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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ right now at 6:00, it's all @about timing. @winter weather hits just in @time for the rush hour. @we have team coverage of what's @happening on the roads right @now. @what you can expect when you @leave the house and how much @snow we're going to get. @>> plus, we're following a @deadly house explosion in @summit county that killed a @family of four. @we're live on the scene with @the newest developments in this @case. @>> first, let's get right over @to our team coverage of the @snow as you're waking up this @morning.
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@holly, this is causing some @messy problems out there. @>> you said it, john and lynna, @it's the timing. @it's not so much the snow but @when it happens. @i alerts are at the bottom of @the screen. @the snow has been coming down @while you're asleep. @this morning some of you have a @really light coating. @others are waking up to an inch @or two. @thank you for all your reports @on twitter and facebook. @we have a winter weather @advisory in place for every @single one of you until noon @today with lake effect snow @advisories in place. @geauga, ashtabula, take @counties, the snow is coming @down, and it's consistent. @it's everywhere with this @arctic front that's pushing @through. @as we zoom in a little closer, @you will see it's steady. @in spool -- spots we're dealing @with a band over the lake @that's moving inland. @it's going to continue not only @through this hour but through
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@we're anticipating slowdowns @and really tricky travel. @greg has more on the track of @all of this today. @good morning. @pretty quickly, the problem is @most of it is falling where @many of you are on the road. @in future view. @we'll break it down for you. @6:00 this morning, notice the @heavier snow is to the west. @the the band as the cold front @moves by moves right through @the morning commute. @there. @the blue band, maybe a burst of @heavy snow down 90, 71, and 77. @this could put down a quick @half an inch to a quarter of an @inch of snow. @that moves. @fine. @11:00. @fine. @temperatures in the mid-20s. @then the cold air starts to @move in, and we start part two @of the storm. @that's going to be lake storm. @not much going on through the @evening commute. @the majority of that will pick @up later this evening after @5:00.
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@northern summit and geauga @county and the lake band will @shift into lake geauga and @ashtabula county as we go into @the overnight. @danielle has an update on the @slow spots. @>> that's right, greg. @right now all of us are dealing @with wet roads and snow covered @roads in certain portions of @the area. @we're already seeing a number @of spinouts on 77 northbound at @waterloo road. @we're not picking this up on @the cameras. @looks like people are getting @by just fine. @watch for a slick drive. @you never know when you can hit @those icy patches. @we do have the picture on 71 @north at west 25th street where @a car has spun out trying to @get on to 71 north. @this is the west 25th ramp. @crews have been working to @assist a driver in this car. @please be careful as you're @commuting. @we're seeing a number of
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@slowdowns during the morning @rush. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> we're following a developing @story out of summit county this @morning. @investigators on the scene of a @deadly explosion that killed @family of four. @>> tiffany tarpley joins us @live from the scene. @tiffany, the flames were 30 @feet high when firefighters @arrived. @>> reporter: very intense fire. @when we arrived here around @5:00 this morning. @firings came out here because @they had to put out some hot @spots. @those firefighters have since @left, but sheriff's command, @they're still out here on the @scene just kind of monitoring @the situation out here. @you can see what's left of this @home, not much here, but let's @take you back to last night @when this explosion happened. @soon after it, it was about @8:30 last night that the @explosion happened. @we know for quite some time @they had to put out the flames, @put out the hot spots.
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@we learned that all four people @inside are dead. @that was confirmed. @a man, a woman, and two young @girls, ages 8 and 12 years old. @the explosion blew out the back @of the home. @we know that. @we also know after the @explosion that dominion gas had @to come out here and turn off @the gas. @we don't know what caused this @explosion. @that's still under @investigation. @later this morning i am told @that state investigators will @be back out here at this home. @we're going to continue to @follow this story, of course, @all morning, and we'll bring @you the latest information on @air and online and on mobile. @live here in summit county, @tiffany tarpley, channel 3 @news. @all right, tiffany, thank you. @there's snow falling in her @live shot. @ snow continues to fall on @the east side as well adding to @>> sure. @it's an equal opportunity @snowfall.
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@will ujek has been out and @about this morning. @will, you're on the east side. @what's happening? @>> reporter: wind is a big @issue. @you take a look here, you can @see what's on the ground in the @east side. @this is chagrin. @you can see the roads. @it's like that all on 271. @earlier in the morning there @were some tricky areas on 271, @but odot was out. @we passed a lot of truck this @is morning. @up. @you can see the pavement here. @that's the good news. @now, the further we headed @north earlier when we got up @around 90. @some of those back roads, @especially up north, the snow @was falling. @it was a heavier snow sticking @to the road a little more than @that. @it's a mid- i want to -- it's a @mist. @i want to reiterate, you can @feel that pushing you back and @forth, especially if you're in
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@90, some of the main roads are @covered as the wind picks up @the snow and moving it into the @lanes, sometimes just getting @down to two lanes with the @third lane being completely @covered. @that's the look here on the @east side. @i know you guys are going to be @checking out the west side in a @little bit. @we'll check back in from the @east side? @just a bit. @>> yeah, we can hear the wind. @like you said, will, that's the @east side. @let's head over to the west @side. @>> maureen kyle is along i-90 @on the west side checking out @those parts. @morning. @>> reporter: that's right. @as will mentioned, the wind, @we're not feeling it as strong @as maybe will is feeling it, @but i've felt a pickup in @gusts. @i don't see it causing an issue @with the snow in west lake. @westbound lanes. @downtown. @if you see the red taillights,
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@so that's what you're seeing if @you're headed in downtown for @your commute. @we're seeing a lot of pavement @on i-90. @we're seeing people driving @pretty much normal speeds. @i'm not going to say anyone is @going super fast this morning. @you definitely want to take @your time. @it's a little bit slick, no @matter what. @we're not seeing the snow stick @to the highway here. @if you drive in from the west @side you, know how it is. @it starts to back up, @especially right along detroit. @we're also along sperry. @that's the cars that you've @been seeing closer to me. @this is what you're going to @see if you're headed out on any @of the side roads. @we've seen crews try to get to @this. @they're not getting down all @the way to the pavement. @take your time, build in that @extra time as we've been @saying. @timing is everything this @morning. @>> all right. @keep it here online at @for all the latest closings and
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@it's working overtime this @morning for you. @it continues to crawl at the @bottom of the screen. @keep an eye out for the latest @information that comes in. @ right now, 6:09, a city @working to ban pit bulls. @why they're taking the vote and @what it means for someone who @already has one of the pets. @ a deadly blast in istanbul. @what we know about the @explosion that happened in a @popular tourist area. @holly? @>> john and lynna, thank you. @tracking your forecast, it is @definitely a tricky one this @morning. @we've been reporting the @blustery conditions. @we'll be in the teens for the @rush hour. @it looks like some lake effect @snow will be taking over at @that point. @winter weather advisories @continue. @we're looking at a live picture @this morning. @you can see the snow flying. @it's light to moderate in some @spots. @we're going to track hour by @hour. @snow totals, what we're @thinking as we head through the @next 24 hours. @6:09.
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@you will need it today.
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@ @all right. @the snow is really coming down @in euclid along i-90. @traffic still seems to be @moving. @maureen even said on the west @side you're seeing the main @roads still pretty good. @it's when you get off to the @side roads, that's when you get @into the slicker conditions @this morning. @here's lynna with the latest @from the morning news feed. @>> thanks. @ at least 15 are injured @following an explosion in @istanbul. @it happened in a historic area @that's often full of tourists. @turki state run television said @it was likely caused by a @bomber.
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@responsibility for the attack. @ the future of pit bulls @could come down to a city @council vote. @it's ruled dogs and other dogs @labeled as vicious can be kept @if they're registered for a $20 @fee. @action is being taken after a @grandmother was mauled by a pit @bull last summer. @ today officials will go @door to door making sure that @people have bottled water, @water filters, and that they @are tested for led exposure. @this began in 2014 after flint @switched from detroit's water @system to save money, drawing @from the flint river, which has @not turned out to be a good @thing. @it was a cost saving measure, @but then later found out that @the water supply had elevated @levels of led. @so now the concern. @>> right. @>> all right. @our concern around here, @getting through this rush hour
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@about the timing of all of @this. @holly is keeping an eye on it. @greg is keeping an eye on it. @it's really coming down in some @spots. @>> you can see. @greg was talking about this @earlier. @we've been tracking the heavier @band over the lake. @it's definitely showing itself @here. @i think as the commute @continues, the next couple of @hours are going to be tricky as @the front settles through. @here's the headlines. @this is like a two-part @forecast today. @we've got the snowy weather @this morning. @and we're planning on anything @from like about 1-3. the fours @on the higher end. @it depends on location, if @you're getting a heavier burst @of snow. @i alerts at the bottom of the @screen. @very blustery. @we've seen a lot of this live @shots. @gusts as high as 40 throughout @today. @as temperatures get colder, the @wind chills are going to be @impacted, and by later on, it's @going to feel zero and below.
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@chills around 10:00. @temperatures 20s to upper teens @later. @lake effect snow showers will @take over later in the day. @right now, you're all under @this winter weather advisory. @this go until noon. @the lake effect snow advisory @for geauga, ashtabula, in those @spots we could really be @talking impressive totals by @this very same time tomorrow. @in the meantime, it's not so @much how much. @it's just that it's happening @right now. @when we're all trying to go @about our business and leave @for work and school, so it's an @inconvenience. @it means slow it down. @it also means a lot of delays @and closings for some of you. @the i alerts are at the bottom @of the screen. @you can also go to for @a complete list. @you will notice there are heavy @bands in some spots. @as we zoom in closer, you can @clearly see in lake county n @parts of cuyahoga county right
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@a bull's eye literally north of @new berry around -- newberry @and chardon, there's a lot of @though. @>> that will continue to effect @the area this morning. @places near the lake are a @couple of degrees warmer. @that may be the reason why 90 @is looking so much better. @it's closer to 30 downtown @cleveland. @the farther south, you're in @the 0s. @two degrees will make a big @difference in road conditions. @here's 7:00 this morning. @still looking at the bans of @snow moving through. @temperatures in the mid to @upper 0s. @let's track this for you as we @go throughout the morning. @8:00, 9:00, heavier snow starts @to shift to the east side. @mainly to the east of 77 @between 8:00 and 9:00. @that's when cleveland will see @the biggest burst of snow. @that, then, clears out. @we'll get a period of snow @flurries, snow showers, and, @yes, some breaks of sunshine @today into the early afternoon. @look at these temperatures.
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@than this morning. @that's the arctic air moving in @that fires up the lake snow. @cuyahoga into geauga and @ashtabula, we could see heavier @bursts on the east side of @cleveland. @480 south into northern summit @county at first. @then the snow will shift. @here's how much i'm expecting @for this morning. @another inch or two, not much, @but it's really the lake snow @tonight that we're really @watching as some places in @geauga county can see 3-6 @inches. @>> we'll be watching that @closely. @ 6:18. @at the bus stop, temperatures @are in the 20s. @how nice. @he's helping mom and dad shovel @the sidewalk. @we're getting the shovels out @today. @the plows, thank you for all @the hard work. @these roads, it's going to be a @lot to keep up with over the @next 24 hours. @your window nation 7-day @forecast, today's highs in the @20s, but as greg just said, @getting colder behind the front @today. @so we're actually at our @warmest point at this moment.
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@it's going to be a lot of @indoor recess today. @lake effect snows continue @tonight into tomorrow. @we get a brief warmup, and then @things get cold again later in @the weekend and early next @week. @let's go ahead and check that @morning commute. @see how the roads are for those @head out. @>> good morning. @well, you know what, i spoke @with -- we were hearing from @will at 6:06. @he was along 271. @he kind of inspired me to see, @okay, this is what 271 looked @like throughout the morning @rush. @will was telling you how it was @dicey and now it's open. @you can see how the roads @cleared out at chagrin @boulevard. @this is the live picture. @this was a time lapse of 271. @you want to give yourself track @time this morning.
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@wehave slow traffic on i71 @north. @if you usually get on i71 north @from west 25th, we're seeing @that west 25th street ramp, it @was blocked because of a @spinout, but it looks like @traffic is now getting by. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> time is 6:20. @it i peers to be the delivery @of the future. @we're talking about drones. @when google says your next @order could be dropping from @the sky. @>> 6:20. @really a fabulous looking @picture from your window. @we're calling it winter trees. @they may be bare, but they sure @look pretty in this shot. @thank you for all your pictures @that you've been posting on @social media this morning too. @we really do appreciate you.
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@ @ 6:23 right now. @a live look at conditions on @the west side. @our crews are out and about @eastside and west side, @checking out road conditions. @we will also check in with @holly and greg tracking snow in @just a couple of minutes. @google says deliveries by drone @could be here sooner than you @think. @the head of the experimental @delivery program says drones @could start delivering @everything from toothbrushes to @business supplies in the next @one to three years. @it depends on how soon the faa @gives its okay for this type of @delivery. @ time for my biggest winners @in sports. @if you can build a dynasty in @sports. @nick saban may be the greatest @coach ever. @i will be on the side saying, @yes, he's won five national
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@he's one four of the last @national titles with alabama. @tough to do in sports today. @they're going to stay a power @house. @why would nick saban want to @leave. @he makes nfl money, has the @safest coaching job in the @country. @they won the national @championship. @my other biggest winners come @from avon. @it's the avon hockey program. @the high school steam beat west @lake, they invited pee wee @hockey players to join them on @the ice and play a game between @periods. @good experience. @they really enjoyed it. @the hockey program is getting @stronger ever day because of @events like this. @nice job by the eagles and the @pee wees. @they are represented by several @hockey leagues there. @ let's send it over to @holly.
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@reports of snow and slushy @travel. @we talked about this going @backwards today. @there's hack arctic front @moving through. @-- at least an arctic front @moving through. @as we do take a look on all @travel maps, you will notice @there's a lot of snow flying @all across northeast ohio and @the region. @this ahead of our front that @will be pushing through within @the next hour or two, as it @does, we're still expecting @some pretty heavy bursts of @snow as that happens. @then behind it is going to be @lake effect snow that takes @over. @we have a winter weather @advisory for all of you. @we've got lake effect snow @advisories in spots that go @through early tomorrow.
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@ @ welcome back. @this is a live look at i-90 in @euclid where the snow continues @to fall. @odot crews are out and about @trying to keep those roadways @clear. @our i alert system is up and @running. @the closings and delays have @slowed down a bit. @holly, a major delay coming -- @let's see. @, sandusky as well as ashland @city schools. @now, new philadelphia and huron @city schools are closed. @it seems to be more the @southeastern counties. @is there a real reason for
6:23 am
@>> the reason i assume, and @tweet me with corrections, @those areas are rural, and it's @tougher for the buses. @that would be my assumption. @we'll continue to track and @update you on closings that we @have beyond our show as we cut @into the today show and keep @you informed with the latest. @we have a winter weather @advisory in place. @that is through noontime for @every one of you, unless we @hear otherwise. @and the lake effect snow @advisory for ashtabula and @geauga and lake counties that, @goes until early tomorrow. @we have the arctic front @pushing through. @this morning. @as john and lynna mentioned, @it's really coming down. @in spots we're seeing moderate @to heavy bursts. @that's where we bring greg into @the picture. @greg, you've been tracking @this. @we're going to see this let up @and part two of the story. @>> that's the lake effect later @on tonight. @because of all the cold air @that's coming in behind the
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@will be falling all afternoon. @let's get to future view and @show you what to expect. @we'll start you off at 6:30. @notice now the heavier snow. @you saw them still to the west @of cleveland. @that will be pushing east as we @go through the morning through @loraine over toward cleveland @and akron. @the darker maps indicating some @of the heavier snow over @towards medina, wayne, and @southern ashland county. @then it pushes to the east of @77 as we go through midday. @would see breaks in the @overcast and peaks of -- peeks @of sunshine as temperatures @hover into the mid-20s. @the evening commute looks okay. @it's the arctic air moving in @that the lake fires up with @lake snow. @geauga and ashtabula county, by @9:00, we could see the snow @falling from the south side of @cleveland back toward chardon
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@let's check our roadways with @danielle. @>> thank you, greg. @good news for those of you who @get on 71 north from west 25th @25th. @that spinout that had blocked @the ramp has been cleared, and @we're getting able to get on @west 71 from west 25th. @you see slowing on 71 north. @it's about a five-ten-minute @delay. @we're dealing with wet roads @because of the snow. @you need to add time to your @commute. @the advice is add double the @time. @plan for 20 minutes if you it @normally takes you 10. @state route and 57 in elyria is @a slick, slushy mess. @i'm retweeting those so we all @can be informed. @ a deadly house explosion @rocks a neighborhood. @this morning we're getting new @information about the family @killed. @>> tiffany tarpley joins us @live from north center township
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@working on this all night long. @tiffany? @>> lynna and john, we've seen a @lot of flare-ups this morning. @that's something those @firefighters have been working @on. @i have to tell you something. @we just saw in the past few @minutes a school bus stopped @right here at this home. @in front of it, the bus driver @opened the door waiting for @someone to come. @that didn't happen. @she spoke with our @photographer. @she said she had no idea that @the little girl she you canned @to pick up here was involved in @what happened last night. @let's take you back to last @night. @let's show you some of the @pictures from that. @this all happened around 8:30 @last night, that explosion here @at the home. @we know that four people have @died. @a man, a woman, and those two @girls, their two children. @we're here on sky haven. @we're told the explosion blew @out the back of the house. @of course the investigation
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@that still continues this @morning. @coming up at 6:50, i will let @you know what we learned this @morning. @this is really hitting home for @a lot of people as people wake @up to realize what happened and @make sure they realize the @situation. @>> crews have been all over @this morning tracking the snow @for you. @>> right now let's head to the @east side. @will has been out there all @morning long, checking the @conditions firsthand. @now he's out of the car and @snow is coming down pretty @good. @>> yeah, john. @it's been pretty steady. @the good news is if you see @behind me, this is 271 north @and south near chagrin @boulevard. @it's not sticking to the @pavement. @that's good news. @they have the signs up above @the highways here around @cleveland that lets you know @about the delay and most of @them we've been passing has
6:28 am
@time it's supposed to take. @now, when we go up and travel @north earlier this morning, @this stuff is coming down @thicker, sitting on the roads a @little more. @you can see it gusting, picking @up some of the stuff that's on @the ground there. @'s a good amount on the ground, @picking that up and dusting it @around too. @you're going to find some spots @on the highway, especially up @north around 92 where some of @the lanes seem a little bit @dicey, and you really can't @tell exactly where each lane @is, but there's mostly clear @roads here on the east side @right now. @everyone is moving along good @for the commute. @>> thank you. @the sideways look of the snow. @you don't know if it's falling @or if the wind is blowing. @>> right. @>> now let's head to the west @side. @>> maureen kyle is driving @around i-90 and west 117th. @we should make it clear that @you're not the one driving, mo. @>> reporter: no. @i'm not the one driving.
6:29 am
@we've actually been making @really good time getting from @west lake area into downtown. @if your commute takes you along @i-90 and you're headed out the @door any minute, you're in the @clear. @what we've been seeing is a lot @of wet roads. @at least some accumulation on @the shoulder. @all lanes are open. @all lanes are moving well. @no one is trying to be a hero @and going super fast. @everyone is taking their time. @i think that's key. @it's when the volume picks up. @if the snow hits when the @volume picks up, we could see @some slowdowns. @for the most part, everybody is @taking their time and being @careful out on the roads. @we're not seeing a lot of @accumulation and not a lot of @ice. @it's very wet roads. @if you know you have problems @on the wet roads, that's how @you're going to treat your @morning commute. @we're going to keep an eye on @things and i show you what it's @like on -- and show you what @it's like on your way in. @all right. @mo, stay safe. @ breaking news out of @columbus, police are
6:30 am
@children. @feed. @it's unclear what happened @before the stabbing, but the @children are between six and @eight. @a person of interest was taken @to the hospital. @we'll continue to follow this @story on our website and our @app. @ president obama will @deliver his final state of the @union address tonight. @he'll speak about economic @recovery, gun laws, and the @fight against terrorism. @the president will keep the @seat next to michelle obama @empty to represent the victims @gun violence. @ johnny manziel could be @losing his sponsorship with @nike. @the athletic company is @manziel's biggest sponsor. @they say, they're on the fence @about -- they say they're on @the fence about dropping the @quarterback. @they're worried about him and @hope he turns things around.
6:31 am
@from lebron james marketing @agency. @more on that to come. @ let's check in with matt @granite. @>> way to make your new year's @resolution a reality. @a gym in a bag. @holly, what's going on @weatherwise? @>> it's snowing, matt. @but we've got this. @that means you do too. @we're dealing with lake effect @snows later today. @right now arctic front is @approaching the area and @bringing all kinds of snow. @it looks like that commute is @going to get even trickier over @the next hour, hour and a half. @a heads up for those of you @time frame. @anything between now and 8:30, @looks like we're going to have @plenty of snow to deal with. @colder. @looking ahead to the afternoon @rush, it will be more scattered @lake snow at that point. @i alerts running at the bottom
6:32 am
@ good morning to you. @time now is 6:42. @we're still dealing with the @morning rush. @just to let you know, we're @seeing slow traffic, 271 north @as you're near 480 as you're @trying to approach that 480 @split there in bedford. @it's about a 5 minute delay. @71 north before the inner belt @bridge. @this is west 25th street where @we're seeing a five to ten @minute delay. @give yourself extra time on the @commute. @we've heard of a number of @spinouts. @i'm tweeting those out. @matt, for those people who want @to go to the gym, you have a @great deal for them. @>> i don't think anyone wants @to go to the gym in this @weather. @i have a way to change that. @the next time you have bad @weather and feel no motivation @whatsoever, an item that i @tested last week gets you @everything that you can @possibly find in a gym in a bag
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@take a look. @you can actually build your @entire gym at home with all of @the accessories i found, a top @rated system for 33 bucks. @that mimics all of the benefits @of a much larger gym for $33 of @free shipping. @none of these are paid @products. @i posted the deal on @if you watched us at 5:50. @i actually had a fitness expert @test my deal. @you saw that right here. @if you want to watch the full @demo, @it's a way to make that number @one new year's resolution a @reality right here in northeast @ohio. @>> love it. @>> love it. @thank you very much. @>> you can do it in the weather @center. @you two are getting a workout. @>> that's what we're here for. @>> heavy lifting. @>> everything is fine. @it's just very snowy. @looks like the heaviest burst @is going to happen between now @and 8:30. @>> look at the snow out there @now.
6:34 am
@chagrin. @not so much on the west side. @>> that area never gets busy. @>> yeah, right? @>> plenty of time, plenty of @patience. @you all know how to drive in @this. @we have not had a lot of it @this year. @we've been emphasizing this. @it's the timing and because @it's happening during our busy @morning rush hour that we're @seeing a lot of delays and @we've got numerous school @closings and delays scrolling @at the bottom of your screen. @the snowy commutes, 2-4-inches. @the four is on the high end. @burst. @a general 1-3 otherwise from @this morning snow and the lake @effect behind it, temperatures @get colder behind the arctic @front moving through. @we'll fall into the teens later @today. @winter weather advisory for @every single one of you through @midday. @we have the lake effect snow @advisory for ashtabula and @geauga and lake counties that
6:35 am
@we wouldn't be surprised if @cuyahoga county gets added into @it. @the snow is pretty intense now @over the lake and moving inland @west and east. @we're really starting to see it @in sections of cuyahoga county @and right along the 271-480 @merger where traffic is so busy @this time of day. @if you're traveling towards @cleveland, you better expect @that there's going to be some @pretty big delays. @greg is tracking it. @also looking ahead to this lake @effect for later. @>> that's part two. @good morning. @>> picking up this band well. @if you take a look at this @radar, there's snow and rain @over toward huron and richland @county. @that's where it's putting it @this morning with temperatures @in the upper 20s to around 30. @now, as we go through the @morning commute, here is what @i'm expecting. @the heavier snow band will @shift to the east.
6:36 am
@falls between 7 and 8:30 this @morning. @if you leave after 8:30, maybe @things will be improving then. @to canton andover. @notice the west side starts to @dry out by 9:00. @elyria, sandusky, temperatures @in the low 20s. @snow showers and snow flurries, @this is 2:00 this afternoon. @they're actually colder than @they are now. @upper teens and low 20s. @the evening commute is okay, @but by 7:00, we're starting off @with the lake effect snow. @northern summit and portage @county gets started with this. @the snow band tends to get @toward the snow belt. @even the east side of cleveland @can continue to get snow. @another one or two inches, but @it's really tonight in the @primary snow belt including the @east side of cleveland where we @could see three to six inches @of snow with isolated heavier @amounts.
6:37 am
@bus stop. @a lot of you have school today. @ones. @sidewalks. @it's going to be slick with the @fresh snow falling down, we're @around 20 degrees for the bus @stop forecast. @it's going to be getting colder @as you leave school today. @temperatures falling back @mentioned. @we're going to end up feeling @much colder than we do now. @this is probably the warmest @part of the day. @snow tonight into your @wednesday. @looks like we'll gradually warm @up just a bit as we head into @the end of the week before @things cool back down later in @the weekend. @and for early next week. @as we continue to track all of @in this morning, guys. @you know, we'll let you know if @anything new comes in. @>> thank you you. @after the break, we'll check in @on the morning rush. @>> let's check in on will. @>> reporter: we expected the @days of snow and cold.
6:38 am
@on the east side, we'll check @in after the break, holly. @>> i think it puts a smile on @your faces. @we have the smiling doggy. @cleo is a lab. @he smiles every day when he @watches us. @i don't know if we should be @happy or what about that. @we're going to take it as a @compliment, cleo. @frank sent the picture in. @frank, thank you so much. @keep the pictures coming in. @we love to see them every @single day.
6:39 am
@ @ we start your morning rush
6:40 am
@out of summit county. @a fatal house explosion. @you can see firefighters have @arrived back here on the scene. @they're actually getting ready @to bring the hoses up. @they're doing that to put out @flairups we've seen. @they were out here at 4:00 to @do the same thing. @last night, the explosion @happened around 8:30 on sky @haven drive in this area here. @the explosion blew out the back @of the home, killing four @people, two adults and two @young children. @we're still waiting on the @identities of the victims here. @we're also told that later on @this morning state @investigators will be back out @here. @of course they're still trying
6:41 am
go. @now for a look at things on the @west side. @we'll send things over to @maureen kyle. @>> reporter: we're on 480. @we're headed south on 480, not @north. @you can see volume picking up @on 90 and 480. @we'll be showing you what's new @in from the west. @>> we apologize. @we could not hear maureen's @mike pretty good. @we'll have an overview of
6:42 am
@you saw from maureen's shot, @wet roads. @because of snow and wet roads, @wooster avenue, a truck stuck @while traveling uphill. @please be careful as you're @commuting. @we're already starting to see @snow approaching 277 in akron. @about a five to ten-minute @delay. @as you cross into cuyahoga @county county and -- and i80. @we're seeing slow traffic into @downtown on 71 north and 77 @north. @again, these delays are between @five and ten minutes, but as @more people hit the roads, you @can expect extra delays and @drive times and accidents. @holly, the snow? @ and we've got a look at @radar for you right now, dani. @good morning to you at home. @it looks like we're going to
6:43 am
@between now and 8:30 this @morning. @that's prime drive time for a @lot of you. @if you can put off leaving @until a little later, it may be @worth it for your sanity. @otherwise, plan on extra time. @i think that's the best advice. @as we take a look at the @extended forecast behind the @front that's moving through, @things will become more @scattered and lake effect snow @kicks in. @we'll be dealing with @additional accumulation after @that. @do you know what it's time for? @matt's bonus deal of the day. @>> i will give it to you. @the first of the super bowl tv @deals. @sending it out in twitter in @about 30 seconds. @very excited about this if @you're looking for a way to @make your new year's resolution @a reality this,'s on the @website. @-- that's on the website. @>> the super bowl tv deals are @always the week or two before. @you've got them now. @>> you watch this morning's @show. @we make it happen early. @>> we do. @very good.
6:44 am
@>> any kind of cut-ins. @>> coming up, special edition @of the today show, they're @going live from the white @house. @>> so we'll be staying together @on top of this big weather @story with extended updates @every half hour. @plus, take us with you. @i was pulling up our app on the @go. @we'll follow you.
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