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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  January 9, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EST

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thank you so much for @joining us on this saturday, @january 9th, 2016: have ng 2016? @a lot of people are still stuck @in 2015, i am one of them. @we have a lot of cloud cover @out there this morning, but @have you opened the @open the door, it smells like @spring. @i love that smell in the air. @>> and i suspect a lot going to be having
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@>> we have the clouds pushing y, in fact, you @can see most of us are in the @clear. @there are a few pockets of the @moisture still around, @particularly to the north and are seeing the opportunity @for some showers going into @later on this afternoon. are @going to see our temperatures @moving into the 40s. @we are sit inning the mid 40s @and i think some of us will @make it close to @mark later on this afternoon. @the big changes are coming @tomorrow. @we will keep the mild @temperatures coming, but once @the mild temperatures come rain is turning to @snow. @i have been tracking the @progress soming our way and i @will let you know how much of ng in the next @report. @>> thank you so much.
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@breaking news out of canton ning where an often @involved shooting' took place @overnight. @what have the police told you @so far? @>> reporter: well, right now, @we are outside of the @county veterinarian emergency @clinic where jethro is being @treated inside. @multiple officers are here as k9 units. @they are telling me the k-9 @officer was shot three re trying to stable its @him right now, but they are @worried about brain damage. @they are waiting to check him @this all started about five @miles away at fischers, this is @a grocery store. @around 1:00, there was arm that went off. @so when the officers responded
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@in and checked it walking into the @suspect. @the suspect fired his gun, @hitting the the officers ended up returning @fire. @they ended up finding the @suspect in a yard nearby. @he had in his @leg and they took him to the @hospital to be treated. @they haven't released his name @at this point, so we are @working to get that. @at this time, we know the ficer is going well. @we are checking on jethro. @he is not in the clear yet, but @they are going to be out here @with all of @his handler says he has been @with him since he was 18 months @old, a pretty close @relationship and all of supporting him @like he is one of their own. @>> thank you.
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@the police have called in @rescue teams to help with an ion of o -- @investigation of human remains @being found. @officers responded yesterday @after @recovery. @ @ we talked to neighbors @around there who say they saw @the human were taking pictures, but @we have chosen not to share @them with you because the @police have decided not to yet. @the skull was found on the @sidewalk. @it appeared blackened and @charred. @there was no skin attached to @it was found outside of an hay @ban donned home that had been @empty for ame out and i was looking @down the street and everyone @was looking at something on the @ground.
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@skull on it was creepy. @i mean, i couldn't believe it. @everybody was looking at it @around talking about was it a @person and was it real or not, @but it was real. @>> as you can tell, the @witnesses we talked to were @pretty shaken up along with the @others who witnessed it. @andrew horansky throe poll gist @will -- an an throe poll gist @will be checking it out. @ employees will be checking @out of u.s. steel and public @steel without the guarantee of @punching back in. @hilary golston looks into how @we got here. @she discovered the community is @focused on a positive future. @>> reporter: overcast and
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@of a town with the loss of 461 @steel jobs with no guarantee of @them coming back. @>> one jock at a time @sometimes, that's what it @takes, but we are getting @there. @>> reporter: piece by piece. @>> reporter: piece by pice. @>> reporter: the -- piece. @>> reporter: the area has @changed. @>> yea, we are changing. @we have had our issues. @we are very resilient, but we @keep coming back. @>> reporter: one car has been @revamped, used as an inner @takenment -- entertainment @venue. @>> that is the biggest crowd we @have had here. @>> reporter: and there was @shipping. @big shipping. @american shipbuilding once @employed 1000 people. @>> those are condos.
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@as a place of great retail. @>> reporter: broadway that @looked like this in the 1950s @looks like this today. @>> so, when people are making @money and people are able to @buy things, then retail is @great. @>> reporter: looking at the @landscape is still being @painted. @hilary golston, channel 3 news. @>> now, let's turn to the @reason for all of the lay offs, @from a bigs drop of the oil and @gas drill tog the flooding in @of steel from other countries. @tom barris explains the change. @>> reporter: remember when a @predicted gush of move was @going to lead to the ohio boom. @well, the gush was more of a @trickle. @we don't need all of the pipes @that had the steel plants @running. @the demand for steel tapped @out.
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@fight a losing battle against @cheap foreign steel. @china, the global steel making @giant makes more steel than all @of the other countries combined @and sells it for less than it @takes to make it here. @u.s. steel makers complained to @commerce and trade groups which @battle against other count @tries, but lose the war. @this is a worldwide leader. @he worked for old and new when @he started. @>> probably around 18,000 @people worked here at that @time. @>> reporter: it was hard, @physical work. @>> yes, very much so.
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@just captured lots of @attention. @area steel makers can't compete @with the deck now stacked @against against them. @tom beres reporting. @>> 2016's overall economic out @look is not that strong and @there are some trying times @ahead for northeast ohio steel @companies and steel workers. @we will continue to follow @those stories. @ it is the largest lottery @jackpot in history. @the frenzy has pushed the prize @to over $800 million. @the odds of winning are more @than 1 in 292 million. @we are going to put it in @perspective here. @you have a better chance of @being struck by an asteroid or @becoming president of the @united states, but that's not @stopping power ballplayers. @>> you can go to a movie, or @buy tickets. @it's having a great time. @>> that's the great thing about @the lottery, you just never @know. @>> if no one hits today, @wednesday's jackpot will be
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@the winners can either take the @lump sum, or spread the money @over years. @let's hope we have that @problem. @ coming up, former president @bill clinton will be in the @area. @find out how much the tickets @are going for. @ and lamar was moved to a @hospital. @see how his family says he is
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@ @ welcome back, one of the
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@the world has been captured @again. @the infamous mexican drug lord @is back in custody six months @after his escape from a maximum @security prison. @the question now, will he @finally be extradited to the @u.s.? @>> reporter: these are the @first pictures of the drug lord @since he escaped six months ago @in handcuffs and in a dirty t- @shirt. @officials say he was arrested @by marines after a tip he was @hiding there. @after a shoot out in which @authorities say five suspects @were killed and a marine @injured. @his arrest with high phrase the @american dea says he was @protected on the run.
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@protection from the population @there from corrupt government @officials. @>> reporter: news of his @capture was announced by the @mexican president in spanish @saying we have him. @he is assaying this confirms @the strength of the mexican @government. @he scaped last july on a @move dirt. @>> he may have moved the dirt a @little bit to come through the @tunnel to escape. @>> reporter: it was a major @embarrassment by the mexican @government. @>> it was the most important @thing the mexican government @could do to save face with the @rest of the world. @>> reporter: will the mexicans @hold him again, or honor the @united states request to
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@it's widely believed he could @not escape again from an @american prison. @mark potter, nbc news, mime @nigel. @ let's turn -- miami. @ let's turn now to the @campaign trail. @former president bill clinton @will attend a fundraiser later @on tonight. @he will attend with a @tremendous donor in ohio. @for around $400 you can get a @photo with mr. clinton. @ donald trump made a back @stab blunder when addressing @the war. @trump said he didn't want to go @to war, but that clinton and @paul voted in favor of going to @war, except paul wasn't there
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@paul was elected governor in @2010, but the vote took place @in 2002. @>> i am a reasonable man who @said i didn't want to go into @iraq. @hillary voted for it. @i think rand paul maybe, but it @doesn't matter. @i think he might have been @there. @>> trump also paused for some @hecklers in the crowd calling @it rude. @ a statement released by @odem's family says lamar @continues to make remarkable @strides. @he was found unconscious in @october at a brothel. @he had multiple drug ins his @system according to those who
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@ new frontier flights are @being added. @see where you can go for your @next get away. @ we are off to a mild start, @but fog in the area so @visibility is down. @we will sit here in the 40s, @near 50 degrees until the @bottom drops out. @i will let you know when the @snow is arriving in your full
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@ @ are you planning a get @away? @get this, frontier airlines @announced that it's adding new @direct flight res from @cleveland. @you can now fly direct to los @angeles, philadelphia, @portland, oregon and san @francisco. @fares are going to start as low @as $59. @april. @they will continue flights to @seattle. @go ahead and make your plans as @calendar. @we are having amazing weather. @bad. @>> when you think of the fact @that winter started last month @and we are just now get intoog
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@so far. @>> i know. @>> no complaints here. @we are going to see a return @for winter starting tomorrow @afternoon. @brace yourself, it's coming. @the planner for today is an @easy one. @we have some moisture so there @will be showers on and off, but @overall, mild temperatures. @we will take it up to 50 @degrees later on this @afternoon, and definitely see @some spatterings of activity @later on. @most of the activity is around @the center of the city. @we are seeing a little bit off @to the east, but for most of @us, it's going to be a pretty @decent afternoon. @come even time, that's when we @are going to start to see some @changes. @the evening forecast, we will @definitely see our temperatures @move on into the 40s, or about @45 degrees or so, and we will @definitely see more of that
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@overnight. @get out and take care of @anything you need to do today, @this is the best of the two @this weekend. @we are tracking a much larger @system down to the south. @you can see where the warm air @is moving in. @temperatures in the 40s, 50s, @60s, but that cold air is @swinging on in. @it's going to take some time to @get here, be u this time @tomorrow, you are going to @notice a stark difference. @the second system will really @pack a punch in the start of @the workweek and beyond. @here's a look at the seven-day @forecast. @mild today, we pull in a little @bit more of the moisture this @afternoon. @i think we will be okay at @dinner time, even as we hit @midnight. @that's when we will see more of @the steadier rain. @then we are tracking the frigid @air as it pushes in late @morning tomorrow, i would say
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@between 9:00 a.m. @and 11:00 a.m. @starting with the western sub @burn r bushes and then -- @suburbs and then all snow, even @some lake effect bands. @today, a little bit of fog this @morning, but the window nation @seven-day forecast is going to @see a tumble. @once we switch over to snow on @saturday and pull that colder @air in, moving into our monday @and tuesday forecast the frigid @air is going to stick around. @in fact, once we get blow @freezing, we are going to stay @that way for several days. @the good news is we will have @at least one dry day toward the @middle of the week, but it's @going to be a tough stretch. @>> yeah, and we are going to @have to keep an eye on the @morning commutes. @that's what everyone has been @greatful for. @whether you love the snow or @the warmer weather, the morning
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@>> that's an important factor. @>> thank you. @it's never too early to sign up @for your i alert school @closings or delays. @the very moment your school @closes, you get a text alert to @your phone. @ the american guidelines @about what you should be eating @and what you should avoid is @out. @this year, it's a focus on @cutting back on america's sugar @addition. @as we are hearing, not everyone @is happy about what's left off @of the list. @>> reporter: with a registered @dietitian in the family, they @are already focused on eating @what is good for you. @we are hearing that americans
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@it's hid l in many things. @one jar of pasta sauce can @include the amount of sugar in @a candy bar. @>> it's important to reduce @sugar intake as much as @possible. @>> reporter: today, the @guidelines want sugar to make @up no more than 10% of your @daily calories. @a lot less salt as well. @>> you should think about what @you should do to eat and @prevent diseases and cut on @health care costs. @>> reporter: the critics are @saying that the cuts are not @enough, looking at cutting @foods in high cholesterol. @the american institute for @cancer research says they are @dismayed that lobbying efforts @has an impact.
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@of recommendations that are not @impacted in any undue way, but @voices. @>> reporter: indeed, the sugar @consumption. @a healthier diet one plate at a @time. @ still to come, businesses @with shops and places to live @is going up in northeast ohio. @find out where the latest @project is going up, we will
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@ @ i am excited about seeing a @little bit of snow. @it would be my first snow in @cleveland, but, i understand @for those who want to keep @these mild temperatures a @little bit longer and i think i @can make you a deal. @today will be a mild one for
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@most of the fog is moving out. @we have the mild temperatures @that is moving in. @there will be rain chances so @keep the umbrella in reach and @we will definitely see a @transition tonight to snow on @sunday. @so, enjoy the mild temperatures @and we are pushing toward 50 @later on today. @i will give you more details on @just how soon the wintery @precipitation will be moving in @and how long it will be @sticking around. @>> thank you so much. @ now to breaking news out of @canton this morning where an @officer involved shooting took @place overnight. @alyssa raymond is live in @canton for us. @shooting there. @>> reporter: well, jethro, the @k9 is being treated inside this @emergency clinic and one of the
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@us he is doing better than we @thought this morning. @he is not out of the woods yet. @we are told he was shot at @least three times. @they are worried about brain @damage. @they are trying to get the @swelling to go down and see @what kind of surgery they need @to do. @this all started around 1:00. @24-s what happened. @there was a burglar alarm that @went off at fishers. @they ran into a suspect and the @suspect' ended up firing and @the k9 arches was shot. @the suspect fired at the @officers -- officers we are @told none of them were hit. @the officers ended up finding @the suspect in a yard nearby @and he did have a gunshot wound @to the leg.
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@where he is recovering from his @injuries. @you can see back here live at @the veterinary emergency clinic @there so many officers here who @are worried about how this k-9 @officer, jethro is doing. @we are told he is one of seven @k k-9s that they have. @he is 100-pounds. @he is a pretty close member of @the police department. @we are told people are coming @by with donuts and drinks @helping them out. @a lot of them are saying they @are going to be here all @weekend making sure that jethro @is okay and he is going to make @it out of this okay. @back to you in the studio. @>> thank you for keeping us up @to date. @ well, the popular ride @service uber has announced it @is dropping ride services in 80 @miles per hour cities beginning @today.
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@cities with the price drops. @ you may notice a bunch of @construction when you drive by @harper road on i-271. @when the work is done, a new @mixed development will be a new @place to live, work and place. @brandon simmons is showing us @what's coming to the area of @pine crest. @>> reporter: right now, it's @nothing but dirt and a wall, @but soon, this will be home to @retailers, office workers and @travelers who stop by. @>> it's mixed building that @will contain approximately 90 @high end luxury apartments @above this building. @a 100 boutique hotel in this @building. @>> reporter: chris is the @leader of this group. @pine crest sits across from the @highway of the world heed
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@medical center. @>> we actually think that our @competition and our competitors @in this market are an asset. @>> reporter: aseed from the @apartments and the luxury @hotel, it also includes retail @space including a theater and @rti. @>> cleveland is hot again. @it's hot again, you know. @for whatever reason, cleveland @was on the no list in the past. @>> reporter: the stores will @open in 2017 offering a new fun @place for everyone. @>> reporter: in orange village, @brandon simmons, channel 3 @news. @>> thank you, brandon. @ the cavs continued their @winning ways last night. @we have the latest from dave. @hi, dave. @ hi everyone, the cavs
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@d, so look out everybody. @last night, they won their @sixth straight game. @kevin love back to minnesota @for the second time. @he received the boos. @the guy they traded loves to @play the lave years. @-- cavaliers. @the lead quickly evacuated. @love, a big night. @a pass from lebron. @he had 23 with the big time @jam. @what a shooting night last @night. @10-12 shooting. @hitting five triples. @lebron, now. @the great cake just before @halftime. @the cavs up 16 at the break. @lebron's 16 points, 12 @rebounds, 8 assists. @the cavs have won 12-14. @they are 25-9. they are at @philadelphia tomorrow. @i think we can project that
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@guess we can wait and see. @ the browns conducted @yesterday. @it was day three of the @coaching search and the browns @interviewed henderson. @coached with the browns from @2009 to 20-11. @the play -- 2011. @the players seemed to enjoy @playing for him. @tomorrow, the browns will @interview the defensive @coordinator of the panthers, @that's shawn mcdermitt you see @there. @he will not only interview with @the browns, but tampa bay. @his defenses have been top 10 @in the last four years. @jackson is a popular guy. @he will interview with the @browns on sunday as well, but @also the 49ers. @a very interesting report said
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@the san francisco 49ers job @pending his interview. @he coached in the bay area with @oakland. @ this isn't good news, @others are moving in on the @bear's coach. @they will not be interviewing @hugh jackson. @we will continue to monitor @this for you and i will have @the latest coming up at 6:00 @and 11:00. @don't forget sports tonight @tomorrow night, we have you @covered. @have a great weekend, @everybody. @>> thank you, dave. @ coming up, it is yoga with @a twigs. @we are going to -- twist. @we are going to introduce you @to booti yoga coming up on
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@ @ lrt, it is the new -- it @was, it is the new year and you @have probably resolved to get @healthier. @how how many of you have tried @yoga and thought it was just @stretching? @well, booti yoga is new to the @area. @this is my friend carmell. @thank you for being here. @>> thank you for having me. @>> how is this different?
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@it can bring about empowerment @for women, bringing women @together and making you feel @more confident as well as @giving you amazing abs and @glutes. @>> i have seen some of the @video, but have not been to @your class which makes me a bad @friend. @>> we are doing the traditional @yoga and a powerful recovery. @>> well, show us the moves. @i will try what i can. @i am in heels and a dress, so @there's only so much i can do. @>> we will start with a @straddle position. @i am going to do a little bit @because we are short on time. @it's beat driven. @we are going to do some dynamic @moves here.
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@do you get card owe involved? @>> we involve card owe for @sure. @i will do a chair pose here. @we will do a lot of spiraling @with the hips. @we are bringing in the core. @for the plyometrics, we are @going to move to the downward @dog and we are going to include @jumping jacks and we are going @to move to planks and we are @going to hold that wide and go @to opposite knee to opposite @elbow and i am already starting @to sweat here. @>> and it's not just the hot @light ins the studio. @[ laughter ] @>> no. @a lot of people may be at home @watchingened ingened -- @watching and just trying to get @back in shape. @what do you recommend for
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@>> there are definitely all @levels. @i gained 60-pounds with my @pregnancy. @we ate a lot of pizza and ice @cream during pregnancy. @[ laughter ] you can watch and @see how it feels with your body @and everytime you go, you start @to improve for and before you @know it, you are holding a @plank for five minutes. @>> and booti is new. @>> i have four permanent @classes on the schedule right @now and i have two workshops @coming up. @>> before you go, what is the @biggest difference that you @have noticed since starting @booti because i have known you @for years and this is the best @shape i have seen you in which @is why i wanted you here. @what is the biggest difference?
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@all of the core work. @i don't just mean sit ups. @all of the planks that we do @are total body toners and yes, @they are not fun to do, but @they get you strong. @>> carmella, thank you for @being here. @>> thank you. @>> we are going out for coffee @soon. @[ laughter ] @ coming up, we are going to @show you a preview of the @golden globe awards coming up @tonight. @here's a look at the forecast. @ well, we have a nice day on @tap. @the moisture was up, but there @has been some improvement. @i amtraking changes on the -- i @amtracks changes on the way. @rain changes over to snow. @i will lay out the timing for @you when channel 3 news
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@ @ the magical world of disney @has arrived in cleveland. @last night was opening night @for "disney ice." @this year celebrates 100 years @and features a cast of more @than 100 dancers. @the audience gets to see their
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@of course, mick ky and minny -- @appearance. @i have a lot of friends taking @their kids. @and we are in for a chill, @right? @ the chill is coming our @way, the good news is that it's @going to hold off for about 24 @hours and that is it. @the piper. @[ laughter ] @>> maximizing your day may be @very wise. @you can sit at home tomorrow @when the snow is falling. @>> exactly. @>> we have some moisture moving @in overnight, but you can see @on the radar we are fairly @quiet right now. @i think most of the moisture @has been abated for the next @several hours. @we are bringing in moisture, @but we are keeping the @temperatures very mild. @it's quite unusual to see the @temperatures at near 50 degrees
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@mid to upper 40s for the rest @of the area. @a pretty good start to the @weekend, but things are @definitely going to change. @you see all of that cold air @off to is west? @it is behind the next system @that's going to sag to the @south and the east and @definitely open the door for @the cooler air. @any time you see 37 degrees in @las vegas, you know it's some @kind of cold coming in our @direction. @on the satellite, you can see @the system across the gulf @coast, it's still spinning and @pumping up that gulf moisture. @that's what's going to keep us @with the rain chances later on @morning. @as this moves on up to the @north and the east, then it @opens the door for the colder @air. @more frigid air means the rain @snow. @here's a look at the forecast. @basically clouds this
9:41 am
@heavier downpours going towards @sun rides, but look off to the @west. @that is the rain-snow line and @it should be sliding in early @tomorrow morning. @the window of time to be aware @of is between about 7:00 a.m. @to 10:00 a.m. @that's when our western zones @will start to see the first @snow flakes. @that will transition area wide @with the snow continuing @through most of the day and @even following that up with @lake effect snow bands later @on. @overall, i think you will like @your saturday, enjoy the mild @temperatures while we have @them. @the snow could be around an @inch, some up to two inches. @overall, i think we will get @through this without too much @of a hick up. @things will change as we get @beyond that system. @notice the temperature drop
9:42 am
@the temperature drop is @significant. @we are in the teens overnight @and we are going to stay that @way through the week. @>> it's hard to remember this @is the norm. @last year, we are in the @negative temperatures. @we are due for it. @thank you so much. @ well, today marks a turning @point when it comes to price @drops. @we are looking at the last @chance bargains. @>> reporter: great to be with @you this morning. @your one last chance for huge @savings as we celebrate the @best of 2015 and take a look at @your clearance deals. @these were the hottest items @purchased over the holidays. @now, you might have seen the @beats in my hands. @i am pairing these with a pair
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@a huge -- ear buds. @if you got a tablet over the @holidays, this is an amazing, @amazing deal. @now, if you missed any of the @coverage i had for you, i want @to remind you that beginning @this monday on the morning @show, we are going to have so @many other cool deals. @virtual reality head sets under @$40, just one of the many items @i have had a chance to test. @if you missed any of them, dash @cams are a great deal at 50%- @60% off and more savings for @gadgets as i make my way back @from vegas. @it's been an honor to spend any @time with you this weekend. @back to you. @>> thank you so much. @ we are going to have a @final look at the forecast in @just a minute, and also a look @at the golden globe @preparations that are
9:44 am
@ @ the stage is skeet for the @73rd annual golden globe @awards. @the three hour ceremony will @take place at the beverly hills @hotel in hollywood. @comedian ricky gervais is @hosting the awarding for the @fourth time. @you know he is going to say @something crazy. @the awards celebrate the best
9:45 am
@ and we are just one day @away from the golden globes. @tune in for a special newscast @at 5:00 followed by nightly @news. @then you get a live look at @6:00 followed by the stars @arriving at 7:00. @then all of the action starts @at 8:00. @of course, if you fall asleep @early, we will have all of the @highlights on monday morning @because i am one of those in @bed by 8:00. @we are loving today. @ we are. @whether you go for the netflix @bench, or the -- binge or the @golden globes, the temperatures @are going to take a tumble. @>> thank you so much for @joining us this morning. @we will be back at 6:00 @tonight. @remember to check out the @latest on for all of
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