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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ @ here at 5:00 lake feet snow @hitting ohio hard this morning @and warnings in effect until @tomorrow. @we have team coverage but first @tracking how much snow we're @going to get. @>> the snow belt has got 10 a @significant amount overnight. @more of that heavy snow @beginning to band through this @morningch and this is going to @continue off and on @throughout the day today. @which means that additional @quite significant. @for the overall area it is the @brr, it is the le single digits @temperatures that we're going @to have to @contend with heading out and @about. @although the temperatures have @dropped down into the single @digits, when you factor in the @winds it's feel @like subzero. @out. @take care of your pets and @plants, as well. @and the pipes but we will need
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@you do not want to have any @skin exposed. @ in fact, the situation is @so serious that we do have our @windchill advisory it's in @effect for the entire @area throughout the day today @and into the overnight and then @across the northern and eastern @zones that's @where we have the lake snow @warnings for the heavier snow @belt areas and that lake @metro area. @so visibility is done. @take extra time and extra care @on the roadways. @satellite and dare view @definitely showing the banding @will continue into the @afternoon and evening hours. @ ole ga, thank you so much @i've been keeping an eye on the @roads. @>> i came in from i-90 on the @westbound the people taking it @slow. @winter weather has drivers @taking it slow. @but especially on the snow @belt. @you can see yellow all along i- @90 and route 2 in lake, and @ashtabula. @traffic moving slowly on i 271
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@we've been checking in with @police so far foothills major @accidents. @make sure you keep taking it @slow. @if you have somewhere to be @make sure you add some time to @your commute today. @ this morning the east @side's really getting hit the @hardest. @we saw the dramatic pictures. @the snow was really coming down @on the east side. @will, where are you now? @>> john this is live look at @the road you can tell by the @tire taxes how deep the snow @is. @really needs a plow as the snow @continues to pile up. @completely covered roads. @we had some trouble getting up @a hill because traction. @that brings to light the tire @issue. @now, there they're not sexy but @won't draw any one's eyes. @this time of year with the @freezing temperatures, cold, @snow make they really make a @difference in northeast ohio. @>> as soon as winter hits
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@problems of it's just the city @of cleveland we're known for @potholes. @especially when it's supercold. @that's when you'll start having @problems. @>> the national highway traffic @safety administration says @you're three times more likely @to be involved in an auto @accident if you're driving on @underinflated or badly worn @tires. @here at liberty ford they see a @lot of tire troubles. @some can use a quick fix to get @you back on the road. @scott says the number 1 problem @he sees is punctured tires. @>> ford does not recommend @patching anything in the outer @area. @now, in here the not as bad. @potential tread we can patch @it. @>> reporter: another common @problem is a leaking valve stem @which can be repaired. @cost runs between 2-$15. @problem three uneven tread @wear. @if it's too far gone you'll @want some new rubber between
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@and five a sliced @sidewall and impact bubble. @both need replaced. @if not, the tire could blow or @collapse 1 you need -- when you @need it most. @>> it just shredded the tire. @that's the wonderful thing @about winter in cleveland the @rubber gets brittle that's when @you start having problems. @>> reporter: so there you have @it there's five of the most @common tire troubles that you @may run into and some of the @ways to fix it. @make sure you have good tires @if you're out on roads like @this. @live look at chardon. @road's completely covered here. @we'll continue to check on @those throughout the morning @and let you know what you can @expect when you get ready to @get out the door. @>> thanks, will. @ from the east side now to @the west side let's continue @the team coverage. @tiffany tarpley has spent the @morning driving around lorain @county looking pretty good @tiffany.
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@this morning we are foothills @kind of along that lorain @cuyahoga county border. @you can see things are moving @along pretty good. @you can see the lanes. @but the snow is coming down @pretty good right now the last @half hour we showed you route @57 that was looking @pretty good, too. @putt as we travel as we cross @over into cuyahoga county @there's certain things that @odot district 12 will @focus on. @here's what the spokesperson @had to say. @>> the thing that we're paying @attention to is we're going to @start seeing a lot lower @pavement temperatures. @because the air temperatures @are going to be down in the @single digits overnight. @>> reporter: and so when you @talk about those pavement @temperatures the lower pavement @temperatures you have @to be careful because you could @run into some slick spots. @so we're also going to get off @i-90 here to give you an idea @of kind of like what the side @streets are looking like if you @are traveling to the major
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@>> boy, hope you have smooth @sailing like this, thank you. @ it's not just the snow @that's having an impact across @northeast ohio so are the @bitter cold temperatures. @but that didn't stop one @community from taking the polar @bear plunge. @take a look at the christmas @day that dove into the pond off @west road in wellington. @theyy raised money for a 15- @year-old brain cancer survivor. @she's now cancer free after @being diagnosed last year. @but in the process see suffered @a stroke, lost her vision and @developed other health issues @help. @ while most schools are off @in honor of martin luther king @holiday there are still local @events being canceled. @we cover everything from @schools to daycare, churches @and businesses. @we have the complete list for @you on air. @also on line plus we'll even @come to you. @you can sign up for text alerts @at then we'll
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@ time right now 5:07. @democrats squared off in @charleston right here on @channel 3. @tracie potts will join us with @the reaction. @also the latest poll numbers. @>> everyone will be honoring @martin luther king today. @see how the first family will @pay tribute today and help @teach others the history of dr. @king. @good morning olga. @ if you have martin luther @king off today stay inside. @we have bitter cold. @and yes, the cold spell is g @egg to stick aroundle i'll let @you know how long the @temperatures are going to @last and when we'll phi finally
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@ a life look outside this is @the the west side driving along @crocker reached the snow is @coming down odot @dealing with not just the snow @but the extremely cold @temperatures. @it really is a hard freeze on @the roads. @we also have our crews out on @the east side where lake effect @snow continues to fall. @we'll check in with will ujek @for a live look in just about 3 @minutes. @ the internet lit up during @last night's democratic @presidential debate. @the biggest search bernie @sanders. @>> every state. @tracie potts live this morning @with a recap. @that's pretty tough to do, @tracey. @>> reporter: yes, social media @our own focus group all @pointing towards sanders if you @like the way president @obama's been running things, @then hillary clinton is @probably your candidate. @she's running on his record.
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@you think things need to shake @up the driver there is sanders. @we have a political revolution. @>> president obama has led our @recession. @>> reporter: clear differences @between democrats on gun @control. @>> i have a d minus voting @record from the nra. @>> he has voted with the nra @tiles. @>> reporter: on health care. @>> i do not want to see the @republicans repeal it and i @don't want to see us start @over, again, with a @contentious debate. @>> we are paying the highest @prices in the world for @prescription drugs getting @ripped off. @>> reporter: on money. @ i do not want wall street's @money. @>> i'm the only candidate @standing here who has said i @will not raise taxes on the @middle class. @ bernie sanders and martin @o'malley brought up hillary @clinton's ties to wall seat. @>> the truth the matter is you @did not go as far as reigning @in wall street as i would.
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@clinton calls vladimir putin a @bully and says their @relationship -- @>> it's interesting zer they @agree on going after isis and @dealing with climate change but @their differs are @what's driving the polls. @now, just two weeks before iowa @weighs in. @>> now, you heard donald trump @mention the few times in this @debate not nearly as much as @the republicans @talked about hillary clinton in @their debates. @>> iowa will be here before we @know it so what are the latest @numbers showing us there? @>> so in iowa which is didn't @than nationally where hillary @clinton's up by 13 but a lot @tighter in iowa. @the latest des moines register @poll has bernie sanders within @2% withyin asa first cal margin @of hillary clinton. @averaging all the latest polls @she's still ahead by a few @points but when you look at the @closesser it gets to the iowa @caucuses the better he seems to @be doing.
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@gain momentum, thank you. @ olga in for hollie not just @the lake effect snow but the @bitterly cold is that 8 @degrees. @>> that is 8 mercury @temperature. @ we have gusting winds. @we have windchill. @and so of course, we have the @feels like temperature. @so don't be deceived by the @numbers you see on the map. @every time i look at the map @the numbers are dropping down 2 @for mansfield and yeah, @definitely feeling more @like those single digits. @not only are we very, very cold @outside we also have poor @visibility. @morning. @if you have to get out and @about perhaps you have a day of @service planned for mlk junior @day you are going to need extra @time on the roads and getting @out of your driveway or @neighborhood might be tricky @due to the @conditions we've had overnight @with the snowfall. @particularly the northern and @eastern zones where we have the
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@we're expecting some additional @accumulation into the afternoon @and evening hours. @the overall picture the purple @area is the windchill advisory. @so everyone is feeling the @cold, not discriminating this @morning. @so the key factors to keep in @mind bitter cold will greet you @this morning. @snow showers off and on through @midday and afternoon and even @into the late evening hours. @now, complicating this or @making it harder to take is @temperatures will barely rise @into the lower teens in @the afternoon. @this is our coldest day of the @week and it's all courtesy of @the jetstream. @what's happened as the j et @stream has sagged down toward @the south, below the state @border. @so all of that northern arctic @airs streaming on through. @and pushing up toward the north @and toward the east bringing @with it some moisture and @allowing the lake bands to fire @up the sonoma sheen. @visibility down, clouds staying @worth us throughout the day and @we'll definitely see the
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@showers off and on throughout @the day. @the future view forecast model @does agree the bands of snow @will continue into the @afternoon. @i think late afternoon we start @to see some darker purple @across the north of downtown @and in toward ashtabula county @and also into the overnight @tonight. @>> so it's not really going to @let up too much until we get @into midday on our tuesday @forecast which means @going back to work and school @could be a tricky in many @areas. @overall the tells stay on the @cool side. @tomorrow. @that. @so your window nation 7-day @forecast does keep us in the @deep freeze not only for today @and tomorrow, in the @teens, but we'll finally hit 23 @degrees on wednesday with @lake snow and then @improving temperatures closer @to that freezing mark by the
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@ right now let's check in @worth maureen who's keeping an @eye on the morning news feed. @ good morning to both of you @president and first lady will @join the rest of the country in @service this martin luther king @day. @last year they visited a boys @and girls club in washington @d.c. along worth their daughter @maleah. @they helped to send literacy @kits to boost reading and @writing skills. @fbi will take mace in a @replaying ceremony at the king @memorial in washington d.c. @ one utah police officer @dead and another injured after @a car crash ended in gunfire. @doug barney died from a single @gunshot wound to the head. @another officer john richie is @in stable condition after being @shot three times. @the woman who fired the shots @was walking away from the @traffic accident she's still at @large this morning. @ severe weather caused @seriouma @central florida. @tornadoes thank youd down on
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@take a look. @look at the damage down in @cocoa beethoven florida's east @coast. @the iconic beach wave surf shop @sign is a mangled mess. @the sign has been destroyed as @you can see the shark remains @in tact. @ the san diego charge earns @and soon to be loss angeles @rams will kick off negotiations @today regarding the possibility @of a joint stadium venture. @the nfl just last week approved @the rams move from st. louis @back to los angeles. @and allowing the chargers to @join them. @so it's football, get this the @decision on who got to make the @first pitch to move to l.a. @was down with a @coin flip. @so st. louis got to go first @the that's how they do things @in football you flip a coin. @>> so if i'm the rams i say to @the chargers i want all the @good dates for my home games @and you can have the @next choice. @>> you get all of the thursdays @and.
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@could be two teams in l.a. @>> yeah. @ still ahead, keeping @internet hackers away. @is an issue for many. @we'll tackle the bestway is to @protect your password coming @upents and we're, of course, @keeping an eye on the roads. @the snow and the cold that's @out there we've got reporters @driving the road conditions. @so they can tell you first @before you head out this @morning. @we're also going to look at @weather across the country. @in case you've got any travel
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@ @ live look here, boy on the @west side you can see pavement. @this is lorain road heading @west in north olmsted streets @obviously quiet just a few cars @out there. @we're going to continue to keep
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@west side. @we'll keep check the side @streets on the east side we'll @check all the roads for you. @because that's where the major @problems are this morning. @ we are back this morning @with a financial plannary. @we have a look at how to folk @your on line passwords. @you hear about hacks all the @time. @>> you do. @i want to provide you with @three tips to folk your @identity. @ first things first upper @case lower case lettersments we @want to have a strong password. @you also want to include @numbers and special characters @using the four types of @characters can really provide @you with a stronger password. @>> well, it's really hard to @remember s you're saying don't @use the same password @everywhere i'm guilty of @doing that. @>> i know especially if you @create the strong password @using the four types of @characters how can i remember @this. @one tip is changing a letter in @that password based on the site
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@it's an f for @facebook, a g for g mail. @you have to figure out how to @get there. @>> f for facebook then your @complicated password. @>> however you want to do it. @>> set up your password @recovery options. @>> so what if you have to hit @that forgot password button. @you want to make sure your @drone number, e-mail address @there's other ways for the site @to get in touch with @you to reset the password. @ and good morning everyone. @not the optimum day for travel. @tracking bands of snow moving @through across most of the @northern and eastern @communities however the @moisture will continue into the @afternoon. @temperatures have dipped way @down. @jetstream has allowed some @arctic air move through. @so temperatures are quite @chilly toward minneapolis 2 @degrees. @chicago 10. @the warmer air coming from the @gulf moisture. @southern locations are just
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@and gulf coast into texas. @for most, though, in the @immediate region if you're just @leaving home, and heading out, @keep in mind that the @conditions are not very @favorable. @you might want to give them a @little bit of time to clear out @some of those roads. @send it back to the desk. @ still ahead at 5:30 another @suspect in the robbery of a @priest. @in little italy is behind bars. @how many suspects may still be @at large. @>> if you don't want to venture @out many museums are offering @free admission. @we'll show you the spots and @hours all the information you @need. @but as we look at yeah, here's @the situation lake effect snow @continues to hit ashtabula and @cuyahoga counties. @team of reporters are out there @looking at the road conditions @and this is a tough travel in @this spot. @look the at why odot isn't just
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@ @ welcome back. @big story of the day snow @continues to fall here on the @east side. @this is an on ramp out here on @the east side on 90 just about @a mile outside of chardon. @snow covered roads. @a couple inches there. @you can only just barely make @out the tire tracks and the @snow continues to pound out @here. @just about a mile outside of @chardon. @you can see where we've been on @the east side all morning long. @we've had this type of @presentation on the roads a lot @of the areas completely covered @with a few inches on. @every once in a while you'll @get a glimpse of pavement. @right now they're having a hard @time keeping up with the snow. @people pulled over at didn't
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@but we'll continue to monitor @it out here on the east side @all morning long. @check back in with you here in @just a few minutes. @right now sending it over to @tiffany tarpley. @>> reporter: well, will, right @now, it's really all pavement. @everything is pretty good here. @we're along 480 east, east of @the sterns road exit. @to give you an idea what it's @like out here compared to i-90 @which is of course, closer to @the lake. @shows you what it's like when @we talk about the lake effect @snow showers today the the @roads are clear here. @the roads are fine no major @issues. @on 90 we did see the snow @coming down some slick spots @here or there in lorain and @cuyahoga. @if you're traveling on 480 near @the airport you should be good @to go. @ well, it is location, @location, location. @some areas in the belt getting @slammed by the snow showers.
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@all of us have the bone chill @temperatures. @single digits current reading @at cleveland hopkins airport 7 @degrees but you can't really @look at just that @mercury number. @the temperature itself is @feeling much colder because we @have some winds moving close to @15-20 miles per hour winds. @when you factor in the @windchill it is definitely @feeling like well below zero. @so bundle up stepping out. @visibility's down, as well. @so if you're manning to get out @and about give yourself extra @time and also have extra @distance between you @and the other vehicles because @the road spray is coming up. @the windchill shaded in purple @for the entire metro area into @the afternoon and evening @hours. @e we have the lake effect @warnings in effect and watches @for the northern and eastern @zones. @roads. @ you can pretty much guess @were we're going to be seeing @slowdowns today. @the west side as we showed you @is moving a lot easier than the @east side.
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@the west side. @where we're really seeing the @slowdowns are akron canton. @east side, 90, 90 on both sides @going both directions lot of @orange which means slow traffic @in both directions. @we'll keep an eye on this and @make sure wherever you're going @safely. @ a maple heights girl record @missing back safe with her @family this morning. @10-year-old samira lucas @disappeared around 2:00 @saturday afternoon. @reports say she wasn't work a @jacket or shoes. @police say she was found @wandering near her home. @there's no sign of foul play. @likely the girl just got lost. @she's being treated for cold @weather exposure burt, again, @has been reunited with family. @ in lorain a 57-year-old man @in custody accused of shooting @and killing a woman saturday @night. @police believe anthony davis @shot and killed 60-year-old @core charleston at her home on @west 7th court.
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@walk out of the hamilton avenue @home and arrested him without @any trouble. @ now, to cleveland's police @have arrested a second suspect @in a string of little italy @armed robberies that included @an attack on a priest. @davis harrison was the latest. @the two men along with another @suspect who has not been @arrested pistol whipped and @robbed a priest in the @church parking lot. @ two men in their late 20s @are in the hospital this @morning after they were shot @several times early @sunday morning. @this happened on superior near @east 53rd street. @the victims tell police they @were in a car when two men got @out of a nearby red car and @opened fire. @one shooter had a semi @automatic handgun the other had @a rifle. @both gunmen are still at large. @ we know that a step back is @simply an opportunity.
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@luther king junior continue. @try c hosted the an yeahle @birthday observance yesterday. @16 students were also awarded @scholarships for academic @excellence. @ some of our local museums @are offering free admission @today in honor of dr. martin @luther king junior. @free admission day from 10:00 @a.m. @to 5:30 p.m. @great lakes science certainty @they're open 10:00 a.m. @to 5:00 p.m. @free. @those hours 11:00 a.m. @to 5:00 p.m. @ and with most kid being off @from school today because of @the holiday, many will be @heading to the slopes @to snowboard or ski. @looking at a live picture as @the slopes are white for one of @the first times during this @winter. @enthusiasts will have to brave @the chilly temperatures to @enjoy this day off.
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@open today. @ time right now 5:35 all @right. @roll up the promos. @here comes all the hype for @manning brady 17. @but it's not the most important @thing about sunday's afc @coming up. @>> star wars finally dethroned @from the top of the box office. @the movie that knocked it out @of number 1 coming up. @>> a live look as we continue @our snow coverage this is @looking pretty good on the west @side on lorain road. @we'll check with the east side @which is getting hammered right
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@ @ a life look outside as the @snow continues to fall. @to start your week this is live @look on the east side route 2. @snow covered roads on the east @side. @west side quite a different @story. @pavement is clear. @olga is in for hollie. @she will have the full forecast @shortly. @but let's head over to maureen @with a look at the morning news @feed. @ we want to update you on @some of the things happening @around the world this morning. @five americans safe after being @released from iran prison. @the five americans include a @reporter, a minister and a @former marine who were released @as part u of a @prisoner exchange.
5:29 am
@released in texas. @after visiting a u.s. military @hospital they flew to @switzerland and then germany. @ asian markets made an @uncertain start to early @trading. @stocks in tokyo fell and @shanghai opened the week lower. @nikkei index falling 1.9%. @the stock market opened lower. @taiwan trended lower over a @plunge on wall street and @markets in europe. @apple music. @it now has 10 million @subscribers in just six months @after its launch date. @to put it in perspective @another leading service spotify @took six years. @apple launched the service back @in june and gaye -- gave a @three month free sub scripps. @ "star wars: the force
5:30 am
@out of the top spot over the @weekend after being number 1 @for the past four weeks. @ride along two starring kevin @hart heart debuted friday with @$34 million. @star wars still managed to @brick in just over 25 million @to take the third spot. @since star wars was released in @mid-december the film has made @$851 million in the it s. and @still haven't @made it there, john. @>> you have to. @>> i have to go see it. @>> you ha of to help because @the numbers are slipping. @>> my ticket will put it back @up to number 1. @ in sports the big game @tonight at the cube cavs and @warriors they lost to warriors @in oakland back on @christmas day. @both tyree and steph curry had @an off night.
5:31 am
@make a statement tonight on @their home court it would be @nice to get this one @going back to last year's @finals the warriors have bean @the cavs four straight. @ from my take this morning @i'm not sure how you would rank @them in order but sports has @had great @individual rivalries, ali, @fraser. @rocky movies even had sequels @because they were so good. @now, we get brady manning for a @17th time. @it's only monday peyton sent @ranter ready to say that brady @name just yet. @>> e we'll try to enjoy this @wanted get a jump start on @preparing for that game on @monday talk about who were @playing on wednesday. @ he may be on to something @this really isn't manning @versus brady. @but manning isn't the same @quarterback. @he has slowed down while brady @has picked up steam. @if you really want to be honest @in selling this game for @sunday, well, it's easy.
5:32 am
@defense. @it's simple manning and the @broncos offense are in no @position to got into a sootout. @this is all on the shoulders of @the denver defense. @brady picked apart the chiefs. @it's going to be tough to @bernie tom brady a 7th trip to @the super bowl. @for the record brady leads @manning 11 to five. @it's brady against the denver d @because if they can't stop them @it won't matter what peyton @does. @tweet me your thoughts. @love to hear from you on social @media. @now, let's turn it over to @lynna and olga. @ 7 degrees is the air @temperature you're clearly @pointing out. @>> we're not quite at sunrise @so we're going to drop a little @more. @>> the windchills. @>> yeah, i think a lot of folks @are really -- not accustomed
5:33 am
@we've seen temperatures quite @this low across the region @especially after being spoiled @by the milder @conditions a little earlier on. @but now, we're starting to see @more of that snow and actually @bands of snow particularly @across the northeast @where the lake machine has set @up. @those driving conditions are @going to be bad throughout the @morning and into the afternoon. @ although the temperatures @are continuing to drop we're @seeing the solid single digits @all a under r. @we've been cranking up the wind @overnight and seeing pretty @hefty gusts, as well. @there is a windchill @consideration as you step out. @feeling well below zero across @the resunscreen. @here's what you need to know to @get your day going. @we are having a frigid end to @the three day weekend. @also, the winds will continue @into the afternoon and colder @temperatures tonight, as well. @so it's going to be a little @bit on the chilly side for the @next couple days and those @flurries will continue
5:34 am
@us and pretty substantial lake @snows for the rest of the @resunscreen. @in all, the temperatures won't @budge too much. @talking about the lower double @digits we'll only hit a high @for many into the lower teens @by the afternoon but feeling @much colder than that. @the reason why, the weather @service has issued a windchill @advisory for the entire area. @that does include the areas @shaded in purple. @then we also have the lake @sonoma sheen cranking. @so snow advisories and watches @up for the city center and @heading off toward the north @and east. @very much a consideration into @the afternoon. @here are the wind i was talking @about. @we have right now sustained @winds near 23 miles per hour. @with some gusts higher than @that. @even as we get into the @afternoon i won't really call @this relaxing the wind but it @does come back down. @15-20mile per hour wind in the @afternoon and evening. @the hour by hour future view @will show you how the snow
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@areas off to the west are @getting a break. @seeing the overcast skies, of @course, and the cold @temperatures buts the major @bands of snow are moving north @and east. @that's going to continue not @only in the afternoon but @become a little bit heavier see @the darker purples to 7:00 this @evening. @then some bands of snow showers @overnight tonight going into @tuesday morning. @that will be a factor as a lot @of folks are headed back to @school and work. @so the overall picture for the @next 7 days not showing too @much of an immediate @improvement. @window nation 7-day forecast @keeps us in the teens not only @monday and tuesday but we @finally move on up a @little bit wednesday at least @we're out of the teens and into @the lower 20s. @we won't see too much of that @sunshine greeting us until we @get to thursday's forecast. @we'll still be mostly cloudy. @but partly sunny in the @afternoon but notice the @overnight low temperatures. @staying quite chilly until we @get to friday night into @saturday morning.
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@see our temperatures get closer @to the freezing mark. @ time for dog gone weather. @this is low la -- lola taking a @bath. @won't have to were about the @rain any time soon. @thanks to dixie in huron for @sharing lola with us we @appreciate it. @>> she doesn't seem to mind @that bath. @ when traveling any time in @2016 you're going to notice @some new trends taking hold. @you can thank millennials for @making it happen. @details coming up. @>> reporter: millennium @obviously business travelers @are already cred identity with @big changes in the hotel @industry. @>> business travelers have @money to spend but they're not @brand lil'. @they're looking for an @authentic experience and more @technology driven experience @when they're staying at @hotels. @>> the latest, rooms without a @desk. @because millennials are more @likely to be working in the
5:37 am
@their room. @now, the 20 and 30 somethings @are getting credit four what's @called bleisure travel. @>> this is the business @traveller who tacks on leisure @travel to their trip. @>> reporter: they say that @means hotels are offering @business travelers even more @leisurely things to do and @notes that the airline industry @is taking notice offering, for @example, seats with more plug- @ins for mobile @devices. @>> we'll see more spaces for @laptops and tablet storage in @seat with some of the newer @planes coming out in the new @year. @>> reporter: so she says @millennials are driving change @but like all travelers should @be booking spring and @summer travel right now. @ @ coming up time for ways to @save. @>> matt granite is showing us a @new way to listen to music and @do a whole lot more.
5:38 am
@items and emergency radio all @in the palm of my hand. @this thing from cesa may. @i can say right now the coolest @gadget i have tested all year. @coming your way right after @this. @ forget better late than @never. @the airlines that are on time @the most the. @>> but we leave you with some
5:39 am
@ @ you're looking at snow @coming down route 2 around the @mentor area. @lake effect snow continues to @hit the east side. @west side looking -- the roads @are looking pretty clear. @so you're good to go on that @side. @we will continue our team @coverage of the lake effect @snow in our live reports coming @up. @ i didn't hear you. @>> can you hear me now? @ test for food allergies @walked away the big winner from @the consumer electronics show. @the it can dent five there's @pits. @you put a sample of food into @the pot. @if there are n aler jones it @will dismay a smiley face. @-- display a smiley face d uber @is a car service soon they may @you faster.
5:40 am
@if you need a ride you can hail @a helicopter instead of a car. @no word yet on what the price @for this would be but cnbc says @the service could be an @experiment at the sun @dance film festival in utah. @if you're just looking to fly @hawaiian airlines was the most @on time airline in 2015. @ u.s. department of @transportation says they @arrived on schedule nearly 94% @of the time. @delta, alaska, united and @american rounded out the top @five. @biggest issues for the @department is complaints. @those are up over 56%. @the most complaints have to do @with the airport up to hsa @screens rather than the @airlines themselves. @ we need a deal on @microphones for today's savings @now eyelet with a bargain. @this was a big show. @>> yeah, money man matt granite
5:41 am
@do you know what i feel like my @mick is still -- mic is still @not on. @>> you sound great and look @great. @so sound is definitely the @focus of -- this will work on @your phones. @gone are the days of just @simply buying a speaker. @like this. @that is so 2015. @i want to show you what i have @in my hand. @give you a little bit of a @demonstration. @i presented at cesi reported @>> bluetooth. @>> reporter: this device from @overseas has a little bit of an @accent is unbelievable. @i'm going to show you what it @does. @it will stream music and the @sounds out of this thing is @unreal. @it's in my palm and it sound @like i have six speakers in @front of me. @i wish you could see the face @that lynna just made.
5:42 am
@>> reporter: the sound is jaw @dropping but what it does is -- @that's just one thing it does @take a look. @i want to show you everything @else it does. @it's an emergency radio. @it will charge your tech. @it will what? @yeah, for $35.99 this deal i @found will power your tech. @if you need an emergency charge @or emergency radio on a day @like today this thing is @astounding. @right now this same thing that @filled our entire studio with @music is now charging john's @iphone. @>> looking at that. @>> reporter: it will charge @your android, ipad and that fm @radio emergency thing for me @was just huge. @being able to be plugged into @the rest of the world to power @your tech and to stream your @tunes. @>> the days of just oh, wow, @it's a bluetooth speaker, nope. @we've upgrade. @it's durable got a full deal @test and full evaluation on
5:43 am
@i never care whether or not you @bite but this thing blew me @away. @>> i'm assuming everything you @saw is moving to the point @where it can charge your phone. @>> reporter: yes. @>> a refrigerator will charge @our phone. @>> reporter: exactly just the @starts. @>> very good. @>> pretty good. @>> the sound is great. @this sound a lot better. @>> for $36. @ here's olga. @ well, depending upon your @plans some of you have to get @up and go. @i know if you have the travel @plans you'll want to head out. @satellite and radar this is the @dip in the jetstream that's @what's pulling in the cool air. @you can see it through the @temperatures here. @we have the moisture warmer air @off toward the southwest and @down toward the south where @temperatures are in @the 50s and 60s. @if your travel plans are taking @you north or northeast be @prepared it is going to be @bitterly cold. @ coming up at 6:00 ski
5:44 am
@throughout the day. @prepping for the big day. @average the lake fiat chrysler @snow continuing to fall. @more live pictures here. @we've got a team of reporters @keeping an eye on the road @conditions. @you have to go out today, we'll @get you the important
5:45 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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