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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ right now at 6:00 honoring @a canine officer killed in the @line of duty. @coming up what you can expect @at a memorial service today and @the new information on the @suspects accused of shooting @the dog. @will? @ tiffany the browns have @hired their eighth new head @coach since 1999, hue jackson @coming up hear what he has to @say about the team's chances of @winning. @ all right, well plus we're @all here so you know we didn't @win the powerball jackpot. @>> but three winning tickets @were sold where people are @waking up a whole lot richer. @coming up in the spot right @here in north east ohio where @there's a million dollars @winner. @ but first let's send things @over for a check of the @forecast. @>> hi, good morning to you and @overall, this is going to be an
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@want to mention i-alerts are up @at the bottom of the screen @with a handful of closing @including ashtabula area city @schools where it's still @snowing temperatures warm up @and we're in the 20s now ending @up close to 40 snow showers at @our east fade and we should @even see a few peaks of @sunshine late this afternoon, @fingers crossed. @temperatures right now in the @20s so it's feeling a lot @better, ashtabula is at 22 @degrees 25 akron canton, it's @28 right now at hopkins, 6:01 @is the time check wind chills @this morning in the teens but @as we do take a lock at radar @you can see the snow has been @overnight while you've been @asleep and early this morning @lake county seeing very light @snow and around ashtabula it's @been a very steady snow and it @does continue from north @madison through ashtabula all @along the lake shore so they @had a lot of snow yesterday and @it continues to fall this @morning we do anticipate over @the next few hours these snow @showers will begin to dissipate @and we should get a nice little
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@pre shape eatages. @will it be rain or snow? @i'll let you know and also when @will it happen. @first let's get a check on your @commute. @>> thank you, yes, and where @it's keeping our eyes on this @so far we're all green even to @the east when we're dealing @with that snow so a good @commute no accidents to report @and also some good news for @those of you who take chester @avenue into downtown. @chester avenue westbound is @back open between east 40th and @5 fifth it was closed because @of a water main break. @your eastbound lanes remain @closed because crews are still @restoring the road there so @that's good news for those of @you who take chester avenue @into downtown cleveland. @lena, back to you. @ dani, thanks. @breaking overnight the world's @biggest lottery jackpot has @been won. @there are three winning tickets @in fact for powerballs $1.5 @billion jackpot. @the winning tickets were sold @in california, tennessee, and @florida. @this is video of the 7-eleven
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@california where one of the @tickets was sold. @people started to gather there @to celebrate. @the identity of the winner has @not been released yet. @meanwhile cleveland had a @million dollar powerball winner @the ohio lottery reports this @morning that three $1 million @winners were sold in ohio and @here in cleveland the winning @ticket was sold at the erie @view towers news stand at the @galeria. @ continuing to follow @breaking news widespread at&t @outage affecting customers @across northeast ohio @overnight, you can see by the @map that's right here the @outage stretches from cleveland @all the way to canton. @phone, cable, internet it's all @down. @we're reaching out to the @company to find out when they @expect service to be restored. @ a new era of football @begins in cleveland as the @browns have introduced their @new head coach, hue jackson. @>> the search ended after a @week and a half and will joins @us now live and will they @interviewed seven candidates @but it seems like everybody was
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@couldn't get hue jackson? @>> sure seems that way john. @looked like he was the guy they @were aiming for all along. @as you mentioned they interview -d seven other people. @hue jackson was the only one to @get the second on tuesday and @able to get the deal done @before he got on the plane to @interview with the giants so @he's the right guy for the @cleveland browns calling him @smart, tough very competitive, @a great offensive mind with a @great track record and working @with quarterbacks. @the eighth coach hired since 99 @comes to cleveland with 15 @years of experience in the nfl @and ringing endorsements from @former co-workers and players @he went eight in eight in his @only season as a head coach @with the oakland raiders which @is the best record they've had @since 2002. @a former college quarterback @from the university of pacific @jackson spent nine years in the @afc north so he knows the @division very well most @recently an offensive @coordinator with the bengals @helping andy dalton post his @best numbers of his career so
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@it won't be quick expecting @three years but hue says he @doesn't want to wait. @>> we expect to win every game @we play. @now that being said there's a @lot of things that need to @happen to have that opportunity @to come forth but at the same @time, we aren't going to be a @football team that walks out @there and says well we say @give. @i'm not interested that. @i did not come here for that. @i came here to win. @>> so next on the list for new @head coach hue jackson is @assembling his staff and also @helping getting the gm going. @as far as his thoughts on @johnny manziel, reports came @out yesterday that he wanted to @move on from johnny manziel but @in the press conference he said @he's going to watch tape, talk @to every player before he makes @any decision. @coming up later in this 6:00 @hour you'll find out something @new about hue jackson. @one of his pre-game rituals @that take him away from the @football field. @>> good stuff a little relaxing @before a game. @we like that, thank you. @ cleveland firefighters @battled a late night fire at a @welding company. @at one point flames were
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@m steel on roseland road near @the east cleveland border. @most workers were gone for the @day. @the few still there did get out @safely. @nobody was hurt. @no word yet on the cause of the @fire. @ a 9-year-old boy remains in @critical condition after a @sledding accident. @the child was sliding down a @hill that continues on to the @street. @the road was icy and a driver @struck the boy as he was @driving by. @police say the accident is @under investigation and they @haven't filed any charges. @here is lena with a look at the @morning news feed. @>> john new this morning police @are investigating after an suv @drives off a highway overpass @killing all five people inside. @the accident closed down the @highway in phoenix, arizona for @some time last night. @police say the suv exited the @highway at an off ramp, went @through a concrete barrier wall @and then crashed through a @chain link fence before falling @30 feet below. @it's believed two adults and
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@ australia has denied a @request from the united states @for a greater military @committment against isis @militants of syria and iraq. @australia has been a strong @allie of the u.s. in the fight @against isis while they don't @want to offer anymore military @power, australia's defense @minister says they might @contribute more humanitarian @aid. @ a police chase in montana @ends in dramatic fashion right @outside of an nbc tv station. @less say a woman was seen @driving wrecklessly and took @off when they tried to pull her @over. @the stations security footage @caught the car coming to a stop @on the sidewalk. @the driver even tried to get @into the building, putting the @station on lockdown. @police say the woman was @unarmed and they don't believe @she was drinking alcohol. @ now take a look at this. @border patrol agents have seen @it all. @another big bust for u.s.
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@agents found 2800 perfect @looking carrots but take a @closer look. @marijuana. @the real carrots sprinkled on @top weren't enough of a @disguise. @agents say they found a half @million dollars of weed hidden @in those. @john? @>> how about that? @all right thank you, lena. @my biggest winners are coming @up and you have to see this @video. @the back up goalie who steals @the show at these games. @>> john some coffee may pep you @up this morning but if your @phone is feeling sluggish, i've @got some tips and tricks that @may have your iphone running a @little bit faster, coming up. @ greg can't wait to hear @about it. @phones ready. @okay, and we're ready for the @commute. @now we still have flurries and @snow showers to the east. @ashtabula schools are closed @today but most of you are @dealing with much calmer @weather. @it's actually feeling better, @20s right now we'll end up near
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@i-alert with closing and delays @you know they're instant on the @bottom of your screen, @always here so that you can @have a stress-free start to @your day. @good morning. @>> hi holly, plus after their e- @coli outbreak and falling @stocks, chipotle has a new plan @to win back customers. @we'll tell you about it after
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@ @ 6:12 right now. @chipotle hopes to put its e- @coli outbreak behind them and @win back customers. @the mexican grill will launch a @new marketing campaign @tomorrow. @they're going to show more tv @ads and send direct mail to @customers. @chipotle executives say they @are confident steps that the
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@taken will prevent future @outbreaks to e-coli outbreak @sickened more than 50 people in @nine states including here in @north east ohio. @ well it's something you @hear a lot of iphone users @complain about and that's @running out of storage. @>> i just a couple weeks ago @got a new phone because i kept @getting the warning saying @you've got to erase things. @so i figured i'd get a new @phone with more memory but i @should have waited until greg @did this report and he joins us @with a way to free up memory. @>> a couple of tricks this @morning so the first one not @freeing up the memory that @stores your photos but frees up @the memory that runs apps to @make your phone run faster so @if your phone is going back @with your home button is a @little slow on your iphone here @is how to accomplish the same @thing as a reboot without @actually rebooting your phone @so while your phone is @unlocked, hold down the power @button until you get the off @screen. @now at this point do not shut @the phone off.
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@button until you go back to the @home screen. @this is basically doing the @same thing as rebooting the @phone, clearing some of that @ram to allow your apps to run @smoother. @remember don't turn it off and @make sure the phone is unlocked @when you do that. @another thing you want to make @sure is go into your mail @setting and if you have a work @account like i do you want to @make sure you aren't putting @together anymore than a months @worth of data. @that will really save hundreds @of megabytes of storage on your @phone. @look for the mail days to sync @under mail settings in your @mail account. @the last one is for those who @may have some weak service @where you are. @now this is off by default and @it. @go into your settings app and @click on sell you already and @then scroll all the way down to @the bottom past the long list @wi-fi assist. @make sure that that's on. @that will switch the iphone @from wi-fi to cellular
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@weaker than the other. @sometimes you're in poor wi-fi @coverage but end up having @better cellular coverage. @that may also save you batter @assist well as the phone won't @be looking for a signal to @guys? @>> you know what i like greg? @even some of those steps that @you just showed could work for @android too like the mail sync? @>> yes. @>> that's a good tip. @i could do that online. @>> a lot of mail apps sync @everything at once when you may @not need that data. @a month is probably good enough @for most. @ 6:15 here is holly. @>> good morning to you. @with have a few i-alerts up at @the bottom of the screen and a @few being keyword literally a @handful but one of the bigger @closing is ashtabula schools @with the snow continuing at the @bus stop. @it's not as cold so that's @great news. @you have to bundle up but @around 20 or so it's feeling a @heck of a lot better than the @below zero wind chills we had @yesterday at the same time. @this morning, wind chills are @actually mid to upper teens and
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@mid to upper 20s at 6:15 so not @as cold, flurries fading, @tracking rain believe it or @not. @next thing on the agenda in the @meantime we've got the light @snow showers and flurries that @will fade away towards mid to @late morning. @we may even see a few peaks of @sunshine this afternoon. @we'll warm close to 40 degrees @today and double the numbers @from yesterday. @we only hit 19 at hopkins. @there's the snow showers that @are still flying to the east @most of you not impacted by the @snow this morning but if you @are in lake or ashtabula county @you are seeing some of the snow @showers even northern geauga @county seeing snow. @these are the feel like @temperatures so wind chills are @not a big deal today like @yesterday. @no advisories, teens to around @20 and even when you factor in @the winds and as we do track on @future view once we get past @those few snow showers to the @east this morning it will turn @to that mix of clouds and @sunshine this afternoon, a @partly to mostly cloudy sky @overnight and tomorrows friday @and i think we're going to
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@sunshine and keep it around @even into early afternoon @before we start to talk rain. @this is 3:00 tomorrow and you @are all still dry. @we're noticing the green to the @west at that point looks like @it will be more tomorrow night @into saturday that the rain @showers move in so this works @out for our friday evening @plans. @saturday front pushes through @temperatures will start to drop @again and as we take a look at @your window nation seven day @you'll see that. @today we're around 40, tomorrow @we're in the mid 40s, rain @holds off until tomorrow night @and then saturday it will be @rain to scattered snow showers @and 30s and falling 20s with @scattered snow sunday. @upper teens for martin luther @king day kids are off school so @it's the coldest day on the @extended, 6:17 here is dani @with a check on the drive. @>> thank you very much we start @eat at i90 and state route 91. @you'll see we don't have the @snow covered roads but they're @still wet so be careful as
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@snow to the far east so if @traveling 90 through lake and @ashtabula county be prepared @but right now no accidents or @major delays in fact looking @great throughout the entire @region for those who travel 77 @here is the picture at 480 @where we're getting by just @fine but still wet and slick @roads. @so that drive time on 77 north @between 480 and the 490 @interchange five minute @commute. @john back to you. @ dani, thank you. @6:18 time for my biggest @winners and losers today in @sports and just winners today @it has to be. @a lesson today for all parents @kids sports is all about fun. @yes winning is nice but not @every team can win so it's @important we remember that the @kids have fun playing. @one back up goalie is a good @reminder that look at this, the @back up goalie for the elk @river, minnesota squirts. @this young man may never start @another game in his hockey @career but he's already famous. @check out the moves.
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@ryan doesn't stop and keeps @dancing during the entire game. @maybe it's his way of staying @loose just in case he gets his @chance. @his nick name is chop. @i like it. @he's having fun whether he gets @into the game or not. @have fun kids, it's what sports @is all about. @look at that. @>> [laughter] @>> my other biggest winners are @riverside elementary school. @co-ed soccer team was the @undefeated champions, 20 boys, @one girl and one awesome coach @and even more amazing they @never gave up a goal this @season, all shut outs, that's @amazing. @my thanks to terry for sending @in the picture. @if you'd like to nominate your @champion send me the picture @and story e-mail them morning @show at or tweet them @at john wkyc. @>> [laughter] @>> great video. @>> that's the best. @thank you so much. @>> wait until he gets a net. @he's going to be really good. @ time is 6:19 okay as we @wait for the three big
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@forward, oh, the excitement is @growing in the towns where the @winning tickets were sold. @we'll have the latest in a live @report coming up. @ thank you, weather out your @window and we're calling this @one winter inspiration. @patty from wooster sent it in @and this was obviously taken @awhile back. @in november though, not too bar @and she at that point said i @wasn't ready to give up on this @quite yet so thank you, patty @we love it 6:20 is your time
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@ @ 6:23. @this morning we're waiting to @find out who won the world's @biggest jackpot. @>> we know there are at least @throw powerball winners in
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@the $1.5 billion prize. @tracy potts is live in @washington this morning @following all of the @excitement, hi tracy. @>> reporter: hi, so an update @from when i spoke to you last @hour, early this morning, the @lottery officials in tennessee @identified the winner there as @someone from mumford, tennessee @but we're waiting to find out @specifically where and what @store and maybe even who that @may be. @also our folks out in florida @tell me they could get an @announcement within the hour of @wherein florida that winner is. @so far we believe there were @throw and so far the most @excitement we've seen is coming @out of california. @this was the scene outside. @>> i feel like i'm at a one @direction concert. @>> and inside the chino hills @california 7-eleven where at @least one of three winning @powerball tickets was sold. @>> i'm excited for them and i @don't even know who it is. @>> there are also winners in @florida and tennessee.
6:21 am
@number good luck to you it is @the number 10 tonight. @>> it's the biggest jackpot in @the world ever. @so big that people in nevada @drove across state lines and @waited four hours to get @tickets. @>> good luck, everybody. @>> kentucky gave out 1500 free @tickets to celebrate. @>> it's going to be really hard @to get anybody interested a $40 @million jackpot again. @>> players had big plans. @>> if i won it i would share it @with my family and buy an @island. @>> our financial expert says @you may be better off not @winning. @>> now, you are going to be @forced to take control of your @own financial future. @>> for at least three people @this morning the future looks a @billion times brighter. @>> now keep in mind by the time @they split it and pay the taxes @each of these winners may get @around $300 million a piece @which still isn't too bad. @by the way this is the second @time in a row that tennessee @has had a powerball winner. @i don't even play the lottery @but i used to live in @tennessee. @it's a good place to be. @>> so close!
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@>> tracy stayed maybe she would @win. @>> you know what but i think @we'll see the winners with the @big check because none of those @states are the ones like ohio @where you can protect your @identity. @>> they have to come clean and @tell you what winners are? @>> they can't be anonymous. @here in ohio you can be so @we'll see the big check. @>> i can't wait to see. @it's exciting. @>> with our money. @>> exactly. @>> took my $8. @ well we found our warmth @back which is the good news. @temperatures are in the 20s @this morning and we'll end up @around 40. @lake effect snow showers still @to the east ashtabula city @schools closed today one of the @bigger closing and there is @just a handful of them on i- @alert but just to be aware and @on the travel map you can see @the snow showers still flying. @most of you are dry, most of @you are not as cold and it's @going to continue to warm up as @we close out the week. @i'll let you know how warm, @when to expect some rain, @that's all ahead.
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@ @ welcome back. @>> i'm john anderson hollie @class your forecast coming up @that include a warm up but @first we start with breaking @news we're following. @cleveland police are @investigating an overnight @shooting outside a west side @strip club this is the scene of @the million dollar club on @clark avenue where one person @was shot. @police tell us a man was taken @to the hospital after being @shot at least seven times, so
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@if police have any suspects in @custody. @ 19 students and one bus @driver were sent to the @hospital after three buses @streetsboro. @this happened when the buses @were leaving a school complex. @the driver and the students are @all expected to be okay. @investigators are looking into @the exact cause. @morning. @ many of you browns fans @said you were getting rid of @your season tickets are. @are you buying now? @the browns have their coach hue @jackson is the new coach @calling plays with the browns. @he does have head coaching @experience, spent one year with @the raiders and he's known for @developing quarterbacks and now @he needs to find his @quarterback and reports say it @won't be johnny manziel. @we'll follow that. @ following the weather it's @just been up down up down kind @of on the up right now? @>> we're on the up and then @we'll be on the down and it's @going to continue and the good @news is it's not feeling as @cold as you're waking up if you @are just tuning in and joining
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@there are a few i-alerts at the @bottom of the screen and not @nearly as many as yesterday. @in fact just a handful but one @of the bigger closing is @ashtabula area city schools @where it's still snowing to the @east. @we'll end up in the 30s by @lunch and around 40 for the @high which is quite impressive @we only hit 19 yesterday. @right now you're all-in the 20s @to near 30 degrees downtown. @25 akron canton upper 20s in @elyria, ashtabula sitting at 22 @and 28 at hopkins at 6:32. @on radar there is still snow @flying to the east. @it's light in intensity but @really consistent for ashtabula @thus the closing today made a @lot of snow yesterday. @this will fade throughout the @course of this morning and we @are expecting peaks of sunshine @today and believe it or not i'm @tracking rain. @i'll let you know when that @arrives coming up in just @minutes right now dani has a @look at the thursday morning @commute. @>> good morning to all of you @welcome to thursday. @so far it's still an accident @free ride and we're looking
6:26 am
@all green and clean as hollie @was telling you about we do @still have snow showers to the @east causing a tiny bit of snow @traffic on 90 through ashtabula @county, only adding a few @minutes to your commute so @watch for slow traffic to the @east because of the snow, we're @also seeing our typical slowing @before the inner belt bridge on @i71 north so we'll take a look @outside and we're not seeing @big slowdowns from west 25th @street so let's take a look at @that drive time on 71 north @between i480 and 490 it is nine @minutes so that is normal. @back to you. @ dani, thank you. @today law enforcement officers @will gather incant to remember @one of their own killed in the @line of duty. @>> tiffany tarpley is here with @more about the service for @>> the service begins at noon @at the civic center incant but @11:00 this morning. @from what we understand there @will be other canines from
6:27 am
@department inside doing part of @the service. @that's according to the police @canine association's facebook @page. @jethro was shot over the @weekend during a confrontation @with a burglary suspect and he @died from those injuries . the @person investigators say killed @him is kalantre bearfield . @police shot him in the leg and @he's now out of the hospital @and will remain in the stark @county jail until he's @arraigned on on several @charges. @there's been support for the @canton police department really @from around the world. @coming up at 6:50 i'll give you @an update on the go fund me @account that would help fund @bullet proof vests for that @canine and pay part of jethro's @medical bills. @>> we'll see you then, thanks @tiffany. @ firefighters will release @more details about the blast @that killed a family of four in @north field center. @yesterday we learned @investigators ruled it as @arson. @the explosion and fire killed @43 year old jeff mather and his @wife cindy along with their two @daughters.
6:28 am
@allison and eight year old @ruthie were officially @identified. @many people are stopping to pay @their respects near the house @and say it will take a long @time to heal. @>> any tragedy like this @affects the entire community. @we're devastated by it. @>> neighbors are organizing a @scholarship for the girls under @their name while planning a @candle light vigil near the @home tomorrow night. @ now here is john with the @morning news feed. @>> here at 6:35 we start with @developing news. @several explosions went off and @gunfire broke out in the @capitol of indonesia overnight. @at least seven deaths have been @reported. @one explosion went off in a @starbucks cafe. @the coffee chain released a @statement saying one customer @was injured in the blast but @all employees are safe. @indonesian police say a @suspected suicide bomber was @responsible for at least one of @the blasts. @ new overnight the world @health organization announced @officially the end of the ebola @outbreak in liberia.
6:29 am
@sarah leon and guinea were @declared ebola free months ago @the outbreak killed more than @11,000 people. @ as flint, michigan deals @with lead contaminated tap @water, health officials now @report a spike in cases of @legion airs disease the @national guard handed out @bottled water and blood test @kits for lead poisoning and the @cities water became @contaminated after switching @water supply to save money. @it's the type of pneumonia @caused by bacteria. @more tests are needed to @supply. @ the oscar nominations will @be announced this morning. @this is video from last years @nomination announcement. @the 88th academy awards @ceremony will be broadcast live @february 28. @some of the top film contenders @include the martian, straight @out of compton, creed and of @course star wars the force @>> oh, yeah. @>> yeah.
6:30 am
@>> especially star wars. @>> the awards will be as well. @ still lots to come time is @6:36. @>> let check in with matt. @>> i am serving up cookies and @cream, chocolate chunk and @smores for breakfast and every @single one of these chocolate @bars i have, good for you and @on sale. @does your forecast top that? @of breakfast. @how good does that sound, it's @at least 40 degrees today going @to be much much better feeling @with snow to the east and a few @i-alerts at the bottom of the @screen including ashtabula city @schools if you're just tuning @in. @not as cold though i think the @underlying headline today and @we'll continue to warm up. @i'll let you know how mild and @when to expect some rain,
6:31 am
@ @ 6:40 a little money news @most of us wait until april but @you can start filing your taxes
6:32 am
@the official kickoff day to @file your taxes is tuesday @january 19. @the irs expects to receive 150 @million individual tax returns @this year. @cnbc reminding us a little @later deadline too monday, @april 18 is now the deadline @because the 15th falls on @emancipation day which is a @holiday inn washington d.c. @ well if you're trying to @eat healthier it may not be how @much you eat but what you are @eating. @an article on yahoo health @lists the foods that will @actually make you hungrier and @on top of the list, cheese. @yes, studies find the more you @have the more you crave. @low fat yogurt, the high carb @load and very low fat content @will leave you looking for more @to eat and instead dieticians @say greek yogurt with the more @protein is the way to go and @while you may think that fat @free salad dressing is saving @you the calories, the salt and @sugar in them can leave you @feeling unsatisfied and craving @more. @another surprise on the list? @egg whites, leaving out the
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@of the egg that makes you feel @full. @let's keep this thing going. @matt you've got a deal. @>> yeah, i've got to fill you @up on cookies and creek, @chocolate chunk and this is all @good for you and it's going to @save you money. @it's like a win win win. @delicious. @this is my breakfast and a @breakfast that's likely a whole @lot more nutritious than most @of what you consumed this @month. @take a look at quest bars @basically young free snacks @that fill you up with all of @the right stuff and i kid you @not these taste just like candy @bars with 20 grams of the @highest quality protein they're @low in carbs, no sugar added, @gluten free last hour we heard @from a nutritionist who called @these the best things ever, and @today they are also one of the @best deals ever. @50% off with free shipping @options depending on how many @you buy. @big fan of these if you want to
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@who does weigh in on why these @are unbelievable head over to @i've got the deal posted these @are paid products i don't care @whether or not you buy them but @if you are interested for @cookies and cream that's good @for you, crazy. @it's on our website right now. @>> yeah. @you know and the first thing i @did was look at the cookies and @cream. @the label one graham of sugar. @>> i can see every child out @there right now. @mom! @>> it's so funny. @ all right, thank you, matt. @>> we just had the whole @grocery list conversation last @night at the house and mommy, @make sure you get confetti @cupcake pop tarts. @it's good for you. @>> right. @>> what food group is that? @>> it's grady's group. @>> we'll take a look at your @bus stop forecast and if you @are just sitting down to @breakfast this morning know @that it's not as cold so as you
6:35 am
@feeling a lot better. @temperatures in the 20s wind @chills or teens to near 20, @times check is 6:43. @we do have a few closing on i- @alert. @cash tab you la schools is the @big one not nearly as many as @yesterday. @most of these are east where we @are still seeing some light @snow showers and flurries, so @all that being said, we're @going to track rain before this @week is through and tomorrow is @already friday so we'll get to @that. @in the meantime today things @feel so much better. @the snow to the east will fade @and we'll be in the 30s at noon @end up 40 the high. @19 yesterday so we're going to @double that and make a huge @difference. @there is the snow showers on @radar we'll zoom in close show @you what's happening and it's @pretty light but its been @pretty consistent overnight @while you've been asleep and @that why we are seeing closing @this morning and they will be @shoveling out quite a bit and @nice thing is kids can get out @after school and play in the @snow and temperatures when you @factor in those winds the feel @like is teens to near 20.
6:36 am
@time it felt like it was well @below zero we had wind chill @like that. @as we track on future view, @we'll get into the afternoon @we'll hopefully see a few peaks @of sunshine and it's quiet @weather tonight and pretty mild @too with overnight lows @expected in the 30s this time @tomorrow morning. @we'll warm back into the 40s @for your friday and it looks @like we'll see sunshine too a @lot of tomorrow during the day @is going to be great. @that rain that we're talking @about is going to hold off @until tomorrow night and in @fact it looks like it's going @to be after dinner as far as @starting time, this takes us @into early saturday that front @pushes through and then we'll @have some scattered rain to @snow showers as the @temperatures fall again. @here is a look at your window @nation seven day forecast @around 40 today snow is coming @to an end to the east so those @dealing with that patients it @will get better for you and @tomorrow we'll be dry through @the day rain tomorrow in the @evening and into tomorrow @night. @45 the high though 30s rain to
6:37 am
@cold again sunday we're in the @20s with scattered snow and @upper teens with snow and back @in the 20s as kids head back-to- @school on tuesday. @dog on weather here is duncan. @duncan is a chocolate cocker @spaniel and lives in alliance, @loving his new christmas toy in @this picture. @lynn thank you so much for @sharing with us. @over to you for what's trending @guys. @ thank you, so we're going @to start with what's trending @this morning and that has to do @with bill cosby. @could be facing more charges @this time in pennsylvania. @>> right the commedian was @supposed to be in court for a @deposition next month and now @that's been postponed because @of the case in pennsylvania, @however his wife camille may be @called to testify instead in @the lawsuit in where seven @women say cosby defamed them @after they accused him of @sexual assault. @dozens of women have come @forward to accuse cosby of @assault in the last year. @ former boy band star nick @carter is under arrest.
6:38 am
@arrested at a bar in key west, @florida. @tmz reported he got into some @type of scuffle in the hog's @breath saloon. @not clear what lead to the @fight or if anyone else was @arrested but we know police @arrested carter after the @investigation. @recently carter appeared on @dancing with the stars and @there was also recent rumors of @a back street boys reunion tour @with the spice girls. @ a friends reunion is @finally happening. @12 years after the show's @finale the friends cast will @reunite on nbc this february. @it's part of a special honoring @director james burrow. @the two hour episode will air @sunday, february 21. @while friends is getting the @most attention there will also @be cast reunions from the show
6:39 am
@how about that? @>> what a great idea. @can't wait to see cheers too. @right there as a classic. @ after the break your @morning rush. @>> right now let's check in @with will. @>> hi john a new era in @cleveland browns football set @to begin with the hiring of @their next head coach hue @jackson. @learn about him coming up @including a pre-game ritual @that a little bit strange.
6:40 am
@ welcome back it's almost @6:51 time for todays top @stories in your morning rush. @the forecast includes a warm up @and another check on the roads. @>> will is talking about the @browns new head coach but first @tiffany with more on how a @fallen canine officer will be @honored today. @>> reporter: a canton police @canine will be remembered @during a memorial service @today. @people from around the world @have already honored jethro @through a go fund me account @that has grown. @the goal was to raise $10,000 @for vet care and bullet proof @vests for the canines incant @but a recent check of the page @shows donations have exceeded @$31,000. @today at noon a memorial @service will be held for jethro @at the civic center doors open @to the public at 11:00 this @morning. @the burglary suspect charged in @connection with his death faces @several charges. @he's in the stark county jail a @waiting arraignment. @ tiffany an alliance man has @been charged with 20 counts of
6:41 am
@62 year old victor johns was @arrested yesterday after @alliance police and agents at @the ohio internet crimes @against children task force @executed a search warrant at @his home. @johns is being held at the @stark county jail on a quarter @million dollars bond and he @will be arraigned tomorrow in @alliance. @ widespread at&t outages @affecting some customers across @north east ohio. @peoples phone, cable and @internet is all down. @most of the outages are in the @cleveland area. @see it on the map there it's in @red. @it spreads all the way to @canton. @we talked to the company which @says its becoming a statewide @issue. @at&t also tells us they don't @know when the service will @brestored and it could take up @to two days. @ the world's biggest lotter @jake pot has been won. @there are three winning tickets @for powerballs $1.5 billion @jackpot. @the tickets were sold in @california, tennessee and @florida. @this video shows the 7-eleven @in chino ills, california where @one ticket was sold. @the identity of the winners has
6:42 am
@ we know cleveland has a @there. @the ohio reported three $1 @million winners were sold in @ohio and one was sold at the @erie view towers newsstand. @good luck here is will. @ john talk about a week and @a half for the browns to find @their next head coach and they @interviewed multiple candidates @including hue jackson several @times before inking him to a @deal introducing him yesterday @the owner says they got the @right guy for the browns @calling huex smart, tough, @competitive a great offensive @mind with a great track record @working with qb's. @he's the eighth coach hired @since 1999 coming with 15 years @experience in the nfl, nine in @the afc north and ringing @endorsements from former @coaches that he worked with and @former players. @he also comes with a pregame @ritual we found by looking into @an old espn article of getting @a manicure, a pedicure and @reading up on the latest gossip @in the magazines.
6:43 am
@his next order of business is @finding a gm and also staff @members to go with the new @regime. @dan. @dani? @>> thank you very much, will. @we start south because we have @an accident reported on state @route 21 southbound just after @greenwich road. @a car hit a guard rail no @delays and injuries in this @one. @other than that we do have slow @traffic into downtown all we're @really seeing here on 71 north @between west 25th and the inner @belt. @it clears once you get to the @inner belt but this is at i90 @at fulton so here you go, 71 @between 480 and 490 a 10 minute @commute. @hollie, back to you. @we're still tracking some snow @to the east ashtabula schools @closed today along with others @on ialert at the bottom of your @screen but most of you are dry @and all feeling better. @20s right now will be around 40 @sunshine. @tomorrow we're tracking rain @but not until late. @i think it's going to be @evening and into tomorrow night @so a lot of the day should be @great.
6:44 am
@again as we head into the @weekend saturday will be @scattered rain and eventually @scattered snow showers as @temperatures fall. @on sunday, we're only in the @20s for highs so the ride @continues here. @some scattered snow chances @sunday, monday is martin luther @king day kids are off of school @and it is going to be the @coldest day here on our @extended forecast kind of a @blessing they will be home for @that highs in the upper teens @and back in the 20s and looks @like some dryer weather @settling in for tuesday and @wednesday of next week. @in the meantime, it is time for @>> yes. @go pro liquidation begins at @tweeting the details. @john why is this? @did you say something earlier? @>> i'm guessing it's the new @store at 4:30 where holiday @sales were very disappointing @and laying off work staff and @stock was falling overnight @28%. @>> not happy about that but the @savings are substantial.
6:45 am
@candy bars todays deal is on @best oil ever. @this will rock your world. @will find out after the show. @here. @>> have a great day. again! r again!
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