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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 8, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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did he have a reaction to that? >> good. >> five.ll about fashion, ladies. cutouts, low backs and pant suits are on trend. who you are wearing? >> stella. >> gorgeous. it's comfortable. >> i brought out a major trend tonight. >>'s raining in l.a. we still like to show some skin. >> and finally, random pairings. over at the after party, dr. phil with amma rose.r kenny with real housewife
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ye that's right.together way back when. >> i played a transvestite. >> the movie is called "never too young to die." now 2 1/2 men won four people's choice awar air. charlie sheen was nominated four times but never won.harlie made news back in november when he announced he's h.i.v.-positive. dr. oz was in the background counseling charlie before that big moment. and now as charlie is ready to move forward as one of the most famous faces of hiv in the entire world, dr. oz remains by >> tell me about a dream you had once when you were 28. >> in the dream i saw myself across the room. i had a sign around my neck. and it said aids. >> a scary premonition 22 years ago. now 50, charlie is looking fit, his neighborhood with the man who has become his mentor. >> charlie is looki answers in his own life, making oing that's a difficult voyage. how scared are you?ease chose the wrong person.
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new york hotel with charlie's er this announcement to matt lauer. >> i'm here to admit that i am h.i.v.-positive. >> though not treating charlie, onally. and their new interview airs next week. >> there is something that he needed to keep focusing on, the alcohol being a good example. but the treatment for hiv is so effective a normal life expectancy. >> charlie reportedly kicked the booze and taken up yoga and appears to be committed to living healthier. >> he made mistakes. he has unique ability to bounce back in just about anything. >> it's going to be the most difficult thing that i investor tried to tackle. >> great sheen. we're all rooting or him and hopefully he can keep it up. this sunday, we'll be swimming with all the stars at the golden maybe literally. it is expected to rain all week long in l.a.ent down to globe central this morning where contingency plans are in the works. >> the weather is. how are you going to preserve the $10,000 dresses >> it's a test.
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sorry.some of the dresses cost more than the fence. >> another major concern at the beverly hilton, security.keep stars protected. >> we've seen a very good system in place. and there are some tools and new procedures that we have established.ashers are not going to get in. about it. >> and the new presenter >> just before we came on aty perry is presenting best song. >> one person we'll see here, leo. he was in new york last night. >> the globes is a lot of fun.dinner, drinks. people in your industry. it's more of a hangout session.d friday and leo is already a front runner to win a gold globe for best actor and getting a lot of buzz for that griz >> we wanted to do something
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like virtual reality for the audience. they were witnessing something they shouldn't be witnessing.l be talking about that sequence for a while. >> that scene is amazing. good luck to leo. meanwhile, new presenters are announced. one of my favorites. >> i know you're talking about ez. >> she's presenting. lady gaga will be there and empire stars. >> c jennifer lopez wears. kevin hart will be there, too. coming up, kevin and ice cube hook me up on the details of the "ride along" stunt when they were with conan o'brien.ld ride. >> does she really get >> come on, man.ce. >> are you wearing a wire? >> that's ahead. and tomorrow, david hasslehoff is here. we're talking about the new
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"bay watch" movie.e going to make a fufun of my life. that's what life is about.
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we're first on the set. what did i say i want o do
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what did i say i want to do with the wedding? >> leave it in my hands. >> that kevin hart, he is a smart man. he may not be tall in stature he is marrying his long time girlfriend. right now he is focused on spreading the word about "ride part of the promotion is a skit he did with conan o'brien. >> you had a heck of a ride. does she really get high?> man, look. you're the police! >> this is like a cheech and chong movie. crack your window or we'e. >> we're going to jail.
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time? >> can you not, not have fun with this dude. we got our beards on beard? come on. >> i called you.tting it or leaving it? grew. now you're looking at kevin hart, the action of action star, olivia mun is along for this ride along. she's also been posting her workouts on line as she gears up >> she can kick kevin's butt. >> i think i would bring a little something to it.
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who is already turned olivia's mom kim into a packer's fan. >> let him know, asians love rs. that is the big worry to him. she's like, you know, people areog talking about aaron rodgers. >> yeah, forget winning the nfl mvp.the vietnamese blogs. ice cube, a big honor coming his way. his revolutionary rap group will be inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame on april 8th. congratulations to cube and the guys. "x files." >> we suck.g one day at a time schneider.akes over as the mayor of l.a. how will he handle our tough ques >> talk about the drought. how often do you water your lawn?
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it's so creepy good. the x box phenomenon.assionate about the show. >> which is one of the reasons it's coming back. >> it is the first on set. they're getting another chance to crack those crazy super natural cases and good luck with that. >> i never solve one case.t of all time. >> we must have sold one. we suck. >> the truth is still out there. they're back for a episode event. >> yeah?m here. >> your character, what was it like getting back into her? was it easy?ld ask me. that. >> oh, yeah.
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how did i do? >> it wasn't easy at all. etween nine and 19 million viewers tuned in each week for their x files fix. >> i spent more time with them y whole life, i could say. aside from my parents. so, you know, you got to be careful.d get hurt. >> what? >> she was 25 at the time. and "e.t." was there for all the monsters mysteries. one thing they can count on, more sculley cat talk. >> i was asdn't miss that lingo. you must be using your every day language. >> of course. she has a lot of medical stuff and scie do. >> they give you that crap. >> you have the share of being tortured. >> i do. >> every episode. literally tortured. >> and i just faint apparently and lose my gun all the time. >> there is dangerous. >> he does it so w rtant thing. am i right? well, here is a man who really can do it all. james cordon.
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he's an awesome late night host.s do as leader of the second largest city in america? michelle turner was there as we found out. >> i am the man late show host gives l.a.'s real mayor eric garsetti the day off as one of james take a break segments. >> entertainment tonight, thank you f the day began with a takeover at city hall. >> how often do you talk to batman? >> what is this one?ornia flag. >> this should be like k kardashian. >> his platform sounds a little extreme. >> it's a law where you can onlytake one selfie a week. >> i'm going to close the link yonz. >> you have done anything besides put the sash on and press conference? >> that's all it is, isn't it? nothing to do. the first thing i did is get me obama on the phone.
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>> talk about the ur lawn? >> okay. i know what you're talking b ng about ryan seacrest. >> we're spotting a revolution today.not! >> hey now. take it easy with my man james. he's important property to cbs. this is it >> sad news today, pat on "one day at a time" passed away after a long battle with and, of course, the hearts of audiences everywhere. one day at a time >> this toast from valerie says he's always made me laugh. that is more than apparent during our set visit in 1983.ul. it was. it was delightful.
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always thought he was god's gift to women. >> well, here i am. >> creator norman leer called pat the comic strength of the show. >> there are things that i guess i have in common with schneider.ting. you got a ride home? seriously, folks. >> pat started his career with big stars like robert redford and elvis presley. but it was schneider that won >> i was really hoping i would get it. i wasn't sure. belt, pat told us it's in the smithsonian. >> i sold it to the smith sewnon one tool at a time. ladies in this building don't er for nothing. >> pat once said his character o_v on "one day at a time" was ally ment to be a lesh.
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became more amorous becaus just has a certain respect for women. in our entertainm tonight birthdays, which oscar winner auditions for the lead role in "risky business"? are you ready? jeff bridges, nicolas cagesean penn? >> nick cage right here. >> okay, we'll find out.
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e a streak scene in almost every scene. >> it's all online at time for the answer. which auditioned for the lead siness". >> nicolas cage. >> first right answer in weeks. who got the part, of course? tom cruise. nicholas won a golden globe. golden globes, we're deep it in this sunday. we're with all the stars that are hoping to add a globe to
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take care, everybody. >> the moment has finally arrived.>> i'm going to celebrate. >> only "e.t." has the best golden globes. your front row seat to the fashion.enal. >> and what you didn't see during the show. >> wow! >> stars unfiltered in the ng all night. >> at which timer is going to
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breaking news tonight, a roller coaster plunge on wall street. global shock waves from a market meltdownchina. why is it hitting us here? sinking 401(k)s, millions of americans nervous about their money. relentless, trump unleashes perhaps his most personal attack on the clintons yet. trapped underground. an all-night rescue mission to save 17 rs, hundreds of feet beneath the earth after something went very wrong. what you eat. controversy tonight over what's in and red meat, eggs, now okay? not with everyone. and the can opener, a nickname for a crash after crash
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an internet sensation. why aren't drivers getting the heads-up?htly news" begins now. good evening. it is a small world. no one knows that better than knows who watch the value of their savings and retirement accounts drop today. all because of china's economic problems. the dow's 392-point drop today brings losses for the four trading days of the new year to 911 points or more than 5%. if it has us asking if can trigger those kind of losses in this country, what does it say about the health of our economy? nbc's anne thompson finds out. >> reporter: another bungee jump for the nation's stock market. the dow plummeting more than 300 points at the open, bouncing back in the late plunge again by early
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what has traders and investors grabbing fistfuls is theslowing growth in china, the world's second largest economy. today trading on china's stock market halted for the second time this week after a major sell-off. think it's premature to be overly concerned. financial markets are fickle. i think in the end, fundamentals are ters for the u.s. economy. our fundamentals are rock solid. >> reporter: the housing market. still the chaos in china is fueling the u.s.'s markets to the worst year everrinking the 401(k) by 2% today, losing about $4,000 this january is a prom barometer for the future. predicting with 87% accuracy what the market will do the rest of the year. one more reason main ds to watch wall street. anne thompson, nbc news, new york.
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hope of cnbc's "mad money." go up and down. people feeling nervous right now. what do you tell them? >> panic never made anybody a dime.otally understand why people would be concerned. china is a huge economy. a lot of the united states is good but our companies that do a lot of business in a, particularly manufacturing aren't doing well. i think there are some stocks that are not good to have. i'm not in a hurry tommit new capital to this market. >> jim cramer tonight, thanks. we'll see you for cnbc's special coverage "markets in turmoil." turmoil. "7:00 p.m. eastern time. donald trump unleashed an attack on hillary and bill clinton. tonight tens of thousands are expected at a trump rally at a venue that can only hold 400,000.
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the unlike lest of places, burlington, vermon sanders' country. giving out 20,000 free tickets to a 1,400 capacity seater, 163 steps away from sanders' own campaign headquarters. if this was a different event -- >> like a phish concert -- >> we would cancel it. >> reporter: trying to prove his crossover appeal while atabbing the democratic front-runner. >> i want to start focusing on hillary. >> john: releasing this instagram ad insinuating hillary clinton isn't a supporter of women. >> women's rights are human rights. >> reporter: kristen welker was on the trail today with bill clinton in iowa. >> donald trump is again today making an issue of your past transgressions. do you want to respond? are you worried your past could hurt your wife's campaign? >> i don't have any response. if he wins the nomination, we'll have plenty of time to talk about it. >> reporter: trump
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doubts about ted cruz' eligibility. free legal advice to get a declare try judgment. john mccain is agreeing. >> i think there is a question. i'm not a constitutional scholar on that. but i think it's worth looking into. >> reporter: cruz responded, mccain's comments came as no surprise. >> i'm not going to take legal advice from donald trump. >> reporter: in vermont, the trump show is drawing a big crowd, but not necessarily a loyal one. >> we want trump out of our town. >> reporter: first in line at 4:30 this morning when it was only 15 degrees out, mark conrad, a supporter of, you guessed it, bernie sanders. only in vermont would a democrat be the first in line to see donald trump. >> i expected people to be here. >> reporter: so why is donald trump here? the state votes on march 1st. you can say look at the massive crowd i can draw here right under bernie sanders' nose. vermont used to be a reliably red state, only voting for a democrat once since
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in 1992, they voted for bill clinton and it's been blue ever since. >> katy, thank you. tonight families across the country sit down to dinner, there is new controversy over the american diet. the government is out with new guidelines, the first update in five years over what we should eat and what we should avoi this year there is a big push for all of us to cut back on america's sugar addiction. as tom costello reports, not everyone is happy about surprises left off the warning list. >> reporter: with a registered dietician in the home, they are already focused on foods. >> a little bit of beans. government's top health experts said most americans can do better. among the dietary recommendations, cut way back on sugar. hidden in everything from pre-packaged soups to salad dressing to pasta sauce. can contain the equivalent of a candy bar in sugar. >> when you're cooking
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