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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 15, 2016 4:07am-4:37am EST

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cruz attacked trump for conservative >> and this just in. bloomberg is announcing a houston attorney has filed suit saying senator ted cruz should be ause of his birth status and they asked to have the term "natural born have the term "natural born citizen" and on sunday, it's the democrat's turn in their final debate before iowa. lester holt will be . it will be right here on nbc.
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discovered celine and mortgaged his home tot h record. they married in 1994 when she was 26 and he was 42. in 2014, deon took a absence from her las vegas show to care for him. he died thursday at their las vegas home. they have three sons together and he has three childrenevious relationships. he was 73 years old. meanwhile, hollywood is mourning the death of allen rickman known for his rolls inrry potter and "die hard." the fbi says there's no indication the man whoto assassinate a police officer was part of a terrorist cell and he says there doesn't seemhreats of violence
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this contradicts earlier reports that an anonymous tipster said the shooter was part ofthat roincluded three other people. something comy is calling quote garbal.cer hartnett was shot three times in the attack and is continuing his recovery. the flint, michigan water crisis continues as aid from the guard begins. protests have erupted over the contaminated water and asked governor rick snider to resign. meanwhile, he's seeking aid from president obama asking for the declared a federal emergency. possible assistance includes temporary housing and home declared an emergency in
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and we're learning more about video released of a in 2013. we're warning some viewers may find this disturbing. it shows police chasing chapman,ted of stealing a car. one officer said he believed the teen had a gun in his hand. chapman's family contends he wasnd that his iphone box was the only thing found at that scene. the independent police review board found the officer was inh the department's deadly force policy. a statement released said in part the suspect turn would a dark object in his right hand,one officer to open fire, going on to say an expert report found the shooting to be now to this rare january hurricane. here's nbc meteorologist bill
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what is >> it's pretty crazy we developed this storm this late in the season. there will be people taking the storm is now quickly approaching the island areas and the conditions are quickly deteriorating. 75 miles per hour winds.rth at 23. so, it's going to be a rough 12 hours for 250,000 people who live on that island.erstorms rolling through panama city. during the day we could get strong storms with damaging winds across florida. heavy rain in areas of georgia and south carolina andol florida and by this evening, the heavy rain moves into and overnight, this will bomb off the coast and we may have just enough cold air in
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maine, looks like snow stormt just rain in boston which should exit before the patriots game. and the cold will be the other story over the weekendrn plains. that's your national forecast, now a look at your local weather. so that heavy rain in florida, a chance of a few strongand wind damage would be the biggest threat and how about the cold air? it returned. fargo a high of 1 degrees andat will spread over the weekend. >> the latest on those powerball winners next up. xt up. ng hand. after brushing, listerine total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth d restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine total care to the total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth and for kids starting at age six, listerine smart rinse deliverstection after
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isis has claimed responsibility for thursday's terror attacks in jakarta. seven people killed, five nts. earlier today police officers arrested three men with suspected links to isis and found an isis flag at the home
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a chemical ed a massive plume of toxic gas in brazil yesterday when rain water seeped into tanked withal detergent. and the gas causes skin irritation and fainting spells. so far none of the three of the $1.5 billion powerball jackpot have claimed their prizes but several of the smaller winners have steppedto cash theirs. $1 million ticket is being shared by employees at anhool. just ahead, nfl coach's carousel goes round and round blus plus a couple of buzzer beaters.ublend face for each of us one: new trublend primer it hides pores, preps and smooths skin
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this morning on "today," an nbc news exclusive, george clooney's wife opens up about being in theer first interview on american tv. >> it's wonderful that celebrities would choose to spend their time or energy ort to raise awareness about these causes. i don't see myself in the same
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same job i used >> her exclusive interview will be later on "today." not even lebron james and the the spurs winning streak. in philly, another thriller that took chicago'sinto over time where the bulls escape would a 1 15-111 win over the and nailing the last second jumper for the win over the pistons. another last second winner, rudy gay hits the game winner as thengs beat the jazz. and the 49ers hired eagle cast off, chip kelly as their new
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former back street boy, nick arrested wednesday night in florida. carter and a friend became aggressive when they were refused service at a bar for being are being held on misdemeanor battery. i hope this doesn't give him street cred for it. and ellen degeneresa new edition to her family. >> i got a puppy and his name is kid, so now we have a kid. >> boy, love aid now people will stop asking when she and her wife, porsha, are having a kid. lebron james will be show called "cleveland hustles." he'll meet with and offer to help struggling locales.
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mark burnett is creating aased on tinder. this sounds like a disaster. >> this sounds good. >> he does make the hits.d to the caribbeans and make instant yes/no connections and then make the relationship work. >> or not work. in theaters, "13 hours" secret soldiers benghazi is in release today. and "ride along 2" will get itsce weekend. and jimmy fallon decided to photo bomb some cute little children with the folks from. >> we're doing a photo bomb. three, two, one.three, two, one.
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