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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  March 11, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 3 good 3 morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather) 3
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new this morning...police are now investigating a double shooting in fairfield township as a murder suicide.we're told a family member found a mother and daughter dead in the basement of a home on springcrest drive late last night.police believe the woman shot her daughter, then turned the gun on herself. investigators aren't giving us names or ages.. but we might learn that when investigators share more, which is expected later today. 3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 beating charges ...a local mom is in trouble now ... after her son nearly died ...queen city campaign stop ...donald trump is coming to town.hear how he and the other g-o-p candidates weighed in on issues during last night's debate're watching good morning
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brbr3 3 now at four- 3 30 ...first ... the mother's boyfriend was charged in the beating of a local baby ... now, that mother faces charges too. 3 "i can't believe how civil it is up here."the gloves didn't come all the way off during last night's g-o-p debate. while the candidates still took aim at one another, they took a kinder approach on the issues. 3 big victory ...the muskies are moving on to the big east semi- finals after sending marquette packing ... 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's
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the mother of 3 the mother of a ten-month old baby who was nearly beaten to death is due in court this morning ... aimee correll is charged ... along with her boyfriend, neal royal .. in the beating of gabriel correll. the baby was in the hospital for three days, and at one point, couldn't breathe without a ventilator. he's now out of the hospital with his grandmother. aimee correll faces two felony assault charges, and six counts of child endangerment. 3 turning to campaign 2016 ... there's a lot at stake for republican presidential candidates.. with several big primaries next week.they faced off in their 12th debate last night in miami.. and it was billed as a more serious discussion.immigration was a hot topic ...senator marco rubio spoke out against the h- 1-b visa program that some companies use to hire foreign workers.frontrunner donald trump, who admitted to using the visa law, agreed. 3 "if a company is caught abusing that process, they
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it again.""well, i'm a businessman and i have to do what i have to do. it's sitting there waiting for you, but it's very bad."when trump accused ted cruz of flip- flopping on support for ethanol, cruz responded ... 3 "if you have a candidate who has been funding liberal democrats, and funding the washington establishment, it's very hard to imagine how suddenly this candidate is going to take on washington." 3 ohio governor john kasich made his case on economic issues by touting his successes here in the buckeye state."when i went back to ohio, we were 8 billion in the hole, now we're 2 billion in the black. the 400-thousand jobs." 3 right now, donald trump has a 100-delegate lead over second- place ted cruz.and ... it's winner take all for the republicans in ohio on tuesday. this weekend, the spotlight is on the cincinnati area. the city will host two candidates - donald trump and john kasich. as meghan mongillo shows us - their events will be very different. 3 john is 33 years old and says
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election.but today he walked into the trump headquarters in springdale to get a yard sign for his west chester home. 17:52-18:05 "with everyone else, they are bought and paid for. trump has something different to bring to the table he doesn't need to do this. doing it because it'll make a difference and that'll change the course of history." up to 10 thousand trump supports are expected to converge on the duke energy convention center this weekend. and there could be fireworks. this is video of a trump rally in virgina where a photographer got into a fight with a secret service that same rally.. black lives matter protestors were led out of the building by police. 9:43-52 ("obviously we have our plans in place for what will happen inside and we have contingency plans for any protest or counterprotest if that happens on the outside.") pancakes not protests are expected a day before in sharonville when ohio governor john kasich campaigns here.
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pancake breakfasts put on by the northeast hamilton county republican club. at this year's annual event kasich will speak to local republican leaders.including republican party chariman alex triantafilou.he told me that trump's campaign hasn't reach out to him yet.3:11:26 "the difference between his campaign and some of the others is that his is less traditional. ordinarly i'd help coordinate and offer insight but hasn't been a lot of that in the trump of that in the trump campaign." kasich's saturday morning breakfast is a fundraiser for the republican thousand people are expected..a much smaller and tamer crowd then the 10 thousand people anticipated on sunday for donald trump. 3 sunday's rally is happening just a few blocks from the finish line of the heart mini-marathon at fountain there could be thousands of people downtown.
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live on star-64 and streaming on local12-dot-com.we'll have more on getting around in a few minutes. 3 happening today .. we should find out whether teenagers who turn 18 before the november election can vote in tuesday's primary. some ohio teens took their fight to a judge yesterday.. they argue since they turn 18 before the general election, they can vote in the primary. but, a new manual states they can only nominate candidates. tuesday is about electing delegates, not candidates. the teens' attorney argues those delegate names don't appear on the ballot.. the presidential candidates' names do. judge david frye challenged the attorneys on that point. 3 "and those voters do not know the name of who they're going to end up with. all they can do is say i'm putting an x by kasich or trump or whomever today." both sides accuse the other of playing politics.. and both sides deny that. it's up to judge frye to decide. he says he'll have his decision by three this afternoon.
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now, there is some confusion across ohio about the republican primary the past, you'd vote for at large and district delegates for your presidential preference.nobody split those votes. if you wanted john doe, you voted for john doe at large and john doe district. now, only the at- large delegate vote will actually matter. 3 "we also were frustrated with this ballot. it was a creation of the ohio republican party and there are two places to vote. it's been that way for several presidential cycles." before this year, some ohio delegates were indeed chosen at-large ... and some by congressional districts, so in theory, different presidential candidates could each get a perecentage of ohio's delegates.but in order to help governor john kasich get all the delegates this time, the state g-o-p changed the primary to winner-take-all ... the look of the ballot stayed the same.something to keep in mind ...this whole thing applies to the republican presidential primary only.the
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just one set of choices. 3 time/temp more local news ...muskies fans are celebrating this morning after the team won its first post- season game at madison square garden. xavier dominated from start to finish in a 90 to 72 victory over marquette in the big east quarterfinals last night.trevon bluiett had a great game, matching his career high with 24 points.the musketeers will take their second straight trip to the semi-finals tonight against seton hall.tip-off is at nine. 3 time/temp ...nancy reagan will reach her final resting place today ...and several other former first ladies will be there to pay ... a family is ripped apart after an ambush-style attack.and the mother of several victims has some strong words for the shooters, on good
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3 we're learning more about a deadly ambush-style shooting in pennsylvania ...the death toll is now at six, because one of the victims ... was pregnant.neighbors came together for a vigil for the victims yesterday.two men opened fire at a backyard cookout in a pittsburgh suburb wednesday night.the district attorney says one attacker used a rifle to shoot the victims in the head.jessica
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massacred.. she's the mother of four victims.. and says her heart is broken. 3 "for these shooters out here taking innocent lives, you just didn't take innocent lives you made children lose their parents. you have to stop it now. it shouldn't have to be that important to take somebody's life and make these children grow up without their parents."police are still looking for the gunmen. they believe the shooting spree was planned.. and two people may have been the bystanders. 3 people in japan are remembering the thousands of people killed in a major earthquake and tsunami five years ago's the anniversary of the 2011 tsunami that left more than 18- thousand people also devastated the coastline along the country's northeast ... which has still not been fully rebuilt.the quake also damaged the fukushima nuclear reactor,
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system and causing a reactor fuel meltdown.deadly radiation leaked into the sea and surrounding was the worst nuclear disaster since the chernobyl incident in 1986. 3 the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan will be held today.and relatives of every president dating back to john f. kennedy will attend.first lady michelle obama, and former first ladies laura bush, rosalynn carter, and hillary clinton will be there too.the service will be held at the ronald reagan presidential library.nancy reagan died sunday at 94-years-old. 3 time/temp ...thousands of people will hit the streets for heart health this weekend ...why the heart mini marathon has special meaning for one ...four new movies hit the big screen this weekend.which films will try to give disney's zootopia a run for its money at the box office, on good
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break three3 we hear about the tri-state heroin epidemic almost daily. but what we don't hear a lot.. is that there's a big complication.. even after people are in recovery.local health experts say cases of hepatitis-c have exploded not just in the tri-state, but around the country.the consequences can be life long, and heartbreaking to those who live through addiction. julie baird has been sober now for 21 months.she says her familys' prayers have kept her from giving up.her mother mindy recently wrote this poem, called you will never understand. 3 until you have had to bath your adult child and hold them
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didn't want to die...youll never understand..she says too many daughters are dying in this heroin epidemic.julie recently tested positive for hepatitis-c, but her body appears to be fighting it off on its own.but not everyone is so lucky ...and now julie hopes her journey will inspire others, and serve as a warning. 3 a technology used to treat cancer in humans is now available to treat pets. doctors found a mast cell tumor on mac hussey's dog bindy's snout last would have been hard to remove... but she was a perfect candidate for a new treatment offered at care center in sycamore township. only a few facilities in the country offer stereo- tactic radio- surgery... or cuts down on the amount of radiation treatments and symptoms. 3 (kelli sloane, petcure oncology radiation therapist) 14:57 "the anesthesia is the most crucial. they have to be anesthetized every time, so if they can do it one and out the door, yeah, it is going to
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around on the human side for many years, so for it to come to the veterinary world is, yeah, it's great." 15:13with s-r-t... tumors are treated directly and healthy tissue nearby is spared of the costs about nine-thousand dollars.. compared to traditional radiology which can cost between 55 and 65 hundred dollars. 3 this sunday, more than 25- thousand people will walk or run to raise money for heart research and education.this year's heart mini marathon is expected to be the biggest race on record.for one patient, this event is very personal.local12's liz bonis explains why ... 3 {**pkg **{** vo ** after years of struggling with a heart problem he didn't know about.. kyle vath had open heart surgery,,and rehab for recovery.{** sot **{** vo**doctor bill cook replaced a valve that was leaking in kyle's heart -- with another one,,that looks like one of these.{** nat sot 5:57**< so i am looking at what here..these are mechanical valves.>{** vo **
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changed the outcome for people living with these valves --{** sot **< dr bill cook/ mercy health / 1:53 in the 50's before they could do open heart surgery once you had symptoms from a bad valve.. at the end of three years everybody had died, so this is a good example of how we put people on a normal life expectancy when we replace it.> {** vo **perhaps no-one is more grateful for that -- than kyle vath{** sot **< 10: 40 it was humbling to think, if i didn't get that valve a number of years ago.. i may not be alive today.>{** sot **< stand up tease is at decided he will pay it forward, he will one of more than 2000 running or walking in the american herat associations heart mini,,as and he says he is doing this for a very personal reason.> {** vo **you see kyle works for mercy health.. with many of those you see here from last years heart mini team. without the money they raise -- along with thousands of others,,who run and walk in this race kyle knows he wouldn't likely even get to see his children grow to
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caretakers,he says a big thank you.. and to those in the race or cheering on the sidelines -- making a difference for every heart patient--he reminds us: {** sot **< 11: 10 each person is valuable( butt to 11:20) and i think each person who's struggled with those things,, you think about there's a life and desires and dreams and hopes that they have.. and all of that goes into helping individual people, it's not just a number..or a statistic.> 3 liz bonis you can register on race day still. or sign up to support the mercy heart mini team. we have a link with details at local12-dot-com. 3 now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert. 3 3
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3 3 3 there's a lot of entertainment to choose this weekend: four new movies open in wide release. david daniel looks at your choices. 3 (nat)"10 cloverfield lane" is the only new movie even given a chance to challenge "zootopia" for the weekend title. mary elizabeth winstead and john goodman star in the sci-fi thriller, which is getting great reviews. analysts expect it to at least
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million-dollar budget on opening weekend.(nat-gunshot) "oh, will you stop shooting everything?"the rest of the field doesn't figure to fare as well. "the brothers grimsby," sacha baron cohen's send-up of the spy genre, is tracking lower than his last comedy, "the dictator" -- around eight-million dollars. "i seek a family from nazareth, with a boy named jesus."'tis the season for faith-based films: this weekend brings "the young messiah," about the childhood of jesus. the filmmakers have pursued a grass-roots campaign, sending the director to religious conferences, which is expected to yield a seven-million-dollar debut."as soon as i have sex with them, it's like all of my interest magically disappears.""time to grow up."finally, there's "the perfect match," about a playboy who decides to take a romantic relationship seriously. terrence j and cassie ventura star in the love-fest, which analysts have pegged for about a five- million-dollar opening. out of all those, hope there's a movie for you to love this weekend! in hollywood, i'm david daniel.
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time/temp ... 3 it's middle name pride day ... so head to our facebook page and tell us your middle name, if there's a story behind it, and if you like ...a star wars stunt has one man's phone ringing off the hook.and now he's planning his revenge on his friends ...ahead at five, on good morning
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break four3 3 it's middle name pride day ... so on facebook, we want to know ...what's your middle name?is there a story behind
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we want you 3 to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at five.two people are dead after a shooting in fairfield township.we have the latest details on this developing story. 3 plus, republican candidates discuss trade and immigration. hear from all four candidates at last night's presidential debate. 3 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to
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your's meterologist john gumm. 3


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