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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@. @ i really want them to go to @jail and there should never be @police officers again. @>> tamir rice's mother is @speaking out for her first @local interview since a grand @jury decided not to indict the @police officers. @ first here at 5:00 we are @in for a roller coaster ride @when it comes to this weekend's @weather. @ john, it's true, so we are @starting off really mild today @and the day planned for breezy @mild conditions, upper 30s now @in some spots, so as you are @planning for the bus stop you @need the coats. @i think we may pass up this 47 @that i have there at 35:00 @p.m., -- 5:00 p.m. @chance of a shower at 5:00 is @really small.
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@temperatures are 30s to near 40 @degrees. @wooster, akron, canton you are @at 39 degrees this morning. @so mild for this time of the @day. @we are seeing that partly @cloudy sky in most spots right @now. @we don't see a drop of rain @that is anywhere close quite @yet. @we are going to track hour by @hour coming up and we'll let i @know when to expect the rain @and that roller coaster right @what john is talking about for @the weekend. @ danny, we made it dan any,. @ right now we are looking @get at 5:01 to the south if you @travel in stark county, 37, 62 @no problem. @summit county, 76, 999 all look @greet. @raleigh perfect and also to the @north we are looking good so no @problems for you, we were @tracking something going on i-
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@lake, as you can see that is @to go. @ it is 502, the man accused @of killing a canton k-9 officer @will be arraigned, by field @accused of killing jethro. @ in summit county a vigil @will be held tonight for family @killed in a house explosion in @northfield center township, the @family died in the blast on sky @haven drive on monday, they @believe the explosion was a @murder-suicide. @ it's a channel 3 news @exclusive, the first time since @not to charge the officers in @connection with her son's @death, tamaria rice sits down @for an interview. @tiffany.
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@were those protests following @the grand jury decision not to @charge these officers, @consistent lady after day and @one of the thing that sit out @in this interview is that she @expected bigger numbers, here @is what she had to say about @that. @>> people need to wake up, they @something. @and just try to make a change @or something, because you don't @want to wait until it happen to @you and there is nobody out @there for you. @>> reporter: tamaria rice sat @down with tom meijer, not only @did they discuss the protests, @she hoped the naacp succeeds in @getting the grand jury @transcripts, she wants everyone @to see how he presented the @case behind closed door, an @attempt to make police after @receiving criticism.
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@an old to follow the law. @coming up at 5:30 there is a @lot more to this interview a i @am going to let you now about @her daughter, if you remember, @police tackled her to the @ground and put her in the back @of the squad car while her @brother laid there injured and @now dying. @>> thank you. @ the search continues this @morning for a second suspect @accused of killing a cleveland @toddler, the first suspect @arrested in the case aaron @donings is in jail on $1.5 @million bond. @investigators say he and @another plan fired the shots @killing major howard's drive-by @shooting, lindsey is still on @the run. @ investigators say alcohol @and drugs were not a factor in @an accident involving three @school busses, it appears
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@reaction between the busses on @wednesday. @ the handed out a's to self @northeast ohio districts @including by village, soul loan @and rocky river for high @graduation rights, students @continue to struggle and @graduate, the school district @received an f, it's the highest @in four years. @ one success story in @cleveland schools is east tech @high school, graduation rates @jump from 46% to one of the @school that is working to race @low performance rates, culture @and expand community @engagement. @ city and county leaders @call it a critical measure and @it's up for renewal in ky @county. @senior health correspondent @explains what it means to
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@>> larry and donna no walk @thought they never would need @services, they didn't know what @metro health really did until @they needed it. @>> i thought of it as a @hospital that dealt with the @under privileged, the poor, the @needy. @>> they learned quickly of the @exemplary trauma care when @larry fell off his roof and @broke more than 50 bones, he is @now jitterbugging with his @wife. @>> it is so essential and @creates such a capability for @the city that so many other @places in the country would die @to have. @>> metro is one of several @agencies that benefits from the @levee that appeared on the @march 15th about lot. @other agencies should children @and family services, alcohol, @drug addiction and mental @health, juvenile court, senior @and adult services and early @childhood programs. @>> this levee.
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@increase, it's a renewal of @funding for eight years. @the county residents have @already been paying. @>> tax service for citizens @throughout the county, for @people who are in crisis, @200,000 family used the health @and human service, that is an @amazing number. @>> monica robbins, channel 3 @news. @>> the levee is a 4.8 mill tax @and generate $133 million a @year, the owner of a hundred @thousand dollars home would pay @$147 a year, the same as @they've been paying. @ time right now ac 07, the @dog flu making another round in @the u.s., which state it's @already been reported in and @what symptoms you will be on @lookout for when it comes to @your dog. @ the republican debate was @long and saw two candidates @going after each other, you can @guess one of those was donald @trump, the big issues that came
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@coming up live. @ good morning to you, happy @friday, you did it and it's @going to be a great day @overall, it's looking like a @lot of our fridays should be @dry, mild, breezy, 47 or so for @the high today with partly to @mostly cloudy sky. @chances for rain it's great. @closings and delays, they are @instant, on line and on tv, @photo journalist shane is back, @he always brews a fresh pot of @coffee, this is cup number 3. i @guess 2.5 because that was @half.
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@ @ the gloves came off between @donald trump and ted cruz in
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@late, if you miss it here is @tracy potts live in washington @operating on very few hours on @sleep, hi, tracy. @>> yeah, watch that whole thing @until the end and it was quite @interesting watching this @dynamic between ted cruz and @donald trump. @you know, the gloves did come @off as you said, they have @largely avoided attacking each @other, they did joke about @being running mates, it looked @like the bromance is over. @the seven candidates left on @the main stage tried to focus @on president obama. @>> this guy is a pet lent @child. @>> and hillary clinton. @>> hillary clinton would be a @national security disaster. @>> at times they turned on each @other, donald trump. @>> there is a big question mark @on your head. @and you can't do that to the @party. @>> marco rubio accused cruz of
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@>> that is not consistent @conservative. @>> half of the things marco @said are flat out false. @>> ben carson tried to be the @umpire. @>> 20129 election, you know -- @2012 election, republicans tore @themselves apart. @we have to stop this. @>> cruz explained not @disclosing a. million dollars @loan. @>> differences on iran, syria, @beening muslims and whether to @tax chinese imports. @>> i think we should be for @free trade but fair trade. @>> one republican debate left @before the iowa caucuses. @that is happening on the 28th @right before the people make @their decision, the democrats @are coming up on sunday on nbc @also happening in south @carolina. @ we've been seeing this @thing build, the voices are @even getting louder, i swear @that part of this debate, they
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@anything of note happening @there from yesterday? @>> well, you know, rand paul @decided not to participate, he @couldn't be on the main debate @stage. @carly fiorina spent a lot of @her time focusing on hillary @clinton including a personal @attack where she on the sly @said she liked to spend time @with her husband unlike the @other female candidate in the @race, obviously only one of @those. @>> still a long ways to go @here, tracy, thank you so much. @ time right now, 5:14, let's @talk weather, we talked about @this yesterday you can start @filing your taxes on tuesday so @maybe this is the weekend you @want to get all of your @paperwork. @one of my favorite things to @do, my husband is always on my @case, we have to get it done, @hollie do you wait. @>> i get started now but then i @put it off for awhile. @>> i get really stressed about @stuff like that, i have to make @any kind of phone call or sign @papers. @>> stay on hold forever. @>> right, what is that?
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@won't stress i out, a live look @at my house square, annie is @going on right now. @we had daddy war bucks live on @lakeside yesterday, the @gentleman playing him, why, he @was amazing, and the production @really does look fabulous, i @believe it is going on at least @the next week, we'll give more @details on that. @ let's get a look at your @weather headline and we'll @start with the bus stop @forecast, temperatures are in @the 30s near 40 degrees this @morning, big wave this friday, @some of you didn't have school @today, none of you have school @on monday because it's martin @luther king day, long weekend, @5:15, mild today. @tracking rain. @i will let you know when that @moves in and colder for the @weekend. @and we'll start with our friday @forecast which is going to be @quite lovely through a lot of @the day i think we'll see peaks @of sunshine, if we see enough
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@up this 47 i am showing at @5:00, the chance of rain, i put @the question mark in there at @5:00 i think a lot of i are @still going to be dry at 5:00 @tonight. @i think it is going to be @later, 6:00-8:00. @waking up in other 30s to -- @into 40 degrees, the milder air @has moved in for now, if you @look to our north and west, @notice the 20s in minneapolis, @that colder air will be @returning, on satellite and @radar, storm system is getting @and it's going to take awhile @for that to move in that is why @i'm thinking it's more after @dinner that we start to see the @rain chances, we'll a breaks in @the cloud cover, we'll see @sunshine here and there, fast @forward to a, notice the
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@west, sandusky seeing shower, @still dry in downtown @cleveland, akron, through the @east side. @the rain spreads eastward, most @weather. @and then by tomorrow we'll be @doling being snowy weather @again, so here we go, your @window nation seven day @forecast shows highs in the 40s @today, rain moves in tonight, @rain to wet snow overnight and @then scattered snow showers for @your saturday, we could get @some light accumulation, not @the kind of snow that you can't @get out and get things done, @maybe even go sledding, you @know, take advantage of it. @20s, scattered snow sunday, @martin luther king day high in @the teens and 20s on tuesday. @ thank you very much, @hollie. @right now it is a quiet commute @at 5:17, no problems to report, @you see that we are green on @the traffic map, those of you @that take the east shore way, @no problems here.
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@the 90, the east shore way @between the dead man's curve, @dmc, that is what that means,. @ danny, thank you. @ it is 5:18, developing @story now to start the morning @news feed, isis has claimed @responsibility for the deadly @attack in jakarta, indonesia, @indonesian place they retrieved @an isis flag from one of the ives grenades @and guns. @ video has been released of @another fatal shooting by @chicago police, a federal judge @ordered the release of the @video showing a police officer @shooting and killing 17-year- @old cedric chapman in 2013. @chapman was killed while @running away from police, no @weapon was found at the scene @much the video is from near by @cameras, the independent police
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@chicago police department @policy. @the family is filing a wrongful @death lawsuit. @ a health alert, a new @strain of dog flu that sickened @at least 2000 dogs last year @across the u.s. has popped up @on the west coast, confirming @two cases of the flu in @washington, experts say the @cases stem from a doggy day @care where 90 dogs came down @with respiratory problems, @sneezing, coughing and acting @let average i can, the dog flu @is rarely fatal. @ new study finds parents @spend more time on facebook @than non-parents. @a couple reasons here, first, @well to keep tabs on your @children. @milestones. @study also says it's because @parents are on their smart @phones more for things like @checking schedules and on shine
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@ we've heard a lot about the @future of self driving cars, @technology is really taking @off, going to detroit to find @out what is new and improved @even with that technology. @ we'll be right back on this
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@ @. @ most of the sears closures @will be kmart stores, trying to @reduce the number of stores @because of online shopping they @are trying to push that, we @check for local closures and
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@ we are seeing amazing @innovation from car makers @between the consumer @electronics show last week and @the big auto showing going on @in detroit. @ the future of self driving @car tech is front and center at @the detroit auto show. @>> beth volume so have big @debate. @>> the pirate assist in the new @volvo s 90 allows the vehicle @to speed up, slow down, stop @and steer on its own. @safety system detects objects @and helps brick to avoid a @crash. @the new her seizes benz e class @follows traffic up to 130 miles @and hour. @>> you can even change lanes by @hitting the turn signal. @it uses smart phone technology @to alert other vehicles to
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@>> these cards are getting @smarter and smarter, basically @cars that can park themselves. @>> drivers of the tesla model s @didn't have to be in the car to @park it. @chevy malibu but is brick and @keep the car from wandering out @of the lane. @cars reason doing all of the @driving. @>> we are still five years @away. @>> high tech cars are blazing @the trail to that future. @brian moore nbc news. @>> so then there is also the @sticker price, annually @revealed volume so, they don't @have a price tag but nothing @less than 50,000 for either one @of those, the tesla model s @starting at $70,000, chevy @malibu starts at around 20,000. @so there you go, we got you @some of the price tags to go @along. @ hollie let's talk weather, @this could be a messy weekend,
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@that was on our bird feeder @chasing all the birds. @>> i get it. @ it is going to be another @win of those mild days, @yesterday we did feel great, we @are 47-48, 49 a high of today, @one of the days you know a @storm system is on the way, can @you feel it brewing, it is @still to our west and southwest @gettingity act together, rain @will be moving in, john i will @let you know exactly when, we @are all over the place, we will @be talking snow before the @weekend is through. @ thank you, it is 5:26, @coming up at 5:30, hundreds @show up to remember the dog @killed in the line of duty. @ the broadway tour of annie @is in town here in cleveland, @orphan girl getting a new lease @on life, but it's the story of @her costar, sandy the dog @making a new leash on life,
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@ @ this morning rush time at @5:30, breaking news from the @city's east side, a shooting on @east 139th near miles, one @person was shot while sitting @in a truck, a male was life @flighted to the hospital, no @word on his condition or if @police have any suspects, @cleveland and garfield heights @police are investigating. @ a vigil will be held @tonight to remember a family of @four killed in a house @explosion on monday, they are @now investigating the explosion @as a murder-suicide. @they say jeff mather was at the @rocky river reservation with a
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@wanted to kill himself. @the family died in the blast. @ john for the first time @since the grand jury decided @not to indict two officers in @connection with her son's @death, we are hearing locally @from tamaria rice, she is doing @her first local interview talk @being what she is doing now, @how she is fighting now, what @she is hoping for, one thing @she talked about was her @daughter, how she is doing, @tamir's sister is struggling @without her 12-year-old @brother, surveillance video @shows her running to tamir's @side moments after he was shot @only to be tackled to the @ground and put in a squad car, @less than 10 feet from where @her brother was laying there @dying, her daughter is having a @difficult time without her @brother. @coming up at 6:00 i am going to @let you know what she still @wants to see happened with @those two police officers. @ hollie i can tell you out @here, the thermometer says 40- @degree, but it feels a lot @colder with the wind.
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@around, i'm glad you have a hat @on, it's cold and with the @winds they make a difference. @ we are going to stay @breezy, very mild. @so, yes, we are 42 degrees @right now at hopkins, some of @you upper east, we are going to @end up mid to upper 40s this @afternoon, holding off on the @shower chances until late, we @dinner time. @right now, this is where you're @starting the day and it is @impressive with the upper 30s @to low 40s. @breezy, 5:32, let's see what is @going on the roads, here is a @look with dan any. @ to answer your question, @nothing. @we are all clear, no problems @so that is good news for those @of you who travel during the @early morning rush, here is a @picture on 271 and mayfield @road where everything looks @great, we are getting by just @fine, those of you who take 271
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@north and is it minutes headed @south so to no problems for @you, tune into our partners at @11:00 a.m. @total traffic updates every 10 @minutes. @ the man accused of of @killing a police dog honoring k- @999 jethro it was a memorial @ceremony know, he was shot @over the weekend during a @confrontation with a burglary @suspect, he later died from his @injuries. @ officers from all overcame @to honor the fallen k-9 @officer. @>> there is no great are love @than laying one's life down for @friends, this type of sacrifice @will never be in vein, and this @never will never be forgotten. @the suspect charged in @connection with the death faces @several charges this morning.
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@in the push to legalize @marijuana, the group @the announcement comes the @cofounder of the group is @working with a task force @compromised the bipartisan @state lawmakers like the former @ohio attorney general, the task @force will look at legalizing @medical marijuana in ohio and @meet later this month. @ a reward is being offered @to catch the woman who brutally @assaulted an akron woman with a @hammer, police released this @say she a attacked a 65-year- @old woman back in dose and @stole her purse, described the @suspect in her 40s, 5'5", 5'7", @a reward is being offed for @information leading to an @arrest. @ 5:34, a teenage boy has @died and two others in the @hospital after they had to be
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@the teen who died was the last @one pulled from the pond. @the person in the neighborhood @saw the boys and called for @help, first officer was able to @pull one of the boys out of the @water right away, pulled the @second teen out within 5-10 @minutes, neighbors say trails @there are being used as a @school shortcut. @ the duck bets are returning @to seattle less than four @months after a deadly accident, @last september a crash between @a duck bet and a bus killed @five and injured dozens. @since then the duck boats have @been shut down. @they'll return today but no @longer use the bridge where the @accident occurred much and the @tours will have two crew @members on board instead of one @like it was before. @ a ski trip ended in tragedy @in japan, officials say a tour @bus carrying 411 people went @off a mountain road and crashed @killing 14 people and injuring @27. @the two drivers on the trip
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@happened early this morning in @central japan. @a top japanese official says @the government will continue to @investigate the cause of this. @ discount grocery store, @aldi say it's getting rid of of @and in the checkout aisle, @going to put healthier food @like trail mix, granola before @and dried fruit. @aldi plans to have healthier @checkout lanes in nearly 1500 @stores by the end of the year. @aldi not getting rid of and @altogether. @what they are going to do is @move it to another part of the @store. @ 5:36, the bread way musical @annie has made its way to play @house square with it comes more @than a show about second @chances but second chances for @some of the stars. @will joins us now to explain @this story, good morning, will. @>> good morning, john, yeah the @story of annie is about the of
5:30 am
@chance, for them it's not just @a story, they actually got a @second chance and a new leash @on life. @>> there is a tomorrow for @rescue dogs mace see anderson @knee, the role of sapped the @dog isn't paid by a pup, sandy @is played by rescue dogs. @>> this guess to show you that @when you give one of these dogs @a chance, the sky is the limit. @they are so amazing, and the @stuff they do on stage is mind @blowing. @>> the man responsible for the @rescue is bill, an award @winning animal trainer for the @theater who only uses rescued @animals, they are put through a @few mondays ever basic training
5:31 am
@in this case heidi gray, and is @1-year-old red head who for the @moment goes by annie. @i was very nervous because i @didn't know what they were @going to do on stage if like @they would get nervous or @scared, but they didn't get @scared at all, they are used to @it, they are pros. @>> that is the highlight of @their day, they love when they @see the girl because they know @they are about to have fun. @>> just as ann me goes from the @streets of new york to the high @life, these dogs too have gone @from the cage to the stage @leaving the hard knock life @behind them. @>> it's mind blowing to me that @these dogs were close to being @put down now they are sandy on @the tour musical. @>> they hope by seeing what a @rescue can do, they'll take a @second look at what rescue @animals can do for them, annie @runs at playoff square through @sunday. @>> definitely worth seeing and @with a great story.
5:32 am
@nfl playoffs are down to the @elite eight, i'll have my picks @including can the steelers @survive another week going up @against that very tough denver @defense, my take is coming up @next. @ and the boat show at the ix @center is going on this @weekend, what you will see @there and why the dealers are @looking forward to this year @ @ hollie. @ and you know we want to @thank you so much for waking up @with us, letting us be apart of @your day, we are giving away @tickets for you to see florence @and the machine. @here is what you do, pick.your @phone, maybe it's one of these @kind of phones, (216)578-0907, @third caller wins tickets to @the live nation show, good luck
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@. @ welcome back, checking on @weekend plans, if you are into @betting, the progressive mid @america boat show begins today @at the ix center,. @>> if you love being on the @water, get to the ix center. @>> there is certainly a lot of @things to see and do here. @>> it's time for the @progressive mid america bet @show from million dollars cabin @cruisers to pad he will boards, @bet dealerships are there and @ready to deal. @>> you know in the first years @there were actually this whole
5:34 am
@>> tom of vicks sports center @come to mid america for 23 @year, the recent economic @recovery has helped sales. @people are starting to get @comfortable with their finances @again, if you look will a lot @of people saving more than they @ever had before, i think there @is a whole bunch of money on @the sidelines,. @>> boating really makes an @economic splash. @>> it creates $3.64 billion @industry in ohio and about 70% @of that is right along our @north coast here. @>> it's a great way to bet the @weather. @>> come to the bet show, it @will be beautiful here. @>> don't forget your checkbook. @ forecast is good in sight. @ lebron james and maverick @carter are saying they are @launching a new tv show set in @cleveland teaming up with cnbc @called cleveland hustle, james @and carter will give four local @people the chance to start @their own businesses which will @provide jobs and services for
5:35 am
@the show is set to day but @sometime this year. @ lebron and the cavs in san @antonio, the last team to win, @32 games ago, spurs don't lose @there, 15 point lead they'll @hit the three here, 99 for the @game, not enough to hold off @the spur, san antonio spurs the @best coached team in the @league, they do so many things @right. @spurs win 99-95, eight game @winning streak is over but they @can start another one tonight. @they play the rockets in @houston. @ for my take this morning i @was 3-1 with my picks for the @nfl wildcard weekend, lost the @first game but i picked the @steelers, seahawks and packers. @here are my picks, if ben roth @less burger was is 100% and -- @roethlisberger i would take the
5:36 am
@i think it's going to be tough @for pittsburgh to survive. @i'll take the broncos. @the game saturday night here on @nbc aaron rodgers looked good @ripping apart the red skins in @washington but suffered through @a disaster week, 16 at as z, i @love rogers but that arizona @rush will becoming, i will take @the cardinals. @russell wilson and the seahawks @barely survived the cold, @wilson has been on the roll, he @is so tough to stop, i like cam @newt on right now i think rill @wilson is better. @seahawks defense is back, @seattle will win at carolina. @and tom brady, remember him? @he has been playing with a chip @on his shoulder all season @since 'deflategate', battled @injuries this year, chiefs won @1 straight, foxborough in @january is the toughest place @to say, i will take brady and
5:37 am
@city, tweet me your thoughts @and picks at john at kyc. @ the weather is can be @miserable for all i i care. @ i understand, it is going @to turn much colder and we are @going to talk about that as we @get into your forecast, from @here just headline at least a @few futures, mild today, @tracking rain, and then the @colder weekend is going to be @the plan, 42 degrees right now @at hopkins, it is currently @5:46. @and today most of it looks @great, it's breezy, yes, ahead @of our front that will be @moving through, but it's really @mild, temperatures will be into @time today weres up. @and we are going to see some @sunshine, so once the sun comes @up it will feel better. @chance of shower applying to @those of you west of cleveland. @upper 30s to near 40 right now @as you are waking up, heading @out to the bus stop you need @your winter jacket, but it's
5:38 am
@than it has been, yesterday we @were in the low 40s, today will @be in the upper 40s, and milder @weather across the region is @pretty evident. @cold air not too far away, it @is going to micah return @through the weekend, storm @system is gettingity whole act @together, there is not much @going on satellite and radar @close to home this morning, as @we do track you will see how @this all works out timing wise, @as we get into mid to late @morning we are seeing breaks in @the cloud cover i think some @sunshine today which will be @nice, we end up seeing that @rain leading edge of it toward @this evening, this is 5:30, @from sandusky, west side of @mansfield moving in, most of @you are dry at 5:30, 7:00-9:00 @is when the rain showers really @spread eastward, rainy at that @point, maybe for your friday @evening plans i am going to @keep in mind, front moves @through and behind it we'll
5:39 am
@ited snows for saturday, here @is your window nation seven day @forecast, tomorrow highs in the @30s with scatter ited snow @showers, nothing to panic @about, an inch or so is not out @of the question. @20s on sunday with scattered @snow, mlk day, that is the @coldest deon seven day. @it's a good thing quds are out @of school, scattered snow @tuesday, wednesday and @thursday. @ 5:48, john, time for @weather. @ let's find some homes for @these beautiful kitty cats from @the apl, first we have this is @mia is 1-year-old cat at the @apl since july, he has been @looking for a home, described @as shy at first, but will warm @up to you after a little while, @pretty girl is looking for a @home in tree month. @next with have martha another @kite i here, cat waiting for a
5:40 am
@martha does well with other @cats and has been around @children before, beth of those @kitty cats if you can open up @your home they are looking for @i can't a new family to adopt @them. @ a popular summer get away, @putin bay has been named for @the greatest midwest town, @readers submitted the lake erie @island as one of the greatest @for fun, atmosphere, @unforgettable events, food and @bucket list scenery, the only @ohio town to make the list. @ remember these pictures, @the amazing video of the car @that is in new york encased in @ice? @it's free now, the car made @headlines after it became @frozen in ice from waves @crashing off lake erie. @well a towing company poured @350 pounds of calcium over it @to melt the ice. @slowly but surely it was coming
5:41 am
@car out before towing it away. @ 5:49 right now, it's ways @to save time, here is other @good buddy matt. @ it's a bargain that tastes @just like butter, the best oil @on earth ever. @my most popular food deal of @the year called liquid gold. @it's coming your way, first @before we can go anywhere we @need to check in with danny. @ we have a little traffic @incident in north royal ton, @state route 82 and state road, @so just use caution, a little @bit of slow traffic there, @nothing to frustrate you, other @than that we are looking great @shortly after 6:00 a.m. @and channel 3 news today will @return right after this. we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face.
5:42 am
ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
5:43 am
@ @. @ ac 53, are you hitting the @road this weekend, keeping an @eye on the gas prices, @arlington road and green, the @gas prices in groan, $1.69 a
5:44 am
@the national average still @under 2-dollar as gallon, aaa @reporting that as a little @after three, 1 point the $92, @west coast because they have @higher gas taxes and they are @out there by themself the, ohio @doing much better, national @average in ohio, i should say @the state average, but ohio is @176, cheer in cleveland it's @$11.78. @ popular lip baum company is @facing evolution of smooth has @been hit by a class action @lawsuit misleading consumers @while ignoring serious side @effects, one woman claims the @summer fruit version of the eos @lip bum caused blisters and a @rash all over her face, all @ingredients are used are @approved by the fda. @ all right, those food
5:45 am
@and it's win of the most @popular items in the kitchen. @i'm assuming anything called @liquid geld would come with a @very high price tag. @>> this stuff does, as much as @$30 a bottle, you are holding @in your hand the most coveted, @most popular food ingredient i @had the entire year, last year, @macadamia nut oil sold out @under 90 minutes. @>> it's australian. @>> it is difficult to find, it @ships very quickly, you can @have it within a week, the @doles on it tastes @just like butter, this is the @you nat butter substitute, i am @going to have a doctor tell you @why this is way better than @olive oil, macadamia nut oil @now $24.09 per battle, pardon @me, it's gone up a buck, $24.99 @for a twin pack, two bottles,
5:46 am
@asked dr. derek why this is the @best oil on earth. @it is called the new olive oil. @and the reason why is because @it has all of the beneficial @properties of olive bill and @more so, if you have goals of @being healthy, lowering blood @pressure, lowering blood sugar, @it will extend the quality of @your life. @at the same time chefs love @this because it tastes like @butter and holds up to high @heat so you can cook a lot of @different things with it. @it will be by far and away the @best oil you ever use. @>> so far users have gone to are bying on average @16 bottles an order, people are @stocking up, they know how good @this is. @lena loves it, she has cooked @well. @>> neither one cooks anything @for us. @>> we need to change that. @>> let's call hollie out right @now. @>> would love to cook, i would @be happy to cook on this show
5:47 am
@we are going to be cooking up @warmer temperatures today. @ 47 or so for the high, we @may get closer to 50 degrees @with enough sunshine, mild, @breezy, most of you are upper @30s to near 40 as you wake up. @rain. @ thank you, coming up at @6:00, ohio school report cards @are out, some are failing, one @major success one school is @celebrating. @ parents are using facebook @more than non-parents, the @reasons why part of it is @checking up, all coming up in a
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