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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @right now at 6:00, lake effect @snow is pounding the east side. @we're live along the major @roads. @a look at what you can expect @when you head out the door. @that's not the only big weather @story this morning. @>> snow is only hitting some @areas. @it's the bitter cold @temperatures being felt all @across northeast ohio. @holly is tracking it all. @holly? @>> john and lynna, good morning @to you. @halfway through the week, we @started off with a lot of you @not going to school today or at @the very at least, a two-hour @delay.
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@to the west. @even where wind chill @advisories are not in place, @the cold is universal. @these are feel-like @temperatures. @right now every one of you is @below zero when you factor in @the winds. @feels like 13 below in @mansfield. @mansfield schools on a two-hour @delay today. @akron canton, the actual @temperature at hop -- hopkins @effect snow. @it's been consistent, @especially into lake county, @parts of geauga county and @ashtabula. @as we get in closer, we see @snow from mentor and @painesville. @if you're just waking up and @tuning in, mentor and @painesville schools do not have @any school today.
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@all closed today. @let's see what dani has to @report with all that snow @coming down. @>> thank you very much, holly. @we're not seeing any accidents @right now because many of you @to the far east are used to @this. @you commute in the snow belt. @you're used to these delays. @we're seeing delays at i-90. @a stretch between mentor and @austinburg. @it's about a 20-minute delay @right now. @at mayfield heights, as you can @see, a slick drive, but people @are getting by just fine. @those of you who travel in @other areas in our community or @our area, they're safe. @here's a picture of 77 and @state route 18. @as you can see, people are @getting by just fine. @normal drive times west and @south, but slow to the east. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> thank you. @strong winds this morning @combined with that lake effect @snow is making it for the @tricky commute we're seeing out @there.
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@live this morning with an @update. @tiffany? @>> reporter: well, we're here @in painesville. @we made our way here probably @about 30 minutes or so ago. @you can see we're at the garage @for odot. @this is where all the salt @they're using this morning, @this is where the drivers are @picking up the salt. @we've seen a truck come out @within the past few minutes. @what we've seen along route 2 @east was just a lot of snow @covered roads. @we know that odot says they @have about 80 trucks out on the @roads in lake geauga and @cuyahoga counties. @things were bad enough where @they had to shift some of those @trucks in cuyahoga county here @to lake county and more so onto @i-90. @so we're just monitoring the @conditions. @you can see the snow coming @down pretty good. @of course this is a very @important area for those @drivers as they reload that @salt this morning as well. @so john, we'll keep asking the @questions and getting the
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@know enough so they can stay @safe as they get ready for @work. @>> thank you, tiffany. @tragic story out of loraine @this morning. @a child has been injured after @sledding down a hill and into a @road and was hit by a car. @the child was life flighted @with life-threatening injuries. @so far, no word on their @condition at this hour. @the incident is still under @investigation. @ police have arrested one of @the men they say is behind the @shooting death of a cleveland @toddler. @aaron jennings was raced for @the death of -- arrested for @the death of 3-year-old major @howard. @he and another suspect fired @the shots on east 113th street. @lindsey is still at large this @morning. @ alliance police have @arrested a man they say was @exposing himself in public. @police arrested jermaine lee @kennedy earlier this week. @they say he had been exposing @himself in front of women at
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@alliance community hospital. @tips from the community helped @to lead to his arrest. @>> cleveland police are warning @of a scam posing as utility @workers. @there were two cases reported @in two days. @in one case the imposters were @let inside and stole a handgun. @workers do not need to go into @your home. @and water workers will not @enter your home without an @appointment. @they have also required to @drive a vehicle with a logo. @ south korea defense @officials confirmed that a @north koreaen drone crossed the @border today, prompting the @south to fire 20 machine gun @warning shots. @the drone went back into north @korea without any shots hitting @it. @these are the first shots fired @ever since north korea's @nuclear test about one week @ago.
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@detained russian nationals. @the raid was conducted one day @after an isis suicide bomber @blew himself up in a historic @district killing 10 people. @the suspects were allegedly in @contact with isis fighters and @had provided logistical @support. @ ceo meeting with epa @officials on how to fix @volkswagen emission scandal. @regulators rejected a proposal @submitted by vw last month. @they said it lacked sufficient @detail. @volkswagen is accused of using @software to cheat emissions @tests for over half a million @vehicles. @ so here we go again. @the jackpot for tonight's @powerball drawing is $1.5 @billion. @the cash value for that massive @jackpot is $930 million. @it's a world record jackpot. @experts say one of the best
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@do is don't tell anyone. @just keep it to yourself. @ohio is one of six states that @does not require you to come @forward in public. @i just want to say, my regular @day off is tomorrow, so don't @think i won powerball and come @knocking on my door at 4:00 @a.m. @i will be sleeping. @>> we'll be there if you do. @>> yes. @>> if you never see me again, @then start to get suspicious. @>> this is a sayonara, see you @later. @>> i'm assuming i'm not going @to win, but that's just an @assumption. @>> send a postcard, if you do. @>> i will. @>> biggest up withers and -- @biggest winners and losers. @>> it's almost tax time, the @irs will be going after back
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@some say it's dangerous for @taxpayer. @we'll explain. @holly. @>> we've got a lot of closings @and delays. @those are scrolling at the @bottom of your screen, the @commute is messy to the east. @it's frigid for all of you. @we've got more snow to track @for later today. @we're not going to make it out @of the teens for the highs. @you can get a complete list of @i alerts at @we're tweeting them out as much @as we can. @so many of you today home from @school because of the wintery @weather. @a live look outside. @you can see the snow flying to @the east at 6:08. @it is a coffee kind of morning @for sure. @grab a cup.
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@ @6:11 right now.
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@90 in willaby hills. @chardon, mentor, west lake, @west g, all you kids have a @snow day today. @holly is tracking the lake @effect snow and the bitter cold @temperatures for everyone. @she'll be up in just a minute. @ okay, if you owe back taxes @to the irs, you might be @getting a call from a private @debt collector. @>> congress voted to out source @the work, but here's the @problem. @this goes against the irs @recommendations. @critics are concerned scammers @could more easily pose as tax @collectors and dupe people out @of their money. @it's cost consumers 20-$30 @million over the last two @years. @>> papa john's is making major @changes to their menu. @in a statement, they say @they're getting rid of @artificial flavors and @synthetic ingredients. @this is the second move papa @john's is making to improve @their ingredients. @last year they promised to
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@ the cold is really what @you're feeling this morning. @>> i know. @it's frigid everywhere. @we've got a live look to start @off. @this is out of painesville this @morning. @just to give you an idea of @what traveling is like on the @east side -- those of you @waking up, you know, places @like avon, elyria, sandusky, @you're thinking, what are they @talking about. @this is richmond road in @painesville. @snow covered. @it's been coming down. @that lake effect to the east @has been problematic. @lynna just mentioned some of @the other closings and really @big districts, like mentor and @chardon and ashtabula. @whitcliff is closed today. @if you don't have our weather @app, you should really -- it's @a good reminder on a day like @this to go ahead and download @it. @temperatures, although we're @around 9, 10 degrees at the bus @stop.
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@a lot of you are going to @school. @it's really, really frigid. @wind chills are below zero. @make sure you're dressed in @plenty of layers. @the lake effect snow and the @school closings and delays @today. @we're going to forecast highs @in the teens. @19 degrees. @that's at our highest point. @it will never really feel like @it either when you factor in @the winds. @lake effect snows happening @east should start to fade by @midday. @after dinner time, we'll be @tracking more snow. @wind chill advisories for some @of you. @those are the shades of purple @that you see. @then we've got the lake effect @snow and warnings to the east @for ashtabula, geauga, and lake @counties. @here's the lake effect snow @coming down. @wider picture to start, really @indicates how isolated this is @in the scheme of things. @those of you waking up in @canton, philadelphia, sandusky, @you're not even seeing a @snowflake. @as we zoom in, you will see a @lot of snowflakes. @lake county right now is seeing
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@all the way through north @madison. @painesville is included in @there. @where those snows are coming @down and the winds are whipping @around, you get the visibility @that's reduced at times too. @wind chills all below zero. @10 below is what it feels like @in akron. @elyria, 13 below. @mansfield is on a two-hour @delay. @we'll get through the frigid @weather and lake effect snow @and then we have another round @of snow coming later on this @evening, after dinner. @looks like most of you will be @settled at home probably before @you go to bed. @it's a clipper system. @it will dump one to three @inches of snow. @it will move fast and zip on @by. @we may see lake effect early to @the east tomorrow, it should be @dry and a little warmer, upper @30s. @40s friday and saturday and
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@6:15, let's get a check on your @drive. @ thank you very much. @if you follow me on twitter, @you know i just tweeted this @out, an accident i-90 eastbound @as you're trying to get to the @inner belt north. @flashing lights here, people @trying to tend to that crash. @we're seeing stop-and-go @traffic in that area as you're @trying to get to the inner @belt. @no big delays, stop-and-go @traffic from west 25th. @hopefully they can get this @cleared out as soon as possible @because if not, as we approach @that 6:30 hour, you can expect @delays on 90 east. @71 north, here's that just @before the inner belt bridge. @it's about a two to three- @minute delay and to the east; @holly was telling you, we're @dealing with snow showers, @which is slowing down the @commute on i-90 between the @state line and 48 minutes @headed west. @58 minutes headed east.
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@ time for my biggest winners @and biggest losers today in @sports. @for the biggest losers, we may @have a new one. @the nba may have defeat gate. @it's good to see the celtics @and knicks picking on each @other. @the nba needs a rivalry like @this. @robin lopez has a history of @problems keeping his shoe on. @he said he's had enough and he @throws it right there. @i will play without it. @finally during the next time @out, the shoe guy will come @over and give lopez his size 20 @shoe. @did you see that, amir johnson @of the celtics. @look at that. @now, that's not officially a @block. @you don't get credit for @blocking a shoe. @you have to block the @basketball, but you see this, @the refs had enough of this. @they just started playing and @lopez still doesn't have the @shoe on. @lopez got the last laugh @because his knicks won the @game.
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@but to do that, that's @terrible. @ my biggest winners come @from streetsboro. @this is the under 12 soccer @team. @they just won the indoor soccer @championship in hudson. @they also won the regular @season title. @players have been together for @three years. @they've grown as a team. @coaches are chris and manning. @congratulations to streetsboro. @great job. @if you would like to nominate @your champion, send them or e- @mail them or tweet them to me. @truth be told, i'm getting a @little low on pictures. @so let's start bragging about @your kids and their teams and @let's make them the biggest @winners. @>> send them in. @>> all right. @ 6:18 right now. @once called the cars of the @future, the self-driving cars, @are becoming a reality. @why automakers want the @government to get involved with @them now. @greg? @ are you trying to get more
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@year? @i've got a gadget that may just @be able to help. @my look at the basis peak, @coming up. @>> looking forward to it, greg. @thank you so much. @we're calling this one dinner @time. @this birdie is about to have a @feast. @6:19. @it is cold and snowy for some @of you. @grab some coffee, and we'll @talk about who's dealing with
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@ @this is 90 in willaby hills. @it's a tricky commute. @we've been seeing a lot of @plows in area. @a lot of trucks have decided to @pull over. @the traffic seems to be moving
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@>> we've been hearing a lot @about technology for self- @driving cars. @well, tomorrow is white house @will announce new guidelines. @right now there are no @guidelines for self-driving @cars. @autoand tech companies have @called for this to be @addressed. @they believe this could lead to @lawsuits. @ we we're halfway through @january. @how are those weight loss @resolutions going? @>> maybe you need a little @help. @greg dee has a little gadget @that may help. @>> it's a company owned by @intell. @it's a finance tracker that @tries to be a little more like @a smart watch. @it's not a smart watch, but it @does have a big display that's @always on, unlike the apple @watch or some of the samsung @device where is the screen goes @black. @it does have a heart rate @monitor. @it tells you the heart rate all @the time.
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@it's very comfortable and very @light. @i've been wearing it for the @last several weeks during our @runs and walks. @that's where this thing really @shines. @there's very little input from @you. @it logs when you've gone for a @bike ride, steps, distance, @calories, and tells you your @heart rate during those @activities. @you can click on those @activities. @it breaks them down in terms of @pace and how fast you were @going. @it has a lot of great @information. @the screen all the way on the @right, that's my running app, @runtastic. @this actually works with it, @showing me my heartbeat during @my run. @that's downloaded to runtastic. @it's a great feature that i @absolutely love because it @makes tracking my activity more @accurate. @it also tracks sleep. @every morning i wake up and
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@it tells me, gives me a score, @how long have i been sleeping. @it tries to encourage you to @keep better bedtimes and sleep @longer. @you guys know, on this @schedule, it's not very easy. @it runs 149. @it's one of my favorite @wearables i've worn. @i've had a lot of smart watches @and fitness bands. @this one does the trick, and @the big display, with just the @time on it all the time is @actually kind of nice. @battery life, by the way on @this thing, five days. @>> oh, okay. @i was going to ask. @>> that's one of my favorite @features. @>> not bad because it stays on @the whole time. @>> the sleep feature on this @one is never going to wear out @the battery. @temperatures. @down. @>> this might be one of those @mornings where you're feeling, @it's tough to get out of bed @snow. @it's going to remain frigid @throughout the day. @we're in the teens for the @highs. @the universal theme is the @cold.
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@the lake effect snow. @it's single digits right now at @hopkins. @you can see the lake effect @snow to the east. @we've got closings and delays @because of it. @as we take a look at the @forecast across the country @today. @we're seeing hints of milder @air to our east, to our west, @to our south. @john, believe it or not, we @have a little warmup coming our @way after a round of snow. @we'll talk about that. @>> so it's out there. @>> right. @>> coming up at -- we're just @getting into the newsroom, @confirmation about the ten u.s. @sailors who were just released @from iran. @also, making a murder star @wants out of prison. @we're going to update you on
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@ @ welcome back. @a live look in painesville at @richmond and chester street. @snow covered roads. @cars going pretty slow. @place. @holly is tracking the lake @effect snow hitting mostly our @eastern suburbs causing a lot @including painesville and @willaby east lake. @we'll keep following it for @you. @holly is up next.
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@tiffany is out in the elements @this morning. @first, let's start with holly. @>> hi, john and lynna. @mentioned. @we have the lake effect snows @to the east and then we're all @weather. @we've got wind chill advisories @in place for some of you. @advisories for others. @so the one thing that you're @all dealing with is that bitter @cold. @we'll start with wind chills @because of that. @you all feel like you're below @zero when you take the winds @into account. @it's almost not worth showing @you actual air temperatures @because the more important @number is the feel like. @that's below zero. @13 below in mansfield. @they've been standing out the @past couple of hours now. @mansfield is under a two-hour @delay today. @obviously not because of snow @but because of the cold. @here's the lake effect snow @that continues to come down. @we have a real consistent band @that stretches from eastern @cuyahoga county through lake @and ashtabula at times.
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@you will still see it's snowing @painesville into north madison. @we were just showing you. @we're expecting the snows to @continue. @today. @these are pretty big districts. @as we get the information, @we'll pass it along. @would you believe it or not, @there's more snow to track from @another system. @more weather is coming up. @greg dee is here. @dani is close by. @we're working hand in hand. @ we're seeing red on i-90 @eastbound as you're trying to @get to the inner belt. @an accident just up here has @your left lane blocked. @you're seeing stop-and-go @traffic into the inner belt. @your left lane is blocked. @we take a look at the drive @time headed into i-90 east from @west 117th street to west 25th. @it's four minutes. @we're not seeing a big delay @right now, but, again, if they @don't clear this out soon, you
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@also, we had slowing just @before the inner belt bridge, @but the drive times remain nine @minutes from i-480 and the @those are normal. @however, we have our slow @traffic through i-90 and @ashtabula county, about a 10, @20-minute delay. @>> john and lynna. @>> thank you, dani. @ let's head out to tiffany @tarpley who's driving in these @conditions. @>> she's been focused on these @counties where the lake effect @snow will affect your commute. @>> reporter: we're back on @route and headed west. @we started out in cuyahoga @county. @then we made our way here to @lake county and painesville. @now you see all of this traffic @as we get ready for this @morning commute. @people likely headed into @cuyahoga county, maybe even @downtown. @but you see it is pretty slow @going here. @people are taking it easy with @all this snow on the roads.
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@spots that we've noticed on our @travels, just especially when @you're making some of those @turns and getting on and off @those ramps. @for the most part, people are @pretty much taking it easy. @another suggestion from odot, @as we know, you have to clear @those windshields. @you see this here, the back of @this car, you should probably @clean all that off before you @get on the road. @back to you. @>> tiffany, thanks. @ topping the news feed, we @just got a statement from the @u.s. navy that the ten sailors @being held in iran have been @released and unharmed. @the sailors and their boat were @held after drifting into @iranian water in the persian @gulf. @they were headed for bahrain @when they were captured. @their navigation failed. @they were being held and now @they're demanding a u.s. @apology. @ the man who was the subject @of the hit documentary making a
6:28 am
@the court of appeals is @considering a challenge to the @murder conviction. @avery filed allegations of @violation of due process. @they believe the documentary @cherry picked evidence that was @favorable to avery. @ a wanted man who sent ohio @police a selfie because he did @not like his mug shot has been @captured. @45-year-old chip pew failed to @appear in court for a drunk @driving case, but when he @didn't like his mug shot that @police used, he sent police a @picture and a statement saying, @here's a better photo. @that one is terrible. @pew was arrested in florida. @well, there you go. @vanity never works out in favor @of a suspect. @>> what a goof ball. @>> thank you,mo. @>> sure. @ let's talk about powerballs @now. @>> you forgot about this? @>> have you bought your ticket @yet? @>> no. @>> the report jackpot, $1.5 @billion. @it could go even higher @tonight.
6:29 am
@here is a look. @at brooke park. @they have a history of selling @winning tickets. @jay gray is live in chicago. @he's getting a jump on it. @there's a gentleman. @>> reporter: john and lynna, i @come to you this morning with a @public service announcement. @the powerball. @the winning ticket has been @sold. @i don't want anybody to -- no, @look. @thousands across the country @are going to stop in shell @stations, like you talked @about. @this is a shell food mart. @they will get coffee and snacks @and a chance at more than a @billion dollars. @there has never been this much @power in powerball. @it's $1.5 billion. @the largest jackpot ever. @this is historical. @this is something you can't
6:30 am
@but lines do wrap around gas @stations, shops and markets @across the country right now. @>> crazy. @everybody wanting that winning @ticket. @ some crossing the border. @>> we had a phone call that @somebody was going to be @bringing up three charter buses @to buy lottery tickets from us. @>> and plans on what to do with @the winnings. @>> an education. @open up another business. @>> they're as plentiful as the @number of people scrambling to @get a ticket. @>> we'll have seven kids, so @college, number one. @>> i think i could buy my whole @family houses. @>> it's one of those things @where you could buy an nfl @team. @the fantasy is what you could @do with it. @>> fantasy, fueled by whatever @it might take to win. @>> i've got a little town. @>> i click my heels together @three times. @>> i've been having dreams @about stuff like this. @really. @i've been having dreams about @winning this. @>> dreams shared by millions,
6:31 am
@numbers that will make them all @come true. @>> okay. @so let's talk about the odds @here. @one in more than 292 million. @it's not stopping millions @across the country from taking @that chance. @you could get struck by @lightning. @you have a better chance of @being president of the united @states. @i will take my chances, though, @john and lynna. @i'm sure you will too. @>> sure. @at least one ticket. @i wish you the best of luck. @if i don't win it, i hope you @do. @>> thank you. @>> i hope if i don't win it @that i still win it. @good setup. @>> all right. @guys. @>> i hope to talk to you some @day soon. @>> let's check in with matt @granite. @>> if you don't win that @ticket, i will make sure i hook @you up with deals you can @afford. @if you're looking for a key,
6:32 am
@what's up weatherwise, holly. @ we have cold and snow. @numerous i alerts coming up. @we're saying them as much as we @can. @would you believe after today's @lake snow east we're talking @more snow on the way. @greg dee is here. @we have team coverage. @we're going to track it for you @so you know what to expect over @the next 24 hours.
6:33 am
@ @ welcome back to channel 3 @news. @time now is 6:42. @our biggest delays right now @remain in lake and ashtabula @county on state route 2 and i- @90. @we see state line to rumor road @headed west, a 50-minute drive. @that's typically a 40-minute @commute. @a 57-minute drive. @we do still have that accident
6:34 am
@looks like the traffic cameras @are shifting it around. @before the inner belt bridge, a @5-minute delay. @matt? @ so many of us are breaking @our resolutions to get healthy. @if you want fresh orange juice @this morning, one of my @favorite deals on a dime today @is to make sure that is all @happens. @put a couple pieces of apple. @no effort required. @absolutely awesome apple juice. @no sugar added. @take a look at my deal today. @if you were to buy two @smoothies or juices a month at @$6 a pop, that's $144 per year. @now, this extremely well rated @juicer that amazon has for 180, @i found it for 130. @if you buy two smoothies or @fresh juices per month, this
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@the deals on are @available. @i talked to our chef about this @juicer. @this is not a paid product. @>> very good. @ team coverage in the @weather center. @>> yes, it is. @>> yesterday we went out after @the show, john, greg, and @myself. @>> right. @>> and kind of played in the @snow. @>> so i asked both of you if we @were going to do it today in @the cold, and you both said @absolutely not. @>> i'm a wuss. @i'm going to admit it. @it's cold. @>> it's below zero with the @wind chill. @>> we're taking a live look @right now. @you can see in willaby hills, @the snow is making it slow @travel. @john, have a ball. @>> we'll watch you out the @window, john. @>> willaby schools are closed. @chardon, mentor, kirkland, @along with willaby, west @geauga, those schools are all @closed today.
6:36 am
@lake effect snow to the east. @then we've got the cold @everywhere. @more snow to track. @greg is going to have more on @that in just a moment. @frigid lake chills and school @closings. @numerous. @some are delays. @make sure you pay attention. @they scroll by county, as you @know. @you can also find the whole @list on @today. @this is below normal highs for @the year. @lake snows will wind down @before this next little round @moves in later on. @in the meantime, we have lake @effect snow warnings and wind @geauga counties. @even for those of you not under @the wind chill advisories, it's @bitter cold this morning. @there's the lake effect snow @we've been tracking. @as we get closer in, it's @really eastern ohio. @northern geauga county is in on @the snow. @current temperatures are below @zero. @it's one of those where this is
6:37 am
@this is what it feels like. @it's the reality. @a lot of you have school today. @make sure you're dressing @warmly for work and school. @and there's more snow on the @way. @>> very active weather pattern, @holly. @there's northeast ohio across @lake michigan. @northern minnesota now coming @into eastern north dakota, a @clipper system headed down @toward minneapolis. @that's in a hurry. @it's going to be here later @tonight. @let's go to the map and show @you what we're tracking. @we'll go to future view. @ashtabula county, the white and @blue along the lake. @temperatures in the teens and @single digits. @just teens for afternoon highs. @some breaks of sunshine out @there possible, but it's just @not going to help much with @look at that. @this thing goes from minnesota @evening. @here. @because of the speed of this @system, i don't expect it to @put down a lot of snow, but it @will start after 7:00 this @evening and go through the @overnight.
6:38 am
@some of this snow is falling. @unlike the last couple of @systems or of the last three, @let's say, this is going to be @the lightest one. @inch. @20s by tomorrow morning, headed @up into the 30s. @blue here. @two inches in the heaviest @spots overnite. @thursday morning commute is @the temperatures, actually, @holly, on the rebound. @>> i know. @it's going to warm up a bit. @we'll take a look at the seven- @day. @thanks, greg. @in the meantime, it's all about @snow pants. @have fun. @we like to play in the snow, @but, kids, you have to be @dressed properly. @hats, coats, gloves, ear must @haves. @make sure you're warm. @ warm. @the 7-day forecast, it's going @to warm up. @upper 30s tomorrow. @that's what greg was talking @about.
6:39 am
@snows tonight and maybe a @little lake effect early @tomorrow. @then we're in the 40s friday @and saturday. @saturday the 40-degree high @happens pretty early. @temperatures will fall. @rain and snow showers change to @scattered snow. @early next week, it looks like @it's chilly again. @keep in mind, john and lynna, @kids are off of school on @monday. @>> some are off on friday too. @ okay. @after the break, your morning @rush. @>> let's check in with tiffany @tarpley. @she's out there this morning. @hi, tiffany. @>> reporter: hey, john. @we're actually going to be @making our way to 90 east. @we're hearing there may be @issues out there. @of course, when we come back, @we're tracking the road times. @>> thank you for all you're @doing out there, tiffany. @ in the meantime, we have @baxter to introduce you to.
6:40 am
@baxter is a morkie. @doggone weather, putting smiles @on our faces.
6:41 am
@ @welcome back. @6:51. @time for the morning rush. @holly has your forecast coming @up. @>> first, tiffany is tracking @snow on the east side. @tiffany? @>> reporter: good morning, @lynna. @we start your morning rush here @in mentor.
6:42 am
@overall, not too bad. @you can barely see the @pavement, though. @traffic is moving along pretty @nicely in this area. @we've been all around this @morning. @we started our journey in @euclid. @things weren't bad at 4:30. @the snow was pretty steady as @we made our way through lake @county. @it's coming down nicely too. @we'll keep you advised during @the cut-ins if we notice @anything. @ a 9-year-old is in the @hospital after a sledding @incident. @they went down a hill and into @a road where they were hit by a @car. @this happened on meadowlakes @boulevard. @this child was taken to the @hospital with life-threatening @injuries. @we do not know the update on @this child. @ jeffjeffrey matter and his @wife cynthia have been
6:43 am
@the two children have not been @officially identified. @they were killed when their @house exploded. @ good morning, tracy. @>> reporter: good morning. @we're following reaction to the @president's state of the union @address last night where he @laid out his vision for the @nation, even beyond his term. @the president insisted our @country is powerful and your @economy is strong. @that we're fighting to keep the @country safe but cannot be the @world policemen. @he urged people to practice @better politics, disagreeing @but not questioning each @other's motives. @republican reaction, the @reaction from nikki haley, the @governor of south carolina, @saying republicans are @partially to blame for the @dysfunction here. @they need to own that truth. @now the president heads out to @sell that to the american @public starting in omaha.
6:44 am
@powerball drawing is $1.5 @billion. @here is a live look at the so- @called lucky station. @brooke park, people are lining @up to buy tickets today. @the cash value for the massive @jackpot is $930 million. @this is a world record jackpot. @experts say one of the best @things a powerball winner can @do is not tell anyone. @if you win tonight, don't tell @anyone. @ohio is one of six states that @does not require you to come @forward in public. @dani, over to you. @>> well, i'm always coming @forward the public with the @delays. @we're seeing them on i-90 @between lake county and @ashtabula county. @it's about a 15-20-minute @delay. @be careful and prepare. @90 east and 77 north into @downtown cleveland, a 3-minute @delay and as you approach 55th @55th, 3-minute delay. @ we'll keep you updated
6:45 am
@frigid cold for all of you, @lake snow continues through the @east. @greg and i have been tracking @that next round of snow from a @little clipper system this @evening into tonight. @light, but, again, here we go @with some lake effect leftover @early tomorrow. @then we get the warmup. @balmy, if you will. @30s and 40s before it cools @down at the weekend. @ it's time for matt's deal @of the day. @>> printers, 20% off. @tomorrow, candy bars. @>> are those protein bars? @>> no. @they're candy bars that are @good for you, jammed with @protein. @that will be right here @tomorrow. @>> we'll look at the label. @>> i'm always looking for ones @that taste good. @>> cookies and cream. @>> can i try? @>> greg, you get the open one. @>> nice. @>> if you're playing powerball
6:46 am
@i know what maureen just said, @open invitation. @bring the ticket, you can join @us on the show tomorrow. @>> no rules with that kind of @money. @>> that's better than money.
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