated for burns.


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