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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ lake geauga and ashtabula @counties are under a lake @affect snow advisory, e pected @to last until noon. @ will ujek is live, keeping @an eye on the roads. @holly, you are tracking not @just today's snow but an issue @for tomorrow morning you were @saying. @>> another storm system to @track. @the lake affect snow advisory
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@expires early, we will let you @know. @it's a go. @we got a lot of snow over the @lake, some of is moving inland, @most of this is close to the @lake shore. @those of you that are lake @shore lake or ashtabula county @have the best possibility of @seeing snow, flurries inland as @we seem choser in, you will see @from the north side of mentor, @over towards painsville, north @madison, we got the snow @showers coming down. @it's real hit and miss outside @of that. @you are all dealing with today @is the bitter cold. @it is, temperatures are in the @teens now, we are going to end @up in the 20s for highs today. @never going to feel like it. @we got blustery winds, 15-20 @miles an hour, sustained. @windchills at this time are @zero to minus 10. @that's what it feels like. @those are the important numbers @to make sure you are aware of @as you are getting the kids @ready for the bus stop and @yourself ready for work.
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@danny and i will have a couple @of busy days. @>> reporter: we are ready to @take this week on. @looking great on the traffic @map. @we are still accident free and @delay free. @let's look outside, south west @and east, you can be prepared @for what you can expect. @i-77, greensburg road. @to the south, it looks great. @no problems for you there, to @the east, we are green, despite @the snow showers, here is the @picture on 480, warrensville @center road. @this usually gets busy in the @6:30 hour. @everything looks great, on the @west side, i-90, west 117th @street. @i will let you know, it is @great on the roads so far, but @be careful because the roads @are slick due to the snow @showers. @ we are continuing to see @the lake affect snow coat the @area. @especially on the east side. @>> let's check in with will @ujek. @he is checking out the @conditions.
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@>> reporter: up here along the @lake this, is mentor, on lake @shore, it gets worse up here as @far as snow coming down in @parts of the road covered @earlier, we were down on 290, @down south on the east side, @there was almost spitting off @and on the roads were pretty @good. @the closer you get to the lake, @you can see the snow starting @to come down, some dicey @sections of the road up here on @lake shore, around the mentor @region. @heading east, see what it gets @like out there, the traditional @snow belts in the northeast @part of the state, we are @expecting more, we are @expecting more for a while, not @out of the woods for a while. @we will keep you updated the @things we see here. @collecting in, in a half hour @-- checking in, in a half hour. @ we are following a @developing story, out of canton @this morning, a police canine
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@over the weekend. @we could learn about the @suspect in the coming days. @tiffany tarpley joins us live @from the department. @jethro was shot several times @before passing away. @>> reporter: several times, @john. @three times that we know of. @it was the next day after he @sustained the injuries that we @learned he died on sunday. @i got off the phone with @someone from the canton police @department. @they tell me that memorial @services for jethro have not @yet been finalized. @as we get the information, we @will pass it along to you. @meantime, he is already being @honored. @let's show you video of part of @that over the weekend. @over the weekend, the canine's @body was carried out at stark @county veterinarian emergency, @draped in an american flag. @officers saluting the 3 year @old shepherd. @shot during a confrontation @with a burglary suspect. @in a check of records shows the @suspect is being held on a @burglary charge and assault
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@forward here. @we know that the suspect was @hospital last night. @we are still working to get @information on this case @throughout the day. @as we do that, we will let you @mobile. @ @ a madina county man will be @sentenced for causing a crash @that killed a woman and injured @3 others. @21 year old noah sill cox @pleaded guilty to aggravated @vehicular homicide for the @crash in october of 2014. @he tried to pass a car on route @42 and crashed head on in to @the car, killing 21 year old @terra green. @a judge could sentence him to 8 @years in prison. @ a new ohio bill addresses @concerns about students who opt @out of state achievement tests. @some districts are worried the @state ratings will fall because @of kids who skip the tests and @counted as earning a score of @zero. @the dealer is reporting under
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@included in the school's report @card. @critics say the bill may have @unintended consequences for @other schools. @ to maureen kyle with the @national headlines. @>> breaking news overnight. @around 1:30 this morning, we @learned of the death of a rock @and roll icon. @ @the world learned of david @bowie's death on his facebook @account. @he died after a long battle @with cancer. @he just turned 69 on friday. @the same day he released his @47th album black star. @bowie was inducted in to the @rock and roll of hall of fame @in 96. @his son graduated from the @college of wooster. @ the affluenza mom will ask @a judge to reduce her million @dollars bond.
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@helping her son flee to mexico. @he fled after violating @probation for a drunk driving @crash that killed 4 people. @his attorneys argued the teen's @affluent lifestyle kept him @from knowing right from wrong. @ the supreme court will hear @arguments on union dues, the @justices will be asked to @decide whether state government @workers who choose not to join @a union can still be required @to share union dues. @the ruling would affect public @sector unions in the 23 states @where they have a duty to @bargain for members and non @members alike. @ tesla equipped the cars @with a self parking feature. @you don't have to be behind the @wheel. @the electric car maker says @it's best for people trying to @get in to tight spaces. @the car must be lined up within @33 feet of the space. @the vehicle can back out of a @space, and parallel park.
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@i was going for my driver's @license. @or in college. @either one of those. @>> you lost those points on the @test. @>> i rolled over a cone and it @popped back up so i passed @amazingly. @i probably should have waited a @little longer. @>> thank goodness it was only a @cone. @ @ tesla not the only high- @tech car making headlines, @rumors are heating up about an @apple car. @what we have learned about this @so far. @ one of your new years @resolution is tackling credit @card debt, we have the best @steps to take in the money @monday. @ we got your commute @forecast on a frigid start to @the week. @temperatures are in the teens @right now. @it feels like zero and below. @lake affect snow to the east. @20s for today.
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@snow. @week. @we got a few delays and @closings today, tomorrow could @be more active, another storm @system moves in.
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@ @ average american household @has $15,000 in credit card @debt. @financial planner, elizabeth is @here to help us tackle this @debt. @>> $15,000 on average is a lot @of money on credit cards. @>> first thing is first. @>> create a spending plan. @how are you going to pay for @this. @how are you going to pay off @this debt? @you need to look at the debt, @what are the payments, how are @we going to get there? @>> do you tackle the smallest
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@>> i'm a big fan of attacking @the high interest rate first. @which card that's charging you @the highest interest rate. @that's the one you are going to @want to attack first. @it's costing you the most every @month. @>> stop credit cards. @>> while you are trying to pay @them off, you got to stop using @them and get serious and really @focus on paying them off. @>> when we talk about being @smart with extra cash flow, @what do you mean by that? @>> you created the spending @plan. @it might be tough to get extra @payments, you might need to do @a garage sale, use it like a @tax refunds to pay off the @debt. @ @ rumors of apple car are @heating up, the tech giant @registered and other @auto related domains fueling @speculation it maybe developing @a self driving car. @apple has a product called car
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@the built -- eye phone with a @built-in display. @ @ holly, you have more @sophisticated technology. @radars, we have been talking @about snow, not just this @morning, but for tomorrow. @>> reporter: tomorrow is a @storm system that will impact @everyone of you. @today, the scattered lake @affect snows to the east. @we will get to that. @first to the bus stop. @what everyone of you are @dealing with is this bitter @cold air in place. @there is snow on the ground. @lot of you are happy to see @snow, i'm getting tweets saying @finally, we got the floods out. @we are going to add to it. @windchills are zero and below. @make sure you guys are all @bundled up as you leave the @house. @lake snows continue to the east @through the first part of @today. @cold breezy, and then as we @look at the headlines, more @snow is in the forecast for @tonight.
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@your tuesday. @first off, today, it's the @scattered lake affect snow, you @are not being impacted by it. @you are dry as you are waking @up but cold, teens now, will be @teens through the lunch hour @and in the low 20s for highs @today. @we are in the low 20s, it's @never going to feel like that. @windchills remaining frigid @throughout the day. @there is a lake affect snow @advisory for lake and ashtabula @and geauga counties continuing @through nan time. @now it's -- noontime, it's @quiet in a lot of the @locations. @geauga, ashtabula, snow free, @it's right along the lake @shore, those of you in lake @county, just northside of @mentor, over in to painsville, @we are seeing the snows. @there is plenty over the lake. @as it continue to push inland, @ashtabula, you will see some as @well. @this is definitely the
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@waking up today and getting @ready and putting those outfits @out and what do we wear to the @bus stop and work. @it better be a lot. @it is 8 below when you factor @in the winds now in aleria, @sandusky, feels like minus 4 in @ashtabula, 5 below zero the @windchills, downtown cleveland. @let's track, there is a lot to @talk about outside of the lake @affect, which will fade midday. @we get a break. @tonight uneventful until after @midnight and tomorrow. @it's going to be for the @morning commute as far as @overnight. @post of you will probably wake @up to 1-2 inches of fresh snows @this is 6:00 a.m. @tomorrow, and look at the snow @coming down. @it is east and west and south @and it looks like additional 1- @3 to 4 inches of snow for the @early morning drive and through @the morning commute in general. @we will be here, getting you @through. @it could be a busy day because @of the timing. @it's not like we are expecting
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@it happens as you are aware. @your window nation seven-day @forecast, 20s lake affect snows @fade. @snow late tonight in to @tomorrow, then cold again with @more lake affect snow expected @tomorrow night in to wednesday. @let's talk more about the drive @at the moment. @6:17, here is your commute. @ traffic is brought by auto @nation. @low priced cars and trucks @visit auto @>> reporter: hope you are @having a great start to your @day. @i saw an accident reported on @parking street at state route 8 @in akron. @be careful if you travel in the @area. @now, we are looking pretty good @on the highways and no other @accidents reported. @slow traffic on i-90, ashtabula @county because of snow. @give yourself extra time. @it's not causing delays now, @you want to be prepared, those @of you who commute in the area, @you are used to that. @east 55th, cleveland on the @east side is closed to
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@avenue because of the water @main break. @that going to impact those of @you who use east 55th in to @downtown, give yourself extra @time to take those detours @posted around in the area. @a little bit of slow traffic, @77 north, looking good on the @drive times on 77, between 480 @and i-90, 8 minute commute, @that's about a 1-minute delay. @ time for my biggest winners @and losers in sports. @for the biggest loser, i'm not @going to do it. @it would be too easy to name @blare walsh because he missed @the short kick to win the game. @it happened in the past. @it's going to happen again. @i'm not sure i will ever @witness what happened in @cincinnati ever again. @it's two days later but making @the bengals my biggest losers @of the day. @two crucial penalties in the @closing minute of the game. @stupid penalties out of control @penalties that cost the bengal
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@i don't blame the guy that @fumbled the ball. @they embarrassed themselves @with their behavior and how @they lost this game. @to the fans, you embarrassed @yourself by throwing bottles @and beer. @he came back and beat you. @i can forgive a kicker. @how do you forgive this @behavior. @how are they doing in @cincinnati. @that's within of the worse @losses. @biggest winners from ohio. @the ohio dogs football team, @fourth andth graders they ended @in style winning the @championship. @nice job dogs, congratulations @on the great season. @thanks to shelly for sending in @this great picture. @if you would like to nominate @your champion all star, send me @the picture, morning show, or tweet them to me, @at john wkyc. @we can see a kicker miss a @winning kick, maybe this the @playoffs. @i will never see what happened @in cincinnati again. @>> that was awful.
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@>> it was. @>> coaches with the steelers @and bears with the bengals. @>> to lose a game like that. @ money man matt granite, @look at him he said went to @vegas for the consumer @electronics show and back to @show us his favorite gadgets @and the best deals. @ 6:20, windows are probably @frozen. @we appreciate every out your @window weather picture. @this is a woodpecker in a @wreath. @ @thank you so much. @i bet a lot of you will be @taking snow pics over the @coming days. @please send them to me. @we will get them on tv about @this time everyday.
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@ @ in vegas, i'm glad you are @safe. @>> thank you, i had the time of @my life. @i figured i wouldn't just @showcase hot gadgets but items @that you can actually buy as @upcoming deals. @take a look. @ @that was just the beginning. @i was honored to have a chance @to precepts at ces last week. @of the items i tested. @8ktvs are revolutionary, not @because we want them and need @them, but the ktvs will see @price drops. @smart phones, developments @coming, from android rather @than apple and ways to capture
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@these are upcoming deals i'm @going to have. @another item, virtual reality @gaming. @we will discuss this at 6:40. @i will have a deal for you, @massage chairs and sound bars @on their way to a living room @near you. @all upcoming deals right here @on ways to save. @>> 8k. @i'm still on 1080. @>> that's fine. @1080 will be practically free @in the tv side of things with @the upcoming deals. @>> very good. @ holly with the latest on @the snow that's falling. @>> it is lake affect snow. @in addition, it is cold. @there are numerous 2-hour @delays on eye alerts growing. @a lot of these aren't in spots @where it's snowing. @i have a feeling it's because @of the frigid temperatures. @nor walk, city schools in the @20s for highs. @it's never going to feel like @it.
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@lake affect snows to the east. @the bigger news is another @storm system to track, for @tomorrow morning. @the same time, you are all @going to see snow from that. @ly let you know how much that's @coming up, back to you. @ coming up at 6:30, utility @and luxury, those are two @themes at this year's big auto @show no detroit. @jay gray is live for us this @morning. @we will show us the exciting @releases from the auto makers. @ coming up, a baltimore @police officer goes on trial @today, how the judge convinced @another officer to take the @stand against him, also, uber @wants you to go out in january, @how they will entice you to
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@ @a live look painsville, the @snow has been coming down, lake @geauga, ashtabula counties @under a lake affect advisory @until noon. @get the latest on the forecast. @this snow is not the only snow @we are going to see this week. @>> i'm john anderson, we will @have a check of the roads, too. @we start with breaking news @overnight. @david bowie has died. @a representative says he died @facefully surrounded by family
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@battle with cancer. @bowie got in to music at the @age of 12 when he started @playing the saxophone. @ firefighters battled the @fire at a restaurant yesterday. @the fire started on the first @floor and spread to the second @where the most damage is. @firefighters had the flames out @westbound two hours. @the restaurant has significant @damage. @celebrity chef and owner @tweeted, saying it would come @back strong and thanked the @cleveland fire department for @their hard work. @ other big stories, the @weather, we see delays @strolling on the bottom -- @scrolling on the bottom of the @screen. @>> waiting at the bus stop and @things like that, pay attention @to what is delayed what is not. @the majority is two hour delays @we are seeing this morning. @we have the lake affect snow @advisorys that continue through @noontime today. @those of you east, ashtabula, @lake, geauga counties included.
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@we are seeing is snow along the @lake shore, as we zoom in @closer, you will notice in lake @county, lake shore lake county, @that's y the snows continue to @fly, inland, flurries and not a @big deal. @the cold weather, everyone of @you dealing with that. @temperatures are in the teens @now, it's 11 hopkins. @the windchills are zero to as @low as minus 10. @that's what it feels like. @we are going end up in the low @20s for highs today and it's @never going to feel like that @either. @i am tracking more snow, you @are all going to see another @blast of it by the same time @tomorrow. @we will talk about how much in @moments. @now, here is a check on the @drive with danny. @ good morning to you. @we have an accident on state @route 8 -- parkens street near @the ymca, no closures or
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@use caution as you were @traveling. @lacking good on the highways. @a few spots of slow traffic, 71 @south, passing 77, 480 west, @trying to get to 71 south. @that's cleared out. @also 71 north, before the inner @belt bridge. @the picture on 71, west 25th @street. @no longer than 3-4 minutes. @nothing that's going to slow @you down too much. @ as holly mentioned, lake @affect snow continues to fall @on the east side this morning. @>> let's check in with will @ujek, he has been looking at @the conditions for us. @where are you? @what are you finding right now? @>> reporter: we are in @painsville, you can see here on @the east side, you get more of @the dusting on the roads, along @with light dusting on and off @from the skies as well. @see flakes flying on and off. @nothing heavy coming down now.
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@lake, we are on lake shore and @mentor, where the heaviest snow @we found this morning has been. @you will find spots slushy and @spots where the wind gusts @knocked snow onto the road. @traffic has been moving well @through the areas, especially @if you get to 90, along the @eastside. @everybody moving at the normal @speed limit. @they are handling it well and @bracing themselves, there is @still some coming on and off @throughout the morning and more @on the way. @ jury selection starts in @the trial for a baltimore @police officer. @facing the most serious charges @in the death of freddie gray. @he is facing second degree @murder charges. @he died in april, a week after
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@while in the back of a ballet @baltimore police van. @goodson is the second officer @to go on trial in connection to @gray's death. @a judge convinced another @officer to testify against him. @ new york police have four @suspects in custody after what @is being described as a gang @rape of a brooklyn teenager. @video shows five men identified @as the suspects at store before @the assault. @the 18 year old and her father @were walking through a @playground when the group @attacked. @the suspects range in ages 14- @17, and one is still at large @this morning. @ car ride service uber is @cutting prices and all because @of the type of weather we were @slammed with this weekend. @demand for rides is usually @down in january as people @hunker down at home. @the company announced price @cuts this past weekend. @the announcement didn't say how
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@you live. @they might be trying to get @more clevelanders and northeast @weekend. @let's go. @let's call on uber. @ just like that. @you are both leaving me. @that didn't take long. @>> we have a look in to what @that trip may look and sound @like in the not too distant @future. @>> what many say is the most @impressive car show in the @world i wants in a few hours in @detroit. @jay gray is there. @how are you? @ @>> reporter: good morning. @great morning here if you are @going to drive uber, you got @several selections as far as @what you want to drive. @amazing show. @see everything from muscle cars @to mini vans and compacts to @this year connected cars. @ @the detroit auto show opens @this morning with a display of @horsepower and this year, high- @tech.
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@is really the biggest buzz in @our industry right now. @autonomous driving to electric @and connected cars. @>> think of everything you know @and love about your smart phone @and i i integrates that right @in front of your eyes. @>> reporter: a trip in a @talking car, cameras and @software tested now would allow @a vehicle to communicate with @the driver, other cars on the @road, stoplights to get @realtime traffic information @and smart phones of pedestrians @along the route. @>> the opportunity to get that @advanced information before the @car is there, or anybody is put @in danger, it would be @incredible improvement in @safety. @>> reporter: while there is @plenty of tech talk, there is @still a need for speed. @vlf will unveil the 4 swan. @>> 640-horsepower corvette
6:30 am
@automatic transmission, and @thus creating a super sedan to @rival the best of europe, but @made in the detroit area. @>> reporter: an area, an @industry, revved up and ready @to roll. @>> reporter: speaking of revved @up, likely you can hear the @music. @40 unveils, 40 new cars being @shown at this year's show. @that's the latest live from @detroit, i'm jay gray. @back to you. @ @ i don't think there is room @for a car seat in that one, @either. @ @enjoy all the noise. @we appreciate it, thank you. @ @ it's going to be fast. @>> i need all of western @canada. @>> mock 5. wait, that's -- @razor.
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@ let's say hello to mat. @welcome back. @>> great to be back. @coming p after the break, @virtual reality head sets back @from ces. @this is amazing. @we missed you, it's great to @see yous want wait to hear more @about your time in vegas and @the head sets, low 20s for @highs. @it's never going to feel like @wit the windchills below zero. @lake affect snows flying to the @east. @nothing to compare it to the @more snow that's tracking your @way for this same time @tomorrow. @how much? @i am going to let you know
6:32 am
@ @. @ back from vegas with the @tech deals. @>> look how fancy you look. @>> reporter: fancy is not a @word people have been using on @social media.
6:33 am
@issues, but these virtual @reality head sets, that i @tested at ces, presented on @this topic last week, the @hottest most in demand item, @you will see. @i found it at a great deal. @you download an app of your @choice on to your smart phone, @once the app is downloaded, put @your phone in to the headset @and take a look. @what you see is awesome. @not just for gamers, if you @want to experience or interact @another environment, watch a @movie without going anywhere, @virtual reality head sets, a @cool way to go. @the best deal i found from ces, @very simple to use. @place the android or apple @smart phone inside and for @under 37 bucks, magic, i want @to mention that because this is @an overseas technology, it is @horrendously translated in the @instruction manual.
6:34 am
@particularly strong with @technology. @skip this deal. @if you are someone that wants @to branch out or a child or @grandchild interested,, this will sell out. @the hottest item and the least @expensive from ces. @>> is it video or pictures. @>> it is video. @i got a full strideio @demonstration on our website. @you are interacting with a fuel @visual environment. @>> you would think that's @hundreds and hundreds of @dollars. @some of them are. @ let's talk about this @weather the snow and more @coming, too. @>> do you want to build a @snowman? @just saying. @i think by tomorrow, about this @same time, we could have a snow @party. @we are tracking a storm system @impacting everyone of you by @tomorrow. @will ujek has been driving @around east side, showing us
6:35 am
@weed that snow over an inch re @-- we had the snow over an inch @reported yesterday. @the underlying theme is the @cold for you. @windchills are below zero, @there are numerous delays on @eye alert this morning. @these probably due to the cold @more than anything else today. @we got the lake snows east and @the more snow for tomorrow. @overnight, when you are @sleeping in to your tuesday @morning drive. @teens, through lunch hour, @recess is going to be frigid, @lot of recesses maybe indoors @today. @low 20s for highs. @the lake affect snow we are @seeing now will fade midday, @the lake affect snow advisories @for ashtabula, lake and geauga @until noontime. @a lot of you in the counties, @at this moment, are not seeing @a lot of activity. @a wide view, snow over the @lake, a west to east flow as we @zoom in, you will notice it's @right along the lake shore.
6:36 am
@county, just in to ashtabula, @lake shore, we are seeing the @snow showers. @we could see additional @accumulation. @most of you cold, and a partly @to mostly cloudy sky. @feel like temperatures are way @more important number. @everyone of you, more or less @feels like you are 0-10 below @when you factor in tp winds. @the important thing is to track @what is ahead as we look in to @our tuesday. @tonight you go to bed and all @is pretty quiet. @notice by just after midnight. @we are seeing snow. @it continues, it looks like @tomorrow morning, 6:30 a.m., we @are snowy as can be. @west, east, south, its is going @to be coming down and about 2-4 @inches , the plan now, timing @is more than any of it. @even if it's a half inch of @snow during the early morning @messy weather. @wouldn't be surprised if @tomorrow morning we got a
6:37 am
@keep it here, you know those @are instant. @a look at the window nation @seven-day forecast. @20s today. @20s tomorrow. @snow is likely tonight in to @tuesday. @another blast of really cold @air and more lake affect behind @tomorrow's storm system for @tomorrow night in to wednesday, @30s to around 40 towards the @end of the workweek. @oakly is 9 months old. @100 plus pounds. @still growing by the way. @oakly enjoyed the christmas @season and ate ornaments, pine @cones and santa's hat. @from new philadelphia crystal @and jan, thank you for sharing @oakly with us. @>> any tombs in there? @ the mexican government @wants to talk to sean penn @after a seeket meeting with el
6:38 am
@after 6 months on the run. @an article about the meeting @appeared on rolling stones @website this weekend. @police say the interview helped @them to capture the drug lord @because they were able to @intercept the phone calls. @the drug trade was huge hub in @chicago, and believed some of @his heroin supply made its way @to northeast ohio. @they hope to extradite him as @soon as possible. @ looking for a multimillion @dollars home, and 89 year old @roommate, you can bid on the @playboy mansion, playboy @enterprises are putting up the @home for $200 million next @month according the tmz. @the sale will include hef @living there until he dice, @potential buyers with tour the @home as long as they stay out @of hef's bedroom. @the mansion will sell closer to @$80 million.
6:39 am
@launched at the golden globe @awards. @ricky was the host. @the big winner of the night was @the western revenge revenant, @it took home three awards, best @actor in a drama award for @leonardo dicaprio, he sold the @award show. @lady gaga brushed dicaprio's @armm he flinched and made a @face. @people started posting like @crazy to social media. @he said the face was just a @reaction because he didn't know @who was walking past him. @ @ after the break, your @morning rush. @let's check in with tiffany. @>> reporter: john and lena, @people around the world are @rerememberring a police canine @killed in the line of duty over @the weekend. @a go fund me account has been @set up.
6:40 am
@ @ welcome back to the morning @rush, hollie giangreco has a @check of the forecast with more @snow and danny with a clerk on @the roads. @>> our reporters are standing @by. @will is live in lake county, @which is under a lake affect @snow advisory. @>> reporter: good morning, you @can see coming across on the @lens, a little bit of spitting @snow. @it's been like that all @morning. @the good news is, the roads @have been well taken care of.
6:41 am
@and there when the wind knocks @it over. @i'm talking 90, 2, all that @clear. @the main roads, people going @slower and slushy sections. @everybody moving well on the @east side. @ people all over the world @are remembering a police canine @killed in the line of duty in @canton, we could learn about @memorial services for him. @let me show you how people are @honoring his memory. @a go fund me account has been @set up. @more than doubled the goal. @the money will go towards vet @care expenses and canine @officer vests in canton, jethro @died after shot during a @confrontation with a burglar. @the suspect was injured, too. @it's unclear when he will be in @court. @ @ we have been following @breaking news, david bowie has @died after an 18 month long @battle with cancer.
6:42 am
@[music] @>> reporter: the world learned @of his death on facebook @account. @he turned 69 on friday. @the same day he released black @star. @his manager wouldn't say what @type of cancer the star was @battling. @he was indistricted in to theel @-- inducted in 96. @his son confirmed his father's @death on twitter. @jones graduated from college of @wooster. @ now, we have slow traffic @on 480 east, approaching @northfield road. @a 2 minute delay. @the ramp to transportation @boulevard. @it's restrictions, ramp @restrictions here, you can get @by. @we are seeing slow traffic, 490 @east, 77, as well as u.s. 20 in @to the west shoreway. @those delays are 2-3 minutes
6:43 am
@downtown on 71 north at west @25th street, 3-5 minute delay. @ tracking lake affect snow @today, really cold weather. @highs in the low 20s. @it will never feel like that @with windchills currently below @zero. @they will end up in the teens @today. @we are tracking another storm @system, this is tonight after @you go to bed. @through tomorrow morning's @drive. @i'm throwing the heads up for @your tuesday morning commute @now. @tune in here first thing. @i have a feeling we have eye @alerts. @several delays this morning @from the cold. @adding snow to the equation, @messy. @ @ it's back, the fastest @iphone and android car charger @sold out last week in 7 @minutes. @back on line in stock, $5.99, @if you are looking for the @virtual reality headset deals i @tested from ceo, these are
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@people are going nuts for @these, uner 40 bucks on the @website. @ @>> good time to wish my @beautiful wife a happy @birthday. @what does the clock say? @3 seconds, john. @
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