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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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this is channel 3 news at @11 pm. @ good evening, breaking news @out ofcounty. @>> we have details. @>> reporter:8:30 pm is @when this went into motion. @but we are told by fire @authorities a wall of fire @presented it's a soft. closer -- a wall of fire
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@and daughter of the house. @they were found on the oor. @take a look earlier in the @evening here. @crews are nervous thate @others may be still inside. @that wall of fire, 30 feet into @the air and a neighbor told us @a short time the whole house was in @flames. @to see a fire that close, the @whole entire house, 30 feet, @amazing. @>> reporter: they were home @schooled, the neighbors are ound the @neighborhood hoping to receive
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@to fatalities. @the fire chief says fatalities. @the fire chief says he's going @to come back and give us more @information. @a mother and daughter found @dead, a r @daughter still missing. @neighbors are waiting for new @information. @the family dog did get out. s a gas @explosion. @we will have more information. e. @ a live look at downtown @cleveland. the snow, the @ice, from this past weekend.
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@a winter weather advisory has @been issued for our area.already moving in. @we have snow reported back into @chicago. @it is here where we are @concerned for the morning that bigger picture, @you can see this is rotating, a @clipper system, cold air behind @it and a @lot of snow tonight. @it is going to be persistent @throughout the overnight. @the darker the purple the @heavier the snow showers. scattered flurries @further to the south. @we have a winter weather
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@hour by hour forecasts 5 es in the 20. @pockets of heavy snow will be @passing through, this is odot does not like @because they cannot keep up @with the. @-- with us snow.the damage may be already done @getting past cleveland, we will @see that heavy line of snow things should be clearing out @by the start of the workday. @it looks like we are going to patch of @heavy snow when the school @buses get going. kick in, @lake effect, we will spell it
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@forecast. odot says lly staffed and ready to @handle this last. @geauga county has 80 trucks on @the road. @workers in district 4, they @have 56 trucks on the road. @they won't be using salt and @other additives. @ stay tuned, at 4 am @tomorrow. @the best weather coverage, you @will get alerts as they come in. @ if you work in the city of @cleveland, how much of the @promise of safer stream worked @-- safer streets worth to you? @raising the income tax.
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@last time there was a higher @tax. @that is a flat area increasing @to 2.5% can fight the rise in @crime.>> every dot indicates @individuals who have died in @the city of cleveland.>> @reporter: in the second @straight year, wanting @cleveland voters to approve on @the tax increase of a heifer @percent. @the cost of taking a bite out @of crime. @>> we need more police, more @technology.? we need more law @enforcement on the streets of @cleveland. @>> reporter: he was born and @raised in cleveland and works in @cleveland. @>> we did a lot of work in @making the city beautiful why
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@down, if you make $25,000 a @year, you would pay $125 more. @>> we are not asking a lot. @many of the people pain @increased do not live in the @city of cleveland.>> reporter: @he works in the park and works @-- he works in brookpark and @losing cleveland. @>> the police are not visible @anymore. @when the casino first open up @we saw please, now when you go @out -- we saw police. @when you go out now you have to @watch all around you. @>> reporter: the other city @leaders i spoke to, they said @there is a reason it has not @been raised since 1982. @it would hurt economic @development in the city.>>
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@ of memorial service will @be held for the canine that was @shot and killed. @he is facing multiple charges @for assaulting and harassing a @police dog. @he is being held on $5 million @bond. @the hearing will be -- the @memorial will be held on @thursday at the canton civic @center. @ new poll numbers, john @jacek is not out of the run @just yet. @the university --john kasich @is still in the race. @february 9, eight days after
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@ marking the second time @hosting the show, donald trump. @the tonight show airs at 11:35 @this broadcast. @ remembering a rock legend. @paying tribute david bowie to @
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@ @ an update, the breaking @news we brought you at the top @of the hour. @to our dead and two are @missing. @-- two are dead and two are @missing.>> reporter: we are on @oakmont road, the last 25 @minutes, it was indeed, a father @and daughter found on the @backside of the house.
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@the mother as well as the other @daughter. @they believe it was gas related. @dominion is starting to scour @the scene. @there was an emotional moment, @10 family members made the turn @around the corner, saw the home @-- imagine that being your @family. we will have more on @this story throughout the @evening on @ [ music ] @>>david bowie the world @continues to mourn the death of
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@the death ofdavid bowie . @>> reporter: he inspired @millions. tonight we caught up @with two of his biggest fans. @>> life on mars. @my favorite song. @>> reporter: his music @continues to inspire. @>> [ music ] @>> reporter: local band, modern @electric. @they wrote this tune. @>> we were hoping he had a @chance to hear this. @i know he is listening now. @>> he is jamming out to it
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@happened near the time that his @band members were going to have @a concert near the rock 'n roll @hall of fame. @>> [ music ] @>> reporter: modern electric @will be opening up for them on @saturday. @>> i am thinking about @bringing some of my records. @>> reporter: for these guys @they are going to make sure that @david bowie , his music is @going to live on. @>> he made an overwhelming @impact on pop culture. @>> we consider it our mission @to make sure the younger @generation knows about him and @respect some. @>> reporter: that song was so @catchy.
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@this saturday. @lynna lai , channel 3 news. @ the list of the top diets. @the dash diet it tops the list. @it is a diet rich in fruits, @vegetables, low-fat and non- @dairy products. @the mind, tlc, the weight @watchers diet is the fourth. @burgers and fries are nowhere @on that.
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@we are going to see this week.>> @this is going to be an active @week. @winter will be making up its @time and it all starts now. @west is starting to see the @flurries. @that will come through tonight. @we could get a burst of heavy @snow during the morning rush. @snowy, windy conditions. @we are not expecting a ton of @snow's. @-- a ton of the snow. @the wind is going to be a huge @complicating factor. @temperatures will be in the 20s. @during the day we will deal @with scattered snow. @the snow that fell in the @morning will blow around. @we will see some clearing from @west to east mid morning.
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@transition to lake snow. @i mentioned, we are starting to @seep the first -- we are @starting to see the first of @the flurries. @we are going to jump into your @hour by hour forecast, 6 am, @upper 20s, wind chills are in @the teens. @the darker the purple the @heavier the snow. @this is what everybody is @keeping an eye on, timing, @timing, timing, you may be @getting out the door at 7 am. @the problem is this snow, as it @comes down the traffic will @slow down.
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@farther east. @as we go through the morning we @will be making up for those @slowdowns. @is one of those things where @you leave really early or @you're going to be late. @the later you go the better @chances you will see less snow. @by 12 noon, we see snow further @south, the lake snow, you see @the is like affect snow showers, @look at the temperatures by the @end of the day, falling back to @the low 20s. @as the lake snow continues to @the east, we see temperatures @crashing to the south. @it's one of those situations @where you see the lake is going @to help out areas to the north. @farther south, we could be @dealing with single digits.
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@one& 3 inches. @-- 123 inches of snow. @-- one to three inches of snow. @the winter advisory will be @through the day tomorrow. @temperatures will fall back to @the low 20s and teams during @the day. @temperatures falling from the @upper 20s through the day, @windy conditions continuing. @when days -- wednesday's @temperatures windy and breezy, @snow overnight into thursday. @we will see it warming up @little bit. then another major @cold front comes through. @that will give us more snow and @cold.
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@thank you for the warning. @ coming up are the browns @getting closer @ @to @ @finding a new
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@ @ hello, everybody. @the hot candidate, hue jackson. @the offensive coordinator of @the cincinnati bengals. @jackson sits tonight, one of @these teams, make me an offer. @it does not appear to be an @offer on the table. @he was a former head coach with
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@browns. as of right now, the @browns are interested in @jackson. @according to many reports, no @formal offer has been made to @him. @the new york giants, they have @received permission to get an @interview done with him. @the nfl meetings are tomorrow @and thursday in houston. @it doesn't appear that a deal @could get done during those @moments. he is out of @commission right now because @the panthers are still active @in the playoffs and play this @weekend. @also the defensive coordinator, @he met with the browns on @saturday. @the patriots play this weekend
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@the browns cannot do more. @as a former head coach with the @buffalo bills, last with @jacksonville, he interviewed @with the browns, titans, @tennessee has the possibility @of looking for a new head @coach. he had that awful @penalty against the steelers @and antonio brown, he is @suspended for the first three @games of next season. @ they have 17 in a row. @they want the eastern @conference player of the week. @second time this where -- @second time in this year, @lebron james.
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@alabama. @ a great coach, most @recently, retiring after 41 @years of coaching spent nine @years with the irish starting @in 2007. @a terrific coach, good luck to @him. congratulations, from @deep, -- @congratulations, named the ohio @sportswriter of the year. @congratulations. @you see more excited about that @then possibly getting hue @jackson. @ we will @ @be right
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@ @ channel 3 news starts at 4 @am tomorrow. @>> we will have your best @weather coverage because there @is some concern. @we will be looking at a grim @picture on your way to work.
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@problems in some areas.
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