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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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thanks for watching.
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>> and hillary clinton looking to hold off the surge from bernie sanders. local 12 has today's live coverage. we begin with hamilton county. joe webb is talking to workers and voters all day long. hello, joe. >> hello, brad. i'm at saint lawrence's church in price hill, where three precincts vote every election day. and they are projecting turnout in hamilton county at around 40 percent. you pointed out, you and paula, there's obvious reasons for that. a whole lot at stake. we have a sitting governor running for president. there's a race in butler's county. even the hamilton county race is
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last november, hamilton county voters faced long lines and county lines statewide. the troublesome routers that had mechanical problems last fall had been replaced. getting people through with few delays. >> we have provided additional training to the poll workers, where they have hands on experience. we have deployed 116 trouble shooters out in the field. >> now they put a lot of savvy teenagers in the polls, to help deal with new technology. it's called the youth and booth project. we have more coming at 6:00. the latest results, the one thing that's interesting, in the election, with the e-poll books, the ones that cost a little trouble in november, they get a running total in the board of
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ballots are going out. 2:30, last time we were able to check with them, 110 thousand people in ham milton county. 44 thousand democrats and by 2:30 this afternoon, brad. as many people voted in the county. turnout would be good. no surprise a lot at stake. as soon as we have results, the people. >> brad. >> spectacular. the weather never hurts. joe, check back with you. >> and local 12, dan hurley is at the hamilton county. coverage. >> i've got shelly pollen, director of the board of directors. what's happening in price hill,
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joe was saying, the turnout has been heavy compared, especially compared to four years ago. going back to '08. what are we seeing here. he mentioned, you could get counts in here by 2:30. you actually have numbers? >> we do. the new e-poll books system last november, gives us the ability to attract voter turnout. we are approximately 130 thousand voters that have cast ballots. >> 135 thousand. how is that splitting between republicans and democrats. >> it's heavy on the republican side. last count, we were close to 80 thousand on the republican side. >> one of the reasons you could get that count was because of the new e-polling books. we know the last general election, that became our story. what's happening this year? >> everything is running smoothly.
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from poll voters and voters. the health desk is relatively quiet. >> when i went to vote this morning, in my polling place, there was a younger person. i don't know if they were high school or college, seem totally comfortable with the tablet. that's part of what you've done; right?. >> we've really reached out to our younger generation, with the youth at the booth program. we have quite a few high school senior programs manning the polls out there today. >> want to remind people, there's still over three hours to get out and vote. plenty of time. both democrats and republicans, contested racing, good weather, means good turnout. it should be interesting. >> i know. it's like the olympics for you tonight. the high voter turnout. i'm actually thrilled.
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the county by county break down. if the voting is -- we should have the absentee results coming back; right?. >> what's the situation with the absentee. up, down, where are we. >> higher than we were, compared to 2012. we were still down compared to 2008. >> presidential years, when there's nonincumbent. >> go back to you, thanks dan. look at how the presidential candidates are spending the day. and stay with local 12 news. we will stream your voice, your future election special, with reports with the primary states. angenette levy will talk to voters and you're welcome to stop by and join you there. we'll update you with the presidential election, at star
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live at 11:00. >> interstate 10, back open. did you get caught? i got caught. it was shut down so crews could do an emergency repair. police shut down a highway around 11:30. lanes open around 1:30 p.m. in a tweet, odot, construction equipment hit a sign trust. crews had to close the sign crust. closure had traffic closed for three miles. kentucky state police say, another 16-year-old girl was driving in owen county around 11:30. it appears she lost control. times. two passengers were thrown out. the scene. an 18-year-old man was taken to the hospital. the crash is still under investigation. >> high school students were evacuated after a written threat around 11:po.
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and school officials said the all-clear was given around 12:30. the district hasn't said anything specific about what the threat was. uc professor has been arrested on child porn charges. agents arrested on charges and distribution of receipt of child porn. he's also charged with destruction of property to prevent seizure. park ser a professor of class ex. uc vice president says parker has been suspended from his position, barred from university property and is to have no contact with students. middletown police are searching property along cincinnati dayton road. and investigators are acting on a tip of lindsey bow began. police searched the property of transcape landscape supply. and 2500 wheel of justice
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with any information. >> this is it. >> man, i hope you got outside today. >> especially because i would love to say, it's going to last. >> i have a feeling -- it's not going to last. >> there will be one in the road. late tonight and very, very early tomorrow. that will give us isolated showers and storms. while most of us are sleeping. for much of tomorrow, a partly cloudy day in fact, we're sunny to mostly sunny now. we'll stay clear to mostly clear through mid evening. clouds are beginning to increase as we near 11:00, midnight and we'll have a wave of showers and thunderstorms coming through. i believe these will be isolated. overall threat for thunderstorms, including severe storms will be low overnight. temperatures fall back to the 50s, ultimately down to 53-54 degrees by early tomorrow morning.
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no rain to track yet on precision doppler hd. that will have to wait until midnight. 70-75. we're quiet but windy tomorrow. shower chances have come down as we have reviewed the latest data. will rain chances affect your weekend plans. we'll discuss that in the planning forecast am coulding up in 10 minutes.
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set to implement a . >> members of the hamilton county s.w.a.t. team kept busy in norwood. norwood, assisting them in a drug-related. >> city leaders adopted october. uses a mix of off street parking. and residential parking. they installed three parking kiosk in the large lots along fifth street. sixth additional kiosk on main street and west main street. and boldly go where no man has done before.
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of cincinnati. exhibit opens today. all kinder of memorabilia. the exhibit will be opened through mid 23rd. >> raining cats and dogs in the studio today. also ahead, first at 4:00, pope francis sets a date for mother teresa to become a state.
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precision doppler hillary clinton: you know, in america, if you work hard, you're supposed to be able to get ahead, no matter who you are or where you started out. but too many barriers hold back our families. instead of affordable college we have skyrocketing debt. paychecks barely budge, but ceo pay keeps rising. and instead of good paying jobs, millions of americans are stuck. wall street and big financial interests, along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies. the indifference,
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that' s what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers, because i think america can only live up to its potential american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton,
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>> pope francis announced today, mother teresa will be cannonized. and she died in 1997 and beautified in october of 2003 by now deceased pope john paul ii. mother teresa received a peace prize. >> we have a threesome here. >> we do. work and these guys seem later. >> bobby, female of litter. i've got ricky and ronny. >> mixed. >> 8 weeks old.
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>> >>. >> and bobby has some peace. working on them. eight weeks. >> you're going how big? >> about 45-50 pounds. >> bulldogs are a lot of pets. >> these are cuteies. go kittens. >> prince, prince is about four-month old. he's been done. >> he's taking it easy. he's resting from his adventures today. >> fantastic. bobby, has some sharp ones, going on my thumb. we'll be bleeding on this one. we'll be going on tomorrow. >> 3949 corain avenue, in the good old heart old side >> and what's your normal line and noon. >> anywhere between 10-20 people there. these dogs tomorrow, will probably draw a bunch of people. we'll use the lottery system for adoption. >> all right, pick your lottery numbers wisely.
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>> hamilton county sbca. scott, are you ready, my friend? >> i'm ready. putting the finishing touches in the voting forecast. >> i don't want to go to early. >> i want to make sure it's right. we have a lot of people going to the polls. the sun is out, we have no rain, no snow. no frozen precipitation to get in your way. very simple voting forecast. the temperatures are around or 70 degrees. we'll drop to 68 as polls get ready to close. sun will be up. enjoy the sun we have this afternoon. clouds will begin to increase late this evening. and overnight, we'll have isolated showers and thunderstorms. so we're mostly clear to start off the evening. clouds increase late this evening and then we'll have a brief wave of showers and thunderstorms overnight. outside chance for some heavy rain, gusty winds, some occasional cloud to ground lightning.
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severe wealth ser low overnight. basically midnight to 4:00 in the morning, we have an opportunity foreseeing thunderstorms. if you hear a bump in the night, suspect there will be thunder. and temperatures will be falling through the 60s this evening. and eventually in the 50s overnight. temperatures 72 in the atrium weather cam. wind currently out in the north. dryer air has moved to the tri-state. it will take some time to add low level moisture back in the air. as a result, we're quiet this evening. as low level moisture returns after midnight, showers and thunderstorms will come through. so we're quiet this evening. we'll have a quick wave and some
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and the overall chance of rain late in the week has gone down. 70-75 from sharonville to cleaves. from sabina to versailles, now cincinnati, one of the warmest day of the year. and all the warmth and eventually low level moisture means the showers and storms will be developing for the west. everything that develops will coalesce with the showers and storms this evening. what's he had of the trihp
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low chance for thunderstorms. lines of equal pressure, more tightly packed. as a result, the wind speeds will pick up. lines of equal pressure. webs, will be a windy day. best chance for rain in the next 48 hours will come overnight between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. winds will relax. at best, widely scattered showers for the last day of the workweek. simple forecast tonight. temperatures falling through the 60s and eventually into the 50s. clouds increase around midnight.
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be partly cloudy force the day. highs in the 40s. >> i know. >> and bad news bears. at least the sun is out and people are happy >> nfl preparing to prepare for the soccerfield they boreied at the super bowl. >> like having my kids in my yard withh i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too!
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>> neighborhood in oregon has a bit of a rat problem. >> it appears, a woman who likes to feed the birds and squirrels may be to blame. amy frazier has a look at the problem that's fitting neighbor against neighbor. >> the rats, they will be running around, chasing each other in the bank and going in their holes. >> kelly nightingale had to guess how many rats are living behind her south salem home. >> probably at least 100 or so. >> dug holes in her yard and tunnels under the neck. not to mention, their dropping. >> it's gross. i don't like the kids in my yard with rats. >> sh noticed her -- >> later, kelly took the
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>> inside the gate was dried corn in the feeding. . >> and kelly contacted the city of salem. public works responded and eventually asked for more help from code enforcement. supervisor tells me the situation qualifies as a public nuisance, which could mean courts in a fine for a homeowner providing the food. >> been doing code enforcement for 14 years. haven't seen -- >> and code enforcement officer spoke with the homeowner last week, says she's agreed to clean up any food on the ground. off camera, i also spoke with the homeowner. she says she only wanted to feed the birds and squirrels. >> lesson, if you have bird feeders, keep it up off the ground. >> hopefully that combined with the h.o.a. hiring pest control company to come out and take
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my kids, could pay in the yard. >> nightmare. >> presidential candidates working hard. looking for a big win. >> first at 4:00, the angry slash mountain lady. take a look at her there. she'll explain what's behind her expression. and liz bonis. what do the candidates to stay
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we will tell you, f >> welcome back at 4:30, presidential candidates from both party. who is casting ballots and what's being called, super tuesday number 3. >> it seems like every week, this is the big one. i promise you today, really is the big one. and donald trump is starting off with the win. and on this super tuesday, for the republicans, you may want to call survivor tuesday. can anybody stop donald trump? that's the question the billionaire opponents is asking. illinois, missouri, ohio, and
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john kasich is looking for a win in his home state. >> we will win ohio. i feel good. >> trump who is leading everywhere else, is taking notice. >> ohio is going to make america great again. kasich cannot make america great again >> the latest poll shows marco surprise. >> my hope, america, with fear and hope. that's what we will offer tomorrow in the month to come. >> senator ted cruz sitting second, trying to win over rubio. >> and we welcome you with open arms. only one campaign has beaten donald trump. >> former secretary of state is banking on continuing the southern streak and hoping to add to the delegate count with wins in the midwest, too
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tomorrow that could set a dramatic message. >> senator bernie sanders says it's his message that will pull off an upset. >> i think we will win in ohio tomorrow. >> the polls are open and people are voting in the five states remaining. this is a look at charlotte, north carolina. one of the polling cases, many delegates up for grabs. in washington, diane gallagher, back to you. >> and 12 has you covered from 9:00 to 10:00, we will stream your votes, election special. angenette levy will talk to voters. and the public is welcomed to join her there. go see angenette. we'll update you tonight. on star 64 at 10:00. also tonight, jeff hirsh is with
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and larry davis, he's in butler county. and brad underwood he's falling pg sittonfield in the cincinnati fire museum. dan harley following things at the board of elections. >> we're covered from price hill to the northern marianna islands. somewhere in the pacific. >> somewhere in the pacific. sometimes, cast a balllot. >> and it's called strategic voting. it will be happening a lot with the primary. we'll ask you on facebook. kathy sees no sense. what has voting come to? the voters are not going to be adults. >> didn't have kathy's quote. donna asked strategically, they wasted the vote, their time and
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>> everybody is entitled to vote whatever they wish. whatever strategy to make their vote count the most. there's a lot of things. vote ing is with your brain. and coming up, we have to look at weather. >> it's -- >> good weather. >> i have my coffee outside. >> and then i got stuck in the traffic, on 71 south for a half hour after drinking coffee. >> need i say more. >> i literally had to pull in a retail store. >> and i'll make your day a little bit better. >> i love this view from the weather cam in college hill. no clouds in the sky. if you love snow, you hate to see a view like this. you probably won't enjoy what we have in the planning forecast. week.
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we have enjoyed sun for much of the afternoon. showers and storms will be developing well to the west of the tri-state, so clouds will be carried with upper level winds later this evening. eventually what develops will come in a weakening mode. temperatures falling to the 60s and 50s overnight. looks like the best opportunity for showers and thunderstorms will center between 1:00 and 4:00 in the morning. outside chance for stronger storms, heavy rains, occasional lightning. doesn't look like to be a high threat. at best, see some strong storms with gusty winds and lightning. most will see showers. no rain to track, with no clouds in the sky with precision doppler hd. 72, the current temperature at the international airport. plus, we'll discuss the hour-by-hour timing of storms overnight.
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tomorrow, and thursday. how high the wind will get where you live coming up in 10 minutes. staying in shape is hard for all of us with busy lives. what it takes when you are on the campaign trail. >> not sleeping. >> liz bonis has details in a medical report she joins us. liz. >> this comes from a recent poll conducted by health line. they found nearly 8 out of 10 americans, found the future of the united states should have good health habits. we have some good example. cameras often caught bill clinton and george w. bush out jogging. president obama says he works out six days a week. and so, that begs to question, what do the current candidates for president do on a regular basis to try to stay well?
4:38 pm
running for president about their current habits. mainly about eating and exercise. quite a variety of responses. there's a shock. hillary clinton reports, she tried to go vegan. and nope to grab a veggie burger now and then, enjoys brisk walk and yoga. bernie sanders, into paleio diet and whole foods. john kasich, his favorite food, pasta. his wife, is a big fitness enthusiast. she's put together videos that keeps kids moving more. ted cruz, he likes foods except avocado.
4:39 pm
healthy breakfast but pizza. donald trump says he does his best. has thing for bacon and eggs. clinton says she's a power napper. sanders and cruz says doesn't hit the snooze button. and trump says, he only sleeps a few hours a night. and the most interesting things, there's the debate, trump was saying breath. if you have cruz's website, get a yoga map for breathing. >> clever >> great day. get out and vote. >> thanks, liz. >> today, it's the deadline for
4:40 pm
field, back to the areas soccer league. operators at the youth soccer league, sued the city and the nfl over the use of the soccer field over the super bowl. they were concern on how they repair the damage, caused by the construction of sprawled media village, thousands of visiting journalists. >> we're very excited by the level of field, given back to us by the nfl in fact, they did more than they promised. >> it was very important that we show the community that we are really looking out for their best interest. in conducting a super bowl, which is financially advantageous for a city, it's important that promises are kept. >> the nfl and the soccer league members say that there are a few last minute repairs.
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>> they have the money to do it, come on.
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p . >> when cookies meet gelato. introduce ing scrum bells cafe. specialty, custom gelato sandwiches. they have fresh made smoothies and cold juices. hot chocolate, made with nuttela. what did i tell you?
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>> and we're ready for some scrumples. move will help save avon, $50 million this year. attorneys tore sony agreed to pay michael jackson $75 million for the right of some songs. jackson's mother and three children will keep the rights to his own master recordings and all the music he wrote. u.s. stocks, mostly lower, led for a steep decline. dow jones industrial rose and the nasdaq fell 21. s&p 500 lost three points. how helpful is your smart phone in a health crisis? the answer not very. researchers tested four popular
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answers includes, i'm here for you.
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concern when the user said i'm (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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enough talk. give us a plan. >> we have local breaking news alert for you now. i don't think the pictures will tell you what we're learning.
4:48 pm
you see. there's possibly, a vehicle in the ohio river. there's belief there's people inside. we don't know the condition at this point. we are continuing to monitor the situation. it's the area, biconey island, coming into ohio, shut down at the bridge. we will keep you updated as we go. >> cammy durkin joins us now as we look ahead. >> election day; right? that's the bigger story. we have team coverage of the primary. coming at # ca, jeff hirsh will join us with the latest on john kasich's campaign. larry davis will report on butler county on the important district congressional race. 15 republicans are vying to fill john boehner's seat. >> and a serious complex in the cherry grove area, is getting new life. we've told you many times about
4:49 pm
rich jaffe will take a look at the future of pickdilly and the problematic president. >> murder charges expected to be filed in the man accused of beating 16-year-old hailey hall. teenager died of injuries yesterday. and coming up at 6:00, will tell you about how her presented accused of the crime. it's slow going. not as slow going as this afternoon. and it was -- trying to figure out what was going on. on qusly, trust was -- obviously, trust was hit.
4:50 pm
and paula got caught. >> beautiful day. >> may have been a -- had a little more. in for chilling. >> and the next few days, will be back closer to average. will take time for the cooler air to return. we have a front and partly cloudy, between sunrise and sunset. while you're sleeping, don't be surprised to hear the thunder, seeing some lightning out the window. materialize. we get the leftovers on what is probably a busy night back in the mississippi valley. we get it. and i promise, the forecast and am here to deliver in the 70 at 6:00. and if you're getting a late start to the mail, temperatures in the 60s. and nice day, if you like sun.
4:51 pm
and if you don't have rain, much in the forecast. there will be isolated showers and storms. stray showers before we get to the weekend. if you love snow. temperatures 74, atop of the radson, looking in cincinnati. notice the separation between the temperature and dew point. even if we have clouds, that rain will not be reaching the ground. we'll take a trip to oxford. butler county, a big change in the pattern. we have five tornadoes, confirmed up in the miami valley. crews were out yesterday and today. all of those centered basically west and northwest to date. that same thunderstorms that produced the tornado to pravo county, came through the oxford area. all is cold and all is quiet. temperatures 72. have some clouds, international
4:52 pm
72 at the international. warmer air is invading from the south, southwest. check out bow n green. bubble of warmth will be here for the next few hours. slightly cooler air comes our way tomorrow. and then noticeably cooler air comes for the weekend. we'll be trending closer to average instead well above average like today. we're awaiting for the development of showers and storms out to the west. what develops there will move to the east and into the tri-state between roughly midnight and 4:00 in the morning. initially for areas northwest of cincinnati then, for northern kentucky southwest ohio. upper level support goes away as the showers and storms moves to the east.
4:53 pm
isolated showers and storms. showers, meaning storms that starts and stops. isolated, not everyone will see a shower tonight. where the storms comes through, especially north and northwest, where there's a slightly higher threat. maybe gusty winds, small hail. that should be about it. i don't see much a severe weather threat, despite the warmth in place. the clock is working against us. the amount of instability comes down. notice in the forecast model, all is calm and quiet. and best we pick up high level clouds late in the evening. there goes the line of showers and thunderstorms. this model slow compared to other data. it looks like midnight to 4:00, the window of opportunity, we're seeing isolated showers and storms. impact is overnight and small
4:54 pm
mainly concern with gusty winds and make it your attention to the tonight. although those look unlikely, at this point much and down to the mid-50s by 6:00. forecast high tomorrow, 56 degrees. windy tomorrow, windy thursday. sustained wind, 15-25 miles an hour. out of the west, same goes for thursday. borderline breezy day. winds relax and best chances for rain, i have for you saturday and sunday. >> no widespread soaking rain. we need a couple of days to dry out. couple's visit leads to intense moments. >> crying baby. my husband informed me he
4:55 pm
4:57 pm
my favorite r >> new york woman becomes an international station because of disney's splash mountain. >> this woman has a serious sense of humor. who else is able to pull off a stern expression going through the splash mountain ride. others close to her call her jordan alexander. >> i guess i'm the grumpy cat.
4:58 pm
>> all she wanted was to go on the splash mountain ride with her husband but he was tired and decided to sit out. >> my husband told me he didn't have it in him to ride my favorite ride. >> i practiced it the whole way. by the time we got to the last, i didn't know where the camera. i took a picture >> when she showed me the picture, i lost it. did you coordinate it with them. >> her husband posted the photo on-line. i wouldn't go on splash mountain with my wife. only one week on the web and the photo has made a splash on the
4:59 pm
her face has been photo shopped ever since. her face was replaced by the infamous grumpy cat. >> we couldn't end the interview without asking for the priceless expression one more time. reporting in syracuse, sarah beth akerman. >> it's a whole new world. >> you, too, could be famous. we're back at 5:30. >> rob and cammy, with local 12 news. droves. we have you covered statewide, live reports from cleveland. >> 16 people are fighting for one spot in the battle to replace john boehner. >> what did they know and when did they know it? how they are explaining their actions in the flint water crisis. 5:00. good evening, we'll get to
5:00 pm
first, breaking news for you tonight. police and firefighters are on land and the river after a bridge crash. >> campbell county took a short call. and that's the bridge that carries traffic between ohio and kentucky on 275 by old coney. this is a live look from the traffic camera. and as you could see, the traffic is, is not moving from kentucky to ohio. police and sheriff's deputies are working on both sides of the river right now. anderson township and the city of cincinnati, sent rescue boats to look for the car and possible survivors in the river. we have three cruz heading into the bridge. we will bring you new information as soon as possible. it's a critical day for democracy. who remains in the race for the white house. >> voters in five states, including ohio, head to the polls. both the buckeye state and


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