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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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joe biden stars on the presidential election. a surrogate mom, why a dog is comforting the new cheetah babies at the cincinnati zoo. this story gets more extraordinary. >> it's getting bigger already. >> yes, yes. >> good morning, everybody, bob is off today. we will get to the top stories in a moment. the wrct weather is going to be fantastic, might want to eat outside. yes, considerably warmer than it was at this time yesterday. right now at cincinnati, 16 degrees warmer than we were yesterday, clouds continue to roll into the area, and we won't see a great amount of sun sign throughout the day. maysville one the coolest spots, and hamilton one of the coolest spots. the airport at 54 and i did not expect any rain, lots of clouds, the rain and even snow out west
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that heads toward the great lakes, and this is going to eventually bring us rain and storms coming tomorrow. and mid-60s late day with mostly cloudy skies coming up in weather i will give you detailed time line of when i expect the rain in here, and when i expect the rain out of here, and when there's a best chance of seeing the storm move today ask tomorrow. we have only had one small problem this morning and it's clearing out of the way, so let's look at a couple of different spots. let start looking at warren county. volume of traffic picking up there, but so far no reports of any problems. cincinnati dayton road, and volume of traffic is carting to pick starting topick up particularly in the southbound direction. going out to the eastside, 275, 74 woaft side, near north bend road, no problems, either. no matter where we look on the roads this morning, we're moving along just fine.
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right now two suspects are dead and a manhunt is underway for a third man wanted for the terror attacks in prosles brussels that killed 30 people, and left others more injured. we have pictures of the two men. >> reporter: belgium media has named the third suspect who is still on the run as possible isis bomb maker. the two suicide bombers on he was when they attacked the international airport in brussels have been identified by the proceeded caster, broadcasters, the two are brothers, and you can see them pictured here. his apartment was of looked at last week. they were known to police for past crimes but nothing related to terrorism.
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hundred dollars wounded including some americans. >> these guys are going on the soft side of targets we have to push that security are out and we need enter intelligence. >> reporter: the bell gums belgiums are observing three days of warning, so far belgium authorities have not made a direct link between the two events, of course, we
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we are the lucky ones, because there's a lot more for the years and cases done for the years. and hoping that it never happens again and belgium recovers quickly, because they're really the last country that deserves deserves this, it's a wonderful place. she has flown to that airport in brussels from 50 to 100 times. we will hear more about university of students studying in brussels and how they're doing. 6:04, happening today, north college hill students cannot bring book bags to schools for three days. police are trying something new starting today because bomb threats have shutdown schools for three days this week. >> for the next three days until we can reevaluate everything, we don't want them bringing in book bags or purses, we don't want them bringing their belongings.
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and being ready to learn. the chief has a good lead on who has called in the threats, taking these steps will stop in the schools. joe biden stopped by the state and he was asked why he chose not to run for president. he had planned on running but after his son's battle with cancer he did not have it in him. not running is the right decision for his family. >> the political system is broken. you know, we're confusing authenticity, with crudeness, we are confusing our opposition with enemies. we're questioning people's motives instead of their judgment. i really do think the american public is looking for more civility. to see the rest of the interviews be sure to watch
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7:00 and 8:00. those. so interesting? that. the street club may not run during the taste of cincinnati. >> the haitian committee okayed new restrictions. the mayor wants the street cart to stop during big events saying it might interfere. the street council still has to decide on this. you can start riding the street car in september. right now a dog is helping to take care of the cheetahs. the mother willow died. she was lethargic and lost her appetite this weekend. so sad. the babies were delivered by an emergency sea section, and now -- c-section, and now that australian shepherd was called in to cuddle with the cubs and bring them some comfort. the cheetahs will have to stay in the nursery for a couple of more months.
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very strong. >> look at how sweet that is, oh, my gosh, could not love that more.
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are bringing together 9 1/2 minutes after 6:00, it's really warm.
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another warm day coming up. we are going to be in the mid-60s, more clouds than yesterday, not as much wind as yesterday, but every bit as warm as yesterday. changes are coming tomorrow, and the changes in the form of rain even possible, strong thunderstorms. i will have a time line on the map. and have a look ahead to the upcoming easter weekend. things are looking better for easter sunday. looking better for the easter egg hunt, jen dalton. >> reporter: good, i'm excited for the forecast. we have only had minor issues, one of which just cleared. we had an accident. 71 northbound near the norwood lateral, it reported to be cleared, we're not seeing any flashing lights in the area. volume of traffic is picking up around the tri-state, but nothing to worry about so far no, unusual delays. sheila. developing this morning, you got a chance city an oscar winner walk the red carpet here in cincinnati.
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week the esquire theater is holding a for shied owe, and shido starred and produced a movie and is expected to attend this event on saturday. the event starts with the 7:00 party tr. ticket are a few hundred per person. proceeds benefiting the cincinnati film commission. uan greg or is in it too, i
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>> getting a saver 6:14 and baseball is finally together. president barack obama joined cuban president raul castro in the stands as the tampa rays defeated the cuban team. robinson's which had widow and daughter were there. president obama is in argentina and will meet with the president. opioid consumer educations warning the consumers about the serious misuse, abuse, and addiction and death. a black box warning the most severe warning label there is will be required on immediate
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formulations. additional safety labels changes will also be required. it seems everything you do needs a password, and the passwords are getting more complicated. creating a strong password is vital because hackers have software that uses billions of password combinations to get in. it's important to have the lower and upper case numbers, mix it up, you can also get a password manager to help you remember your passwords. a new study from job recruiter glass doors says the gender pay gap is real, and women in the u.s. earn on average 20% less than men. and however they're comparing workers, with experience, that gap shrinks, with women earning 5.5% less than men. you may not be opening the door for a pizza man but a pizza vehicle. they are testing the autonomous,
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the machine comes with departments that will keep the food hot or cold. and it will be able to navigate with gps to the drop off locations. dominoes is doing test runs in australia right now. i guess a machine or car comes up to your door, and you gee out, and maybe you give it some kind of id or money. >> you have to tip it? >> no, i guess not. >> it's kind of cool. >> i did see, there's one of these pizza companies that they're having specialized vehicles made for their drivers. instead of the kid using a 64 buick. >> i thought was dominoes, too. in order to build in. >> to keep the food warm and all of that kind of stuff. >> kind of like a diners truck or a food truck. >> it denned on the driver's car. cbs is reporting that the brussels bomb maker has been arrested today in brussels, we will have more on that in a
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>> reporter: we have good news on the road, too. accident-free. a couple earlier incidents but they're out of the way. we are problem-free, overnight construction out of the way. i do want to remind folks in anderson township of a quick construction. starting today, they're going to be doing work at continuous flow intersection at beach mont and miles, watch for lane closures on beach mont, they will expect delays there, and that will last for a while as they are building that. as we look at interstates no problems. volume of traffic is very quiet in the areas, sharon road. 471 looking great out there, we have no problems to report there, even though you are seeing a volume of traffic pick up, and you're seeing it at i-71/i-75, and you're heavy from the cut in the hill to the ohio river. that will start on wednesday ask it's on nice. >> it feels so nice outside, and we're in the mid-50s, and the warm flow of air coming from the southwest.
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more of the spring-like wrath. we -- weather. we are going to go from warm and breeze owe, warm and breezy conditions, tomorrow is the wet with the storm system pulling out of the colorado rockies moving into kansas. this is going to make a b line toward the great lakes, and push a cold front and that is going to bring a round of rain and even thunderstorms. and the storm will predict tomorrow has placed the tri-state in a risk of severe weather. we are concerned although hail and even an isolated week toward tornadoes will be isolated out. something we will continue to tomorrow. here is the view from the atrium weather camera looking downtown, 54 degrees at the airport, a really warm start. winds south and southwest, and in many cases we're 15-20 degrees warmer now than what we were at this time yesterday. we start in the 50s, and make our way to 60.
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will see more clouds than sunshine, but the clouds will be thin enough to allow sunshine to filter through. mid 60s by late this afternoon, well above-normal by this time of the year. and well into the 50s by 7:00 in the evening. there's the extensive cloud cover, more on that to the west of us. as we go toward the west in colorado, parts of kansas it's low pressure back here which is starting to crank up producing heavy snow in wyoming and colorado and even in south dakota. this system makes a b line toward the chicago area, we get the cold front on the way tomorrow. radar all clear right now. step things through the future, starting you now, late dade more clouds than sun. temperatures be though, responding nicely to the southwest winds. low 60s north of cincinnati right around 65 downtown and look to the south of cincinnati into northern kentucky. some spots will make it into the upper 60s today. after midnight tonight, and very
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the chance for a few showers in the forecast. temperatures will be in the 50s tomorrow morning. the morning drive could see a little rain, as we take you into the afternoon we begin to see the showers and thunderstorms popping you, and a few of these could potentially be strong. temperatures will be mild again with most spots running in the low 60s tomorrow afternoon. notice some rain and storms through tomorrow evening, but by 9:00, everything pushes well east of cincinnati, and we start to clear out a bit overnight, although early friday morning a sprinkle is possible east of sin. cincinnati. notice the colder air, we're in the 30s in the morning, i only expect highs to reach the upper 40s to near 50s. cooler by the end of the week but we turn around by the weekend. 60s the next few days, 49 and gradual clearing and right back up into the 60s saturday with sunshine, low 70s by easter sunday, and like i mentioned yesterday, the rain chances are
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it looks like it will be more sunday night into monday that we see rain. it's a beautiful sunday ahead of us, a wet monday, though, and even some showers may linger into tuesday as we cool back in the mid-50s early next week. track the changes with our free weather authority app. john and sheila, back to you. thank you, john, it's not over until it's over. the new primary result have a few surprises as the numbers
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family time how you can help breaking news at 6:24, cbs news is reporting an arrest in the brussels bombing. they say that the suspect's whose dna was found on the terror iist bombs was arrested in brussels. he is the man in beige in the line of suspects. a rare beatles album that remained hidden for decades, was sold had at auction. it was sold to an anonymous british collector. this was the first disc released under the beatles name, and it included first song john lennon
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it sold for $10,000. at former presidential candidate signed a deal with the production company with a judge type show. she does not have a law degree. it will take next year. what is your favorite appetizer or hors d'oeuvre. it's our facebook question. jen. >> reporter: bob, let's give him his own show. >> he has his own show. it's right here sn. >> reporter: on second thought we will keep him here. michael says anything with cheese, bacon and crunch, and it must be fried. it can be fried in anything. jose says bacon wrapped stuffed dates are my favorite appetizer followed by the homemade sa sa lamby, around here we say, you do not day par our food, you can have whatever you want, and i
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have the best chips and salsa, and the white queso is pretty good, as well, you can get a pitcher of margarita for $5. lube. >> yes. >> and the cookies and milk. >> jen, you don't day par your food around here, you want to have cookies and milk before you eat your meal. >> okay. >> you want a big slam of meat loaf at 3:00 in the morning. >> do it. >> you go right ahead. >> just like the local 12 page on facebook, and share your thoughts. spring-like temperatures today, how warm it gets and a
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possible severe st too much to carry in these times. >> more police and more watchful eyes, now at 6:30, how u.s. security leaders are responding to the brussels tor attacks, and what you can expect if are you traveling for this holiday weekend? saying goodbye to a northern kentucky grad who was tragically killed in a hiking accident. i will have the story coming up. a new opponent of the cincinnati soccer team and the big prize they have. good morning, bob is off today, we will get to the top stories coming up shortly. first the weather and i say have a picnic today or take the kids to the belay ground. >> why not, john. >> you want to take my kids to the play ground. >> absolutely. >> all of that stuff today. we're in the mid-50s, a lot warmer than what it was this time yesterday when we were in the 30s, 52 oxford and sabine a and west onion, and cooler
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and mount healthy and marrisy son and we're 16 degrees warmer than what we were just 24 hours ago. it's a change for the warmer this morning. we're back in the mid-70s later this afternoon, 54 right now, wind won't be as gusty today, south, southwest at 9:00, but still a breezy day, radar coming all clear. we are not looking for any rain, but what we're looking for is more clouds than sunshine. kids will see temperatures in the 60s by the lunch hour, and for the ride home, we are around 63 degrees, mostly cloudy, breezy and warm, the weather dry today, that is going to change tomorrow. we have rain, we have even possible thunderstorms on the way. i will have a time line of when that gets in here, when it gets out of here and the latest on the ever changing forecast in for the hole day weekend in minutes. right nowlet get a check on traffic for jen gal ton. >> reporter: we have -- jen dalton.
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accident located on to westbound 275. there's a lane blocked on the ramp. you can see the flashing light there. you can tell as we take a look at the camera that you can get through the area. that is on the ramp i-71/i-75 southbound headed at 275 in the southbound direction. traffic is slow as you head on that incident, but not major at that time. out near 275 in loveland madeira, we're seeing heavier traffic, no surprise for this time of the morning, i-75 southbound, and 471 northbound, seeing no heavier traffic but no unusual delays. 6:31, and we have breaking news, cbs news is reporting the third suspect in the brussels attack is under arrest right now. >> local 12 megan moore is here in the studio right now with new information on that and how the attacks has impacted security here in the u.s. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, guys. belgium media reporting that police have taken a suspect in
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morning. officials did not immediately confirm the reports which says that he was arrested in the southwest brussels. the two suicide bombers he was with when they attacked the airport yesterday were identified as brothers. so how has all of this impacted security in the u.s. the federal government says there's no specific threats of any plots against the u.s., but law enforcement is concerned about what it doesn't know. the fbi stepped up potential surveillance of potential terrorists here in the u.s. they are requesting that u.s. personnel did he ever tuesday. chicago l.a. and many others stepped up security as well, though officials said there's no known threats. at union station at washington they're pulling random passengers as they board to go through security luggage tests.
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we urge the public to continue travel, visiting public places and continue with daily lives, but at all times be aware and vigilant. john, back to you. a preak in the investigation that megan told us about may have come from a taxi driver who took the suspects to the airport. the driver contacted authorities after seeing surveillance footage and gave them the address where he picked up those men. that is according to the u.s. officials who were briefed in that information. that prompted authorities to raid a residence after the attacks. even though belgium is a small country it has many personal and business links to cincinnati. the biggest link, proctor and gamble largest research facility. employees. all of those employees are notice. a local woman head local supply for sun chemical. she was in brussels last week. sandy baxter changed her travel plans to come home earlier, and she could are have been there
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the thing that was different armed guards at the airport, armed guards at the train stations, armed guards on the train, and they asked for my passport twice, which on previous trips on a train, i had never been asked for my passport. it has 19 student, and two coop students in an twawrt, 30 miles from brussels. they're all, and the family members know they're okay. stay with local 12 news for new information on the brussels terror attacks, we are getting new information today and we will bring you updates on the air, and on facebook and twitter and after 7:00 over at star 64. at local news, a notre dame academy graduate is being remembered today by friends and family in northern kentucky. >> 22-year-old katie stewart fell to her death in a tragic hiking accident over the weekend. and we are joined from st. agus church where a huge turn out is
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good morning, adam. >> reporter: those who knew katie stewart say she was a ray of sunshine, always positive, and encouraging, and she had a laugh that would light up a room as soon as she walked in. that is why it's a big loss for this community. right now it's very much grieving. katie was hiking alone at the lexington, near where she attended transylvania university. what exactly happened next, investigators are still trying to figure out. all they know is that katie sphel from a steep cliff and into the swollen kentucky river below, and died. crews propelled down the cliff to try to recover her body. once in the river the boat capsized. they had to swim to safety but they did eventually recover katie's body. this is a tragedy for the entire notre dame community. right now all she can do and think about katie's twin sister
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>> and katie is not there to help mad line to do anything anymore. she was always, they were always together, you never thought of one without another. >> reporter: now katie's step mom posted on facebook that a go fund me page had been set up by someone for the family, but she says, while they appreciate it, they don't need it and they don't want it. instead any money that goes into that fund will go to where katie would want it to go, and that is the lexington humane society. john, back to you. and adam, thank you, and the visitation of katie stewart set 3:30 at fort wright. it will be followed by her fune alat 7:00. developing now, the conditions on the ohio river are still too dangerous for drivers to try to get to that car that plunged off the cohn tail bridge more than a week ago. they hope to get drivers in the water tomorrow. police say they have been contacted by a family of a man
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that car. happening today hundreds of people are gathering in columbus to try to figure out how to fight ohio's drug addiction epidemic. law enforcement, educators and lawmakers will talk about it. fatal drug over doses have been the leading cause of accidental death in ohio in 2007 surpassing car crashes. happening today it's national severe weather awareness week in ohio. and the weather service is conducting a tornado drill at 9:15 this morning. and they are encouraging schools and student to take part in that tornado drill today. we will see what is known as the queen city cup cal ledge. >> they will play the other queen city, charlotte, north carolina. the cup will be the prize between the cities. they will play charlotte in the home game at the nipper stadium. we will share more about the cup this afternoon with the mayor.
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cincinnati is taking off. >> i'm not big a soccer person but i love to get see a game, a match. >> it's a match. >> yes. >> what do they call the turf. >> in the quick. >> see, i don't know anything. they flyover head and dazzle crowds. the legacy of the blue angels as they celebrate the 70th season
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learning to ride a bike, a you know most of us take learning to ride a bike for granted. >> for a local teenager's family getting a bike is a big deal for all of them. 15-year-old mason was born with a debilitating brain formation, he has never been able to play catch or ride a bike, but his mom has found a bike that works for him. it has straps in the front seat and he is hoping to win it as part of the great bike give away. i enjoy exercising and there's very few types of outdoor activities that i can enjoy with him, and this would be the perfect, the perfect thing for us. >> tallying the votes to win that bike and win that contest. don't forget the links under the news tab on the website.
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to vote for people in great numbers, i hope you do that. >> please, do. 6:41, pulling ahead, and catching up, the twist from the
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hillary clinton and donald trump got big wins this arizona, snot bernie sanders, got big wins, and ted cruz wins, and his win as former gop candidate jeb bush endorsed him for president. sanders says his campaign is more alive now than ever. >> this campaign is doing as well as it is genring the kind of energy and excitement we're seeing here in san diego, and all over this country. there's a month until the next big contest. new york will hold its primary on april 19 and five states will hold the contest on april 26, including maryland and pennsylvania. also new this morning, secretary of state john kerry is headed to moscow for talks on syria, the attacks against brussels is showing how
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hoping to start peace talks, and he want to find out where russia stands over a partial military withdrawal from syria. people who spoke pot for many years end up in lower paying less skilled jobs. they track hundreds of children through adulthood, and found regular users found in a lower class than their parents. the blue angels are about to begin their 70th anniversary of the spectacular flights all over the country. the group of aviators began in 1976, and back in the city of pensacola to rest and train up for the new season. hundreds tracked the aviation museum to capture a glimpse or just say thank you. >> we are ordinary people saying ordinary things. >> i think it shows the young kids in the crowd line, whatever your dream is, we're relying on the people around you and you can get it done. >> the angels and their families get downtime this week, and then 65 shows before the season is
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them. new this morning, cincinnati is one of the best cities to celebrate easter. according to a new study, the queen city came in at number four as the best place to celebrate the holiday. if you're celebrating with the chocolate bunny, eat the ears first, that is how most people prefer to munch on them. 54% of americans think easter eggs should be filled with a mix of candy and toys. 36% say only candy. and despite haters, pete's still get loved, more than half of all americans eat them when they're fresh at 42%, and like them when they're stale. and 8-year-old pete i don't think anybody is eating any -- >> i am willing to 8. >> 8 years old. >> they're still good. >> they are a weapon. >> i am in the 42% of sale people. >> we are going to shoot video.
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>> you can use them as decorations. i got on pinterest, surrounded with some flowers. >> that sounds cute. >> i like that. >> you can use sand varnish. >> that's right. >> take them right off the desk. >> you have to say here to see a really cute weather graphic had a john has, but first jen has a check on traffic. >> reporter: those are really cute. >> bob is going to make a special appearance. >> reporter: he will be back, he is just on vacation. we do have a couple of incidents be minor, or they do appear to be minor, temper at kemp we see flashing light, we see an accident on the i75, to 275. i was watching the camera and they had it turned and showing that the ramp was temporarily dropped, it looks like they were moving the vehicle involved in the accident out of the way. it looks like at that this point that ramp is completely open. i don't think you are to see
6:49 am
pick up in volume, as heavy as you head toward the lockland split. between 27 and the bridge, all typical areas you see john. and nothing out there on the interstates. a good deal, another spring-like today, yesterday we were in the 60s, and we will be back there. >> reporter: there. >> reporter: i did try to fly a kite yesterday. >> how did that workout. >> reporter: it didn't workout. dollar store type kite. >> a lot of folks have been missing bob, so we're going to bring him back right now. we have a special guest right here, gob heart bob, and jen you have been planning the easter egg hunt. we are talking about a chance of rain. partly cloudy, will be mostly cloudy as we go through the day
6:50 am
look at that, highs expected to get in the 70s right now. that is why bob and john as they are hopping around. the weather camera, we have clouds around, breezy weather coming today. dry today but rain is going to move back in the picture tomorrow, and even some storms, a few of those storms tomorrow afternoon could potentially be strong. 54 wind south, southwest at 9, and skies are mostly cloudy, we're going to get up around 60 toot 60at noon. as we look to the sky, you will see more clouds than anything, more clouds will be thin enough for sun through, 54 degrees in cincinnati, there's the extensive warmer air, the storm system out west producing heavy snow in parts of colorado. they have blizzard warnings, and the extend from the blizzard
6:51 am
through minnesota, wisconsin and even into michigan. they are expecting heavy snow up there, for us, we're going to be in the warm side. it's the possibility of severe weather, we look toward nothing on radar right now. there's the storm system kicking out of kansas, colorado later today. heavy snow far to the north for us. we stay dry today, but we see the chance for a shower roll in and a chance for a few showers tomorrow morning. t tomorrow afternoon that we begin to see some thunderstorms as low pressure moves toward michigan dragging the cold front if here. some rain, some storms tomorrow afternoon, and then by tomorrow evening, that front moves east, the rain and storms come to an end, colder weather sweeps in here on friday, but before it gets here, we are in a marginal risk for severe weather across the entire area tomorrow damaging wind would be the main thing that we're looking at here, although hail and even an isolated brief tornado can't be ruled out. we will obviously continue to monitor that for tomorrow.
6:52 am
out of the 40s in the last spot, but by saturday, look at this, sunshine 53, and on easter sunday we're talking 72 degrees. there's a chance for a shower come sunday evening. it looks like most of that rain holds off until monday. mostly cloudy today. 63 wilmington. 64 in batavia. breezy as well. head for a high of 67 at owenton. 65 in alex an drearks and a -- alex an drearks and there's the planning forecast after the rain. tomorrow it's cooler friday and warmer for the weekend but more rain is back on monday even thunderstorms possible there, and some showers may minger into tuesday as -- linger into tuesday as we cool into the 50s early next week. john and sheila. back to you.
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have been singing it we're tracking a news alert. a fire at la rosa's may have the restaurant closed for a week. flames broke out at 50 around 4:00 this morning. here is video we got into the newsroom from the scene. that fire inside of the office took out the computers and it
6:56 am
rosa's at greendale to reopen. family and friends will say goodbye to a 22-year-old graduate. katie stewart was driving, in lexington on saturday. when he she somehow fell. a fund me page was set up on katie's name, they don't need it or want it, and all of the money will be donated to where katie would want it to go to, and that the humane society. the comar that car that plunged off the cohn's dale bridge last week. they have been contacted by the family of a man who they believe was driving the car. happening today, it's national severe weather awareness across the tri-state. and ohio. the non-weather service will conduct a tornado drill today. and they are encouraging schools and businesses to take part in the tornado drill.
6:57 am
world war ii air tunnel open for first time in decades. ahead on "good morning cincinnati" on star 64, a preview of the first cirque did he dusoleil show. and. a while back, we talked about the biggest ear worms of our time, the songs that you can't get out of your head. it turns out that um ha by hanson. >> it came out in 1996. and too many people have tried to cover that song. everyone has been singing it wrong. >> 35-year-old isaac says everybody is singing is wrong and not putting the emphasis on the ba. advanced recovery right, bruno mars, because when bruno does something, he brings the house with him. he does it right. >> i could totally see him doing that song, too. >> isn't that funny? >> yeah.
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pete's out, because jen agreed to do an experiment. >> some in the next two hours we
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the heart of the european union today is rocked to its core. right now a manhunt is under way for the bombmaker suspected in the brussels and paris terror attacks. >> yesterday's bombing killed more than 30 people and injured more than 200. we share the stories of several american survivors.


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