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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 13, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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@owner jimmy has lam -- @haslam. @aggressive search for a head @coach. @he zeroed in on jackson and got @his man this afternoon. @for the browns players it's a @victory. @jackson is described as a @players' coach, not because he @runs a country club but because @players love his motivation, @his creativity and his ability @to put them on the path to @winning and, boy does this @franchise need that. @so we welcome hue jackson and @we need him tonight on a @special edition of channel 3 @news. @ @>> hi, everybody. @welcome back into our channel 3 @studios, it's been a big day @for the browns, it's a huge day @for hue jackson. @he is again a head coach in the @nfl. @it was a day that started out @for him that he was going to @fly to new york city to meet
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@to become the new head coach of @the new york giants but after @two interviews with jimmy @haslam and the new organization @that the browns have organized @in their front office, he then @-- haslam got back to hue @jackson, he said don't get on @that plane yet. @let's negotiate and make you @the head coach of the cleveland @browns and so it happened. @and at 5:00 this evening hue @jackson arrived at his new @place of business, 76 lou @brosea boulevard welcomed him @by d haslam, a very how jimmy @haslam and then this evening @met the media a while ago as he @now becomes the new head coach @of the cleveland browns. @he knows all about the browns @having served to stints in @cincinnati and the baltimore @ravens and he is thrilled to be @here. @>> i know there's a rabid fan @base. @dog pound, let me give you a @fist pump. @we all know there's a lot of
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@i'm excited about the work that @needs to be done. @i have already rolled up my @sleeves and i am ready to go. @>> and so is the owner. @he rolled up his sleeves really @as he knew that he had to make @sweeping changes inside his @organization immediately @following the team's last game @of the regular season, both @mike pettine and ray farmer @began their search with the @help of a consulting agency and @a new front office, sashi @brown, his wife dee and also @paul depodesta coming in in the @analytics part, he zeroed in on @hue jackson. @>> we got the right guy for the @cleveland browns. @he is smart, he's tough, he's @confident, competitive, he's @been a head coach before, he's @got a great offensive mind. @he's got a tremendous track @record developing quarterbacks. @i'm going to say this again @because you will see it when @you hear from him and around
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@he understands the afc north, @he's been a part of the afc @north and i think he's going to @be a great head coach. @>> browns owner jimmy haslam . @mary kay cabot is busy writing @and chronicling this story. @it's an exciting day and a big @day for hue jackson who @wondered would i become a head @coach again? @what did i do wrong in 2011 @when he took the raiders and @made them an 8-8, very @respectable football team but @he lost in a power shuffle @inside the raiders organization @and they moved on without him @and he went back all the way @back to being a position coach @with the cincinnati bengals, @then a coordinator and then he @gets the call from the browns. @>> yes, i am excited, ecstatic @about this move. @he is very humble, watching his @interview, watching his @beginnings how he went back to @a position coach, he didn't
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@should be at. @he went -- he's humble. @he's electrifying. @he wants this position. @i think haslam hired a guy just @like himself, when haslam took @this team, a lot of people @asked him why did you buy a @cleveland browns franchise that @was struggling that's trying to @find wins and he wanted to take @this opportunity to take it @head on and that's the same @thing that hue jackson is @doing. @people are asking him why @cleveland browns over the @49ers, over the giants? @why not wait? @>> yeah. @>> he wants to let his name be @known, he believes in himself @and in this challenge and i @believe he can get the job @done. @>> all right. @so footballwise, what do you @see in him that will energize @this roster and change this @culture that everybody keeps @talking about and i think they @are right, that there is a @losing culture, a defeatis @culture inside that building. @>> if you look at our @traditionally, you know, we @have had a lot of talent come @in and out of these doors.
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@be able to do is hone in that @talent and allow them to be @full-fledged. @i think that a guy like if you @look at all of the talent that @we had and you go back to @breylon, kevin winslow and you @got these guys not meeting @their potential here in @cleveland, pro bowl season one @time, if you see this talent @and the talent that was let go, @i think if you've got a guy @like hue jackson, he can keep @the guys in line, on the @straight and narrow, keep the @guys winning on the football @field and directly with the @fans, i just am excited about @this move. @>> so you liked what you heard. @>> yes. @>> and i have to admit with @you, it was different. @it was really different than @these other guys who have come @in and never been a head coach @before. @>> yes. @>> i saw a guy that was very @confident and said, hey, @listen, i know how to do this. @>> yes. @>> we are going to do it. @>> yes and i think it was big @and haslam mentioned it. @i think it was big that he @coached in the afc north and @the tradition that he has in
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@works in the afc north, it is @hard hitting football and he is @familiar with that. @to bring an outside coach in i @think would have issues and @getting acclimated in the afc @north and the teams. @he's been on several of them. @>> re going @to get the cincinnati @perspective on this. @he did a wonderful job with the @bengals offense the last two @years when he was the r. @george vogel covered the @bengals for many years and @still does at wlwt tv. @i talked to him this aften now getting @the shot again to be a head @coach four years after losing @that job in oakland. @>> it didn't work out out there i'm not sure anyone could have @make it work but you're talking @about a guy getting his first @shot at it too. @he comes back here, works on @the defensive side of the ball @and he says that helped @he was able to bring a @different perspective to them @and he learned a little @different perspective from the @defensive guys so it made him nded, he thought,
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@game but always been seen as a @good leader, always been seen @as a guy the players want to @play for and i think that's how @the bengals thought so much of @this guy, not only did they @give him a shot doing whatever @place they could find for him @after the thing blew up in @oakland but thhim @about possibly staying on and @being a coach and waiting for @marvin lewis should he ever @decide to go upstairs and be @more of a general but the draw now to make sure @you get one of those 32 jobs in @the nfl was too powerful and @that's why he's ending up in @>> george, why do players love @playing for him so much? @>> you know, it's tough to @quantify other than he is i know that the @players know you can't pull @anything over hewu's @hue's eyes.
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@side of the ball went off the @farm the past couple of years one in @particular no longer with the @team. @they made sure it was addition @by subtraction last off season @so i think the they can believe in him. @it's the same thing when mike @zimmer was here and you talked @to players in the locker room @and they talked about how much @they loved to play as that way on the offense @when hue jackson took over that @offense and seemed to make @football fun again too with all @the different formations and ings like @the wildcat with sanu and @letting him throw the re a lot of things he @did that made football fun @again for people on the @offensive side of the ball. @>> thank you for your time. @>> thank you. @ when we come back, t cribs and i will discuss @what will hue jackson, if
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she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids nk twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, thers are enjoying their first
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@ @ everyone hoping this works s the guy that can coach @the browns and get them going @again to become a factory in @the afc north in a very tough ny manziel is a factor, @though.
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@he really is. @he can ks. @he has seen manziel play. @is that fixable that you could @keep him around that way? @>> if you don't look at his off @the field @jackson is excited in what @johnny manziel can do and @proving on the football field @that he feels he can hone in on @his ability and have surge for this team. @now, saying that, i don't @believe that's what the @organization wants. @>> right. @>> and that's probably why they @went ahead and hired 's all on board with, @hey, if you want him to go, i'm @okay with that. @you want him to stay, hey. @>> which leads me to the other @part of the equation. @i mean, if it was just part, it would be @intriguing to see what he could @do with johnny manziel but @there's so much else with him. @>> yes. @>> why would hue jackson, who @has all of this work to to bolster this team and @get that roster up and running @and find a quarterback, why @would he be having to worry @about a headache like johnny @mause he doesn't
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@if there's a headache on his @team, he benches them. @>> that's right. @>> he gets rid of them. @but if your headache is the k, if your @headache is the leader of the @football team, that's an issue @and that can start problems @going down the future of this @team and it can affect him and, @you know, coach told going to forget it, he @said i'm not going to let you @go out there and embarrass me. @they will fire me. @i'm going to cut you before @they fire -- and the right thing from then on @out. @>> so the browns need a @quarterback, though. @and it's probably not going to @be him. @>> yes. @>> so they need a quarterback. @do they go out and ue, try that route, @which they have before, or do @they use that number 2 pick in @the draft and go after some are up there @that get from california, let's @talk about him. @do you go to the draft and do he could grow his own @quarterback if you do it that @way. @team, they have a lot of needs @and they have a lot of issues @but if you look at what out, he said we are not
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@in other words, we are not @going to win the super bowl @next year. @we are a @-- [ no audio ] he hue jackson @introduction to the media just @ended a few moments ago. @superdave chudowsky is out @there with doug deacon @more perspective. @>> hue jackson won the room @today. @he got me fired up. @i think he got a lot of browns @fans fired up but, doug, we @have been fired up walking out @of this room e browns finally get it @right? @>> you hope so but it all @depends on who you draft and i @think that's been the problem @in the past. @they have not been able to get ayers in their top
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@matter who the coach is, it @makes it tough, a tough job. @>> that's a good point, even if ick, if you @don't have the players you @can't get it done. @when you look at this roster, @how bad is it? @how much turnover does there @need to be? hing you have to @decide what kind of defense @you're going to run and what @kind of personnel you need on @that side of the ball. @that's the side of the ball @that needs to be addressed terrible @against the run. @on the offensive side you got @to look at the quarterback u know, obviously josh mccown @will be back next year. @johnny manziel, it's unknown. @although they kind of left the @door open today but i think @>> right. @he already had to field @questions on johnny manziel, no @question that was going to @happen and when he did get the @questions, i looked over there was a @glare. @he was all smiles except for @when the manziel questions came @out.
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@>> he said he's going to look @at every player on film and see @what his evaluation is but i @think obviously you know about f the field @and i think that's something @that would concern any coach @because this game is based on @consistency and dependability @and i think those were bout joe thomas? @>> well, i think joe thomas is @going to sit down and talk to @him and see what kind of coach @that he is and, you know, what @he wants you know, joe is a pro and @that's the difference. @i mean, here's a pro's proceed, @a -- pro's pro, a guy that @comes to work with his lunch @pale, does a great job, tent, dependable, never @missed a snap. @it's all on joe's decision. @>> last thing, it seems @watching everything play out @here today, it feels like @everybody is on the same page @and that's something we re in berea that's going @to be very important. @>> i think so and that's one of @the reasons they brought sashi @brown is, they thought they @wanted somebody theen and make sure that @everybody is working on the @same page and listening to @jimmy hasla , he has talked
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@sashi @that was going to be a team @player and i think that's @something that was missing last @year because there seemed to be @a few between the personnel @department and the coaching -- the personnel @department and the coaching @staff. @>> hoping you get to call some @wins here? @>> i hope jimmy does, for sure. @>> i'm dave chudowsky live in to you. @>> thanks. @ still to come, our top news @headlines of the day including @the new details about this home @explosion that made for that makes it even @more tragic. @ and betsy is in with a look
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@ now to the news of the day, @20 students and a bus driver @are recovering after a school @bus crash. @that accident happened just @before 3:00 this afternoon on @paige road @three school buses taking @middle and high school students @home were involved in that @crash. @one bus driver and most of the @students went to university with nonlife @threatening injuries. @authorities are still @investigating the cause of that @crash. @ we have disturbing new @details in that blast that @killed a in @northfield center township. @tonight investigators have @ruled it as arson. @the blast and fire killed 43-
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@daughters. @today the medical examiner @officially identified the girls @as 12-year-old alison and 8- @many people are stopping by to @pay their respects near the @house and say it will take a @long time to heal. @>> any tragedy like this tire community. @we are devastated by it. @>> neighbors are organizing a @scholarship for the girls while @ @near the home on friday night. @firefighters will give more @details about that fire coming @up tomorrow. @ a 9-year-old boy is in after a @sledding accident. @the child was sliding down a @hill that continues onto the @street, meadow lakes boulevard @in north was icy and the driver @struck the boy as he was @driving by. @police say the accident is d have @not filed any charges yet. @ tonight's powerball jackpot @is the largest in lottery
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@ohio back in 2010, the buckeye @state has only sold three @winning tickets, the most nner bought @her ticket in katia and today @that store true north sold more @than $4000 in @$400,000 in powerball tickets. @the cash option for tonight's @jackpot is $930 million. @your chances to win, one in @million. @wow. @that's too much math for me. @ go over to the weather @center and here's betsy. @>> still not as much as mr. @haslam paid for the browns. @>> right. @>> believe it or not. @so you @deal-o-rama. @temperatures tonight in the @teens now, we will rise into @night. @light snow moving through the @area, about an inch of @accumulation ow coming down at a pretty @good clip around lorain, summit @county, wayne been slow in some
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@major arteries still running @along at a pretty sibility now redoubt to a @mile -- reduced to a mile and a @half in some locations. @this is a look at i-90 at state @route two and you can see n the road but @this is a light snow, blowing @around quite a bit. @this is where the turnpike @meets up at i-90 in the lorain @area and a lot of on the road. @every now and then you can get @a swirl going on in the snow @and you know how the snow blows @around on the road. @ @that much. @cleveland hawkins airport, you @can see there is film, so to @speak, very light and fluffy @snow moving through. @that will continue as we go and again @it's going to be an inch of @snow or so as those snow @showers continue to move @through. @temperatures are going to be in @the mid and upper 30s by the @end of the day snow moving out and we @will see in your window nation @seven-day forecast nice warming @trend coming as we make it into @the 40s we will end up
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@we go through the weekend, so @snow showers coming back and @back into the deep freeze for @the start of next tting a ton of @social media reaction about hue @jackson but a lot of the glasses. @when we come back we will talk @more about hue jackson. @that's a given about the @glasses. @people are overjoyed, some are @we will share some of the posts
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unleash the power of dough. it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking)ifferent kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. a special day this @is going to be an aha moment to @you, you and the great crib. @social media is why chris tye @>> i'm not a weather guy but my @job is to take the temperature @of what people are saying out @there and the temperature is @around 86.
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@a look at our st couple of hours @folks have been weighing in, @are you happy with the browns @hiring of hue jackson? @86% say "yes," 14% @unscientific but interesting. @dave chudowsky said the coach @owned the room out in berea and @echoing out in the real world. @my first @great speaker, she says, @amazingly positive energy. @people person very clear @expectations. @the fall. @my first impression of hue @jackson, confident, great @speaker, amazingly positison and the @question here, not going to @lie, he seems to actually like @he's here. @i'm stoked as he is. @welcome to cle. @this is @our friends posted this jersey, @they have all nine coaches, @eight coaches, rather, since @1999 starting with butch and @ending with hue al in cleveland until
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@and the folks at gd art and @design are going with hue got @>> you've got to believe. @>> many t-shirts in josh's @image. @this we are seeing something in @hue's world. @breaking, the browns have e jackson he @will be fired following the @2016 season. @there's always a bit of @cynicism in this town, is there @not? @>> if there's a browns u call bengals players up @and say what is it like to play @for this guy? @>> a lot of the players, they @are excited because he's going @toto this @team. @>> when he says i want to win @now, players don't want to be a @part of a long rebuilding. @>> no, not at all. @>> you don't think @to be, players don't want to be @either. @>> no. @they want it here and now. @>> great work tonight. @thank you so much. @i think you could play for hue @jackson but i think you could @have played for lombardi ody. @ the misteries of laura are @next on channel 3. thank you
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@>> thank you for watching @channel 3 news. @take channel channel 3 news her with you wherever
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